Heed the Dog's Bark; Beware the Wolf's Bite

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 11

"I could a tale unfold whose lighted word
Would harrow up thy soul, freeze thy youngblood.
Make two eyes, like stars start from their spheres,
Thy knotted and combined looks to part
And each particular hair to stand on end,
Like quills on the fretful porpentine."

(William Shakespeare – Hamlet)

Sometime, during the night, in the aftermath of his harrowing experience, Lonnie made it to the motorhome and collapsed on the couch. In the morning, upon awaking, he decided he'd really had too much to drink the night before and had suffered terrible nightmares. Although, he didn't think the booze would affect his asshole the way it did, hurting whenever he flexed his anal muscles or sat too long. His head hurt bad enough without his asshole adding to his misery.

Lonnie also decided, considering his sore head and asshole from too much booze, if he was going to find the cash John buried, he'd need a metal detector since the cash was contained in a metal box. International Falls was the closest place to purchase one, so, after he figured shops were opened there, he'd head in that direction.

"Won't be but a couple of hours," he muttered to the dog, resting outside the motorhome. "With the dog here, no one's going to get close to the two kids. That fucker will tear anyone apart while on guard duty command."

"What's Todd going to do about the dog?" Ted asked a disgruntled and slightly miffed Gregory. Gregory wanted to go along on the actual rescue, but Ted forbid it.

"I need you here at home," Ted explained, although Gregory figured it was because he was too young! He'd argued he wouldn't get hurt since he had Prewitt and Dusty to protect him, and besides, he knew a bit of magic. His arguments were to no avail; Todd was going alone, although with the company of Parnell and Rani, once Rani took care of business at Clay's.

"Don't worry about the dog, Dad," Gregory responded with a mischievous grin, "it'll be too busy catching flies and bugs."

"Clay!" Rani stated, speaking aloud and stretched out on Clay's abdomen, his Elfin toes resting up against Clay's stiff cock and sensitive cock-head. Clay didn't react to Rani trying to wake him that way, so Rani sort of twiddled his toes under glans of Clay's penis and across the swollen head.

Clay cocked one eye open, asking sleepily, "Why can I feel you diddling with my pecker with your feet, yet, I can't seem to actually touch you? All I get is air!"

"That's because I'm Fairy, that's why! Someday, maybe soon, Clay, you'll see me as a young, human-like boy you can touch. But right now, we have something important to talk about!"

"Like, where have you been, that sort of something important to talk about?" Clay inquired eyebrows raised accusingly.

"I've been really, really busy," Rani replied shrugging off his question, "and that's part of the reason we need to talk."

"Okay, so begin!" Clay muttered

"You need to tell Todd all about me and how you can see me!"

"And why should I do that?"

"I can't tell you right now, but it's important."

"Yeah! Right! I find a guy I really love and you want me to fuck it up by making him think I'm a nut case!"

"Believe me, it won't happen that way!"

"You sure, Rani?"

"Just as sure as human shit stinks!"

Clay furrowed his forehead, somewhat in doubt, but nodded, trusting Rani's judgement, "Okay, I'll do it!"

Rani fluttered up in the air, gave a wave of his hand and a sweep of his wings, announcing, "I'll see you in a couple of hours. Tah! Tah!"

Receiving the all clear from Rani and Parnell, both reconnoitering the area around the motor home, and watching Lonnie leave through the gate and head up the road, Todd eased his pickup truck down the lane toward the motor home. He stopped in front of it, hesitated a moment seeking the dog he knew had to be around somewhere. Rani and Parnell sat perched on the dash and definitely not as anxious as he was in this mission

"That's one fricking big Toad!" Parnell commented aloud, spotting a toad about the size of a five-gallon bucket next to the motor home. "I sure hope he doesn't mistake us as some sort of bug to flap out his tongue and gobble up!"

"Well, toad or not" responded Todd urging action, "we have about a half-hour to free the kids and get out of here before that toad you're fearful of turns back into a mean-ass-biting dog!"

Todd was confident the bolt cutters Ted gave him would cut the duo free; had no concerns about the dog/toad or communication with the Mexican kids. Rani would handle that until Todd got them to Clay's where Clay could translate easily, if the two youngsters spoke no English what-so-ever.

No, his concerns were beyond the actual rescue, focused on Clay and whether he'd understand and accept the peculiar and important relationship and role Ted and he played in the paranormal world around them. How Clay would react when he discovered Simon and Derrick, his best friends, were Lycan as were many of the others with whom Todd interacted? How about the world of fairies, elves, nymphs, and other creatures existing in the dimension most humans only fantasized over or read fables and folklore concerning?

The toad, spotting the approaching human, with a lumbering and awkward hop, squeezed under the motor home in an attempt to conceal itself from what might be perceived as danger.

Todd entered the motorhome, accompanied by Rani while Parnell stood watch outside, and raced to the back bedroom where the two youngsters were chained. The young Lycans, wide-eyed and somewhat apprehensive, seeing Todd with the bolt cutters, huddled closer together.

"Tell them who I am and what we are going to do?" Todd commanded Rani.

Rani quickly, in Spanish, informed the youngsters what was happening and what would happen after they were freed. His announcement was met with smiles, but a cautionary finger by Todd to his lips, signaled they were to be quiet, just in case. It didn't take Todd long to free them, hustle them from the motor home and into his truck. The boy looked out the open rear window at the toad peeking out from under the motor home and gave it the finger!

Twenty minutes later, Todd stopped his truck in front of Tanglewood. Rani cautioned the little ones to stay put until Todd gave them the "all clear."

Todd bounded up the front porch steps two at a time. He discovered Clay in the kitchen cleaning up breakfast dishes.

Voice raised excitedly, Todd declared, "Thank god you're here. I've a favor to ask."

"First," smiled Clay, more than just a little pleased to see his lover and have the opportunity to tell him what he must, "I have something to tell you!"

"Can it wait?" Todd answered anxiously.

"No," Clay said, slipping his arms around Todd's neck, nuzzling his face before engaging Todd in a deep kiss. As the kiss deepened, Clay ground his stiffening manhood up against Todd's crotch, feeling Todd's significant member increase in size and girth under his jeans.

Pulling back his face, yet leaving himself pressed up against Todd and grinding just a bit, announced casually, "I see things other people don't!"

"Me too," responded Todd, "without glasses," responding to Clay's up and down motion on his covered dick.

"No, I mean abnormal things," Clay tried to explain. "You know like a beautiful, naked, transparent Elf-fairy; a gorgeous boy-like Elf."

"So do I, but I still need a favor!"

"You what?" Clay responded, amazed and confused. "Are you serious?"

"As serious as a heart attack!"

With that comment, Todd commanded, "Rani and Parnell, show yourselves."

As the two Elf-fairies appeared and fluttered about, their Elfin cocks swinging as they did so, Clay snorted, "Well, I'll be damned!"

Pointing at Rani, dumbfounded at what was happening, asked Todd, "You know him?"

"Yep! You'll discover, as you get to know me, I have some very unusual friends and keep unusual company."

"Ahem!" Parnell coughed, interrupting the two. "Your passengers, Todd?"

"Oh yeah!" Todd answered, turning to Clay, "You speak Spanish, right?"

Clay nodded, his face reflecting his puzzlement.

"Good! I have two kids who've been kidnapped from Mexico to be sold for sex in my truck and we need to hide them until we can get them back home."

Todd stopped, hesitated before correcting himself. "Maybe I better clarify that. They're not in my truck waiting to be sold for sex! I 'm hiding them so they won't be sold for sex."

Quickly releasing Todd from his hug, Clay scampered around him out across the porch, down the steps, and over to the parked pickup truck. He could hear, as he approached, Rani explaining to the occupants all would be well and have no fears since "this human is trusted and here to help you."

Clay opened the pickup rear door, exuded a broad, warm, and welcoming smile, and began speaking soft words, in Spanish, of encouragement and comfort. His past experience in living with and dealing with pre-adolescents as a dorm proctor at Falkham kicked into high gear! Within a couple of minutes, he discovered the children's names were Pablo and Carlita, they were hungry, needed a bath, they spoke limited but adequate English, and were homesick.

"The hunger and bath I can manage," he told the two youngsters, "but the homesickness I can't solve right away, but I feel confident you'll be on your way soon."

Privately, he didn't know how, but evidently Todd was on to something and he'd find out sooner or later. Shepherding the duo into the house and back to his bedroom and bathroom, Clay, using the tub rather than the shower, filled it with warm water of sufficient depth to allow the children to soak as they bathed. He asked if they needed help and both the boy and the girl nodded they did.

"Okay! Take off your clothes," he instructed, "while I find something for you to wear once you're clean. Your current attire is quite filthy and needs a good wash."

There were some of his grandparents' clothes in the closets and in boxes in the house. He rummaged around and found two of his grandfather's flannel shirts he thought would be large enough and soft enough to provide cover for their nakedness and some warmth. Clay lay the garments out and returned to the bathroom to offer his assistance. Neither of the youngsters had any compunction concerning Clay's help as he washed, scrubbed, and dried their smooth young bodies. Part of him reacted, however, as he first washed and then dried a certain appendage and accompanying companion nuggets of the young boy.

Todd, sitting at the kitchen table waiting the youngsters and Clay's return and nursing a soda he'd retrieved from the refrigerator, could hear happy little boy and girl chatter, in Spanish, interspersed with Clay's calm, reassuring, more mature, and experienced voice, encouraging conversation and building confidence and a sense of well-being and security assuring the two all would be well!

The three emerged from the rear of the house and, with eager and hungry youngsters clad in flannel shirts leading the way, giggling, happy and ready to eat.

"Well," surmised Clay, "Pablo and Carlita both understand some English; enough to understand what's going on and what happened to them. They were clever, not letting their captor they understood exactly what was going on and where they'd been. They were planning a way they could escape when they were rescued."

He also discovered they could remember in great deal the various stops "the man", as they referred to him, made and what transpired; the reason he came to this spot with his motorhome was one of his relatives buried a "shit pot full of money" according to the quote from Pablo, the man wanted to use to head across the Border and on to British Columbia where he had several accounts in another name or two, and; he was supposed to meet the buyer of them at some remote place between here and Duluth in three days.

With that said, the two youngsters headed toward Todd and gave him huge, strong hugs, professing their thanks, in English, for him saving them.

"I was going to have burritos for lunch," Clay said, "with refried beans and rice. Would that be acceptable to everyone?"

A clapping of little hands gave their approval. Todd, however, asked, "How are you going to manage all of that at the last minute?"

"Microwave steam-able rice, canned refried beans, burger I'd thawed for myself for lunch, and lettuce and sour cream, plus salsa, in the refrigerator."

Between Clay and Todd, who loved helping his lover, in many ways, both of the kids were fed, along with themselves. Tummies full, after numerous yawns, were tucked into the spare bedroom bed for a nap.

"Shit! Shit!" shouted Lonnie to no one in particular since he was alone in his jeep returning from International Falls with a metal detector.

His distress and anger were caused by a text message he'd received informing him there'd been a change in plans for the exchange of "merchandise" and money. The handover would now happen in two days and not at the location originally agreed upon. The exchange would now take place at the property formerly owned by his mother. The buyer wouldn't be present but would be represented by two others acting on his behalf.

"How the fuck did they find this place?" he muttered driving the jeep down the lane toward his motorhome. "Well, duh! These are very powerful people with contacts in very powerful positions with almost unlimited resources."

What really unsettled Lonnie was the two representatives being sent by the buyer. His past observations and what he'd heard from others, caused him to believe the payment for the two youngsters would be made in lead and not in cash money! The need to find the buried cash on the property was now more important than ever. He little time to do it now.

"I'll give it to midmorning tomorrow and then take off to Canada in the jeep. But," he said smiling to himself, "I'll fuck the two brats first, kill them, and burn the motorhome."

The dog appeared to be still on guard, although Lonnie did notice him cringe a bit as he drove up. Everything appeared to be normal, but Lonnie had a gut feeling something was amiss. He pulled his pistol from the glove compartment, jacked a round into the chamber, and stepped cautiously from the jeep.

Still nothing!

"Too damned quiet!" he muttered, scanning the surrounding woods carefully.

Looking down, he noticed two sets of small footprints and a set of larger ones coming from the motor home and a new set of tire tracks near the vehicle.

Inside the motorhome Lonnie viewed the empty shackles, the metal clasps and locked cut and no signs of his former captives, with mounting fear and anxiety.

"Now, I'm really fucked sure as shit! I gotta find that money and get my ass out of the country before the bastards come to collect."

Lonnie stepped back outside, spotted the dog, and growled, "You worthless piece of shit!"

The sound of the shot reverberating in the clearing was heard by few, if any humans, but it didn't go unnoticed or unheard by those others unseen by Lonnie but known full well by Todd and Ted, and now, some to Clay.

"So," Clay began as he joined Todd on the futon located on the front porch, "I have a couple of questions and an observation."

"Okay; fire away! I'll answer where I can," Todd responded.

The futon was no stranger to the two lovers snuggled up against each other, their warmth triggering erections and a desire to satisfy those needs. Both were as hard as rocks and both eager for some real serious passionate love-making, but questions had to be answered first. With the two youngsters now napping and what Todd anticipated as a long night keeping watch, this might be the only real opportunity for him to sink his length into Clay's rear aperture.

Clay and Todd were willing to delay conjugal relations and suffer the pains in their stiff cocks and tight balls long enough to satisfy Clay's curiosity. When Todd declared "fire away" he was referring to the questions and observations Clay made, but almost fired away in his shorts when Clay lay a hand over his stiff cock and rubbed it a couple of times.

"First the observation," Clay began. "Now, over the years, at Falkham, I've handled my share of cocks on eight-year-old boys and I must say Pablo is unusual! He has a long cock now and as he grows older it will develop, I'm certain, into a horse-hung piece of man-meat."


"Any ideas why?"

"Maybe genetics?"

Clay thought about the response he'd received and wasn't entirely satisfied, with a niggling feeling there must be more than just that, and plowed ahead.

"Well, while I was washing Pablo, his dick stiffened and was very impressive, especially for a boy his age. A very serious look crossed his face and I feared he was about to hammer at me for playing with his dick"

"Did he?"

"No; he asked if I was a wizard!"


"I said no, but I do give one hell of a blowjob!"

"Did you?"

"No, I was saving it for you," Clay murmured as he reached over, unzipped Todd's britches, and extracted Todd's hard, stiff, and fat length.

"So," he said has he carefully fondled, stroked, and tickled the fat cock sticking up out of Todd's jeans, "what did he mean, asking if I was a wizard?"

Clay lowered his head and carefully slipped his mouth over the thick, mushroom helmet of Todd's penis. After giving it a couple of tickles with the tip of his tongue and several bobs up and down, from the corner of his eyes, he spotted a wolf on the edge of the clearing.

"Thw's a wllf ottr!" he mumbled.

"Don't talk with your mouth full," admonished Todd.

Clay raised his head with a slurping sound, releasing his suctioning mouth from contact with Todd's throbbing member.

"I said, there's a wolf over there?" pointing toward the half-concealed creature.

"More than one, I'd imagine," offered Todd, looking over the area, pondering just how many were here at the moment.

"So," Clay said, somewhat perturbed, "you never answered my question concerning the wizard."

"Shh!" Todd said softly, and laying his hand on Clay's still, horizontal head, "there's someone coming."

"Well, it's not me, yet!" snorted Clay.

Todd noticed the wolves located around the house perimeter take a protective stance, with ears perked up and eyes focusing on the lane leading to the clearing.

"Sit up and be alert," Todd warned Clay.

Todd and Clay waited patiently, with some anxiety, until Todd identified Ted's pickup driving down the lane. Ted came to a halt in front of the house, stepped out of the truck, and walked up the stairs onto the porch. He looked around, then at Todd and Clay, before commenting, "I see everything is secure and the house well-guarded."

"Yeah," Todd responded, "they moved in right after I got here with the kids."

"They okay and doing well?"

"Full tummies and sound asleep!"

"When they wake, tell them they should be on their way home by this time tomorrow. Two pack members are being flown in by private jet late tonight. Once everything is taken care of, Franklin will pick up the youngsters and they'll fly out of International Falls south to the Border. Crossing should be relatively easy. It's the getting in the U.S. for most people is the difficult part."

Todd gave a small nod toward Clay, his eyes asking an unheard question of Ted.

"He may as well know what's going on, to a point and you know what that is," Ted acknowledged giving Todd permission to begin Clay's informational education on the paranormal world they were involved in.

"Any questions, Todd?" Ted asked.


"Then I'm outa here! Gotta set up some cover so people don't get too curious. These kids are pretty special, so be alert!"

Ted left leaving Clay and Todd standing on the front porch.

"He didn't ask if I had any questions," Clay commented, knowing he had quite few. "So, Todd, if Ted would've asked me, I'd have asked why are those two kids so special and why do we have to be alert and why are there wolves prowling around the house out in the woods?"

"That's more than one question," Todd teased, "but I will answer the question concerning the special nature of the kids."


"Clay, Pablo and Carlita are Lycan Pups, Werewolves!"

If Todd expected Clay to react in horror, dismay, or in any shocked or crazy manner, he would've been very disappointed! Clay didn't flinch, misunderstand, or engage in muttered disbelief at the announcement. Instead, he became quiet, introspective, and waited for further information. Clay knew, in his heart, there were strange occurrences and incidents in the woods near and around Tanglewood, after all, hadn't he become acquainted with Rani, a boy Elf-fairy years before? Should he be surprised there were other paranormal creatures existing around him? Once he'd realized, growing up, Rani wasn't a figment of his imagination and knowing his grandparents, especially his grandmother, knew and acknowledged Rani's existence and communicated with him, Clay just knew there was this "other world" of paranormal unknown by and unobserved by the vast majority of the human world, existing only in fictional accounts and folklore. Thus, it really was no surprise when Todd announced their guests were Lycanthropes.

The silence was broken as Todd gave a slight nervous cough. "Clay, what I'm about to tell you must remain secret – like forever! You will be one of only five humans in this area who know the existence and presence of Lycans or Werewolves, in these forests. Revelation would mean the death of many of our friends and us as well since fellow humans would see us as suspect and, much like the Salem Witch Trials, murder us to save our souls."

Over the next two hours, while the youngsters napped, Todd revealed to Clay most of what he knew concerning the "other" world around them, except the identity of the wizard the two youngsters inquired about.

"Not only would humans take umbrage and seek death for the young Lycans, perhaps maybe only cage them for exhibition, but if rival packs learned of their existence, they very well may try to kidnap them and claim them as their own. It'd mean a fight to the death between the Averill Creek and Kabetogama Packs against any and all interlopers. The death and destruction would be horrible!"

"So," surmised Clay, "if the identity of the wizard were known, the same thing could happen? You know, an all-out war to protect him or her?"

"Totally! That's why I can't tell you yet, since I don't have permission to do so. That permission must come from a much more powerful individual than me."

"You got that right," chimed in Parnell and echoed by Rani.

"Come dark, Clay," Todd advised, "you'll make acquaintance with some of them," pointing at the trees, "out there and who knows what else. But now we need to think of something for supper for our guests."

The dog now buried amidst the cabin fire rubble, Lonnie renewed his quest for the buried cash John said was on the property, with a purposeful fervor, using a grid pattern across the property. Numerous "strikes" or "contact" signals erupted from the device as he walked, probed, and dug. Most were slugs or expended bullets from the gun battle several years before. After digging and poking each time, Lonnie decided, unless it was a strong signal, he'd ignore them.

Never-the-less, it was growing dark and brought forth mosquitoes and other biting insects pestering and attacking him, irritating the shit out of the now impatient and tired man. Lonnie finely located and dug up a large metal box. Cracking open the lock with a hammer, one glance told him it was full of cash! The darkness prevented him from doing a quick count so he closed the lid and hustled back to the motor home. He started the generator so the air conditioner would run, turned on some lights, and sat at the dining table. Once seated, he opened the box and began inventorying its contents.

The bills inside were mainly one-dollar bills, a few fives, and a couple of twenties. One thousand eight hundred and twelve dollars, all small bills.

"What the hell did John mean saying there was a shit-pot full of money in the boxes?"

It was better than nothing, but coupled with what he had on hand, it'd supplement the costs of his border crossing and give him sufficient time to access his accounts in British Columbia for more. Once there, his plans were to continue on to Whitehorse in the Yukon Territories where he thought he could live in relative obscurity.

Worn out, disgusted, and ready to leave as soon as he could in the morning, he wandered off to the bedroom to go to bed.

"I couldn't believe how those two devoured those steaks," commented Clay. "I mean, I enjoy rare to medium rare, but the steaks they ate were barely warmed!"

"Think a minute," laughed Todd "I told you they were what?"

"Lycans!" Clay paused a moment. "Gotcha! Now I understand!"

Clay and Todd were sitting on the futon on the porch resting from a very busy day and afternoon. Although tired from all the activity, they were alert, wondering if Lonnie was on the prowl hunting for the kids or if any rival packs discovered their presence and was preparing to do them harm. Although Todd assured Clay they were all well protected, it still didn't ease all of the tension. Rani and Parnell were making regular soirees to the motorhome and back and, at last report, Lonnie was still counting dollar bills.

"It was an extremely busy afternoon," Clay sighed wearily. "Having those two youngsters around can wear a guy out. Once they had a nap, they were ready for playtime. They seemed to enjoy playing with those two wolves, riding on their backs, romping and playing tag. Then when they wanted to go swimming, it was our turn."

Clay stretched, trying to work some of the tiredness from his limbs. There was still a long night ahead of them.

"Been chained up too long," Todd observed. "Plus, Lycans, like regular wolves, long to be free, free to roam, hunt, and live their lives without interference by those who are intent on doing them harm. We need them and they need us, Clay. We have what might be called a symbiotic relationship with them."

"That may be," Clay said, "but I was especially interested to see the protective and close relationship the older wolves have with these two young strangers."

"Lycans are especially protective of their young and the young in general, unless a rival Pack attacks, then its all up for grabs. The local packs fight to the death to protect their young."

Clay nodded his understanding, smiled, and made a slight adjustment in his crotch. "Pablo and Carlita were not a bit bashful about swimming naked with us, were they? Couple of times I felt a small hand on my dick, looked down, and Pablo would look up and grin."

"I suspect he was just curious to see what a human, foreign dick felt like," Todd said with a smile, reaching over to give Clay a squeeze or two."

"Looks as if we have company coming for a visit," announced Rani.

Todd and Clay peered into the darkness; a darkness illuminated only by a quarter-moon and the faint glow in the western horizon, the remnants of the setting sun. Two wolves emerged from the forest, walked across the clearing, and approached the porch. They stopped and looked up at Todd as if seeking approval.

"About time," Todd laughed turning to Clay. "You are about to become acquainted with two of my best friends; friends since grade school and through high school."

Waggling a finger at the two wolves, Todd urged them to show themselves. "Shift and come up here so Clay can greet you and recognize you."

Derrick and Simon shifted to human form and walked, naked as jay-birds, up onto the porch. Their nakedness displaying their well-formed bodies and impressive male organs, made an instant impression on Clay.

"Wow!" he gasped.

"Now," teased Simon, "was the wow because of our ability to shift or because of our large cocks?"

"Both," groaned Clay, his own peg suddenly stiffening and pressed hard against his jeans trying to escape confinement. "How do you find underwear to fit?"

"Boxers!" proclaimed Derrick, "when we wear any."

Pointing finger at the two of them, Clay declared, "You were the two wolves I encountered the morning after the storm!"

"Yeah," Derrick replied, "Todd asked us to check on you and that was the fastest way to cover territory. We can run where motorized equipment can't travel."

"Just couldn't resist making a personal inspection though," laughed Simon remembering taking a swipe at Clay's beautiful ass.

"So," Todd inquired, breaking into the conversation, "who all is here tonight watching out for us and our guests?"

"About a dozen total from each Pack," Derrick replied. "All of us in the Six Pack and the main Packs; Averill Creek and Kabetogama. We'll all head out after the transfer is made and the kids are on their way back to Mexico.

"Before you ask, Clay," Todd cautioned, "You'll find out who everyone is as time goes on. It's a lot to swallow all at once."

Clay, still starring at Derrick and Simons' crotches, replied, amazement still evident in his voice, "I don't think I could."

"Not their dicks; their human identities," snorted Todd.


With that, Derrick and Simon, grinning at the comments from Todd and the look on Clay's face with his eyes fixated on their dicks, shifted back to wolf forms and loped off to join the others.

The night seemed to move swiftly, giving way to a breaking dawn, with no incidents occurring, other than a black bear wandering into the clearing and beating a hasty retreat back into the woods, when it sniffed the scents of several wolves. Todd gave Clay a nudge as he rested in deep sleep, his head on Todd's lap, mouth drooling on Todd's exposed cock.

"Better wake up, Clay. It won't be long until our guests will be leaving for home across the southern border."

Todd wasn't too far off the mark!

Lonnie, up before full daylight, determined to leave the area as soon as possible, set his laptop on the table, and opened the app on it which would spark the gas hot water heater in the motorhome in about six hours. He decided he'd be long across the U.S./Canadian Border and on his way west toward British Columbia when the gas accumulating in the motorhome was ignited and blew up when the hot water heater tried to ignite.

He'd spent a rather frustrating hour earlier trying to make electronic transfers from his U.S. bank accounts, under various alias', to accounts he had in British Columbia. There seemed to be some mix-up with his passwords and account numbers, but it worked out finally and he was confident all monies were successfully transferred.

Lonnie turned on the stovetop gas burners on the kitchen range. The kitchen range, stovetop and oven, were manual light. Without an outside flame they wouldn't ignite, just spew gas into the motorhome. When the spark fired to ignite the gas hot water heater, it'd also ignite the accumulated gas in the motorhome.

Picking up the small bag holding the money he'd dug up, leaving everything else, since, for all intents and purposes, he only would be crossing the border for a day visit, he was ready to open the door and leave when a sharp rapping on the door stopped him. A quick check out a window revealed two men standing, waiting for him to answer

"Shit," he muttered, giving a slight cough from the accumulating gas, "they're early. Well, they're going to get a surprise. Instead of me being killed, they'll go poof when the motor home blows up."

He cocked his pistol, raised it slightly as he pulled the door open, ready to fire it at the instant he saw the men. Lonnie was taking no chances. A quick dispatch and he'd be on his way he figured.

Lonnie was confronted by blurred, snarling creatures and strong jaws clamping on the arm holding the pistol and another set of jaws snapping his neck. Limp, dead, yet barely marked, Lonnie's body was stuffed back into the motorhome. The two wolves, in human form, picked up their discarded clothing, and with careful attention to clearing away any evidence of their presence, made their way back to the road where Franklin Campbell waited for them.

"Wake Carlita and Pablo," Todd said to Clay. "There's a vehicle coming down the drive and they'll want to be on their way home sooner than later."

Distant sirens, later in the afternoon, heralded emergency vehicles heading toward some sort of emergency situation.

"Must be a fire of some sorts," mused Derrick, looking up from his bent over position as Simon finished depositing a healthy quantity of white, thick liquid in his lower unit.

No sooner than the dripping pecker was withdrawn, Ted Symthe drove up in his vehicle, with the intent of bringing everyone up to date on the situation. Derrick and Simon were instructed to stay at Tanglewood all day in order to provide alibis and cover for Todd and Clay in case it might be needed. One never knew who might've seen them the day the young Lycans were discovered being held in the motorhome. Better be safe than sorry!

"So," Clay asked as Ted came up on the porch, "are they on their way home?"

"Be there by morning, probably around one or two o'clock," Ted responded.

Curious, Clay asked, "Was there really a shit-pot of money?"

"Yep, and more in bank accounts scattered across the country."

"So where was the money the guy's relative buried?"

"In the back of your pickup truck," Ted answered adding quickly, "and don't ask how it got there.

"I'll be damned," Clay snorted, wanting to ask more be decided it was better he didn't, at this time.

What Ted didn't tell Todd and Clay was Gregory and his wizard friends hacked into Lonnie's accounts, sidetracking the transfers he was making into an account they quickly set up for the Pack the kids belonged to in Mexico. The money would go a long way in alleviating the dire financial straits the Pack was in, as well as their neighbors.

Ted sighed, somewhat in disbelief, looking at Derrick and Simon.

"Don't you two ever wear clothes?"

Before they could answer, Rani muttered, "Why put your toys away when you're not done playing with them?"

The End

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