Scooter and Malachi

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 8

"For why should I be as one that turneth aside by the flocks of thy companions."

(Song of Solomon)

Magnum means large, right?

Terrance, The Minx, was the first to tumble into Malachi's bedroom, chortling, holding his side, sore from laughing! James, smile on his face signaling his own amusement as well, stepped in right behind him. The Minx could hardly contain himself, eager to tell us Percy's latest pronouncements.

I was seated on the chair, having made haste to tuck my cock back into my jeans and slip on my shirt when I heard my brothers chattering down stairs on their way up; well, The Minx was doing the chattering and I assumed James was doing the listening.

Malachi was seated on his bed, facing me, putting on his shoes, shorts (sans underwear now under the bed well coated with our cum as we used them to wipe ourselves clean), chatting with me as if nothing climactic just occurred not two minutes previously, looked toward the boys as they came in.

Terrance, arms crooked and elbows close to his body, imitating a bird, started strutting up and down, asking, "Have you heard Percy's version of Little Miss Muffat?"

Our assurances we had did nothing to stop him from reciting it again, before he asked, still portraying the Perverted Parrot, "How about Jack be Nimble?"

Nope, we hadn't heard it!

"Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, cause I'm gonna fuck you!"

"Terrance," I admonished, "don't you repeat that at home; you hear?"

He nodded his understanding, I'm certain with fingers crossed behind his back, and asked, changing the subject, "Are you ready to go home yet?"

The Minx didn't have a clue what transpired on the bed before James and he came into the room. James, on the other hand, furrowed his eyebrows, raised his nose slightly in the air, and sniffed, catching the scent of something he was becoming familiar with since he now had a few black curly hairs appearing around his growing cock and descending balls! He looked at me, switched to Malachi, and back to me, his smile, ever so slight previously, broadened and his black eyes twinkled with the new found knowledge of his brother and his brother's boyfriend apparent escapades prior to his arrival. I blushed, confirming what he thought he knew, now he did know, was true! It also confirmed I'd have little to hide from my younger brother.

The trip back across the lake, with one last hug from Malachi and waves goodbye as he stood on the dock watching our voyage, was relatively quiet. Bumping into our dock, Terrance clambered out, quickly secured the rope, and, claiming to have to pee, raced toward the house. James helped me finish securing the boat and stowing our life jackets in the equipment container located near the dock.


"Yeah, James!"

"Does 'Let's jig-a-jig' mean what I think it does?" forming a circle with a forefinger and a thumb and ratcheting another finger in and out of it.

"Yep, sure does!"

"How about 'slobber on my knobbler'?" making an "O" with his mouth and shoving a finger in and out while sucking!

"Yep, you got that one right too."

"Thought so!"



Visiting over the phone with Malachi Sunday evening, before I went to bed, all he could say, to begin our conversation was "Scooter, my ass is dragging!" I could well believe it! Malachi had been through a tremendous series of life changing events; rape, beaten within an inch of his life, hospitalization and surgery, physical rejection by his mother, relocation to Northern Wisconsin to live with an uncle, an uncle he never knew he had, and his spouse, and now, working in a resort area at "Cayden's Cottages."

I wondered if it wasn't part of his Uncle Dave Taylor's strategy to keep him busy and by doing so help him work through the emotional trauma he'd suffered as well as the physical activity to help his body heal. Certainly, it'd help with any depression he might have because of the rape itself. I also wondered if his doctors recommended professional counseling for him or if they were coordinating through Mr. Taylor since he was a guidance counselor, although I didn't know if he had any training or experience in this type of counseling.

I had so many questions and so few answers! The one answer I had was simple; I loved Malachi Duranleau.

School was still in session so Malachi's uncles would only permit him to work afternoons and weekends with mornings during the week devoted to his school work. He did have two afternoons off from work during the week to catch up on his homework, rest, or, when I came home from school, for the two of us to get together.

Mrs. Kearny, the lady who helped him while he was in the wheelchair, came to the resort mornings to help in the office and do any light housekeeping duties for the cottages. Russ Stark, a retired gentleman, also worked the resort, mowing lawns, minor and some major repairs, and general handyman work as well as making certain boats, motors, and other equipment would be available for guests. When Malachi didn't work the office, Russ filled in there too. Once school was out and Mr. Taylor was available, this changed somewhat.

I discovered, from talking to Malachi, Mrs. Kearny and Mr. Stark both worked for his uncles, during the spring and fall when Mr. Taylor was back in school, and also during the summer, part-time. They were well familiar with the operation so they were also teaching Malachi how things operated. He wasn't certain how much they'd work when he began working full-time, but he didn't seem to think there'd be much of a change. They were reliable and loyal.

It was a good thing we had unlimited minutes on our cell phones since he and I'd talk for well over an hour each night before we each went to bed. I loved hearing his voice, soft, melodic, descriptive, and comforting to me, yet it signified a steadiness and offered reassurance to me, expressing his love and passion.

We really got busy at home as well. Mom had our large, fenced-in garden (to keep the deer and other critters from munching on our vegetables) plowed and our job was to fertilize ("no," as I explained to Malachi, "we don't go out and squat in it to shit!") and prepare it for planting. We have fewer frost free days here, planting zone three, than farther south so planting anything before mid-May is risky! As a result, we don't plant until around the last of May or the first of June. Oh, there are some things such as onions, cabbages, broccoli, and other "hardy" crops which can stand colder weather, planted early, but in general most planting is delayed until the end of May.

Grandpa Parker, when Dad was growing up, used to plant potatoes, but Mom and Dad opted not to. Dad claimed he could buy them cheaper and have better crops. There were several places on the way to Madison, a trip he made relatively often, depending on the need, in the fall where he could stop and buy fifty pound bags of white, red, or yellow potatoes. The potatoes could be stored in the basement during the winter. Mom would even can and dry some to be used when the fresh were gone, began to sprout, or beyond use. Otherwise, our garden produced a great many fresh vegetables with plenty to can and freeze. Although we weren't poor by any means, having eight of us to feed did take a bit of cash.

It didn't seem long until school was out for the summer. Malachi's days off were Tuesday and Wednesday. His first Tuesday off, we went trout fishing. He sat on the ATV behind me, hands around my waist (rather low so he could diddle with my fiddle, trying to pluck a tune) in order to secure him, while we jounced and bounced down the logging road leading to the trout stream on the eastern side of our property.

A short walk from the small clearing where I parked the ATV, down the trail to a favorite hole of mine which generally produced some nice brook trout, took less than five minutes. We both wore old tennis shoes and jeans, eschewing hip boots, so if we had to wade the stream, it'd make no difference if we got wet or muddy. I patiently showed Malachi how to fish for trout using either artificial bait (small spinners are my first choice) or live bait. I let him do the fishing rather than me. He managed to catch five nice brook trout, all over ten inches.

Measuring the first one, I looked at him and commented, "This one is just about as long as your most manly piece!"

I expected him to say the trout was smaller; instead he just shook his head.

"The trout is about an inch and half longer!" and grinned.

He was thrilled at catching the fish, but not as much as I was. Watching him catch the fish, play them to the net, as well as losing several, shouts of joy when he did bring one to net, was much more satisfying than catching them myself. Just being with my boyfriend, observing him enjoy the same things I did, brought a warmth to my heart and an easiness to my mind.

We did find one wood tick on Malachi's arm when he got back to the house and a quick check in the bathroom didn't reveal any others, although a trouser trout became rather excited as I moved it about looking for any critters hiding beneath the twin boulders hanging between his thighs.

I'd taken several pictures of him while we were fishing and when I drove him back to his place, his Uncle Dave had to have a picture of him standing, trout dangling on a stringer suspended from outstretched arms in front of him, grin on his face. Malachi was one happy guy and so was I! His Uncle Dave also took one of us, arms about each other, our smiles clearly telegraphing how we felt about each other.

Aaron and Samuel took the boat out early, when Malachi and I left to go trout fishing, to see if they couldn't catch a walleye or two as well as Northern Pike. They did exceedingly well, bringing home nine nice, fat, walleyes and seven good sized Northern Pike. Filleted out, the fish went into the freezer for consumption at another time.

It was still early June and the crappies should remain schooled up for another couple of weeks, if what Dad and Grandpa taught me was still correct and I had no doubt it was. I asked Dad just to make certain; after all, this was our first real full summer living at the lake. The next day, I zipped across the lake, after giving him a call, in the boat, picked up Malachi, and we headed to a couple of Grandpa's, Dads, and now my favorite crappie hot spots this time of the year. In three hours' time, we limited out on twenty-five crappies apiece; keeping only those ten inches or longer. I returned him to the dock at "Cayden's Cottages" and his Uncle Dave had to take more pictures. Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for the resort, there were several guests in the office/store area and weren't too bashful about asking where we caught the nice fish.

Answering, with a laugh, "in the lake" I became a little circumspect in describing exactly where in the lake, but did reveal toward the "other end" with a wave of my hand, "in about ten to twelve feet of water." Actually, the crappies were schooled up on what we called "the flats" between two of the several islands in the lake.

Catching fish and keeping them also means cleaning them. Luckily, Malachi was a quick study and after I demonstrated the procedure a couple of times, did a fairly credible job of filleting the crappies.

Mom, on hearing the crappies were "on the bite" suggested, since James loved crappie fishing and Terrance (The Minx) just loved to fish, I take them out fishing after lunch. I did and we had a hoot! Not only did we catch fish, but roared (well, I did; James just grinned) at The Minx doing his best imitations of Percy spouting out his vulgar phrases. Again, we kept only the larger fish, ten to eleven inches and up, but we still had a large number to clean. These fillets also went into the freezer, but for a different purpose.

The Parker Family Reunion attendees have enjoyed fish fries at the lake since Dad and Mom got married, over sixteen years ago (hint, I was an early baby). Grandpa and Dad would spend days on the lake in June catching crappies, since they were so abundant, until they'd frozen enough to provide a healthy portion of fish to everyone in August. Generally, there would be between seventy-five and one hundred at the three day reunion.

Parker Lawn Service started getting a few customers for lawn mowing toward the end of June, so it was keeping us busy, along with our responsibilities at home, especially in the garden. The lawn mowing occupied two to three days per week. I tried to schedule our lawn mowing so Tuesday and Wednesday were free for me to spend with Malachi, but there were times weather or special circumstances didn't allow it. He was really quite understanding and I was grateful. It still didn't make me miss our days together any less however. This would change in July when Seth got his driver's license.

The weather warmed sufficiently for us to go swimming, which we did every chance we got. I made it a point to run the boat, when it was available, across the lake to pick up Malachi and bring him to our house to swim, although the resort had a perfectly fine swimming area. My brothers enjoyed his company and he enjoyed them. I really enjoyed him! The first time he went skinny dipping with us was a surprise- at least to me. Dad had a meeting in Superior and Mom rode along to do some shopping for herself and for us, as well as stopping at one of those "members only" big box stores which sold groceries in quantities. She was getting ready for the Fourth of July reunion on her side of the family. Since Mom and Dad wouldn't be home until supper, she put me in charge of fixing lunch, sandwiches, and watching over my brothers.

After lunch, all of us headed for the lake to swim "bare-assed necked" Terrance shouted as he ran toward the water, stripping off his shorts once he hit the dock. We had a rule, among ourselves, we always wore shorts to the dock when we skinny-dipped, just in case someone unexpectedly came to call. Stripped naked, the rest of us were standing on the dock when we heard an ATV coming down our lane. The rest of my brothers quickly joined Terrance in the water, while I hastened to put on my shorts. We all stood, me clothed, and them naked, but concealed by the water until you got close enough you could see there lower bodies through the clear lake water (Crystal Lake, remember?).

We saw Malachi bouncing down the lane on his Uncle Dave's ATV. He spotted us and drove it over near the dock and dismounted.

"It's Thursday!" I exclaimed. "You're supposed to be working!"

"It was really slow so Uncle Dave said I could come over!"

James and Terrance waddled out of the water to say "hi" and received not only a "hi" back but a mischievous smile from Malachi as he surveyed the two naked boys standing in front of him.

"Guess what we're doing?" The Minx asked.

"Catching crappies?"

"Nah," responding to Malachi's guess and wiggling his hips making his little pecker bounce, "they like a smaller bait!" and laughed, heartily and wickedly.

What are we going to do with that boy?

"Come on in and join us," I proposed, dropping my shorts and standing in front of him.

Malachi looked at me, cast a glance down at his favorite part of me, swallowed hard, and nodded ever so slowly as he began stripping. All eyes were on my boyfriend as he shed his clothes. When he dropped his underwear and was naked like the rest of us, it was a MAJOR event! He definitely was a bigger boy than the rest of us. James zeroed in on Malachi's long, fat, uncut cock and exclaimed softly, "Oh, my!"

Not The Minx!

"Holy shit!"

Needless to say the rest of my brothers were equally as impressed. Samuel was the only one among them who made any comment.

"How do you find pants that fit?"

Malachi and I jumped into the lake and the fun began. We swam, played tag, keep away with a tennis ball, and just generally enjoyed our afternoon. There was too much activity so Malachi didn't have the experience of a sunfish nibbling on his pecker! After a couple of hours, we all climbed out and rested on the dock, letting the sun dry us. Malachi was laying on his back, his head on my chest visiting with me, when James approached, spotted some of the fading scars on Malachi's back from the injuries he'd received. The scars were hardly noticeable but they seemed to bother James.

Sitting next to Malachi, he reached over tentatively and touched one with a finger. Malachi never flinched as James traced, with his finger, the length of the scar.

"Does it still hurt, Malachi?"

"No, James, not anymore, but thanks for caring!"

"Those men were really mean to you, weren't they?"

"Yes, they were, but it's over now, okay? I'm fine and I have all of you for my friends to help me continue to get better."

June seemed to slip by quickly, especially those Tuesdays and Wednesdays I spent with Malachi; sometimes fishing, sometimes just going to town for a soda or an ATV ride through the forests, or like the day we took the boat to a secluded island cove sporting a sandy beach. His Uncle Cayden suggested it to us since it was a place he and Dave Taylor discovered years before, intimating was a perfect location and well suited for two young men in love.

A warm, sunny afternoon, a private location, clear water, all screamed for skinny dipping, so we did. More to the point, our play became very, very sexual. Kissing each other, our passion unbridled, I squeezed my legs together and Malachi thrust between my warm, smooth thighs, engaging in frottage, the closest we could get to actual intercourse without penetration. I'd urged him, when we first started this sexual practice, to "just slide your cock up and down between my butt cheeks" but he declined, claiming the temptation would be just too great. As much as I wanted to, I heeded his advice to wait until we got an all clear from the doctors for unprotected sex – as if they ever really would approve.

His concerns for my protection bespoke of his love for me. Besides, I was able to watch his face when he came, spewing his juices all over my stomach. Holding me tight, his arms under my shoulders, clasping me, his head alongside of mine, tongue tasting, lips kissing, he'd shiver, shudder, moan my name in ecstasy and desire, and really shoot a large load between my thighs. Feeling his release, watching his face, his lower abdomen rubbing, stroking my own stiff cock would bring me to my release shortly after his. God, it was fantastic! It didn't change my mind about receiving him anally however, secretly hoping he'd buy some condoms (extra-large) and we could experience sex in that form.

Malachi rolled over on his back, pulling me with him, positioning me prone on his naked body, bringing my head to rest on his shoulders, my legs dangling between his, our nakedness basking on each other, he stroked by cheek.

"I love you Scooter Parker!"

I knew that, but I loved to hear him say it. It always made me feel so – loved!

My back was coated with sand from where we'd lain on the beach and as we visited, he slowly, carefully, brushed it off with his hands, beginning at my butt and moving his hands up to my shoulders and back again. The tenderness he gave to my skin was erotic enough to bring me to a full cock-stand again.

Out of the blue, he said, "I still have dreams, you know, although not as frequently or as bad as before. It seems the more I'm with you, the more all of the bad stuff from that weekend seems to slip farther away. A couple of things still pop up, just like before; you know hearing my mother say she didn't think ever see me again, like I was going to disappear after they nabbed me. I also remember the price, ten thousand dollars, paid for me."

Malachi hesitated, thinking carefully! "The other night, I dreamed I heard someone say, 'grab his feet' when they put the stinky cloth over my face and I passed out. You know Scooter, I recognized the voice as Myron Lawson, I think!"

"Do you think they were all involved in your kidnapping?'

"I think so, but I can't prove it! A good attorney would just say my memories weren't real, only suggested by my intense dislike for the Lawson's and my mother. It wouldn't hold up in court; besides finding a fair jury might be a problem since the Judge throws a pretty wide loop."

He shifted his body slightly, not enough to dislodge me, since he enjoyed the contact our bodies were making. Nuzzling my neck, blowing little puffs of air in my ear, brought me giggling.

"The resort is booked solid over the Fourth of July and Uncle Dave says it's all of the Chen Family, your mom's side, coming up for the reunion. Since the Fourth is on a Wednesday, they will arrive on Saturday and stay through until the next Saturday!"

"How many people come to this reunion anyway?"

Thinking moment back over other years, I finally answered, "The largest crowd I think was around one hundred ninety, but usually we have between one hundred-fifty and one hundred-seventy five."


Malachi already knew how large my mother's family was; she was one of nine children, seven brothers and one sister. Between the nine of them they had fifty-five children, leaving my brothers and me forty-nine cousins. Some of our cousins were married with children of their own and more on the way!

The hand which brushed the sand away continued their caress of my smooth back, fondling my butt cheeks, and sliding an occasional finger into my butt crack. I could feel him harden under me so I moved a little to allow his cock, which was rather cramped for space, more room to extend to its full length.

"Where do you all sleep?"

"Two of my uncles and their families will be at your place, Mrs. Kearny usually has one camper in her yard and a motor home in her drive; there's the private campground over on Turner Lake, there's a couple of primitive campgrounds (water and pit toilets) in the National Forest, the motels in town, and at our place. Dad and Grandpa put in four gravel trailer pads for motor homes years ago for the Parker's. The sites have electric and water, but no sewer. As the Chen Family Reunion grew, they added four more sites."

The additional new pads still weren't enough! Additional sites for motor homes and travel trailers were created alongside the lane where it left the woods opening into our yard area. Water connections were located on a long inch and a quarter heavy plastic pipe running from our well house and electric hookups were extended from the generator to that area as well. Our solar panels wouldn't handle all of the electric load, so all camping units had to rely on our generator or their own. Across the lane was a large area for those who tented.

Malachi sort of shook his head. "With that many people where do they all go to the bathroom, shower, and so on?"

"We have a septic service bring in six to eight portable toilets for use and they also pump the travel trailers and motor homes. We put up two smaller tents near the house and put up portable showers in them. Our hot water comes from the outside furnace, so we have plenty, even in the summer. The shower water drains toward the garden so it doesn't go to waste."

"What an operation!" Malachi was clearly impressed.

Indeed it was, Dad had to get special permits for such a large gathering and a permit for the fireworks! He also rented a large "event" tent which a company would come and set up in yard in front of the house where we'd have our large gatherings, lunch on the Fourth, card games, and so forth. Other activities, if it didn't rain included swimming volleyball, horseshoes, the "corn-hole" game (I cuffed Malachi lightly when he suggested it wasn't the one he'd prefer), to name a few.

Lunch on the Fourth was a whole hog barbeque. Two of my uncles would prepare a whole pig starting the night before so it'd be ready by noon. The smell from the roasting pork would make my mouth water all night. Most of the men and their wives would sit up tending the coals, sipping drinks, and visiting most of the night. The older cousins would join, until they'd tire and head for bed.

Malachi wondered about the cost, but it didn't cost us that much. Everyone kicked in so we shared in the cost. The Family was just happy to have a place to get together!

"It should be fun," he said matter-of-factly, "I think I'll enjoy it!"


Malachi, sporting his most mischievous grin, waggled his eyebrows, and kissed me.

"Uncle Dave and Uncle Cayden said, since the cottage guests will be spending most of their time over at your place, after they check in on Saturday, there won't be much for me to do. Besides, since you guys helped them get ready for the opener when I was laid up, the least they could do was return the favor; so I'll be there for the whole week, helping wherever I can!"

Sunday afternoon, after we'd moved my grandparent's luggage into Seth and my bedroom, standing on the front porch visiting with them as they enjoyed a glass of wine and some snacks Mom prepared, I spotted Malachi coming down the lane on their ATV. He slowed, taking a careful look at the four motor homes already sitting on gravel pads, sped up some, and came to a halt in front of the house. A quick glance toward the lake where my brothers, except for Seth and me, were swimming with some of their cousins, and he dismounted and walked toward the steps to the porch.

Not only was I just plain tickled to see him, but it afforded me the opportunity to introduce him to Grandmother and Grandfather Chen and vice-versa! His face glowed at seeing me waiting for him. My own countenance could only be but a reflection of his. Malachi's smile and twinkling eyes was likened to the sun's bright rays bursting through clouds, which, minutes before, unleashed a torrent of rain, accompanied by the flashes of lightning, and deep rumblings of thunder. The stars of a winter night couldn't twinkle as brightly as his grey-green eyes.

My joy at seeing him brought a mild, but not disciplining or disparaging, rebuke from Dad reminding me to be patient. "Slow down, Scooter; he's not going anywhere soon!"

I knew that, but I so much wanted my grandparents to meet the boyfriend I was so fond and proud of. I wanted them to approve of him, give me their blessing!

Standing on the porch, I reach forth, took his hand, and led him over to the small table where my grandparents were seated.

"Malachi, I'd like you to meet my grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Roy Chen."

They both stood, as I said, "Grandmother and Grandfather Chen, this is my boyfriend, Malachi Duranleau!"

Grandfather Chen extended his hand, Malachi took it, acknowledging his respect with a slight bow, and smiled. "It is my honor, Sir, to meet the grandfather of my beloved Scooter!"

Turning to my grandmother, accepting her gentle hands, clasped them tenderly, and again giving a slight bow of respect, smiled just as warmly to her. "Grandmother Chen, it is easily noticeable to see where Scooter receives his beauty and grace; attributes I love in him so well!"

Clearly, he impressed my grandparents, amazed my parents, and made my heart swell with his show of respect and honor toward my grandparents.

Grandmother Chen looked up at him; a necessity since she is barely five foot two inches tall, smiled in return, leaned forward, reached up and touched Malachi's cheek. "Our grandson, Josiah, has chosen well; you're not only handsome, but so polite and respectful. We wish you many happy years together!"

Turning to me, she commented, "He's so tall, isn't he, Josiah?"

Malachi might be of normal height around "white" people, but around our family, except for Dad, he has a four to six inch advantage over most of us.

Grandmother Chen turned back to Malachi, frowned as if thinking deeply, searching her mind for some long stored away event or memory, while commenting, "You move with such grace; grace found only in those who…..!" and stopped suddenly acting as though she didn't wish to continue or reveal to us what she was thinking. She smiled an almost secretive smile as if suddenly uncovering a memory most secretive – at least to her and perhaps to others.

"Scooter," Dad interjected, "Could I ask you and Malachi to obtain the services of Seth and Johnny to put out the swim raft, the marker buoys, and the safety ropes, please? There's a group swimming now, but there's going to be more this week."

I nodded, gave a flick of my head for Malachi to come with me, and headed off of the porch.

"Who's Johnny?"

"He's one of Uncle Louie's boys and he and Seth are not only cousins but good friends. They won't be far apart the whole week!"

Just as I said it, Seth and Johnny stepped from Uncle Louie's motor home, gave a wave, and joined us.

Using Malachi's ATV, the four of us hauled the swim raft out of storage on a small flatbed trailer, down to the beach, and slid it off. We returned to the storage shed, gathered up the buoys and yellow ropes and hauled them to the beach as well.

"Did you bring a swim suit, Malachi?" I asked.

"Nope; didn't think I'd be getting wet!" He thought a moment and looked around furtively. "I suppose I'll just have to skinny-dip!"

Seth and I both shouted, "NO!" to which Johnny offered to check their motor home to see if one of his older brothers left one in there. While he looked, the three of us went to the house and waited in the "dormitory" for Johnny to return. Seth and I changed (me getting ogled by Malachi) and were ready to go when Johnny came in, wearing a very skimpy nylon speedo, handed Malachi another one.

"Hope this fits; I think you're about the same waist size."

Malachi stripped and as he was placing a leg into the speedo, Johnny whistled, raised his eyebrows and speculated, "Not too certain about the crotch though!"

I cleared the swimming area explaining we wanted to get the swim raft in, the buoys out, and the rope marking the swimming area line out. We loaded the boat with the buoys and ropes. Seth brought the boat around while Johnny, Malachi, and I loaded the heavy concrete anchor on the raft and attached the rope to the large eye bolt underneath. With help from the swimmers, we maneuvered the raft to the water and, walking, slowly floated it to deeper water, climbed on, and let Seth pull us out to where we usually anchored the raft in about eight foot of water. Raft in place, we placed the buoys, tied the ropes to stakes on shore and out to the buoys.

It was hard work and took about an hour and half by the time we were done and close to supper time. My relatives staying at "Cayden's Cottages" drove over and Malachi enjoyed the evening potluck with all of us. He had a great time, but confessed he'd never remember everyone' name; to which, Terrance, The Minx, listening in as usual, responded, "Just say 'hey you'!"

Dad announced the next day the party tent would arrive, the portable potties, and we'd have to lay the water and electric lines, mark sites for travel trailers, additional motor homes, and tents, as well as set up the shower tents. Some of us would also have to go to town to the school, load up the folding tables and folding chairs we borrowed (Dad always made a hefty donation to whichever student activity fund the Superintendent thought needed it the most), bring them back and set them up in the party tent. All meals and most activities would be held in it. The rental company who supplied the tent also would put down a portable wooden dance floor.

Malachi and I were sitting together as Dad outlined the day's work. Nuzzling me softly under my right ear, he whispered, "Where do you sleep since you give up your bedroom to your grandparents?"

"Usually in the dorm with my brothers; Seth and Johnny end up in his motor home."

"Why not come to my house; I've got a big bed that'll hold both of us!"

My eyes widened as I quickly nodded yes and was heading for my mom to ask permission but stopped momentarily.

"Oh," he added, "pack enough clothes for the week!"

He did have a nice big bed! I decided to sleep in my shorts rather than pajamas and was standing there waiting for Malachi to get ready. He sat on the edge of the bed, slipped his shoes and socks off, pulled his shirt off, raised his butt to divest himself of his pants and underwear, reached forward, and placed a hand on each of my hips. Malachi smiled, an almost wicked, eager smile, swiped his lips with his tongue, and hooked fingers under the elastic waist band of my shorts.

"We can't have me the only one sleeping in my all-together can we?" and slowly began moving my underwear down past my thighs. I shivered with anticipation as he leaned forward, stuck out his tongue, and wiggled it around in my belly-button. He didn't stop there! He pulled my shorts clear to my ankles, bade me to step out of them, and licked his way to my crotch. He did an admirable job of kissing and licking his way through my sparse pubic bush, fondling my balls as he did, until he decided they needed some attention as well. Malachi sucked first one of my baby-makers into his mouth, savored it with his tongue, released it, and sucked the other one in to pay it the same homage.

Turning me, placing a hand on my chest, gave a gentle nudge, indicating he wanted me to lay on the bed. Oh, I did, in a hurry, anxious to see what other pleasures awaited me! He stood up, his prodigious cock, the wide plum shaped head partially exposed by his retracted foreskin, narrow opening widened and weeping with fluid, extended out from his crotch, waggled back and forth as he swung my feet around onto the bed, seemed to be an invitation for me to clasp it, stroke it several times, and perhaps, just perhaps give it a taste. I opened my mouth, but he held a finger up to it.

"Blow jobs are also an exchange of fluids and as much as I want you to do me and me do you, we can't, okay?"

He climbed on the bed, spread my legs, as I moaned my frustration!

"Malachi, I want you so bad!"

"You certain of that, Scooter?"

"You bet I am!"


"Oh god, yes!"

"We can do that!?"

"We can?"

Malachi beamed, raised his eyebrows seductively, removed himself from our bed, walked over to his dresser, and returned with a foil packet and a tube of lube. He held the packet up for me to see. I must admit it was difficult for me to focus on the packet with his fat cock, sort of wiggling up and down, twitching with anticipation, staring me in the face, but I sacrificed momentarily to look at it – the packet!

"Doctors only said no unprotected sex!"

Squinting to read the label better, I commented, "Didn't know they made 'magnum' sizes, did you?"

"Nope; never had much desire to look at condoms in the pharmacy before."

"Did you buy these in town?"

"Nope; Uncle Cayden got them for me. He figured big cocks might run in the family if my dad was hung as I described."

Malachi cupped my head in his hands, lips touching my ears, my neck, my lips, before easing me over onto my stomach. He carefully arranged a pillow under my hips, making certain my hard cock was in the right position to receive maximum stimulation from the soft pillow when he mounted me and began his act of love. He spread my small butt cheeks apart, blew a breath of soft air on my anal opening, commenting, "such a beautiful sight!" I heard the cap of the tube of lubrication open and shortly thereafter, he began spreading the cool gel around my sphincter. The more he spread it, the hornier I became.

"Now for the inside," he announced, slipping a very well lubricated middle finger into my anus. My small, pucker reacted against the intrusion by tightening, gripping his finger tightly as he began to wiggle it around inside me.

"It'll relax in a minute or so, if everything I read is correct!" he whispered encouragingly.

Malachi began a gentle in and part way out motion, finger-fucking me with his talented digit. Each pass he flipped my walnut-sized prostate, sending almost electrical shocks straight from it to my cock!

"Now more!" He inserted a second finger, worked it around letting me become adjusted to it, before adding a third. Now things started feeling stuffed, a little uncomfortable but not painful – just stuffed.

I turned my head when I heard him tear open the foil packet and watched him slide back his foreskin totally exposing his cock-head and unroll the condom down his length and over his girth until it was secured near the base of his rigid staff.


I nodded although looking at the weapon of my choice attached to my champion, I did feel some trepidation, not unlike, I'm certain when a knight's squire faced the long lance of a jousting opponent! I wondered how anything that big would go into something I thought quite small. I also wondered if I was perhaps a bit fool-hardy in my desire, but determined no one was going to say Scooter Parker would give up and be branded a quitter; as if I'd reveal it to anyone.

"I'm going to really lube me up over the condom, okay?"

"Fine with me," I thought silently.

I felt the blunt, thick, slick, slightly cool, condom covered head of his incredible cock first nudge my wrinkled pucker, press up against it, and instead of going in, his cock slid up my ass crack! I heard him sign with disgust, pull back, and try again. Again, his thick cock slip up my ass crack, failing to gain purchase where he wanted to put it!

This time it was a groan of frustration, of impatience, of exasperation, of impending failure!

"Well, shit; it won't fit!"

"Maybe if you spread one of my cheeks with one hand and held your cock with other positioning it and guiding it while you pushed, that might help!" I offered encouragingly.

This time, when the head of his cock touched my pucker and he pushed forward, I pushed back, not only with my butt but also forcing my asshole to widen like I was pushing something out where I wanted something pushed in! Suddenly, "boing", the head of his cock popped through, lodging just inside my hole! I clenched with surprise and in doing so, trapped that humongous organ head tightly inside me.

"Oh my god!" he moaned with pleasure.

"Oh my god!" I thought, feeling the girth of his cock starting to invade me as he settled more of himself inside.

"Go slow," I hissed softly.

"I don't want to hurt you Scooter, like those guys did to me, okay? Tell me to stop if it hurts too bad or you don't want to do this."

Didn't want him to do this? Surely you jest!

He took it slow, allowing my insides to adjust to each little movement forward until his chin rested on my shoulder, his stomach nestled in the small of my back, and his crotch cradled by my butt cheeks. I could feel his balls resting up against mine, his breath wisping lightly into my ear, and my soft mutterings of love. I had to admit, it really didn't hurt, after the first intrusion, but it really made me feel full.

"I'm not hurting you, am I, Scooter?"

I turned my head enough so I could engage his lips with mine. "No, it's just you're so big and long, just full, kind of like stuffing a telephone pole up a garden hose."

Malachi chuckled! "Are you ready?"

I breathed expectantly, almost lost in my desire to have him; to bring him and me to what I hoped would be a mind-blowing orgasm.

He began the age old dance of love slowly, forward, back, forward back and as our ardor increased so did his motions until, with every pass of his great length, he rubbed my love-nut, sending my cock forward and back into the pillow, until our frenetic motions brought my balls to a boiling point and I fired my load into the pillow. My spewing brought forth his as well. I felt his cock begin to swell and, as he fired his copious load into the condom, I could feel the large tube on the underside of his cock pulse with each ejaculation.

Malachi collapsed on top of me, both of us well and truly fucked.

For the moment at least!

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