The Cajun Wolf - Murder Most Foul

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 11

Copyright© 2019 – Nicholas Hall

"The moon, like a flower
In heaven's high bower
With silent delight,
Sits and smiles on night."
(William Blake)

Morning arrived way too soon as far as Chase was concerned. He lay in bed, thoughts of his encounter just a few hours before, with David Giordano, still fresh in his mind and manifested in his cock, as he pleasured himself, stroking faster and faster until his abdomen and lower chest was slathered with sticky, voluminous, white cum. Slowly squeezing the last vestiges seeping from his deflating member, his thoughts were on an anticipated meeting with David sometime soon. He was concerned how long he could continue liaisons in his wolf form with the fabulously cute teen before he succumbed to his desire to shift to human and fuck him hard and deep, claiming and eventually mating with him. Would David's love for him be strong and secure enough to accept the radical changes to his body and his life by becoming a Lycanthrope? Chase knew this had to be David's decision and not his. Could he live with the decision if David couldn't? With the intensity of love he felt for David, of course he would. It'd be tough, but he'd do it!

Henri, awake in his own bedroom, was pumping his stiffness, erotic and stimulating fantasies of making love to Lindsey pictured in his mind, a girl he'd not yet met, only seen, making his balls churn and his cock throb nearing his release. Six strong streams of semen, coating his stomach and chest and a groan of pleasure, signaled his release. Milking the dribbles from his cock, he breathed a deep sigh, catching his breath, and swung his feet out of bed. He reached for the old towel he used as a cum rag and judiciously sopped up the sticky mess. He too, was anxious for an encounter at Remote Lake, only having it with David's sister and hopefully, this week sometime.

The day and the week got extremely busy after breakfast and household chores were complete. Evan and Eric received calls from their respective offices in International Falls explaining several packages and large envelopes arrived and, by their very nature, needed immediate attention. They left to take care them shortly after receiving the calls, leaving the boys in charge of their own lunch. There was plenty to eat in the refrigerator and freezer. Evan did promise to bring home something for dinner that evening.

Lunch consisted of pizza, fresh from the deep freeze, and prepared by Henri. It was little more than cooking three pizzas in the oven, pouring milk in glasses, putting out some foam plates, and cutting the pizza in slices. Jacques volunteered to clean up, which brought a few moans from his brothers teasing him there wasn't much except the pizza pans and the cutter. He just shrugged.

"Why do you think I volunteered? I'm not stupid, you know."

Chase suggested, since the day was warm and the sun bright, they go for a swim. It was nice and convenient having a lake in the backyard. In Louisiana, it was either the backwaters of the Mississippi or the swamps. A swim in the Gulf was a drive and not taken very often. After doing a cannonball off of the dock, Jacques popped to the surface, sputtering water from his mouth.

"So, you guys, how did the run go last night?" he asked, disappointed he was unable to join them yet.

Rather than try to hide anything from Jacques, Henri and Chase were quite up front, explaining exactly why they went to Remote Lake, what they found and did there, including Chase marking David; not how, only marking him. Henri only added he was anxious to meet David's sister, Lindsey.

"I knew you guys were chasing a piece of ass," snickered Jacques. "Bet your cocks were hanging low and hard as bricks the whole time."

Chase spent some time explaining it was more than "just a piece of ass," although they both hoped it would be eventually. Henri and Chase were certain David and Lindsey were their mates and they wanted to make certain with some subsequent visits. Jacques, curious to know more, wondered how it'd happen since David and Lindsey were human.

Patiently, carefully, and as recalling accurately as possible, Chase relayed to Jacques what their parents told him and what he learned from Uncles Eric and Evan concerning mating with a human and how necessary it was for blood to mix with saliva at the time of mating.

"What happens if the guy, or girl in your case, Henri, you're fucking and he or she doesn't want to be one of us, you dump a load in them, and bite at the same time in your passion?"

"You made a big mistake!" exclaimed Chase, shuddering at the very thought of it happening.

"And its shitsville for the one you fucked and bit," Henri decided aloud. "Don't want that on my conscience."

"So," Jacques asked thoughtfully, lips pursed, and brow furrowed, "its okay to fuck-'em, just don't bite'em when you shoot your load, right?"

Chase and Henri both shrugged their shoulders, unable to answer his question.

Providence answered in the forms of Mike and Chad's wolves rounding the corner of the house, tongues lolling out of their mouths, seeking to cool down from a brisk run – or something! They shifted on the way to the lake and once at the water's edge, plunged into the cool water.

"God that feels so good!" gasped Mike, catching his breath, as Chad, emerging from beneath the water, snuggled up to his side.

By the look Chad gave Mike and his closeness, Chase wasn't certain if it was the cooling effect of the water, the skin to skin contact Chad and Mike now shared, or whether Chad had his hand wrapped around Mike's cock under the water.

"What's with a day run?" Henri inquired, curious what brought the two of them here in wolf shape.

"No particular reason, except we thought we'd stop by for a visit and shifted rather than drive over," Mike offered. "Learn anything new last night?"

"Yeah, some," Chase responded.

"For some reason, David and his sister, Lindsey, along with their mom, are guarded on orders of their grandfather Giordano. The road side of the lodge and property have the most security and there's none on the lake side. According to David, they live in one wing and the grandfather and half-brother live in the other. There's a couple of housekeepers, a cook and an assistant, two grounds keepers who also are part of the security staff, and several other guards. They all live in those other residential units. I don't think any are locals, however."

"We found no problems around the front side," Mike revealed. "There are a few cameras, some motion detection alarm systems, and two guards manning the main gate. I guess the question is why are those three under relatively tight security?"

"Don't know yet, but Henri and I'd like to sneak in one more visit before Jacques' big weekend."

Jacques' ears perked up. "Changing the subject," he began, raising a finger, "What happens if a human gets fucked and bitten by one of us and doesn't want to be a werewolf?"

"I asked Dad that same question when the Twins began dating Jessie. They'd reek of sex after they came home so I knew they were loading his ass up with boy-juice," Mike laughed. "Dad says it's all in the mixing of blood and spit and baby making juice, and if, during recreational sex with a human, it happens then the human's going to be a werewolf'"

Ted Bowers, Beta of the Kabetogama Pack and second in command, described what would happen if the human was fine with it and it was his or her decision, determined to live with the person who mated with him or her. In the majority of the cases, although quite rare, where humans were accidently or purposely mated unwillingly, became angry. The anger was exacerbated by the shock and pain of their first shift, realizing at that point, their lives were changed forever, destined to live long in a life they didn't want and didn't choose. Those few so mated in this manner, generally became rogues and eventually killed by others since they'd take out their wrath on humans or other Lycans.

"The rogues and their activity only focusing unwanted attention on us, fostering stories about us, giving rise to wolf hunters out to kill or capture one of us just to prove what is thought to be myth is truth. The general human population doesn't believe we exist, just stories and fantasies, and we'd just as soon keep it that way. If the human population really knew how many of us live near them and the size of our population, there'd be piles of shit mounded all over and an army of hunters trying to find us. Those who are eager to accept the mating have a great life ahead of them, we think. Just look at Jessie and Diondre for example."

The Landry's couldn't imagine living a short life as a human with all of the limitations going with it. As werewolves, they'd live a long life, many times longer than humans, be relatively disease free, heal quickly, hunt and live free as it should be, and subject only to the rules of the pack they belonged to. In the pack, they had friends, companions, and had each other's back. Humans had so many problems, although the Landry's had their own share of them recently.

Chase and Henri contemplated what they'd heard, wondering and hoping David and Lindsey would eventually be agreeable to be their mates. It'd depend on how they approached them.

"So," Jacques jumped in again, "what it really boils down to, Chase can fuck David and Henri can fuck Lindsey and if they don't bite them, it's okay to shoot a load or two up their whatever's!"

"Speaking of fucking," Mike said giving a smile and nod at Chad and moving into knee deep water, gently bent Chad over and in one swift movement, with well-practiced deftness slipped his long, thick cock balls deep, up Chad's familiar love chute. He leaned over Chad's back, wrapped his arms around him, and pumped away, quickly bringing the both to climax and copious ejaculation; Mike's dripping from Chad's pucker and Chad's floating in ropey strings in the lake.

"Just a bit of advice," Mike advised, "never fuck in water waist deep."

"Why?" asked Chase.

"Your partner's asshole floods with water when you pull your cock out. It doesn't shut fast and it's like a huge enema, that's why," Chad answered ruefully, having had the experience. "Not pleasant at all!"

Two soft yelps of a wolf woke David shortly before midnight Wednesday night. Scrambling from his bed, opening the sliding glass doors leading onto the deck, he hustled over to his sister's door, rapped lightly, and was surprised to see her standing there in her very short, light summer nightie. The flimsy cloth barely covered her crotch and her small developing nipples and breasts were very much evident.

She'd heard the wolf as well. Anticipating they'd show up, she'd taken an afternoon nap; even if they didn't, the nap wouldn't hurt a thing. David's description of his experience Sunday evening, gave her hope the two wolves would appear. Lindsey loved hearing and seeing the wild wolves in the forest near the lake and the lodge as much as David did. Their presence and sounds seemed to give her and David some peace, comfort, and sense of well-being. They needed it considering the life they were forced to live.

David and Lindsey looked toward the lake and saw the two wolves laying on the sandy beach near the dock, the wolves' heads up, watching and listening for the two teens. David, clad only in his skimpy G-string briefs and Lindsey in her very short nightie, carefully and quietly made their way down the stairs and out onto the dock. Following David, Lindsey looked at her brother's behind.

"How can you go around with your ass bare?" she whispered.

"How do you go around with yours barely covered?" he responded with a slight chuckle.

Coming closer to the two wolves, watching the teens intensely, Lindsey sighed, "Oh, David, they're so beautiful."

Chase and Henri, in their wolf form, were splendid, majestic looking animals, appearing to be masters of the forest, predators of the highest level, able to ward off any enemy, conquer any territory, and kill!

"They appear to be slightly different color than the wolves we've seen around here," Lindsey observed. "They have sort of a brownish tint to their grey, black, and white fur."

"I noticed it last time they were here. I've seen pictures of some wolves with that color, but they were from down south. Maybe just some sort of color phase, who knows."

Sitting down on the dock next to each other, David looked at the two wolves. "I think it's better if we wait for them to come to us," he cautioned. "But, I think I'll invite them to come closer. The larger one seemed to understand me the other night, for some reason. I could talk to him and he'd tilt his head, as if listening closely." Of course, he failed to mention to Lindsey in the cocking of his head and David twisting his own body slightly, the wolf was able to bathe his cock, balls, and asshole with a talented and long tongue.

He smiled, saying to the larger wolf, "You remember me? I'm David and I'm sixteen and this is my sister Lindsey and she's fourteen. We're both happy and excited you came back. Lindsey didn't get a chance to meet you and say hi, now she does."

The two wolves, eyes focusing, ears perked up, and noses twitching, inspected carefully and cautiously the area near them and toward the house, seeking any danger or anything unusual, before moving forward. The larger wolf lay his head in David's lap, and looked over at its companion.

"Go ahead and introduce yourself to Lindsey while I reacquaint myself with David and for God's sake, Henri, don't try to fuck her on the first date."

"Oh, look!" exclaimed Lindsey tenderly, "It looks like the smaller wolf just smiled. Already he's my favorite."

David smiled at Lindsey's remarks as the large wolf lay its head in his lap. As it did on the previous visit, the wolf stuffed its nose deep in David's crotch, inhaled David's scent, and with a flick of its tongue exposed his stiff cock.

"I like it when you do that," David softly confessed, wiggling his body slightly to allow the wolf to further stimulate him.

He heard his sister, suck in her breath, and squeal softly, "You've got a cold nose, Mr. Wolf," before gasping, "and a very naughty tongue. You're much bigger than the other wolves I've seen."

Looking under the wolf, seeing its large pink mottled cock fully out of its sheath and dripping with desire, her eyes widened as she exclaimed, "Much, much bigger than other wolves I've seen!"

David looked over quickly to see the other wolf's nose up under his sister's short negligée, Lindsey leaning back on her arms and hands, legs spread giving the wolf's prodding tongue better access to her young virgin territory.

His wolf began using its tongue to slick up and down his throbbing shaft, carefully directing great attention to his balls and then to the tip of the uncircumcised penis. David's cock twitched and throbbed, popping out from behind the small triangle of cloth concealing it, and was immediately sucked carefully into the wolf's mouth where the wolf began carefully nursing on it.

"Oh, my god!" David groaned quietly after several minutes, "I'm cumming!"

He released several pluses of his semen into the wolf's welcoming mouth where it was swallowed.

"I never expected that to happen," he said, "not that I'm complaining."

His sister whimpered, her legs began to shudder, and she tossed her head back, experiencing a very intense orgasm. Her wolf pulled its head out from under her nightie and looked at her, sort of expectantly.

"You liked that, didn't you?" she laughed, "and so did I, but I wish you were that handsome boy I saw at the restaurant the other night who's brother to David's crush, Chase."

David carefully stroked the wolf's head, still in his lap, explaining. "You know, this isn't where we used to live. Grandpa Numb Nuts, moved us here a month and a half ago, mainly because of me. The move didn't upset Mom as much as it did us, since she said it reminded her of her home in Maine before she got married to my father. Fortunately, that fucker's dead and buried."

"We've been coming up here ever since I can remember; not to live, but only visit. You know, holidays, school breaks, and stuff. I would come out on the deck or dock at night and listen to you guys howl. Sometimes I was lucky enough to see you along the lake when the moon was bright or in early morning daylight, with my telescope, running along the far shore. It helped me get through the bad times and away from all of the nasties going on around us."

"I read a lot about wolves, watched videos, and even went to the International Wolf Center to learn more and see them up close, but you guys are bigger than the ones I saw there. When I hear you howl, I know you're talking to each other. Sometimes I think you guys are talking to me. The sound and seeing you run free in the forest encourages me to be strong and not give up. Wolves always seem to have each other's backs, like Lindsey and I do, and we've learned how to handle our own problems from you as well. Mom was raised in the woods of Northern Maine and she says we can learn a lot from the wild creatures. I don't think she loved our dad very much; didn't even go to the funeral. Of course, we didn't either."

David spoke with such sadness in his voice, looking into the wolf's eyes, he thought he saw the sadness reflected back at him.

"Don't be sad," he said, "we're fine. Mom loves us and we love her and I really think everything is going to work out fine, eventually; besides, I think you sort of like me."

His reverie was interrupted by Lindsey's happy muttering, "You're doing it again," and saw her spread her legs and lean back on her arms and hands again. Laughing at her antics, David sputtered teasingly, "I'd hate to think what you'd do if it was Chase's brother."

She shuddered for a second time, answering, "I'd let him have it all; virginity and anything else he wanted."

Turning his attention back to the wolf standing before him, David commented, "The old pervert, our grandfather and our asshole half-brother are going to be gone for a couple of weeks starting Sunday, so we'll be here with only the……"

He was interrupted by both wolves suddenly drawing back from them, alert to some unseen danger, their eyes and ears searching their surroundings, seeking what brought them to full readiness to fight or flight. There was something out there they didn't like; a something they couldn't identify. Their bodies tensed, eyes focused on the forest edge some thirty yards from the lodge.

David seeing a light on in his mother's bedroom, mistakenly thought it was the light causing the wolves wariness. "It's only my mom's bedroom light so don't be scared by it."

The wolves bodies tensed, they began to slowly place themselves between the two human teens, and the unseen danger. A Canadian Lynx stepped out of the woods, spotted the two wolves, and swapped ends, heading back in the direction from which it came.

"I think we'd better go," Chase told Henri, "something still doesn't feel right. Lindsey and David are in no danger, but I really don't feel comfortable right now."

With a slight toss of their heads, the two wolves were gone, headed down the lake shore toward the boat landing, taking cover in the willows, and other underbrush. They left just as silently as when they arrived.

The large, adult male wolf, laying in the shadows, saw the Lynx enter the clearing, and saw it leave when it spotted the two wolves near the lake. The two humans, a boy and a girl, sort of rearranged their clothing, what little they had on, and headed up the stairs to the deck, and entered the lodge.

The adult male, hunkered down in the forest shadows, wasn't interested in the two teens, but something else. According to the information he was receiving from the Grand Council, there was an inordinate amount of interest and inquiry, as evidenced by online searches, questions, and social media concerning the existence of Lycanthropes, werewolves. It was to the best interest of the Council undue attention not be drawn to their existence, other than to perpetuate and expand the "myth" such creatures did exist. He also had a personal interest in the inhabitants of the Lodge, outside the interests of the Grand Council.

Jessie's answer to the message Chase sent him informed him the Giordano's had reservations for Saturday night. It is prime rib night and the place is generally full. Gaige was going to spend the night with his "Apparently Grandmother and Grandfather" Campbell since Jessie, Jase, and Tyler had to work. The Birch was booked full and extra help was needed. Summer tourist season fills the resorts, campgrounds, and cottages. All it seemed wanted to dine out this coming Saturday.

Jessie was just a judicious in the use of electronic devices as were all Lycans. Those cautions were reinforced when the Landry's received their new cellphones, laptops/ chrome books. The instructions were the same as the boy's had at home before coming north; no participation in any social media, no uploading or downloading any media except from "safe" or approved sites, order nothing on line, going through a dealer or third party instead (in their case either Eric or Evan), and nothing in an e-mail that couldn't be shouted down the hall. Chase was almost certain there had to be a scrambled site or something for communication between Alpha's and the Grand Council or the Guardian Corps, but he didn't know what it was. Really didn't care to!

The response from Jessie solidified Henri's and Chase's decision. They had a very simple plan after learning David and Lindsey would be at the lodge without the presence of "Numb Nuts" and "Asshole." They'd have Jessie or Jase or Tyler, someone, secretly deliver a note to David or Lindsey informing them Henri and he'd meet them by the dock around eleven Sunday night.

Saturday night, the night of the full moon, Chase, Henri, and Jacques drove to Jessie's place, arriving around eight-thirty. Eric and Evan followed in their own vehicle, deciding not to do an "all-nighter" like the boys would be doing. It remained light until almost ten this time of year in the north country so there'd be plenty of time for visiting, partying, and generally celebrating Jacques's pending first shift, since moonrise wasn't until eleven-thirty.

Patrick had several gas grills fired up and ready to put burgers and steaks on, "as soon as those guys working get home. The kitchens close at nine, so they should roll in around ten or so."

The Landry's hadn't met Patrick as yet, so introduced themselves. Chad and Robbie were setting up tables and getting tableware ready. Chase and Henri quickly volunteered to help, while Jacques stayed to visit with Patrick and help where he could.

While they worked, Diondre and Annie Carlson walked over from their place to meet the newcomers and introduce themselves and their growing family. Diondre, in his deputy sheriff's uniform had to work the night shift so couldn't attend the shifting, balanced his oldest son on his hip, and Annie, cradling their youngest son in her arms, wouldn't shift to wolf or run with the pack until the boys were older. It was one of the fates of female werewolves, deigned to mother the young until they were able to fend for themselves. It was hard for Annie to take, but she also realized the tremendous responsibility she had toward her family and the future of the Pack. It wasn't as if Diondre and the others didn't appreciate her sacrifice, in fact they literally spoiled her, giving her anything she desired, including all of the help she asked for with the boys.

Diondre spent some time visiting with Jacques concerning his own experience in shifting from human to Lycanthrope after he and Annie mated. He confessed it was painful the very first time, but he was supported by the Pack and had the love of Annie to encourage and comfort him. The Carlson's also visited with Chase and Henri, welcoming them to the Pack and letting them know they were welcome at their home any time.

"If you need law enforcement," Diondre informed them, "call and ask for me or Jerry Haven, my supervisor. He's married to Beth Campbell and is a retired member of the Guardian Corps as well. With us working your cases, it keeps it all in the family, if you know what I mean."

Patrick and Robbie, although a couple of years older, also spent considerable time with Jacques. Both agreed, according to Robbie, "your cock really grows," was the most memorable and lasting effect, other than being able to communicate with each other without humans eavesdropping. Jacques could already do that so he didn't see anything remarkable about it. He also decided maybe their cocks were little to start with and that's why they were so impressed. The Landry, or maybe it was the Trempealeau genes, were damn good already, if his last look in the mirror earlier in the day was any indication.

Three newcomers, an adult and three teen boys, drove up in a veterinarian truck. Eric waved the newcomers over where Jacques was visiting with Robbie and Patrick. Evan gave a shout to Chase and Henri to join.

"I'd like to introduce Dr. Paul Thomas, his son, Dana and Dana's mate Norm and youngest son Andre. I think Dana and Norm are close to your age Chase, and Andre, I think is now fourteen. Right, Andre?"

Andre sort of nodded, somewhat embarrassed.

"Dr. Thomas is your local doctor. He's what is referred to as a 'white wolf,' one who treats all Lycans. As a white wolf he has loyalty to no pack, but serves all. His sons are also white wolves by nature of their birth and Norm is too, except he was turned by Dana when they mated. Norm is white with black ear tips. Can't miss him. You'll see them in all their glory when the shift later."

"Right now," Dr. Thomas asked, "Have you had a recent checkup, Jacques?"

Jacques shook his head he hadn't. "Not for a couple of years. That was by a doc who travels through about once a year. There's not much need since we had a couple of nurses in the pack who took care of anything we might encounter in human form."

"If it's okay with you, Jacques, I'd like to check you over and make certain all is well so you'll have fewer or no problems during your first shift. We want to make it as easy as possible for you. Right, Norm?"

Norm grinned and nodded in agreement. "Won't kid you any though, Jacques," he added, "it was somewhat painful for the first time, but after that, a piece of cake or beefsteak, whatever."

Dr. Thomas, carrying his medical bag, and Jacques went inside the house. When they emerged about a half hour later, he pronounced Jacques extremely healthy, in great physical shape, and "well developed for his age."

Chase and Henri paid close attention while Diondre and Norm were visiting with Jacques earlier. Both were humans turned by mating. What they knew and felt would be important if and when Chase and Henri decided to mate with David and Lindsey.

Dr. Thomas promised Jacques he'd stay with him through the shift, but felt all would go well, even though Jacques might experience some pain. He'd explained, during the examination, Jacques bones and muscles had to adapt and strengthen to accommodate an entirely new body and there was bound to be some discomfort. "Just like developing muscles through weight lifting or strenuous exercise, as an example."

He also took a moment to visit with Chase, Henri, Eric, and Evan explaining Jacques had a great deal of fear and sadness, mixed with joy, over the coming changes to his body during the shift. Dr. Thomas felt most of it was connected with the death of his parents, friends, and old pack, but felt having his brothers with him, along with his "Uncle Eric and Uncle Evan," as he referred to them, would go a long way with helping Jacques make the transition into a healthy, young Lycanthrope.

"He'll never forget his past," Dr. Thomas told them, "but the bad memories should eventually fade."

Dusk began fading into darkness when Jessie, Jase, and Tyler arrived, followed close behind by Rick and Mike. Jessie quickly apologized, explaining there was an unusual number of walk-ins, to the already booked full dining room, for the prime rib special.

Robbie raced to Rick, snuggling up against him, kissing him, and touching him as he whimpered his affection for his mate, trying to either reestablish or strengthen the already strong bond between them. Rick, in turn, rubbed his body against Robbie, slipped one hand down the back of Robbie's pants, and fingered his twitching asshole, bringing little yelps of joy from the smaller teen. Chad and Mike did the same, but quickly dodged behind the house.

Chad quickly dropped his jeans exposing his bare buttocks to Mike and bent over. Mike quickly fished his hard, stiff, substantial cock out of his jeans, and mounted his mate. Chad groaned in satisfaction, pushed his butt back in an effort to take even more of his mate's cock into his fuck-hole, turned his face so Mike could kiss him when he leaned over his back. Mike fucked him deep and quickly, bringing them both to eruption before returning to their pack mates in front of the house.

The steaks and burgers were ready and the teens helped themselves to the meat, salad, and soda. Eric and Evan split a steak ("well-done, thank you very much), but each had their own snifter full of brandy. Jessie kept no alcoholic beverages at the house, so Eric and Evan brought their own.

Jessie took Chase aside and informed him he'd delivered his note to David, noting no comment was made or acknowledgement of receiving it. He did caution Chase if he and Henri had any notion of fucking David and Lindsey to beware of their grandfather and half-brother and be certain not to mix blood and saliva when and if they came inside the teen boy and girl.

The closer moon-rise came, the more agitated and restless Jacques became. Chase and Henri stuck close to his sides, like the two loving brothers they were. They also wanted this go well for him, but having experienced their own first shift, knew it was painful. The moon was just starting to show above the trees and they led him back to the porch where Eric and Evan placed a soft comforter for Jacques to recline on during his shift. Jacques stood while his brothers undressed him and sort of shivered as they disrobed as well.

Jacques, lower lip quivering, turned to Eric and Evan, pleading, "Uncle Eric and Uncle Evan, please don't leave me."

"We won't, dear boy," Eric consoled, "we'll be here through it all. You're not going to be alone."

Jacques watched as the other pack members stripped their own clothing off, standing around just as naked as he. Dr. Thomas, true to his promise, remained dressed, staying in his human form in case his medical skills were needed.

Chase and Henri helped their younger brother get settled on the comforter and took up positions on either side of him, putting their arms around him, holding him close to their bodies.

"Don't shift, please," Jacques pleaded with his brothers, "You can't hold me if you do!"

They assured him they wouldn't until he was in full wolf form.

The moon, bright, full, and mesmerizing to Jacques and the others, began to slowly emerge from behind the trees, casting its white, illuminating glow over the landscape. Jacques began to shake, catching his breath in deep gulps and suppressed sobs as small rivulets of tears began to trickle down his face.

"I'm so scared, Chase," he whimpered softly.

"I know."

"Will I be okay?"

"More than okay, you'll be just fantastic Jacques."

Finally, Jacques sobbed, "I wish Mom and Dad were here. I miss them so much."

"So do we," Chase responded as he and Henri hugged their brother even closer.

Jacques could feel Eric and Evan's hands on his legs and feet and hear their soft words of encouragement and support when he felt something happening to his body.

"It's happening!" Jacques exclaimed. He could feel the long bones in his arms and legs began to lengthen and the muscles stretch to accommodate the growing appendages. Sharp jabs of pain accompanied the changes. His facial features began to transition from human to wolf.

Chase, noting the changes, quickly said, "Jacques in a moment or two, you won't be able to speak aloud as a human. Don't panic; you can still speak to us as we always do so humans can't hear us.

Jacques nose began elongating from human to the longer snout of a wolf, his teeth developed into sharp canines, used for killing and ripping flesh, eyes changing, becoming piercing, from dark to yellow gold, and ears growing pointed and moving toward the top of his head. The pain became acute, bringing whimpers and small growls, the body continued the traumatic and radical change into animal form. His arms changed to front legs and his rear legs became stronger and jointed differently, both sets built and muscled for running fast and for distances. Popping noises crackled in his sensitive new ears and the pain lessened as Jacques shifted from human to wolf.

"Jacques, stand up," Chase said.

As the new wolf struggled to become accustomed to four legs instead of two, Chase and Henri supported his front while Eric and Evan lifted his rear end. Jacques wobbling some on his new legs and, encouraged by Chase and Henri, tried a few steps.

"By all the saints," he overheard Eric say to Evan, "our boy is one very beautiful wolf. We should be so fortunate to have the three of them."

"He is so beautiful," Evan answered, "and the shift went so well."

"You need to stretch, Jacques," Chase advised. "Shake out all of the kinks and get the blood circulating."

Jacques took a few more tentative steps, shook himself, and stretched. Excitedly, he announced to Chase and Henri, "I'm a wolf – I'm really a wolf!" and watched his brothers' shift as well. He jumped, pranced, took practice leaps, and let loose a ragged, howl announcing his being as a werewolf. It was immediately answered by a cacophony of howling joy and celebration by the rest of the Averill Creek Pack, his brothers' joyous responses the loudest.

He ran around the yard, his wolf brothers by his side, and heard Jase announce, "Let's run!" and the entire pack, with Jacques, Chase, and Henri in the middle, took off for the woods.

"Well," Eric said, sipping the last of his brandy, "it's time for us to go home. Right, Evan?"

"Yeah, the boys are going to run all night and probably sleep most of the day here, so we may as well."

"My boys will run just a short distance with them to celebrate Jacques shift, but will break off and head for home," Dr. Thomas said. "I'll meet them there."

The Pack ran and hunted, rested, and the mated couples fucked, except for Patrick, Chase, Henri, and Jacques. The Landry's were introduced to a large portion of the Pack's territory, paying special attention to the area around Remote Lake. They stayed clear of the lodge, traveling along the opposite shore of the lake, but their presence didn't go unnoticed.

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