Marco, Marty and the Twins

by Nick Brady

Chapter 4

Copyright © 2016 – 2016 by Nick Brady, all rights reserved.

Sam and Ben followed their friend Travis out the back door to see the small herd of Holsteins walking solemnly towards the barn.

"They know it's dinner time," Travis explained. "Since we feed them while they are getting milked, they come here on their own. When their bags get full they want to get milked."

The cows filed into the barn nosing into the bins. Travis' brother John was already milking.

"Where have you been?" John complained. "I don't want to have to milk all of them by myself."

"Sorry," Travis apologized. "I was trying to show Sam and Ben how to dance. You met them at the powwow, remember?"

"Right, you are cousins to the Cuscos. Do you know how to milk?" John asked.

The twins shook their heads. "We've never been on a real farm before," Ben admitted.

"Well show them how,Travis. We can use some extra hands here." John instructed.

Travis set a stool down next to one of the cows who was now munching some cow-tasty feed from a bin. "Look here. You just grab their teats up high and squeeze down so that the milk squirts down in the bucket."

He began to expertly extract the milk from a pair of teats. As he did so several cats who lived in the barn began to sidle up looking hopeful. Taking aim with the teat, Travis expertly squirted a long stream of milk which hit the cats in the face. Rather than being deterred, the cats quickly began to wipe there paws over there faces and lick off the warm fresh milk. When Sam went up to pet them they ran away.

"Those cats are about half wild,: Travis laughed. They live off of mice in the barn and what little milk I squirt at them. Here Ben, you want to try to milk this old girl?"

Ben took his place on the stool and tried rather unsuccessfully to pull out the milk. The cow looked back at the boy with a look of disapproval.

Travis laughed, "You want to squeeze down with your hands to pull the milk out." Ben tried again and was rewarded with a thin stream of milk.

"That's better,"Travis chuckled. "Now you try it Sam."

Sam replaced Ben on the stool and enjoyed limited success. The cow snorted then went back to the food bin.

"Maybe you better let me do it. She will want to leave when her feed is gone," Travis explained.

Travis and his brother worked through the line of cows in a practiced way. First wiping off their teats with a disinfectant then extracting what milk had accumulated since the morning milking. In about twenty minutes they had completed the task and the cows moved out of the barn and walked slowly back to the pasture.

"That's harder than it looks, "Sam said.

"It just takes some practice," Travis explained. "I been doing this since I was younger than you guys."

"I bet I could do it," Ben said.

"Sure you could," Travis stood and wiped his hands on his jeans. "Now we have to clean up a little." Here take this shovel and scoop up the cow poop." He expertly shoveled up the piles of cow crap that had been deposited on the floor while the cows had been milked and tossed it onto a pile of straw. Ben took the flat shovel and began to do as he was instructed.

"Mama will be home now," John explained. "It will be supper time for us in a little while. We need to get back up to the house and get cleaned up."

The boys started walking back towards the old farm house, following behind Travis' older brother.

Travis wanted to resume the conversation they were having before his father interrupted. You know, pulling on that cow's teat is like the way you pull on your dick," he said under his breath.

"What do you mean?" Ben asked.

"You never did that? It feels great. If you keep on doing it, it feels really good and then you can shoot your wad," Travis confided.

"I don't understand," Sam admitted.

Travis pulled them to the side of the barn where they were out of sight of the house. "Here, I'll show you," he said and opened the front of his jeans.

The thirteen year old was very hard and he waved his prick up and down, revealing his patch of brown pubic hair. The eight year old twins knew they had never seen anything quite so fascinating. They stood close and watched as Travis began to stroke himself rapidly, his foreskin alternately revealing then covering the head of his cock.

"Oh man, that feels so good. You got to keep doing it until it feels really good. You want to feel my dick?" he asked.

They shook their heads from side to side but watched him closely. His penis seemed to grow even larger and looked very stiff as his hand flew over it. With his other hand he pulled his balls out of his jeans and began to roll them around in his fingers. They could see that he even had a few dark hairs on his scrotum.

Within a minute, he started to grunt and said, "Here it comes." As Sam and Ben watched, Travis gave a soft cry and several long streams of white fluid erupted from his penis. After a moment he stopped then pulled his foreskin out past the head of his penis and squeezed a few more drops of semen from it and shook it off to fly against the barn.

"Oh man, that feels so good. When you get bigger you can do that too," he informed them. Running his fingers over the blob of semen on the wall he told them, "That's what makes babies, man."

Then he remembered that they needed to get back to the house and buttoned himself up. "Let's go," he said and started for the house with the twins following him, a little confused but very impressed with what had just transpired.

They followed Travis into the house where they stopped just inside the back door and cleaned up their shoes before entering the kitchen.

A smiling lady in a long apron greeted them. "Hello boys. You must be Samuel and Benjamin. I'm Travis' mom Mary. Are you hungry?"

They were greeted by the smell of a chicken frying.

"When the hens get too old to lay enough eggs we eat 'em," Travis explained.

Soon there was a plate of fried chicken on the table with some green beans and corn on the cob. "It's all home grown," Travis boasted.

Mr. Wilson joined them at the table and six hungry souls emptied the platters. "That's really good," Ben exclaimed.

"I'm glad you liked it," Mary said. "Everything is better when it's fresh."

"So did you boys get to milk?" Mr. Wilson asked.

"Well, we tried, but we weren't very good at it," Ben admitted. "There is a lot of work to do here."

Frank laughed. "The work is never done, but we like the life here."

"It does keep us busy," Mary agreed.

After supper they all took their plates to the sink where John and Travis filled the double sink and did the dishes by hand.

"You don't have a dishwasher?" Sam asked.

"Sure we do. There they are." Mary laughed, pointing at her sons.

"I better be getting you boys home," Mr. Wilson stood and rattled his keys.

"Can't they stay the night?" Travis asked.

"Not this time. I told their father I would bring them home so we better go," Frank told them. "Maybe next time we can arrange for a sleepover."

"If you guys come back you can ride the horse and maybe do some fishing. If we catch some catfish Mama can fix cook them up for supper.," Travis suggested. "Do you have some fishing poles?"

"No, we have never been fishing before," Sam admitted.

"That's no problem Frank assured them. "We have some extra poles and tackle in the barn, and. you guys can dig some worms out of the garden."

"Yeah, and if you can spend the night we can have lots of fun," Travis said with a sly smile.

Mr. Wilson stood and motioned towards the door. "Come on, I need to get you back home before your daddy gets worried about you."

They went out to the yard where Sam and Ben took the back seat of a big four door pickup truck behind Travis and his father in the front seat, and were driven back to Tulsa.

Frank called ahead to let Marco know they were on the way and when they arrived at the house Marco and Marty came out to greet them. "Thanks for bring them home," Marco said.

"We enjoyed having them. I hope we didn't make them work too hard," Frank said.

"It was cool, Dad. We got to feed the chickens and milk the cows,"Sam told him.

"And shovel cow poop," Ben added.

Travis spoke up, "If they can come again, we can ride my horse and maybe go fishing in our pond," he said hopefully.

"I bet they would enjoy that," Marco agreed. "We'll have to let them do that sometime."

Mr. Wilson looked at the two men. He had met Marco when he brought the boys out to the farm but had not seen Marty before.

"This is Marty, our Papa ," Sam explained.

"Frank smiled and shook Marty's hand, then a look of recognition came over his face as he realized the relationship of the two men.

"Well now, it's nice to meet you Marty," Frank said with a look of mild surprise. "What sort of work do you guys do?"

"Marty is a computer programmer and I paint," Marco said.

"You're a painter?" Frank questioned.

"Pictures, not houses," Marco explained.

"Oh, so you are an artist?

"Yes, and a very good one," Marty said.

Frank nodded his head. "Well, I better be heading back. We will see you boys again I bet."

With a wave he started the truck and drove away.

They walked into the house as the twins talked over each other relating the wonders of Travis' farm.

"We had a great time. We got to gather the eggs and tried to milk the cows but we weren't very good at it," Ben told them.

"And they have some horses and a big pond. If we go back out there Travis will let us ride the horse and fish in the pond," Sam said hopefully.

"And Travis showed us a lot of stuff about dancing. We will dance better at the next powwow," Ben assured him, attempting to demonstrate the steps they had learned as they walked into the house.

"And his mom made fried chicken and we ate green beans and corn out of their garden," Sam told them. "They grow all their own food, even the chicken!"

"So they have a real farm. That is quite a change for you city boys," Marty observed.

"We could do that stuff. It was fun really," Sam assured him.

"We got to do a lot of things for the first time," Ben told them. I really want to ride on his horse and catch some fish."

"Yeah, Travis showed us a lot of interesting things," Sam said, giving Ben a quick glance. Ben just giggled a little but did not elaborate.

Clearly the twins had enjoyed their adventure.

When it was bath time, they showered together as they always did, but were a bit more aware of their bodies than usual. Later, they sat in their bedroom talking about the day. They had draped their damp towels over a chair but had not yet put on the underpants and T-shirts they usually slept in. They were sitting next to each other on the bottom bunk.

Ben looked thoughtful. "Boy, Travis sure had a big weenie, didn't he?"

"Yeah," Sam agreed. And it kept on getting bigger. Do you suppose we will get big like that?"

Ben shook his head, "I don't know. Travis said we would. I guess I never really thought about that before."

"And he had hair on his thing and under his arms. Will we get like that?" Sam wondered.

Both boys instinctively looked down at themselves for any sign of body hair but saw not a trace. Then first Ben and then Sam reached down and pulled their foreskins back to reveal what was normally hidden beneath them, then looked at each other.

"You know, sometimes if I lie down of the floor and push against my weenie it does feel kind of good," Ben admitted. "Have you ever noticed that?"

Sam smiled, "Yeah, I have. And if I climb up the leg of our swing set and push myself against it I get a nice feeling. Is that what Travis was talking about?"

Ben shrugged, "I guess." He began to pull his skin over the head of his penis and then down again. "Travis was doing this and he said it felt good."

Sam performed the same movement and smiled. "It does feel kind of good."

As the twins looked back and forth at each other, both began to notice that their small tools began to swell and get longer.

"Your weenie is getting bigger," Sam observed..

"So is yours," Ben said and smiled, "I kind of like this."

With the lack of modesty that came from a lifetime of sharing almost everything, Ben reached over and felt of Sam's penis and then back to his own. "That's kind of cool," he said.

Sam felt his brother's penis and then his own. "It feels good when you touch it."

"Yeah, it does," Ben agreed, and both boys began to rub on the other's penis, moving the skin up and down and marveling at the increase in size and hardness. Now that they were erect they both were almost three inches long.

"I think mine is a little bigger than yours," Ben suggested.

Sam considered that. "Well maybe a little. But Travis was way bigger."

"Oh yeah, way bigger. That feels good though. Keep doing that." Ben instructed.

Sam scooted closer so that they were touching each other at the hip. "OK, you do me too, OK?"

Without really knowing what they were doing the brothers began to masturbate each other.

"Oh, that feels nice. Do you like it?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, keep doing that. It feels better if you do it faster. And squeeze a little harder," Ben suggested.

"This is what Travis was doing wasn't it?" Sam wondered.

"Yes, and he said to keep doing it, and it would feel even better," Ben recalled

Then unsatisfied with his brother's movements he pushed Sam's hand away. "Let me do that," Ben said, and began to stroke himself furiously. Sam focused his attention on himself and the two boys became absorbed in their own efforts.

"Oh! I think I'm going to pee," Ben cried out as his little cock began to twitch. "Oh that's weird, but it feels good!"

After another minute Sam shared the same experience. "Oh man," he gasped.

They took a deep breath and looked at each other. "I thought I was going to pee, but nothing came out," Ben admitted.

"I felt like that too," Sam agreed. "Man, that was weird!" he looked down at his penis which continued to twitch on its own.

""That was cool," Ben grinned. "I guess that's what Travis was talking about."

Sam nodded. "I think so, but he spurted out some white stuff and it wasn't pee."

"No, it was kind of thick." Ben recalled. "He said that was what made babies. How does that work?"

"I don't know," Sam admitted. "I guess we could ask Dad about it."

Ben looked thoughtful. "Yeah, maybe. But I'm not sure we should tell him about this."

Sam nodded and grinned, "Yeah, maybe you're right. This was kind of cool though."

"Way cool," Ben agreed.

With that, they put on their underwear and retired to their separate beds, feeling a little more grown up than before. Something new had been added to their lives, and further investigation would be in order.

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