Juggling the Pieces

by Pink Panther

Chapter 36

June 2012

After the excitement of the past few days, Sunday and Monday are fairly quiet, sort of ' normal ', I guess. On Sunday morning, I speak to Aidy about the concerts where Franny will be playing. He's very keen to go. I have to explain that we're not sure about the first one, saying that we'll go provided we get back from London in time. He's cool with that. I call Franny too, to let him know. Other than that, it's all routine stuff.

There is one thing gnawing away at me. After my run last Saturday, I know that if I keep my training going, I'll be able to break four minutes for the 1500-metres. The problem is that I can't see how I can do that.

On Saturday, Scott and I are off to Malaga for a week. I won't be able to do any proper training while we're there. Apart from anything else, it'll be far too hot. Then, as soon as we get back, we're going to be rushing around flat-hunting. I'm not going to get any training done then either. I mention it to Scott.

"Well, I think it's great that as soon as you've achieved one thing, you're asking what the next one is," he says, smiling. "But right at the moment, you've got other irons in the fire, and it's not worth stressing yourself out over it. It'll keep!"

He's right, of course. It was a nice idea, but it's not going to work. But running the 1500 metres in under four minutes will definitely be a target for next season.

It's Tuesday morning, and I'm in school for maths paper 2. I know as soon as I read through the question paper that I've got this. There's nothing here that I don't know how to do. I still need to be careful, of course. I'm not going to rush through it and risk making stupid mistakes.

There's a choice of questions, so having decided which ones I'm going to do, I get to it. Working steadily, and checking as I go along, I finish with twenty minutes left. I go through everything a second time. It's all there.

Finally, we leave the exam room. I wouldn't say it out loud, but deep down, I know. I did well on the first paper, and I've aced this one. After briefly chatting with my friends, I head to Scott's place.

"Well? " he enquires, ushering me inside. "How did it go?"

"Very well, I think," I say guardedly. "I did five complete questions. There weren't any parts I didn't know how to do."

"Sounds good!" he says smiling.

"Are you ready for tomorrow?" I ask as we stroll into the lounge.

"As ready as I'm going to be."

He's prepared a salad lunch for us. Afterwards, we move to the bedroom. At around half past three, he'll drive to Milton Keynes for the second part of his OU assessments, just as he did two weeks ago. He'll be there till Thursday. Before he leaves, he wants to give me a thorough seeing-to. I'm well up for that! I've even worn my black and gold tangas to let him know.

A thorough seeing-to is what Scott promised me, and as always, he totally delivers. The way he takes charge so effortlessly is really special. It's like I hardly notice him doing it.

"So when will you be back?" I ask, snuggling up to him.

"We 're due to finish at twelve, so I expect to be back here by about half past one. You've got history Thursday morning, haven't you?"

"Yeah. For quite a few of the guys, it's their last exam, so we'll probably go to the pub afterwards. Then I'll come here."

"I'll look forward to it! If I'm delayed at all, I'll let you know."


It's Wednesday afternoon and I'm on my way to school. For the first time since Easter, we're going to train on the school track. I've had to put 12mm spikes into my shoes. As we're warming up, Jon comes over to me.

"I won't be able to make it this afternoon," he says quietly. " Mum 's arranged a dental appointment for me. She didn't tell me till last night."

"Oh, right!" I say absently. "Have fun!"

"Not!" he responds, grinning.

That's a curved ball. I'm not sure if Aidy will still expect to come back to Jake's place. If he does, I'm not at all sure how that's going to work. I guess we'll think of something.

With Niall and Patrick due to run in the schools' inter-counties meeting on Saturday, they're keen not to overdo it. After last weekend's race, they both know they're in great shape; they just need to keep things ticking over.

As a result, the session's pretty relaxed. Actually, after all this time, it feels strange to be running on the grass again. While it's more forgiving than the synthetic track, it's nowhere like as smooth.

After a ten-minute jog, six sprints and our usual warm-down, we return to the pavilion. By half past three, we're ready to go. Jon hurries off to his dental appointment, leaving me with Aidy and Jake. Heading out of school, we cross Birmingham Road and make our way to Alexandra Square.

Once at Jake's place, we gather in the kitchen. After Jake has provided us all with a glass of coke, we move to the lounge. We remove our shoes and socks and Jake closes the curtains. Without any discussion that I'm aware of, the two younger boys start undressing me. I like this sort of surprise!

As soon as I'm down to my boxer-briefs, I return the favour, moving from one to the other, top halves first, followed by school trousers. Pretty soon, we're all down to our underwear. We don't need to discuss this either. I pull down Jake's, he pulls down Aidy's, Aidy pulls down mine. We're all fully aroused.

"Let 's lie on the floor," Aidy suggests. "Then we can all suck each other."

We lie down on our left sides to make a sort of circle. With us all being of similar height, it works beautifully. I suck Aidy, he sucks Jake, and Jake sucks me. I'm well into it! Having sex with two cute, horny boys is a great way to finish the afternoon. The sensations are exquisite!

After a couple of minutes, we turn onto our right sides and reverse the order. If anything, this is even better. Finally, we sit up.

"So what now?" Jake asks.

"Well, we could finish it like this," I respond. "Or one of you guys could get spit-roasted."

"Or we could do a chain-fuck," Aidy suggests.

I remember him telling me about that. I totally get the concept; I'm just not sure about the mechanics.

"So how does it work?" I ask.

"Well, if Jake lies on his back with his legs up, I'd fuck him, with me down on all-fours so I could kiss him at the same time. Then you'd kneel behind and fuck me."

"I thought you told me you'd only ever been a bottom?" I query.

"That's right! But I'm up for giving it a try, as long as Jake's okay with it."

"What d'you think, Jake?"

"Cool! Let 's do it!"

"Okay, then!"

"The thing is," Aidy continues, "when you stick it in me, you don't put it all the way in. You need to leave me a couple of inches so I can move. And once you're in, you have to keep still and let me do the work!"

"Yeah, I get it!"

"When I used to do it with Chris and Alex, I was always on the bottom, where Jake's going to be, with Chris in the middle and Alex on top, yeah? Chris absolutely loved it!"

"Which is why you're keen to give it a try," I suggest.

"Yeah, definitely!"

"Who are Chris and Alex?" Jake enquires.

"Jake was my boyfriend at my old school," Aidy explains. "He's in his first year at uni now. Alex is his cousin, who's two years older."

"Cool! Come on, then!"

We move to Jake's bedroom. Rather tentatively, Aidy begins to lick Jake out. I'm guessing he's never done that before. I do the same for him. After a couple of minutes, we use some K-Y to make sure that everything's nice and slick. Finally, we're ready. It's time to make it happen.

Jake lies on his back, his head resting on the pillow. He lifts his legs right back so that his knees are wide apart, and close to his shoulders. Kneeling behind, Aidy guides his prick onto Jake's starfish and thrusts it in. With the younger lad fully impaled, Aidy bends at the waist, pushing his upper body down between Jake's thighs until their mouths meet in a full-on lip-lock.

Now it's my turn. Shuffling in close, I line my dick up on Aidy's starfish, take a deep breath, and penetrate him. Placing my hands around Aidy's waist to keep myself steady, I push deeper into his tight little tunnel until I'm around two-thirds of the way in.

"Okay, Tiger! " I order. "Show us what you' ve got! "

Immediately, Aidy begins to move, driving forwards to fuck Jake's arse, then pulling back to impale himself on my cock. This is surreal! I'm doing absolutely nothing, but the sensations are extraordinary!

Beneath us, Jake's moaning with pleasure. He clearly loves what we're doing. Suddenly, his moans change to squeaks and gasps, a sure-fire indication that he's about to cum. Moments later, Aidy's starfish goes into spasm around my prong, Jake's orgasm having set him off .

He's taken me right over the edge. Sliding my hands down onto Aidy's hips, I slam right in, depositing my creamy load deep in his bum. It completes the chain reaction. After a few seconds, I carefully withdraw, allowing Aidy to follow suit. Wow! That was pretty special!

Ten minutes later, Aidy and I are on our way, heading towards the bus station.

"I'm so happy that I've met you guys," he says quietly. "I found it hard when we first came here. Mum and Dad were worried that I wasn't settling. But from the moment I got together with Jon, it's been like the best thing that ever happened to me."

"You're more than welcome," I tell him. " We 're happy you came here!"

"One thing I didn't tell you," he confides, "is that Chris and I were never really exclusive. "It suited us to let people think we were, but we weren't. Chris is into tweens, boys with little hairless cocks, like I was when I first met him. He hooked up with a few of them while we were together. He liked to take their cherries. He had to be very careful, of course. He'd have been in lots of trouble if anyone had found out. Actually, I was okay with it. Chris's cock didn't grow very much after I met him, and I started to develop a liking for bigger ones, yeah?"

"You mean like Jon's?" I query.

"I mean totally like Jon's!" he answers, grinning from ear to ear. "His cock's amazing, and he knows exactly what to do with it!"

I'm going to keep this latest piece of information to myself. Scott doesn't need to know, and I'm not sure how he'd react.

The following morning it's the second paper of my history exam. With my previous exams having all gone well, I'm not complacent, but I'm very confident. Once again, there's a choice of questions. I quickly identify the ones that I've prepared for, and get to work.

Because I know this stuff so well, the hardest part is to keep my answers concise, conveying all the important points without taking too long over it. I time it pretty well, working almost until the exam is due to end. As we leave the exam room, I'm happy with what I've done. I don't think I could have done any better.

After joining up with Rebecca, Dean, Jayne and Matthew, we walk into town. While I've still got to do history of art tomorrow morning, this was their final exam. Understandably, they're all in high spirits.

We make our way into our usual pub and head for the bar. After presenting my ID, I order a ploughman's and a glass of coke.

"Are you training again this afternoon?" Matthew asks.


"So will you be racing again this season?"

"Probably not," I admit. "But while I'm around, I like to support the other lads."

"That's fair enough," he concedes.

I don't mention that I'll be going on holiday next week, nor that I don 't expect to be around much after that. Of course, Patrick, Jon and Aidy all know. I'm leaving it to them to deflect any awkward questions. But with the Sunday morning training runs having relocated to Niall's house, they'll be able to carry on the same as if I was there.

At half past one, I say my goodbyes and make my way to Scott's place. Seeing the Mini in the car-park, I make my way upstairs and ring the bell.

"That was good timing!" he says, welcoming me inside. "I got back about ten minutes ago. Have you eaten?"

"Yeah! I had a ploughman's in the pub."

"I'm afraid you'll have to watch me eat then. I'm starving!"

Having put together a light lunch, he sits at the table. I join him.

"How did this morning go?" he enquires.

"Very well, thanks! It was all stuff I'd prepared for. It was just a matter of getting it down. I finished with less than five minutes left. I'm happy; I don't think I could have done any better."

"Fair enough!"

"How about you?"

"Much the same, I guess. Any more encounters with your playmates?"

"Yeah! Yesterday afternoon, Jon couldn't make it because he had a dental appointment, so I had a threesome with Aidy and Jake."


"Yeah, it was! After we'd got undressed, we lay around in a circle, sucking each other, which was cool. Then we went into the bedroom and had a chain-fuck."

"All spooned-up, one behind the other?"

"No, " I say, before describing what we did. "Aidy hadn't fucked a boy before," I explain. "I think he liked it! But he still prefers to be a bottom."

"That sounds like someone else I know," Scott teases. "Are you training later on?"


"So I guess you'll want me to take things gently."

"Yeah, if that' s okay. "

"After two days without anything, it will be a bit of a stretch," he says, looking right into my eyes. "But you're worth it. At least, I think you are."

I love it when he says stuff like that!

"You can go to town on me tomorrow!" I tell him.

"I'll remember you said that," he responds, grinning from ear to ear.

The next morning, I head into school for my History of Art exam. Because the result doesn't form part of my university offer, it's not as important as the others. Even so, I read the books, made lots of notes, and worked hard on the coursework assignments, so I'll be disappointed if I get less than a grade B.

As usual, I start by reading through the question paper. The rubric instructs us to answer five questions. Of course, what that actually means is, 'not more than five questions' .

Of the seven questions on the paper, there are four on aspects of the subject that I've studied extensively. As I've learned to do over the years, I do those questions first, making sure that I answer them as well and as fully as I can. When I've completed them, there are around 25 minutes left.

I read through the remaining questions. There's one to which I can give a partial answer, which is probably all I've got time for. I set to work on it. It should earn me a few more marks.

At the end, I leave the exam room with mixed feelings. I know that I haven't done as well as I have in my other exams. On the other hand, I largely studied it on my own, and wasn't able to put in as much time as I did with my other subjects. I need to be realistic about how good a result I can expect.

Added to that is the realisation that my school career is finally over. In just a few short weeks, I'll step into a totally different world that will present me with a whole new set of challenges. That's exciting and scary in roughly equal measure.

Making my way out of school, I head directly to Scott's place.

"Are you hungry?" he asks, welcoming me inside.

"Of course I am!" I tell him. " I've been working all morning!"

He ushers me into the lounge. He's prepared another yummy salad for us, with crusty bread rolls and hot vegetable samosas. We follow it with a slice of apple pie, bought from the local craft bakery.

After clearing away, we stroll into the bedroom. After removing our shoes and socks, we begin to sensuously undress each other. With the whole afternoon stretching in front of us, there's absolutely no rush. Even so, it's not long before we're both naked from the waist up.

"You're gorgeous!" Scott breathes, drawing me to him, his hands expertly massaging my back.

Stepping back slightly, he sets to work on my school trousers, undoing the belt, unfastening the clip on the waistband and pulling down the zip. They fall down around my ankles, revealing that I'm wearing my black Umbro football shorts instead of the usual boxer briefs.

"So sexy!" he declares, exhaling sharply.

"Well, I did say that you could go to town on me this afternoon."

"Have you been wearing those all morning?"

"Of course!" I say nonchalantly, pulling my trousers right off.

"Fuck! I don't think there's another guy on the planet who could turn me on the way that you do!"

"Flattery will get you everywhere!" I reply, provocatively sticking my tongue out.

Within a few minutes, we've completed our preparations. I'm standing in my usual position, facing the bed, feet apart, forearms resting on the mattress. Scott's cock is up the leg of my shorts, thrusting rhythmically in and out of my bum.

With his hands around the tops of my thighs, he's fucking me like nothing else matters. The sheer physicality is extraordinary; so powerful, yet so apparently effortless. I'm loving every second of it, my penis tingling more and more until it becomes almost unbearable.

Suddenly, the dam bursts. I shudder uncontrollably, my anal ring spasming around Scott's invading prong.

"Nnngg! Nnngg! Aaarrrgghh! " I groan, my prick jerking almost painfully, several ropes of teen cum soaking the front of my shorts.

"Oh, you naughty boy!" Scott rasps. "You've spunked in your shorts! Ohhh! Now take what I've got for you!"

Tightening his hold on my legs, he unloads deep inside me, his hot cream filling my arse. Oh, fuck! Even though we've done that several times, it was as exciting today as it was the first time we did it. Just amazing!

After my usual visit to the bathroom, we snuggle up on the bed, just enjoying the togetherness. There's little conversation. Right now, it's not necessary. I feel safe, loved, valued; every positive you can think of. I know that there will be big challenges ahead for both of us, but we're ready for them.

At half past five, Scott drops me back at home. After dinner, I head up to my room to pack for our holiday. At quarter past nine, Scott comes to collect me. After I've exchanged hugs with Mum and Dad, we head back to the flat.

Just before nine o'clock the following morning, Geoff, Scott's dad, arrives to take us to the airport. On the way, we talk about football, or to be more accurate, Scott and his dad talk about football while I listen. I don't mind. This is the world I've opted to join. We arrive a couple of hours before our scheduled take-off.

"Make the most of it!" Geoff says breezily as we take our bags from the back of the car. "You may not be able to do this next year. All Scott's holiday time will probably fall during university term."

Neither Scott nor I respond. Over the past twelve months I've become quite friendly with Geoff, so I know he wasn't deliberately trying to put a damper on things. It's just the way he is; if there's a negative, he'll make sure everyone's aware of it.

Our journey to Malaga is much like any other holiday flight. Being with Scott helps the time to go faster than it otherwise would. Even so, it's pretty tedious.

Arriving in Malaga, we get through passport control much faster than we did last year. That's because last year we were here during half-term week. There were flights coming in from all over Britain. This year, there are considerably fewer. Collecting our rental car is quicker too.

With everything completed, Scott calls the rental agent to tell him that we're leaving the airport. Finally, we're on our way. One thing that hasn't changed is the heat. By some margin, this is the hottest place I've ever been. But I coped okay before, and I'm confident that I will this time too.

We 're staying quite close to where we were last year, and so the drive is all quite familiar. When we arrive, the rental agent is waiting for us. I'm impressed. Although last year's apartment was nice, I can see straight away that this one's even better.

The agent, who's much friendlier than the guy we had to deal with last year, takes us inside. Oh, wow! This place is stunning! I absolutely love it! I've no idea how much Scott's paying for us to stay here. I'm not going to ask either; it's not my business. All I know is that it won't have come cheap.

On a tour of the apartment, the agent shows us how to use the telly, the air-con, and all that sort of thing. Finally, after going through the paperwork, he leaves us to enjoy our holiday. There are no queries about whether I'm old enough to be here, or any of the other nonsense we had last year.

"Wow!" I say quietly, taking in our luxurious surroundings. "This place is amazing!"

"Yeah," Scott agrees. "I thought you'd like it. It's more upmarket than I'd have gone for, but we booked at fairly short notice. It was a matter of what was available."

That's as much as I need to know. After unpacking, we head to the supermarket to buy the same food and other essentials we bought last year. On our return, we fix ourselves a snack.

"Do you fancy going to our beach?" Scott asks smiling. "We can go to dinner later."

"Sure! " I respond.

One of the advantages of being in the same area as last year is that we know where things are. That includes beaches that we like to visit, and restaurants where we enjoy the food. On such a short holiday, with one day earmarked for a trip to Madrid, we really won't need to seek out anywhere else.

After getting our things together, we take the short drive. After Scott's parked the car, we stroll onto the boardwalk. Rounding a corner, we look down onto the beach. I can see a few singles and two couples, but there's still lots of space.

Making our way down onto the sand, we head towards the area that we adopted last year. We're pleased to find it empty. Stripping off the few clothes we're wearing, we apply loads of sunscreen, both to ourselves and each other, before settling down on our towels.

That's when it hits me. I'm tired! With my A-Levels and my running, I've been working my socks off, and haven't had a proper break for months. Now, stretched out on our favourite beach, I'm finally able to put it behind me. All I want to do now is chill. I don't want to play frisbee. I'm not even that bothered about going for a paddle. I just want to enjoy being here, doing absolutely nothing, in the company of the guy I love more than anyone.

Fortunately, Scott's in the mood to pamper me, and I'm more than happy to let him. After almost an hour, we do go for a short dip before returning to our towels to dry ourselves, apply more sunscreen and snuggle up. Oh, yes! This is exactly what I need! Man! I could stay here forever!

We lie casually snuggled up for almost an hour. It's wonderfully relaxing. Scott's judged the mood perfectly. He didn't even bring the frisbee; he left it in the apartment. Fortunately, nobody comes anywhere near us. That's good. This is totally about me and Scott. Right at the moment, we don't need anyone else.

Finally, as the sun begins to sink below the horizon, we slip back into our shorts, polo shirts and flip-flops, and stroll back to the car. After returning to the apartment, we take a shower before dressing to go out for the evening.

"I've booked a table for nine forty-five," Scott says quietly. " We'll probably still have to wait to get served though. All the locals will be out at this time."

Arriving at the restaurant a few minutes early, we're seated almost immediately. But with the place being packed with diners, the service is pretty slow. It's not a problem. We're not planning to move on to a gay club, or anything like that. Even if we weren't tired from the journey, it really isn't our thing.

By the time we get back into the apartment, it's gone midnight. After pottering around for a while, we finally go to bed, where Scott gives a masterclass in gentle love-making. I really don't know how he does it.

When I wake up, it's already light. I'm snuggled up with Scott, his arms wrapped around me.

"Good morning!" he greets, gently stroking my cheek. "Did you sleep okay?"

"Mmmmm! " I purr. "Like a log; I always do when I'm with you. What's the time?"

"Five past eight. What d'you fancy doing today?"

"Something nice and relaxing!"

"That's cool! I thought that after breakfast we could drive to the clothing-optional beach."

"Yeah, that'd be good. What about before breakfast?"

"What did you have in mind?"

"Nothing too energetic; you know, something like last night."

"No problem! " he says quietly, nuzzling my ear. " Don 't worry about feeling tired. You've been pushing yourself incredibly hard, both at your studies and your running. Now that the pressure's finally off, a reaction was almost inevitable. Just go with it. You'll soon be back to normal. Trust me!"

I love this guy! It's not just the way that he can sense how I'm feeling. Scott goes further. He always knows how to respond, and whenever he can, he puts my needs and feelings first. Now that' s really special!

When we arrive at the beach, it's already quite lively. Having made our way down onto the sand, we quickly strip off our clothes. After plastering each other in sunscreen, we stroll along the water's edge, looking for somewhere to park ourselves.

As we pass, I notice a mixture of singles, couples, groups of friends, and families. Like us, almost all of them are wearing nothing but flip-flops. It seems strange to see kids playing totally naked. I know we don't really have the weather for it in England, but even if we did, it's not something I'd expect to see.

We finally settle on a spot to the far side of the café. As the nearest access to the beach is some distance away, it tends to be quieter. Not far away is a family with two boys. The older one is slim, and almost as tall as me, with straight, dark hair and a perfectly proportioned, uncut cock.

He's really nice-looking. I'd guess that he's around thirteen, and playing, quite unselfconsciously, with his younger brother. That's not something you'd ever see back home!

After getting ourselves sorted, we go for a dip. The water temperature is perfect! After around twenty minutes, we return to where we've left our stuff. Passing the family, I realise that they're speaking Spanish. They're locals, who've come to enjoy the beach along with everyone else. It makes sense, of course. I don't know of anywhere where the kids would be off school at this time. I'm guessing that the other families we've seen are locals too. We towel ourselves off.

"Fancy a game of frisbee?" Scott asks.

"Not really," I tell him.

"Fair enough!" he says. "It's probably a bit too hot anyway."

We settle down on our towels, Scott positioning himself strategically to give him a good view of the two boys. The younger one, who's probably ten or eleven is cute too. They're playing a bat and ball game that seems very popular here. There don't appear to be any rules, and there' s no scoring. It 's a bit like keepy-uppy with bats.

After lying in the sun for twenty minutes, Scott and I go to cool off in the sea. By the time we return, the boys have stopped playing. After towelling myself off, I head to the café to buy drinks and ice creams. As I make my way back, I notice that the two boys have resumed their game. Scott, it appears, is being very well entertained.

Just after midday, we head slowly back to the car. It is seriously hot! Returning to the apartment, we sit down to lunch.

"You seemed rather taken with those two boys that were playing on the beach," I comment before taking a bite out of my bread roll.

"That was strictly 'Look; don't touch, '" Scott responds. "They were very cute, but totally off-limits. Even if I wasn't with you, there's no way I'd actually do anything with a boy of that age. But there's no harm in looking. The older one was gorgeous!"

He hasn't told me anything I haven't heard before. 'Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned it,' I reflect, continuing to munch. 'It sounded like I was criticising . ' We finish our meal with little more said. It's time for a much-needed siesta.

By the time we surface, it's nearly five o'clock.

"I'm sorry for what I said at lunchtime," I say gently, nuzzling Scott's ear. "It sounded like I was having a go at you."

"Don 't worry about it," he says, smiling. "I probably was paying them a little too much attention." His grins mischievously. "Apart from you, there wasn't much else worth looking at!" He puts his arm around my shoulder. " D 'you want to go back to our beach then?"

"Sure! "

After pottering around to get ready, we head out to the car. Ten minutes later, we're parked up and heading along the boardwalk. Although it's still very warm, with the sun much lower in the sky, the edge has gone off it.

This evening, the beach is much quieter, with just a handful of people sprinkled across it. Making our way to our usual spot, we pull off shorts and polo-tops before applying lots of sunscreen and settling in for a relaxing snuggle.

Just like yesterday, it's perfect. I don't know whether or not Scott's brought the frisbee; I still don't feel much like playing. Gently floating around in the sea, in between affectionately snuggling up on our towels, is absolutely fine.

With the sun beginning to set, we head back to the apartment to shower and change. After a meal at a different restaurant followed by a gentle late evening stroll, we call it a day.

Just as I did yesterday, I wake up with Scott's arms around me.

"Morning, babe!" he says, stroking my hair. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm good!"

"Another peaceful night then?"

"Yeah, totally!" I confirm.

"I thought so. You're still where you were when you fell asleep. That's always a good sign!"

"Yeah, right!"

"Are we going sightseeing this morning?"

"Yeah, that was what we said, wasn't it?"

"Sure! "

"I thought we could revisit a couple of the places we went to last year; go to Alcazaba first, then carry on up to Gibralfaro."

"Who's supplying the oxygen masks?" he quips.

"Very funny!" I retort. "It's not that high!"

"It's quite a climb though," he reminds me.

"Yeah, which is why we should start out fairly early, before it gets too hot."

After breakfast, we drive into the centre of Malaga where Scott parks the car in an underground car park. From there, we set out to climb up to the Alcazaba. As we wander around, it strikes me that it's quieter than it was last year.

Having taken in the views over the sea, we head east across Plaza Jesus el Rico, to start the long climb to Castillo Gibralfaro. As we're not in any hurry, we take it quite steadily. Even so, by the time we're halfway up, it's clear that I'm finding it easier than Scott is.

I guess I shouldn't be, but I'm always surprised when I find that I'm better at any physical activity than he is. After all, when we're running cross-country, going up and down hills is what I do best.

Eventually, we reach the top. Just like last year, we've got the place largely to ourselves, and as we did then, we stroll around the ramparts, holding hands, basking in the sunshine and admiring the spectacular views.

After stopping at the café for a drink and an ice cream, we make our way back down to where we parked the car. Calling at the supermarket along the way to top up our supplies, we return to the apartment for lunch and the inevitable siesta.

For some reason, when we wake up, I'm feeling much livelier. The stresses of exams and racing have finally begun to dissipate. I'm raring to go. Once again, we arrive at our local gay beach to find it very quiet. It doesn't bother me. I wouldn't care if we were the only people here.

As soon as we've stripped off our clothes, we slather each other in sunscreen. I immediately trot down into the water until I'm almost waist deep before striking out confidently. Within a few moments, I've got Scott with me. On such a glorious evening, it feels amazing!

After swimming for fifteen minutes or so, we head back to the shore, trotting back to where we left our stuff.

"Did you bring the frisbee?" I ask, quickly drying myself.

"Sure! " Scott responds. " D 'you fancy a game, then?"

"Yeah, cool!"

Once we're dry, we apply some more sunscreen and the game begins. I can't explain why, but I'm throwing the frisbee better than I ever have. It's flying beautifully. It even feels different, like smooth and almost effortless. I'm doing well receiving the frisbee too. I can anticipate where it's going as soon as it leaves Scott's hand, giving me time to trot into position to take the catch.

After around twenty minutes, we call a halt. Although the sun's sinking towards the horizon, it's still very warm.

"You did really well there!" Scott says warmly, jogging over to me. "You've improved out of all recognition!"

"Yeah," I agree. " I'm not really sure what happened. It felt so much easier than it used to."

"When you were throwing, you were getting yourself into a really good position, and the strength training that Dean's had you doing has obviously helped. Your coordination's improved too. Every time I threw it, you knew immediately where you needed to be."

We wander back to our clothes.

"Fancy another quick dip?" Scott asks, stashing the frisbee in his bag.

"Sure! "

Leaving our stuff behind, we trot into the sea, the water quicky cooling us off. After a few minutes we're back on the beach, towelling ourselves dry. With nobody else near us, we lie down and snuggle up.

"I'm so glad we came here again," I say quietly. "When I finished my exams, I hadn't realised how tired and stressed I was."

"Totally," Scott agrees. "You needed this; we both did."

"This is like our special place."

"I guess you could say that," Scott responds, drawing me into a passionate kiss.

The following morning, I wake up a little earlier than I have been doing. For the first time since we arrived, I feel full of energy. More than that, I'm super horny.

"Hmmm! " Scott purrs, nuzzling my ear. "Someone's looking frisky this morning!"

"Yeah, definitely!"

"I noticed yesterday evening that you were much more like your usual self. You've recovered really well. After the pressure you've been under, I thought it might take a bit longer."

"What about you?"

"Oh, I'm good! The rest and relaxation were just what I needed, along with the environment and the weather. Having the sun on my back works wonders! So what would you like to do?"

"You mean now?" I query.


"I'd like you to fuck me senseless! Since we got here, I haven't really been up for that. Well, I am now!"

"Sexy boy!" he breathes, licking his lips. "How can I turn down an offer like that?"

"Okay! Just let me go to the bathroom for a pee and a wash."

A couple of minutes later, I'm back, carrying a hand-towel.

"My turn now!" Scott announces, getting out of bed. "Give me five minutes. I need a shave!"

As I lie waiting, I'm gagging for it. We've actually fucked every day since we arrived, but we've kept it pretty low-key. That was fair enough. Before we came out here, I hadn't realised just how tired I was. For the first couple of days, I felt like a used-up elastic band that had lost all its springiness.

I started to feel better yesterday evening, and this morning, I'm right back on it. I can hardly wait for Scott to give me one of those special fucks where he totally goes for it.

A few minutes later, he reappears. Instantly, the spark is back. From the moment he snuggles up with me, I can feel the electricity crackling between us. There's no question of holding anything back. We kiss, we fondle, we suck, both of us completely into it.

We morph into an exquisite sixty-nine. All too soon, however, I feel myself getting close, and carefully ease away. Without a word being spoken, I get onto all-fours. Within a couple of seconds, Scott's kneeling behind me, expertly licking me out. The way he's stimulating the nerve-endings in my starfish is driving me almost insane. I need him inside me, and I need him there now!

But I'm not in charge; Scott is, and like always, he's not about to rush. Pulling away, he replaces his tongue with a well-lubricated finger, gently working it into me until he encounters my prostate.

"Oh, yeah!" I gasp, me penis tingling with excitement. " Ohhhh! "

A second digit soon joins the first, the two of them corkscrewing around to open me up. Finally, he allows them to slide out.

"Okay, babe, " he says quietly. "You know what to do."

Over the two and a bit years that we've been together, I'm not sure how often we've done it like this; maybe once every couple of weeks. But it's always special. I quickly lie down in my usual position. Within a couple of seconds, Scott's down on top of me, his beautiful cock driving insistently into my tunnel. As it thrusts over my prostate, I almost explode, my penis twitching and tingling. A moment later, I'm fully impaled, Scott's pubic hair pressed tight against my bum.

Then it starts: in, out, in, out; gradually building up until he's fucking me into near-oblivion, just as I asked him to. And he's totally in charge, demonstrating what an amazing athlete he is. Pinned to the bed, I couldn't move if I wanted to.

Almost out of nowhere, my orgasm sweeps over me. Before I know what's happening, my legs are flailing, rosebud tightening, prick jerking.

"Oh, babe!" Scott groans. "Oh, fuck! I'm going to fill your bum!"

And he does, his creamy semen spurting over and over deep inside me. Oh, wow! What an unbelievable fuck that was!

After breakfast, we drive the 45km to the clothing-optional beach. I notice the difference as soon as we arrive. There are no families here, like none. Of course there aren't. The kids are all in school.

It now feels much more like a gay beach than it has when we've visited before. It's not that guys are suddenly getting it on all over the beach. It's much more subtle than that, like the displays of affection being just a little more obvious.

We find a place to park ourselves just beyond the café, close to where we've been before. With the weather already very warm, as soon as we've covered ourselves in sunscreen, we head into the water. It's glorious! I feel so wonderfully alive!

We spend twenty minutes or so swimming and splashing around before heading back to our stuff. After quickly drying ourselves, we lie down on our towels. We don't start making out or anything, like we would at ' our ' beach, but we do lie very close. Although we're not actually doing anything, I'm sure anyone passing by will be able to tell that we're more than friends.

"Fancy a game of frisbee?" Scott suggests.

"Sure! " I agree. "Just a quick one though; it's too hot."

We 've been playing for a couple of minutes when two young guys trot over to us.

"Any chance we could join you?" one of them asks, smiling. He speaks with what I recognise as a London accent.

"Sure! " we agree.

We introduce ourselves. They're Luke and Mason, who are both twenty. They're here taking a week off from their jobs in The City. Luke, the bigger of the two, is a blue-eyed blond, around six feet tall and quite well-built. Mason is a little shorter and slimmer, with light brown hair and hazel eyes.

They're both good-looking guys. What makes me a little wary is that they've got this 'confident as fuck' manner about them. I guess we'll soon see what they've got to back it up.

Arranging ourselves in a square, we begin to play. After taking Scott's opening delivery, Luke throws to me. He's got a good arm but he's not very accurate. I run several yards, take the catch neatly, and spin the frisbee off to Mason. Taking it without needing to move, Mason sends it rather awkwardly to Scott, ready for the cycle to begin again.

Scott 's second throw is much faster, low and flat. As it comes straight to him, Luke fails to get his body out of the way and fumbles the catch, the frisbee tumbling onto the sand. I allow myself a smile. We're actually better at this than they are!

The game continues. To be fair, Luke adapts pretty well. His throwing is still a bit wild, but he soon starts to take Scott's throws quite efficiently.

"Okay! Let's reverse the order!" Scott calls.

He sends his next throw to Mason, who stands there like a statue, fending off the frisbee to avoid being hit in the face. I remember that happening to me two years ago when Antony and I were at Juan Les Pins.

"You need to open your body up!" Scott calls, demonstrating the movement. "Take it as it comes through. You left yourself with nowhere to go!"

Around ten minutes later, we call a halt. I'm more than happy. We haven't just outplayed them; we've outlasted them too. That's Round One to the Midlands boys! We stroll back to our towels.

"We 're going into the sea to cool off," Scott says casually. "You going to join us?"

We trot down to the water. Luke's clearly a good swimmer, but Scott refuses to be drawn in. Like he said, we're here to cool off. He's not going to allow it to become competitive.

Finally, we return to our stuff. Luke and Mason move their stuff across to join us as we casually get dry.

"It's nearly twelve," Luke says, checking the time. " We 're going to grab a bite of lunch in the café. You guys are welcome to join us. We all pay for our own, yeah?"

"Is that okay with you?" Scott asks, turning to me.

"Yeah, why not?" I respond. "Just keep me off the Sangria."

Slipping on shorts and tee-shirts, we pack up our things and stroll towards the café. As it's still quite early for lunch, we have no problem grabbing a table. Having bought drinks and placed our food orders, we settle down to the business of getting to know each other.

It turns out that Luke and Mason are from east London. Currently, they're both in trainee positions with a major investment bank, but it seems that they expect, in the fairly near future, to become actual traders.

"That's when we'll start making some real money!" Mason asserts, smirking. "So what do you guys do?"

"I work in sports administration," Scott says quietly.

'That's quite creative!' I reflect, before adding, " I've just finished my A-levels."

"So what will you be doing next?"

"As long as I get the grades, I'll be doing architecture at University College London."

Oh, fuck! That's too much information! I realise almost before the words are out of my mouth. I've just said that if all goes to plan, I'll be moving, not right onto their patch, but pretty close. Luke's eyes light up. He's almost licking his lips. Shit!

Our food arrives and we begin to eat.

"Are you guys out?" I ask casually.

"No way!" Luke replied emphatically. "Not to our families, and definitely not at work! The City is a very macho environment, especially among the traders. It's not a problem. We both work out quite a bit, and we play football. We just blend in. It's not that hard."

"So what do people think you're doing here?"

"Let us worry about that," Luke retorts. "What about you two?"

"I'm out to my family and a few friends," Scott admits. " I'm not out at work though. I work quite a distance from where we live, so it's not really an issue."

"I'm out, like totally," I say. "I got outed at school when I was thirteen. That was it basically. I told my parents about eighteen months later. Mum didn't like it at first, but she's fine with it now."

"Didn't you get a hard time at school?" Mason asks.

"I did to begin with," I admit. "Then my sister and her mates found out. They got hold of this kid who was picking on me. He got into a load of crap over it."

"You'd have had a bloody hard time if that had happened at the school we went to," Mason says darkly.

"Yeah," I concede. "I can imagine. I guess I've been lucky."

"Do you guys play football at all?" Luke asks.

"I do," Scott says quietly. "I play for a team where I work. We do okay."

"Not me!" I say, grinning. " I ' m a runner. "

"Any good?"

"Okay, I guess. Three months ago, I ran at the English Schools' Cross-Country. I finished sixteenth out of more than three hundred, which isn't too bad."

"I used to hate cross-country when I was at school," Luke says, frowning.

"I was never any good at that either," Scott says, smiling.

A short while later, we finish eating.

"What are you guys doing now?" Luke asks.

"Oh, we 're going back to our apartment , " Scott tells him. "It's siesta time! We'll probably surface again about five."

"D 'you fancy meeting up for a meal this evening, same deal again?"

"I'm not sure," Scott says, being deliberately vague. " We'll be going out to eat at some point, but I'm not sure when."

"Oh," Luke says, looking disappointed.

I'm still a bit worried that he'll try pushing the idea, but he doesn't. I guess there was something in Scott's manner which told him it wouldn't be a good idea. Instead, he reaches into his bag, pulling out a business card and a pen. Having written on the back of the card, he passes it to me.

"That's my number," he says brightly. "When you get to London, give me a call. We can meet up and I'll be able to show you a few places."

"Thanks!" I say, stashing the card in the pocket of my shorts.

After paying our part of the bill and leaving a contribution to the tip, Scott and I stroll back to the car.

"Sorry about that," I apologise, settling into my seat. "I wasn't thinking, When I said I was going to be in London, Luke looked like he wanted to eat me!"

"Yeah, I noticed," Scott responds. "It wasn't a problem. At least he didn't act all entitled, like that arsehole we met last year. It wasn't too hard to close him down."


"You realise that you're going to get a lot of that when you start at university?"

"Yeah, I guess. I'd never really thought about it."

"You're planning to join the gaysoc, right?"

"Yeah, sure!"

"Well, there you go! And as you'll have to be fairly guarded about what you tell people, there are bound to be guys who'll think they're in with a chance."

To be honest, it's something I've been trying not to think about. He's right, of course. I will need to be very careful.

The following morning, just after half past nine, we're on the train to Madrid. It's fairly full, but not overcrowded, so we're able to sit opposite each other, by the window.

European train journeys are a new experience for me. On my holidays with Mum and Dad, they're not something we've ever done. This one is swift, smooth, and comfortable. Chatting inconsequentially about this and that as we hurtle through the Spanish countryside is a great way to relax. We have a drink on our way north, but having had breakfast before we left, that's all we need.

We arrive in Madrid at twenty past twelve. Strolling out of the station, we head to a nearby tapas bar for a light lunch. Afterwards, in the early afternoon heat, we navigate our way to the Civil Courts of Justice. In addition to the exterior, we're able to view the public areas inside.

At one level, the place knocks me out. Though spectacular and innovative, it still fits in well with its surroundings, and I'd guess that it provides a great working environment for the court staff.

What I can't do is identify with it. When I look at buildings designed by Norman Foster, for example, I feel sort of 'comfortable' with them. I know where the ideas have come from, and I'm familiar with the traditions that have inspired and influenced him. I can, and do, aspire to emulate his achievements. That's not the case here. This building is so 'out there', I have no idea how Zaha Hadid came to design it the way she did.

"Don 't you like it?" Scott queries, seeing me looking bemused.

"Oh, yeah; it's amazing!" I tell him. "But it's like it's from Outer Space. I've no idea where the ideas came from. I'm not sure that I'll ever be able to design something like this."

"That's very interesting," he responds, putting an arm around my shoulder. "Over the next few years, you'll have to work out what your strengths are, and pursue opportunities where you can make the most of them. If that doesn't include designing buildings like this, then so be it. Of course, knowing my strengths is relatively easy for me, because that largely depends on physical stuff. For example, there'd be no point in me trying to play like, say Cristiano Ronaldo, because so much of what he does depends on his size and physical presence."

"Yeah," I temporise, still trying to take it all in.

"Of course, it's early days for you," he says gently. "By the time you've finished your degree, you may be totally into this stuff. But it won't be the end of the world if you're not. You'll find the areas where you can excel."

I smile up at him. As usual, it's great advice. In trying to be the best I can be, I need to avoid trying to turn myself into something I'm not.

Leaving, the Courts building, we stroll through central Madrid until we reach The Museo del Prado. On entering the building, I invest 20€ in a catalogue, delighted to find that they have an English version. As soon as we step into the first gallery, I'm awestruck.

It's not that I haven't been to a major museum before. Back when I was eleven, Dad took me to The Louvre, but to be honest, I was too young to appreciate it. Two years later, the two of us went to The Uffizi in Florence. I understood that better, but all the art we saw was from the Italian Renaissance, so in that sense, it was a bit limited.

This is on a whole other level, and at this point, I'm, like, totally ready for it. Based on the Spanish royal collection, the exhibits include major works of Spanish, Italian and Flemish art, ranging in date from the twelfth century to the twentieth. It's one of the greatest art collections ever assembled. I find it almost overwhelming.

We stroll slowly from room to room, encountering one stunning exhibit after another, including The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymous Bosch, The Descent from the Cross by Rogier Ven der Weyden, and my own personal favourite, Las Meninas by Diego Velazquez.

Throughout our visit, Scott is patience personified, giving me time to take in what we're seeing, and quietly asking questions about some of the more important works. I feel so lucky to have him with me. More than two hours after our arrival, we make our way back out into the sunshine.

"Have you seen enough?" Scott asks, smiling.

"Yeah, thanks!" I respond, still trying to get my head around it all. "After a couple of hours, things start to blur into one another, even for me."

"Yeah, I get that. You definitely enjoyed it though, didn't you? At times it was like you were in a trance."

"Oh yeah! It was totally amazing! Sorry if it seemed like I was somewhere else."

"Don 't apologise," he says gently. "It's why we came."

"Thanks! I can't wait to tell Anthony about it."

After another light meal, we take the train back to Malaga.

The next two days are enjoyable but uneventful. Each day, Scott and I visit the clothing-optional beach before lunch, and at our small, local beach after our siesta. It works for us. We see Luke and Mason again, and spend a pleasant hour chatting and hanging out, but that's as far as it goes. That's cool; we don't want it to go any further.

So now it's Saturday; time for us to leave the apartment and return to England. I guess it's back to reality. Over the next few days, we've got so get into the serious and slightly scary business of finding ourselves somewhere to live. It's been a great holiday. First and foremost, I've spent some real quality time with the guy that I love more than anyone else it the world. On top of that, we visited the Museo del Prado. That memory will live with me forever.

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