Heed the Dog's Bark; Beware the Wolf's Bite

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 10

"Like one that on a lonesome road
Doth walk in fear and dread,
And having once turned round walks on,
And turns no more his head;
Because he knows a frightful fiend
Doth close behind him tread."

(Samuel Taylor Coleridge-The Rime of the Ancient Mariner)

The dog, although settled down somewhat, still rumbled an occasional low, menacing growl in the direction of the forest shrouded stream, expressing displeasure at being denied the opportunity to rip some foe asunder with its canine teeth.

Lonnie, preferring to chain the dog outside rather than let it inside with him, entered the motorhome to check on his two captives. They were still well-shackled together and to the floor, although they did appear to be somewhat more focused on him, almost with a look in their eyes of anticipation.

He interpreted this as a need to use the bathroom, so, waving his hand in their direction, announced, "Suppose I should take you to the bathroom," relishing the opportunity to "assist" them with their bodily needs since he'd leave their hands secured.

"You first!" he declared, pointing at the girl. "Don't know why I even say anything! You two don't understand a fucking word of English and I don't like using Spanish. It's not my native tongue!" He motioned her to go ahead of him as they walked to the bathroom. Standing her near the toilet, he hoisted her skirt, drew down her panties, pointed to the toilet seat and commanded, "Sit!"

Lonnie's cock hardened listening to her void her bladder, anticipating the opportunity to "pat her dry" when she finished.

Standing her up, he grabbed some tissue, dried her immature girl parts and, while doing so, slipped a finger up into her and began "tickling." He couldn't fuck her but it didn't hinder him from taking his own pleasures. Pulling his cock out, he rubbed it up and down her stomach, edging to just the right point before stopping before he shot his wad.

Still exposed, he took her back to the bedroom, secured her, and led the boy to the bathroom. Standing the lad before the toilet, Lonnie pulled his pants down, including his underwear, stood behind him, Lonnie reached forward around the lad's waist and secured the uncut two-inch prepubescent penis between his thumb and forefinger, and ordered the boy to "piss!"

The boy finished, Lonnie, still holding the cocklet, began to stroke up and down on it, while hunching himself down so he could slide his hard cock between the lad's thighs. Lonnie pumped and pumped until he felt his balls tighten, pushed hard, and spewed his cum between the thighs of the captured boy.

"Better than nothing," Lonnie wheezed, wiping himself clean, trying to catch his breath from the exertion, "though much better than having my balls cut off for fucking him before the customer did."

He steered the boy back to the bedroom and secured him next to the girl. The two stared at him, although this time he thought he noticed something different in their eyes; a look of determination, perhaps knowledge or reassurance; definitely one of revenge!

"You two give me the creeps," he exclaimed, shuddering, "in fact, this whole place makes my skin crawl, almost as if there's creatures sneaking around I can't see. The sooner I get the fuck out of here and hand you over, the better I'll feel. Three more days and you're gone, to be fucked by people who pay prime dollars."

Lonnie decided, right after lunch, he'd begin a hard search for the money John buried somewhere on this piece of property.

Simon and Derrick didn't appear to be anxious to leave Clay's after their meal, but Todd knew they needed to report what they'd discovered at the motorhome.

"If anyone," he thought, "to Jessie, Jase, and Tyler. They'll probably take it from there. There's going to be hell to pay!"

Derrick and Simon helped clean up, gave Todd and Clay hugs, and with a "see you later," were in their truck and gone.

Clay sidled up to Todd, wrapped an arm around his waist, and cupped Todd's crotch with the other.

"Got time for dessert?"

His smile and the look in his eyes certainly didn't mean apple pie or ice cream, but something more of a salacious nature.

"Always!" Todd declared, steering Clay toward the bedroom.

Derrick and Simon wasted no time traveling to Jessie Sutton-Campbell's home. As mate to the Alphas of the Averill Creek Pack, Jase and Tyler Campbell-Sutton, plus being a very wise and powerful Lycan, Jessoe needed to know what they knew and help solve the problem. In fact, they'd be more than happy to turn the whole situation over to someone else, helping of course, if asked to.

Patrick Hayes, older brother to Simon, lived there as well since he was, unofficially, designated by Jessie, to be a protective "big brother" to his adopted son, Gaige Saulnier. Gaige was a teenager, fully a shifter and capable of defending himself to a point. Gaige was special to all since he was a Lycan Prince, destined to the Lord of the Lycans when he reached his full maturity and was so declared by the Grand Council.

Learning Jessie, Jase, and Tyler weren't home, Simon quickly told his older brother the urgent need to talk to them. Gaige was with Chris Campbell and some of the others, swimming at Campbell and Associates beach. The privacy allowed them to swim in the mixed company, in the nude as they preferred. It also gave them the opportunity to sort out possible future mates or just "try someone for a fit" or pleasure without any danger of accidental impregnation, as long as the female restricted ovulation, which most did.

"Jessie should be home any minute and Jase and Tyler can't be far behind him. If anyone can rescue those two pups," Patrick said confidently, "they can," as Jessie's pickup truck pulled into the drive and was followed by Jase and Tyler in their truck.

It wasn't long after Jessie's "what's up?" he was on the phone to Art and Franklin Campbell, calling for a meeting, post haste.

Art Campbell, Alpha of the Kabetogama Pack and Jase and Tyler's father, acknowledged them as "Alpha's" of the Averill Creek Pack. They were separate Lycan Packs, yet not rivals. They shared territory, resources, and heritage through blood and marriage. The Averill Creek Pack started as a sub-pack of the Kabetogama Pack but soon evolved into one of their own. It was a good and unusual relationship between packs with very powerful Alphas in the Lycan world and among wild grey wolves in general.

Art listened carefully as Derrick and Simon relayed what Parnell conveyed to them from his investigation of the motorhome. Art raised his finger in question, temporarily bringing a halt to the narration.

"Remind me, please, who Parnell is."

"Oh," explained Simon quickly, "he's Todd's Elf-fairy."

Nodding, Art commented, "It seems as though there are Elf-fairies all about watching after humans and not us!"

"Don't forget Prewitt and Dusty," Derrick volunteered, "before their being reassigned, they watched over Gaige, your grandson."

"And now?" Art continued, indicating Derrick should answer.

"They watch over Gregory Symthe!"

"Why don't I have one?" Art questioned. "Jessie, the Elves and fairies seem to obey you. Do you have any watching after you?"

"I'm afraid not! The Elf-fairies, nymphs, brownies, pixies and others are all very independent groups. I only happen to have a very good working relationship with them."

"Okay! Sorry for the interruption," Art apologized.

Once finished, Derrick and Simon stood anxiously awaiting either a decision and/or further directions concerning the two captive pups.

"Franklin," Art ordered, "find out if any Pack is missing a couple of pups, eight to ten years old."

"Already did," Franklin responded. Campbell and Associates sophisticated computer systems and access to servers, produced the answer within seconds of the search. "Both were kidnapped just south of the southern U.S. Border and the Pack, a financially poor one, is frantically searching for them. Should I contact them and tell them we have the two located?"

"Not just yet," Art cautioned.

"I agree," Jessie added, "we need to know why that person is here, why the two youngsters are being held by him, and if possible, who the hell he is. Patrick, why don't you go check him out? There's plenty of moonlight tonight."

"We'd like to go along," Derrick announced.

"Take Christopher with you," Art suggested. Christopher Campbell was his oldest grandson and he was eager to give the teenager some experience of this nature. There may be a time in the future he'd need to draw on it.

"Do we need to involve Jerry Haven and Diondre?" Tyler asked.

"Not yet!" Art concluded hoping the others would agree with him. "Let's see if we can't get those two youngsters out of there first. Maybe their Alpha might have a suggestion or two how deal with him or any others involved in this bunch of horseshit!"

"Todd," Parnell announced head tipped sheepishly, "I have something terribly important to tell you."

"Yes? What?"

"I have something to tell you the two captive youngsters told me!"

"You already did, Parnell.

"Not everything I fear!"

Todd slowed his truck down, located a place on the gravel road where he could pull over, and said rather grumpily, "You waited until now, on my way home from Clays, to tell me? Why not there?"

"Well," snorted Parnell indignantly, "was I supposed to tap on your naked, bouncing butt amidst all of the groans and moans of delight and cause a coitus interruptus by announcing the two captives said they were waiting for the little sorcerer, namely Gregory, to perform his magic and free them?"


"You heard me! We have to go home and visit with Gregory!"

"You got that right, Parnell," Todd grumbled pulling into the drive at home.

Lonnie slipped a semi-automatic pistol into his rear pocket, determined to begin the hunt for John's buried cash box. He was driven to investigate the slight hill behind the now-burned out cabin, walked up, and stopped near a brush pile on the edge of the forest. Looking down toward the cabin's ruins, trying to re-affirm what he saw that night, he took one foot and scuffed at the ground. It was there, on this very spot he was certain he saw three naked young men, change into wolves and shred his half-brother to pieces.

Standing there, supposedly the only other person in the immediate vicinity, he had the very eerie feeling he wasn't alone. A careful, slow surveillance of the area seemed to denote nothing amiss. His years of law enforcement experience caused him not to disregard such feelings. They'd saved his ass more than once. Yet, something was just not right!

"Maybe it's because John was killed here," he thought, until he heard some rustling noises in a nearby clump of bushes and dead falls. Slowly he extracted the pistol from his rear pocket, held it straight down on his right side, and cocking the hammer so he'd be prepared, if needed, to thwart any attacks on him.

Listening intently, he thought the noise was more the soft rustling a small animal might make. Never-the-less, Lonnie was taking no chances and brought the pistol up the ready position.

He had no need to do so, in fact when confronting the black and white stripped animal, he stepped back several yards.

"A fucking skunk!" he declared. Once said, he shook his head is disbelief and confusion, and made ready to start back down the slope. Turning to look again at the skunk he could've sworn the creature turned its head toward him, smiled, and asked, "Who did you expect; the Big Bad Wolf?"

Lonnie needed a drink and a strong one at that!

"What the fuck was that?" Simon asked.

"Somebody asked," responded Derrick, "who did you expect, the Big Bad Wolf?"

"I know that, smart-ass! Who said it?"

"The skunk!" answered Chris.

"I know this guy," Patrick announced.

"How?" inquired Chris since the man was not a Lycan or seemed to be local.

"His scent. He's the guy who fired the warning shot the night this cabin burned during a drug raid. He wasn't far from me and his scent was strong. I never saw his face, but there's no mistaking his scent. He was part of the Federal contingent of agents on the raid. I better let Jessie, Jase, and Tyler know; they were the ones who tore a guy apart when he tried to escape!"

With that pronouncement, Patrick was gone!

Derrick and Simon, although hearing of the incident here, had few details. They tilted their heads in Chris' direction, hopeful, since Jase and Tyler were his uncles, he'd have some more information.

"This is what I heard," Chris said, and began.

"No shit!" gasped Simon on hearing what happened, "they did that to the guy?"

"Yep! Makes you certain not to fuck with any one of those three, doesn't it?"

The three teen wolves lay quietly watching the man work his way back to his motorhome.

Suddenly, he stopped, looked up toward some tall pines off to the right.

Again, they heard something say, "The dog, to gain some private ends, went mad and bit the man."

"Who said that?" asked Simon.

"Oliver Goldsmith in the Vicar of Wakefield." Chris answered.

"No! Who just really just said it, other than you!"

"I believe it was one of those Ravens up in those pine trees." Derrick mentioned casually. "Something mighty fucking funny is going on around here."

"And," mused Chris, "you don't think we're a little on the odd side, at least to the human world?"

They continued to watch as the man approached the motorhome. He shook a threatening finger at the dog tethered there and warning, "Don't even think about it!"

Todd and Gregory, with Parnell, Prewitt, and Dusty fluttering about in obvious delight, were laughing at something streaming on a laptop when Ted entered Gregory's bedroom.

"I can't believe you did that!" chuckled an amazed Todd.

"Neat wasn't it!" giggled Gregory pridefully. "I learned it from a wizard in Florida."

"Learned what?" asked Ted, curious and cautious concerning whatever it was his son and step-son were watching. He was especially suspicious since the three fairies seemed to be more than just a little amused as they watched.

"You'll have to watch this, Dad," Gregory said proud of his latest feat of sorcery. "I'll play it back."

Ted watched as a grinning skunk, speaking to the man from the motor home, asked, 'Who'd you expect, the Big Bad Wolf?" and the Raven in one of the trees nearby croaking something about a dog biting a man.

"Amazing," Ted retorted continually astounded at the powers his son, the young wizard, was acquiring. Privately he hoped he could continue to exert some control over Gregory's use of power, but also knew he had considerable paranormal entities to assist him.

"We have to rescue these two kids, Daddy," Gregory begged. "They're about my age and I don't want anything really, really bad happening to them; 'cause the bad things are not very far away. I think they're homesick and have seen enough trouble, don't you? Theres' some really bad guys coming and this jerk," pointing at the screen, "doesn't know it. They found him and he's in deep, deep," with a wink at his Dad, "you know what!"

Ted couldn't help but agree something must be done.

"Any ideas and what do we know about this guy?"

He listened carefully, nodding on occasion, asking questions as he had them as Todd and Parnell relayed what they knew, Derrick and Simon's seeming to be almost casual from Clay's, and finally, a streaming image of Derrick, Simon, Christopher, and Patrick on the small hillock as Patrick made a hasty departure. At this point he was unaware of the discussion which took place between Art Campbell and Jessie Sutton-Campbell. Ted was convinced something must be done and decided to contact the Lycan Packs to see what they were planning.

From Parnell, he was able to discern the man's name apparently was "Lonnie" and he had some background in law enforcement. Art Campbell, when he contacted him, would be able to give him much more.

"If and only if," Todd offered, thinking aloud, "we could get this guy away, from the motorhome, I could get in there and cut them loose."

"This Lonnie guy," Parnell offered, speaking aloud, "is busy trying to find some buried metal box containing money his half-brother buried before he died during some raid."

"Where did you hear that?" Ted inquired, wondering how reliable the source may have been.

"Well," sniffed Parnell, "you know Rani and I are local, not from out of state like some other's I know," giving a nod toward Prewitt, "and Dusty was gone at the time, busy with some personal business you really don't want to know about, but here's what happened."

Ted knew better than to ask what the "personal business" Dusty was on, but it wasn't that difficult to guess, given Dusty's propensity to enjoy male-to-male sex.

Gregory's eyes widened as he heard of the drug problems in the area, the raid on the drug dealers' hideout, the place where the motorhome was parked, and the details of the man's death by three werewolves, identified as Jessie, Tyler, and Jason.

"Before, we go any further, remind me who this Rani is."

"I thought you knew," Parnell stated, "He's Clay's Elf-fairy. Clay's had him around since he was a little boy visiting his grandparents at Tanglewood."

Satisfied, Ted pondered, "Okay, if we are able to get them out of the motorhome, where will we hide them until we can figure out how to reunite them with their own Pack? It has to be a place where the general population of the area and others don't get freaked out about kidnapped illegal migrant kids who are Lycan or unfriendly law enforcement personnel getting in on the act. It's tough enough keeping all our secrets as it is."

"At Tanglewood," Todd suggested. "Clay speaks Spanish quite well, and it'd be the last place for anyone to look especially if there is more trouble coming."

"Are you certain?" Ted asked.

"Leave it to me!" Todd responded with a grin.

"And me!" offered Rani making his first appearance.

Ted nodded his approval, looking over the assembled gathering of normal and paranormal, not that Todd and he were "entirely" normal, and announced, "Okay, here's the plan."

Lonnie, frustrated and wary of his surroundings after the night he'd spent, tossed the shovel on the ground, after digging in about a dozen places, he thought John's note indicated the cash was buried.

He'd decided to sit up, clad only in his undershorts, the previous night, and enjoy a couple of nightcaps, strong ones at that. Well into his second drink, lazily looking out over the moonlit clearing, forest, and sloping hill, he thought he saw some movement near where he'd last seen John alive. Cautiously, still holding his drink, he walked outside, commanded the dog, now on full alert having noticed something as well, to be quiet and "stand down." Lonnie stood, silently, not moving, except to sip on his drink, peering into the darkened shadows for something, anything, which might have caught his eye.

Emerging from the forest, walking directly to the spot John met his demise, he watched two rather large wolves pad softly into the clearing.

"It's show time!" declared Simon. "Are you ready for a romp and some fun?"

"All the time," grinned Derrick. "I'll bet when we're done, he'll be so sexed up and confused he won't sleep the rest of the night."

"The rest of the bunch seem ready to go as well. Right, Parnell and Rani?"

With a soft giggle and a wiggle of their nearly naked bodies, making their cocks jump up and down, the two Elf-fairies signaled they were ready as well.

Derrick and Simon walked cautiously toward Lonnie, hoping they wouldn't be so close so he might be frightened and flee inside. Stopping, what they considered a safe distance from the man, they turned sideways in order to give him a better view. Satisfied, Simon lifted his tail and as quick as one could say, "up the shoot and slide in the pole," Derrick, his large mottled cock hanging stiffly below his furry midsection, mounted him, carefully, sensuously started to slide his large male stiffness into Simon's willing and open rectum, and began fucking!

"Oh, my god!" Lonnie gasped, feeling his own cock begin to stiffen inside his shorts. In order to free it and give him more access to it, he pulled down his undershorts and kicked them aside. Grasping his cock with one hand and holding his drink with the other, he began a slow, lazy up and down motion on it, wanting to enjoy the action in front of him without expending himself prematurely. He wanted to prolong the pleasure as long as possible.

He was distracted from the two wolves fucking when two, very male, almost nude, white, translucent winged creatures appeared right next to him. Both of the creatures had very erect penises and appeared to jockeying for a position to fuck.

"I'll bet they're fairies," he conjectured aloud, "although everyone knows they don't really exist."

Looking at his glass while continuing to masturbate, he shrugged, "I maybe have had too much to drink, but what the fuck, I'll enjoy the show anyway. Damned good imagination I've got tonight."

Sure as grass is green and trees grow in the forest, one fairy mounted the other and began a vigorous and explicit fucking.

Lonnie thought he'd seen everything, but was gob smacked when he saw the two wolves morph into two young, very hung, and handsome young men, grinning and clearly enjoying what they were doing. He stroked a little faster!

Lo and behold, as he did, the two fairies also changed into human shape, becoming two beautiful teen boys about four to five foot tall, hung like ponies, and as one fucked the other, moved closer and closer to him. He stroked faster!

"Don't come yet," one of the young boys said as the other withdrew his cock from the lad's ass. "There's more to your experience we're certain you'll enjoy!"

The two young men, once wolves, walked toward him, smiling, beguiling, seeming to sense his need to be touched, fondled, excited by youth, and the pleasures they could bring him.

Lonnie stopped his stroking, mesmerized by the sight of the two naked, extremely well-endowed teens smiling alluringly and walking toward him. His hand had stopped all movement on his throbbing erection and he groaned as one of the male Sirens knelt in front of him, removed his hand, and replaced it with his own.

"Oh, my god!" Lonnie moaned aloud, as he felt the young man's tongue and lips begin working on his cock.

The other young man placed his hand behind Lonnie's head and with a slow, gently pressure encouraged Lonnie to bend over and prepare to accept a gorgeous, delicious looking (in Lonnie's eyes) into his mouth. Lonnie opened wide, eager to suck and lap on the huge penis presented to him and, from the corner of his eye, caught sight of the two younger naked boys, flit around behind him. Bending over, ready to pay homage to such a huge lunch of male cock-meat, Lonnie felt a tongue lapping at his asshole.

"Oh, shit!" he squealed. "This can't be really happening!"

As his lips circled the young man's cock, Lonnie felt pressure on is back, appendages wrapped about his waist, a dripping, slick, large cock enter his rectum, and begin pumping away. He paused in his dining, turned to look over his shoulder to see which of the two young boys was fucking him, and saw the large Doberman instead, mounted on his back, tongue lolling about, drool dripping from its mouth, and hell bent on fucking Lonnie to the max.

"YOU SON-OF-A BITCH!" Lonnie howled in anger and anguish as the Doberman drove forward, buried its cock to the limit, and knotted tight with Lonnie's asshole, locking them together until the dog finished breeding the man. Lonnie was stuck tight and while trying to maneuver in such a way to remove the dog's cock, only served to place him in greater pain.

The two young men quickly stepped back, shifted into wolf shapes, and quickly departed. The two teen boys walked around in front of Lonnie, pain evident on his faces, and one of them smiled coyly, saying,

"Looks like you're all locked up sort of like those kids inside your motorhome are," before disappearing into the night.

Waiting, waiting for the dog's knot to subside, Lonnie heard soft giggles from somewhere and ethereal voices chant,

"Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard to fetch her poor dog a bone. When she bent over, Rover took over, and gave her a bone of his own!"

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