Juggling the Pieces

by Pink Panther

Chapter 35

June 2012

It's Tuesday afternoon. As soon as I arrive at Scott's place, I set about making the spiced apple and apricot crumble. Just over an hour later, it's safely in the oven, leaving the kitchen free for Scott to begin work on the main course. As Jon and Aidy haven't visited us before, he's reverted to the Greek-style lamb dish. I'm really looking forward to it. We haven't had that for months!

Just before five, the doorbell rings. With Scott busy in the kitchen, I go to answer it. Jon and Aidy are there. While Jon's wearing cargo shorts similar to mine, Aidy's wearing skinny denim ones. I can't wear those things; they make me look like a stick insect. But with Aidy's thighs being so beautifully proportioned, they look perfect on him.

"Hi guys!" I greet, smiling. "Great to see you! Come in!"

I lead them through to the lounge. As they look around admiringly, Scott emerges from the kitchen.

"Hi! " he says, giving them a blast of his most engaging smile. "Delighted to meet you!"

His eyes meet Aidy' s. It ' s so obvious that they both like what they see! I have to stop myself grinning.

"Cool place you've got here!" Jon comments.

"Well, I was very fortunate to have a very clever young man to sort it out for me," Scott responds.

"You did this?" Jon queries.

"I didn't do the actual work," I explain. "We brought it a professional for that. But I designed it all."

"Bloody hell!" Jon responds. "I knew you were a good artist. I didn't realise you could do this sort of thing!" He turns back to Scott. "We were told it'd be lamb, so we brought this."

He hands over the customary bottle of wine. It's Cabernet Sauvignon.

"Thanks!" Scott says, still smiling. "That'll be perfect!"

While Scott returns to the kitchen, I and our guests settle down in the lounge.

"It's great that the Taylors have agreed to host the Sunday runs and school holiday training," Jon says. " I'd be wondering what was going to happen about that."

"And with them living near school, it'll be really convenient," Aidy adds.

"The downside is that it means we'll be running in the same area the whole time," Jon counters. "I love the trails around Whitecroft!"

"Yeah!" I respond. "Mr Taylor told Dad that he could see how much everyone's benefited from the extra training, Niall especially, and they were keen to keep the tradition going. It's strange how this all started. When I was in Year Nine, Dean began coming to mine on Sunday mornings to run with me. Back then, I was so useless, there was no way I'd have run on my own. Anyway, when we went into Year Ten, Patrick joined us, which was good. Then, the following year, we all joined the team. Well, David Holbrook, who was captain, lived about five minutes from us and used to go out with my sister, so he asked if he could come along. Then last year, we started to get everybody involved."

"It's made a massive difference," Jon says. "Getting the miles in our legs."

A few minutes later, we sit down to eat. Scott pours us each a glass of wine.

"In September, " Aidy asks, "Do you think I should join the cross-country team, instead of doing rugby?"

"Definitely!" Jon says.

"Yeah, you've said that before," Aidy tells him. "I want to know what Ian thinks."

"Well," I say guardedly. "It's entirely up to you. If you enjoy rugby, there's no reason why you shouldn't keep on playing. On the other hand, if you want to run really well next summer, putting in a proper winter's training will make a huge difference. Back when we were in Year Nine, Tim Powell used to beat everyone over eight hundred and fifteen hundred. These days, he'd probably still beat me over eight hundred, but he can't get near me over fifteen hundred. That's simply down to the winter training I do."

"I do enjoy rugby," Aidy explains, "but I'll never make the team. I'm too light. The bigger lads can just pick me up, turn me around, and take the ball off me."

"I think that once you got used to it, you'd be a real asset to the cross-country team," I suggest, "especially on the faster courses. You'd probably be better than Shaun. Most of our races are over four miles, and he struggles with that, but he's reaping the benefit now."

"He's running fantastic!" Aidy says, his eyes sparkling.

"If you want to be as good as he is," Scott says, "you need to train with him."

"D 'you think Leo will join the cross-country team?" Aidy asks.

"Leo will play football because that's what all his mates do," Jon says firmly. "Anyway, you're a better runner than he is."

"Out of interest," I ask. "What do you like about playing rugby? I hated it!"

"Oh, I love running with the ball!" Aidy enthuses. " I'm pretty good at that. And I love being tackled. One of the other lads wraps his arms around my legs and we land in a heap on the grass!"

I smile and nod. I guess it does make sense. Aidy's much quicker than I was. He's got more padding too!

"You weren't joking when you said you could cook," Jon says appreciatively, finishing off his main course. "That was amazing!"

"Oh, you need to thank Scott for this," I say, grinning. " I've just done the dessert today!"

"Well, it's delicious!" Aidy chimes in, smiling at Scott.

A couple of minutes later, we've all finished our main course. Picking up the bottle, Scott divides the remaining wine between Jon, Aidy and me.

"Aren 't you having any more?" Jon queries.

"Later on, I'll be driving," Scott explains. "One glass is enough for me!"

"Did someone mention dessert?" Aidy asks, grinning.

"Spiced apple and apricot crumble," I respond.

"With cinnamon?" Jon suggests. "I thought I could smell it!"

"Yeah! We usually have it with ice cream, but we can make custard if you prefer."

"Ice cream's fine for me!" Jon says, grinning.

"Me too!" Aidy agrees.

Barely ten minutes later, we've eaten the whole crumble that I made, together with generous helpings of ice cream.

"This was fantastic too!" Aidy says, smiling. "Thanks for inviting us, and going to so much trouble!"

"Oh, it's no problem! " Scott assures him. "We only do this once in a blue moon. Okay! Now you guys sit down and relax, while Ian and I clear everything away. We won't be long!"

After clearing the table, I follow Scott into the kitchen to load the dishwasher.

"If we finish things like we usually do," he says quietly, "you and I will take the bed, okay?"

"Sure! " I agree, grinning.

We stroll back into the lounge. Jon and Aidy are sitting on the sofa.

"Right! Let's get this party started!" Scott says, grinning.

Having gestured for Jon to join me, I guide him across to one of the armchairs, leaving the sofa for Scott and Aidy. After removing our footwear, Jon and I begin to undress each other. Tops are quickly discarded. We're both very slim, but being several inches taller than me, Jon looks even scrawnier than I do.

After undoing the button at the top of Jon's cargo shorts, I pull down the zip. Immediately, they fall off his slender hips, revealing his red and white striped boxer briefs. Having neatly stepped out of his shorts, Jon returns the favour.

"Love the tangas!" he purrs, admiring the burgundy pair that I'm wearing. "Hey, Aidy! Look at these!"

"Nice! " Aidy enthuses, looking across. "Where did you get those?"

"They were a present from an admirer!" I tell him.


Turning back to Jon, I take hold of the waistband of his boxers before quickly skinning them down his legs. I saw Jon hard when we were with Jake in the showers, but not right up close like this. I run my fingers along his shaft. At least seven inches long, the same thickness as Scott's, uncut, and ramrod-straight; it's an absolute beauty!

Kneeling on the floor, I take it into my mouth. I begin to suck, taking a little more on each downward stroke until I've taken almost six inches. That's as far as I can comfortably go, but Jon seems happy enough, stroking my hair appreciatively.

After around a minute, I let him go, pulling back to admire his glistening prong. Holy shit! If I wasn't committed to Scott, I'd let him fuck me in a heartbeat. Getting to my feet, I allow Jon to pull off my tangas. We sink down onto the floor. Using the front of the arm chair for support, we wrap our arms around each other and begin kissing passionately, each of us gently stroking the other's cock. Wow!

"Hey, guys!" Aidy calls from across the room. "Shall we sit around in a circle?"

Hmmm! This is new! I'm not totally sure what he has in mind, but I'm happy enough to give it a go.

"Okay, " I agree, Jon and I disentangling ourselves.

"Jon and I will sit opposite each other," Aidy directs, "and you guys do the same."

We move into position.

"Okay, " Scott says. "Now what?"

"We all suck the guy on our left," Aidy responds.

That means I'll be sucking Aidy while Jon sucks me. I can definitely live with that! I lean across. As I'd suspected, Aidy's prick is not the biggest; a little under five inches long, uncut, and on the slim side of average. It's definitely a boy-cock.

Closing my lips over it, I suck it right down to the root. Oh, yes! It's so hard, beautifully smooth, and throbbing with pent-up energy. It feels wonderful! A moment later, Jon's sucking mine, and that's not all he does. Sliding his hand between my legs he gently massages my perineum and fingers my bum-hole. Oh, fuck! I am totally into this!

"Time to swap over!" Aidy declares suddenly.

We all sit up again.

"I take it that you guys have done this before?" Scott suggests.

"Sure, " Aidy confirms.

"Recently?" Scott persists.

"Yeah, with Jake and Anthony, round at Jake's place," Aidy says nonchalantly.

He just scrambled my brain! It had never occurred to me that they might have had a foursome with Anthony and Jake, though I'm not sure why. I mean, there's no reason why they shouldn't.

There wasn't any reason for me to know about it either. It's not really any of my business. But the real shock is how casual Aidy is about it, like it's no big deal. Jon told me that Aidy's not as innocent as he looks. Based on what I've seen this evening, I'd say he definitely isn't!

"Now we all suck the guy on our right!" Aidy orders.

Leaning over, I go back down on Jon's rampant pole. This isn't the most comfortable position for sucking one as big as his, but it seems to work well enough. Meanwhile my cock is going fully into Aidy's mouth, his tongue working overtime. The sensations are wonderful! He clearly isn't new to this.

I begin to wonder how many cocks he's sucked. There are four that I know about, plus who knows how many others before he moved here. I'm guessing he'll have sucked at least as many as I have, possibly more.

After taking one more turn on each side, Scott calls a halt.

"Okay! " he says firmly. " Let 's move to the bedroom, it's time to get serious!"

We stroll through.

"You'll be needing this at some point," Scott says, handing Jon a tube of K-Y.

"When we went to Jake's place, we did a full swap-over," Aidy says, smirking.

"Meaning?" Scott demands.

"Jon fucked Jake and Anthony fucked me."

"That's a red line for us," Scott says, sounding totally cool. "In the two years we've been together, Ian's the only guy I've fucked, and I'm the only guy that's fucked him. That's the way we like it."

"You'll be living together soon, won't you?" Jon queries.

"That's the plan," Scott confirms. "As long as Ian gets the A-level results he needs, which I'm sure he will, by the time he starts university, we'll be living together."

"Sorry!" Aidy apologises. "I hadn't realised it was that serious."

"Not a problem!" Scott says, smiling. "You know now!"

Climbing onto the bed up near the pillows, I get down on all-fours, allowing Scott to lick me out and lube me up. Glancing behind, I see Jon doing the same for Aidy. Fuck! I'm well up for this! Finally, Scott's finger slides out of me.

"Are you guys ready?" he asks.

"Sure! " Jon responds.

"We'll take the bed, okay?"

"Of course! Your gaff, your rules!"

As Aidy gets off the bed, Scott lies on his back, his head down at the foot. Kneeling astride his chest, I slowly sit down while Scott holds his cock straight up. Finding myself a little too far forwards, I shuffle back slightly and try again. This time I meet it perfectly. Taking a deep breath, I relax and push steadily down on it until I've taken the whole thing.

Aidy 's standing at the foot of the bed, his feet apart, his knees on either side of Scott's head. As soon as I'm in position, he bends over, resting his hands on the mattress. Moving in close, Jon sticks his big cock right up him. Finally, Aidy lowers his head and shoulders, my prick disappearing into his mouth.

"Okay! " Jon says, grinning at me. " Let 's do this!"

Gently holding Aidy's head to steady myself, I begin to ride Scott's prong, simultaneously driving my penis into Aidy's mouth. Facing me, Jon's thrusting his big cock purposefully into Aidy's bum.

Holy shit! Being sucked and fucked at the same time is the most incredible experience possible, especially when the guy doing the sucking is as good at it as Aidy is. Fuck! I hardly know which planet I'm on!

With my prick tingling right from the get-go, there's no way I'm going to be able to make this last. One minute stretches into two and I'm already getting close. Suddenly, everything goes, like, totally mental!

With my orgasm sweeping over me, I'm vaguely aware of Aidy's whole body beginning to shake. In the next instant, my penis swells and pulses, pumping my teen cum into his mouth, while in front of me, Jon's grunting and growling as he shoots his load deep into his boyfriend's arse. Then finally, the coup de grace as I feel Scott's creamy spunk flooding into my bum. Oh, wow!

After a few seconds, Jon carefully withdraws. In his turn, Aidy releases my way-too-sensitive dick, allowing me to gently lift myself off Scott's prong. Strolling through to the bathroom, we're all as high as kites, Aidy especially.

"That was fantastic!" he declares, bubbling with enthusiasm. "You guys are the best!"

Wrapping his arms around me, he gives me a big sloppy kiss, before turning to Scott to give him the same treatment. After cleaning ourselves up, we make our way back to the lounge.

"I could use a cup of tea after that!" Scott says, grinning. "Anyone else want one?"

Unsurprisingly, we all do. Five minutes later, we're sitting in the lounge, Jon and Aidy on the sofa, Scott and I in the armchairs.

"We understand you're not exactly new to this kind of thing," Scott suggests, smiling at Aidy.

"You could say that," Aidy replies, grinning back.

"Care to tell us about it?"

"Well, it started shortly after I went to grammar school," Aidy explains. "There were two big differences between that school and the one we go to here. The first is that we didn't have to pay to go there."

"What did your parents think about having to pay for you when you moved here?" I ask.

"Actually, they weren't that bothered. I'm not surprised. We made an absolute fortune by moving out of London. We bought a really great house here for way less than we got for our place in Kingston."

Scott smiles and nods. He knows how these things work.

"Anyway," Aidy continues, "the important thing about my old school was that it was all boys."

"Now that is different!" Scott agrees.

"Yeah! My hobby is music. I play the piano. I wouldn't want to do it for a living, but I love to play. Well, when I started at grammar school, my brother Vaughan was already there. He was in Year Nine. He had a group of friends that he hung out with. One of them was called Chris. He was a musician too; he played the violin, not brilliant, but pretty good. Well, for concerts and that, he needed someone to accompany him, so he asked me if I was interested. Well, I already liked him. He was really nice looking, very friendly, and always smiling, so I jumped at it!

Sometimes we practised at school, sometimes he came to our house, sometimes I went to his. I loved it! Well, one day during the October half term I was over at his house. Chris is an only child, and his mum and dad were at work, so we had the place to ourselves. After we'd practised for a bit, he asked me if I'd like to see his room, so we went upstairs and sat on his bed. He started stroking my leg, telling me how much he liked me and enjoyed working with me. Well, I got a raging hard-on! Dad had given me 'the talk' a few weeks earlier, so I had some idea what was happening, but all I really knew was that I felt totally drawn to him, like I was meant to be there.

Anyway, he began to undress me. He didn't force me at all. Although I didn't really understand, I wanted it more than I'd never wanted anything. Within a couple of minutes, we were both stark naked, and feeling each other all over. It was wonderful! It felt like what I'd been born for. Oh, we knew we couldn't tell anyone about it, but that was okay; it was our special secret.

Then he taught me how to suck, first his nipples, then his cock. He'd got a real beauty, not enormous, but much bigger than mine was at the time. He sucked mine first, which felt wonderful. Then he asked me to suck his. I was pretty nervous to start with, but once I'd got it in my mouth, I loved it!"

"Cool!" I say, smiling at him. "It's no wonder you're so good at it! It took me a few attempts before I got comfortable with it."

"Well, after that, he got me on all fours and started playing with my bum," Aidy continues, "you know, massaging it and licking it, and all the while, he was telling me how beautiful it was."

Scott and I look at each other and grin. We're definitely thinking the same thing: back when he was eleven, Aidy must have had the most fuckable little bum!

"Well, then he pushed his finger into my bum-hole," Aidy goes on. "Only up to the first knuckle, and he took it really slow. At first, it felt weird and a bit uncomfortable. But he told me to relax, and sure enough, after a few seconds, it felt okay. So, he started to push it further in. He was very gentle. It still felt a bit strange, but he wasn't hurting me. Then he found my special button! That was amazing! I was like, 'Wow! How's he doing that?'

Anyway, he started finger-fucking me. That was so exciting! Then he put a second finger in. Now that was pretty uncomfortable, but I was so worked up, I didn't want to stop him, and pretty soon, it felt fine. After a bit, he took his fingers out, like really slow, put his pillow in the middle of the bed and asked me to lie down. Well, after a few seconds, the fingers came back. At least I thought it was his fingers, except that it felt different, like smoother and not as knobbly. I thought maybe he'd got his thumb in there. Then I realized he'd got his hands on either side of my chest, so I knew what he'd done.

"Did it hurt?" I ask.

"Not really! I was a bit worried about what he was going to do, but he was so gentle! He took ages to push it right in. Then he asked me if I was okay. When I said I was, he started fucking me. Oh, man! It was just the best feeling ever! I couldn't get enough of it!"

"You're very lucky to have met someone like him," Scott says quietly.

"Yeah, totally!"

"So how did you get into doing the sort of stuff we've just been doing?"

"Oh, that happened a bit later. One day during the Easter holidays, I went over to Chris's place. His cousin Alex was there. He was fifteen, and much bigger than Chris. Anyway, we went up to Chris's room and got undressed. Alex was big down there too, around the size that you are now," he says, grinning at Scott. "At the time, it looked huge. Well, we messed around for a bit, sucking each other than that. It finished up with me getting spit-roasted. I sucked Chris off while Alex fucked me. Now that did hurt! My bum was sore for the next couple of days ! "

"My first time was like that," I say quietly. "The first boy I went with wasn't much bigger than me, but he had a beautiful cock. We went back to his place. Well, he was quite experienced. Let's just say that he took things a bit too fast. I've never felt pain like it."

"Owww!" Aidy says, visibly wincing. "That must have been horrible!"

"The weird thing was that I came while he was fucking me," I disclose.

"So how old were you?" Aidy asks.

"Thirteen. It was in the summer holidays, just before I started Year Nine."

"I was nearly twelve when I met Alex. My birthday was a few days later. Anyway, the following week, he came back. Well, I didn't want him to fuck me again, so we did a chain fuck, with Chris fucking me and Alex fucking Chris."

"Very interesting!" Scott says thoughtfully. "What about foursomes? It was pretty obvious that you've done that before."

"Oh, that happened a few weeks later," Aidy explains. "Funnily enough, it was during the spring half term. When Alex came over, he brought one of his friends with him. I don't remember his name. They were okay, I guess, but I know I didn't like them much. It was like Chris and I were a couple of cute-looking kids who were up for being fucked. That's all they seemed to be interested in. Anyway, this other guy's cock wasn't as big as Alex's, so he fucked me while Alex did Chris. Alex was well pissed-off! He thought we'd do it the other way round!"

"They sound like a right pair of arseholes!" Scott says, clearly annoyed.

"Oh, they were nothing like you guys!" Aidy says, grinning. "You make sure that we're enjoying it too! Anyway, we never saw the other guy after that. Alex came back a few times, but we always chain-fucked."

"So could you cum?" I ask.

"Not then. I had lots of dry cums, but I didn't start squirting stuff till I was nearly thirteen."

I hardly know what to say. He'd just turned twelve and couldn't cum, but he did all that? Although I totally believe him, I'm struggling to get my head around it.

"So how have you settled in at school?" Scott asks, changing the subject.

"Oh, I'm doing well now," Aidy responds, smiling. "I found it tough going to start with. The hardest part was getting used to having girls around. It completely alters the social dynamic."

"Yeah, I'm sure that's right." Scott says quietly.

"It's not good for the boys who are good at music," Aidy continues, "especially the singers. At my old school, if you could sing, you joined the choir, no problem. That doesn't happen here. The boys are so obsessed with impressing the girls, most of them won't do stuff like that. And it permeates all the way down the school."

"It certainly permeates most of the way," I agree. "I joined the choir when we first started at the grammar school. For the first year, it was fine, but when we started Year Eight, my two friends from junior school started giving me grief over it."

"Oh, those two!" Scott says dismissively. "They turned really unpleasant when you came out!"

"Yeah, there was that," I concede.

"I'm one of the best pianists in the school," Aidy goes on, "and I'm probably the best accompanist. I did it a lot at my old school and I really enjoy it. But none of the boy solo instrumentalists wants to work with me. They all have girl accompanists, even Christian Towner, who's a grade eight cellist. He works with Sarah Jarvis, who can't keep up with him. It's stupid! Mr Whittingdale told him that he ought to work with me, but he won't. I do accompany a couple of the girl soloists: Chloë Smith on flute and Andrea Whitworth on violin, which is fine. But I'm sure you understand what I'm saying."

"I must admit I'd never thought about it," Scott says, "but you're quite right."

"I just sensed that I needed to keep my head down, which made it very difficult for me to . . . you know, ' find ' someone. There was Anthony, of course, but he's a bit scary if you don't know him."

"Anthony doesn't give a shit what anybody else thinks," I explain. " He's like, 'This is me. Deal with it,' which can be a bit intimidating."

"Yeah, I get that. He's absolutely fine now. Actually, he was really helpful, wasn't he Jon, you know, pointing us in the right direction?"

"Totally!" Jon agrees, smiling. " Anthony 's a complete one-off, just amazing!"

"Well guys!" Scott says. "It's been a great evening, but time's getting on and I've got things to do tomorrow, so it's time we got dressed. Then I'll drop back you back home."

"There's no need for you to put yourself out," Jon says. "Aidy and I can walk into town and get the bus."

"Not a chance!" Scott insists. "With this being a public holiday, there'll be idiots in the city centre who'll have been drinking since lunchtime. I'm not having you walking through there. It's far too risky. I've got to take Ian home in any case."

"Great! Thanks!" Jon concedes, smiling.

A few minutes later, we're on our way. Having dropped off Aidy and Jon, we head towards Whitecroft.

"Well! " Scott says, grinning from ear to ear. "That went rather well! I'd say it was the best one yet!"

"Yeah!" I agree. "I think so too."

"Watching Jon in action was something else! He's deceptive. He's very quiet and looks a bit weedy, but he's got a beautiful cock, and he knows exactly what to do with it! He gave Aidy a serious pounding!"

"I didn't have that good a view, but that was definitely what it looked like. What did you think of Aidy?"

"Oh, he's really nice! If I didn't have you, I'd be very interested!"

"Oh, right! More so than in Jake?"

"Yeah; he's much more grown-up. I don't think it'd come close to what you and I have, but I could actually envisage building a relationship with him. And he's got an amazing back-story!"

"Yeah! I could hardly believe he started so young!"

"To be honest, I don't think we heard half of it!"

I have to smile. He's right of course. What Aidy told us stopped when he was still in Year Seven. Having let the genie out of the bottle, what did he get up to over the next four-and-a-bit years, before he moved here?

The following morning, I get to the Monkswood Sports Stadium at twenty past ten. Because we're not with the school party, we have to pay to get in, but it's not a problem.

Once again, we've got a good turnout. Tim' s 'retired', and Leo hasn't shown up, but everyone else is here. I'm especially pleased to see Rhys, Gary and Jake, none of whom are especially good on the track. Rakesh has come along too, which shows a really positive attitude.

As arranged, Olly's turned up to time us. As Brian couldn't make it, Shaun and Aidy will have to train with the main group. It's fine; they'll do what they did the last time this happened.

As we're warming-up, Jake comes up to me.

"Are you coming back to mine?" he asks quietly.

"Of course I am!" I confirm. "I told you I would." I lower my voice. "If you want, you could ask Jon and Aidy if they'd like to join us."


"Sure! Last night, they came over to Scott's place for dinner."


He trots off to talk to them. Moments later, he turns towards me, smirking. I'm taking that as a ' yes ' .

With several of us set to race on Saturday, Patrick and Niall keep the session nicely under control. That doesn't mean it's slow, just that we finish it knowing that we've got plenty left in the tank.

With the main part of the session completed, we spend ten minutes gently jogging around the track. I use the opportunity to grab another word with Jake.

"We'll have a shower here before going back to yours," I say quietly. "Otherwise, we'll be all sweaty."

He grins and nods. Finally, we do six 150-metre sprints, followed by our usual warm down.

"Remember we're training from my place tomorrow, starting at half past ten," Niall reminds everyone. "Does everyone know where it is?"

We all confirm that we do. Actually, it's just up the road from school, on one of the side-streets opposite the park, so it's very easy to find. As the other boys make their way out, I and my co-conspirators head to the male changing room. Of course, there's absolutely no reason why we shouldn't. We 're paying, the facilities are there, and we're perfectly entitled to use them.

"We didn't really need a shower, did we?" Jon queries, towelling himself off. "It's not that hot today."

"Maybe not," I counter, "but it's got us away from the other lads. Otherwise, we could have found ourselves walking up Birmingham Road with Niall. When all four of us turned off towards Alexandra Square, what was he going to think?"

"Hmmm! I hadn't thought of that," he concedes.

As soon as we're back in our clothes, we make our way to the bus stop. As expected, the rest of the gang has already gone. Twenty minutes later, we arrive at Jake's place. We head into the kitchen, where he pours us each a glass of coke. After downing our drinks, we wander into the lounge. Jake closes the curtains.

"Okay, " Jon says. "Full swap-over then?"

"Sure! " I agree.

That pairs him with Jake and me with Aidy. This is going to be different! After pulling off our shoes and socks, Aidy and I begin to undress each other.

It's not long before we're down to our underwear. I'm impressed. Up close like this, I can fully appreciate what a beautiful body he has.

"I guess you're versatile then?" he says quietly.

"Yeah. I'm mainly a bottom, but I'm happy to be a top with cute boys like you and Jake."

"I've only ever been a bottom. I've always been into older guys. Until I met Jon, I'd never even been with anyone my own age."

"Oh, right!" I lower my voice. "So have you ever been with anyone who was quite a bit older than you?"

"Yeah! When we went into Year Eight, we had this new English teacher. He was in his mid-twenties and really fit. He was a great teacher too. He helped me a lot, like suggesting books I should read. One day he asked me to come back after school so we could go through this story I'd written. Well, when I got there, he sat really close to me and started stroking my leg. Of course, I got a hard-on. He asked me if I'd like to have some fun. I said yes, so he took me into his storeroom, and took my pants down. He ended up fucking me."

"Shit! Were you okay with that?"

"Yeah, I loved it! After that, we did it a couple of times a week."

"Did Chris know?"

"Nah! When we were at school, I only saw Chris at choir rehearsals, or when we were practising together, so he never found out."

"So how long did it go on for?"

"Only a few months. When we got back after Easter, he'd gone. I don't know what happened to him."

I don't know what to think. It sounds as though the school must have found out what the guy was up to, and got rid of him. Fuck! Aidy might be okay with it, but I'm glad nothing like that ever happened to me.

I jerk myself back to the present. Finally, we pull down each other's boxer-briefs. Although Aidy's a couple of inches taller than me and at least ten pounds heavier, my cock's around two centimetres longer than his, and considerably thicker.

"You've got a beauty!" he whispers, running his fingers along my shaft. "I can't wait to have it up my bum!"

Settling down on the floor, we wrap our arms around each other, our lips meeting in a passionate kiss. After a few minutes, we morph into a sixty-nine. I'm not quite sure how; we just do. Holy shit! Having been sucking cock since he was eleven, Aidy is seriously good at it. The sensations are out of this world!

"Hey, you guys!" Jon calls. "It's time to get this foursome going!"

As soon as Aidy and I have disentangled ourselves, we sit around in a circle, just as we did yesterday evening. With Jake to my left and Jon to my right, we reprise the routine from last night. It's most enjoyable, gently moving us towards the next level.

"Okay! " Jake calls. " Let 's take it to my bedroom!"

We get to our feet. After retrieving my tube of K-Y, I follow the others.

"We'll have the bed," Jake announces. "I want to ride Jon' s cock! "

"Get on all-fours for me," I whisper, nuzzling Aidy's ear.

Climbing onto the bed, he gets into position. I move in behind. As I spread his bum-cheeks, I notice a few straggly hairs. I guess I should have expected it; he is seventeen. But it's not much, and he's had a shower, so I'm not going to bottle it. Leaning forwards, I begin to lick him out.

"Oh, yeah!" he breathes. "Ooooh! That's wonderful!"

To be honest, Aidy's aroma is far muskier than I'm used to. 'Is this what Scott experiences when he does this with me?' I speculate. I guess it must be.

With my tongue starting to ache, I pull away. Squeezing some K-Y onto my fingers, I carefully work it into his bum. After giving him a brief finger-fucking, I let them slide out.

"Are you guys ready?" I ask, casually lubing my dick.

"Sure! " Jon says, smiling.

As Jake and Aidy get off the bed, Jon snakes around so that he's lying on his back with this head down by where we're standing. Without waiting to be asked, Jake kneels astride his chest, just as I did with Scott yesterday evening, before carefully impaling himself on Jon' s rampant prong.

Aidy then moves into position. With his knees on either side of Jon's head, he bends over, resting his hands on the bed. Moving in behind, I discover a problem. With Aidy being slightly taller than me, I can't reach, at least not at the right angle.

"Flex your knees," I tell him.

Aidy does as I ask, bringing his starfish to the perfect height. Guiding my dick right onto it, I thrust it in. Holding him around the tops of his thighs, I draw him onto me. Oh, yes! His tunnel is everything I hoped it would be: warm, tight and velvety. It feels wonderful! Finally, he slides his lips over Jake' s penis.

"Okay?" I demand, looking directly at Jake.


"Right! Let's do this!"

As he pumps his hips up and down, I get to work. Even though I prefer being a bottom, fucking a cute boy like Aidy is still a massive thrill, especially as I don't do it that often. Within half a minute, I've hit the perfect rhythm. It's like I'm on auto-pilot, my dick relentlessly pounding in and out of his beautiful arse. It's amazing! There's no other feeling like it!

Suddenly, he begins to shudder, his anal ring going into spasm around my prick. Instinctively, I tighten my grip on his thighs and thrust right in. My cock jerks wildly, volley after volley of teen cum spurting deep into his bum. Fuck! That was wild!

Looking up, I can tell that Jon and Jake have cum too. How special is that?! After taking a few seconds to get my breathing under control, I carefully pull out, my dick so sensitive I can hardly bear to touch it.

Ten minutes later we're cleaned up and dressed.

"If you want, we can do this again tomorrow," Jake suggests, "after we've trained from Niall's house."

With Scott not expected back until late tomorrow afternoon, that's an offer I can't refuse!

The Taylors' house is around eighty years old, solid and substantial. It's fairly typical of the better, larger houses that were built between the two world wars. I arrive at quarter past ten. Having welcomed me inside, Niall directs me into the back sitting room. By 10:25, we're all assembled. Shaun's not here because he's gone to Monkswood to do some speed-work with Dean, but we've got everyone else. Taking off our training tops and pants, we prepare to run.

"We'll go out through the conservatory," Niall says, opening the connecting door. "You can leave your stuff in there."

He leads us through. The conservatory has a tiled floor and is furnished with four loungers and a number of garden chairs. Having deposited my clothes on one of the loungers, I follow him outside.

As soon as everyone's out, Niall locks the door before leading us around the side of the house to begin our run. With our race coming up in two days' time, we're just going to do a relaxed five miles.

With the weather having finally begun to improve, it's the best day to be out running that we've had for a couple of months. With all our usual front runners taking it easy, Rhys decides to set the pace, and we're happy to let him.

I'm pleased to see that the group stays together the whole way. Even Aidy, who's struggled towards the end of our previous runs, finishes alongside everyone else. After just a few weeks training, he's definitely getting stronger. That's encouraging.

Leading us back around the side of the house, Niall unlocks the door to the conservatory.

"Please leave your shoes in here," he instructs. "Then come through to the kitchen to get a drink."

That makes total sense. Although the weather's much better now, after all the rain we've had recently, some of the tracks we ran on were still wet and muddy. After kicking off my trainers, I quickly run a towel over my calves before pulling on my training pants and strolling through to the kitchen to collect a cup of tea.

We gather in the back sitting room. The atmosphere's superb; really friendly and welcoming. Even Aidy and Rakesh, who are pretty new to this, seem completely at home. I'm so pleased that the Taylors have decided to do this. It will set up the group for even more success.

Quite deliberately, I take my time, along with Jon, Aidy and Jake, until we're the only ones left. Finally, it's time for us to make a move. Returning to the conservatory to put on tops and trainers, we say goodbye to Niall and make our way out. As we head towards Birmingham Road, I get Jake on his own.

"Is it okay if Aidy and I have the bed today?" I ask.

"Sure! " he says, grinning up at me.

At twenty to twelve, we arrive at the maisonette. As we've all just had a drink, we head straight to the lounge. Jake closes the curtains. In less than two seconds, I've got Aidy all over me.

Oh, wow! He's so sensuous and affectionate! And he knows exactly how to turn me on! Of course, I don't love him the way I love Scott, but I have to reciprocate.

Over the next fifteen minutes or so, we pretty much reprise what we did yesterday. It's glorious! Physically at least, Aidy and I are so much in tune with each other, being with him seems completely natural. Eventually, it's time to move to the bedroom.

"We 're using the bed today," I whisper into Aidy's ear.

He responds with a mischievous grin. Okay, so he likes the idea of riding my cock while Jake sucks him off. That's not too much of a surprise.

We go through our preparations just as we did the previous day. Finally, we're ready. I move into position, lying on my back, with my head at the foot of the bed. I reflect that I've only been in this position once before, and that was almost two years ago, when I was in France with Anthony.

Immediately, Aidy kneels astride my chest, facing me. Reaching back, he takes hold of my dick and carefully lowers himself onto it until my pubes are squished up against his balls.

Looking up, I see Jake standing behind me, his knees almost touching my shoulders. Bending forwards, he rests his hands on the mattress, his boy-parts now directly above my face. This is it! Moving in close, Jon guides his big cock onto Jake's starfish. I watch, completely mesmerised, as it steadily disappears into the sixteen-year old's bum.

"Okay! " Jon says. " Let 's do it!"

Straightaway, Aidy begins to pump his hips, working himself up and down on my dick. Meanwhile, I've got the most amazing view possible. Holy shit! Not only am I really close, I can see absolutely everything! Scott wasn't exaggerating about watching Jon in action. He's fucking Jake into the middle of next week!

Holy shit! In this position, I'm no more than a passenger on the wildest ride possible! As two minutes extends towards three, I feel myself getting close. Instinctively, I reach up. Taking hold of Jake's throbbing prick, I begin to wank him.

That's all it takes. He bucks violently. A moment later, his penis comes to life in my hand, little drops of boy-juice splattering all over me. Just as that happens, I suddenly become aware of Aidy's rosebud going into spasm around my dick. That's me done! Pressing down on his thighs to hold him in position, I pump several ropes of teen-spunk deep into his arse.

Looking up, I see that Jon's stopped moving, his cock completely buried in Jake's bum. I've seen that before, of course. I knew what it meant then, and it means exactly the same now.

Over the next few seconds, the other guys carefully disengage, leaving me lying on the bed, gasping like an old steam engine. Fuck! That was as wild as it gets! The image of Jon's cock pounding Jake's cute little bum will live with me forever!

Jake 's a mess, Jon's spunk spluttering out of his boy-hole and running down his legs. Wow! I don't think I'll forget that in a hurry either!

Fifteen minutes later, I'm cleaned up, dressed, and on a total high. After saying my goodbyes to the other boys, with kisses for Aidy and Jake, I make my way out of the flat and head for home. Right now, I feel like I could conquer the world!

It's half past three. I'm chilling out at home when I get a call. It's Scott.

"Hi babe! He greets.

"Hi! How's the trip gone?"

"Very well thanks! I'm on my way back. We've just left Paddington. I've sorted out the rented flat. It's in Southgate, which is handy for our training ground, and it's close to the tube for getting into central London. It's expensive, of course. Fully-serviced apartments always are."

"Any progress in finding a permanent place?"

"A bit. Ideally, I'd like a new-build, but the ones that provide the accommodation I'm looking for are too expensive. But there seem to be plenty of pre-owned homes that we could consider. Anyway, it's early days yet. I've only just begun looking. So, what have you been up to?"

"Oh, the usual! I'll tell you properly when I see you, yeah?"

"That' sounds ominous!" he says, laughing.

"I'm planning to come over as soon as we've had dinner, if that's okay?"

"Sure! I'll look forward to it!"

"Cool! I should be with you around half past seven."

Just before half past five, I start preparing dinner. Mum arrives home at ten to six and we're eating by ten past. As soon as we've finished, I clear away and load the dishwasher.

"Okay! " I say, smiling. " I'm going over to Scott's. I won't be late!"

"You never are," Mum observes. "You and Scott have always been very good about that. It's the exact opposite of what I expected. It just goes to show how little I knew!"

By half past seven, I'm climbing the stairs to Scott's flat. I ring the bell. A few seconds later, he opens the door, welcoming me inside. Dressed in tennis shorts and a polo top, he looks amazing! No surprise there! We stroll through to the lounge.

"Well? " he demands, flopping down on the sofa. "So what have you been up to?"

Over the next few minutes, I regale him with a blow-by-blow account of what I've been doing for the past two days.

"You were right about Jon," I conclude. "He fucked Jake senseless!"

"Holy moley!" he says, raising an eyebrow. "You have been busy boys! Not that I'm objecting, you understand. I hope you've got some energy left for me!"

"Don 't be silly!" I counter, grinning from ear to ear. "We finished today at, like, quarter past twelve. I've been chilling out all afternoon; not to mention that I've not had your cock inside me for two whole days!"

"That's okay then!" he responds, nuzzling my ear.

"I found out a bit more about Aidy too."


"Yeah. He told me that he'd always been into older guys, that he'd only ever been a bottom, and that until he met Jon he'd never been with a guy who was the same age as he is. Anyway, I asked him if he's ever been with someone who was quite a bit older than him. It turns out that he has."

I give him the story, just as Aidy told it to me.

"That was totally on the cards," Scott says thoughtfully. "Given his history, Aidy would have been very vulnerable. Of course, that doesn't excuse what his English teacher did. These days, I think it that' s quite rare. I'm not surprised that the guy didn't last long."

"At least Aidy seems to have come through it unscathed. Actually, there's something else I need to ask you," I say, changing the subject. " I've had a call from Franny. He and the band have got a couple of gigs coming up. He's hoping we'll be able to go to them."

I give him the dates.

"The first one's a possibility," he says guardedly. "It'll depend how our property hunt goes. But there's no way I'll be able to go to the second one. We'll be into pre-season by then. We'd get there okay, but we wouldn't get home until two in the morning. That's way past my curfew! I guess you could go to it though. Take the train back here; maybe stay for a day or two. The School of Music's easy enough to get to."

"I wouldn't want to go on my own," I counter. "It'd be alright going there, but I wouldn't fancy coming back on my own, late at night. I'd need to find someone to come with me."

"Yeah, there is that," he concedes. "How about Aidy? He's a musician. "

"You're a genius! Why didn't I think of that?!"

"If we do manage to get to Newton Valley, I guess he could come with us if he's interested."

"Yeah! That'd be cool! I'll ask him."

"Okay then," Scott says quietly, licking my ear again. "How about you show this genius how much you appreciate him?"

"Definitely!" I agree, grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

Very gently, he ushers me into the bedroom. We spend almost an hour making wonderful, passionate love. Not only is it emotionally fulfilling; ultimately, it's extremely physical. I love every second of it, especially his climax, when he pumps two days' worth of hot creamy spunk into me.

It also reinforces what I already knew. Over the past two days, I've enjoyed myself enormously. I'm very grateful to have had those opportunities, and I'm glad that I took them. But in no way did any of that measure up to the experience of being with Scott. What we've got is at a completely different level.

I spend Friday morning working through some maths questions, basically just keeping myself ticking over. Immediately after lunch, I head to Scott's place. Yesterday, our lovemaking was passionate and intense. Today, by contrast, it's exquisitely gentle.

Of course, I'm racing tomorrow, and with the weather continuing to improve, I'm hoping to do well. Knowing that this is important to me, Scott's keen to play his part. And so, after he's given me a wonderfully relaxing massage, we very gently make love, climaxing in a quite delightful sixty-nine. I can't imagine any other guy giving me that sort of consideration.

The one thing he's disappointed about is that he can't take me and watch me race, but it simply isn't worth the risk. Apart from Patrick, none of the other guys knows about our relationship. While I'm sure they wouldn't out us on purpose, they may not understand why we need to keep it so quiet.

I'm not complaining though. Our life is pretty amazing. I wouldn't swap it for anything. But it's not perfect; nobody's is. This is just one of the little annoyances we have to deal with.

Saturday morning is sunny and pleasantly warm. With the meeting due to start at half past twelve, Dad and I leave home just before eleven. We begin by picking up Nathan and Patrick. They're both 5' 11 ", as compared to my 5' 5 ", so for our outward journey, we give Patrick the front passenger seat, on the understanding that Nathan will have it on the way back.

With everyone settled in, we set off for Oxford. The problem is that there's no really direct route. After a longish trek across country, we finally pick up the M40 near Warwick. Exiting at junction 9, we head east along the A40, before following the satnav directions to the track at Iffley Road.

We get out and stretch our legs. With the temperature nudging into the low twenties (70˚F), and very little breeze, conditions are just about perfect. As we enter the stadium, the meeting is just about to start. The first event is the 100-metres, with the 1500-metre races scheduled for quarter to two, and the 400-metres for three o'clock. We could hardly have timed it better.

We join the queue for the registration table. Niall and Shaun are already in the line, about ten places ahead of us. After giving our details and paying our entry fees, we all sit together in the stand.

The place is teeming with athletes of all ages, which is hardly surprising, given the weather. As we sit chatting and chilling out, the meeting officials gradually work their way through the 100-metre races. They're obviously used to this; it seems very well-organised.

At quarter past one, leaving Shaun, Dad and Mr Taylor in the stand, the four of us who are running the 1500-metres begin our warm-up. Fifteen minutes later, with the last 100-metre race about to start, we head to the grassy area next to the back straight in order to change into our spikes. It soon becomes apparent that we're four among several dozen. I'm guessing that's why they've allowed well over an hour to complete all the races.

Having read out the result of the last 100-metre race, the announcer turns his attention to the composition of our races. Fortunately, the PA system is excellent, and he knows his job, speaking slowly and clearly. As he announces the list of competitors for Race One, we can hear every word. He reads out Patrick's number and name, but the list does not include any of our other runners. That sounds about right.

Stripping off his training pants, Patrick immediately heads onto the track to do some strides. A few minutes later, the announcer's back with the list for Race Two. It includes Niall, but not either me or Nathan.

We look at each other. Based on the way things have gone so far, Nathan and I should both be in Race Three. That suits me. It means we'll get to race each other again.

As the athletes line up for Race One, Mr Taylor, stopwatch at the ready, and Dad, have parked themselves by the rail, about ten yards in front of the start line. The gun sounds, and the race is underway. Having gone through one lap in 61 seconds, the leaders reach 800 metres in 2:03, with Patrick among them.

As they pass through the bell in around 2:49, he's still up there. As they round the first bend and along the back straight, he hangs on gamely, but with 200 metres to go, the three guys he's been racing with finally get away from him, leaving him to run through in fourth place.

"How fast did he run?" I ask, looking over Mr Taylor's shoulder.

"I'm not sure exactly because I'm not on the line, but it was definitely under three fifty-two."

Wow! That is quick!

A few moments later, the announcer's back with the line-up for Race Three. As expected, it includes both me and Nathan. Game on!

Before that, it's Niall's turn. As I need to concentrate on my own race, I don't see much of it. All I know is that he gets seriously outgunned on the last lap and finishes sixth. I've no idea how fast he ran.

I'm not going to ask either. I'm in the zone now, totally focused on what I need to do. Once the dust has settled, the marksman checks us off, lining us up ten yards behind the start line. As soon as we're ready, the starter calls us forward. After a brief pause, he fires the gun and we're on our way.

We pass the finish for the first time. I'm right up there and feeling comfortable.

"Forty-six, forty-seven!" one of the time-keepers calls.

We complete another circuit; I'm still up there, and still feeling good.

"One fifty-two!"

I know that Nathan's somewhere behind me, but I can't concern myself with that. I'm focused on holding my position and staying relaxed. As we approach the bell for the start of the last lap, three of us have broken clear.

"Two fifty-eight!"

All I can do now is to hang on and hope for the best. I can feel that I'm still running well. I'm going just like I have been in training. But is that going to be enough? It isn't. Over the last 200 metres, the other two guys sprint away from me. I'm still running fine; I just don't have the pace. I finish third, with Nathan a short distance and a couple of places behind.

"Well done!" he says warmly, shaking my hand.

After a brief recovery, we walk silently around the first bend to return to the start. On our way, the PA system bursts into life with the results of Race 2. Niall's time was 3:58.4, with the winner having run 3:55.2. To break four minutes at Niall's age is outstanding. He can be pleased with that, especially as I'm pretty sure that the guys that beat him were all quite a bit older.

We get back to where Dad's been looking after our stuff.

"You were superb!" he enthuses, wrapping his arm around my shoulder. "That was well worth coming for. I wish I'd been able to watch you more often!"

"Thanks!" I say quietly. " D 'you know how fast it was?"

"Around four-oh-two. They'll announce it soon." He turns to Nathan. "You did well too!"

"I was too cautious," Nathan replies ruefully. "I didn't give myself a chance."

"You both did great!" Patrick says, coming across to join us.

"Not as well as you!" I counter. "What time did you get?"

"Three fifty-one point seven."

"All four of you have run personal bests," Mr Taylor informs us. "You can't ask for much more than that!"

"Thanks, Mr Taylor," I respond.

"Call me Cameron!" he says, smiling. "You're an adult now!"

After changing back from spikes to trainers, we go for a jog. As we get back, our results are announced. I ran 4:01.8, Nathan 4:02.7, the winner having run 3:59.6.

It's quarter past two. Shaun's 400-metre race won't be until after three o'clock. We could go home, but it's a great day to be out in the sunshine, and Dad seems in no hurry to leave. Without any actual discussion, we stay to watch him. As Shaun's as much a part of the squad as anyone else, I think that's right.

In the event, he's allocated to Race Two, where he finishes second in 51.2 seconds. To me, that's unfathomably quick. I know that Dean's run faster, but he's two years older and a former English Schools' champion. I can't imagine ever being able to run as fast as that. At twenty past three, we set off for home.

We get home at quarter to five. We find Mum relaxing in the lounge.

"Well? " she asks. "How did you get on?"

"Oh, we 've had a great day!" Dad responds, bubbling with enthusiasm. "All five of them ran very well!"

"You're off out now, aren't you?" Mum asks.

"Yeah! I'm just going to have a quick shower and I'll be on my way."

I make my way upstairs. Scott's taking me out to dinner. He's booked a table at a country pub around five miles away. On a warm summer evening like this one's going to be, I can't imagine anything better. Fifteen minutes later, I'm ready to go.

"Bye Mum! Bye Dad! " I say, sticking my head into the lounge.

"Have a nice time!" Mum tells me.

"Thanks! I'm sure we will!"

I arrive at Scott's just before six.

"How did it go?" he asks, welcoming me inside.

"Very well, thanks!" I respond, before giving him a run-down. "There were lots of cute boys there," I tease, "wandering around in their skimpy running shorts. You wouldn't have known where to look!"

"Naughty boy!" he says reprovingly, before drawing me into an intimate kiss.

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