Nick's Story

by Nick Brady

Chapter 4

The day after Antonio and I played around in the pool I was back at the YMCA for another swim. I walked over to the edge of the pool and looked over the swimmers. The same three or four old guys who tirelessly swam laps every morning were there, along with a rather fat Mr. Businessman lying on a paddle board and splashing his way up and down the pool with a scissors kick, and a couple of younger kids one of whom was -- Antonio!

He saw me about the time I got to the edge of the pool and waved at me. I waved back then dived into the water and shot like a torpedo to where he was standing, surfacing like a dolphin just before I ran into his legs.

"What's up" Antonio said with the musical lilt his Spanish gave his speech. "I been looking for you". He turned his back on the other two boys as if to say he was not really with them. They quickly ignored us and we moved away by ourselves.

"Hey Antonio, I was hoping you would be here." I said.

"Hey, that was really fun playing with you yesterday. I been thinking about you ever since," He flashed his friendly smile and sparkling white teeth. "and my friends call me Tony, OK?"

That kind of smile was contagious. "I've been thinking about you too" I said, "It's too bad you had to leave at noon."

"Well, I got all morning so we can play whatever we like." Tony said with a lecherous smile. I immediately thought of a number of interesting possibilities.

A quick glance into the water told me that Tony was naked and his penis was pointing straight at me like a finger, bobbing up and down, inviting me to play. When I looked down at myself I could see that my prick had stood up to meet his. If we didn't know what to do, our dicks were pointing the way.

Tony reached over and took my dick in his hand and pulled the loose skin over the head. " Your friend is glad to see me," he said, flashing that wonderful smile. I felt happy for the first time since I was with Tony the day before. "I'm glad to see you too" as I took him in my hand and rolled his dick and balls between my fingers.

We started to play. Splashing each other with water, chasing back and forth like dolphins, catching and grabbing and rolling around each other's wet slippery bodies like eels. The feeling was so good, not just the sexual pleasure of contact between dick and skin, but the sensation of moving weightlessly in the cool water, of being able to move in any direction with ease, the sense that both our bodies were smooth and lean, strong and supple, effortlessly under our control. We got into a groove and could sense what the other was doing, anticipating the movement, matching it, meeting it, melting together. It was exciting, exhilarating, sensuous. We played like this for quite some time, never tiring, feeling that that kind of looseness that happens when you are skating on the edge of your physical ability.

Finally the attendant blew his whistle at us. It wasn't Jack, it was the other morning guy and he motioned for us to cool it. We were messing up the lap swimmers and creating a little too much noise. We looked around and could see that we were being a nuisance so threw up ours hands in surrender and backed up to the edge of the pool to catch our breath.

"Hey, that was fun" Tony said, "I really like playing with you." Then he gushed with a laugh, "We could play some more, you know?"

I returned his smile, "Yeah, I know, but you can only do so much in the pool. I thought of the dressing room, then said, "I know something really neat but it's a secret".

"Cool, what is it?" Tony's eyes got big and his eyebrows shot up.

"No, I mean it's really a secret. I could get in big trouble for telling. You can't tell your brother Carlos or anyone. And you got to promise not to go there without me". The expression on my face told him I wasn't kidding about this.

Tony's face went dead serious. "Hey, you don't really know me Nick, but if I promise you something I will keep it forever. You are my friend and I would never lie to a true friend. Maybe you don't understand so well, but it has something to do with my honor. A promise to a true friend is like a sacred thing."

His sudden intensity surprised me and sent a chill of excitement through me. "Am I your true friend? You say that like it's something special".

Tony's face flushed a little but he never took his eyes off of me. "Yes, I think so. I don't know you very well either but I think maybe you could be my true friend. I feel like I could trust you with things. Am I wrong?"

I paused for a moment. Here was something different, something more than an offer of friendship. This young boy was talking about trust and honor and a kind of loyalty that was new to me. Maybe it was something from his culture, certainly from his heart, but it touched me in a special way. "No, you're not wrong. You can trust me. I just didn't know you felt that way, I mean we just met yesterday".

Tony lowered his voice and moved a little closer to me, "Yes, but we played, you know? And it felt special. I have played around with a couple of guys before and it's always, like – OK, lets get off, that's it, fuck you, good-bye. You were so nice and I really felt different with you, you know? Then today we are playing and spinning around, so much fun -- like we are connected somehow. I think that's special. You know what I mean? Maybe I'm talking crazy stuff."

I had this nice warm feeling come over me. I knew I was gay, I was finding out that being gay could bring me a lot of trouble, and now I was finding out that maybe it could be nice, or maybe not so different as I was afraid.

"No Tony, you're not talking crazy. I feel the same things with you. It's just that I haven't figured out where I am with all this stuff. Come on and I will show you something neat."

I looked around and Jack was nowhere in sight. The other attendant was skimming the pool with a little sieve on a long pole and not paying any attention to us now that we were quiet. I motioned to Tony and vaulted out of the water, grabbed my towel and started walking out of the pool. Tony followed me without a word as I turned away from the dressing rooms and opened a small door that led down a short flight of stairs.

At the bottom of the steps I turned to Tony and said, "Listen man, if you tell anybody about this you will really mess me up, OK?"

Tony looked at me very straight and said, "My word is good Nick. If I promise something you can make book on it. If you don't trust me, let's go back."

I didn't need to say anything, I just nodded, turned and walked into the pump room and over to the window.

Tony's eyes lit up as he looked into the pool. "What's this? Wow, you can see everything. I didn't know this was here. Oh wow, this is so cool!"

We watched for several minutes as Tony began to figure out what he was looking at. The old guys swimming laps, their arms punching tubes of bubbles down from side to side, their feet kicking a trail of foam. kids jumping in from the sides of the pool in a blast of bubbles that quickly rose up to the surface and left them kicking their way back to the edge of the pool. And here and there, headless bodies hanging down from the surface paddling their arms and legs to tread water, talking, playing around, doing those things that were not visible from the rippled surface.

Tony and I leaned our foreheads against the glass and cupped our eyes with our hands to see better through the thick glass. We both had white pool towels wrapped around our waists, both with small tents rising in unison to point towards the window. Against the edge of the pool on our left were three boys.

Two of them were erect with nice long dicks and a thick bush of pubic hair, one a little thicker than the other but both cut. The third was a little farther away and either a bit younger or less developed. The two with erections were rubbing their legs together and brushing their hands across the other's hard dicks. It appeared that they were playing with each other without the third boy being aware of it, or else they were trying to talk him into joining them and he was reluctant. Tony and I discussed what was going on and wondered what they were saying.

Finally the third boy swam away quickly and the two remaining began to play with each other unrestrained by presence of the third. They faced each other and rubbed their dicks together then took hold of each other and began to stroke vigorously.

That was it for Tony and me. Both the towels hit the floor and we began to grope each other while we watched the two boys in the pool.

"Holy Shit! I can't believe this." Tony whispered hoarsely, "Do you come down here all the time?"

"I come down here a lot -- you can take that both ways", I laughed. "You see all kinds of things down here."

Just then first one then the other of the boys began to spew long white strings of cum from their dicks. The strings hung in the water and floated around a bit before dissolving and separating, dissipating into the water of the pool. When they had both finished, they pushed their softening cocks together again and humped each other.

"Oh man, that's it. I gotta get off" Tony said and pushed his hard dick into mine. We rubbed together for a minute then Tony dropped to his knees and took me into his mouth. It felt so warm and smooth and I looked down at his brown back and shoulders and straight black hair as he sucked my dick as deep into his mouth as he could. I hunched my hips into his face and stroked his neck and the back of his head. I was getting close and said so.

Tony stood up and I thought he wanted me to take my turn and suck him but instead he turned his back to me and pulled my arms around himself. "Fuck me" he said. "Stick it up my ass".

I wasn't sure I wanted to do that kind of thing. "I'll hurt your ass" I said. "I don't want to hurt you"

"No, it's cool. I've done it before and it feels good" Tony said

"Really? Who with?"

"Never mind dammit, just do it, OK?" Tony urged and gave me a pleading look. This wasn't the time for conversation.

"OK, but what do I do? If I just cram it in I know it will hurt you. I've never done this before." I insisted.

"We just need to make it slick" Tony said, "I'll get it wet".

Tony knelt down in front of me and started sucking my dick., pulling the foreskin back and getting as much spit on it as he could. My dick responded by going from semi soft to rock hard in a matter of seconds. When he had it good and wet he pulled his fingers up from the root of my dick and milked out some pre-cum.

"That's what that's for" he said with a grin. "Now spit on your fingers and rub it on my ass hole" he instructed. While I was doing that he milked up some of his own pre-cum and rubbed it into his ass. After a few moments, his ass and my dick were both pretty slick.

Tony dropped down on his hands and knees and lifted his ass in the air, spreading his ass cheeks and pushing his ass hole out for me to see. "Now push it in real slow" he said, and I knelt down behind him, pulled my foreskin forward over the head of my dick to keep the head wet, and pushed it against his ass hole.

My dick was pretty stiff but I squeezed it at the base to make the head even harder and started to push firmly against Tony's ass hole. He pushed back into me and the head slid forward and slipped inside his ass with a sudden pop.

It kind of scared me and I asked him "Does it hurt?"

"No" Tony moaned, "God no, it feels great. Just go slow and push it in".

So I did what he asked and pulled his hips towards me while I pushed on his ass, and my dick slid right in until my pubes were pushed tight against his butt. I could feel my balls pushing against the back of his balls, and his ass so hot and tight around my dick. It was incredible, like nothing I could have imagined.

Tony could hear me gasp and feel me shudder when I hit bottom. "Do you like it? he asked with a laugh in his voice.

All I could do was to grunt and moan "Yes, yes, yes....." so that Tony laughed and started rocking back and forth.

I took the hint and began to pull almost all the way out then sink it in as far as it would go. I did it slow because I was still afraid I would hurt him, and because my dick head was so sensitive inside his hot ass that it made me shiver to go any faster.

I looked down at Tony's brown back, at his round shoulders and narrow waist. His rounded ass cheeks were a paler shade of brown where he had been in the sun with trunks on. And sliding in and out between those smooth creamy cheeks was my own hard white dick. The fringe of red pubic hair pressing against the crack of his ass then sliding down the length of my dick on the way out.

Tony was nodding his head in time to the rhythm of my stroking and I reached around his waist and took his hard dick in one hand and his loose ball sack in the other, and started to jack him off, pulling his brown foreskin up and down his hard cock.

I was in heaven. If this was gay then I was glad I was gay. This was so beautiful, the sight of his beautiful young body under me, the unbelievable pleasure it was giving us both. I was connected to Tony in the most graphic and intimate way. I was inside him, we were one body sharing a common pulse and pleasuring each other in a most incredible way.

Tony began to buck more rapidly and I could feel his ass tighten on my dick. Instinctively I sped up my pace and started stroking him harder. I laid out across his back so that my thighs and belly and chest were molded to the curve of his body. I felt my insides begin to rise up and I held him tighter and began to cum in huge surges of jism, my balls drawing up tight and the sperm ripping through my piss tube with a velocity that was almost painful. At the same time I could feel his cock throb and the pulse of sperm rushing out of his cock beneath my fingers, splashing up on his chest and over the floor.

We both gasped with exertion and pleasure as we relieved the sublime pressure within us. Tony bent his arms and let his head fall down on his hands slumping his hips down in a crouch as I fell down with him. He sighed and straightened out his legs behind him so that I was lying flat against the length of him, my softening dick still deep inside him. We were spent but neither of us wanted to break off the connection that tied us together.

The sound of a door slamming down the corridor brought us back to reality and we parted and wiped ourselves clean with our towels before wrapping them around ourselves again. We looked at each other and blew out our breath with a laugh.

"I didn't know it could be like this" I said.

"Neither did I" said Tony. "I don't have words to describe it, not in English anyway. Not in Spanish either", and the smile returned.

"Let's get out of here before we get caught" I said and trotted up the stairs with Tony right behind me.

When we got back up to the pool we dumped the dirty towels and jumped into the water to rinse off.

Tony looked up at the clock and saw it was almost noon and time for him to go. "I'll see you again man." he said.

"For sure Tony. I'll see you later". I said giving him a smile and getting back his big grin.

I climbed out of the pool and fetched my towel, wrapping it around me and sitting down leaning against the wall. I wondered when Jack was going to show up and walked over to ask the other attendant.

"I don't think he is coming in today" he said.

"Are you sure? I asked.

He walked into the little office and looked at a chart. Jack's name was there but it had been penciled through and another name was written next to it. "I guess he called in. Sorry".

That bothered me a little because I thought Jack had said "see you tomorrow" when he dropped me off the night before. Maybe I imagined that. Anyway, if Jack wasn't coming in I was ready to go. I was hungry and still a little bit horny even after all that play with Antonio. I tightened the towel around my waist and headed for the dressing rooms.

I decided to make another quick trip to the pump room to see if anything interesting was going on. There were quite a few men and boys in the pool and it seemed worth a look. I slipped into the little room whose low hum and smell of oil and chlorine were familiar to me now. When I looked through the window into the deep end I saw the surge of bubbles from someone diving from the board. As they rose to the surface I could see almost to the other end of the pool.

Several men were swimming laps and I could see the bubbles from their arm strokes and kicks, and bellies swinging back and forth. Near the window but over in the corner were several people but they were almost out of sight. As I watched them I could see an older man wearing a red speedo who must have been talking to a couple of young boys, one in the nude and the other wearing boxer trunks.

Judging from what I could see which was from the shoulders down, I guessed that the man in the speedo was quite a bit older than the boys. The hair on his chest and stomach was shot with gray and he was kind of thick around the waist. Pushing out the front of his speedos was what looked like a huge cock, and he kept adjusting it.

I was pretty sure that the boys knew what he was doing because they were close enough to him to look down and see the front of his speedo. As I watched I could see that the man was brushing his hands across the front of both boys and they were treading water so as to stay quite close together.

Finally the man pulled down the front of his speedos to let his big cock flop out and took both boys hands and pressed them onto himself. When they felt him press their hands onto his dick it seemed to spook them and they backed away. I could see the man reaching for them but they turned and swam off.

After that, the speedo guy swam away and I decided to go up to the dressing room to shower.

I climbed up from the pump room and walked up to the boys dressing room. When I turned into the row of lockers where I had left my clothes, there was the speedo man, slowly drying himself off with a towel. I was surprised to see him there because the adult dressing rooms were supposed to be in the next section but there he was.

"Hi", he said brightly as soon as he saw me. "How are you today?"

"OK I guess," I replied.

"Well, I'm just great", he said cheerily, "doesn't a nice swim feel great on a day like this?"

I didn't answer but he went on;

"My name is Bob and I'm here in town for most of the week for a business meeting. I always love to stay at the Y because of the athletic facilities. I like to try to keep in shape, you know." He looked me over with a practiced eye, "You certainly look like you are in good shape. I bet you play some sports. What do you play?"

All the time he was chattering away at me he was pretending to dry himself off, spending most of his time adjusting his very large cock which was pushing against the flimsy front of his red speedos. It was clear that this guy was making a pass at me just like he was with the boys in the pool. I was still kind of horny after playing around with Antonio. I really didn't care for this guy very much but his big fat cock made me curious.

"Well, I believe I need a nice hot shower to wash off all that chlorine. Care to join me?" he asked hopefully.

"I didn't bring any soap," I said.

"Oh that's no problem, I have some nice soap and shampoo and conditioner

too. I bet that nice curly red hair would comb out a lot smoother with

some good conditioner" he rattled on.

I felt kind of nervous doing this, but my hormones were overriding my common sense. I had never seen a dick that big before and I was curious about what he was going to do. I dropped my towel, picked up a dry one and walked toward the showers. The man's eyes got big when he saw my uncut penis. He looked me over and smiled like he was showing the dentist all his teeth at once.

"Oh my, don't you look nice. I bet all the girls are fighting over

that pretty thing." he said with a silly lilt in his voice.

He made me uncomfortable, but I followed him into the shower room where he turned on a pair of shower heads. I figured since he was a grownup, he wouldn't try anything in a public place. I was wrong.

He Began to soap himself up lathering up his big cock and making it very hard, all the time chattering nonsense to me. I was both fascinated and repulsed. When he offered to wash my back, I tried to turn away from him but he grabbed me, slammed me up against the wall and bent me over. I yelled at him to stop but he snarled something about knowing what I wanted as he pushed his crotch against my butt. All I can remember is a searing pain and then I found myself crumpled down on the floor. My ass was hurting like crazy and when I stuck my hand back there it came back with blood on my fingers. The man in the red speedo was gone.

I leaned against the wall of the shower and puked. I hadn't eaten since breakfast so it was mostly dry heaves, but I gagged and retched for a long time. My ass hurt really bad, I was sick to my stomach, terribly angry and felt very dirty and ashamed. I really wanted to die.

When I finally was able to stand and rinse myself off in the shower, speedo man was nowhere in sight. I went back to my locker and sat down on the bench and put my face in my hands and cried. Was this what it meant to be gay? I hated the man who had hurt me, and most of all I hated myself.

A couple of teens came in to change and I quickly put on my clothes and left. I went home to what I knew was an empty apartment and locked the door to my bedroom. I pulled the shades and curtains, got undressed and crawled into bed. I wanted to hide and never have to talk to anybody again.

I fell into a restless sleep and was awakened at about 5:30 in the afternoon with my mother's voice outside my room. "Nicky, your friend Jack is here from the YMCA to look at that apartment. Daddy isn't home yet, do you want to show it to him?"

I didn't know what I wanted to do. My ass hurt and I still felt sick. But the thought of Jack's strong arms sounded pretty good..

"I'll be right out Mom. I just need to change my clothes". Suddenly I realized that I desperately needed to see Jack. "Tell Jack I'll be right there."

When I opened the door to my room there was Jack standing in the hall with my mother. He was wearing an old pair of Levi's and a new white T-shirt. He had on a pair of penny loafers with no socks, and looked like he had just shaved and combed his hair in a part on the side. I wondered if this was Jack's version of dressing up to shop for an apartment. It didn't really matter what he was wearing, he looked like an angel to me.

"Can you show him that upstairs apartment you talked to your father about?" my mother asked.

"Sure Mom. Follow me Jack" I said and led the way up the hall stairs. I wanted to get away from everyone and everything except Jack as soon as I could.

Jack followed me up the two flights of stairs to the third floor. Of the four rooms up there, number 33 was the smallest and I opened it up and quickly stepped inside. It was a small living area with a kitchenette on one side, a small bedroom, and a bath with sink, stool, and an old footed tub.

It was a mess. I had helped my father clean it out so that it wasn't really dirty any more but the walls and windows were covered with filthy words and pictures scrawled with red spray paint. Even the kitchen appliances and bathroom sink and stool had been painted.

"We had a bunch of druggies up here and when Dad made them move they were kind of pissed" I explained. "If you want to put in the work to clean things up and do some painting I think Dad will rent it to you pretty cheap, he said half price and he will supply the materials".

Jack sighed, "It will take some work to get it looking decent but it's just paint. At least they didn't bust everything up. If your dad will rent it for something I can afford I will be very happy to have it. Living this close to the Y will let me save on gas money".

Jack turned to leave and really looked at me for the first time since we had stepped into the apartment. I was standing in the center of the living room with my arms wrapped around my chest and I was trying not to cry. The painful memory of the man in the shower was very fresh in my mind.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Jack asked. "You look like death warmed over".

I didn't move but I clenched my teeth together, scrunched up my eyes and felt streams of hot tears start rolling down my face. Jack stepped quickly to wrap me in his arms and press my face into his chest. "Nick, what's wrong?" he almost whispered.

I tried to talk but all that would come out were sobs. My legs felt weak and I slumped down in Jack's arms. He held me tight and just sat down on the floor holding me on his lap, patiently rocking me back and forth. After several minutes I caught my breath and tried to tell him what had happened. I told him about the man with the red speedos. How I didn't like him very much but when he acted nice I was curious about him and followed him into the shower. How he wanted to wash my back and when I told him to stop he slammed me into the wall and hurt me really bad. I told Jack about my bloody fingers and how I puked when I woke up. Then I began to cry again.

Jack still held me but I felt him go stiff all over. He kept whispering into my ear that it was going to be OK, that he was going to take care of it. When I settled down some, Jack leaned back so he could look into my face and started quietly asking me a lot of questions about the man in the red speedos. I couldn't remember much but thought he said his name was Bob something and that he stayed at the Y sometimes when he was in town on business.. Jack made me tell him exactly what the man looked like. I told him what I could but I really didn't like thinking about it.

I tried to tell Jack that I guessed it was my fault, I was curious about the man and had followed him into the shower. I felt like I had done something really stupid and maybe I deserved what happened.

"No", Jack said firmly. "No Nick, it wasn't your fault. That man had no interest in you except to use you for sex. He set you up and tricked you. He used you and hurt you and I promise you that he won't get away with it. Don't worry about your Speedo man, his ass is mine".

Then Jack looked very sad, "I feel so bad for you Nick. You are too innocent to know what a man like that really wanted. You are young and just discovering your sexuality. You have had a few adventures playing with other boys, but how would you know the difference between a friend and a predator?"

"Well", I let out a long breath, "I guess now I do".

Jack kissed me on the forehead, "I'm sorry Nicky", Jack said with a catch in his voice, "I'm really sorry. I will take care of that bastard."

He looked at me with concern. "Look, I understand your situation. I remember being your age and discovering a lot of things about life, about myself. Coming to terms with our sexuality is challenging for anybody, especially if we are gay. But you have to realize that it is just not safe to play around with any and everybody."

I hung my head. "I know, I'm sorry. I'm never going to do sex stuff with anybody else after this."

Jack laughed. "Of course you will, Nicky. Sex is as much a basic need as food, water and air, and you didn't choose to be gay, that complicates things. But you need be with somebody who is appropriate for you – somebody your own age, preferably somebody who actually cares about you. This swimming pool and shower room stuff is not a great idea. Public sex is very dangerous, particularly for a boy your age."

I sighed. "I know you're right, but I get so horny, and I don't know anybody else who is like me."

Jack rubbed my shoulder and nodded. "I understand Nick, I really do. It is not easy being gay – even harder than being green," he said, trying to make smile.

Jack leaned back and looked at me. "Maybe I can help you Nicky. Maybe I can help you find a friend. I don't make any promises, but I might have an idea, OK?"

I laid my cheek against Jack's chest and felt safe for the first time since I left the Y. "Nicky." I said.


"You called me Nicky. Nobody else calls me that but my mother".

"Did I? Sorry Nick"

"No", I said. "I like it from you. I really like it. But just when we are alone, OK?"

"OK Nicky" Jack said with a bit of a smile. "But now I need to check on rent with your dad and then I need to run over to the Y and check on some things. I have some homework to do. Don't worry about anything. Just trust me Nick -- Nicky. I'm going to take care of some things for you, OK?"

"Sure Jack. I would trust you with anything. I feel so safe as long as you are holding me. Are you working tomorrow?"

"Yeah, I should be there 9:00 to 3:00. If you are at the pool I'll see you then"

I led Jack back down to the first floor and introduced him to my dad who had arrived by then. I could tell by the way Dad shook hands with Jack that he liked him and that they would work something out.. I walked back to my room wondering what it would be like having Jack living in the same house with me.

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