The Cajun Wolf - Murder Most Foul

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 10

Copyright © 2019 – Nicholas Hall

"There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved."
(George Sand)

Evan wandered over to the table where Scott and his family sat with Franklin, while Eric paid the bill, leaving Jessie a healthy tip in the process. Evan's conversation at the table lasted but a short time, until Eric signaled the bill was paid and time to go.

Driving home, little was said by the boys concerning what happened in the men's room at Suttons nor was it broached by either Eric or Evan. The main topic of conversation, instigated and perpetuated by Jacques with contributions from Henri, was the trip to Duluth and all they'd seen and done. Both were impressed with the size of the city, the two large bridges spanning St. Louis Bay, the lift bridge in Canal Park where they had lunch, the court house, and the several universities and colleges in the area. Most of Duluth, according to Eric, other than the older business district along the lake shore, was perched above the Bay on the adjoining hills.

Chase did manage some comments about how good the food was at The Birch, the large amounts served, and the prodigious amounts he and his brothers ate.

"I thought I'd burst there for a while," he commented, not mentioning it was his cock straining his pants to the point of bursting, ripping the seams, freeing the straining appendage, but let Evan and Eric think it was from the amount of food he ate.

Chase decided to read before bed, while Henri and Jacques opted to hitting the sack. The busy day and full tummies wore them out and made them tired. It'd been a busy day and a busy week. Chase's day, prior to dinner, mowing lawn and house work, along with the swim, wore him out as well. He thought he'd go to sleep reading, but to no avail! He turned off his light, settled in bed, hoping it'd bring about some sleep, instead lay there, eyes wide open, mind racing through the evening's events. He replayed the incident in the restroom over and over, sorting and mentally digesting the interaction with David and the incursion of David's half-brother. He didn't know David's last name, only knowing he was damned cute! Chase couldn't get him out of his mind.

Chase realized when Marcus, David's half-brother, threatened first David and then him, he was willing to sacrifice his life for David. There was little danger of that particular human killing him since he healed fast, but there was always the possibility, and he was much stronger, especially if he "wolved" the slimy bastard!

He pondered David's remarks referring to Marcus as his watchdog. Did he mean guard, jailer, or what? Was David being watched or confined for some purpose? Why had he suddenly agreed to leave? The way he looked at Chase when they first met in the men's room told Chase David wanted him as badly as he wanted him.

Why wouldn't David look at him when he left the dining room? Instead, David dropped a small note on the floor, hoping Chase would pick it up and read it. The only words on the small piece of paper were "Remote Lake." Chase was beginning to think this is where David lived and David was making an attempt to verify it or at least hint at the possibility. But, why? According to Eric and Evan, there was only one other piece of private property on the lake and it was the large lodge and grounds they'd visited previously and were denied entrance. What was David hiding or afraid of where he lived?

There were so many questions rocketing through Chase's mind, confusing him, mixing with the intense feeling he had for someone he barely knew. He contemplated shifting and going for a run, maybe checking out the estate from a wolf's perspective, but it was late and Eric and Evan were probably asleep. A run was out of the question without letting them know he'd be leaving. They needed to know where he was, where he was going, and who he'd be with. It should be no different here than it was at home, when his parents were alive.

With a sigh of resignation, he opted for a swim in the lake. Swinging his naked body out of bed, he left his room, walked down the stairs, out the door to the deck, and down to the lake. Slipping into the cool water from the dock, he swam out about thirty yards or so, treaded water, floated up on his back staring at the stars for a few minutes, and swam back to the dock. Chase was a strong swimmer both as a human and in his wolf form, although as a wolf he was even a stronger swimmer. He climbed up on the deck, sat, knees drawn up, and let his mind wander back over the events in the dining room earlier.

Chase heard footsteps behind him, recognized them as being made by his Uncle Eric, and turned toward him. Eric, clad only in his robe and slippers stepped closer.

"Couldn't sleep, Chase?"

Chase gave a nod of his head.

"Neither could we. Want to join us on the deck for a nightcap? The breeze is off of the lake so the mosquitoes aren't so bad. Keeps them in the woods."

Chase simply nodded his acceptance, stood, and walked with Eric up to the house. Evan, dressed as scantily as Eric, was seated in a lounger next to a small table with two mixed drinks on it. There was light enough shining from their bedroom through the glass sliding doors opening onto the deck, for the two elderly men to see. Chase needed very little light to see at night, since his night vision was excellent.

"We're having Brandy Old-fashions," Evan advised. "How about a beer; that is if you're allowed to have one?"

Immediately after saying it, Evan regretted his words. Chase's parents were dead and no longer able to permit or not permit certain behaviors. It was now up to Eric and him to set standards of behavior for Chase and his brothers.

Chase felt Evan's angst, saw it on his face, and responded, "It's okay Uncle Evan, Mom and Dad let me have one occasionally telling me it was up to me to decide. I guess now it's up to you and Uncle Eric."

"Your judgement would be fine with us, Chase," Eric said, speaking carefully. "However, we'd be very disappointed if you decided, unwisely we think, to overindulge or harm your body with substances such as opioids or other controlled substances. It doesn't mean we'd love you any less, since we have indeed grown to love you and your brothers in the short time you've been with us, only that we'd be disappointed."

"I could use a beer then," Chase announced.

Evan walked into the house and returned with a glass, long-necked bottle of beer, explaining glass bottles is all they kept in the house since Eric thought beer from a can tasted funny. Chase just shrugged, twisted the cap off of the bottle, and took a drink. The three of them sat quietly, Evan and Eric waiting patiently for Chase to speak concerning what was on his mind.

After taking a second pull on the bottle, Chase inhaled a deep breath and released it.

"Uncle Eric, how did you and Uncle Evan meet and how did you know you were meant for each other? You know, mates?"

"Well," Eric chuckled, winking at Evan, "I wouldn't advise people doing it the way we did. Many years ago, Evan walked up to me in the men's room at The Birch, asked if he could fuck me. I dropped my pants and he gave me a proper rogering. After he blew his load up my ass, he dropped his britches, bent over, and I gave him as good as I got."

"I take it, Chase, you've either found someone of interest to you or are you just curious?"

Chase didn't answer the question directly. "Dad and Mom both said I'd know someday who my mate would be, but really didn't tell me how I'd know," letting the comment hang out there, hoping either Eric or Evan would offer an answer. His guardians spend of great deal of time around Lycanthropes and were gay as well; certainly they'd have some inkling how he'd know or offer some suggestions how he'd find out without making a fool of himself.

"Before we pursue this subject, further Chase," Eric offered, "I do need to ask you a question or two, hoping you'll answer them. If you don't wish to or think it's not any of our business, we understand, but it might limit our discussion."

"You know your Uncle Eric and I are gay and married; Jase, Tyler, and Jessie are gay and married; and you've observed Rick and Robbie in the act of copulating quite vigorously in our living room. They're gay and mated as is Mike and Chad. So, have you come out as gay to anyone?"

Chase hadn't. He'd made every effort to stay in the closet growing up and into high school. His brothers knew, but kept it quiet. He'd had no real "gay" experiences and was very circumspect in his behavior, mannerisms, and where his eyes wandered, not wanting to be called out by any of his classmates or someone in public. He'd seen plenty of gay sex acts portrayed in pictures and videos on the internet, and some in person in New Orleans, especially during the Mardi Gras season. Men and teens paraded around barely clothed, their cocks, balls, and asses on display inviting others to take a quick feel. He'd watched others stand watching when someone else masturbated or sucked off another guy to the cheers of the surrounding crowd, all with cocks hard as rocks and jerking them.

He'd seen cocks and balls of every size from tiny to small to average to above average, and above that even. There were few, contrary to most imaginary fantasies, really huge cocks, some but not a plethora of them. If he'd cared to display his own at such gatherings, which he didn't, it'd be a rare instance when a human could even come close in comparable size.

As the revelry grew during the nights of Mardi Gras, it wasn't unusual for him to happen on guys being fucked by other men or young boys or vice versa. Street boys were busy during the celebration, picking up a few bucks here and there. Often the encounters were in alleys or side streets, but sometimes openly, especially between those of legal age and not juveniles. Invariably, two guys fucking would draw a crowd, surrounding them, encouraging the fucking couple to "fuck'em harder," or "cum up his ass." The sight usually inspired someone else to mount another guy and soon several couples would be fucking.

It made him stiffer than a fence post to watch. Once, he watched two guys, and the guy doing the fucking, leaned over the other fellow's back, hugged him tight, belly to back, and fucked him gently and lovingly. When the one being fucked turned his head for a kiss and they kissed each other, it was deep and lovingly, Chase knew this wasn't a casual encounter, but lovers who really didn't care who knew it.

Another time, he watched a guy who evidently really loved taking it up the butt, swivel to the side inviting another to take up the fuck when the first was finished. Chase watched the guy take on seven guys one after the other and wondered how in the world his asshole stood the onslaught and how long it took for it to close up tight enough for him not to shit his pants.

But he'd never participated, just watched, or even asked questions of anyone.

His attention returned to the question. "No, Uncle Eric, I never have come out as gay."

Evan, speaking for himself and Eric, said, "It's tough and lonely being gay in this world, fearing someone might find out and hate you or hurt you because of it. Humans can be mean bastards. Eric and I have both been there so we know. Around here you have no problem being openly gay."

Evan went on to caution him however, there were plenty of people around who feel differently. Now that he and Eric were married, it was public knowledge they were gay, but they didn't flaunt it. There were those potential clients who wouldn't do business with them and there were some long-time clients who took their business elsewhere once they learned of their sexual orientation.

Chase understood very well, from two angles; not only from the gay angle, but being a Lycanthrope, a werewolf, in the human world. Draw as little attention to yourself as possible knowing what the humans didn't know wouldn't hurt them and certainly would be less dangerous and less hassle to the werewolves who only wanted to exist in the world unnoticed and in peace.

"Did your parents know you were gay?" Eric asked.

"No, I don't think so. I never brought it up, probably should have though. My brothers know, but kept it quiet."

Eric and Evan tried to reassure him, from what they'd read in all the information sent with them, his parents would've loved him no matter what his sexual preferences were.

"Now, let's pursue the original topic of our conversation," Eric said. "How do you know someone's your mate? According to Jessie and the others we've visited with and grown to know well, it's almost instantaneous once you make contact of some sort."

There was, according to the others, a very identifiable, alluring scent, a pheromone peculiar to each other, and extremely attracting, bringing them to full cock-stand. Others don't notice the scent or if they do, don't have the same reaction. The special scent is so identifiable even in the largest of crowds, it is recognizable by mates, lingers after the other mate leaves, and warns others away, announcing he or she is claimed by another once a physical mark of claiming is made.

It was somewhat different for Jessie since he was human. Jase and Tyler made every effort to "mark" him with their scent by touching him, rubbing up against him, loaning him their clothes, anything to warn others to stay away from him. Jessie had no idea what they were doing since he was unaware they were werewolves claiming him. When they first made love, Jase and Tyler each "marked" him visibly with a "hickey," not deep enough to draw blood, the size of a dime near the backside of his neck on the left side. A shirt collar or jacket would conceal it, so it wouldn't be visible to the public, but any Lycan would be instantly aware he was claimed.

"How does a Lycan turn a human into a werewolf and make him his mate?"

At this point, it was obvious to Eric and Evan the situation in the men's room earlier in the evening brought on this discussion. Chase encountered someone, a human, and was smitten, now trying to make sense of what he'd experienced.

"Again," Eric explained, "we're human and our information is second hand. It is our understanding, during sexual intercourse, the male doing the penetrating would bite his mate, drawing blood, mixing blood and the saliva at the same time he was ejaculating semen into the other one. If the mate is Lycan, nothing further happens except to note they are then mated for life and all others in the pack and outside of it, recognize it. It's the same as a marriage ceremony and consummation of the marriage by humans."

"However, if the intended mate is human, then the mixing of the blood and saliva, along with the semen injected into the ass or vagina of the other, not only seals the bond between them but activates the process of turning the human into a werewolf. The change would occur at the next full moon, such as Jacques will be undergoing next weekend. Before you ask, yes, there are others around here who were human before being turned and are very happy, and well closeted, we might add."

The three sat quietly and finished their drinks.

"I need another," Evan announced. "Anyone else?

Eric and Chase both allowed they could do with another, although Chase thought it'd be his last of the night.

Second beer in hand, Chase sat quietly, again.

Eric cleared his throat, catching Chase's attention.

"Chase, does all of this concern the young man we saw at The Birch and you referred as David?"


"Is he in some sort of trouble or danger?

"I don't know. All I know he said his half-brother was his watch dog and he didn't seem to be the most friendly type."

"Do you know where David lives?"

"Yeah, I think so. He dropped a note for me to read, on the floor. All it said was Remote Lake."

"Oh, dear," Evan sighed aloud. "This could be a difficult situation.


Evan explained his struggle in remembering the man's name they encountered at the lodge when they were turned away. This was the second time he saw the man he thought was familiar. The third time he encountered the man was at The Birch after dinner. It was there he remembered the man's name.

"His name is Marcello Giordano and was one of my housemates, for a short time, many years ago when I was in college. I stopped by Scott's table after dinner to seek his assistance in finding out more about him. I found him disagreeable then and I'm not certain he's changed any since."

"That may be," Chase acknowledged, "but I do know this; when I walked into The Birch this evening, I caught a scent, a scent rocketing my cock to full mast, and it wasn't Marcello Giordano. When David walked by our table on his way to the men's room, I was almost beside myself with wanting him. I don't know what might've happened in the men's room if we hadn't been interrupted. By the way he looked at me, he wanted it to happen as well. His half-brother called him a "little fag" and indicated the "old man" wouldn't be very happy if he tried to grab a fast fuck in the restroom. Maybe that's part of the problem."

Chase also acknowledged everything Eric and Evan said concerning finding a mate and what his father also said was true. There was nothing anyone could do to stop him from making contact with who he viewed as his mate and claiming him, eventually mating with him, if David was agreeable.

"I'm going to give you the same advice I gave Jessie years ago," Eric said with some caution. "Don't rush it. Of course he ignored it and did anyway."

"My advice, Chase," Evan added, "is to buy plenty of lube. With that massive instrument of yours and as small as he is, you'll have to really slick yourself and him up before you mount him or you'll either split him like a ripe peach or become stuck."

Chase, clearly embarrassed but amused, agreed, noting it wouldn't happen soon since they really didn't know each other. The conversation then moved on to how Chase might learn more about David and the place he lived. The three of them agreed it was necessary to learn the ground, in other words, determine how the security operated, where the buildings were, and if the grounds could be penetrated by, perhaps, an animal. The property was fairly good sized, perhaps in excess of five hundred acres, Evan thought, but the structures appeared to be located on about ten acres of it. Evan thought there might be satellite photos available in his office. If not, he'd have Scott obtain some.

"In the meantime," Eric suggested, "why don't Henri and you plan a night run as wolves and see what you can find out. If you can enter the grounds without hindrance, it'll give you a better idea how to approach it in the future and will allow you to lay and watch what goes on there at night."

Rather than the two of them go alone, Eric suggested he give Jessie a call and see who from the pack might accompany them. They'd be familiar with the territory and know the way through the public ground from Jessie's.

Chase and Henri met Mike and Chad at Jessie's on Sunday night. The night was dark, the stars twinkling in the sky sparkled like fireflies or diamonds scattered on dark velvet. Even with their excellent night vision, Chase and Henri could've easily become disoriented, wasting time finding their way to Remote Lake through the public forest land.

The four wolves lay near the beach and decided Chase and Henri would approach the property and lodge from the lakeside while Mike and Chad would circle around toward the front gate, checking out the security and area as they wandered by, and meet Chase and Henri on the other side of the main buildings near the lake. They'd be far enough away from the buildings for anyone to take notice.

"You always need an exit strategy," Mike explained, "so once we meet, we'll go a little further down the lake shore, swing back through Giordano's property, and on home. Chad and I have run that side of the property before and had no problems."

Mike and Chad took off toward the front gate, while Chase and Henri cautiously made their way past the boat landing and crossed over into Giordano's land along the lake. Stealthily, they padded their way along the lake shore, taking advantage of any cover available. Nearing the lodge, they had yet to encounter any security devices, carefully searching as they moved slowly ahead. The only signs of activity were animal tracks and not human. The air carried the faint scents they both recognized and their cocks began extending from their sheaths.

Nearer the lodge and not far from the dock extending out into the lake, the two wolves lay down, focusing their eyes and ears on the lodge and surrounding area. Again, there seemed to be no sign of any devices for detecting intruders from the lake side. There were some lights, not on, on the dock and the outside of the building, but none appeared to be motion activated.

The lodge was constructed with two large, two story wings with a large center section, probably a great room Chase surmised, separating them. The upper floors could be accessed from the outside by a set of stairs leading to a wooden deck. Three doors opened onto the deck where various pieces of outdoor furniture were located. No lights were visible in the rooms on the upper stories, although a faint light was visible in the main section of the lodge, probably night lights of some sort, Chase assumed. He also noted a small deck, with a door to the lodge, and a set of steps to the ground, on the side of the lodge, back from the front.

"This place is fucking huge!" Henri exclaimed in French.

"Yeah, looks like bedrooms on the upper story. I wonder how many are up there? There's three doors leading out to the deck."

"Any problems so far?" they overheard Mike ask them.

"No. You?" Chase answered.

"The guards spotted us near the front gate, flipped on the lights, and then shut them off. We heard one say to another one it's only wolves. They both laughed and one commented he didn't know why the boss man loves to have wolves around. The other answered because they can be vicious. The other one chuckled it was just like him."

Chase and Henri grinned wolfish grins at the supposed "wisdom" of whoever the boss was.

Creeping lower to the sandy beach, emerging from some short willows growing near the water's edge, Chase abruptly stopped! David's scent flooded his nostrils. He sniffed the air and zeroed in on the dock. Switching to French, "Someone is on the dock. Stay put, I think it's David and I want to get closer."

"Do you think it's wise, Chase? What if he screams bloody murder and brings the guards running?"

"For some reason, I don't think he will."

"You better hope he doesn't or we're in deep shit, brother."

Chase left Henri to keep watch from the willows and began moving toward the dock as carefully and quietly as if he were stalking a deer or other animal for a kill. It wasn't a kill he was seeking, but something much, much more important, more important than food- a mate. The closer he crept, the stronger the alluring scent became until David was quite visible sitting on the dock, legs hunched up, arms around his bare knees, and chin resting on his knees. Chase was less than three feet from him when David turned his head slowly, a slight movement drawing his attention. He became face to face with a very large wolf.

"Oh, my!" he uttered softly, quite surprised by the large wolf so close, looking at him over the edge of the dock. David's eyes widened, but before he could say more, the large wolf moved forward and poked it's snout between his upturned thighs and knees, bringing a gasp from David.

"I'm not afraid of you," David said, voice shaking, trying to reassure himself. "Not like some people might be; you just surprised me, that's all."

He still was cautious, looked down at the large wolf, and slowly turned his whole body, released his legs, and let them hang over the edge of the dock. His movement opened his crotch to inspection by the wolf and the wolf shoved it's nose between his legs, tight up against his underwear, where the soft bellows of air from the wolf's nose sifted through the very, very skimpy cloth triangle barely covering his crotch and balls. His cock stiffened from the contact.

"Do you mind if I pet you?" he asked, hoping a friendly action on his part might forestall any gobbling up of his important part and toy. He reached forward hesitantly and gently stroked the wolf on the head. He wasn't bitten, chewed on, nor did the wolf run away, instead seemed to relax and push its nose deeper into his crotch.

The wolf's tongue slipped under the brief cloth covering, and deftly moved David's cock so it was exposed. With a sweep of its tongue, the wolf bathed the stiff member from balls to tip, bringing a startled,

"Oh, that felt good," stuttered David. "You're a friendly fellow aren't you?"

He didn't push the wolf's head away, but admonished the large male, and it was indeed a large male, he determined by taking a quick glance under the wolf, 'You're also a very big fellow as well," seeing the large, pink mottled cock protruding from its sheath in front of two rather large, hairy balls.

David was clad only in a small pair of briefs, an extremely small pair with small light, blue cloth triangle barely covering his crotch, similar to a G-string or skimpy jock strap. It was held in place by a thin elastic cord around his body, well below the waist, and two equally thin elastic cords around the legs, attaching to the cloth between the legs like a jock strap, leaving his ass bare to the breeze or to anyone caring to look or access it.

"As much as I enjoy having you lick my cock and balls, Mr. Wolf, I wish you were someone else, even as much as I like wolves. I come out here many nights to listen for them. Did you know there are a lot of wolves around here?"

"Of course you did," he continued somewhat abashed at his statement, "you are one. That was a stupid comment wasn't it?"

David sighed dreamily, speaking to the wolf, now running its tongue up and down the underside of his stiff cock, "I met the most wonderful guy on Friday when we went out for a fish fry. His name is Chase, but I don't know his last name. He's ever so handsome, taller than me, and looks absolutely delicious. If you were him, I'd pull my underwear aside and let him lick me, suck, and well, fuck me, if he wanted to."

He lifted the wolf's head up and shook a finger playfully at the big wolf. "You're a naughty, naughty wolf, but a nice one, but you mustn't, okay?"

Chase didn't care, he'd marked David.

"I spend a lot of time out here at night in the summer," David sighed, "listening to you guys howl. It lets me imagine and wish I was as free as you are, wondering where you go, what you do, and not caged up and guarded like I am."

The wolf raised its head higher, staring directly into David's eyes. "It's a long story, Mr. Wolf. If you come back again, and I hope you do, I'll tell you all about it."

"Chase, we better get going," Henri announced.

Chase looked toward the lodge, checking to see if there was anyone or anything he should take note of.

"Don't worry about anyone seeing us," David said, noticing the wolf's scrutiny of the lodge, "if that's your concern. They only guard the front and all of the security is there. I pretty much am able to wander all over back here and on the lake. Can't get out of sight during the day, however. My asshole grandfather and half-brother live in the other wing. His orders to the guards are to keep me in sight and away from other people. My mom and sister, Lindsey, live in this wing," pointing at the closest one, "and nobody ever checks on us once we're inside or on the lake front. Don't know why, but its fine with me."

Chase pulled back, preparing to leave.

"You're going to leave aren't you? Will you come back, please?" David pleaded.

Chase gave a jerk of his head up and down.

David really didn't want the wolf to leave, he was enjoying his company so much, so he quickly stood, bent over, and said, "Do you think Chase would like my underwear? See," he laughed, proudly pointing at his bare ass. "It's wide open in the back, for easy access."

Chase just couldn't pass up a golden opportunity, his wolf tongue darted out and licked from David's balls to the tiny star-shaped pucker where it poked and jabbed, to the top of the valley between the two halves of David's ass and back down and back up and back down as David groaned his pleasure. On the fourth pass, as Chase's tongue was drilling David's pucker, he heard David mutter, "Oh, shit!" and he smelled it – David came in his underwear.

David was truly marked.

"Time to leave, Henri," he said.

Henri's wolf trotted up to join him.

"Oh," giggled David, his underwear and crotch sticky with his cum, "there's two of you. Next time you come to visit, I'll have my sister Lindsey join us. She's terribly cute and she loves wolves too."

Henri almost shot his wolfish load on the sand when he heard it.

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