The Bus Station

by Jonathan Perkins

Chapter 8

Tension was rising as the four boys stood staring at the four intruders, waiting for what was going to happen. Finally Steve broke the silence.

"What the fuck are you guys doing here? This is private property," he said in a low voice.

"Hey, relax guys, we saw the smoke and the sparks from the fire and figured we better check it out. We're camping at the campground at the other end of the lake," the leader said.

"How the hell did you get here? There is a damn swamp between here and there to keep people away. This land belongs to our family," Steve informed them

The leader shined his flashlight down on his legs.

"How do you think we got this shitty smelling mud all over us? We figured we had to persevere to maybe stop a forest fire from starting."

"Well this is our fire and we are watching it so you can just haul your asses back where you came from."

One of the intruders moved forward as if he was going to confront Steve. JR took a firm grip on the knife and extended his arm straight out as he kneeled up. The leader put his arm out to stop his comrade.

"We don't want any trouble. As long as everything is under control, we'll go back to the campground."

The other intruders didn't look like they were so anxious to leave but the leader called out to them.

"Come on guys, nothing we can do here."

They turned and walked back the way they came, their flashlights slowly fading into the night.

"Fuck, Steve," Drew spoke up, "You didn't tell us you had a gun!"

"I don't," Steve laughed, "But they didn't know that."

"We did have Jim Bowie and his Bowie knife over there," Bernie piped up and pointed towards JR.

"Yeah, and I would've cut their balls off if they started anything. Just like carving the Thanksgiving turkey," JR told them with bravado.

All the boys laughed.

"I'm sure you would, you scrappy little bastard," Drew confirmed.

"You think there will be back?" Bernie asked

"I don't think so. They may have been checking on our fire or they may been looking for something else but I think we scared them off. They won't be back," Steve assured everyone. "Let's get turn in."

"Okay, but I'm going to put my shorts on so I get don't get caught naked again. It's kind of intimidating," Bernie confessed.

Everyone agreed that was a good idea. Steve and Bernie went into their tent and JR and Drew retired to their tent. Both couples cuddled up and went to sleep, albeit a restless sleep.

Around three o'clock JR was awakened by the sound of the zipper on the tent flap being opened. Drew was still asleep next to him so he knew something was happening. He looked for the knife that he had placed by their sleeping bag just in case those men came back. He grabbed it just as one of the men grabbed his ankles and dragged him forcefully out of the tent. The butt of the knife handle snagged on the tent flap and pulled out of his grasp. Another man grabbed Drew by the ankles and yanked him out of the tent. At the same time the other two guys did the same with Steve and Bernie. The smell of stale beer permeated the air. The four men had been drinking and were inebriated.

The leader of the group had seized Drew and pulled him away from the tent. He pushed him on his hands and knees in front of him while pulling down his pants.

"Aw, you boys didn't wait up for us. No problem because we are all up," he laughed as he pointed to his stiff cock. The other men laughed and pulled their pants down at the same time. "We heard the jerks we replaced at the base liked to fuck these nice tight young boy pussies. Much tighter than the male sluts we have on the base. I have to spread eagle so I don't fall in while fucking them they are so loose."

All the boys were scared about what was going to happen. Fear can be a strange thing. Most animals, including humans, have a fight or flight response when threatened. At this point the boys were, as the saying goes, scared stiff. They just stayed still to see what was going to happen. As much as fear can motivate people, anger can be a much more powerful force. When Bernie heard that these guys were from the army base and intended to fuck them all, a boiling rage overcame him.

The leader was laughing and getting down behind Drew, moving in closer.

"I saw you get fucked earlier by your boyfriend so I know you're not a virgin but I'll bet you're still nice and tight. Guess I'll have to find out for myself," as he grabbed his stiff cock and aimed it at Drew ass crack.

That was the tipping point for Bernie. The memory still fresh in his mind of the brutal rape he endured so he was not about to let Drew go through that. The man behind Bernie already had him on his hands and knees and was moving in just like the leader. Bernie stuck his ass up in the air to him.

"Come on stud, fuck me hard and deep," Bernie said in a low voice.

"Now you're talking. Looks like I got the hot one in the group," as he moved close enough for Bernie to pull one leg forward and then kick back with everything he had, his foot landing right in the man balls.

The man fell over to the side, grabbing his balls and yelling in agony. Bernie lunged forward, grabbing the knife off the ground and flung himself towards the leader. He tripped over a root, throwing him off his target. The leader saw him coming and tried to get out of the way but in his drunken state he fell over on his side. Bernie landed on top of him and thrust his knife into the man's upper arm with such force that the tip of the blade protruded through the back of his arm. Screaming and yelling, Bernie sat up on the man's chest and yanked the knife out of his arm.

JR and Steve had been ordered on their knees in front of their captors so they could suck their cocks. JR had taken a hold of the guy's cock and was bringing it to his mouth when all hell broke loose with Bernie's attack. JR leaned forward and took the cock in his mouth and clamped down tightly with his teeth. He tasted a salty fluid in his mouth but it was not the cum he was supposed to eat. It was blood, gushing from teeth marks on the tip of his assailant's cock.

Steve kneeled up straight and using every muscle his football training had strengthened, delivered a blow to his captor's stomach, sending him reeling over backwards. He lay on the ground vomiting, either from the punch or the beer.

As Bernie sat up on the leader he raised his knife and was going to deliver a fatal blow to the man's chest. Just then a flashlight shined in Bernie's eyes.

"Drop the knife, NOW!" an unfamiliar voice shouted from behind one of the tents.

Drew grabbed Bernie's hand before he could bury the knife in the man's chest. He could make out who yelled in the light of the full moon.

"It's Officer Jenks, Bernie. Drop the knife!" Drew yelled.

The adrenaline and the rage still flowing through him, Bernie's other hand reached over and wrapped around Drew's hand on his arm. He released his grip on the knife as Drew used his free hand to take the knife and throw it to the side. Every muscle in Bernie's body was tense and still ready to fight for their survival. Drew slowly moved Bernie off the man and helped him sit on the ground.

"Bernie, what the hell?" Drew asked in amazement.

"Nobody and I mean nobody is going to hurt you Drew. Not as long as I'm around."

Drew pulled Bernie in for a hug and held him tight. The danger had passed. Bernie calmed down and virtually went limp in Drew's arms.

Officer Jenks hurried over to check on the injured man, then over to inspect the man with the bleeding cock. He just glanced at the man holding his crotch, still writhing in pain, and the man on the ground puking his guts out.

"Jesus Christ, what the hell happened?" he demanded to know, panning his flashlight over the injured men.

"These jerks tried to mess with Big Bad Bernie and his band of merry men," Steve laughed, the tension leaving his body. Everyone laughed except Bernie who was still in shock. "What brings you around, Officer Jenks?"

"I got a call from the manager of the campground. These guys have been drinking all night and causing a trouble ever since the sun went down. The last time he told them to quiet down or leave, they got up and started walking along the lake, headed this way. He knew you guys were camping here and he figured it might be trouble. Good thing he did, for their sake," he laughed. "I called your father, Steve and he is coming out."

"Oh shit. Now we're really going to be in trouble," Steve lamented.

"You're not, but they sure as hell are," Officer Jenks told them.

The guy holding his crotch shouted out to the cop,

"We're Army, you can't touch us. We'll just go back to the base and get busted down to Privates and transferred to a new base. No big deal."

"Not this time, junior. You're in civilian clothes, off the base and you attempted to rape four underage boys. Not to mention trespassing, assault and battery and drunk and disorderly. You boys are going away for a long time and there is nothing the army can do about it this time."

The cop handcuffed the one who got kicked and the one who was puking together and told the boys to keep an eye on the other two. He was going to call for backup and an ambulance to transport them.

Two deputies from the Sheriffs Department and the ambulance arrived on the scene about the same time Steve's father got there. He ran over to where the boys were sitting buy the tents.

"Steve, are you all right?" his father shouted.

"Yeah, Dad we're all fine. Those guys aren't though," pointing to the attackers.

"Jenks, what the fuck happened here?" he yelled, looking around at the aftermath of the chaos.

"The army brats came here from the campground intent on molesting these boys," he informed Mr. McCord.

"And you got here in time to stop them?"

"No, actually according to your son, "Bad Ass Bernie and his merry band of men" got the situation under control just as I arrived."

Officer Jenks snickered and the rest of the boys giggled, including Bernie this time.

"And none of you boys were injured?" Steve's father asked again.

"Bernie did get blood all over my father's camping knife," Drew told him.

Again more laughter from the boys.

"Pack up your gear and I'll take you all home," Mr McCord told them.

"No way," Steve objected. "We're staying for the rest of the weekend. The worst is over now."

"It's not safe out here alone. I never should have agreed to this," his father continued. "I want to take you home before anything else happens."

All the boys started complaining and offering reasons why they should be allowed to stay.

"Maybe if you stayed with them, Mr McCord, they could finish their weekend camp out and you'd know they were safe," Officer Jenks suggested to Steve's father.

"Yeah Dad, it can be a father and son camp out, just with extra sons," Steve begged.

"I have to work in the morning but I'll stay here tonight and see what tomorrow brings. I can sleep in the truck. Not the first time I've done that."

"Oh no, Mr. McCord. You take my place in Steve's tent and I can bunk in with JR and Drew if it's all right with them," Bernie offered.

"Of course it is, Bernie. Our tent is big enough for one more, right Drew?" JR agreed

"Sure. Mr. McCord can protect Steve and Big Bad Bernie can protect us," Drew laughed.

Bernie smiled but he was still shaken by his actions. He went in the tent first and spread out the sleeping bag that was unzipped so it was more of a blanket than a bag. JR and Drew followed and lay down on either side of Bernie.

"You all right, Bernie?" JR asked.

"Yes, I guess. This is the first time I ever lost my temper like that. It was like I was outside my body watching this crazy man attack another human being."

"They were monsters, not human beings, Bernie. It's a good thing you did what you did or we would have all been hurt," Drew said in support.

"It's a good thing you are here with us, Bernie. We'll never forget this," JR said.

"I wish I could," Bernie remarked.

The three boys lay on their sides, Drew almost right up against the tent wall, Bernie up close to him and JR up tight behind Bernie. JR put his arm over Bernie's side and Bernie did the same to Drew.

"Nobody can hurt any of us now," JR proclaimed.

Mr. McCord awoke at first light and quietly slipped out of the tent. He checked on the other tent and saw the boys still asleep, cuddled up to one another. He just smiled and got in his truck to leave for work. Steve woke up when he heard the truck drive off. He came out of the tent and looked around. He sat by the burned out fire and then looked around again. He wasn't scared or nervous, just lonely sitting by himself. He walked over to the other tent and unzipped the tent flap. He looked in and saw his friends all cuddled together. Hearing the tent zipper, JR lifted his head and looked at Steve. He patted the space right behind him for Steve to come and join them. Steve scooted in, closed the flap and cuddled up to JR's back. They both fell back to sleep.

A few hours passed before the boys woke up. Being hormone driven teenagers, they were all sporting morning wood. JR tried to straighten his body and stretch. As he did his boner poked Bernie in the ass. Bernie giggled and poked Drew in the ass. Steve caught on and poked JR's ass with his stiff cock. This set off a dry humping frenzy as each one held the boy in front of them and pressed their cocks against him. Their underwear covering their cocks and their asses prevented them from any penetration but it was fun none the less.

"I have an idea," JR whispered. "Drew, you turn and face this way. Steve, you flip over the other way and Bernie, you and I will lay this way," he directed everyone. When everyone was in position, the boys had formed a square with each one having a cock staring them in the face. "A group suck off!" JR declared.

Underwear was quickly shed and every cock found a nice warm wet mouth waiting to devour the cock in front of them. The only sounds heard in the tent were the slurping of hungry mouths on appreciative morning wood. Hands were busy fondling balls and exploring ass cracks, looking for the pulsing rose buds hoping for at least a finger or maybe more. It wasn't long before a chorus of moans and groans sprung up as each boy reached his tipping point and fed the mouth working him with a generous amount of cum.

"Ahh," JR announced as he swallowed a mouthful, "the breakfast of champions!"

"The only way to get your morning protein," Drew laughed.

They were basking in the after glow of an awesome sucking session when they heard a truck pull up behind their tent. They scrambled to get their shorts on while Bernie looked around for the knife. Officer Jenks had taken it with him last night as evidence, leaving the boys defenseless. The came out of the tent when they heard an older voice call out to them.

"Hello the camp, is anyone here? It's Mr. Marion from the camp ground"

Knowing they were safe, the boys tumbled out of the tent.

"Good morning, Mr. Marion," Steve greeted him.

"I wasn't sure if you boys would still be here or if you left after what happened last night."

"My dad stayed until daylight but he'll be back at noon. We didn't want to give up our weekend," Steve told him.

"I feel really bad about all that ruckus. I should have thrown those bastards out the minute they started acting up. I hope you boys can forgive me," he continued. "As soon as I saw them headed your way, I called the cops."

"If you hadn't, things would have been a lot worst. Thanks."

"Well look, if you boys are going to spend the rest of the weekend camping, you can have their site over at the campground. They won't be coming back and it's paid for through Sunday. Their gear is still there so you can use their tent or we can take it down and you can put up your own. It's a big one," Mr. Marion offered.

The boys looked around at each other and nodded quickly.

"When my dad comes back at noon we'll pack up and move over there. Thanks for the offer," Steve confirmed.

"It's the least I can do. See you at noon."

He got in his truck and drove off.

"We need one more swim before Steve's dad gets back," Drew announced.

"Naked?" Bernie asked.

"Of course naked. We won't be able to skinny dip at the camp ground so we might as well enjoy it while we can."

They all dropped their shorts and dove into the water. After some horseplay and groping and grab ass they just swam around relaxing. JR came up to Drew and puts his hands on Drew's shoulder and wrapped his legs around his back. He looked into Drew's eyes and came in for a kiss, lightly at first, then getting more passionate. Bernie caught Steve's eye and nodded towards JR and Drew. Steve swam over to Bernie and took Bernie's head in his hands.

"When in Rome," Steve said with a grin.

"I don't think what they're doing has anything to do with Rome. I think it's more French," Bernie snickered and move in to kiss Steve.

It was the first time Bernie had kissed a boy. Or anyone other than his mother for that matter, And never on the lips. His cock sprung to attention as the thrill of kissing made his heart skip a beat. Steve pressed his tongue against Bernie's closed lips, gently pushing them open to let his tongue in. Bernie welcomed this new sensation and began to use his tongue to slide into Steve's mouth. Bernie started to moan and breath erratically as his passion increased exponentially. He was pushing hard against Steve, pulling him tight to his body. He was making so much commotion that it caught the attention of JR and Drew. They looked over and smiled.

"Looks like Bernie and Steve might become an item?" JR pondered.

"Or Big Bad Bernie is claiming another victim," Drew laughed.

Bernie had become so aroused, he broke the kiss and yelled out as he involuntarily experienced a hands free, unassisted orgasm.

"OH FUCK!!" he yelled as squiggles of white cum floated to the surface.

Steve backed up and splashed away the floating cum.

"Eww. Couldn't you have the decency to put that in someone's mouth or ass?" he joked.

Bernie's face was red and sank down in the water up to his neck.

"Damn, that was awesome. I've never experienced anything like that."

"The kiss or spontaneous orgasm?" Steve proudly asked knowing he was responsible.

"Either, ur, both, oh hell, you know what I mean."

The boys got out of the water and started to pack their gear for the move. Steve's dad returned at noon and was told about the offer from Mr. Marion.

"I think that's a great idea. I'll feel more comfortable with you boys over there tonight."

"Are you going to stay again tonight, Dad?" Steve asked.

"No, I don't think I'll intrude on your boys camping trip. I'll help you move and then I'll be going."

They opted to use the army guy's tent. It was a large three-room tent with a big room in the middle and two smaller rooms off each side. They were going to enjoy eating the food in the coolers as well. Steve's dad checked the coolers and took the beer with him so the boys wouldn't be tempted to try one or two, or more. One they were settled in, he stopped at the office and thanked Mr. Marion for his generosity. He stopped back at the campsite at the other end of the lake just to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything. He stood looking around, bringing back memories of when he was young and camped there with his friends. He got a beer from his truck and sat on the ground reliving his youth. The beer, the nostalgia, the warm noonday sun all coaxed him into making a bold move. He hadn't gone skinny dipping in ages. He shed his clothes and jumped in the water. The water was so refreshing and the feeling of his cock and balls floating free in the water so exhilarating. His hand reached down and began to stroke his stiffening cock. Damn, he felt fourteen years old again, reliving being here with his friends. Swimming naked and messing around. He was so absorbing in what he was doing he didn't hear a car drive up. His trance was broken when Officer Jenks called out to him.

"I wanted to stop by and make sure the boys were doing okay," he called out from the shore.

His face beet red, Mr. McCord replied,

"They're fine, thanks. I just finished moving them down to the campground."

"Oh, okay," he said, looking at the pile of clothes next to him. "I'll get going and let you finish up what you're doing now."

He smiled and walked back to his police car.

Mr. McCord brushed away the white squiggles floating on the water in front of him and got out of the water to go back home.

The boys spent the afternoon walking around the campground, playing some games in the arcade and checking out the camp store. They swam in the lake, this time with bathing suits on then went back to their site to make supper. After supper they put more wood on the fire to keep it going.

"Do you think that is a good idea?" JR asked. "Look what happened last time we had a big fire burning."

"Stoke it up good, I want to see who comes around tonight. Maybe some hot girls or who knows," Steve laughed. "Maybe this time we'll be the ones fucking."

They all snickered as they sat mesmerized by the dancing flames.

Shortly after the sun went down in a blaze of glory and darkness overtook them, the boys all conceded that they were tired and it was time to turn in.

"I guess we get no visitors tonight so we might as well put out the fire," Steve bemoaned.

They filed into the tent, JR and Drew taking the room on the right while Steve and Bernie took the room on the left.

"Try and keep the noise down, will you. We want to get some sleep," Steve grinned at JR and Drew.

"If we make any noise I'm sure you two will drown it out," JR shot back

JR closed the flap to their room as Drew shed his clothes. JR came over and kissed him, putting his hands around his naked body.

"Aren't you going to bet ready for bed?" Drew asked seductively.

"All in due time. You can't rush a good thing, you know. And I'm the best you'll ever have," JR bragged in jest.

"No argument here, so get naked and bring it on!"

JR ripped off his clothes and the two naked teenagers dropped to the floor on their sleeping bag. Wet sloppy kisses and tangled arms and legs as they rolled around letting their passion build.

"Who's going to fuck who tonight?" JR asked while brushing his fingers through Drew hair.

"We can take turns."

"Who will go first?" Drew asked.

"Who ever is the hardest," JR told him as he lowered his mouth onto Drew's cock. "I'll check you out and see if you qualify."

"I better do the same," Drew moving to get his mouth on JR.

They sucked each other for a few minutes until JR picked up is head.

"This seems pretty good for round one. Then we can catch some sleep and be ready for round two and you can fuck me. Then another nap and I'll fuck you. Sound okay?"

"Sounds perfect!" Drew replied as he went back down on JR.

They started out on their sides, their heads in each other's crotches. As they got more animated, JR pushed Drew on his back and climbed on top of him, never letting the stiff cock leave his mouth. He bobbed up and down as he face fucked Drew. Drew in turn put his hands on JR's cheeks and spread them open to get his finger on JR's pucker. He massaged it as he felt it pulse, tightening and relaxing at his touch. He worked his finger in and that sent JR over the edge, pumping Drew's mouth and throat full of warm white cum. It took Drew a few more minutes of JR's expert sucking to reach his climax and empty his balls.

JR fell off to the side and then swung around to exchanges cummy kisses.

"Wake me when you're ready for round two," JR purred in Drew's ear.

In the other side of the tent, Steve and Bernie were talking.

"Steve, I really appreciate everything you have done for me in the last couple of weeks. The cover story about my situation at the army base and then inviting me along on this camping trip," Bernie began.

"Glad to do it for you. I figure I owe you for tricking you into being our submissive cocksucker in the locker room. But more than that, I like you," Steve explained.

"And letting me fuck you. Dam, that was so awesome. I never knew it could feel that good to be on the top. I can't wait to do it again, maybe with you if you'd like to."

"It was pretty awesome for me too. I've only fucked a few times and always wondered how it would feel to have someone's stiff cock inside me. I'm glad it was yours for my first time, and hopefully my second time," Steve smiled.

"But I want to make one thing clear right up front. I'm not looking to be boyfriends like Drew and JR. I enjoy being around you and the sex is fantastic but I'm not looking for a relationship. I hope that is okay with you," Bernie looked at the floor at he spoke.

"You just want to use me for my body, is that it?" Steve said with no expression in his voice.

"No, no, not that. I want us to be friends first and sex buddies second. Even if we don't screw around, can we be friends?" Bernie asked.

"I'm just kidding you. Of course we're friends and we can screw around whenever the urge hits. Just so you know, I have my eyes on that cheerleader, Mary Beth. I want to get in her pants so bad, I'm not looking for a boyfriend either"

"Good to know. We just have to be careful around school. I don't want anyone to know you and I have something on the side," Bernie cautioned.

"Everyone already knows we're good friends and if I can date Mary Beth no one would ever suspect I fuck her on the weekend and you and I fuck during the week," Steve laughed.

Just then the boys heard someone flapping their hand on the tent flap at the front door.

"Hey guys, we're ready. This is Eric and Frank," a voice whispered.

Steve and Bernie looked at one another and then towards the tent flap.

"Who the hell are they?" Bernie asked quietly.

"No idea."

Drew and JR came out of their room and met Steve and Bernie in the main room.

"Who are Eric and Frank? Friends of yours?" JR asked.

"I told you a campfire attracts visitors," Steve giggled softly.

"Hey guys, we're ready. We've had our butt plugs in since supper. Can we come in?"

"Sure," Steve replied, not sure who he was inviting into their tent.

The flap opened and two teenage boys entered then zipped the flap back up. Standing in the beam of JR's flashlight, they looked to be about sixteen or seventeen years old, a few years older than our boys are. Both of them were wearing shorts but no shirts or foot wear. As soon as they saw Steve, the first one spoke up.

"Hey, you aren't the guys that were in this tent last night. We came to see them."

"No, we're not them. They won't be back, they've been hauled off to jail," Bernie told them. 'Good place for them. What did you say about butt plugs?"

The two visitor's faces turned red and they looked at each other and then back at the tent flap as if they wanted to make a quick escape.

"Nothing really. We better get going. Sorry to bother you."

"No, you said you were ready and that you had your butt plugs in. What were you going to do with the guys that were in this tent?" Bernie asked them

"Bernie, are you fucking dumb? They were coming here for a fuck party. Isn't that right guys?" JR stepped forward.

"Well, kinda. It's a long story. So maybe we just better leave."

"Not so fast," Steve said and took a step to get between them and the tent flap. "These guys were arrested last night for trying to rape some young boys from another camp site. It's a good thing you didn't meet up with them."

"Damn! We were looking to loose our cherry and they said they would help. We should have known it was too good to be true."

The boys all looked at one another, thinking about how special it had been for them the first time.

"So if the two of you are looking to get fucked, why not just fuck each other?" Drew asked.

"Like I said, it's a long story."

"We're all awake now and no where to go so tell us all about it." JR told them.

"We're dating two really hot girls and we swore we'd fuck them before we graduate high school this year. The girls are animals when they get worked up but they have rules. We tried to get our hands in their pants to cop a feel but they said we had to do it to each other first. We were hesitant but if it meant getting our fingers wet with pussy juice, we'd do it. So we played with each other for a while and then the girls said enough. We got to feel them up for quite a while. I tried to slip a finger in her and work her clit but again they said we had to do each other first. We weren't so sure about this but they stuck to their demands. Frank and I dropped our pants and jerked each other off. We stopped before we shot our cum. Then the girls let us work them until they both had orgasms. The insisted we go back to jerking each other until we shot our loads or we'd never get in their crotch again. So we jerked each other until we shot off. It was so fucking hot. It didn't take but thirty seconds to unload. This went on for a couple of weeks, every time we got alone on the weekends. Finally we were ready for the big prize, all of us loosing our virginity. Again, the girls had a demand. A big one! This time if we wanted to fuck them, we had to get fucked ourselves first. Not by each other but by a stranger. And bring them pictures to prove it."

"So how did that bring you to these guys? You just go around asking random guys to fuck you? JR laughed.

"No, we're camping here with our families and were sitting by the pool when these guys came up and started talking. One thing lead to another and they offered to help us. They gave us these butt plugs and told us to put them in after lunch to help get us loosened up. Hurt like hell all afternoon and all for nothing it turns out."

Steve looked at Bernie and JR and Drew.

"Maybe not, maybe we can help you out," Steve said with a mischievous grin.

"I suppose it wouldn't be neighborly to sent you away when we could fill in for those guys," Bernie added.

Drew looked and JR and slightly shook his head side to side. JR smiled.

"You and Bernie can help them out, Drew and I are tired so we're going to turn in. You two think you can handle these guys?" JR said to Steve as he and Drew went back in their room.

"I'm sure we up to the task, or should I say up FOR the task."

Steve ushered the teenagers into the room he and Bernie were sharing.

Eric and Frank were a few inches taller than either Steve or Bernie, both with average bodies and nice bubble butts. Bernie and Steve were smiling like a Cheshire cat, anxious for the new boys to drop their shorts.

"So, show us what you've got for us," Steve said, motioning for them to get naked.

Eric and Frank looked at each other and dropped their pants, Eric commenting,

"I sure hope the girls aren't pranking us."

"Yeah," Frank said, turning to Steve, "We ain't gay you know. We're only doing this so we can fuck our girls."

"I understand completely. You've jerked each other off, sucked each other and now you're wanting to a cock up your ass, but you ain't gay," Steve laughed.

"No we're not!" Eric stated emphatically. "What are you guys? Are you gay? You seem awfully anxious to stick your cock in our asses"

"Not gay so much. We just enjoy fucking gullible guys who are old enough to know better. Or they're secretly gay," Steve laughed again. "Don't matter anyway, if you want to do this, get those butt plugs out and bend over."

"We need pictures so they told us to lay on our backs with our legs up and then get a picture of a cock in our ass with our face in the picture so they know it's us."

"How ever you want it.'

Steve and Bernie dropped their shorts to reveal their cocks already chubbed up considerably. Steve got his tube of lube and gave Bernie a squirt, then greased up his pole. He smeared some on Eric and then Frank.

"Holy shit, you guys are big. Is this going to hurt?" Eric asked.

"Just a little but those butt plugs really did their jobs. I can put two fingers in your holes no problem."

Steve and Bernie got in position on their knees and aimed their boners, now hard and straight, at the boy's rosebuds. They smiled at each other and both applied some pressure to their target.

"Dam, I'm already inside," Steve proclaimed.

"Me too. This is too easy," Bernie concurred.

"Like hell it is!" Eric said as he inhaled quickly at the sudden intrusion into his virgin ass. "Take it slow, will you?"

"Like pulling a loose tooth, one quick yank and it's all good from there," Steve advised them as he thrust deep in Eric.

"Mother fucker, pull out, pull out!" Eric begged.

Steve just stayed still for a minute or two until Eric breathing got somewhat back to normal.

"See, feels better already, right?"

"I wouldn't say better, but at least it doesn't feel like you shoving a hot poker up my ass any more," Eric conceded.

Bernie had pushed in slower, being more experienced at being fucked and knowing how much it can hurt if it starts off too rough.

"How are you doing?" Bernie asked Frank.

"I'm okay, it hurts but I just keep thinking about fucking my girl," Frank answered.

Steve and Bernie got into a slow rhythm, rocking back and forth on their knees.

"Hurry up and take the pictures. I don't know how much more of this I can stand," Eric asked Steve.

"You can stand a lot more. It will start to feel good and then you'll beg me to keep going," Steve promised. He reached down and stroked Eric cock as he was fucking him, causing Eric to moan and lick his lips.

Bernie took the hint and did the same to Frank. Frank smiled and placed his hand on Bernie's arm, rubbing up and down. A move Bernie didn't expect from a "straight" guy. But it felt good. Eric flipped his camera to Steve to take a picture. Steve caught the camera and placed it by his side. He sped up his stroking until he could feel Eric sphincter muscle tighten. Cum shot out of Eric cock, covering his chest and stomach. Steve let go of Eric's cock and grabbed his hips, thrusting hard, fast and deep to shoot his load. His balls tightened and his cock got harder, the eruption imminent. Steve picked up the camera and took a picture of his cock inside Eric and the cum all over him. Steve shot his load and pulled his cock back to let the cum flow out of Eric engorged hole, leaking down his ass crack, as he took another picture

"There, now she can see you were fucked properly, my cum flowing out of your ass and your cum all over you to show how much you enjoyed losing your cherry. Maybe she'll enjoy it as much. If they follow through that is," Steve laughed.

Steve handed the camera to Bernie who just took a picture of Frank, showing Bernie's cock in his ass and Frank's face in the top of the frame. He put the camera down and finished fucking Frank. Frank didn't climax but enjoyed the whole thing more than Eric.

"Your friend didn't shoot his load yet, Eric. Maybe you should finish the job and suck him off. That's what a good friend would do, right Frank?" Steve goaded the boys.

Frank turned his head and looked over at Eric, smiling and holding his still stiff cock.

"No way. I told you I'm not gay!" Eric protested.

"The cum dribbling out of your ass suggests otherwise. Besides, you said you have sucked each other before so this would just be doing your friend a favor," Steve pointed out.

"Eric, we just got fucked by two total strangers. A little blowjob is no big deal," Frank said, pointing his cock towards Eric.

Slowly, Eric resigned himself to the inevitable. He moved over and took hold of Frank's leaking cock and gingerly put it in his mouth. He moved timidly up and down, not going too deep. Frank began to moan and encourage Eric to suck harder and faster. Eric obliged and really went to work on the cock in his mouth, twisting his head side to side as he bobbed, moving his tongue around to massage Frank as he sucked him. It didn't take too much of this action before Frank bucked his hips up and yelled out,

"I'm cumming, Eric, I'm fucking cumming in your mouth!"

Eric held steadfast and let Frank shoot all his cum down Eric's throat until his cock had stopped pulsing.

"Gay or not, that's one hell of a blowjob if ever I've seen one," Steve commented.

"You ain't lying," Frank giggled.

Eric glared at both of them, stood up and grabbed his camera. He pulled his shorts on before Steve could offer him a towel to wipe himself off.

"Let's go, Frank. We got what we came for," Eric said waving his camera in the air.

"We got that and then some," Frank said. "How long are you guys going to be staying here?"

"We're leaving tomorrow. We've got to get home so we can ready for school on Monday."

"Where do you guys go to school?" Frank asked.

"We're freshman at Hesperus high school. And you?" Bernie answered.

"We're seniors at Mancos high this year. Too bad we didn't go to the same school. Maybe we'll see you around sometimes, though."

"Yeah, I'd like that," Bernie replied.

"Come on let's get out of here," Eric grumbled, "I want to get back to our tent and text the girls to let them know we'll be coming over tomorrow night. We'll get the pictures developed tomorrow after noon and prove that we went through with it. Now it's their turn. They better not chicken out."

Frank looked at Bernie and smiled.

"Either way, it's all good. See you around," Frank said with a wink.

The teenagers left just as quickly as they had appeared. Steve and Bernie looked at each other and started to laugh

"Looks like you might have a new friend," Steve kidded Bernie.

"If only he lived in town."

Steve went over and unzipped the tent flap to Drew and JR's room

"Hey, you guys don't know what you missed," Steve said as his eyes got used to the dark room. "Oh, sorry. Guess you guys didn't miss anything," as he saw JR's ass rising and falling as he lay on top of Drew.

Both Drew and JR looked over at Steve.

"You do your thing and we'll do ours," JR giggled and went back to making love to Drew.

Steve quietly left the room and went back to his room. Bernie was already on his sleeping bag, still naked, with his arms folded behind his head.

"Steve, I never would have fucked Frank tonight if you didn't have me take your cherry yesterday. I owe you big time," Bernie said.

"That's what buddy's are for, fuck buddy's I should say. Even when I start dating Mary Beth, if you ever get horny just let me know. I'm an equal opportunity horn dog."

"I just might take you up on that if Frank isn't able to visit once in a while."

The next morning the boys were up early and cooked breakfast. They were strolling around the campground when two cars passed them, one with Eric and his family inside and the other with Frank and his family. Steve smiled and waved at Eric who frowned and turned his head. Bernie waved to Frank who gave a small wave and a big smile, nodding his head up and down. Steve laughed at Eric's reaction.

"I hope like hell that Eric's girl friend was putting him on and has no intention of taking him to bed. For your sake, I hope the same goes for Frank," Steve laughed.

"I like Frank. Maybe he is like you and can play both sides of the field," Bernie commented.

Drew and JR shook their heads and whispered,

"Sex fiends, we're hanging around with damn sex fiends," JR snickered.

"Takes one to know one, you perverts," Steve shot back.

The boys all laughed as they went back to pack up their gear to be ready when Steve's dad came to pick them up.

When the boys entered school on Monday, a group of classmates turned and clapped and cheered as they walked by.

"Three cheers for Big Bad Bernie and his men," they shouted.

It seems the story of the encounter with the army guys had already spread around town. Bernie's face turned red as he hustled by them, not wanting any more notoriety. Steve turned towards the group and took a bow. JR and Drew smiled, waved and kept walking to keep up with Bernie.

"Fuck, how did everyone find out about that so quick?" Bernie questioned.

"It's a small town, Bernie, if you fart in church the whole town knows before the smell has gone away," Steve explained.

"I wish everyone would mind their own damn business!" Bernie said, raising his voice.

"Relax, Bernie, the four of us took on the United States Army and won. We're fucking heroes. It will blow over soon enough so enjoy it while it lasts," JR explained.

JR was right. The morning was filled with smiles, back slaps and nodding heads by everyone whom passed Bernie in the hall. The next morning Bernie was back to being plain old Bernie, much to his relief. On Wednesday, JR had to go to Denver to sign some papers for his lawyer. His cousin was contesting the will and wanted at least half of the inheritance. The lawyer knew she didn't have a chance but they had to go through the motions anyway.

There was no football practice that afternoon so Steve was spending time with Mary Beth, trying to get her to go out with him. Drew and Bernie were walking around the back of the school to head for their buses to go home. Three of the football players were waiting to confront them.

"Hey, fucking Bernie the bad guy, we want to talk to you," Brian called out.

Brian was the left tackle on the team and was huge for his age. The other two were also linesmen and bigger than Drew or Bernie.

Bernie and Drew kept walking, trying to avoid a confrontation.

"Hey dipshit, I'm talking to you," as Brian moved in Bernie's path.

"I got no beef with you guys so let us by," Bernie said as he looked up to Brian, a good 6 inches taller than him.

"I got a beef with you. The coach is ragging on all of us because we're not hitting hard enough or moving fast enough. He said he wants to replace us with real men like you. Well, I don't think you're that damn tough, you little shithead," Brian yelled.

Drew started towards them but the two other players grabbed him and held him tight.

"Let him go!" Bernie yelled, "He's got nothing to do with this."

"Awww, is Bernie the tough guy going to do anything about it?" Brian taunted him

"Look, I don't want any trouble. Just let him go and we'll leave."

"You've got trouble, more trouble than you can handle. We're going to show coach who is tougher."

"I'm not going to fight you, so you'll just be a tagged as a bully for beating me up," Bernie reasoned.

Bernie looked over at Drew, concerned that he was going to be hurt. Brian saw the glance and nodded to his friends. One held Drew's arms behind his back while the other one threw a hard quick punch to Drew's stomach.

"Let him go, you fucking moron!" Bernie yelled.

Brian nodded again and another punch was thrown. Brian was still looking at his friends and smiling when Bernie's rage once again got the better of him. He was not going to let Drew take a beating because of him.

Bernie lunged forward, grabbing Brian's arm and thrusting his head up hard against Brian's chin. His jaw slammed shut, catching the tip of his tongue between his teeth. Brian grabbed at his mouth, spewing blood all over everywhere. Bernie kicked one of Brian's legs out from under him, dropping him to the ground. Several well placed kicks and Brian was begging for Bernie to stop. Brian's two friends let go of Drew and came running over to Brian. Brian was mumbling and not able to say anything coherent.

Bernie looked at the three of them and said through gritted teeth,

"Your friend here fell down and hurt himself. Period! We were never here and had nothing to do with this. Understand?"

The three of them nodded in agreement.

"And if any of you come near my friend or myself, we'll let the whole school know that the big mean football player got beat up by a little gay freshman!" Bernie blurted out.

Bernie and Drew walked away before anything else happened. They were waiting for their buses when Drew spoke quietly.

"Damn, Bernie, you've got a fucking hair trigger on that temper of yours."

"Only when my best friend in the whole world is in danger of being hurt."

"You're a great friend, Bernie Thompson. I just wish I was as good a friend."

"You are, Drew. I know we'll never be lovers. JR already has that locked up. But we go too far back to stop being friends now."

A tear rolled down Bernie's face as he and Drew exchanged a quick hug.

They both boarded their respective buses for the ride home. Suddenly it hit Drew. Bernie had outed himself to the three football players. 'the big mean football player got beat up by a little gay freshman'. Was that intentional or did he slip up in the heat of the moment. Damn, Drew panicked, this could mean more trouble for all of them.

Drew got of the bus the next morning very apprehensive about the fall out from yesterday's encounter with Brian. Had he told everyone at school that Bernie was gay? What would the reaction be from Bernie's classmates?

Bernie got off his bus and waved at Drew with a big smile. The calm before the storm. They chatted as they walked into school, classmates waving and smiling as they passed them. Evidently Brian hadn't said anything . . . yet. Or nobody cared that Bernie was gay. Nope! Brian hadn't opened his mouth yet. His tongue was too sore to talk much. He glared at Drew and Bernie as they walked past him and his two buddies. The two buddies gave a furtive smile and a nod and then turned to walk away with Brian. The rest of the day went smoothly with no drama from anyone.

JR had to stay one more day in Denver and didn't make it back until late the next afternoon. Drew decided he should ride the bus home with Bernie that afternoon just in case Brian was planning something. He made up an excuse that he needed help with his math homework, which Bernie went along with. JR had already gotten on Drew's bus and was waiting for him. He didn't notice until the buses pulled out that Drew was on Bernie's bus, sitting beside him. JR rode his bus home, wondering what was going on.

"Just so you know, I'm not going to have sex with you when we get to my house," Bernie said softly as the bus stopped.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Drew asked.

"You and JR are a couple and I'm not going to get in the way of that. Much as I'd like to be your fuck buddy, it's not going to happen," Bernie stated emphatically.

"Of course it's not going to happen. Where did you get that crazy idea?"

"You don't need help with math. You're top of the class in your math group. Your excuse is kind of feeble," Bernie explained.

"Okay, you caught me. It was just an excuse. But not to come over your house for sex. I just wanted to make sure you got home okay and Brian didn't try any shit. Can't I protect you like you protected me lately?" Drew confessed.

Bernie looked at Drew and his eyes got watery. He reached over and took Drew's hand in his.

"How the fuck did we ever drift so far apart?"

"Life circumstances made it complicated, that's for sure."

"I'm glad we're back together, as friends I mean," Bernie said squeezing Drew's hand before letting go before anyone saw them.

"Me too. This is your stop. I'm going to stay on the bus until it goes back by the station. Take care."

Bernie got off the bus, waved at Drew and walked to his front door.

JR had been home for a while when Drew got off the bus. Drew went right over to the station to get to work. JR was already at the station taking care of customers.

"Hey, Drew, I went to meet you at school but you didn't get on the bus," wondering if Drew would tell him he had gone with Bernie.

JR had felt a little uncomfortable seeing Drew on the bus with Bernie. He didn't know exactly why. He didn't suspect anything was going on between the two but he none the less felt a pang of jealousy rise up within him.

"No, I rode the bus with Bernie to make sure he got home okay."

"Why wouldn't he?" JR was confused.

"It's a long story, I'll tell you tonight after supper. We have customers to take care of now."

That brush off sent JR's mind to places it needn't go. Drew left with Bernie and now wouldn't tell him why? The two of them worked steady the rest of the afternoon with very little said between them.

After they finished supper and cleaned up, Drew and JR went up stairs for the night. JR wanted to hear all about Bernie but didn't want to seem too anxious. He didn't have to worry. As soon as Drew closed the door he filled JR in on the encounter with Brian and why Drew went home with Bernie.

"Damn, he is awfully protective of you, isn't he?" JR asked

"We've been friends for years and he doesn't want to see me hurt. Or any of his other friends. You're the same way," Drew told him.

"What do you mean?"

"The first time those army guys came into our campsite, you jumped right for my big knife and were poised ready to use it."

"That was different. That was instinct from being on my own," JR said.

"Different but the same. You went into protection mode, for you and the rest of us as well. Steve made up the cover story about Bernie's rape to protect him. And I scared off the private eyes looking for you when we first met. It's what friends do for each other."

Realizing he had jumped to conclusions, JR felt sheepish.

"I suppose you're right. I'm glad we can all stick together like this."

The boys went to bed early and cuddled and kissed but were not in the mood for anything more.

On Thursday JR told Drew he had to go back up to Denver to have a meeting on Saturday with the probate judge about his cousin's claim. He had convinced his lawyer to get him a hotel room for Friday night so Drew could come with him. It would be like a honeymoon.

"Shit, I wish you told me earlier. This Saturday is the big rivalry football game between our team and the team from Mancos. It's an away game and Steve and Bernie asked us if we could go with them. I told them we would because I didn't think we had anything else happening on Saturday." Drew told JR.

"So back out. I have a nice hotel room for us and everything," JR tried to convince Drew.

"I wold but I already told them I'd go with them and they changed around who was riding with who so we could have a ride."

"So you rather go with them than spend a night making love to me in a luxury hotel room?" JR said with irritation in his voice.

"No, of course I rather be with you. But I gave my word to them and it wouldn't be fair to back out now."

"Fine, I'll go alone," JR grumped and walked off to class.

JR was hurt. He was jealous. He was bullshit mad! A chance for the two of them to spend a night in a hotel making mad passionate love, not worrying about how much noise they made or if Drew's mother and aunt would hear them and he'd rather go to a stupid football game with Bernie and Steve. The two of them didn't say two words to each other the next two days. The lawyer had sent a car to pick up JR at school as soon as it let out on Friday. JR got in the car and looked straight ahead as it drove past Drew and Bernie waiting for their buses.

Drew lay in bad that night knowing he had made a big mistake. He didn't want to tell JR that he needed to go to the game to keep an eye on Bernie incase Brian started any shit. But he knew it hurt JR that he didn't go with him. He wanted to call him at the hotel and talk to him but he had no idea what hotel he was staying at. Even if he knew, JR probably wouldn't accept his call. He had to figure out a way to make it up to him.

JR lay naked in his king-sized bed in the hotel room. He had ordered room service for supper and was hoping it would be delivered by some hot young bellboy that would come on to this newly rich boy all alone is his room. Instead it was bought up by a miserable looking older man who seemed like he was being inconvenienced by doing his job. JR picked at his food, not having much of an appetite. He climbed in bed and loneliness crept over him like the smooth satin sheets on the bed. Life had looked so promising just a few weeks ago. His father was dead and not able to complicate his life anymore. He stood to inherit millions, some of which he wanted to spend on Drew and his mother and he had someone in his life that he loved and loved him back. Now that had all turned to shit. His cousin was after his money and Drew had abandoned him to be with Bernie, his life long friend and probably his new lover.

The hell with Drew Sampson, the hell with the bus station and the hell with Bernie and the rest of them. Tomorrow morning he was going to ask his lawyer to find him an apartment in Denver and he was going to stay there to start his new life and never going back to Hesperus and all those assholes.

That's what he was going to do!

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