by Rafael Henry

Chapter 13

The interview.

Elenor has taken Ned for a stroll along the promenade towards Bournemouth pier. Robin prefers to stay with Harry and play in the sand.

'This sand is no good for building anything.' Robin complains as he moves another palmful to one side. The sand is bone dry. That's the problem.'

'It needs to be slightly wet Robin. So it holds together.' Harry replies. 'Why don't you just relax. You're making me feel tired just watching you.'

Robin is stretched out in front of Harry. He looks up and sees a pair of feet close to his face, and further up, long legs that where they join at the top, are a pair of navy blue 'swimmers', as Ned calls them. He's looked at this sight a few times since they arrived on the beach, got changed and had a first swim in the almost waveless clear blue sea. No wonder Ned is like he is. Like father, like son.

There's sand on the beach rug so Harry stands up to give it a careful shaking so as not to inconvenience the neighbours, and then rearranges it neatly into a large square. Robin looks up again at Harry who has arranged himself to one side of the plaid patterned woolly square. He pats the area to his side suggesting Robin lies beside him. Robin is meant to see this gesture and does. He smiles at Harry who smiles back.

'Would you like to chat for a while Robin? They'll be gone ages.'

Robin, on all fours, moves his body onto the rug so there's a foot or two between them. He lies on his side. Knees bent a little, with his hands tucked up into his chest, looking at Harry. Harry is propped up on his elbow looking down at Robin who doesn't quite know what to expect. He has a nasty suspicion he's going to be asked a few awkward questions. It was the way Harry had put his question in the same way that teachers did when they wanted to know something you didn't want to tell them. A few more questions perhaps? They've not really had much of a conversation since he's been staying with Ned.

'So, how are you finding Edward? Is he behaving nicely? Looking after you ok?'

'Yes thanks.'

'So you're having a nice time with us?'

'Yes, great thanks.' Robin says, anxious not to encourage Harry to continue his cross-examination, but continues to stare into Harry's pale blue eyes, just like Ned's. Oddly, an image of the boy comes into his mind. The first time when Ned asked him to play with him in that intimate way boys like their best friend to do. The boy was in his pyjama bottoms lying full length lying on the sofa before their bedtime. Robin stroked the boy's body from his neck right down to his thighs, the outside of them, and being careful to avoid what Ned called his 'bits'. He kept this routine up until he saw that the smiling Ned had become fully aroused very noticeably inside his pyjama bottoms. Both boys thought those moments perfectly wonderful. They very soon left the room heading upstairs no doubt planning on a little more amusement not realising that Harry, drying up the dinner things, had seen them through the open kitchen door.

After breakfast the next day. Robin is helping with the drying up.

'Ned's an interesting boy don't you think Robin?'


'So what do you find most interesting about him?'

An awkward question Robin really doesn't want to answer. But he has to.

'I'm not sure really. He's quite funny and………just…….nice.'

'Good to be with then?'


'He likes you Robin. Very much. He's a very affectionate boy and I think he'd love it if you showed it from time to time. An arm around him perhaps? Have you……ever?'

'Yes, now and again.'

'And where was that? When he was in bed perhaps?'

An obvious trap.

No answer from Robin whose mouth had opened as he stared back at Harry. He pictured Ned's buttocks, and what he saw between them. He couldn't resist it. Rubbing himself against it . What with all the kissing and the fiddling, he wasn't far off his feeling even well before he touched Ned's bottom like that. It felt so smooth and slippery. There was no way he could stop himself. He hadn't meant to come but it was the situation. He just couldn't stop it happening. Ned encouraged him to go and on until he came. It was all over Ned's pants. At the back too which was even worse.

Harry seemed to have wormed his way even nearer to Robin on the beach rug. Better answer the question Robin.

'I'm not sure. Maybe.'

'I think so Robin. Before we go any further, dear boy , I'm not in any way worried about your friendship with Edward. Quite the opposite in fact.'

Then there's a pause. Quite a long one. Robin kept looking at Harry. He's been thinking about Ned, and everything that happened, and now he just lies there expecting the worst. More difficult questions.

'Both Elenor and I are very keen that you two are close. And the fact that you are a little bit older is good for Ned too. Are you finding him responsive Robin? Does he respond positively when you show him affection? Ned is attracted to you and you are obviously attracted to him. That's true isn't it? You don't have to answer that question Robin, but by saying nothing now you're telling me that's the truth of the matter. And that's fine. There's nothing wrong with that. You don't have to hide anything from us Robin. We want you to enjoy your time here, and to enjoy your time with Ned, day and night too, if that's what you both want. It is what you want isn't it?'

Open mouthed, Robin nods.

'Good. And you don't have to hide things under pillows either.' Harry says with a broad smile, making Robin smile too.

'We've become very fond of you Robin. These last two weeks have been lovely for us too. And Ned of course. He's going to miss you horribly when you go home. Us too. This morning Elenor said that you were one of the loveliest boys she's ever had the pleasure to meet. She meant it Robin. You are. That's what I think too. We all need warmth Robin, the warmth of another human being, not just emotionally but physically. Ned is a warm-hearted boy who I think is enjoying feeling your warmth? Am I right?'

Robin knows the game's up for Ned and himself. They know . And then it's what Harry says next. That was the thing. Robin suddenly felt free. A massive sense of freedom. While they have been talking he's been thinking about Ned and how lovely he is. How sexy he is. How easily aroused he is. You just have to breathe on him and his hands are all over you, wanting you. It was just a game to start with that ended up with Robin's 'accident'. Ned had no idea that he'd come, and so quickly. Once it had started he couldn't stop. Not then. It all felt so absolutely wonderful and right. He knew it was happening, and just let it all come out in waves. He kept pushing into Ned, not that he was actually there , not properly, but it felt like he was. It was skin on skin alright, Ned's pants forced to one side. Then when he'd stopped, the feelings all gone now, he covered up Ned's bottom. You can imagine. At least it all stayed put, more or less, that now very familiar slipperiness that he's so proud of, that seems to get over everything these days. In the early days of puberty he'd feel it working it's way upwards inside him and then watch as it found its way out of his body, all in a rush.

'I just want you to know that you boys don't have to hide things from us. Don't hide anything. Just feel free to be yourselves. Ned doesn't hide anything from us, least of all his body. We know what he looks like inside and out. But I'd love to really know about you Robin. You must feel free to say what you'd like from us. I can give you all that I can. Too see you is to know you, up to a point. But I haven't seen you, not yet. You haven't really shown yourself to us have you Robin? Ned is a lucky boy to have you. Perhaps you're shy about such things? Revealing yourself to us? Yours are such lovely human bodies. Are you going to deny me for ever then Robin? That would be a great disappointment to me. Such a shame.' Harry says, looking down at what Robin's wearing. He smiles and raises his eyebrows.

Harry, rather too obviously, casts an eye down to Robin's middle bits.

' That's nice too. Ned is so very lucky to have you. And you have him too. Don't you?'

Have him. Oh yes.

It's the only thing he's wearing, those little swimmers, as Ned calls them, that right now is barely containing him. Those thoughts of Ned.

Robin looks down at his body and sees what Harry has commented on, then looks back at Harry.

'But you can see me now?' He says, smiling. Robin likes being looked at, and noticed.

'Indeed I can, but not in the way I'd like to see you. May I……sometime? Now perhaps? Just quickly. Zeige mir…..please?' Harry entreats, in his native German, oh so quietly.

Zeige mir? Yes, show me please.

Robin just looks back at him blankly, but turns a little more sideways and straightens his legs a little. A gesture of acquiescence. He's telling Harry he can if he wants, not that he knows quite what Harry means to do, if anything. Harry won't go too far with his guest. He just wants to see what his son has total access to. Just call it curiosity.

So he does, just gently revealing half the length of his penis, and then a few seconds later, lowering the waistband completely.

Harry looks as Robin shows him. That's perfection in Harry's view. Of course no boy is quite the same. There are always some slight differences, or even major ones. In Robin's experience, Ned, for his age, is a little unusual, but in a good way.

Robin fiddles in the way boys do when they're contemplating playfulness, tweaking it this way and that as it swells nicely. Then the head appears, naked and livid. He gently squeezes to open the meatus revealing the deep red interior. Harry wanted to see so now he's showed him.

What Harry would like to do, he knows he can't. Looking is one thing, especially as Robin has volunteered, more or less, but touching is quite another thing.

Robin's stare at Harry doesn't waver as Harry stares quite obviously back at his body rather than his face. Fair enough, he's seen him now, and drunk in the image of a boy, in Harry's opinion, in his prime. The boy he first met just a short distance from the place they are in at this moment was not like this. No, a long way from what he's looking at. That boy's people had a beach hut for them to play in. It was a place to change from summer shorts into bathing things, and then later, back again. To look at each other and to admire, and to use. To use for their pleasure. Happy days.

Ned has never been privy to some of his father's darker thoughts thank goodness.

When Elenor returns with Ned all Harry's darker thoughts vanish as the practicalities of leaving for home take over.

Harry held the towel for Robin as he fumbled with his clothes that never really want to be put on damp skin. Harry looks down, as Elenor notices. She's got Ned to deal with as the towel slips and the boy is exposed to the world around him. The boy bends to pick up the towel. Robin sees the lean body, the very site of his indiscretion, and finding himself wanting again.

Harry said he'd leave it under their pillow. Their pillow. Sleep together boys. No one is worrying about that little detail. Look under the pillow tonight and you'll find it all there, ready for you. Elenor won't know. But the one thing Harry really needed to know was what exactly do the boys get up to at night? He just has to know. But how?

Robin found what Harry had placed carefully under the pillow, and tested the contents. It was obvious what it was for. Robin knows enough of what it takes by now, not that he'd ever used it on himself. He had never had access. Ned wanted to know of course so Robin explained its purpose, the necessity of such a compound, and exactly what you do with it; or to put it another way, where you put it. The other item intrigued young Ned.

'What are they Rob?'

'Things that stop babies coming.'

'What do you do with it?'

'Them Rob. What do you do with them . I'll show.' He says flipping the lid of the little pink plastic box and extracting one of them, circular and tightly rolled.'

'What do you do with it?' Ned asks, lying, and propped up on an elbow next to his boyfriend, who was already getting excited at the prospect of using this item that was synonymous, as he saw it, with the big boys and what they got up to.

'You put it on beforehand. Then when you've finished it can't go anywhere. It gets trapped in this bit,' He says pointing the tiny reservoir at the end.'

'It's not very big is it.'

'Big enough. Obviously it goes on me, but you can help.'

Somewhat inspired now, Ned feels for Robin, and when he finds him, he's even more inspired.

'Like this?' Robin asks quietly so as not to be heard beyond their closed door. It's late in the afternoon. There's movement around the house.

Lying beside his friend, Robin inspects. Yes, this is perfect. Robin shows Ned.

'Go on then!' he says with some enthusiasm. So Robin does as Ned draws a sharp breath, and then exhales slowly, his breath very audibly relieved. Robin stares at the boy's penis that a few seconds ago was just lying there against his thigh. Robin delves a little deeper as he watches the organ grow. Robin looks at the boy's face, eyes closed, mouth open, his breathing deeper now.

'Now unroll it.' The boy demands, watching as Ned fiddles.

'There's loads of spare. Should there be?'

'Some people have extra long ones I suppose.' Robin observes quite correctly.

And then the anointing, an exercise Ned enjoyed, the evidence being rapidly apparent, knees held back to give Robin easy access to his mate's bottom.

'It might feel a bit cold to start with. Are you ready?'

Middle finger, appropriately loaded with the clear jelly like substance, in it all goes as easy as you like.

'How did that feel Ned?'

'Nice.' Was the answer from the now very ready to receive boy.

Robin kneels, applying a large bead to the business and of his sheathed penis.'

'Come on then.' Demands the impatient Ned. He wants to know exactly what this is going to feel like. It'll feel like the last time.

'Is that alright Ned. What does it feel like?' All Ned can do at this point is nod his head. There are no words. And for Robin?

'A bit different, but good.' Robin says, gradually working his way deeper into Ned's behind, noticing how hard his little boy-lover has become, and how his balls actually move about within the puckered pouch. Remarkable.

Well that's alright then. He carries on pleasing his friend for a couple of minutes before ending the experiment. So this is what it's all about.

The boys are oddly quiet that evening as they made their way through the evening, dinner at the table with Harry and Elenor, and then a couple of hours of the television. And then what they were waiting for; bedtime.

Robin could see Ned's eyes were open as he lay in his bed, a twin of the other, just two feet away. A hand appears which is immediately held in another. How sweet they look as they stare at each other. Not even a smile, but this is no time for smiles. It's time.

Harry has been waiting for this. Something he had not experienced until his late teens, his first year at college. He'd even oiled the door hinges, days ago and tested it to make sure there was no sound as he opened it. Just a few inches would be enough. Just enough. Just enough to see everything as it happens. Goodness, it didn't take Robin long the other time, once he's got going properly, after all that preamble, and then the gentle introduction of a foreign body into another body that normally allowed for downwards motion, not upwards. But all ran smoothly enough, legs over shoulders as per the book they'd found on the shelves. Most young couples had bought it. The Joy of Sex. Boys can put their cocks into their friend's bottom. And when you come, which you certainly will if you want to do this thing badly enough, there's no mess to deal with. No wet pants, hanky, or soggy tissues to dispose of somewhere. Nothing. The perfect answer to a boy's prayer. Both boys.

Ned hadn't come after Robin had, pouring himself into his friend, in a hurry and far too preoccupied to bother with the pink latest thingy. But they had agreed a contingency plan so that Ned wouldn't miss out. Robin kissed Ned's tummy for starters, and then worked his way down until he reached it. He put a hand underneath Ned, inside his pants and in just the right place, very central, and another hand around his balls, and played out what they agreed, at times excruciatingly pleasurable. He wanted to cry out but knew he mustn't. In the end, longer to get there than it took Robin, both boys had what they needed. Robin lay next to Ned, and in answer to Ned's enquiring expression, Robin smiles and nods his head.

'Did I? I think I did.' Asks Ned, almost laughing.

Robin's positive expression remains.

'Is it still there?' Ned asks.

Robin moves closer to his friend, and kisses him. It's long and meaningful. How nice, the proof of the pudding and all that stuff.

When they broke their kiss, Ned looks at Robin, running his tongue over his lips.

'Well?' Asks Robin.

No answer, just a faint smile. It was a gentle introduction.

08.45 the next morning.

Ned hadn't sat down for breakfast that morning more than five minutes before he was fidgeting on the bare wooden stool, lifting his bottom this way and that. He makes an excuse to leave the table, pulling at the back of his pants, as boys often do, as he turns towards the door, his problem embarrassingly obvious. Harry turns towards Elenor who is busy with the butter dish, pretending she didn't see. But she has seen, and knew instantly what it was, and then looked away, mortified.

Later that morning Harry carefully places another item next to the first he put under Ned's pillow yesterday. The little pink plastic box contained three of them. Health and safety and all that was his first thought, but not his second. He needed to keep an eye out for the boys at all times, and for any detritus the boys might leave in the bathroom waste bin along with a few tissues and ear cleaning buds, and all those other kinds of things that get binned.

He checked the bathroom waste bin twice a day and then the one in the boys' bedroom. Nothing. Then the next morning there it was, wrapped in a tissue. He picked it up by the open end for inspection, the contents gently sliding down and filling the reservoir at the bottom. He felt himself aroused again.

Ned was loving it, being done to first, just as Robin loved the doing of the deed. Robin felt such a big boy using one of those things. Ned helped with it, all hard as Robin played with him. He rolled it onto Robin's penis, and when he was satisfied all was correctly positioned, they started to kiss to get things on the move again. It was all so simple now, so easy, and took longer with the thing on. It slowed everything down which they both wanted. And then Robin saw to the patiently waiting Ned. Five minutes went by, and then five more before Ned felt it, and listened to Robin signal. The result of all that not-so-gentle friction, especially near the end when their excitement got almost to much to bear. Even with the bedroom door shut, you could have heard it. Harry heard it. Elenor was downstairs with the TV on.

A sharing kiss came next, and that wonderful time when they just lay together afterwards, breathing softly, saying nothing, and just being .

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