by Rafael Henry

Chapter 26

A big idea.

It's been warm today, and for all of us at the heated open-air swimming pool the School had built a couple of years ago, all day in the sunshine is tiring indeed, as are all the activities on offer this week. Last night Otta was exhausted and slept a full nine hours. As I looked at him this morning, still sleeping, open mouthed, and dried saliva from there, a long whitish deposit, I have come to the conclusion that I love this boy, and in the same way I loved Lael. Mind and body. And what a body. It's prickly eyes again as my own thoughts sinks in. Lael is smiling now, and I have absolutely no doubt that he's pleased. He was my first real love that was and can never be again. But here's a new bud about to come into flower, just for me and him to enjoy. The bud that opened for me last night, and flowered so beautifully.

We had words last night, not bad words, Otta and I. Important words about the practicalities, and possible emotional consequences. Getting things ready. No hurry. The huge pleasure of preparation, especially for him, and a little bit of biological 'what's up there' recapitulation, shall we say. But there are no barriers here, no reasons why not , that we can see, and every reason to explore each other, minds and bodies, up to the hilt.

So, show me you love me. All the different ways.

We had a few minutes with the Guide, on our tummies on the bed. When we turned over onto our sides we had a chuckle. Anyway, things are very clear now with several ways forward.

'Basic, or advanced Otta?'

'All of it, but some basic first?'

That's my boy.

I can't say that my volunteering this week has been arduous. Enjoyable yes, very much so. I just have to be on hand to offer advice or direction if I can. If not, then refer the questioner to a higher authority. That's easy enough. The rest of the time I hang about and watch the proceedings. I'm glad I didn't have to design this event because it looks very complicated with so many teaching sessions, most two campers to one supervisor, races, games and other activities I would never have thought possible in a relatively small pool. The boys change outside on the paved or grassed areas, as the girls have sole use of the changing cubicles that line both sides of the pool area. That gives the giggly girls a fine sight of the boys' smooth bottoms as they attempt to hide behind their towels whilst stepping out of their shorts and underpants, holding swimming trunks at the same time. All very tricky I'm sure. I kept an eye open for Freddie. He wasn't doing at all well much to the delight of two girls sharing a cubicle near me. I very much doubt if they have ever seen the like of what Freddie had to show them. Nor have I on a boy that age. He looks like he has half a hard-on all the time, especially in his choice of swim suit. I expect he's been grabbed under the water a few times by excited girls; or boys. Poor lad, he's got more growing to do no doubt. He would make Robbie look positively infantile, if he was here. Neither Otta nor I are in the big league, so to speak, which suits me fine as it happens, and will Otta when his time comes. It will work perfectly for us thank you.

I met Otta back at the Hut after the supper laid on for all the Activity Participants, as they are rather pedantically known; AP'S for short. He looks exhausted, and he told me why. It's a very demanding programme he's involved in, set by people who know their academic onions, just to make sure that nobody asks for their money back I suppose. Otta is to play the organ at the plenary service, one of six organ players who will contribute music in support of the singers and the orchestra. Well done boy. I'm proud of you. In addition, he's a general factotum on the course, running errands and finding mislaid music sheets and so on, no doubt rushing around in his dinky grey shorts looking alarmingly cute, the dear thing.

I've seen Roger again this morning, early doors. One more day to go.

'I've changed your bed linen Jon. Got a bit crumpled. Everything still ok with you two? Do you need anything? Just in case?'

There was something, but there was no way I was going to put that request into words. I'm hoping he will either guess, or look for himself.

'Oh, maybe Otta might need something, but it doesn't matter. Not really.' I say, looking away from Roger's face.

Robbie said there are other ways you can make it work if you haven't got the proper stuff. I couldn't leave it here or take it home. It went in a bin somewhere.

This evening we found a complete set of laundered linen on the bed, and two fresh-looking puffed up pillows. Lovely. There were a few wild flowers placed in a jam jar in the corner, under the intruder alarm, a tiny winking red light. I picked up the nearest pillow and found what Roger had left. I looked at Otta. I think he was inspired so he wanted a kiss. Fine by me, so we shared our mouths, lips and tongues. What a sweet mouth he has. But this is not the time.

I took Otta off to shower about eight. When we get back to the Hut, I want to tell him something. I had discussed my idea with Roger this morning while Otta did his usual routine of waking Freddie and dragging him off kicking and screaming for his morning shower. I just want to tell Otta that I love him. That's all. Pure and simple. Goodness knows how he'll react to such a statement. I really don't know. I've yet to utter those exact words. I love you. He'll probably run straight home to Granny. Maybe not?

My idea must remain just between Roger and I, for now at least. I will need to speak to my mother about it. Otta's security is clearly in doubt, and I can't ignore that. We have to do something. What if his granny suddenly died? What would he do? Where would he go?

So all fairly quiet for me on the pool front, or pool side, apart from one curious acquaintance I've made. Namely one Eli Thomas. Yes, the young [he looks about Otta's age] and very attractive long brown-haired Eli has a girl in tow it seems. I spotted him early, as one does. Nothing odd about that. His hair reminds me of Robbie's. Something nice to run your fingers through. It's quite fashionable at the moment; for boys to look like girls.

He's made a friend. But they do make an odd couple as Eli looks very girly with that hair, and the girl looks like she wants to be George out of the Famous Five, with short cropped hair and narrow hips. Apart from specific activities that separate them, they spend all their time together it appears. There is some surreptitious touching going on too. I wondered if Eli actually was a boy to start with, but on closer inspection, I can confirm that he is. The boys change on the grassy area which lends me the opportunity to get a glimpse, and yes, he is a boy; just about, but there's not much to disturb the smooth lines of the front of his swimsuit. That doesn't make him any the less of a boy in my eyes, in case you were in any doubt. The girl, on the other hand, in her one-piece suit, sports a tiny bump in the place a boy might wish to explore. Sitting in my chair, poolside, I'm given to a little imaginative thinking, looking at the couple exchanging comments and giggling on the grass. Perhaps Eli is attracted to her because she's looks and acts like a boy, and vice versa. That would be a very satisfactory arrangement I would have thought. Good all ways round.

And now, on the third morning of the camp, walking along the row of changing cubicles, there they both are in one of them. I can see their heads above the stable door. I can see the bare shoulders of the girl. They're not looking out, so I wander over and have a closer look-see. They are both looking down, and consequently don't see me. I'm now about a foot from the top of the closed door. They both look up at me somewhat surprised like kids who have been caught doing something they shouldn't. Being an official helper at the event, and a little older, I have authority on my side, so smiling benignly…….

'Morning. Are you two alright in there. Boys are not allowed in the girls changing cubicles. Didn't you know that?'

Oh, shock horror! The boy looks up, wide eyed but it's far to late for any adjustments. He nods his head guiltily. With no tops on I recognize the difference between a girl's bare chest and a boy's. An interesting comparison. Eli has his swimming knickers half way down his thighs, and the girl's kit similarly lowered to reveal a very distinct mons pubis. What I thought caused the bump at her front, something I thought girls didn't have, is there and enlarged and receiving attention from Eli's fingers as the girl looks on, hands on her hips. Eli is enlarged too, I'm happy to say, and rather pretty. So all's well. Off you go Jon, now, and leave those kids alone.

But I keep an eye on the cubicle in question, and five minutes or so later both the boy and the girl emerge in their swimming kit ready to join the groups forming up for the morning's activities. Water polo this morning. In his brief swimwear, the boy strolls along the grass, probably and justifiably, pleased with himself, and his curiosity, and hers, satisfied I hope.

Those not engaged in the first pair of polo teams sat on the grass to watch the boys and girls form up and listen to some lengthy instructions. Eli has his eye on me no doubt expecting me to demand an explanation. I recognize him from the mealtime gatherings as one of our residents, but not the girl. There are no resident girls, only boys. I gesture towards him and he stands up and walks over to me, like a boy summoned guiltily to the front of the class, his pretty long hair waving in the breeze. I walk away from the group of boys and girls and he follows me. When we are a sufficient distance away from the others so they can't hear me, I ask him for his name. The boy looks very worried.

'Elias Sir.'

'Don't call me sir ok? That's the first thing. The second thing is; what were you doing in the girls' changing cubicle young man?'

'Nothing. Just playing.'

'Really? That's not just playing is it, as you well know. No fibbing Elias. Do you know her?'

He nods.

'What's your friend's name?'

'Mary Anne. We were just kissing.'

'Ok. Tell me the rest of the story Eli. I want the truth now, otherwise……well, you know what might happen if I have to tell someone don't you?'

Rather touching actually, his little tale of friendship and romance, with the added prospect of a little further discovery. I must be naïve. Some of these kids know far more than we could imagine; and what they know about, they actually do these days. At the end of Eli's engaging story, he's clearly fearful of any nasty consequences. That feeling of power again; and arousal.

'What are you going to do now?' Elias asks, sitting with crossed legs in front of me.

'Nothing. What did you think I was going to do Eli? It's just that you can't chat, or whatever it was, with a girl in there.' I say, pointing to the changing cubicles. 'But there is somewhere you can go if you to be somewhere a bit more private. I can show you if you want me to. Do you?'

The boy nods his head again.

'Ok. I'll see you outside the dining hall after lunch. I'll take you there. But don't bring Mary Anne with you.'

Boys and girls, and boys and boys of course, who want time to do things together in private have nowhere to go as a general rule. Mum's are present in both homes after school, so that's out of the question. They could go out somewhere, but where? There is the cinema, but expensive these days, but always a good place for a fumble around in the dark; or more. The first orgasm I received from a friend was in a cinema. The arm rests tend to get in the way, but when needs must, the devil drives. Both Robin and I, ironically, had got the idea of mutual masturbation from a sex education lesson at school. I thought the concept of doing it for someone else sounded good, and so did Robin.

We began to receive sex education at school when we were under ten years old. We knew how babies were made very early on, and what homosexuality is. Boys with boys have sex differently than girls and boys. Then, as we know already, one can move on to the knitty gritty and explore publications like The Beginners Guide to Gay Loving. I used to love those 'Teach Yourself' books. The Beginners Guide is just one such extremely useful little volume, sadly not in that series of books, and now safely back on mummy's bookshelf, all information contained within, absorbed by self.

At five past one I met Eli as planned outside the Dining Hall. He was dressed in a horrible pattered tee shirt and a pair of nicely fitting white sports shorts, like most of the other boys, and consequently the usual layer underneath, just visible. White under white. So far, so good.

'Where are we going Jon?'

'Not far. About six or seven minutes away. You'll see.'

I opened the Hut door and gestured Eli to follow me into the Hut. On the walk over, Eli had said that Mary Anne had complained that he couldn't kiss properly, and if he couldn't get the hang of it, she was going to dump him.

'Would you like me to show you Eli?'

'But you're a boy?'

'Yes, obviously, but forget that for a moment. Just imagine I'm Mary Anne. Simple. It'll just take five minutes and then you'll be fine with it. I promise. Ok?'

Eli nods his head obediently.

'But there's one condition Eli.'

'What's that?' He says with a curious smile.

I explained to the boy what the condition of my offer was. He laughed, and told me that would never happen, but accepted my condition.

I remember kissing Lael for the first time. I wasn't much good at it to be honest, but he taught me how. And how. Right from the off, kissing sent an irresistible signal to my nether regions at an alarming speed.

Eli isn't much good at it either, as he sits across my legs in the armchair, one arm around his back, my hand stroking his ears and cheek. Five minutes into our tutorial, he's getting the hang of things with his tongue. He's got his hands going on my chest too. Great. There's no way I'm not going to claim my reward from Eli. A hand goes down and ferrets around in the brief slip he's wearing to make necessary adjustments and to hide what's happening to him.

We disengage, a little breathless now, and survey the damage to Eli's assertion that 'it won't happen to him'. Sorry Eli, it has happened.

'Oh dear Eli. It looks like I win; doesn't it?'

The boy smiles, but he doesn't look keen to stick to his promise, but a few seconds later he smiles a big smile and nods his agreement. In the end, he's a very willing loser. Thank you Eli.

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