Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 3

Copyright© 2018 – Nicholas Hall


"In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evils might

Beware my power, Green Lanterns light."(Green Lantern's oath in Green Lantern comics-mid 1940's onward)

The full mid-winter moon, occluded at times by passing clouds, affording opportunity for revelers enjoying the thrill of snow machines, provided as well opportunity for the wild wolves of the north, coyotes, and werewolves to run and hunt in the deep, well-packed snow cover. The depth of the snow slowed deer and other prey in their desperate attempts to escape the slashing teeth and relentless chase by predator's intent on their deaths. A pack of wild wolves, their bellies bulging and sagging under the ingested weight of freshly killed deer meat, rested under the cover of copses of hemlock, tag alder, or tamarack, allowing their digestive systems to slowly absorb their meals, safe and distant from any humans. The increasing numbers of snow machines and other human activities increased their wariness, pushing them far from beaten paths for sanctuary.

Sheltered under tall pines, two white werewolves, although having eaten their fill earlier in the night during their own delightful romp in the snow under the light of the full moon, a welcome invitation to shift from human to wolf form, were stopped as well, but not resting. This stop was but one of several they'd made during the night and of a similar nature and intent.

The larger white wolf, hunched over the back of the smaller one, front legs locked over the back and grasping the sides of the smaller one in a typical canine coitus stance, tongue lolling and breath heaving in recuperation, his large, thick, and long wolf cock knotted tight and deep in the rectum of his mate, pulsing-pulsing-pulsing streams of semen, flooding the bowels of his mate until the viscous liquid seeped out around the knot, past the throbbing, twitching penis buried there, and dripped steaming onto the blanket of snow beneath them adding frozen globules to the whiteness beneath them, gasped in his pleasure.

"I do love you so, Norm. There's not a more perfect mate in the universe. Any regrets for being turned?"

"None; remember it was my choice. I asked you to turn me."

Dana Thomas, the larger white wolf, and Norm Haas, the smaller, both in their teens, were mates as wolves and boyfriends in their human life. Dana, the son of a new veterinarian in the area, was born as a werewolf, whereas Norm, son of humans, was turned by him after the two of them fell in love. Norm just couldn't see existing in life without Dana and decided to become one with him. Norm lived just up the road, on a small farmstead on Myrtle Lake with his parents, from the house the Thomas family bought, sans mother, when they moved to Orr. Norm's concerns, unaware of his werewolf status, were eased in his decision to choose a male for a boyfriend by knowing of Dana's intense love for him and his acquaintance with Jessie Sutton, also a turned human. Unlike many other parents, they could care less if their son was gay, he was still their son and they loved him.

Dana's younger brother, Andre, still lived at home and his oldest brother, Steven, held a professorship in Science and Research at Bemidji State and his next older brother, Dennis, attended the University of Minnesota, College of Vet Medicine.

Norm was the youngest of six and the only one left at home. They both attended the same high school and had classes together. When Norm was turned, his body changed as well; his circumcised cock reverted to normal with a nice foreskin and increased length and girth, his body musculature toned and tightened, his eyesight and hearing became super sharp, and his eyesight improved to the point he didn't need his glasses. In order to disguise his lack of need for glasses, he persuaded his parents, unknowing of his transition, to let him get contact lenses. Dana's father, Dr. Paul Thomas, made some arrangements with an optometrist, also a shifter, to provide Norm with clear lenses, which he never wore. In time a report was submitted to his parents of the fantastic advances in those particular lenses, Norm's eyesight improved sufficiently to forgo needing glasses any longer.

Dana and Norm, through his mating with Dana, were white wolves; wolves deigned by the Grand Council to belong to all packs but no pack, accessible to all other packs regardless of rivalry. White wolves received their status first through their profession, as healers, and through birth or mating with other white wolves. The cubs of white wolves by in large also entered the healing professions.

Dana and Norm, along with Dana's family lived in territory claimed and occupied by the Kabetogama Pack led by Alpha Art Campbell and a sub-pack of Kabetogama, the Averill Creek Pack led by Alpha's Jase and Tyler Campbell. As a result of their status, Dana and Norm roamed freely throughout the northern forest territories of both packs; free to hunt and run in any pack's territory in the United States without fear of hindrance or attack.

Before the full moon heightened in the night sky, before their run and hunt in the woods, Dana and Norm made love as humans; something they both enjoyed immensely. Face to face, belly to belly, Dana's long fat cock buried balls deep in Norm's rectum, thrusting slowly, then rapidly, then slowly to prolong their orgasms, Norm's cock rubbing up against Dana's abdomen, brought such sexual satisfaction and expressions of love, they took every opportunity to participate in the mating act. Of course, the fact Dana was a very horny, fuck loving guy, added to the frequency and intensity. Norm certainly didn't complain and often, when they were together, secluded in a bedroom, on a beach in the summer, or any time there was some privacy, would strip off his clothes, spread and raise his legs, and offer himself to his lover. Norm would shiver with anticipation of the first long, slow, rectum and bowel spreading intrusion of Dana's cock.

The knot on Dana's wolf's penis finally subsided and shrunk sufficiently for him to withdraw, slipping out with a flopping, swinging plop, allowing more of his semen to dribble out onto the snow to join previous deposits. The two teen werewolves bedded down to rest, the smaller cuddled up to the larger, seeking warmth, comfort, and protection. The run, the sex, and the closeness to each other was their prescription for relieving the stresses they and others felt. So far, the school year had not been the most pleasant for them and many of their classmates.

In the not far distance the shadows cast by the moon and the darkening of the night by the frequent clouds sweeping across the sky, which the two teen wolves enjoyed and allowed to shield them, also danced eerily on another part of the great forest, a part where a large, grey, fiercely strong and determined werewolf rested, concealed in the dark shadows of several large pines, lower branches heavily laden with accumulated snow, lay in watchful alertness.

The heavy branches, within a foot of touching the snow covered forest floor, formed a wind-free sheltered resting place where the wolf could gaze intently at the small cabin some three hundred yards in the distance. The cabin was well positioned strategically deep in the forest, but accessible by a private lane leading from a public road. Built by a trapper many years before, occupied and modernized by hunters in the later years until now it was inhabited by those the grey wolf had no desire to survive another day if he had his way.

But he did not have his way in the matter. This wasn't the time or the place. Locating this structure and the humans inside had taken him considerable time. He was determined to bring a halt to their evil, but he had to be careful and do it right. At this point, less any discovery of his covert observations, he'd be able to bring closure to this mission within a couple of weeks, a month at the most.

The wind, faint when he first settled down in his observation post, shifted slightly. His ears perked up, nose rose to test the air, checking for any threats which may have intruded on his space. He caught a whiff, a light, distant scent of two other Lycans in the area. They were perhaps a half to three-quarters of a mile away and smelled distinctly and heavily of sex- male to male sex! The large wolf chuckled to himself. The two were young teen mates, both white wolves and he knew them well.

"They could well fuck each other for the rest of the night," he mused to himself, "and be totally unaware of anything around them."

He settled back to his watch, yellow, gold eyes focused on the cabin looking for their weak spot, for certainly there was one. He'd watched, entering through a logging road rather than use the public road the occupants used getting to this cabin for the past two weeks and was slowly evolving, in his mind, a plan to bring this particular outfit down.

Rested, sexual appetites temporarily satiated, Dana's wolf and Norm's wolf stood, stretched, hind legs extending out, each did a quick rear leg scratching exercise typical of most canines before beginning their exploratory journey through the forest. They were still in St. Louis County, north of Highway 23 and on the north side of the Pelican River. Although still in the Kabetogama State Forest, it was a portion Dana had not visited before and Norm was only vaguely familiar with. He knew the county and town roads, but the logging roads were relatively unfamiliar to him. He and his dad, as well as his brothers had fished various streams and a few of the lakes, but with Myrtle Lake so close there was little reason to fish others.

Shortly after crossing the Pelican the two teen white wolves crossed what appeared to be a logging road marked by vehicle tracks. They both thought it was unusual since the logging road was only minimally maintained. It wasn't long they decided to "rest" and enjoy each other again.

Still panting, coming down from their orgasmic high, still wanting to see more territory, they again took up their quest. Approximately a mile or less where they stopped, Dana stopped again, ears pricked up, flipping forward, nose in the air, twitching, sniffing, his entire senses becoming alert. Seeing Dana's stance, his alertness, Norm quickly took up position to check behind them and to the rear sides, trying to determine what it was Dana was focused on.

"What's going on, Dana?"

"Don't know; I just don't feel right! Something just seems out of wack!"

"Maybe I wore you out?"


They began a slow, careful, walk forward, all senses on alert, bodies ready to spring into action or flight, depending on the threat. Dana leading the way, on the ready to protect his mate and remove him from harm's way.

The large grey, from his vantage point watching the cabin, picked up the sounds and scents of the other two werewolves heading in his direction. The last thing he needed now was for them to wander into this area. It was hard to say how they would react or how the ones he had under surveillance would respond to their intrusion.

If the youngsters should discover what was going on inside the cabin, it could mean his careful surveillance and planning would be destroyed and the miscreants would slip out of his grasp; all of his watchfulness, his care in keeping his presence unknown to those within the cabin, his slow building of his case to bring it down, would be for naught. His attention now centered on the approaching young wolves, was distracted to the point he failed to notice a door open on the cabin or hear the soft "click" of a rifle being cocked. He did hear the shot and felt the lead bullet tear into his right shoulder, bringing instant pain and crippling his leg. He swapped ends, as best he could, and ran, limping on three legs, one leg dragging in the snow and bleeding. It was a good half mile to his truck and he hoped he could make it there before the shooter decided to track him following the blood trail. The grey knew he'd heal, as all werewolves generally do, but he needed to get the bullet removed and rest several days for complete healing.

The sound of the shot resonating in the not too far distance, caused both young wolves to shift to their right in reaction, before they bolted and ran, not away from the noise of death, but parallel to it, intending to circle on back toward the logging road and cut south from it toward home. Yet, there was still the intrigue, the wondering why or at what someone took a shot in the dark. They both heard, emanating from the direction of the gunshot humans shouting at each other.

"What the fuck you shooting at?"

"A real big wolf. I think I hit him."

"Well, stop it! We don't need a fucking game warden nosing around here right now."

The two white wolves perked up their ears when they heard the first man speak of a "big wolf." There might be a chance the wolf was one of their own and intensified their speed, now heading to cut across any trail the larger wolf may have left or, if they circled back, find the wolf either injured or dead, if it was a normal timber wolf. They didn't travel far until they caught the scent of werewolf and blood. Setting their noses as their guide, they raced toward the direction from which the wafting scent was coming.

Dana and Norm's wolves stopped when encountering the tracks of a large werewolf, clearly injured, traveling on three legs with one leg dragging, and a blood trail. They became extremely cautious, wary of pursuit by humans, wanting to deliver another shot. Following the trail, keeping a watchful concern behind them, hoping the human hunter was not pursuing the injured wolf, discovered it was leading them toward the logging road.

There was no need for them to worry, the shooter was not pursuing them, nor was his brief companion out of doors. The shooter, speaking to the other man, snarled,

"You finish up with that young snatch. Charlie's already had a good fuck with her and I want my turn before we have to have her back."

The other man just grunted, walked back into the cabin, dropped his pants on the floor, and stepped forward, his turgid cock wobbling as he walked, toward the fourteen year old girl spread naked on the bed.

"Suck it a little to bring me to full horn," he demanded.

Once fully engorged, head exposed, foreskin pulled back, he mounted her, and shoved in in her young pussy, fast and deep. The large adult cock brought forth a cry of pain from the young girl as the man began to fuck, grunting and growling with each thrust.

"Only one more guy to fuck sweet thing and you'll have all the happy dreams you need for a couple of weeks."

Only the "other guy," the shooter, wasn't really interested in young girls; his interest lay in young boys, preferably teen boys who could cum and would either receive or give.

The large grey wolf struggled the last twenty yards to his truck, tired and now concerned with his ability to drive with a severely injured right arm. He wondered, if after he shifted, he had the strength to make it home. Home, impossible; he really needed to see the one person who could care for him and knew his real identity- Dr. Paul Thomas in Orr. He lay for a moment, catching his breath, and heard the approaching two young wolves.

"Hell," he thought, "I didn't think they'd follow me. I thought they'd run for home."

Dana and Norm's wolves walked slowly toward the large wolf, cautious, muscles tight, their anxiety high, bodies alert and ready to bolt to safety should the big wolf prove to be aggressive. He seemed to be superior in rank to most, but as white wolves they owed no allegiance to any pack or acknowledgment of the dominance of an Alpha. Still, they were distrustful!

"We're white wolves," announced Dana softly as he stepped closer. "We are destined to help all and are part of my father's, Dr. Paul Thomas, group. We'd like to help if you'd allow it."

"I know who both of you are. You need to get me to your father, Dana. I have a bullet in my right shoulder and it has to come out."

Dana and Norm carefully walked forward, looking around for any signs of danger, before coming up next the injured wolf laying on the snow.

"Is this your truck?" Dana asked.

"Yep, keys are in it. I can't drive, can you?"

Dana shifted from wolf to human, standing now naked and exposed to the elements. Quickly entering the truck, he inserted the keys, started it, and turned the heater on full blast. He stepped out and shifted back to wolf, more for warmth than anything.

"You'll have to shift," Norm advised, "if you want us to help you into the truck and drive you to Orr."

"You'll have to do the same," chided the wounded wolf, "look pretty strange two wolves driving a naked human down the road in a pickup truck."

The boys conceded he had a point, so, while the big wolf shifted to human, so did they.

They watched him turn from wolf to human, grimacing in pain as his human form took shape. He waited for the boys to acknowledge recognizing him, but they indicated nothing as far as he could detect. Norm looked at Dana, Dana looked back at Norm, they both just shrugged and helped the large man into the pickup truck.

Norm crawled into the back seat, helping the man into as well, with Dana giving him the needed assistance from the outside. Once Norm and the man were covered with the blankets stacked on one side of the rear seat

"Never know when you might get stranded in the woods during the winter," the man explained, his voice weak from his trek through the woods and the injury to his shoulder.

"You need to get me to Dr. Thomas; before I heal so much he can't get the bullet out. Don't want to end up nursing a bad arm."

Dana crawled into the front seat, bare ass, balls, and cock resting on the cold seat, spotted the man's winter coat, slipped it on, and started back down the logging road.

"At least the top part of me is covered," he muttered, trying to will the truck heater to put out more heat.

Directions from Norm, more acquainted with the area than he was, kept him from getting hopelessly lost. A call, using the truck's cellphone connection, alerted his Dad he and Norm were bringing in an injured "animal" intending to obscure from any eves-droppers, if there were any, what or who they were actually delivering. Dr. Thomas was waiting for them when they drove up the clinic. He helped them bring the injured man to the small surgery he had in the back of the clinic and get him on a gurney/surgical table.

A quick, precursory exam convinced him he could handle the treatment required, Dr. Thomas patted the injured man on his good shoulder, reassuring him all would be well once the bullet was out.

Dismayed at the injury, he sighed, "Well, Deputy Haven; how in the world did you end up getting shot by a human again? I think this is about, what, the second or third time you've been shot at, but never hit before, right? Besides scratched, bitten, and fur being torn from your hide, especially at the confrontation at Jessie Sutton's cabin when fighting the Rogue, and being poked with a knife once as well, I think this is first time I recall you being actually hit."

"I'm going to have to numb that area a little" he murmured softly as he prepared a needle, "so I can work without you jumping around. I don't want you wiggling around as I probe for the bullet. It's in fairly deep, but didn't break any bones. Once it's out," he grunted, getting his forceps gripping the projectile and beginning to extract it, "you'll have to rest two or three days while you heal."

A couple of hemostats quickly stemmed the minor spillage of blood into the wound since Jerry Haven healed them himself.

"You won't be able to shift during that time since I don't want you ripping the stitches out until you've healed properly. You turn into a big wolf and that's one hell of a lot of stretching, bone and muscle extensions. Where to keep you may become a problem for us. You can't stay here and you can't stay at home; people would talk."

"I've got some 'kelly days,' time off I've built up so calling in would be no problem. Any suggestions?"

Bullet extracted, stitching began, closing the wound, Dr. Thomas thought through the various options, but found none suitable.

"I know just the place!" Norm announced.

So, who's the company?" Tyler asked Jessie.

"Looks like Dr. Thomas's vet truck and Jerry Haven's private pickup truck."

"Shit, man," growled Jase, "we'll have to get dressed; can't receive the deputy sheriff bare ass naked can we?"

"Don't bother," Jessie responded calmly, "He's one of us."

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