The Cajun Wolf - Murder Most Foul

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 16

Copyright © 2019 – Nicholas Hall

Chapter Sixteen

"Wild, dark times are rumbling toward us, and the prophet who wishes to write a new apocalypse will have to invent entirely new beasts, and beasts so terrible that the ancient animal symbols of Saint John will seem like cooing doves and cupids in comparison."
(Heinrich Heine)

Franklin presented himself at the front gate of the Remote Lake estate and was escorted to the main lodge by a security guard. Rebecca scrutinized the handsome man with the sparkling eyes and bright smile as he walked toward her, accompanied by the guard from the front gate. She was more than just mildly curious why he wished to see her. She was more than just "mildly" interested in what all he had to offer. If her eyes didn't deceive her, he walked confidently, a man quite sure of himself and his abilities.

"Confident is right," she mused to herself, noting the distinct shapely length of his manhood wobbling, contained in his trousers, up against the inside of his right thigh. It'd been many years, since Lindsey was conceived and she'd welcomed a man to partake of her treasures. It appeared Franklin Campbell was all man, no doubt about it! She wondered to herself if all of the males in this North Country were so graciously and amply endowed. Certainly from what she'd witnessed of the two teen boys standing naked on the deck talking to David and Lindsey, it very well could be.

Rebecca dismissed the guard and invited Franklin to her private apartment on the second floor of the lodge. Seated at the dining table, drinking coffee, they made small talk as a means of growing comfortable, somewhat, in each other's presence. Rebecca was certain he wasn't here to discuss her children, although he did ask about them, or how she enjoyed the lake.

Franklin raised the subject of where her original home was before she married. The way he asked about it, seemingly innocuous, as if discussing the weather, brought her to anticipate and conjecture it was the one question which was going to lead to the real reason for his visit, although she couldn't quite understand why. Since he was associated with Campbell and Associates, the subject couldn't center around high speed Internet or Facebook connections with family back home somewhere?

Franklin cleared his throat, somewhat nervously.

"Mrs. Giordano, I must apologize for seeing you under somewhat false pretenses, although I do find your company, quite enjoyable."

He reached inside his jacket and produced an envelope, laying it address down on the table.

"Last winter, you wrote a letter to a dear friend of mine, Mr. Steve Granger, asking if he'd help you locate your brother, David Flynn. The letter was postmarked in Kabetogama. As you are aware, David and Steve were lovers of an unusual type. They are now husband and husband; an unusual married couple among other unusual creatures."

Rebecca neither acknowledged nor denied the letter, instead made no comment whatsoever, determined to hear Franklin out, and ascertain, if indeed, he did know Steve Granger and as a result have some familiarity with her brother.

"In your letter you expressed your fears for your son because he is gay and has suffered as a result of his sexual orientation by actions of your father-in-law and his half-brother, and for your daughter, fearful your step-son might attempt to rape her."

Franklin expected some sort of reaction from Rebecca, but she remained stoic, focusing her attention on him, trying to detect the truthfulness of his comments and where and when he received the information. Sensing she wasn't going to react, he continued,

"Dave and Steve are employed for the same organization I am. It's not Campbell and Associates, by the way, but another I'm not at liberty to name or discuss. The two of them are currently on assignment in another part of the United States or they would've been here themselves. Dave asked me, since I was returning to the area where my family lives, if I'd deliver the letter to you, since, I noted previously, it bore a Kabetogama postmark."

Franklin slid the envelope across the table. She picked it up, scrutinized it carefully, noting it was still sealed, retrieved a table knife, and sliced the envelope open.

"Do you know what is in this letter, Mr. Campbell?"

"No, I don't; only that I was asked to deliver to you in such a manner others would be unaware of you receiving it. Do you wish me to leave?"

"No! Please stay."

The only emotion Rebecca exhibited as she read, was a trickle of small, delicate tears emerging from her eyes and slowly, slowly migrating down her cheeks. She finished reading the letter, sat moment, and forced a small smile.

"This indeed is from David. I must admit I was highly suspicious at first when you claimed you knew him and this letter was from him. He relayed a number of things only he and I would know."

She took a very deep breath and looked into Franklin's eyes in the same manner an experienced poker player assessed an opponent before calling, raising, or folding.

"He said I can trust you and others you might be in contact with, with my life and those of my children. He was surprised to hear from me. The family believed I died in childbirth within the first year of marriage. Evidently, my letters to them never reached them."

Demarco had no intention of keeping his promises to her family. He intercepted every letter she wrote or received and she had no knowledge of them. When David was born, he notified her family she'd died in childbirth and her body was cremated. Additionally, he sent a check for fifteen thousand dollars he claimed was her life insurance and her wish was her family should receive it to help them. Marcello took over the tasks of letter interception when Demarco died.

"Dave's letter indicated he wanted to come, but was involved in some sort of sensitive assignment. Given the situation here currently, I don't think it'd be the right time for him to do so. Perhaps," she said lowering her head slightly acknowledging Dave's special status, "he might be able to visit in another way or shape." Rebecca knew exactly what she was saying and was certain Franklin understood as well.

"By the way, Franklin," she mused, "he says you're as straight as an oak board," and glanced quickly at Franklin's trousers seeing he was indeed. "If you have time, I'd like to explain our situation here and seek your advice."

Franklin had the time, all the time in the world in fact, if it meant being near the very attractive, alluring woman. They spent the next couple of hours discussing her situation and brain-storming on possible solutions. He agreed her current arrangement was untenable, but finding a way out without involving her in a possible crime would be a narrow pathway to walk. She was quite aware of his shape-shifter status and accepted it as readily as she accepted that of her brother and his mate.

The afternoon waned and Franklin made ready to take his leave, promising to think on their problem and possibly seek advice from her brother and his husband. He did inquire of her if he could call on her again.

"I'd be more than pleased if you did, as often as you like, but my father-in-law returns before week's end so we haven't much time. We'd have to be really careful after that."

It was clear to Franklin she desired more than just a casual friendship, if the tenor of her invitation was any indication, and so did he.

Smiling a knowing and sly smile, he replied, "If two teenage boys can slip in and out of here undetected, surely someone older and wiser would be able to do so as well."

Chase and Henri poured out what they learned from David and Lindsey's plight and the horrific conditions they faced from their half-brother and grandfather to Eric and Evan. Jacques sat nearby saying nothing but listening closely to his brother's anguished tale. Chase finished and waited expectantly for either Eric or Evan to comment.

"It sounds as if Marcello has been able to distance himself from any implications of wrong-doing or criminal activity by turning his business legitimate, but it still maintains very close, clandestine contacts with those who do engage in such activities. He has maintained a strong degree of deniability and it appears it has worked since the authorities have not accused him of any crime. It is difficult to prove murder, however foul it might be, as you described, by hear-say evidence alone, especially since the deaths were verified as being caused by someone else in a cross-fire situation by those who might otherwise prosecute him. Neither Marcello nor Marcus seem to be implicated in any provable way. They have provided themselves with more than adequate alibis," Eric pondered and offered aloud.

Henri was about to protest but was stayed by a raise of Eric's hand.

"There is, however, more than one way to skin a cat. It just takes knowledge of how the cat is put together to determine which way is the best way to rid the critter of its coat. There has to be a way for us to bring about Marcello's and Marcus' downfall, by their own doing, leaving everyone else as non-suspects."

"David will be sent away in about two months, Uncle Eric," Chase pleaded. "We don't have much time."

"There's an old saying," Eric conjectured, "better the devil you know. We need to learn as much about Marcello's habits as we can; favorite foods, phobias, superstitions, books he reads or television or websites he frequents. We already know his interest in young girls. What is he afraid of? What keeps him up at night? We need to discover where he is weak and play on those weaknesses."

"Too bad you boys can't work up some sort of Voodoo spells like they do down in New Orleans where you come from," Evan remarked somewhat in jest.

"Maybe we don't," Jacques said excitedly, "but I bet we know someone who would know."

"Who?" Evan asked, astounded there really might be such a cult.


Gaige, Jessie, Tyler, and Jase, with Gaige nestled up to Jessie on the couch, while Tyler and Jase sat on the floor, knees drawn up, on either side of them, listened carefully as Chase and Henri relayed the plight, hence their own as well, of Lindsey and David Giordano, the advice they sought from Eric and Evan, and Evan's suggestion they might try some voodoo.

"I told them I'd bet Gaige would know how to do voodoo if anyone could," Jacques volunteered, sitting with Chase and Henri.

Jessie seemed to pull Gaige to his side, as if to protect or shield him. There was no danger to the youngster, currently, but Jessie was uncertain if there might be should the lad take a different path or if he was ready for the types of adventures Jase, Tyler, and he seemed to be involved in. Pondering what the Landry's were telling him, he realized something must be done at the Remote Lake estate, not only for the Landry Brothers and their future mates, but for the safety and security of all others in the area, notwithstanding maintaining the security of the property he owned jointly for the Averill Creek Pack to use. He needed to know more, have time to plan out a course of action and discuss it with Jase, Tyler, and, of course, Uncle Eric and Uncle Evan.

He was about to ask some questions in order to gather more information when Gaige, mouth skewed to one side, brow furrowed in thought, sort of scratched his chin, and nodded his head.

"I don't know any voodoo," he said carefully. "Tante Marie didn't think it was something we needed to know although it's practiced in New Orleans and other places. She said why go to the Ju Ju Ladies when we have others in our special world who can help us as well."

"Like who?" Jessie asked, wondering where Gaige was going with his thoughts.

"You know, the Wee Folk, the pixies, fairies, elves, nymphs, and others." He stopped, his eyes saddening. "I used to have a 'Feufollet garcon' you know, a boy Cajun-Fairy as a secret friend when I lived in my old home. He was so much fun. I miss him!"

Gaige sat, momentarily deep in thought. "Maybe he doesn't know I've moved or where I moved to. We should let him know somehow."

His eyes sparkled, " I've learned how, from Tante Marie, to do some, but I know someone who could call up the nature spirits and also find others up here who could help you guys," looking up at Jessie. "Poppa Jessie can, can't you?"

Jase and Tyler suddenly swiveled their heads toward their husband. It seemed they learned more about him every day. Jacques, Chase, and Henri, gob smacked by Gaige's revelation, were open mouthed and wide eyed.

"You can?" Chase asked once he found his voice. Like many, including humans, he and his brothers heard stories concerning these "others" inhabiting their special world, but never really could prove he saw any of them.

The Cajun-Faire was a bayou spirit from around the turn of the Twentieth Century. According to the folklore surrounding it, originating when a glowing light was seen streaking over the bayous and now identified, according to some, as a glowing light in the swamps, gloriously beautiful when appearing to humans or others, naked most times, flitting about on gossamer wings, male or female, small but able to increase size when standing to the stature of an eight year old, and could do both good and evil depending how they felt about you. They were also possessed of special magical powers and could perform wondrous deeds.

Gaige wondered if such special beings existed in the north and decided they did, if only his Poppa would summon them.

Elves, again according to folklore, also populated the "other" world along with the fairies. They were larger than the fairies, reaching the stature of a ten year old, ghostly white, wraithlike to the point one could see through them, moving about freely around, pass through, over, and under objects, garmented in only a sheer lacey cape, open at the front, were male and female, and if possible, more gorgeous than fairies, although the fairies might dispute it. Elves too were possessed of special magical powers, were friendly, lovable, and nice in every way, unless you pissed them off!

Nymphs were generally known to be very beautiful and vivacious nature spirits who had an insatiable appetite for sex and sought it among the human males. More than one young man awakened in the morning with his sleep wear, bedding, or hand sticky with his ejaculation convinced he'd had a delightful sexual encounter with a slim, but voluptuous, insatiable young lady of any age. They inhabited generally the rural areas and wooded, forested areas of the world and seemed to have an insight into the minds of man's desires and fulfilled them.

However, there existed other nature spirits who weren't alluringly beautiful working diligently in bringing one sexual relief. The ones who seemed to lurk about the forest and grasslands were nasty little creatures to say the least. They'd bite your ankles when walking in tall grass, enjoin hordes of mosquitoes to attack you and join with them in biting the living hell out of you, cause you to break out in a rash when swimming in certain lakes or ponds during hot weather, nibble and gnaw in certain sensitive portions of your body bringing about an itch that was impolite to scratch when in public, relieved only by constant applications of jock itch medication or hemorrhoid ointment, and change what would've been a dry fart to one with considerably messy liquid, bringing about a hasty retreat and change of underwear, if you had any on. Wood Nymphs were nasty creatures and to be avoided if at all possible.

Although the Landry Brothers never saw a Pixie, they were reminded often of their presence growing up by their mother. Unseen Pixies were mischievous, little tykes, clever, and enjoyed tricking people, playing pranks, and sometimes troublesome. They'd misplace your glasses so you couldn't see well until you found them, eat the last piece of chocolate you swore was in the candy dish when you last looked, lock doors, hide keys, wake you in the night by tickling your toes, or making a faucet drip. They could be aggravating little imps. By the same token, if they liked you, they could help you find things or play tricks on others you wished to torment.

"I'll have to think on all of this," Jessie pondered aloud. "Learn as much as you can about the grandfather and half-brother so we can plan our actions."

"It's all going to be just fine," Gaige said with assurance, his eyes as bright as his smile.

"I know it's not polite to talk with your mouth full, Chase," David giggled as Chase's warm, moist mouth, smooth lips, and talented tongue encased and titillated his erection, after which Chase spent considerable time licking and sucking his balls and perineum, "but Mom was wondering if she could have a chat with Henri, you, Lindsey, and me tomorrow night if you can forgo an hour or two of physically loving me."

"Hummmph," muttered Chase, bobbing his head up and down David's cock until he felt the eruption of the liquid he loved into his mouth.

"Grandfather Giordano will be returning this weekend," David gasped thrusting his hips up trying to drain the last of his essence from his gonads into Chase's stomach, "and she thinks we need to discuss and make some plans. WOW!" he exclaimed, almost breathless from the intensity of his orgasm. "I told her we're trying to come up with a plan ourselves for trying to solve the situation."

David's cock softened and Chase pulled back, flicking the head of the uncut cock with his tongue to clear it of any liquid. "Good idea; we don't know much more about either of them and the guy we talked to needs more."

Chase and Henri told David and Lindsey little more than they'd talked to a very powerful and wise werewolf who could help them with the situation, but they might have to be patient. Patience was in short supply among the young lovers however.

The next night, shortly after sunset when it was full dark, Chase and Henri's wolves were padding along the shoreline toward the lodge. Just as they exited the concealment of the willows and were about to shift, they both stopped!

"Something's not right," Chase said, his nose and ears twitching seeking the source of his discomfort.

"I feel it too," responded Henri, his senses on wide alert, readying himself for either fight or flight. "I don't want to shift yet. We may have to fight and I'd rather fight as a wolf."

"Me too," Chase reacted, sinking his body lower, head down in a stalking or protection posture.

The closer they carefully stepped toward the lodge, the more danger signals seemed to go off in their head. Their thoughts were now not so much on themselves, but on the safety and welfare of their lovers, living inside the structure.

Chase stopped, not moving momentarily.

"It's another wolf. It's not a scent I recognize, but I don't think it presents any danger, I hope! Be alert anyway."

Henri slipped up to Chase's side.

"Be ready, Henri. Watch our backs."

Neither wolf looked toward the lake, their attention focused on the woods, the lodge, and the surrounding open areas. They failed to notice the larger, human, naked male emerge, silently as the movement of the wings of a Lunar Moth gliding through the night sky, from the lake.

The male scent was suddenly strong. Chase caught it and quickly turned toward the source coming from the lake. Henri joined him, both of the wolves snarling, teeth bared, hackles raised in warning, ready to attack. The two teen wolves suddenly relaxed, heads and tails up, ears perked forward, as they recognized Franklin Campbell standing knee deep in the shallow waters of the lake shore.

"I'm surprised you didn't spot me swimming parallel to the shore," Franklin commented, before commanding, "Shift and join me on the shore on our walk to the lodge."

God, thought Chase to himself, are all those Campbell's hung like horses? Franklin certainly was, maybe just a tad more. Chase also wondered how Lindsey, David, and Mrs. Giordano would react to Franklin's presence; a very naked, very male Franklin at that.

"Mrs. Giordano will have informed Lindsey and David of my joining you in your discussion. In case you're wondering, I'm in this just as deep as you are. She requested my assistance when we visited and I agreed."

Chase wanted to ask why they'd never scented him in this manner before, but thought this was not the time or place.

Chase needn't have worried about their nudity; Mrs. Giordano provided several large bath towels to wrap around their waists, almost successfully concealing their cocks and balls. They were still in evidence via the bulges in the front but not actually visible, unless one sat down with their legs spread and aimed their crotch at someone who really wanted a look. Chase did just that and David looked. Mrs. Giordano seemed rather indifferent towards Franklin's equipment as he casually stood and wrapped his towel around his waist. David and Lindsey, however, stared unabashed at the length and girth until it was relatively concealed from view.

Recovering his manners, tearing his eyes from the various wondrous sights, David commented, "I thought you might be like Chase and Henri, especially after you and the other guy came to my rescue. I figured out if Chase and Henri were shifters, you just had to be as well."

"David," Chase cautioned, reprimanding him quietly, "Remember we never mention it around others," nodding toward Mrs. Giordano.

"She's aware," Franklin intervened, "so we can speak freely. We do need to put our heads together and list all of the habits, peculiarities, and so on concerning Marcello and Marcus. It'll really help us. Chase and Henri, you'll want to share the information with a mutual friend of ours. I believe our friend will be involved as well."

Franklin had no intention, at this point in time, informing the Landry's he too would share the information and work in coordination with Jessie's plan. His contact with Jessie alerted him to some of what might be going to happen. Jessie was relatively closed mouth, but Gaige did say "they're going to have a whole lot of hurt dumped on them."

One little tidbit Jessie did reveal provided a deeper understanding of what made Marcus tick, how and why Jessie felt he was being black-mailed, unknown to Marcello.

Jessie re-read his Grandfather Sutton's old journals. Ever since the disastrous but successful raid on the drug dealers in the abandoned cabin, something about it bothered him. He knew he'd read something somewhere about the previous leasers of the property. Why did the dealers chose that particular cabin? It wasn't because it was isolated; there are plenty of others. Who knew of its existence and the lease status? None of it made sense, at the time, even to the point someone fired a shot prematurely as if to warn those in the cabin before the raid.

One of his grandfather's early journals made mention of the leasee's of the property from many years before. Originally owned by the individual or group and when purchased by the government, given a lease, the lease expired and no one bothered to inforce the expiration clause. The only name mentioned in the journal was "Gordani" and nothing else. After reading the section, it now made sense to Jessie, even though his grandfather had misspelled the name. It didn't take much for his Uncles Eric and Evan to do a little detective work and discover the individual was a Giordano; not Marcello but a Louis, now long since dead.

If it was a Giordano and not Marcello, it didn't mean Marcello wasn't unaware of the property but because of his continued efforts to remain "clean" never acknowledged it. It was in the family at one time, so there was no doubt in Jessie's mind someone else in the family was aware of it, but who and why would the drug dealers be using it? The only ones who might know or did know was Demarco, now dead, Marcello, who distanced himself from it, and Marcus.

Whatever Franklin could discover with his visit between the Landry Boys and Rebecca Giordano and her family might give them additional insight concerning "the who" and "the why".

Gaige provided some thought as he listened to Franklin and his Poppa Jessie discuss the situation and what was needed.

"Somebody likes the dreamland stuff, I think; maybe too much I think?"

So Franklin began explaining the purpose of his visit with Chase, Henri, David, and Lindsey.

"Marcello and Marcus will be returning tomorrow or the next day. It will be difficult for us to get together after tonight, so let's be as thorough as possible, leaving nothing out since we don't know what will help and what won't. Let's take Marcus first."

David and Lindsey could add little more to the information Franklin already had concerning Marcus's behavioral traits and activities.

"He looks at us like we're some special, forbidden dessert and as bad as he wants it, he's afraid what'll happen if he tries it," Lindsey responded, disgust and scorn in her voice.

"And," David piped up, "we know why he won't eat hot dogs," relaying the story his mother told of her encounter with Marcus and the hot dog.

Chase and Henri, concerned how their own peckers may be attacked by Mrs. Giordano since they were fucking her children, slipped their hands protectively over their towel covered crotches, cringing as David went into great deal how the hot dog was sliced in half.

"Don't worry boys," she laughed, "your precious objects are safe from me. My children would have my hide if I ever even contemplated such a punishment."

Franklin merely shrugged, evidently, thought Chase, he felt safe from any mutilation. It was Mrs. Giordano who should be concerned with damage from the massive meat Franklin had swinging between his legs, stretching her to unbelievable widths, if he ever got the chance. Maybe, he already has concluded Chase. He certainly didn't seem concerned about his own pecker at any rate.

"Well," Rebecca said, "I've been watching this family for a little over seventeen years, almost eighteen, from Demarco to Marcello, to Marcus. I can tell you a great deal about the two still alive."

Rebecca not only observed, she listened to what the Giordano's said and didn't say, to the various staff employees who trusted her not to repeat anything they told her or she overheard, and she snooped!

Marcus was spoiled rotten by his father and still is by his grandfather. He was a bully but basically chicken shit when someone pushed back and as result carried a pistol. Obsessed with sex with young boys and girls since he was little, was given the opportunity to act on his obsession when he accompanied his father and grandfather on their own excursions. He had a large collection of DVD's locked in a closet in his room, which he viewed regularly as he pumped his cock. It was rumored, among the staff, the videos were made locally as well as some of him, his father, and his grandfather mounting young girls, and others furnished by "friends." His grandfather was evidently unaware of those of Marcus fucking boys younger than ten or so and of the same age group, some others upward of twelve years of age, fucking him or there would've been dire consequences for Marcus.

"A couple of years ago," she said, "Marcus was being treated with heavy doses of penicillin for some sort of venereal disease. Hard to say what else he caught or transmitted as sexually active as he is."

"I think he'd fuck a snake," David snorted derisively," if he could catch it and hold it still long enough."

"I've suspected, the last several years, Marcus is deep into drugs, although I can't prove any of this," Rebecca speculated. "If he is, he's getting it free from some source in exchange for something. I know from listening around, in this family nothing comes without strings attached. One of the housekeepers, who is quite loyal to me because of an incident years ago, said Marcus was being blackmailed. I do know there are times Marcus's eyes look like two pee-holes in the snow, he's so far out of it. If his grandfather knew or thought he was being blackmailed, involved in anything that could compromise the old man, or knew he liked sex with boys, he'd either have him in a private sanatorium or underground."

Marcus, it was reported by the night staff, would wander around inside and out as if seeking something, Many times he was naked and sexually aroused and pleasuring himself. Staff thought he was hallucinating and acting out his fantasies.

"That boy's walking down a short path," Rebecca said, concluding her discussion on Marcus, "and if the truth be found out by the authorities, although I doubt it ever would since they were paid off, he was the one who killed David's friends, under order of his grandfather."

Rebecca, momentarily lost in thought trying to decide how to begin the discussion of Marcello, commented, "Now, Marcello; there's a horse of a different breed."

"We all agree he is cold-hearted, vicious, and more than likely a sociopath. He is concerned with one person, himself and would have no hesitation ordering the death of any member of his family. Rumor had it, he was the one who ordered the hit on Demarco. He thought Demarco was plotting against him, planning a takeover of his empire, and he just couldn't stand for that. He has so much dirt on people, he'd never be convicted of any crime until someone gets really pissed and turns the tables on him."

Marcello was a creature of habit; everything in its place and a place for everything. He was obsessed with what others might find inconsequential, such as exactly how many scoops to use per cup of coffee he preferred and to have it served at exactly seven o'clock each morning, or the placement of the sugar bowl on the table, or how his suits, ties, and shirts were arranged in his closet.

"My father-in-law still enjoys sex with young girls, but," Rebecca commented watching for any reaction from the teenagers present, "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, if you know what I mean."

None of the young people reacted, so she said, "He needs a boost sometimes from the little blue pill in order to get it up and keep it up. Marcello must be very careful and judicious in the use of the drug, he takes heart medication on a regular basis. Very few people know he has a serious heart condition."

Rebecca knew her father-in-law extremely well and from what she was relaying, Franklin and the Landry brothers were able to put together a fair composite of the man's disposition, his likes and dislikes, foibles, suspicions, and fears. It was quite a laundry list, painting a composite picture of a very complex but highly disturbed man. Marcello was highly prejudiced against the LGBTQ community, people of color, non-evangelical Christians, highly superstitious; watched, listened to, and read the far right media, suffered from bouts of paranoia, had difficulty sleeping, obsessed over his money, both in the States and in off-shore accounts, and basically trusted no one but himself.

"A couple of final items," Rebecca concluded. "I believe Marcello borders on alcoholism. He has two glasses of wine at lunch, two vodka martinis in Old Fashioned glasses, half ice and half vodka- one olive at precisely five o'clock each afternoon; and I think he has several whiskeys before retiring for the night. He doesn't sleep well; dreams and also has prostate problems causing him to wake to urinate several times a night. There are times he has to catheterize himself in order to void his bladder. The only reason I know this is one time a package full of them came for him when he was gone and the guard, who accepted the package, brought it to me. One comment led to a question and I found out all I needed to know."

She waited expecting Franklin or someone to ask questions. Instead, Franklin said thoughtfully, "We need to develop a plan to feed his fears and push him toward some sort of action which will result in his downfall."

"Hey," he concluded, "it's after one in the morning and we need to leave. The ugly twosome will be home later and we don't want to raise any suspicions."

Franklin asked Chase and Henri to wait for him down near the willows while he escorted Rebecca back to her apartments. It'd give the teens time to say their goodbyes and him an opportunity to alert Rebecca to some changes happening at the estate in the next couple of weeks.

"Rebecca," he began, "there will be two new employees showing up to replace two who are suddenly going to have better offers somewhere else. One will be a night security guard and the other a groundskeeper. They will be here to provide protection for you and your children. There is no doubt you will recognize both of them, but it is extremely critical you don't acknowledge them in any way other than just as employees. Don't even give a hint you know them, understand?"

Rebecca nodded her understanding and agreement, but asked no further questions.

"One other thing," he said. "Tomorrow night, tucked under the dock, you'll find a cellphone. It's a flip phone and can send and receive voice and text. It's to contact me in case there's trouble. Push the number one for speed dial and I'll respond."

Franklin joined Chase and Henri at the lake shore. Before shifting he advised them there would be two strange wolf scents around the area but not to be concerned. "They'll be part of our action plan here," he said before shifting into his full-adult werewolf form.

"Jessie may have unusual powers," Chase whispered to Henri, "but Franklin Campbell has a lot of clout."

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