Marco, Marty and the Twins

by Nick Brady

Chapter 5

Copyright © 2016 – 2016 by Nick Brady, all rights reserved.

School began the last week of August and the twins were chatting in the living room.

"I'm glad school is starting. I kind of like school," Sam admitted.

"Yeah, me too," Ben agreed. "We had some fun this summer but I'm about ready to get back to school. There is more to do then, and I kind of miss some of our friends."

"And when school starts Cub Scouts start too. We will be in third grade this year so we can be Bears," Sam reminded his brother.

"Last year we started out as Bobcats and then Wolf. This year we will be Bears and get to do some cool stuff," Ben predicted.

"I wonder if we will have the same Den Mother this year. Mrs. Hernandez was kind of cool last year."

"Well, if her son Tony is still in scouting I bet she will do it again."

"Did you try on your scout shirt? Mine is kind of tight. I think maybe we need some new ones," Sam suggested.

"I know. I think Daddy and Papa are going to take us shopping for some new school clothes. Maybe we can get new scout stuff too," Ben agreed.

Marco and Marty were in the kitchen working on Sunday dinner and listening as the twins discussed their plans for school.

"I can't believe they are so pumped up for school to start," Marty smiled.

"I was always that way," Marco told him. "But then I was ready for any excuse to get away from home."

"You had a different situation."

Marco nodded, "That's true. School was where I could get some positive strokes. If I kept my mouth shut and made good grades, I was golden."

"We need to take the boys shopping for some school clothes. They have started to outgrow what they have," Marty observed.

"Let's go to Penney's, they have scout stuff too," Marco suggested. "I'm glad they are enjoying that."

Marty nodded in agreement, "I was never in scouting. Didn't you say you did some things with the scouts?"

"Not really," Marco shook his head. "I tagged along on some camp outs because I was friends with the scoutmaster's son, but I was never actually a member. "I could see that it was a lot of fun though. I hope Sam and Ben stay with it."

"I do too,' Marty agreed. "You know, we have some really fine boys. When we got into this I was afraid that we would have a lot of problems with adopted boys. I mean, you hear some horror stories about adopted kids being all screwed up and it makes you hesitate."

Marco nodded. "I know what you mean. I was afraid of adopting when it was first suggested. I think we have been really lucky with Sam and Ben. We owe a lot to their birth parents to tell the truth. The boys pretty much came to us with their heads on straight."

"You got that right. I wish we knew more about them. Apparently they were new here and didn't have any family," Marty recalled. "There is probably an interesting story there but we are not likely to know it. They sure left us with two good kids though."

"True, but then we have worked pretty hard on raising them. I don't know what we would have done without Father Hoover. He has been like a grandfather and best friend as well as our priest," Marco said and chuckled. "Remember his big secret for raising kids? Keep them busy and make sure they know you love them."

Marty laughed, "Right, and there was there was CSSS, remember? Keep them busy with Church, School, Scouts, and Sports."

"That seems to have worked," Marco smiled. "But right now they're still little kids. It won't be long until they start to shift into puberty with all the drama that can bring. They are already starting to get curious about things. We have that to look forward to."

They put dinner on the table and Marty called to the twins. "Time to eat. You guys hungry?"

"Wash up first," Marco added.

Sam and Ben ran to the bathroom and jostled each other at the sink to wash their hands, then raced to the dining table in answer to the call. "What's for supper?" Ben asked.

"Refrigerator stew," Marco answered.

"What's that?" Ben looked suspicious.

"Marco laughed. "That's where you toss all the leftovers in a pot and see what happens."

"Really?" Ben looked surprised.

"Not really," Marty assured him. "Your dad made a nice stew out of the leftover roast beef and some vegetables and potatoes. Plus he made some biscuits."

"Hey, I can eat that," Sam grinned.

After a few minutes the refrigerator stew was no more.

As the twins took their plates to the sink, Marty asked them, "We still have a couple of hours before the stores close. Do you want to go find some clothes for school?"

"Yes," they replied in unison.

They piled into Marty's Camry and drove to J. C. Penney's. They each got two pairs of jeans and a pair of khakis for church and their choice of shirts. The old habit of blue for Ben and red for Sam was no longer being enforced but they gravitated to those colors because they liked them. Just as long as they were not identical. They had an aversion to the idea of twins dressing alike. It didn't take long before they were freshly outfitted.

"Hey Papa," Sam spoke up. "We need new scout shirts. The ones from last year are too small now."

Marty agreed. "You guys are growing. Let's check out the scout department."

"Can we get the tan ones like the Boy Scouts wear?" Ben asked. "Some of the cubs wear those."

Marco shook his head. "Those are the Webelos boys and they get them because they will be going into Boy Scouts in a year. I think Bears still wear the blue shirts."

"I think that's right," Sam agreed. "We need blue shirts for another year."

"That's OK, at least they will fit," Ben agreed.

Now properly attired, they wandered out of the store and through the mall, looking in at all the shops.

Marco stopped outside the shoe store. "Do you need some new sneakers?"

"Sure!" they agreed. Ben was pleased to see that he needed a half-size larger than his brother. They added another bag to the growing pile, then hiked out to the car and drove home.

Once home they sorted out their new duds and put them away.

"It's getting late fellows. Take your showers and jump in bed," Marco told them. "Tomorrow is Saturday and school starts Monday. Maybe we can do something fun tomorrow."

"What?" Ben asked. "Can we go somewhere cool?"

"Maybe, we will see what happens," Marco told them and winked at Marty "Get to bed."

Knowing that further discussion was futile, the twins grabbed clean underwear and trudged to the bathroom. They undressed and both got in the tub to shower together as was their habit. They had done almost everything together for as long as they could remember. Seeing each other naked was nothing special but they eyed each other with renewed curiosity after their experience with Travis.

Ben wet himself under the shower and began to soap his hair as Sam took his turn under the water.

Ben looked at his brother, "My feet are bigger than yours," he said. "I told you I was bigger than you."

Sam grinned, "Not by much. I'll catch up I bet." He took the bar of soap and rubbed it on his head.

"Wash my back?" Ben asked, and turned away.

Sam rubbed the bar of soap over his brother's back and over his butt. He had to notice that Ben's back might be a little thicker and more muscular than his own, and that his butt cheeks curved in a little when he shifted his weight. So did Sam's but he was more familiar with Ben's back than with his own. The brown skin was the color of coffee and cream and shined under the soapy water. While they were together constantly and often saw one another naked, it was a given in their lives and not remarkable.

They did find it interesting that their bodies were identical, or almost so. What subtle differences in their anatomy existed were noted, but there were very few. They were very handsome boys. While they bore no blood relationship to Marco they, like him, were of Seminole heritage and were often assumed to be his natural children. They shared the regular features, shiny black hair and large dark eyes that had so attracted Marty to their daddy Marco.

Both boys were slender and fit. They lived on a healthy diet and were physically active enough to keep them lightly muscled and quite lean. They had inherited a basic frame that was wide at the shoulder and narrow at the hip. Their legs were full and curved out slightly and their chests were deep enough to give them good lung capacity. They were like deer, built to run and be active.

In a minute Sam handed Ben the soap and turned his back to be washed. His brother's hands felt soft and warm as they rubbed his back and butt. Ben squatted down and even washed the back of Sam's legs. Sam turned to rinse off and almost pushed his crotch into Ben's face.

Ben looked a little surprised as he found himself eye level with his brothers uncut penis, then quickly stood and went back to washing his own chest and crotch.

"Careful," he chuckled.

"Sorry," Sam smiled. "I didn't mean to bump you."

""I know," Ben said, and turned away, the image of his brothers genitals still clear in his mind like a photograph.

Ben instinctively looked down at his own and moved himself with his soapy hand, causing his penis to swell just a little. They had very recently discovered the basics of masturbation thanks to their friend Travis' demonstration and were beginning to see each other a little differently. Sam was aware of the same thing and noticed his brother rubbing himself but made no comment. They had always shared everything together, but this was something new and he was not sure where it fit in their private world.

They rinsed away the last of the soap, shut off the water and pulled a towel into enclosure, sharing it to dry themselves off before stepping out of the tub and putting on their clean underwear. The dirty clothes were tossed into the hamper and they went into their bedroom.

"I guess we are growing," Sam observed. "It's not something I thought about until we had to buy bigger clothes today."

Ben nodded in agreement. "Me either, but I think it's cool. I can't wait until I get big. I wonder how big we will get when we are grown up?"

"I don't know," Sam said. "But I think you're right about being bigger than me. I was looking at you in the shower and I guess you are a little bigger – but not much," he added.

"I guess we will be kind of like Daddy. We look like him anyway," Ben suggested.

Sam looked thoughtful, "I don't think about it very much, but it kind of sucks not know anything about our real mom and dad. I mean I love our adopted dads but I wish I knew how tall my real father was."

"I don't hardly remember our real parents," Ben admitted. "Daddy and Papa seem like our real parents to me. I would like to know more about where we came from, but I like where I am."

"Yeah, me too," Sam agreed. "I hear other kids gripe about their parents but I like mine – ours, I should say."

Benjamin was quiet for a minute then said, "I keep thinking about Travis and what he did, and then what we did. Are you OK with that?"

Sam smiled, "I thought it was kind of fun, but it kind of scared me too. Like we were doing something bad, you know?"

"Yeah, I know. I felt the same way. It was kind of confusing, but it sure felt good.," Ben smiled. "It' s like I found a new toy and I want to play with it all the time."

"Do you think we should ask Daddy about it? He is easier to talk to than Papa sometimes." Samuel suggested.

"You really want to ask him about jacking off?" Ben asked. "That's kind of scary."

"Well, no. Not like that. But Travis talked about the puberty thing. Maybe we could ask him about that."

"Yeah, maybe that would be OK," Ben pondered the idea. "You ask him."

"Maybe tomorrow. Right now I'm getting sleepy, Sam responded.

Benjamin took the hint and crawled up to his top bunk while Sam turned off the room light. In a few minutes they were both asleep.

The twins slept in on Saturday morning. When they woke up at 8:30 it was to the smell of bacon frying in the kitchen. That always seemed to rouse them from sleep. Pulling on some shorts, they stumbled into the dining room with their noses twitching.

"What's for breakfast?" Ben asked.

"Bacon and eggs with some hot biscuits," Marco replied. "Any takers?"

"Oh yeah," Sam perked up. "We are always ready for that."

Marty joined them and the four Montgomery boys sat at table to enjoy their breakfast.

"Are we going to go somewhere today?" Benjamin wondered.

"How about the zoo?" Marty suggested.

"Sure. We haven't been to the zoo for a long time." Samuel cried. "I love the zoo."

"Me too," Ben said with a mouth full of biscuit.

"OK, let's clean up the kitchen and get ready," Marco told them.

And so they were soon on their way to the Tulsa Zoo. It was an old zoo, but much improved in recent years. The old fashioned cages that housed the larger animals had been replaced by habitats that let the animals roam in a more natural state. Lions and a beautiful tiger lounged in the late summer sunshine. A spacious area contained a pair of Cheetahs who ran along a wooded creek. The heads of several giraffes poked up from their area. The boys laughed at the Meercats who stood and looked around in a perpetual state of attention.

"Can we go look at the monkeys?" Sam asked.

Marco and Marty exchanged glances. "Sure, but stay out of trouble, OK? Meet us at the snack bar at one o'clock." Marco told them.

The twins ran off in search of adventure. "Surely they can't get into too much mischief by themselves," Marco said hopefully.

"They will be OK," Marty agreed. "They will enjoy exploring on their own."

There were several groups of monkeys in a separate area. The chimpanzees had their own island with trees and a sort of jungle gym made of timbers to climb on and play from. The chimps were natural showmen and knew they were being watched. One of the younger males was sitting with his legs spread wide, obviously playing with his penis.

"Wow, look at him. He's jerking off," Ben pointed.

"He looks like you," Sam giggled.

"I'm bigger than him," Ben said.

"You wish," Sam replied.

The young chimp saw that he had an audience, rolled his head back and continued to masturbate himself, ignored by the other chimps.

"I wonder who taught him how to do that?" Ben wondered.

Maybe Travis has been out here." Sam suggested, and they both laughed.

The chimpanzee grew bored by his routine and jumped up to run to the top of the timbers and mooned the boys, bending over and spreading his ass cheeks for them to see.

"That is one nasty monkey," Ben said.

"He doesn't care who sees him, does he?" Sam chuckled.

Tired of the chimps antics Ben suggested, "Hey, let's go feed the seals."

So off they ran to the large pool that provided a play space for the seals. There was a cement bridge that arched over the pool. Purchasing a bag of food designed for the purpose they stood on the bridge and watched as the seals put on a display designed to earn them snacks. They tossed the morsels to first one and then another of the shiny animals as they jumped and expertly caught the tidbits in midair.

"Look at this," Sam told his brother as he tossed a big chunk to an old seal who jumped for it only to have a younger animal take it away from him, resulting in a scuffle.

"Watch out," Ben warned as a small horde of seagulls swooped in to fight over the fragments.

"Do they live here or are they pirates?" Sam wondered.

"I guess they live here now," Ben decided.

They had a little time before they were to meet their parents so they ducked into the reptile house where it was cooler. Inside were glass fronted enclosures containing a variety of snakes, lizards and strange creatures.

"Oh man, look at this," Sam pointed out a large green python slinking up the side of his enclosure towards a brown mouse who was perched precariously on a branch near the top.

As the snake drew closer the mouse jumped agilely onto the snake's back. The snake moved smoothly through the branches causing the mouse to jump off and hide in a corner. Zeroing in on the mouse the python made a swift move and nailed the little mouse who struggled briefly, before disappearing down the snake's throat.

"Ugh, that's kind of gross," Ben said with disgust.

"No, I guess that's lunch," Sam laughed. "That's why the mouse was in there."

"I guess," Ben said. "I'm glad I'm not a mouse."

"It's time to go," Sam declared and they raced out and made it to the snack bar to find Marco and Marty waiting for them.

"There they are," Marty exclaimed. "What have you boys been up to?"

"We saw the monkey, fed the seals and watched a snake eat a mouse," Sam told him.

"That was kind of gross," Ben admitted.

"Sounds exciting," Marco said. "What else did you see?"

"Well, one of the chimpanzees was like, playing with himself," Ben told them.

"Oh? How do you mean?" Marco asked.

"Uh, he was playing with his weenie, you know," Ben made a circle with his hand in the universal sign for masturbation.

"Really?" Marco laughed. "Well boys will be boys, I guess."

Sam asked, half seriously, "So is that a bad thing? I mean to do that kind of thing?"

Realizing that Sam was asking a real question, Marco replied, "Well, no, not really. It's a pretty natural thing to do. Doing it in public is kind of rude, but I guess nobody told the monkey that."

The twins both laughed, telling Marco that they had probably discovered the same thing themselves.

Marty added," Playing with yourself is as natural as taking a dump, but should be done in private I guess."

"Like taking a dump, right?" Ben got the point.

"Right, just like that," Marco added.

The boys exchanged telling glances.

"Anybody hungry?" Marty asked, changing the subject.

"I am. Can we get a hamburger?" Sam asked.

"That's what we are here for," Marco agreed.

Cheeseburgers and fries were ordered for all four and they feasted in the sunshine at one of the picnic tables while the twins elaborated on the little game played by the python and the mouse. When they finished and disposed of their trash they all went into a few more exhibits and finally decided they were ready to call it a day.

"That was fun. Thanks for bringing us here," Sam said.

"No problem, we enjoyed it too. I like the zoo," Marco admitted.

The boys climbed into the back seat of the car and buckled themselves in, riding back home in silence. They were tired from their adventure and thinking about what had been said at the snack bar.

Later that evening when they showered and got ready for bed, they sat in their bedroom and considered what they had done at the zoo.

"That was fun today," Sam said.

"Yeah, it was," Ben agreed. "I keep thinking about what Daddy said about the monkey, you know, doing that."

"You mean about jerking off?"

"Yeah. So I guess that's not such a bad thing, right?"

"Daddy said it was natural," Sam recalled.,

"As long as it is private, right?" Ben suggested.

"Well, our door is closed isn't it?" Sam observed.

"Right," Ben grinned, rubbing himself through his underpants.

"Want to?" Sam asked.

Ben smiled and rubbed his brothers crotch. "I will if you will." he suggested.

They turned out the room light and lay down next to each other in the bottom bunk, slowly removing their shorts and T-shirts until they were in their natural state.

"I like it when you do that," Ben said, rubbing his brothers erect penis.

"Yeah, me too," Sam agreed.

"Watching that chimp made me kind of horny," Sam admitted.

"Yeah, me too," Sam said.

They stretched out side by side with their bodies touching and started to feel each other's naked bodies, rubbing their hands over the other's belly and chest. Hands brushing over erect penis and smooth scrotum.

"Why does it feel so much better when you do that than when I do it to myself?" Sam wondered.

"I don't know, but it does," Ben agreed.

By unspoken agreement they turned towards each other and pushed their erect cocks together, pressing together and feeling their warm skin touch from chest to knee. Moving from side to side they could feel their hard little dicks rub together, sending pleasant sensations between them.

"Oh, that feels nice," Ben sighed.

They wrapped their arms around each other and enjoyed the moment, rubbing and hugging until they mutually decided that they should stroke each other's pricks. When the feeling grew intense they lay back with their legs still wrapped together and stroked themselves until the wonderful twitching sensation came to them again. Once that happened they sighed and turned to press themselves close again to enjoy the feeling of their brother's tight body against their own. They were two small brown bodies pressed into one and they were content to hold each other for a little longer.

"I like that a lot," Ben told his brother.

"Me too. And I guess it's OK if we do it in private, right?" Sam suggested.

"That's what Daddy said," Ben replied with a smile.

After a few more minutes they both felt sleep about to overtake them. Ben picked up his underwear and climbed into his top bunk. They slipped on their underclothes and fell sound asleep. It had been an interesting day.

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