Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 2

Copyright© 2018 – Nicholas Hall

Franklin Campbell

"A soul without watchfulness is, like a city without walls, exposed to the inroads of all its enemies."

(Thomas Secker)

Jessie's head rested on Jase's shoulder, alongside and pressing up against his lover's cheek, the warmth of Jase's face on one side of his head, Jessie's deflating cock oozing out the last vestige of cum on Jase's stomach, while Tyler's chin hooked over his shoulder, face pressed up against the other side of Jessie's face. Tyler lay belly to back on Jessie completing a "piggy-in-the-middle" fuck or with Jessie as the middle portion of a Neapolitan triple treat ice cream novelty depending on how one would care to describe it. Whatever it is called, the three of them loved it, especially since it was a spectacular "double-fuck" with both twins prodigious prods inserted in Jessie's love chute, one cock rubbing up against the other.

The three of them lay quietly in almost post-coital bliss, speaking nothing, moving little, except for an occasional twitch of Jase's long, thick penis still hard and inserted into Jessie's welcoming and accommodating rear portal. Tyler, just as hard and still horny, gave a gentle thrust forward of his imbedded shaft, lubricated by his brother's and his own thick, abundant cum, sliding it over the still spurting head of his twin's cock.

Jessie was always amazed how he was able to take both of his lover's penises at the same time. He didn't do it all the time since the act did tend to stretch his anal ring to the point he didn't dare fart for an hour or so afterwards, fearful he'd spew the contents all over, until everything returned to normal and his ass muscles were working properly again.

The guests at the Birchwood Supper Club had been fewer this Friday night, a not uncommon occurrence during the deep of winter, so their shift ended a little earlier than usual. Jessie told his dad they were going out to the cabin for the night and would be back in the morning and in time for their late afternoon and evening shift as table waiters.

Jim and Evelyn Sutton had strong reservations concerning Jessie's sexual preferences when he was younger and even more so when he announced the Campbell Twins were his boyfriends. The concerned parents as they are, they voiced their concerns to no other person except Eric Trempealeau. Eric was a gay man and they sought his counsel. He was reassuring and confident all would be well in Jessie's life.

"He is a smart young man and not prone to make mistakes."

Eric and Evan were suspicious at the time of Jessie's announcement of boyfriends, of the entire Campbell and Associates organization and their family members, later discovering they were all members of a "pack;" a pack of werewolves with Art Campbell as the Alpha. If Eric felt any trepidation concerning the advice he gave Jim and Evelyn Sutton, he made no mention of it to them.

"You know," Jessie said thoughtfully, still prone on Jase's naked body and still coupled with both of them, "we need to be thinking ahead about the future of our Pack and who will keep watch over the cabin next year when we are off to the University. The Twin Cities is a rather long haul to commute on a daily basis."

"That's a long way off," murmured Jase, reluctant to change the subject from fucking, something he and his brother were enjoying immensely, to serious conversation.

Ignoring Jase's comments, as the gentle push deeper Tyler made with his long, thick cock, pushing the air from Jessie's lungs for a moment, Jessie breathed deeply, adjusting to the depth of the cock entering him again.

"Brent is at Bemidji and will return there at summer's end; Diondre and Annie will continue at Vermillion Community College in Ely, Mike Bowers, Chad Coleman, and Rick Hayes all graduate the same time as we do. Mike and Chad have been accepted at the University of Minnesota-Duluth, and Rick is talking about going to International Falls to Rainy River Community College and eventually go into real estate with Uncle Evan; at least that's his current plans. I suppose he'll commute to school so he can still be with Robbie."

"See there," Tyler grunted depositing another load of sticky, white, cum in Jessie and waited patiently for his brother to climax as well. "Rick and Robbie can do it."

Jessie could feel the overload in his bowels begin to leak out, sighed, and retorted, "The only two left during the day would be the two youngest pack members, Robbie and Patrick."

Tyler and Jase's stems wilted at the same time! Unless Rick lived at home and commuted, Robbie and Patrick would be the only ones available to not only check on the cabin but defend it as well. They'd be extremely vulnerable to attack by any rival pack which would happen to appear or from danger from the human world. A pack gains its strength from the Alpha, Beta, and the Enforcer as well as the entire pack acting together as one loyal, fierce, and closely knit fighting force.

"Maybe Eric and Evan can help out?" offered Tyler.

"They'll do all they can, of that I'm certain," Jessie answered confidently. "We have to remember they aren't getting any younger and it might be asking too much of them."

"We need to talk to Rick," Jase answered carefully as he disengaged and rolled to his side.

"Maybe Franklin will be back by then," offered Tyler optimistically.

"Don't count on it Brother. We have no idea how long he'll be gone or where he is now. Ever since he left with those two guys from the Grand Council, we've heard nothing. Of course they announced he'd be out of contact for some time when they left, so that's no surprise."

Franklin Campbell knew exactly where he was; he didn't know how long he'd be here however. The second son of Art Campbell, Alpha of the Kabetogama Pack, who, along with his two partners formed Campbell and Associates, an internet and cyber security firm, always seemed to know here he was from early on in life. The process of his father forming the company and establishing itself as one of the premier players in cyber security meant moving the family a great deal throughout North and Central America.

Franklin was, and still is a very quiet, unassuming male who'd rather keep a low profile, watching, observing, synthesizing the information his senses collected, and drawing conclusions from it. He was able to pinpoint, with a relative degree of accuracy, where he was, how to return from which he came, and, if in a threatening or perceivably threatening, seeking a way out and keeping it for future reference should he need it.

Franklin was an intelligent boy and a very bright young man, doing well in his home school studies, public high school class work, and excelling in his university degree work. During his university degree studies rather than call attention to himself singling him out as a top student, he would purposely work for a "B" only in some classes to keep him out of the top five percent of the class. He chose not to be active in class discussion or join any college activities to maintain his persona.

Growing up, he noticed not only the physical changes in his body, but the changes in his senses, especially sight, smell, and hearing. Franklin was quicker than any other pack member to see things before they did, smell the presence of other animals, humans, plants, or even colognes; anything with a scent, including identifying specific individuals by scent alone. Once he encountered them, his mind registered their scent and he was able to recall it later on.

He discovered, as he grew, two other extremely valuable talents he possessed; the ability to "hear" the other Lycans as they spoke, even if they tried to disguise it from others, making him privy to private conversations and a powerful degree of stealth in his movements. Franklin could surreptitiously move about in the forests leaving very little trace or revealing his presence. All of these skills he kept to himself, hesitant to reveal them to others but didn't hesitate to use them or hone the skills further.

Franklin's parents knew he was bright, talented, and special in the way he performed at home and at school. His intellect and skills were quite evident in his ability and skills in I.T. specifically in cyber security. It was often said, among the family and the company, if anyone could hack into a secure network without observation or leaving tracks, it would be Franklin. Concerning any of this, Franklin kept his own quiet counsel.

He was content working for the company and generally with his life, although he was restless at times, wondering what else might be out there for him. He had a strong sense of justice and a compassionate nature, yet could be cold and calculating when it came to protecting his family members and those he loved from others who would deign to harm or destroy them. He was troubled by the endemic problem facing the country and, in particular, his part of it; this problem was taking its toll on human lives and treasure. The recent deaths of two school mates of his brothers and several adults in the area confirmed his fears. Although not directly affecting his species, it affected those around him and destroyed the treasure of his country.

None of that was in his thoughts when he was summoned from his cubicle to the main office of Campbell and Associates in the Lodge on the second day of November. A strong sense of dread, feeling as though he'd leave the safe confines of family, friends, and home seeped pervasively into his mind- chilling him, yet compelling him to seek out the cause. He was as a moth drawn to the flame.

He was ushered into the conference room by his dad, where he was invited to sit by one of two other men. After his father departed, the two men identified themselves as representatives of the Grand Council, wishing to discuss a position the Council had open with him, and see if he might be a likely candidate. They didn't ask if he was interested, only if he would be a likely candidate. Franklin shrugged; "How do I know unless you tell me what it is?"

The men nodded their understanding and handed him a document to sign. Basically it said he swore not to reveal the substance of the interview or even acknowledge it took place whether he was accepted or not. The position was with the security and protection division of the Grand Council and involved extensive training. Franklin was surprised how extensive their research on him was, as they visited, including his past, his friends (few), his education, intelligence, I.T. skills, work experience, likes, dislikes, hobbies, recreational pursuits, and sexual preference (straight, but single). They quizzed him ardently why he'd never married or mated, had a girlfriend, or girlfriends.

"Haven't found the right one," Franklin offered with a shrug.

His inquisitors returned to this same line of questioning several times throughout the interview with him. Finally, Franklin responded, somewhat agitated they continued to hammer away at questions he'd already answered.

"Look you guys, you know all about me. I'm a nerd, a geek, a person who loves his solitude, knowledge, and immerses himself in it. I have a strong sense of justice and am fairly introverted. It's damned hard to find a mate when I don't go out much and socialize or pretend to interested in some banal conversation concerning the price of a new car, overpriced steaks, or the stock market when there are people starving to death or hunters seeking to destroy us, as Lycanthropes, and drive us into extinction; and I'm just not talking about blood-suckers, the vampires prowling around. I'm talking about humans, those who wish to kill us and those who wish to kill their own kind and the country we live in through the use of illegal drugs and cyber warfare; so enough, or I end this right now."

One of the men, after Franklin's outburst, scratched his head lightly. "We know all of that. We also know you have other skills you've not told us about. For example, you are extremely good at sniffing out problems or trouble and with your stealth and knowledge are able to rout it out, without detection, so your family and friends can avoid it. Except, one time you fucked up and got caught, unbeknown to you."

He lay a picture on the table in front of Franklin; a grainy picture of a lone wolf, barely visible, hunkering down in the woods, located off of a clearing – a clearing where the Peters residence used to stand before burning to the ground.

Picking up the photo, Franklin carefully scrutinized it, discerning his wolf in the background, remembering when it was taken. He'd spotted two other trail cameras on the property in previous visits and avoided them when he was investigating the strange and disturbing happenings at the Peters house but obviously missed the camera secreted on the porch of the house. He hadn't realized it was there until he made a visit, after the various law enforcement agencies completed their investigation, and watched the very familiar man remove it. Franklin had every intention of destroying the property himself, bringing him back to the property, but watched with fascination and satisfaction as the human searched the house, rigged it with incendiary devices, activated them, and left. He also watched the human shift to a werewolf and lope away.

On a run through the property one night previous to this, he'd detected the smell of death, buried beneath his paws. Stopping to sniff the ground, finding what he thought were grave sites, he also overheard, coming from the house, the sounds of terror, screams by a young male voice, and grunts of sexual pleasure and release from another, older male. It didn't take him long to conclude something evil, perverted, and murderous was happening within. Franklin was in the process deciding how he wanted to end the perversion there when he overheard a conversation, which led to subsequent more eavesdropping, by his twin brothers and Jessie Sutton about doing the same thing. Their plan seemed feasible, so he made certain he was there when they carried it out and be available to leap to their assistance should it be needed.

Watching the pack of young teen werewolves shift back and forth between human and wolf, the terror on Peters face and screams of terror emanating from his mouth, especially when Rob was told to "go get him" and made a swipe of Peters ass with his tongue. Peters continued screaming in terror and when he turned, saw the young teen wolves, long red dripping cocks unsheathed and ready to fuck him, he had apoplexy and died.

Franklin chuckled to himself remembering it. Peters deserved the death he got. The house needed to be destroyed so it wouldn't become a tourist attraction as some prospective buyers wer intending to do. He hadn't counted on his wolf being discovered as he watched the boy's exact punishment on the evil man or when he watched the man/wolf extract the camera or torch the house after the investigation was completed, but such as it was. As far as the human/werewolf, Franklin made no comment each time he encountered him or mentioned it to anyone else. He felt it was nobody else's business.

He smiled again to himself as he asked the two men the question he already knew the answer to. "Where did you get this picture?"

They ignored his request for information, instead bombarded him with questions, pressing him for answers. "Why were you there?" "What knowledge did you have concerning the situation at this house?" "Were you a participant in the illicit activities in this house?" "Aren't you single with no girlfriends or prospects?" "Or were you just interested in watching naked young boys?'

It was Franklin's turn to ignore them. He pushed his chair back, placed both hands flat on the table separating the two interrogators from him, and started to raise from his chair. His voice was cold, calculating, threatening, yet not, but still of sufficient timbre to caution those within in listening distance, especially the two in front of him, he was a force not to be fucked with.

"I've already explained to the two of you why I'm not married; no, I was not perving on the young boys, and it's none of your fucking business why I was there or what alerted me to be there."

His eyes shone like ice, boring into their faces with the intensity of St. Elmo's Fire, sending a slight shiver up and down the spine of each man facing him even though they were experienced Grand Counsel investigators and tough fighters in their own right.

"I really don't like your insinuations and your rudeness. Your interrogation techniques suck and your investigative process leaves much to be desired. I'm leaving so you may find your way out. I'll thank you not to bother me in the future."

Franklin stood, turned, and started for the door. He overheard one speak to the other in a new, sophisticated, specialized, unique form of "wolf talk." It took him a moment to sort it out in his mind, translate, and store it in his memory.

"Do you think we pushed him too far?"

"Perhaps, but I think he's still holding out on us; not telling us everything."

"Yes," Franklin commented as he stopped and turned toward the two men. "You have almost pushed me to my limit and I'm damned close to having you escorted out of here, Grand Council representatives or not."

"You heard us?" one man questioned, amazed and concerned.

Franklin simply nodded.

"You shouldn't have been able to!"

Franklin smiled, shrugged his shoulders, and walked back to the table. His facial features and his posture communicated and belayed any response or further discussion on their part. "You seem to think you know so much about me, yet you do not know the half of it. As I mentioned previously, your investigative techniques need some refining, as well as your own olfactory nerves. I discerned more about you within the first ten minutes after meeting you than you were to determine concerning me via common knowledge or your primitive techniques of discovery."

"Your 'wolf' may not be heard by other members of the Council, but I assure you I can hear you loud and clear as well as any other Pack language. I know who you received the picture from and from that have discerned why you are here and what you want from me."

"Now let me tell you what I know about you personally. You are wearing the very same suits you wore when you flew into International Falls last evening; they still have a faint scent of jet fuel on them. You both had steak, rare by the way, and eggs for breakfast. One of you likes cream in his coffee, the other black. Both of you are mated and married, yet only one wears a wedding band. The other has removed his band because of arthritis, but the faint indention around his ring finger is still visible. One of you comes from Virginia and the other from upper New York State. Your slight accents betray you. One of you uses, by the way your beard grows, an electric razor since I smell not only pre-shave but your after shave. The other uses a safety razor and an after shave similar to Old Spice® so I assume it is a knock-off imitation from a big box store. One uses a peppermint tooth paste another a plain."

He stopped and continued to stare at them. "Should I continue?"

Franklin received no response.

"You," pointing to the man on his left, "carry a cloth billfold, have one hundred fifty-six dollars in it, and five credit cards along with your driver's license and some family photos. Your name is Steven Long."

"and you," pointing the other gentleman, "prefer a leather wallet, have two hundred thirty dollars in it, several credit cards, and photos, along with your driver's license and your name is Joseph Sherman."

With that said, Franklin tossed the two wallets on the table in front of the men. Both reached automatically to their rear pockets and found them empty, shock registering on their faces.

Franklin said very simply and softly, "Don't think you can hide much from me. By the way, carry your wallets in your front pants pockets, never your rear ones."

"Now, if you two wish to visit with me further, you may return after lunch. If you do decide to do so, understand I have many questions and a few conditions before I even consider going to work for the Council. You need someone with my talents and expertise in cyber security, so don't fuck it up."

Mr. Sherman and Mr. Long made an appointment with Franklin for after lunch and met with him in the same conference room they'd used in the morning. The atmosphere and their demeanor was quite different; "rather amicable," Franklin thought as he walked in.

Both rose from behind the small table to greet him, extending their hands, and asking he join them as they sat down.

"Before we start anew, Mr. Campbell," Mr. Long offered. "We must offer our most sincere apology for our extremely brusque and rude manner. There was no excuse for it, but I must explain we interview upwards of one hundred possible candidates each year. Each one is recommended by others for this partic ular type of position. It's the elite of the elite and our primary defense against our enemies, without and within. Should we not have this elite force of protectors, we become vulnerable, exposed to all who wish us harm. Unfortunately, our interviews disappoint us time and time again. Rarely do we find one in a hundred who might, and I emphasize might, qualify and eventually join the ranks. Our orientation and training is lucky to have one in five hundred of those we interview meet our final qualifications."

"We sadly underestimated and misjudged your capabilities. So far, of all Mr. Sherman and I have interviewed over the years we've been doing this have we found any candidates who exhibit the talents, skills, expertise, and innate abilities you have demonstrated to us. Having said that, may we answer your questions and hear what your conditions might be should you chose to accept a position with the Grand Council? We wish there were others with your abilities."

"Oh, there is one other one; one who would put me to shame," Franklin thought to himself, "but, you'll never hear of it from me."

The three of them visited most of the afternoon and came to an agreement. Franklin negotiated his conditions and expectations; they provided some of their own, and Franklin left for orientation and training the first weekend of November.

Jessie, snuggled between the naked bodies of his mates, warm, protected, and sexually satisfied, slept the sleep of most canines, even when he was in his human form, only more alert and sensitive than his mates and all of the others in their pack. His eyes suddenly popped open, all of his senses came to instant alert, and he sat up, waking Jase and Tyler in the process.

"We've got company coming!" he announced.

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