The Cajun Wolf - Murder Most Foul

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 15

Copyright © 2019 – Nicholas Hall

"Millions of spiritual creatures walk the earth unseen,
Both when we wake and when we sleep."
(John Milton)

"You really love this, don't you?" Chase murmured softly into David's ear, letting his lips tickle the lobes before moving to David's neck, as he shuddered, butt cheeks clenching, driving with a strong thrust and holding his member deep, and pulsing his strong, huge ejaculation of several thick, white ropes of cum into David's rectum.

David's legs were wrapped about his waist, eyes closed, squirming, pulling Chase closer, seating the long thick cock in as deep as he could, stretching and flexing his anal sphincter and inner sheath to accommodate and accept the ample thick, viscous, liquid being pumped into his bowels, while squealing his own powerful release, smearing it all over his and Chase's abdomens. He was secured tight by Chase's strong arms and his own legs; tight enough for Chase's pubic bush to rest against his own balls as Chase and he entered into the soft, loving peace, the half-sleep of post-coital bliss, knowing it wouldn't be the last time they fucked before it was time for Chase and Henri to leave.

He truly did love it! He loved the way Chase's cock filled him, rubbing and stimulating his insides and love button, sending almost electrical charges of erotic pleasure from his asshole to his balls to the end of his cock until he'd orgasm his thick discharge. If not, Chase's warm mouth, lips, and ever so talented tongue sucking, licking, probing his balls and penis in a loving, sensual, and satisfying blow job brought him to nut. David loved the taste of Chase's penis, sucking the head, teasing the large slit at the end, sliding the smooth abundant foreskin back or licking under it as it covered the large cock-head, lapping up the clear Cowper's fluid oozing out or the thick, white, tapioca consistency of Chase' semen as it shot forth into his waiting mouth. He liked to be held, tight and secure against Chase's chest, embraced in the protective warmth; an embrace by a lover almost daring anyone to attempt to take him away; Chase's smile, his scent, his eyes, his laugh, his gentleness was the alpha and the omega of David's life. There was little of Chase David didn't love.

David loved Chase Landry and couldn't imagine life without him regardless of who or what he was. What he was, David wanted to be so he could be with him forever. He patted Chase's chest softly saying; "I love you."

"And I love you," Chase responded, "but," he confessed, "the size of my cock and as many times as I've fucked you, I'm afraid you'll get really sore or I'll hurt you somehow. What that the hell would you tell the doctor?"

Opening his eyes, turning his head so he was face to face with Chase, kissed him, rubbed noses, and David murmured, "I'll tell him I'd been royally fucked by a wolf with the biggest cock in the forest."

"Say what!" Chase exclaimed, rearing back to look at David's face more closely.

"I said I'd tell the doctor I'd been fucked by a wolf with the biggest cock in the forest and," he added, with a sly, mischievous snicker, "my sister is being fucked by his younger brother who has the second biggest cock in the forest."

Trying to recover from the shock of David's announcement, deciding how to refute the claim without lying to his lover, unable to admit his Lycan side at this time, since Lycans just don't admit their paranormal side to humans, except their mates, since it'd endanger others of their species, Chase sort of laughed nervously.

"Dreamer! Since when and where you fucked by a wolf? A wild wolf wouldn't fuck a human, they'd probably eat them first." Chase thought to himself his comments should sidetrack David and cause him to drop the subject.

"The wolf I know does nibble and suck on my balls and cock, but he's never tried to eat them," David responded, pausing, wondering if he should continue.

Chase stared down at his lover, now flat on his back, smile on his face, his smaller arms wrapped around Chase's neck and legs still incasing his hips, still smiling knowingly. Chase responded in the crotch department; his cock was softening, still lodged in David's small butt, oozing the last of his copious offering.

"But," David continued, pulling Chase face down, close to his, and kissing him, "I love him so much and want to be with him my whole life."

Chase was confused, uncertain what he should do, what to say, if anything. Should he try to lie to David by fabricating some story? He knew better than try that, David would know in a second. God, he wished his parents were here or maybe he could postpone this discussion until he could talk to Uncle Eric and Uncle Evan? Maybe he should just ask David where in the world he got such an idea?

His thought process was interrupted by Henri.

"Holy shit, Chase! Lindsey just told me she knows what we are! What the fuck we gonna do?"

"Both of you better come in to David's room so we can hash this mess out."

Chase realized too late, Lindsey and David admitted they could "hear" them as well so he may as well shouted it to the heavens, but then their mother and the security people would've heard them as well. Then there'd be hell to pay!

Henri and Lindsey crept silently from her room, across the deck, and entered David's room. Chase was sitting, back against the bed headboard, legs spread, with David sitting on his lap fiddling with his cock.

Chase just patted the bed, indicating Henri and Lindsey better join them. Henri sat at the foot of the bed facing his older brother, while Lindsey positioned herself on Henri's lap, his hard stiff rod poking up between her legs. She leaned back against his chest, reached down, felt the length of him, raised up, positioned the bulbous head at her honey-pot, wiggled a bit to get it started, and slowly lowered herself until Henri was sheathed to his balls.

David watched, as did Chase, chin resting on David's shoulder, as his sister settled down on the length of Henri's cock until her fourteen year old twat was filled almost to overflowing.

Chase moaned, "Absolutely amazing!" bringing him to a cock-stand as well.

"How do you do that, Lindsey?" David asked incredulous at the sight.

"No different than you're doing now!"

Indeed, David noticed the cock-stand Chase had, raised himself, and sunk the large penis into home port.

"That's different, I'm older."

"Enough," Chase ordered. "Now, tell me how you two came to this ridiculous conclusion Henri and I are werewolves."

"We didn't say werewolves, but you are, aren't you?" answered David, knowing when Chase answered, he wouldn't lie to him.

David didn't give Chase the opportunity to respond.

"I've been fascinated with wolves ever since Mom read me the story, 'Peter and the Wolf' and I heard the music, 'Peter and the Wolf,' composed by Sergei Prokofiev. Mom said wolves were great and noble creatures and encouraged us," pointing at Lindsey, "to learn as much as we could about them and we did."

David, once learning to read, frequented the library and later, online, for information concerning wolves. His mother often insisted they spend holidays at the lodge on Remote Lake hinting it reminded her of home, wherever that was. It was at Remote Lake, during one winter holiday, he first heard and saw wild wolves. He'd been looking out of the door, one bright, moonlit winter night, in his bedroom leading to the deck and saw, across the frozen snow covered lake a small pack of wolves chasing and downing a deer on the far side. He was thrilled to see such a sight. Visits to the International Wolf Center and public zoos further motivated him to learn more.

In the process of learning and growing, around the fifth grade about the time he was discovering and understanding his own sexuality, he happened on a photo of two wolves copulating, something he'd seen dogs do, but really hadn't thought about how wolves mated. Now he knew.

It was also the time in his life he was introduced to reading mythology. The instructor at the academy assigned various tales to read concerning such gods and goddesses found in Greek and Roman mythology. Zeus, Atlas, and others, especially Dionysus or Bacchus, as he was also known, was especially interesting to him. His studies and interest increased, more for the fact he could find illustrations or photos of statutes depicting naked, young boys or men with small, uncut cocks like his own.

He happen-chanced, while cruising the internet, a listing of other creatures of myths, legends, and folklore, opening a new world of nymphs, sprites, fairies, elves, fauns, and brownies. Many illustrations of naked creatures in folklore were depicted as well.

His fifth grade school year was a year of discovery and not all of it pleasant. David realized and witnessed how brutal and vicious his half-brother, his father, and grandfather could be. He accidently discovered them, during a school break, in the caretaker's cottage on their Illinois estate with a young girl, perhaps thirteen or fourteen. Marcus was holding her down on the floor while Demarco was raping her. As David watched, his father dismounted and his grandfather took over, the young girl screaming and pleading for them to stop. It upset him terribly, so he crept away before he was discovered.

Terrified something like that'd happen to his little sister, he sobbed his confession to his mother. She assured him she knew of his father's, grandfather's, and half-brother's proclivities and promised him it'd never happen to Lindsey. She also swore him to secrecy, concerned what her father-in-law might do to her son.

He kept the secret as he promised, but also made a vow to protect his sister and his mother from such predation. But he was small; how would he do it? David's reading led him to a creature in mythology and folklore called a "loup garous" or the Cajun or French Canadian equivalent of a werewolf; a Lycanthrope feared by man and strong, agile, and able to kill without being killed unless hunters got on the creatures tail and killed it with a silver bullet. He also learned, according to the stories, a human could be turned into a werewolf.

Off-handed one day, he asked his mother of such a creature existed. She looked at him a strange manner and answered oddly, "There are many strange creatures in our world who walk among us," and said no more.

His curiosity perked, David found stories of werewolves, especially gay werewolves. From all descriptions, werewolves were bigger than ordinary wild wolves, had extraordinary strength, increased senses of sight, hearing, and smell even when human, and, according to folklore, lived among humans.

The one small part of former DNR Warden Ted Symthe's lecture on wolves, he really remembered and believed, although all of the other students pooh-poohed it, concerned the rumored existence of Lycans in northern climes. David began paying closer attention to the wolves he saw and heard while at the lodge on Remote Lake.

The past three years he'd noticed a difference in the howls he heard at night and an occasional glimpse, during full moons, winter and summer, of large wolves, with different calls, seemed to be living in the area. Once, he thought he spotted identical twin wolves running with a smaller wolf.

"So," he continued, "the first night when you walked up to me, different color, larger size, and sniffed my balls, I knew you were no ordinary wolf. I tentatively identified you as a loup garous- a Lycan of either Cajun or French-Canadian origin. Your accent as a human convinced me. One night after you and Henri visited, Lindsey and I followed your tracks and saw where you shifted from human to wolf."

Henri's eyes widened, shocked and dumbfounded by their discovery.

Chase, however, gave a final thrust, emptying himself into David. He held David close as his large cock throbbed and pulsed his seed into his lover's bowels.

"I love you, David Giordano, with my whole heart and I know Henri loves Lindsey the same way. We have marked you, warning all others away, but if you so much as breathe a word of this to anyone, you place Henri, Jacques, and me in danger, not only from hunters who seek to kill us with silver, but others of our own kind who seek to do us harm. Is that what you want?"

Lindsey and David both rose up, turned to face their lovers, and buried their heads in their shoulders, crying, begging, pleading it wasn't what they wanted. It was a secret, as far as they were concerned, which couldn't be pried from them even unto the threat of death. All they really wanted was to be mated and claimed by Chase and Henri. Chase and Henri comforted their distraught lovers as best as possible, but made no commitment to mating and turning their lovers into werewolves at this time.

"I know," Chase said speaking softly, "but I had to be certain. It's not the time yet to mate you and when we do, we'll have to be seen as boy-friend/boy-friend and boy-friend/ girlfriend but the four of us have another more desperate and crucial mission; to free you from the murderous bastards who keep you here and prevent them from sending David away. They have to be stopped, somehow, from continually committing their vicious acts, but it must be in a way that doesn't draw attention to us."

David and Henri left an hour before dawn, confident their secret was safe, yet, Chase knew he needed to seek the advice of Uncle Eric and Uncle Evan as well as Jessie Sutton.

The shadows and darkness existing in the surrounding trees, shrinking as sunrise neared, concealed the large wolf, laying, listening to the young teens discussing what must be done and the secrets to be held sacrosanct, knew there was much to be done, but this situation just might increase the difficulties or sacrifice part of his two-fold mission. The important part was given by the Grand Council; to conceal the whereabouts of the Landry Brothers and provide protection for the "little prince" without compromising the safety and secrecy of not only them but of all of the Lycans in the area. The second part was personal as a favor to a friend he'd met while training and traveling.

The wolf's ears perked up just as he intended to leave. Someone was joining David and Lindsey, both still naked from their encounters with Chase and Henri. He decided to stay put and learn what he could, hopefully gain some insight into a way to resolve his dilemma.

David and Lindsey, standing in the predawn darkness, were so absorbed in watching the departure of their lovers behind the willows along the lake front, they didn't hear their mother step from the hall doorway leading to the deck and walk up behind them.

Placing a hand on each of their shoulders, she startled them. "Beautiful creatures aren't they? I can see why you two love them so much."

Lindsey and David turned quickly, trying to cover their privates, mortified their mother should find them naked and standing outside watching Chase and Henri leave.

David stuttered, embarrassed and concerned, "What are you doing here?"

"I live here, remember? I've been standing in the doorway ever since the four of you emerged from your bedroom, David."

"Oh, my god!" Lindsey moaned, one arm covering her small, but maturing breasts and a hand covering her pubic area, suspecting all was lost.

David quickly slipped a hand down, cupped his balls and cock, hoping to conceal them.

"I can explain….," he sputtered.

"Shush," Rebecca said speaking softly and comforting, "you're in no trouble, but we do need to have a visit. Why don't the two of you put something on and come back here so we may sit at the table and chairs on the deck? It'll be more comfortable and afford us the privacy I think we need for what we have to discuss."

They hastened to do her bidding, but on the way to their rooms, David was able to tell Lindsey he thought they were in deep shit and "for god's sake don't say anything about—you know!"

"Don't worry; I won't."

David slipped on a pair of shorts and Lindsey a light robe before returning the deck and joining their mother. She looked around in the semi-darkness; "I think if we keep our eyes open and stay alert, we have less chance of being overheard here than in the main house. I just don't trust your grandfather not to have the place bugged."

David was fairly certain it wasn't since he'd scour the place every time his grandfather and half-brother left. Besides, there was one of the security guys who thought he was cute and really wanted into David's pants, but he hadn't succeeded. David expressed concern the place might be wired and was assured it wasn't. The guard still didn't get into David's pants.

"Are the two of you alright?" Rebecca asked, concerned for the welfare of her children. I mean, from what I could observe, those are two really large and big boys and I don't mean in height and weight."

Both David and Lindsey were embarrassed their mother knew exactly what they'd been doing and really didn't want to discuss something so intimate with her.

"We're fine, Mom," David answered for both of them.

"I'll bet a bit sore at times, though," she responded, raising her eyebrows further embarrassing David and Lindsey.

David just shook his head in dismay. "Not anymore."

"What are their names?"

"Chase Landry is my boyfriend and Henri Landry, his brother, is Lindsey's."

Rebecca nodded approvingly. "They seem to be nice boys who care for you both dearly."

"Well, you both need to know you're not in trouble and I ask for your patience with me. What I have to say may take some time."

David and Lindsey settled back, not too comfortably since they were uncertain what their mother might reveal and how they entered into the situation, given what she'd just witnessed.

"I now share a similar secret with you, a secret none of us can reveal without placing someone we love and others in grave danger. Like you, I too have a secret and it too can never be spoken of outside of who we'd trust with our lives. Okay?"

They nodded their heads, understanding, yet extremely curious. They knew very little of their mother's background, hoping she'd reveal more now.

"I've told you very little of my past, my family, where I'm from, and how I ended up with your father. It was purposeful on my part. You've wondered, I'm certain, over the years why I insisted we come up here during your holiday and summer breaks rather than stay at the estate in Illinois. Although we lived there, it was really never my home or even in territory I found familiar and friendly. Remote Lake is the one place reminding me of my home and helps me compensate for how much I miss it. Remote Lake is now more my home than any other."

Rebecca Flynn, now Giordano, was born and raised, to age thirteen, in Northern Maine in Aroostook County, in the area of Eagle Lake, with the nearest larger city of Fort Kent, a few miles away and on the Canadian/United States border. The Flynn's were a poor family, living a semi-subsistent life style, supplementing what their father could earn outside with hunting, fishing, trapping, and raising what crops they could. She was one of seven children, with three older brothers, two younger sisters, and one baby brother born just prior to her leaving home.

Her mother entertained and kept them from too much mischief growing up by retelling stories of forest creatures, of the type not seen by many mortals. Such creatures as pixies, elves, wood nymphs (nasty little critters she would say), trolls, and others who would punish little boys and girls who were naughty or perhaps carry them away. If she really wanted them to behave, there were stories of werewolves, strange creatures who prowled the woods by night and walked around as humans during the day. Of course, none of the children ever saw these creatures, but still were careful in the woods. There were real threats such as bears, coyotes, and wild wolves, along with Lynx and Wolverines while secretly Rebecca believed the other strange creatures described by her mother, existed and abounded in the real world disguised as humans or something else.

Her oldest brother David, who her son David is named after, was a quiet lad, some seven years older than her.

"I knew early on he liked boys better than girls and had a secret boyfriend he met at school. The boyfriend, Stephen Granger, came from a family living in a loose settlement of perhaps three other families. They were pretty reclusive, I thought at the time, preferring their own company rather than associating with others. Steve and the others in his family who went to our school were friendly enough, but kept to themselves. Somewhere along the line David and Steve fell in love. My father would've never tolerated such gay behavior, but I knew of it and Dave knew I knew. He trusted me to keep his secret."

The year Dave graduated from high school, when school was out, he came to his sister, told her how much he loved her, but he was going away to be with Steve Granger and probably would never be back again. He left during the predawn and Rebecca heard him depart the house. She followed him down a logging road near their home where he met up with Steve Granger. Watching them, Rebecca saw both boys strip naked, kiss each other passionately, and shift from human to wolf.

"You mean snout, teeth, fur, and tail and all?" her son David exclaimed.

"The whole thing; big and beautiful," she answered a smile on her face. "After they shifted, I witnessed the most extraordinary thing, leaving my mind whirling, as if watching my brother turn into a wolf wasn't mind-blowing enough. Steve positioned himself behind Dave and mounted him, doggy style, and mated with him. I watched, fascinated, until they finished, assuming they'd leave. But no, Dave shifted back to human, walked over to me, told me again he loved me, and asked me to gather up their clothes and destroy them so no trace would remain. As a final request, he admonished me to tell no one their secret and I agreed to. He shifted again, rejoined Steve, and ran away."

"It was the last time I saw my brother and didn't reveal his secret until now and you know why, don't you? It wasn't because he's gay."

Lindsey and David stood up and embraced their mother. She comforted them and they comforted her, important now they were the keepers of mutual secrets. Their emotions subsided and Lindsey asked how her mother ended up with Demarco.

"He was a complete jerk and you deserved better," she said indignantly.

"He was that, Lindsey, and much more."

The sun was just beginning to cast a glow on the horizon, evidently just over the tree line at the other end of the lake as Rebecca continued her story.

"I'd traveled to Fort Kent, on the border of New Brunswick, Canada and Maine, the nearest large city to where we lived, with my father and one of my older brothers. We'd been to the food pantry to pick up a number of items we needed at home, made a stop to pick up some commodities, shopped with our food stamps at one of the local stores, and were stopped at a hardware store where my father needed to buy some parts to repair his chain saw. I was waiting in the pickup for them when the most handsome man I'd ever seen walked up to the window, said 'hi' and introduced himself as Demarco Giordano."

Demarco claimed he was returning from Edmonton, New Brunswick on a business trip and was just passing through. He stopped at the hardware store to purchase an item and spotted young Rebecca sitting in the pickup truck. At first glance she appeared to be just the age he really enjoyed. After talking to her for a moment, noticing her small boobs forming, decided she was a bit older, but probably delightful. At any rate, he was in need of producing some heirs and she appeared to be just the one he might need. The fact she was a stunner in looks, small, fine boned, and probably not long into puberty, would work out just fine.

Flynn and his son emerged from the store, Demarco introduced himself, expressed his interest in Flynn's daughter and was given permission to court her. Flynn had more than enough mouths at home to take care of and if he could make a satisfactory marriage for Rebecca so much the better for all of them.

Over the next week, Demarco stayed in the area and paid courtship to young Rebecca. Every time he saw her, his cock hardened, and his lust increased. He convinced her father he was a wealthy, well respected business man who had nothing but the best interests of Rebecca at heart and he was desperately in love with her. He promised her father she'd have wealth, opportunities for travel, and not want for anything her whole life with him if she would marry him. He promised himself he'd fuck her every chance he got. The real deal clincher was the payment of ten thousand dollars in cash he made to Flynn to "compensate for the loss of her companionship and to show good faith." He also promised she'd keep in touch and if need be could send more money to her family to help ease their financial burden. None of these promises were made with Rebecca present, so she was completely unaware of them.

By the end of the week, they were married by a justice of the peace and she was off to Illinois with her new husband. His attentions, sexually, were never wanting and never far apart. He taught her many unusual things and positions to enhance his sexual pleasures and hers as well. She was most compliant, deciding she really had no choice. Demarco told Rebecca her father sold her to him as a child bride in order to provide for the rest of his family. It was her duty to satisfy him sexually and provide him with children, hence the frequency of copulation. It didn't make her particularly happy, but she accepted her fate, sort of.

"I was thirteen, the lowest legal age in Maine at the time, to marry and pregnant with you, David, within the first three months of marriage. I never heard another word from my family, although I did write occasionally to them. I hadn't graduated from high school, but with the financial resources the Giordano Family had, I studied, with the help of a tutor, and received my GED diploma."

"Although highly suspicious, it wasn't until after your birth, Lindsey, I became acutely aware of your father's sexual attraction to and activities with young, prepubescent girls. I discovered him having sex with a nine year old daughter of one of our house maids. I forbid him from sharing my bed or any sexual relations with me, threatening to change him from a rooster to a capon if he tried anything with me or you as you grew older. Fortunately, he died."

"How about the perverted half-brother we have?" David snorted derisively. "He's just as bad as Grandfather Giordano."

"Oh, David, he's much worse; he was and is a strange boy and man. Marcus was seven or eight years old when you were born. When I first moved in, he'd watch me and it was creepy. If I took a shower or changed clothes, I'd look up and see him standing either naked or with his penis poking out of his pants masturbating himself. I thought it more than just odd so I complained to Demarco. He told me to get used to it. The night I woke up and discovered Marcus trying to have sex with me was the last straw. I raised hell and threatened the boy. Evidently, he believed me since he left me alone after that."

Her threat wasn't physical. She knew something about Marcus which would put his father and grandfather over the edge. Marcus was a cruel child, loving to hurt or kill things, delighting in the suffering the poor creature underwent. He also loved both boys and girls. Loving boys was an anathema in the Giordano household, something to bring down the wrath of his father and his grandfather. Marcus was especially attracted to little hairless boys and little hairless girls, all under the age of ten or so, but age eleven would be acceptable if the boy's penis wasn't too big.

Even when he was eight, nine, and on up, he'd engage in the most perverted and painful sexual acts with his victims. The little girls were provided by his father or grandfather and he often accompanied them into the bedroom to partake of their recreation, sometimes being the first to break the young girl's virginity, but most often having sloppy second's or thirds. The young boys he found on his own, usually one of the children of an employee. They were too frightened of Marcello to complain since most were undocumented immigrants and didn't want to be sent back across the border where an uncertain fate awaited them.

At age thirteen or so, his pubes in beginning bloom and his penis increasing in size, he volunteered to give David, age six or so, and Lindsey, age four, their evening bath. Rebecca thanked him but said no. It was one of the first times she'd witnessed his overt approach to the children, although whenever they dressed and he was around, he'd watch intently, a noticeable, but small bulge present in his shorts, pants, or underwear, depending on how he was dressed at the time.

"The next day, we were having hotdogs and mac and cheese for lunch, one of his favorites. The nasty teenager would pick up a hot dog and slowly suck it up into his mouth and grinning lasciviously, ogling you, David, most lewdly. He'd suck the hot dog in part way into his mouth, push it back out, and suck it back part way into his mouth again. There was no doubt the act he was portraying and what he was thinking about you as he did so. The action was most evident what he was demonstrating was to either shock us or more likely to amuse himself; either way, it was most disgusting, not something one wouldn't do at the dinner table, and he knew it."

"I think he was telegraphing me the message if he got the chance he was going to do the same to you. He kept one hand under the table and I could see one of his arms jiggling. I assumed he was masturbating himself. I took a hot dog from the platter, lay it on my plate, smiled at the teen pervert, called his attention to it, smiled, and told him if he dared touch either of you, his wee wee would barely be a wee and cut the hot dog in half. The one he had in his mouth was spit out and he left the table."

"That's why he doesn't like hot dogs," Lindsey giggled.


Rebecca paused, deciding whether to continue. Deciding she must since her children had the right to know and would be armed with additional information concerning Marcus, she continued.

"Marcus is a sadistic and dangerous man. He was a troubled, a sexual deviant growing up and now, well, he's still a sexual deviant but he is also a murderous, vicious, and depraved sociopath who cares for little else except his own diabolical and sexual pleasures. I know you don't know this David, but Marcus is the one who murdered your friends on order from your grandfather. From what I could glean from some of the gossip among the security people, he took great pleasure from doing so, inflicting pain, torture, and committing several diabolical, barbarous, and unspeakable sexual acts with them and on them."

Unwilling to admit his own appetites for the prepubescent male body, in addition to young girls, and his frustration concerning being unable to molest or fuck David, Marcus proceeded to take his jealously and enmity out on the two young boys he'd seen with David, proceeding to first rape each boy before subjecting them to a sexual encounter for each of them with a male Rottweiler dog determined to mount them and knot them. As the dogs knotted with the boys, knotted, standing dog ass to boy ass, Marcus grabbed first one dog and then the other, ripping them from the boy's plugged asses. The boys screamed in pain as their rectums were torn and screamed louder when Marcus shot the two dogs. He grinned, looked at the two whimpering, injured boys, and shot them as well. Their bodies, re-clothed, were dumped on a city street and the murders were blamed on gang violence cross fire.

David and Lindsey were horrified learning how the two boys died and who was responsible; their grandfather for ordering it done, and Marcus for doing it. David was more than just horrified, he was angry to the point of vowing revenge.

"After Chase bites me and claims me as his mate," he vowed, "I'm going to shift, find Marcus, and kill him. No one will be the wiser, assuming he wandered away either in a drunken stupor or in a fog of dope, and died. His body will only show the aftereffects of animals tearing up a corpse. I'll wait awhile and rid the earth of Marcello Giordano as well."

Rebecca noticed David said 'when,' not 'if' Chase claimed him. She hoped David wouldn't have to be the one to do the deeds, but somehow, someone else would. Either way she wouldn't try to stop him or anyone else from removing Marcus and Marcello from this earth. They were murderers most evil and foul and justice would be served in one way or the other, either by humans or by the strange and wonderful mythological creatures she and her children knew walked the earth with them.

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