Nick's Story

by Nick Brady

Chapter 5

When I got to the pool the next morning Jack was sitting in his folding chair with his legs stuck out in front of him crossed at the ankle, his arms folded across his chest. Kind of like God was on his throne and all was right with the world. I walked up to him and said "hey".

"Where have you been? I've been looking for you." Jack said. I need to talk to you.

"Sure, what's up" I said, feeling a little anxious.

Jack led me into the little office that the pool attendants used. "Well, first of all, I worked out a deal with your dad about the apartment. I can move in as soon as I can get it livable and continue to remodel after I'm in. He won't charge me for the first month, and then it will be half price until I get it fixed up, at least for the first 6 months, and he will pay for all the tools and material. It's a sweet deal at least for 6 months."

"That's great. Knowing my dad, if you do a good job with it he will find something else for you to remodel after the first 6 months". I grinned at Jack, "I can't believe you are going to be living in the same apartment house with me."

Jack smiled, "Yeah, that will be nice won't it?"

"So is that it?" I asked.

"No" Jack said with a hard look in his eyes. "There is something else I need to tell you. Your Speedo Man is Robert Thompson and he lives in South Tulsa, not out of town. He spends a couple of nights here at the YMCA whenever his wife goes out of town. He has 3 previous arrests for child molestation and the mere fact that he is staying in the Y and entering facilities used by minor boys is a violation of the terms of his probation. Mr Thompson is presently a guest of the Tulsa City-County jail just down the street from here. I did some checking around last night and came up with quite a bit on Mr. Thompson. He has been a regular here for some time and the authorities were just looking for an incident to pull the trigger. Now that they have it, he's in deep shit."

I felt a cold wave of dread sweep over me. "Does that mean I will have to tell people what happened to me?" Will I have to go to court and stuff? That would be tough."

Jack smiled, "If that happens you will have to get in line behind 3 other boys. Mr Thompson had a very busy visit this time. Two of the boys are brothers 8 and 9 and their father is an attorney who would like nothing better than to gut Thompson like a carp. Don't worry Nicky, you won't have to get into this. Thompson will end up doing some hard time and child molesters are the lowest of the low in prisons. I mean he will do HARD time."

I looked at Jack and he began to move sideways and the space around his head was filled with blue and yellow flashing lights. I closed my eyes and when I opened them again I was looking at Jack's face and behind him was a panel of fluorescent lights. It took me a minute to figure out that I was lying on the floor of Jack's little office. Next to Jack was the other attendant and they were both staring intently at me.

"I think he's OK" Jack said. "He just went out for a minute." The attendant nodded and went back to the pool to blow his whistle and tell everybody they could get back in the water.

"How's it going Nicky?" Jack asked.

"What happened?"

Jack chuckled, "I think you had a circuit overload and blew a fuse. In other words, you fainted".

"I never did that before" I said.

"Well," Jack sniffed, "You may never have had a 24 hours quite like the last one.

"Thanks, I'm glad you were here." I said, "I mean, not just when I fainted, but.... You know. Thanks for being here Jack. I love you"

"Right, well, me too, no problem", Jack sniffed, blinked, put his hands under my arms and helped me to my feet. He held me for a minute – to steady me, and said, "Well, I'll be around if you want to talk."

"I know where your apartment is" I said. "And I am a pretty good fixer upper. Maybe I can help some".

"I'm counting on it." Jack said. "Now get out of here, I've got work to do."

The next Saturday wasn't tough really, a long hot August day of brushing on paint remover and scraping, and most of the graffiti was gone from the kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures. Jack was able to move in on Sunday night with the help of one of the other lifeguards from the YMCA and me. They were 18 and I was only 13 so I mostly carried boxes and held doors. He didn't have much, just a double bed, a dresser and an old couch that he got from his folks. It all fit into the back of his pickup in a single load. The hard part was getting the stuff up to the third floor of the apartment building my parents managed. The stairs were wide, I guess so you could carry stuff up and down. After his things were in there and the mess was cleaned up, it looked better than before – kind of bare but not too bad. The walls were still messed up but Jack could work on that after he moved in, and I would help. My father had agreed to cut the rent in half while he was fixing it up so the longer it took the better.

I sat in the middle of the truck seat while Jack took his friend home and stayed there on the way back to the apartment. I pushed myself under his shoulder and he obliged by raising his arm and wrapping it around me.

"Can I spend the night in your apartment?" I asked.

"Whoa, Nick", Jack said, " I don't even know where my sheets and stuff are. I will be up half the night getting things sorted out. Besides, I don't think your parents would care for that idea. We will have plenty of time together after I get moved in."

I knew he was right so I didn't say anything, but I was excited. When we got to the apartment, Jack parked behind the building in his slot and turned off the engine. I buried my head under his chin and hugged him as hard as I could. Jack hugged me back and kissed me on top of my head.

"Well, can I come up and help you unpack?" I asked.

"No." he said gently, "it's after 10 o'clock and I'll see you tomorrow." Jack rubbed his big hand up and down my ribs and stomach and made me sweat in the warm night air. "Come on, let's go."

I followed him into the back of the building as far as the stairs where he stopped me by raising his eyebrows.

"Good night Nicky"

"Good night Jack," I said.

I let myself into my apartment where my parents and 11 year old brother Kevin were watching the news on TV. As soon as the newscast was over, it was bed time. That was the rule.

"Did Jack get moved in?" Dad asked.

Yes sir," I answered. We got the kitchen and bathroom fixtures cleaned up and his stuff moved in. He will start on the walls next week."

"He seems like a nice boy," my mother said.

"He is", I replied.

Later in bed I laid in the warm darkness listening to Kevin breathe and tried to imagine Jack as a boy. I wondered what he looked like when he was 13 like me, or 11 like my brother. Was there a time when he was skinny and hairless? Was there a time when he was not a head taller than me and when his hands were not large and strong? I thought of his deep chest with its dark silky hair, his thick arms, the stubble on his chin, and tried to imagine Jack as a little boy.

I looked at the clock as soon as I woke and saw it was 7:30. Dad would already be gone to work and mother was in the apartment somewhere. Kevin was still asleep. I wanted to see Jack.

I pulled on some cutoffs and a T-shirt and stuck my feet into a pair of sneakers. Mom was at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee and reading the Tulsa World. The coffee gave me an idea.

"Good morning Mom," I said. "Do you think it would be OK if I took Jack a cup of coffee?"

"Well it's all right with me. Do you think he would like some toast? There is the bread and you know how to operate the toaster," she smiled.

What a great idea. I dropped a couple of slices of bread into the toaster and poured a cup of coffee while it was cooking. I put a gob of butter and grape jelly on one side of a plate and sliced the toast and put it and the knife in the middle. Up two flights of stairs I went with the coffee in one hand and the plate in the other.

When I got up to Jack's room I knocked on the door with the edge of my shoe and nothing happened. I knocked again a little harder and the door swung open a little I pushed it open with my foot and peeked inside. From the front door I could see all of the little apartment, the living room with its old couch and pile of assorted boxes, the kitchenette on one side and the little bedroom on the other. Through the bedroom door I could see Jack asleep on the bed with stacks of folded clothes on the dresser whose drawers were hanging open.

I pushed the door shut behind me and walked very quietly into Jack's bedroom. He had sheets on the bed but was lying on top of them completely naked. The bed was in the corner between two windows and Jack looked like he had collapsed on the bed worn out and sweaty, trying to get a little air. It was cooler now in the morning and Jack was sound asleep on his side facing me with his arms wrapped around the pillow under his head. His hair stood out at odd angles where it had dried in the night, and his face had a contented peaceful look covering it.

I stood looking carefully at him, seeing him at rest for the first time. His big arms were relaxed and his hands were open. He was thick and muscular but at the same time very trim. His bottom leg was raised and his foot laid on the knee of the top leg. His dick was semi-erect and laid over his hip, with his balls very loose in their sack hanging beneath them. The cool morning air was moving through the windows gently stirring the hair on his chest and under his arms. He was very beautiful.

"Good morning Jack," I said quietly so as not to startle him. Nothing happened. I put my foot on the edge of the mattress and bounced it a little, saying good morning a little louder.

Jack took a deep breath and held it, never moving, then he slowly opened his eyes and exhaled.

"Nicky," he declared quietly, then smiled and said "Good morning", extending his arms and legs, arching his back and stretching like a big cat. "What have you got?"

"I brought you some breakfast," I said, holding up the plate and the cup.

"What a guy," Jack said, smiling broadly now. "Breakfast in bed, I can't beat that". And with that he sat up and yawned. "I don't mean to be ungrateful, but I have to pee first."

Jack got up, stepped into the little bathroom. I could hear the sound of a long steady piss followed by a flush and the sound of water running in the sink. In a moment Jack came back and sat on the edge of the bed. He had put on boxers, washed his face and hands and combed his hair. I had not moved, but stood there waiting with the plate and cup still in my hands. Finally, Jack reached out and took them.

"Thank you". Jack said, took a sip of the coffee, set it on the dresser, balanced the plate on his knee, began to butter his toast and spread it will the grape jelly. "Great toast. My compliments to the chef".

I smiled very big and said "I made it".

"Of course you did", Jack said, nodding his head solemnly and munching his toast, stopping several times to sip some coffee. I sat cross legged on the floor at his feet and watched him devour my creation, feeling very proud. When he finished, he drained the last of the coffee, placed the plate next to the cup on the dresser and smiled at me. "Thank you Nicky".

I sat a moment longer with my arms crossed on my knees and my chin resting on my arms, just watching Jack. Then I stood up, placed my hands under his arms and insinuated myself onto his lap with his arms around me. His face was scratchy with the stubble of a day's beard and his breath smelled like coffee and grape jelly.

It was wonderful being with Jack like this; in his bed, feeling the cool morning air moving over us, seeing him so clearly in the light from the window. I closed my eyes again and breathed in all the scents of the place: the coffee and jelly, the musk from Jack's dried sweat, the trace of after shave from the day before, the smell of damp grass from the lot below. I would know Jack's smell from anyone else's. I wondered if I had a scent. I didn't suppose one could smell his own scent.

"Get off me", Jack said, and scooted me off on the floor.

Jack looked at his watch. "You need to get back before your mother wonders what you are up to, and I need to see if the shower works and get ready to go."

"Will you be at the pool today?" I asked?

"No, I have to go to the college to complete my enrollment. Classes start in only 2 weeks. I will be a freshman this year at the University of Tulsa." Jack said with note of pride in his voice.

To someone who was starting the 8th grade in two weeks being in college seemed to be far in the future. That time and Jack seemed unreachable but I knew it was a neat time for Jack.

"That's really cool Jack, I am happy for you. I hope that everything works out for you like you want it to. I guess I'll be there someday." I said a little wistfully.

Jack hesitated for a moment then said, "Well, you are here right now, and that will have to be enough. Now scoot." Jack stood up, fished a clean pair of khakis from the stack on the dresser and walked into the bathroom. "Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out", then in a softer tone, "I'll see you later Nicky".

I picked up the plate and cup, and walked slowly down the stairs to my apartment. Mom was doing laundry, Kevin was lying on the sofa like a slug, and I had just served my hero Jack breakfast in bed.

"Where have you been for so long? It's after 9 o'clock", my mother asked as I walked back into our apartment.

"I took Jack some coffee and toast", I answered.

"That took an hour?' Mothers kept track of things like that.

"We were just talking", I said.

"That boy has things to do. You don't need to be bothering him all the time."

"I wasn't bothering him really", I insisted. He appreciated the toast and coffee and I just talked to him while he ate."

"You and Kevin need to clean up your room. I am doing laundry and need all your dirty clothes, and I want all that junk on the floor put away and the carpet swept. I have enough to do around here without providing maid service for you lazy boys."

We seem to have changed the subject to a more familiar topic which I took to indicate that she wasn't particularly worried about Jack. The dirty laundry and the state of our room was a running battle that was a perpetual stalemate. There was only one acceptable reply.

"Yes ma'am", I said, looking over at the sofa where Kevin was looking back at me through lowered eyelids. "Let's go", I said to Kevin.

Kevin pulled himself up from the sofa with his usual lack of enthusiasm. Sharing a room meant that we had to share the chore of cleaning it. Neither of us could agree on what part of the mess belonged to whom, so it was just easier to do it together.

"How do you know Jack?" Kevin asked after we got to the bedroom.

"He is a lifeguard at the Y, you know that. He is a really neat guy."

"He's big", Kevin observed. "How come you and him are such good friends?"

"He is the guy who taught me how to swim last year and I see him all the time. You would too if you could ever drag yourself off the sofa and come over to the YMCA."

To tell the truth, I really was kind of glad that Kevin didn't come to the Y with me because he would cramp my style. I loved sports and all kinds of physical activity. Kevin was not much interested in sports and spent a lot of his time on the sofa. I ribbed him about being a couch potato but to tell the truth, he read as much as he watched TV, and the books he read were not kid stuff. Kevin was bright and did better in school that I did. One of my arguments was that he needed to get in better shape but the fact was that he was very trim.

Kevin took after my dad and was naturally kind of muscular, not buffed but filled out in all the right places. He was very lean and would eventually be taller than me, although I was up on him a couple of inches at the time. Also like my father, Kevin didn't have a lot to say. He wasn't shy, he was just more of an observer. He was a tow-head when he was little but now his hair was light brown and would probably darken as he got older. That's what Mom said.

Like me and like Dad, Kevin was uncut although I did not often see him naked. I tended to be very casual about my state of undress but Kevin was naturally rather modest. He didn't make a big deal out of it but it was his style to change clothes in the bathroom when he showered, and if he changed in the room with me he usually turned around. I had never thought about him in sexual terms, he was just my little brother, but I was beginning to look at a lot of things differently now. I wasn't really interested in him sexually, just curious. The last time I got a good look at his dick it had been a little dinger but that had been awhile, and he was starting to get taller.

I took after my mother. She gave me my red hair. I think she was probably a carrot top when she was a kid but now the shade varied with her attempts to cover the gray hair that had started to show up a few years ago. Mom was a little plump. I think I might have been too if I was not so active. Mom was also more outgoing than Dad and I got that from her too. I guess maybe what they say about redheads is true.

"You were up in that guy's room a long time this morning," Kevin said out of nowhere, derailing my train of thought.

"So?" I responded while sorting through the stack of dirty clothes on my bed. A quick flash of anxiety hit me as I thought about my time with Jack that morning. I wondered where Kevin was going with this.

"Well, he is a lot older than you."

"He is 18."

"Really? I thought he was older than that," Kevin said. I began to get the feeling that Kevin was not trying to give me a hard time, it was more like he was a little concerned about me. I had downplayed the incident with the older man at the Y but was reminded that it had been the subject of some discussion in the family.

I stopped sorting through the clothes to look at Kevin. "Jack is a really nice guy", I said. If you knew him better you would like him a lot. Now that he is living here you'll see what I mean."

Kevin looked at me and nodded as if reassured. "Cool. Sure, that's great."

We finished the room without any more non-essential conversation but I was left understanding a couple of things. First that my little brother cared more about me than I realized, and second that he was watching.

It was 11:30 when I finally got to the pool at the YMCA. I was hoping to see Tony and was pleased to see that both Tony and Carlos were there. I jumped in and swam over to them just as they were about to leave.

"We got to leave at noon", Tony said. Carlos was 13 like me and it was back in May when he and I played around in the pool and jerked off in the shower. I liked Carlos and wished that he was interested in doing more than jerking off. Although he was only 11, Tony was much more adventurous than his older brother as I had learned when I showed him the pump room. I really liked Tony. He and Carlos were the same relative ages as Kevin and me but our personalities were swapped. They were both liked swimming naked and were like two different sizes of the same person. They looked a lot alike, both with shiny black hair and smooth brown skin, both with large dark eyes and white teeth that flashed when they laughed, both with slender uncut dicks. But Carlos was taller and a little heavier with a nice bush around his dick while Tony was smaller and very smooth. They were both really nice looking guys.

Tony hung back a minute after Carlos got out and headed for the boy's dressing room. "I wish we had time to play, man", he said.

"Me too", I agreed, giving his belly and dick a quick pass with the back of my hand. "What are you doing this afternoon?"

"We got to help our Papa this afternoon but maybe later. Do you got a bike?" he asked. "We don't live so far from here."

"Yeah, I remember Carlos telling me you live around 15th and Peoria. Can we meet somewhere?"

"Maybe I can meet you at Veteran's Park on Boulder at 5 o'clock, OK?" Tony looked at me with his head cocked a little to one side. "I can't promise you because I don't know what my Papa is gonna make me do, OK?"

"That's cool", I said, "I'll be there. If you can't make it I'll understand. Do you think Carlos will come?"

Tony grinned a little. "No man, I think just me, OK?"

I returned the grin and nodded. "OK, Maybe I'll see you at 5."

Tony vaulted from the pool and hurried to the dressing room. There was something about him that was so cool. He had a kind of intensity about him that resonated with me. I looked at his tight little body as he trotted out of the pool area. I had the feeling that he knew how to handle himself on the street and I felt myself very impressed with him.

There were a couple of boys in the pool that I knew and we horsed around a little but nothing came of it. I ended up swimming laps like the old guys and the exercise felt good.

Bored with that, I dried off and got dressed and hung out in the lobby area for awhile, playing the pinball machines and shooting some pool with a black kid who basically waxed my ass. About a quarter after 4 I walked home.

Nobody was home but Mom who was folding clean laundry with the stereo turned up loud listening to some classical music. She was singing the melody substituting la-la-la for the words. Not wanting to disturb her, I slipped into my bedroom and changed into some clean clothes then went out the back to get my bike out of the storage shed. As usual the back tire was low and I pumped it up to my satisfaction, then took off for the park.

I got there a little before 5 and leaned my bike up against one of the big Oak trees that line the park. It was hot and there was nobody else around. Some of the cars that drove up and down Boulder had their windows up to keep in the air conditioning. Those with their windows down looked hot. I leaned up against the tree and enjoyed the shade. It was warm, but there was a little breeze and it wasn't too bad once you sat there for a minute. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes to the sun drenched August sky listening to the drone of the traffic and the grinding rasp of cicadas in the Oak trees.

Suddenly I was covered with thousands of fuzzy caterpillars crawling over my face, down my neck and up the sleeves of my t-shirt. I jumped up to fight them away and looked bewildered at Tony who was convulsed with laughter.

"Man, you look so funny," he held his sides and fell to his knees unable to control his laughing fit. I looked at the fuzzy objects I had been clawing at and realized that he had dropped a large handful of grass seedpods on my head and stomach and then ran a couple of them up my nose to wake me.

"Shit man, you like to scared me to death!" I yelled and then joined in the laughter. I was had.

I flopped back down under the tree and Tony sat down next to me, both of us still laughing.

"Hey man, you not really pissed off are you?" Tony asked.

"No, no." I said. "But I should warn you, I don't get mad, I just get even.".

"OK man, I will be watching for you", Tony laughed, flashing his teeth which looked so white against his dark brown skin. After a minute he said, "Hey Nick, you really cool, you know?"

I looked Tony over and replied, "You're pretty cool yourself Tony." I couldn't remember anybody who was so much alive. He seemed to emit energy like a source of light. He was wearing old Khaki shorts that were too big for him, probably handed down from Carlos. He was squatting with his knees up and his arms across his knees. I pushed my foot over and ran the toe of my sneaker up the side of his bare thigh. "I wish we had someplace to go", I said.

He leaned his head to one side. closed his eyes, and hummed to himself. I thought for a minute he didn't catch me. Then he straightened his head up and looked at me with a little flash in his eyes. "I know some place, man. You wanna come with me?"

I nodded, we both jumped on our bikes and I followed him as he headed down towards the river. We rode down the paved trail that runs between Riverside Drive and the Arkansas River. Just south of the pedestrian bridge the River Park widens and there are a lot of trees and shrubs that grow wild at the river's edge. I followed Tony as he slipped his bike through an opening in the undergrowth. There was a little path that fell down towards a sandbar next to the water. We pulled into a small clearing and Tony stopped and dropped his bike on its side. I looked around and saw that we were in a grassy clearing surrounded by clumps of willow and small sycamore trees. We could look through an opening and see the river on the west, but the trail and River Park were hidden from view on the other side.

"Wow, this is cool! How did you know it was here?" I asked.

Tony wiggled his head from side to side, "I found it", he said. "Nobody bothers us here". He knelt down, pulled his oversized t-shirt over his head and flashed his smile at me. "This is a good place." The sight of his smooth brown chest caused my dick to swell a little.

I pulled off my shirt as well, and kicked off my sneakers. I unbuttoned my cut-off jeans and let them drop to the ground as Tony did the same with his khakis. He was wearing a pair of threadbare briefs. I wasn't wearing any underwear.

"Wow, you ready, man" Tony laughed, and slipped off his briefs.

There we were, buck naked in broad daylight, not 40 yards from a major street and both getting hard. This was too cool. We stood in front of each other and began to fondle each other's dick. We both got hard in a hurry. We pushed the heads of our dicks together and pulled the foreskins out, mashing them together and rubbing them from side to side. Our ballsacks were both very loose from the heat and hung low. I felt his and he felt mine, rolling the balls around in the hairless velvety soft bags.

"Look at here", Tony said and pointed to the skin just above his dick. I leaned over to look closely and could see that he had a dozen or so very fine dark hairs sprouting up. He tugged at my fringe of red hairs and said "I'm catching up with you man".

I looked even closer and stuck my tongue out to lick back and forth across his virgin pubic hair. I felt his hand lightly touch the back of my head and squatted down and leaned forward into him, opening my mouth and sucking him inside. He was maybe 5 inches long and slender but very hard. The soft loose skin slid easily over his hard dick. It felt so good in my mouth as I pushed the foreskin around with my tongue. I played with his balls with my right hand and ran the fingers of my left around behind him to rub up and down the crack of his ass. Tony arched his back to spread his cheeks for me.

I spit on my fingers and slicked up his crack to ease a finger in, causing Tony to moan with pleasure. I pushed my two middle fingers up as far as I could and started bobbing my head up and down on his dick. Tony fucked my face a minute then pulled back.

"Easy man, you gonna make me pop too fast", he said hoarsely. "I wanna do you some." Tony squatted down in front of me and began to suck my dick with no preliminaries. His mouth was soft and warm and wet and he alternately pushed my foreskin up over the head and then pulled it down, working his tongue all around in circles. He kept brushing my red hair and when I looked down at him I could see that he was looking closely at my pubes. He ran the flat of his hands all over my chest and stomach and then pulled off my dick and just rubbed his face across it while he squeezed my balls. Finally he started kissing me all over my dick and balls while he mumbled something.

I asked him what he was saying and he told me, "Man, you are just so beautiful -- your colors man, it's so cool. I love your red hair and your skin is so white and pretty."

I laughed and told him, "I love your brown skin and your wonderful dark eyes. You are the one who is beautiful."

Tony laughed and flashed his white teeth. "We are good together, like salt and pepper I think." Then he hugged me tight and said, "I really like you Nick. I like you more than anybody I think." He paused and said, "I want you inside of me please."

I was hot – both sexed up and running with sweat from the summer heat. Tony was shining all over with perspiration. He wanted me in him and he wanted me bad. We didn't want to lie down on the dirt so he stood and turned around and bent over at the waist, his hands on his knees. He milked out some precum and slicked up his crack and I did the same to my dickhead. I knew what to do this time and pushed my hard cock against his ass hole until it slid in. Tony caught his breath and I waited until he relaxed and started pushing back against me.

I began to stroke deep and steady into his ass. The sight of my white dick disappearing and reappearing from his tan ass cheeks was enough to set me off just from looking. It didn't take long and I was at the edge. I asked if he was ready and he said for me to go ahead, so I gripped his hips and pulled him into me. When my belly hit his ass it made an audible slap. Another few strokes and I emptied myself into his tight ass.

The intensity of my orgasm made my knees buckle and I had to lean on Tony to keep from falling to my knees. He laughed and obviously was enjoying my pleasure even though he had not shot. I pulled out and a stream of white cum dribbled out of his ass and ran down the back of his balls.

Tony straightened up and turned to face me. He kissed me in the crook of my neck and milked the last of my cum out with his fingers. He was very gentle. "Do you like it Nick? Do you like to be in me?"

"Oh yes", I said. It's wonderful. It's like we are one body. Do you like being fucked? You are younger than me and I have never done it. How did you learn about fucking? Was it Carlos?" I hesitated to ask more.

"No no, not Carlos. He doesn't like it. Only to jerk off and even then he is shy with most guys.. He did it with you because he likes you. Somebody showed me about it – maybe I will tell you some time. It's not important for you to know." Tony looked at me knowingly, "Do you want to do it?"

It surprised me that Tony knew that Carlos and I had jerked off together. It occurred to me that if that was the case then Carlos probably knew about Tony and me. I was also curios about whoever had taught Tony about fucking, but at the moment I had other things on my mind.

I remembered the bad experience with the man at the Y and was afraid. I said. "It might be OK but I'm afraid you will hurt me."

"Tony put his hands behind my shoulders and pulled me to his chest. He put his face very close to mine and looked deep into my eyes. "Oh Nick, I would like very much to fuck you my friend. I really like you a lot and I won't hurt you. I am small. I will be easy for you to take, and I will be very careful, I promise."

I could feel his breath on my face as he spoke and could smell the sweat from his body. We were both hot and sweaty and when he leaned against me our chests and bellies slid together and I felt very close to him. I made my decision.

"OK", I said. "Yes, I want to you to fuck me Tony. You are different from anybody else I know and I trust you."

Tony half closed his eyes, his face took on a very soft expression and he smiled just a little. "I gonna make it real nice for you Nick. You gonna like it."

I turned around and bent over and Tony rubbed my ass hole with the end of his dick. I was a little taller than Tony and he had some trouble reaching my asshole so I put my t-shirt on the ground and knelt on it. Tony did the same behind me and then we were at the right level.

Tony rubbed my ass with his fingers then bent forward and licked my ass crack with his tongue. I jumped with pleasure as he began to wet my ass and probe around in my asshole with his tongue. It felt wonderful and I started to get hard again even though I had just cummed.

When he had got my asshole all relaxed, and nice and wet, Tony spit on his dick and milked out some precum and made himself slick. He asked if I was ready and I nodded yes. His dick was very hard and he started rubbing his dick head over my asshole, telling me to push out like I was shitting. I did as he asked and Tony started to push hard against me. I tried to relax and almost immediately his dickhead popped into my ass. I jumped more because it startled me than because it hurt all that bad.

Tony stopped at once. "You OK?" he asked.

"Yes, I'm OK." I took a deep breath, "That isn't bad, go on", I said.

Tony began to rub my back with his hands and wrapped his arms around my waist, alternately pushing in and pulling out. Slowly he began to go in a little deeper each time. It felt weird but didn't really hurt. It felt like I was taking a big shit except in reverse. Tony was being very gentle and kept hugging me and kissing me on the back. It was nice really.

As he began to get deeper I felt him press on something very sensitive inside my ass, and it felt really good. Now we were connected again and he was inside me, a part of me. I liked it very much and told him so.

"Oh man, that feels wonderful Tony", I panted, "Can you go deeper?".

Tony obliged me by slapping his belly against my ass cheeks. "I am small Nick, I'm sorry. Oh, I am cumming soon!" Tony leaned over and wrapped himself around my back. With one hand he fisted me tightly and stroked me as fast as he could, while his other hand flew up and down my chest and belly. I could feel him start to swell and heard his breath get ragged. He was making a sucking sound as he drew air in through his clenched teeth.

At the same time I began to feel like I was about to explode. The feeling of his dick pumping up my ass was like electricity spreading all over my body. It was like an orgasm that involved all of me, not just my dick.

"Oh Nick", he gasped, "I'm shooting in you!", and I could feel him buck and shake against my ass. He made a crying sound and I could feel his dick twitch inside me. At the same time I shot through his flying hand and spattered cum against my chest and over the ground. It felt like a wave of pleasure was passing back and forth between us, surrounding both of us, joining us together.

He slowed and slumped over my back. He was kissing me between my shoulders and sighing. I raised up on my knees and turned to hold him in my arms while he shook against me and caught his breath.

Finally he leaned back and flashed his wonderful smile at me. "Oh Nick, that was fantastic", he blew out his breath and asked, "Was that really the first time for you? Did you like it?"

"Yes, it was great", I said, "I could never imagine anything could be so wonderful. Now I understand why you like it so much. Thank you Tony."

Tony laughed out loud. "You are thanking me? Wow!" Then he looked at me in a serious way. "That was very special between us you know. I think we will both remember this forever." He kissed me gently then stood and pulled me to my feet. "We should go. It is almost 7 o'clock and this is not a good place at night."

I wondered how he knew so much about this place, but figured he was right. We pulled on our clothes and slipped our bikes back out onto the trail. It was like passing from one world to another. We rode back to the park and then parted. I knew that I wanted to know Tony better after this. Clearly there was a lot about Tony that I didn't know. I also knew that what we had done was totally different than with the man in the shower. It had been an eventful day and I was late for supper.

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