Scooter and Malachi

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 9

"He brought me to the banqueting house"

(Song of Solomon)

Even those who pledge no harm can bring pain

"How many rubbers are there in a box?"


"We've already used two, Malachi! If I stay here all week, you don't have enough!"

"Uncle Cayden bought me two boxes."

He was still stiff inside me!

He'd claimed he woke to go to the bathroom and when he returned, I was splayed out on my back, legs spread like a gasping wanton or, as in described in days of yore, a London Light-skirt twitching my wares, inviting him to partake of my pleasure palace!

We made love face to face that time. A much deeper, penetrating experience, really, really stretching me, reaching depths I thought not possible I should say, although watching his face, feeling his kisses on my lips and his hands manipulating, fondling, caressing my own stiff prod as he rocked back and forth, my legs clamped around his waist locking him to me in our intensity, certainly was, shall we say, most pleasant to put it mildly and well worth it! Almost worth it enough to do it, perhaps, a thousand times. But not in one night.

Malachi shuddered with each ejaculation spurting up through his cock as he orgasmed, filling the receptacle pouch on the tip of the condom. In fact, he seemed to shiver and shake with each jet, so intense was his reaction. For my part, head now buried in his shoulder, his arms under my arm pits, hands over my shoulders from the back, holding me tight to his chest, muffling my squeals of pleasure, as I fired my small cannon onto our stomachs, slicking the skin between us. I don't think I'll ever get enough of him. I only hope my asshole continues to return to normal after each time he fucks me so I don't shit my pants when I fart.

The first anal sex experience, according to what I read and Malachi as well, is supposed to be painful since the anal muscles and the bowel are not used to the intrusion, but I didn't find it painful; uncomfortable at first insertion, but it didn't take me long to adjust to his length and girth. I found anal intercourse with Malachi most enjoyable. He was concerned both times he'd hurt me, not wanting me to have the same experience he had when he was raped. I assured him both times it wasn't the case nor would it ever be. Malachi was the most gentle and consummate lover.

We dressed in a hurry, after cleaning up since we were crusty and sticky from my night deposit and most recent one on our stomachs, and headed down the stairs. On the way out the door, I poked my head in the living room and shouted a "Good Morning, Percy" and after a wolf whistle, Percy squawked out, "Somebody got fucked!"

"Twice," laughed Malachi, slapping me on the butt.

We climbed on Malachi's ATV and headed for my house. On the way, Malachi running the machine, would tip his head and ask questions concerning the Chen side of my family. I had to remind him a number of times to watch the road. He had the audacity to insist it wasn't his questions that distracted him but my hands clasping his shorts covered cock. I explained I was just trying to hang on.

"Well, hold your hands in one spot instead of moving them up and down then!"

It's really hard to try to explain what your family members do when jouncing and bouncing along on the back of an ATV while gripping and fondling a nice fat cock, but I tried my best – to do both.

"Grandfather Chen has a PhD in history and taught in the U.W. System until he retired and Grandmother Chen was a pediatrician."

He was first employed at the University of Wisconsin in La Crosse as a history professor where he met my grandmother, a pediatrician employed at the Gunderson Clinic. Five of their nine children were born in La Crosse and the other four in Madison after he accepted a position with U.W. Madison. Grandmother Chen took a position with a private clinic in Madison. They retired there shortly after I was born.

"How about the rest of your family?"

"Well, Mom's a CPA and Dad's an attorney!"

"I know that; I mean the rest of your mom's family!"

I gave him another little squeeze, felt it thump in my hands, and heard him groan! Such are life's little, well not so little, pleasures.

"Aunt Lynn Burrows, Mom's sister, is a judge; got her law degree somewhere in Minnesota. My uncles and their spouses, as well as some of my cousins, are a mixture of medical doctors, including an ophthalmologist, a dentist, a pharmacist, an accountant or two, an investment banker, a couple of university professors, and a couple of lawyers. Beyond that, my older cousins are either in college or working in their fields. I don't know what some of them do or are studying, but we're pretty heavy in medicine, law, higher education, and finance."

Dad and Uncle James, for whom our James is named, were busy frying pancakes, sausage, and bacon on the large flat gas griddle under the small cook shelter near the house. A serving table (serve yourself) table contained paper plates, cups, and plastic dinnerware as well as huge stacks of pancakes, blueberry and plain, metal pans full of sausage and bacon, dishes of butter, and bottles of our own homemade maple syrup. Evidently Uncle Jim left "Cayden's Cottages" early in order to help Dad get things going. Between Uncle Carl and his family and Uncle Jim and his, they pretty well filled the resort.

Malachi filled his plate, as did I, poured maple syrup over the pancakes, commenting he'd never had "real" maple syrup before and was excited to hear we make it! We were hunting for a place to sit and eat when I heard a "you whoo" from the porch and Grandmother Chen waving at us to join her and Grandfather. We walked up on the porch and they made room for us at their table.

"I so much wanted to visit some more with you and Malachi," she explained smiling as only a grandmother can. "You've found yourself such a handsome boyfriend, Josiah!"

Malachi blushed, murmured a "thank you," casting his eyes down and concentrating on his breakfast. I really didn't realize how shy he could become around others, especially those with whom he wasn't well acquainted. As we ate, Grandmother tried drawing him out with innocent sounding questions as part of a casual conversation. During our breakfast together she did find he was born in Madison and attended elementary school there for a time, he'd taken dance lessons, enjoyed vocal music, and was an excellent student.

He was very cagey in the way he either avoided or changed the subject on most other areas of his life. I could've told her she wouldn't find out any more than what he wanted her to, since he wasn't a great one for sharing his private life with anyone other than me. She didn't find out why he'd moved from Madison, other than "my mother took a different job," who his father was, the fact he worked summer stock companies, or the real reasons for his appearance in Rockport at the resort. He only said he'd gotten hurt and his uncle agreed to let him live here. When asked how he came to live in Georgia, he responded, "my mother remarried."

We were saved further inquiries, as gentle and non-offensive as they may've been, by the arrival of the waste removal outfit truck delivering an extra-large metal dumpster with a latching bar on the lid to deter bears from tearing into it. They placed it on the gravel pad carved out of the forest along the lane to the house so it wouldn't be close to everyone, but accessible to us and to them when they either dumped it or retrieved it. At the same time, the tent rental company came to put up the party tent and the septic company came to deliver the porta-potties.

Uncle Bruce, staying in one of the motor homes and Aunt Lynn's husband, Uncle Lee Burrows, also staying in a motor home, quickly began directing where things were to be placed.

"Time for us to get busy," I announced seeing Johnny and Seth coming toward the house. Excusing ourselves, we left the porch, threw our used breakfast plates and other stuff in a garbage can, and joined them. Several vehicles rolled down the lane, parked, and more of my cousins descended on us to have breakfast and join the work detail.

"Where's Uncle Louie?" I wondered aloud.

"He and my older brothers took a couple of pickup trucks to town to pick up the tables and chairs," Johnny offered.

We walked toward the storage shed to load water lines, electric lines and connections, fiber glass posts to hook the electric boxes for each site to, and the shower tents. Uncle Ken emerged from his motor home with three of his sons heading in our direction. Quick introductions were made and Uncle Ken said he'd sent word to his other sons, in two of the travel trailers on pads to help out and they'd be here shortly. I hooked our ATV to a trailer and Malachi hooked his to another, and loaded them with all we'd need to make the hookup connections and drive the posts into the ground.

By lunch time everything we set out to do was done! The only big project left was the party tent, but the rental company was busy finishing up erecting it.

"Let's check the announcement board!" Seth was eager to see what other duties or responsibilities awaited us.

"The what?" Malachi puzzled.

"Where everything is announced for the day; what's happening, when it happens, where it happens, and whose working! It's one of those white, erasable white boards Mom hangs up outside the porch. After the big tent is up, it'll be on a tripod just inside the tent."

One of the activities for the afternoon was swimming and Malachi, Johnny, Seth, and I were the life guards and supervisors.

Smirking, I said to Malachi, "I hope you brought your swim suit!"

He laughed, walked over to the ATV, and held up a pair of board-shorts type of swimwear.

"Darn!" Johnny commented, "I was hoping to see him try to stuff that summer sausage into those speedos again!"

We headed for the "dorm" to change into our swim suits. Malachi stripped and as he proceeded to put his suit on I couldn't help but look at him; lean, narrow waist, well-proportioned, trim and fit, with the body of a runner or dancer, with muscles developed but not overly developed. I wondered how in the world he could keep anything around his waist as slim as he was! He must've felt me staring at him, because he looked up, smiled shyly, lovingly, and winked. My Malachi was a real looker, I thought. I could hardly wait for him to ravish me, if that's what it's called, again this evening after we went to bed.

Seth took inventory at the beach to make certain everything was there we needed. Evidently, someone hauled it all from the shop for us. There were four long poles with rope loops attached to the ends, throw-able flotation devices (one for each of us), four life jackets, four metal referee whistles on lanyards, and the small, twelve foot dingy, oars inside, we used just for this purpose.

Johnny explained, for Malachi's benefit why we needed the various pieces of equipment. The long poles were reach poles to extend to someone in trouble. They could grab it and be pulled to safety, helping preserve the safety of the life guard as well. The throw-able PFD's were to be used to toss to someone in distress so they could stay afloat until the guard could reach them. The small boat would be stationed near the swim raft with two of us in it to watch for problems there. One of the other two guards would stand on the dock watching the swimmers and the other one would stand in the shallows near the beach.

"We change stations every half-hour," I explained, "when we blow the whistle for buddy checks!"

"What's a 'buddy check'?"

"You can't swim alone. In order to swim, you have to have a partner, a buddy. Both of you hang your name tags on the buddy board," pointing at the board on posts near the beach, "and when we blow the whistle, you grab your buddies hand and hold it up in the air. We count the number of pairs and if it jives with the number of tags on the board, then everyone can swim again. Most summer camps for kids use this system and it works pretty well."

Malachi and I opted for the small run-a-bout when given the choice. We floated just a way from the swim raft, watching, alert to any problems, warning someone every now and then not to rough house or stick closer to the raft, but generally not being overbearing or obtuse in our duties, just concerned. It was great hearing the laughter and shouts of my brothers and cousins as they swam and played.

"Your family sure has a bunch of boys," Malachi observed, watching the proportionately larger number of boys to girls in the crowd of swimmers. At the moment, there were only four girls among the group.

"Pretty much; I can only think of maybe eight girls among all of us!"

He just smiled and shook his head in amazement.

For whatever reason (I know, genetics, okay) male Chen's seemed to produce boy babies. My Aunt Lynn Burrows did have two girls, otherwise - boys, but her husband wasn't a Chen. Dad was another exception, but he had all boys. He always said the girls would come later when his sons married. I don't think how hard Malachi and I try, we won't produce any granddaughters for my folks.

I hadn't seen James since early morning when he gave us a wave and shy smile as we went through the breakfast line, but this wasn't unusual during reunion. He usually found someone to play with, but many times he just sort of wandered around. Wherever you found Terrance (The Minx) James wouldn't be far away, but for some reason, not today. I watched The Minx, from our floating observation point, strutting back and forth on the beach, elbows tucked in to his sides, and his three companions howling with laughter. There was no doubt in my mind what he was up to.

"Looks like Terrance is entertaining his cousins with his imitations of Percy!"

I just nodded at Malachi's remarks groaning, "How in the hell am I going to explain this to Mom?"

"Just tell her the truth! You had no idea Percy was such a vulgar bird. In fact, you thought he was a praying parrot, trying to find Grace and then fuck her into paradise!"

Malachi thought that was uproar-ishly funny! Actually, I thought so too!

Seth blew his whistle and it was time for a buddy check and us to switch locations. Malachi rowed us to the dock, we quickly changed places with Seth and Johnny, we quickly counted hands up in the air, verified it with the buddy board, and I blew my whistle signaling time to swim again. Standing on the dock, I looked toward the beach and spotted James and another boy walking toward the beach.

James was outfitted in his new, very skimpy, saffron colored string bikini. Contrasting with his brown skin, it added to his already good looks and certainly would turn a head or two. James was like Malachi and the rest of us; slim, almost delicate build, no hips, but when he turned slightly to speak to his friend, his nicely rounded butt was neatly displayed. His companion, a white boy, was wearing a bright, robin's egg blue colored string bikini, about James' age, height and weight, was brown haired and just as attractive.

They headed into the water, laughing, giggling, hanging on each other like they'd been friends for ever. Malachi was on the beach or in the water near shore and didn't spot them until they waded into the water. His head swiveled, his eyes widened, and he mouthed "who?" to me. I shrugged, not having a clue.

The half hour was up and I blew my whistle for a buddy check. James and his friend clasped hands and held them up, but were facing each other when they did. The smiles they gave each other seemed to speak volumes concerning their friendship.

In the boat, Malachi pointed toward James and his friend now frolicking with each other in water up to their chests.

"Do you see James?" he sort of hissed at me. "My god, Scooter, when did he get so good looking? His suit and the one his buddy is wearing is almost indecent!"

I smiled and shrugged.

"He's with a white boy too!" Malachi continued.

I had to laugh at that remark; Malachi wasn't really "white," more tan, but he certainly wasn't African-American or Asian American like the rest of us.

He realized what he'd said, qualifying it. "You know what I mean! You know who the kid is?"

I looked the new boy over carefully but couldn't place him. Since our family is pretty much multi-racial, except for some of those who married in, he pretty much was an oddity, for a young person. The boy giggled and grinned when James leaned close to him and whispered something in his ear. James was laughing and touching him and he was hanging on James. All of this so unlike James, except around us.

"Cute as hell, but honestly, Malachi, I have no idea who he is!"

"How old is James now?"

James was going into seventh grade in the fall, but he'd been advanced a grade because of his test scores and the ease he learned. James was a very bright boy, as evidenced by his penchant for languages.

"He'll be twelve next January."

Malachi and I weren't the only ones to noticed James and his new friend. At the next buddy check, Seth asked, in passing, flicking his head toward James holding hands with his friend, "Whose James' friend?"

"Don't know!"

I couldn't help but watch James wherever I was stationed. He and his friend were having such a good time. I couldn't recall anytime I'd seen James have that much fun with a stranger or even, for that matter with his own cousins. They were laughing, wrestling in the water, hanging onto each other, racing toward the dock swimming, and pretty much ignoring the others, concentrating on each other, not unlike Malachi and me. Somehow, somewhere along the line, in the last couple of months James seemed to have changed and I hadn't seemed to notice it. Perhaps it was me changing, as involved as I was with Malachi?

We closed swimming for the day at four o'clock in order for the swimmers to get ready for supper and have a chance to rest. Supper tonight would be with family groups. After supper, those who wished to waterski or go for a pontoon ride could do so. One of my cousins had a power boat equipped for water skiing and Dad rented a pontoon boat from one of the local marinas. They were tied up to the side of the dock opposite the swimming area.

We were putting our equipment, except for the long reach poles, in the storage container near the beach for quick access the next day for whoever was on duty. The long poles we attached to the storage container with bungee straps. James and his friend walked up as we finished.

"Scooter," James said quietly, but confidently, "this is my friend Scotty Shaffer; Scotty, this is my oldest brother Josiah, but we call him Scooter, and his boyfriend, Malachi!"

Scotty stepped forward, only slightly seeming reluctant to leave James' side, smiled, offered a shy "Hi!" and stepped, back. Malachi and I returned the greeting. I noticed, even though he was close to James, his eyes strayed and then locked on Malachi, at crotch level. Malachi's man-piece was nicely outlined by his swim shorts and gave no question as to its length and girth as it hung down his right thigh. Evidently, there was no mesh pouch or jock strap under the suit.

James caught Scotty's eyes focused on something, looked in the same direction, and both boys gulped!

"Gotta go," James announced, "and get ready for supper!" and clasped Scotty's hand, starting to leave.

"Where do you live, Scotty?" I asked hoping to learn a bit more about him. I thought he might be a guest of one of my cousins, explaining why I hadn't seen him around before.

"With my Grandmother Kearny!"

"The Mrs. Kearny working for us and the one took care of me when I first arrived?" Malachi voiced in a low-tone so I was the only one hearing him.

I shrugged.

"Anyone else live with you, Scotty?"

"My mom, younger brother, and younger sister!"

James started to pull Scotty away from my inquisition. "Let's go get changed!"

I couldn't resist one more question as they walked away. "When did you move there?"

"June 1!" James shouted over his shoulder.

I barely heard the next remarks, Scotty to James and James' response, but so did Malachi.

"Did you see that?"

"Yeah; massive isn't it?"

"Well, that's a surprise!" I sputtered.

"Why?" questioned my boyfriend. "You've seen it before, had your hands wrapped around it, and even had it up your……"

"Not that, Malachi, I meant Scotty's moving here! Where the hell have I been?"

"With me!"

Supper was with individual family groups so we ate at home with Scotty as an addition. Grandmother and Grandfather Chen ate with one of my uncles. I discovered, while we ate and visited, Scotty was spending the night with James and he did move in with Mrs. Kearny in June. He and James became friends when Mrs. Kearny visited with Mom, hoping, since Scotty and James would be in the same grade the next year, maybe James could help him become better acquainted.

The manner in which they were looking at each other, I figured it wouldn't be long until they were very well acquainted! They'd been riding their mountain bikes back and forth for over a month and I hadn't noticed.

Scotty had been promoted a grade the same as James and, if what I was hearing as he visited (somewhat) he was just as bright and shy as James. Scotty had an older step-brother and when his mother remarried, the older brother chose to live with his father. Her second husband, Scott's and his siblings father, was killed in Afghanistan the previous summer. Scott's grandmother invited them to move from their home in Southern Illinois when it became difficult for them to make ends meet and his mom decided she wanted to get them away from the city and its influences. She thought it'd be better in a smaller town and living out near the lake would be great for the kids she reasoned.

I watched James and Scotty interact at the table and from what I saw previously at the lake, thought they'd be good for each other.

After supper, Malachi and I wandered around visiting, but spent most of our time on the dock watching people waterski. It was new to Malachi, but he thought someday, he'd like to try it- but not this week. He was still a little wary of putting too much stress on his arm and foot, although the doctors told him it would be fine to carry on as usual.

Crawling into bed at his house when we got there, I wondered aloud where Scotty was going to sleep.

"Probably on top of each other," Malachi mused as he settled between my outspread legs, because that's what he intended on doing.

Hanging on behind Malachi as he drove the ATV down the county road toward my house heading for breakfast, my thoughts were more on our second night together and not on the family reunion. The wonder of making love (twice again, using two more rubbers), the fullness of his cock in my love tunnel, or as Percy may say it, "Stuffed me up the arse," Malachi's stomach resting on my back or stomach to stomach, the very warmth of his body touching mine, or his sweet erotic smell did little to assuage my growing love for him. I woke in the morning, his arms around me, my head on his chest, one of my legs looped over his, my hard cock poking him in the side, and his equally, but much larger appendage, stiffened up touching my arm as it lay across Malachi just below his belly-button.

We were discovering so many ways there were to express love for one another; from simple touches, changes in facial expressions, to hugs, to kisses, to outright and lascivious sexual contact! Unprotected anal sex or blow jobs weren't part of it, although we both desired them, until after the final medical tests and receiving doctor's approval. There was frottage of course, Malachi holding his cock against mine and simultaneously jacking both of us off, sliding his stiffness up and down my ass crack while jacking me, and mutual masturbating, just to name a few we're in the process of discovering.

"How will we manage to survive without spending every night together once reunion is over?" I asked myself as we approached our lane. I'd been cupping his crotch with one hand as we rode.

Malachi slowed as we started down the lane. "Better let go of the saddle horn before we get to your house, you little horn dog,"

He was right of course; I just couldn't get enough of him.

Breakfast, this Tuesday morning, was a "traveling" breakfast. I explained to Malachi, each camping unit and the house, fixed something for breakfast (usually something different or several somethings different), people came by and helped themselves.

"How about the ones not camping here, you know, like those at the resort or Mrs. Kearny's?"

"They usually bring a covered dish of some sort, pastries, or juice and set it out with one of the camping unit's contribution."

It may seem like chaos to others, but to us it was organized chaos because those who are serving also get to share in the bounty by traveling about in shifts. Malachi and I picked up our eating utensils and paper plates at the big tent, and started our rounds. Barely making it to our first stop and I felt a smaller hand slip into mine.

"Hi, Scooter."

Looking to my side, holding my hand, was a very happy James with his hand clasped to an equally smiley and happy Scotty.

"You guys want to join us?" Malachi offered, aware of their presence. "It'd be great if you did since Scott and I don't know many people or how this process operates around here."

I swear Scotty almost skipped, once he released his grip on James, to Malachi's side and grabbed his hand instead.

You just gotta love that boyfriend of mine!

We walked from campsite to campsite, sampled, and filled our plates before traipsing back to the party tent where there were tables set up for breakfast, juice machines, along with coffee, hot chocolate, and tea.

There'd been a variety of entrée's side-dishes to choose from including, fresh fruits, brown and white rice, breakfast burritos, waffles, pancakes, smoked salmon, kippers, muffins, biscuits and gravy, shirred eggs, hard boiled eggs, sausage, ham, and other meats. There was so much to choose from. Malachi discovered his favorite; crepes, filled and rolled up with stuffing of eggs, meats, jellies and jams, fresh fruit, or just rolled up and dusted with white powdered sugar. He ate several on our way to our table.

Seth and Johnny joined as at the table.

"I see we have beach duty again today." Seth commented.

It was fine with me. Anyone else arriving today would do so in the afternoon and it'd get busy around the camping area making room for them and helping them get set up. Late afternoon, some of my uncles and my cousins would start assembling the barbeque pit and spit for the hog to be roasted for the noon meal the next day. A couple of them would go to town to the meat market and bring the whole hog (innards not included) home and prepare it for roasting. They'd put it on the spit around nine or so in the evening and let it roast all night. Someone would have to stay with it to make certain the motorized spit worked properly, and also keep the bears away since the aroma of the roasting meat usually brought a couple out of the woods. The cooks carried a couple of canisters of bear spray, some fire crackers, and sling shots if just shouting or the clapping of hands didn't deter the big critters.

After supper, I was explaining to Malachi, there'd be adult and children's games in the party tent, as well as card games, chess, Chinese checkers, and other board games who wished to participate. Sometime, if someone brought out instruments, there'd be an impromptu talent show and maybe a dance. Really, there was nothing organized for the evening, the adults preferring to keep the atmosphere relaxed and not overly organized.

Uncle Louie and Aunt Jennifer, his wife, joined us, occupying the last two spots at our eight chair round breakfast table. Johnny quickly introduced them to Malachi as his parents, my Uncle Louie and Aunt Jennifer.

Aunt Jen proffered her hand first and as Malachi accepted it, offered her greeting and welcome. Uncle Louie, after Aunt Jen's greeting, extended his hand, clasped Malachi's- and held it, causing Malachi to try to gently pull away. He was unsuccessful!

"So, I finally get to meet the famous Malachi Duranleau," he announced, pleased evidently to meet my boyfriend, "so many have talked about!"

Malachi started to blush, pulled hard on his hand, freeing it, and quickly sat down after saying softly, "It's nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Chen. I'm probably not as Seth or Johnny may have described you to me, but thank you."

Uncle Louie, once seated, persisted in focusing his attention on Malachi.

"How are your injuries healing? Well, I hope! Sometimes the type of surgery you had can be pretty tricky I'm told, but I understand you had some great surgeons."

"I'm fine, sir." Malachi smiled weakly, looked to me for support, clearly uncomfortable with Uncle Louie's questions. Malachi really didn't like to talk about his horrendous experience with people he didn't know or felt comfortable with. He wasn't feeling comfortable with Uncle Louie or the line of questioning.

Before I could intervene, Uncle Louie continued.

"You're certainly lucky those miscreants didn't do more damage, considering they had the opportunity to do it. Any after effects resulting from the surgery or your other injuries?"

Aunt Jen reached over to stay him in his inquisition, but to no avail.

If Uncle Louie kept this up, Malachi would bolt, of that I was certain! So far the only people I knew he opened up with concerning his abduction and rape was me, his Uncle David and Uncle Tommy, and some to Dad, although I was convinced Dad knew a lot more than he was saying. Malachi just wanted the entire horrible experience put behind him so he could move on with life. The experience left some strong emotional wounds needing mending as well as physical injuries. He'd become extremely wary of his surroundings and those around him, sorting out the threats from the benign encounters with others.

"So, are you ready for your next round of blood tests? I'll bet you're anxious to see how they turn out aren't you? Right?"

Malachi stood quickly. "Please excuse me, Mother Nature calls."

With that, he walked away, heading toward his ATV parked up near the house. He'd hardly touched his breakfast! Leaping up, I dashed after him, hoping to stop him before he took off for home. As I left the tent I overheard Aunt Jen say with irritation and exasperation,

"Great bedside manners, Doctor. Anybody else here at the table or in the tent you wish to frighten away?"

Malachi was just climbing on the ATV when I reached him. Quickly, I wrapped my arms around him, holding me tight to him. If he tried to leave now, he'd have to drag me with him. I felt his sobs, saw the tears in his eyes, and heard the anguish, the fear, the shame of someone discussing his traumatic encounter with its viciousness of sexual assault, kidnapping, and subsequent struggle to recover his self-esteem!

"I'm so sorry, Scooter. I know he's your uncle and all, but suddenly he wants me to blurt out in front of everyone what the fuck happened to me."

He choked another sob. "It's nobody's fucking business unless I want it to be. Who the fuck cares about my blood tests except you and me. It's none of his business or anyone else's, other than my doctors in Madison, what the fuck my blood does or doesn't do. He acts like the only reason I want to know is so I can fuck you. Fucking isn't loving, and it's loving I do with you. You know how embarrassed I get, a seventeen- year old boy and a bunch of men, kidnap me, fuck me over and over, threaten to kill me, try to sell me as a sex slave, and then beat the shit out of me, and people want to talk about it?"

"Scooter, what the fuck is wrong with people! It's my life and I only want to share it with you! I'm sorry, Scooter, but I gotta go!"

He reached for the ignition key and I felt another hand touch mine from the other side of the ATV.

"I don't want you to go, Malachi! I love you as much as I do my older brother, Scooter!"

James had joined us, tears streaming down his face, saddened by how unhappy Malachi was.

I looked around quickly and saw all of the rest of my brothers standing around the ATV, as they would if one of us was in trouble, ready to fight any and all comers to protect one of their own.

Another voice was heard from in front of the ATV.

"Perhaps, Malachi, the lead doctor in your genetic study failed to curb his excitement and enthusiasm concerning how remarkable your genes are. I broke every oath I took when I pledged "to do no harm" because I have! I owe you an apology and beg you to rejoin us. I'm so sorry Malachi and Scooter that I spoiled your breakfasts and intruded into your personal space."

Uncle Louie stood there, hands down at his side, looking so, so sad and sincere, his face fraught with fear of the damage he'd done!

Older, softer, slim, experienced, and familiar hands and arms reached in around me, carefully disengaging my hands and arms as well as James' as we held Malachi.

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