by Rafael Henry

Chapter 27

An embarrassing diversion.

It's raining this morning. Nothing too hard, just that drizzly nuisance stuff we are used to here, that will probably give way to watery sunshine later when mum arrives to collect us. We have been lucky this week with fair weather, more or less, throughout the Activities, especially for us at the outdoor Aqua Sports event. Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves, but what with one thing and another, it has left Otta a tired boy. He's done a lot in comparison to my relative indolence watching the boys and girls in the pool, with the occasional task to distract me from my admiration of the beauty of youth.

But I've never looked at myself, naked perhaps in front of the bathroom mirror, and wondered too hard about how I might appear to others. Not until last Wednesday that is. The tutor, a quite young bearded man, presiding over the classes at the Creative Centre approached me at breakfast asking if I could be spared for a couple of hours this morning. I should have asked him why. Anyway, I told him there was every chance I could be spared from my very un-onerous duties that morning. I was to report to the Art studio at nine thirty. When I entered the large room I knew well, with its sloping windows to the north side, I was confronted by a group of about eight students, six girls and two boys, all of whom looked a bit, or a lot older than me, apart from one of the boys whom I knew. He smiled at me as I walked past him towards the corner of the room where a folding screen stood, with a lightweight dressing gown hanging on the corner. My heart sank. I knew now what I had let myself in for. I was to be the model for the drawing class. So, safely behind the screen, the young bearded man has some questions…….

'You ok to get undressed Jon? Anything under those shorts?'

Yes, is my answer.

'Ok. Let's see then. Tee shirt off first. You don't want to keep your pants on do you?'

My heart's thumping slightly at this point, as I try to get my head around the possibility that I would be parading around the room naked in front of several girls and two boys, one of which I knew to be in the year below me; a nice fellow the other boys called Tigger. I don't know how he acquired that name. There's nothing stripy about him as far as I'm aware. Right now I'm far more concerned about my impending loss of dignity. I wouldn't mind Tigger seeing my boy bits at all, so long as I get to see his.

'Shorts off please Jon.' The bearded man says, nonchalantly.

I'm standing here in my underpants, fearful.

'Umm. Any chance you could discard those things Jon? Just for a moment. Have a look-see, ok?' He says looking doubtfully at me.

I look down as I lower my pants to reveal my tender morsel, which, as a result of fear and the cool air, looks more like a dried up and shrivelled walnut whip than a normal hairless and wholesome pubescent boy's penis, full of joy and expectation. Where my balls have disappeared to, I have no idea. Up my abdomen, somewhere.

'Perfect. That shouldn't upset anyone. You can walk out there in this.' He says, handing me the gown with the Japanese pattern all over it. 'Put this on. There are two heaters out there. You won't get cold.'

I'm standing on a striped towel on the bare floor holding a window catch opening pole in one hand, and the other hand behind my back, and one foot in front of the other like some sort of Roman soldier missing his tunic.

The students are arranged either side of me and in front. After a minute or so of circling around to decide which is their preferred view of their innocent victim, they choose their place. I try not to make any eye contact with them as they stare at me. Tigger is the first to settle on one of the low stools with his drawing board under his arm, giving him a full-frontal view of me. Like all the others, he's dressed in shorts, his very full and baggy. As he settles himself on the stool, I notice he's wearing nothing underneath and when I say he's a handsome boy, I'm not referring to his face. As his legs oscillate between wide apart and together, the view of his bits appears and disappears annoyingly. Finally, as the class receive their instructions, he settles down to work leaving me with something nice to think about. It's strange that one sees other boys for what could be years and have no intimate knowledge of them, unless of course they board, in which case I will have a very good impression to take away with me to bring added colour to an otherwise colourless mathematics lesson.

Like me, he's been put at the mercy of the surgeon's scalpel as an infant, with a little roll of skin sitting proud just behind the nicely rounded corona. He's what boys refer to as a roundhead. I can never resist a peek when the boys are sitting around on the grass, be it on the sports field in their sporty shorts, or anywhere else come to that. This is a 'peek' that I have all to myself as long as I want, it would appear.

I thought he would, and he has. Tigger has noticed my peeking. His reaction was to close his legs, look back at me frowning slightly, and then return my ever so faint smile, and open them again. I allowed my faint smile to broaden a tad. He knows alright, and he certainly isn't objecting. Why should he. He has the perfect view of my odds and ends, so fair do's.

With his left leg open a little wider now, Tigger's bits have found themselves lying nicely along the upper thigh and more visible than they were. There's not much a chap can do standing here but to focus on something , and Tigger's bits seem to be the obvious thing. Rather that than look into the eyes of the girls standing there gawping at me. I've no idea how his sketch is going, but I do know how everything else is about him. The little roll of skin has retreated to leave about an inch of circumcision scar visible, and the boy's glans hanging lower than it was, a pale reddish-brown bell-shaped form perfectly formed to ease its way into somewhere nice, be it girl or boy. What I'm seeing also suggests that the boy's corpus cavernosum penis [I have digested the relevant bits in the biology textbook] is gradually filling with his blood, thus enlarging the entire organ, and the mere thought of that process taking place right in front of me, not more than six feet away, may have the same effect on me. Please God, don't let this happen.

I have seen it happen. A young lad, a new bug probably, was drafted into a our drawing class one day last year. He was told to strip off, which dutifully did. After lying on his tummy with us drawing his pretty bottom, he was told to turn over, which he reluctantly did, only to reveal a extraordinarily cute pecker, as hard as the proverbial. Everybody laughed, except the poor lad in question. The teacher immediately let him off the hook and told him to put his clothes back on. His name was Simon. Later that day I saw him on Upper Field. I asked if he had survived his ordeal without any long term damage.

'Yes thanks. I quite enjoyed it. The teacher gave me a pound.'

Well that's alright then.

Tigger's circumcision scar has lengthened to a good two inches long now, and well on the way to maturity, reminding me of the unfortunate Simon. There's nothing poor old Tigger can do about, any more than I can. They'll think it's just a combination of the warmth from two electric fan heaters, one right in front of me with the warm air rising up between my legs, and me being the age I am, when erections can come upon one for no apparent reason at all. I can feel it give little twitches. I dare not look down, or continue to look at Tigger. My face feels hot and very flushed. Goodness knows what the others think is going on in my head. Thanks to some Divine intervention, matters didn't fully develop. Another prayer answered. Robbie, in one of his more silly moods, got his six inch ruler out one evening and measured us both.

'Go on Jon, let me prove it.' My friend says, brandishing the scratched length of plastic.

'Ok if you must, but you'll see that I'm right.'

I was indeed quite correct. I know more about him than he realizes. I beat him by a good inch and a quarter, although some way short of the end of the ruler. I consoled him by telling him than my superiority didn't make me any better at it. Robbie was always one for meaningless statistics. I won't elaborate. Well there is one stat that got us all involved. Ejaculation volumes, if anything at all, in relation to age and size. I don't think he came to any firm conclusions on that one, but it was quite fun. The methods used for collection and measurement proved pretty impossible. Some calibrated test tubes 'borrowed' from the chemistry lab was considered to be the fairest method, but in the end, no one was prepared to risk the theft, so we just carried on as before.

They gave me a break after forty-five minutes of hard work, standing there trying hard not to think about Tigger, if you get my drift. The best way is the set yourself some sort of simple mathematical puzzle to distract thoughts of another nature inspired by the view up the legs of Tiggers voluminous shorts. The girls standing close to Tigger had had the odd giggle at my expense which annoyed me. One was working with a short thick stubby crayon thing which she used to judge lengths and angles. At one point, looking at me and smirking, one eye closed, she slowly raised the length of crayon close to the vertical, and slowly lowered it. I took that to be an obscene gesture in response to the semi-erection I had, and no doubt annoyed, the two of them, that it didn't reach full maturity. The girls looked around fifteen so they were probably familiar with what I should have looked like. Just to encourage me, they both gave me regular sights of their knickers as they sat in their skirts, legs astride the art room 'donkeys'. Little did they know of my preferences, I assume.

At the close of the first session I was allowed to put on the Japanese gown and join the others for a cup of tea or glass of squash served from a table put against the far wall. Now on my own, the two girls walked up to me with their glasses of squash.

'Are you queer or something Jon?' One says, suspiciously.

'Why? Who wants to know?'

'Just wondered. You were looking at that boy for ages.'

'Was I? I must have thought him more interesting than you two maybe?' I say, not committing.

'We're going for a walk around the field after lunch. Do you want to come? We'd like you to come with us Jon, if you could. Do you think you could ?'

So there you are. An offer made with heavy inuendo. I think girls, from what I've heard from Robbie, mainly, can be filthy creatures. Should I take them up on their offer to be their sexual plaything for an hour?

No, I have far better fish to fry.

Tigger has no shame it seems. With no undergarment to control matters, he's standing with his glass of squash with a very obvious protrusion at the front of his shorts. It never ceases to amuse and delight me how these kids can sport such lively protuberances without seeming to realise what they look like to others. I've seen a couple of young boys by the pool with their minds elsewhere no doubt sporting the most lovely engorged organs as they stood by the pool. Nothing has caused it. Lying tummy down on the warm grass maybe. They just get them. Marvellous. I don't remember myself, but I must have. Come to think of it, I do remember a few instances when I did cause a little embarrassment to others, but not to myself. Beds, baths and beaches usually.

'I'm going to the loo Jon. Will you come with me?' Says Tigger.

'Can't you go on your own?'

'No. Come on.'

So we go. Inside there a couple of stand-up urinals and a cubicle with a door.

'In here Jon.'

Ok, not everyone likes those stand-up and pee jobs, so I go in with Tigger. I undo the front of my gown and stand with one hand holding mine and waiting, poised to pee, as Tigger pulls down the front of his shorts and out pops his Peter. He's looking at mine as I try to pee. Half a minute later, nothing forthcoming. I didn't want to go in the first place. Nor does he as it turns out. We continue to stand there looking down at each other's, gently stroking our lengths. Unfortunately there isn't time, but mental note made.

I struck another pose after the tea break, vowing that this was the one and only time I would be subjected to such an indignity in public. The couple of minutes spent in the private company of Trigger was very nice, and I told him that I would look him up in the playground next term. I will never be disloyal to friends, especially Otta, but we are boys of a certain age. I, nor Otta I'm fairly sure, won't pass up the chance to get our mits on another boy's tool, if only for a minute or so; not long enough to do anything regrettable, but long enough to judge the potential.

When we wandered back to the group, no one had missed us, or seemed remotely interested. The two girls in question were giggling together annoyingly, as our tutor explained the next pose; lying me down on my back, arms folded on my chest and with knees bent, and legs wide apart, making my rear end very visible to those sitting in the right place on their 'donkeys'. I can even feel cool warm air around my bottom. Goodness knows how extreme is my exposure. It's a blatantly erotic pose I've been put in, but from the draughtsman's point of view, a very interesting one, so fair enough. Anything for art's sake eh? I suppose one bottom is much the same as another. Actually, no it isn't. With my head to one side, my view of Tigger hasn't altered for the worse down here, in fact it's even better. At least I have this pleasure while the time goes slowly by until I'm eventually released.

I was given a very useful five minute warning by the tutor that the session would end. I had wander around to take a look at the drawings done of me. In some the genital area was treated summarily and just a blur, but in others, it seemed a bit of a focal point. Tigger had done a nice one, bordering on the erotic, with a deep shadow in between the buttocks. Any time dear boy.

As I walk away from lunch with Otta, my experience in the art room, probably an extended view, literally, of Tigger's bits, has had it's effect on me. Just seeing Otta in his short trousers, all that thigh, has me in an almost permanent state of excitement, tempered by the approach of one of the girls from the drawing class, but not one of the two gigglers. This one whom the tutor called Leony is different. Quiet throughout the two sessions and very much on her own, she has a wonderful boyish face on a girl's body, which is why I'm admiring her. I think I might have a hetero streak in me somewhere because…..well, maybe?

Otta wanted to hold my hand which is sweet of him, whilst the three of us stroll towards the Perimeter Walk. There's no one else to be seen. Leon is proving pleasant company.

'How long have you two been together?' She asks.

'A few weeks, but he was on my radar for quite a long time before that.' I say.

'Was I?'

'Yes,' I say smiling.

'I have a girlfriend.' Leony suddenly announces. 'I loved drawing you this morning Jon. I've never done……..anything with a boy. I've never seen a boy naked before. You were beautiful Jon. I just wanted to see, that's all. Just to touch knowing I never could. Just for a moment?'

We walked on as far as we could go. Then the three of us settled into the warm grass. There was no chance we could ever be seen, so we all took our clothes off. It felt completely natural and rather fun. Elicit. We had agreed we would when we found the right place. She had asked if she could, Otta too maybe. Otta sat and watched as I lay down, propped up on my elbows, waiting. Otta lay down beside me, with Leony on her knees between us. There were two little mounds on her chest, a bit bigger than a boy's. She felt my nipples first and then went for it with her left hand. I didn't think much would happen and it didn't.

'What about me?' Asks Otta, clearly feeling a bit left out. Leony, open mouthed, looks at him and immediately obliges. She's gently stroking the two of us, as she sits between us, bespectacled, thin, chestless and rather plain and luckless.

'When will it happen Jon?'

'What? If you mean that , it won't I'm afraid.

'You're so lucky. It's what I always wanted; to be a boy. To be like you two are. Can I see you kiss him? That would be nice.'

Yes it would.

I leant towards Otta and he leant towards me, and we kissed, no hands. Leony kept her gentle hold on both of us while we just carried on. I have to say it was very nice. A third party involved and the fact that Leony is a girl makes no difference at this moment. We like her. That makes is ok. What Leony wanted our private parts to do, that's to say, come to the party, happened for her. Kissing is what we do, every time, before anything else, and it always works.

Lael would have agreed that it was the right thing to do. I'm sure of that. When we got ourselves decent again, I noticed a patch of flattened grass nearby. Lael, I'm sure, had been there watching; approving.

Leony might feel herself a boy in a girl's body, but she might feel differently a little later in her life. Afterwards she had lain in between us, untouched, in the warm grass, just being held by us both around her bony shoulders. If we could change everything, make it all different for her, make it alright for her now, we surely would.

I thought of Robbie. He once told me that his family go to Margate for a week every summer to see his uncle. He's probably at a loose end when he's in that scruffy old town. I doubt if he'll find any suitable talent on the beach there. He and Leony might get on? Good for each other even. At least there is a possibility that he might have something to brag about next term at his new school. Pity it won't be ours. Let's just float the idea.

'We have a friend who comes to Margate every summer Leony. You said you live there. He's a very nice boy. I don't think he's ever had a girlfriend. He's also very handsome. I can arrange for you to meet him if you would like that? He's only here for a week so you couldn't go too far wrong. I think he's just your type.'

'Is he your age? What's he like?'

Oh good. She sounds interested.

'Like us really. He's very gentle but quite outgoing so you'll be fine with him. You'll have such fun if you want to. I'm sure he would too. I can give you my number and then I can arrange things for you. I can even be here with you if that will make things easier for you, just to start with? Only if you want to. His name is Robbie. I know he'll like you.'

She smiles a really lovely smile. Perfect. Robbie will have to put his money where his mouth is now. I can't wait. I know one thing. If I was a girl I would be very happy to go with him, and if I happened to be a boy, I still would.

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