The Bus Station

by Jonathan Perkins

Chapter 7

While JR and Drew were in the house making love, an architect had showed up looking for Butch. Elaine talked to him but he didn't get into any specifics. Her curiosity was aroused so she questioned the boys when they came over to the station.

"Do you boys know why an architect would be looking for Butch?"

JR panicked. If Elaine found out about his plans she would stop it immediately. He had to come up with something fast.

"That was my fault, Elaine. I was talking to Butch about building the station bigger and better but he told me it was unrealistic. He didn't know what the cost would be but he had a friend who could come by and explain it all to me. Sorry I missed him. I was curious to see what he had to say," JR spoke quickly to cover his tracks.

"It would be nice to improve the place but Butch is right, it would be cost prohibitive."

"It's nice to dream, though. What kinds of things would you like to see if you were dreaming?" JR probed.

"I'd like to see a lunch counter instead of just the newsstand. Like the one at the F.W. Woolworth store in Denver. You can get something to eat and they even sell Ice cream. They have a tall water faucet that dispenses fresh water when you pull the handle one way and then carbonated water for sodas and drinks when you push the handle the other way," she explained.

"That would be neat! I've never seen one of those before. Anything else?"

"I'd like the waiting area expanded and have cushioned chairs instead of the hard metals one we had. They would be much more comfortable."

"I'm sure. A comfortable patron is a happy patron," JR threw in as he was making mental notes of everything Elaine mentioned.

"Enough of this foolish day dreaming. We have to get back to work with what we have for now and keep moving until we can raise enough money to at least rebuild." Elaine walked back towards the house with a sad and defeated look on her face. This made JR even more determined to make his plan work.

"What I would like to see is Grandpa's bedroom rebuilt. It holds a lot of special memories," Drew said with a grin.

"We don't really need that since we now share a bedroom in the house. Maybe rebuild it and make it a shrine to the beginning of our love," JR said with his wheels turning in his mind.

JR got to meet with the architect two days later. They met in the school parking lot so as not to raise Elaine's suspicions again. JR had made notes of Elaine's ideas as well as his own and those of Drew's. Butch had filled in the architect on the history of the station and significance with the family and the town.

"I don't want this to be any old bus station, I want this to be spectacular," JR told him.

"What kind of a budget are we working with," he asked.

"Unlimited. For now, I have $100.000 to start, more if we need it."

"You pardon me for asking, but just where will that much money come from? Butch told me the fundraising for rebuilding was going very slowly."

"Did you read about the death of Reginald Danforth?" JR asked him.

"Yes I did. But what had that got to do with this project?"

"I'm his son and the sole heir to his estate. I have an advance and the rest will clear probate in six months. So how much of an advance do you want to get started?"

"Let's say $2000 and I can get going on the design proposal and some construction estimates."

"Great! As soon as you can, we're anxious to get up and running on this," JR told him.

JR had told Drew he was staying after school to do some work on a project, which he was. Just not a school project. He got back to the station and met up with Drew.

"So how did your project go?" Drew asked.

"I got a great head start on it," he grinned trying hard not to break down and tell Drew what he was up to.

That night at the supper table JR would occasionally look around the table and break into a wide grin.

"Somebody is in a good mood tonight," Elaine said looking at JR.

'And why wouldn't I be? Look around you and what do you see? Everyone, look around." JR asked them.

Elaine, Mildred and Drew all looked around the kitchen from one corner to the other, trying to figure out what had caught JR's attention.

"And what are we supposed to see?" Drew asked.

"Family, Drew, family. Mildred had found a place to get away from her abusive husband, Elaine had her sister living with her to help her and support and enjoy her company. Elaine has her son, hardworking, straight forward and helping the family succeed. And me. Sitting here with my new family," JR paused, "and my best friend in the whole world."

Elaine looked at Drew then JR,

"You mean your lover, don't you JR?" she said pointedly with a Mona Lisa smile.

Elaine suffered the loss of her husband, raised a son by herself, ran the family business and beat cancer. Underneath that mild mannered exterior was a woman of iron will, never pulling any punches and always ready to speak her mind if necessary.

Both the boys looked at one another as their faces turned bright red. Mildred stifled a giggle and cover her mouth.

"Yes, damn it, lovers!" reaching out to take Drew's hand openly.

"Watch your language at my supper table or I'll make you sleep on the couch . . . alone," Elaine raised her eyebrows to JR.

"Yes, ma'am," JR coyly replied. "Family is so important. My father lived a lonely life and died a bitter and unhappy person. All of his wealth and possessions couldn't bring him the happiness and joy that I am feeling right now from being at this table with all of you."

Drew reached sideways and gave JR a hug.

They finished eating and as they were clearing the table, Elaine pulled JR in for a hug.

"You are so right, dear, family is worth more than all the riches of the world."

Elaine and Mildred offered to clean up from supper and let the boys head upstairs. As soon as they were in their room with the door closed, JR virtually attacked Drew, kissing, groping, and letting his passion take control. He pushed Drew back on the bed, undid his pants and yanked them off him with one quick pull. JR's aggressive behavior had caught Drew so off guard that he hadn't even chubbed up yet. But that didn't stop JR. He dropped down on the bed and took Drew's flaccid cock in his mouth, burying his face in his mound of pubic hair. His worked Drew's cock around in his mouth, then opened his mouth to stick his tongue out and lick at Drew's balls. JR felt the rising tide of arousal as the cock in his mouth began to grow. JR kept his mouth down as far as he could until tip of the cock had reached the back of JR's mouth and began to gag him. He pulled his mouth back enough to stop the gagging and then began to bob up and down, all the while fondling Drew's balls. Drew had his hands on the back of JR's head, running his fingers through his hair as he sucked hard and deep. The hand fondling the balls moved back further and massaged Drew's hole before sliding a finger inside. Once comfortably inside, JR pressed it hard to get as deep as he could. He pulled his mouth off and looked up at Drew.

"Someday it will be more than a finger."

"I know, I'm just not ready yet," Drew moaned.

JR went right back down on Drew's cock and began to work it faster and faster until he felt Drew's body stiffen. As spurt after spurt of warm salty cum shot into JR's mouth, he felt Drew's sphincter tighten around his finger. Drew was bucking and thrusting as his orgasm peaked.

"You're a fucking animal, you know that?" Drew said between deep breaths.

"No, I'm now officially declared your lover by your mother and I take my position seriously," JR laughed.

"I don't think my mom envisioned you jumping on me and sucking my brain out, but I'm good with it," Drew said, pulling JR up for a deep cummy kiss. "So we're boyfriends now?"

"I prefer the term 'lovers'. It entails so much more than just a boyfriend, don't you think?"

"What ever we call it, I like it. Let me catch my breath and I'll return the favor."

"No hurry. We have all night."

Drew's energy was sapped so fell asleep before he could attend to JR's needs. JR didn't mind at all so he just spooned up against Drew and soon was asleep was well.

Drew woke up in the middle of the night and had to take a piss. When he returned to bed, JR had turned on his back and was spread eagle on the bed. Drew smiled and decided it was the opportunity to repay JR blowjob of earlier. He gently climbed on the bed and got up between JR's legs then quickly lowered his mouth on JR's flaccid cock. He held his mouth still while massaging the soft cock with his tongue, the softness quickly transforming to stiffness. JR moved his hips slightly, realizing what was happening. He just lay there and let Drew do his thing which Drew was busy doing. It wasn't long before JR's cock got even a little harder and began to unload into Drew's mouth. At the last spurt, Drew swallowed and withdrew his mouth, moving up and settling next to JR. JR was quiet for a few minutes, then with his eyes closed he spoke softly.

"Damn, I just had the most fantastic dream. I was camping by a small lake out in the woods. I was on my back soaking up the sun when out of nowhere this handsome guy appeared. He quietly moved up to me and smiled, then bent down and took my cock in his mouth. He gave me the most amazing blowjob I've ever had. I opened my eyes and he was gone. I wish that dream could be real," he turned and looked at Drew and smiled.

"Some dreams do come true, you know."

"I hope so. Have you ever gone camping in the woods?" JR asked.

"Years ago my dad took me camping for a weekend every now and then. It is one of my greatest memories," Drew spoke with emotion.

"Maybe you'd take me camping sometime and we could make our own memories," JR asked.

"Think our camping trip would compare with your hot dream?" Drew laughed,

"Oh I'm sure the real thing would be so much better," JR giggled and snuggled. Both boys went back to sleep.

The next morning Steve came up to them as soon as they got off the bus.

"The two couldn't leave well enough alone could you!" he yelled.

"What are you talking about?" JR asked him.

"You couldn't let him keep sucking our cocks. No, not you two, you had to be the white knights and save him from us. I hope you're proud of yourselves!"

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Drew yelled.

"Bernie wasn't getting his need for cock satisfied so he went looking for one of the Army guys. He was on the base last night and was gang raped. When they were done slamming him they dumped him naked on the side of the road like yesterday's garbage about a half-mile from the base. He's in the hospital this morning, beaten bruised and bleeding from his ass. Nice work, guys!" Steve yelled and ran off.

Drew and JR were stunned.

"Why the hell would he go hooking up with an Army guy? He could have found someone safer to suck," JR surmised.

Drew was beside himself. He had seen Bernie getting fucked by some army guys in the station men's room. After the station burned Bernie must have decided to get on the base somehow to meet up with the guys he knew. This was his fault. How could he tell JR that this was his fault for not saying something or doing something before?

"Drew? Bernie is your friend, how could he be so stupid?" JR asked.

The words 'Bernie is your friend' stung. Bernie was Drew's friend. Instead of trying to help him, he blamed him for the fire. If only he had done something. Some friend he is.

"We have to go see him," Drew said as he started walking away from school.

"We can't just leave school. We'll get in trouble."

"Bernie is in worse trouble and he needs me. You stay if you want but I'm going," Drew said with conviction as he picked up his stride.

"Hey! Wait for me. We're by each other's side forever, remember," JR reminded him as he ran to catch up.

Drew put his thumb out to hitch a ride. It only took a few minutes for a pick up truck to pull over and stop for them.

"Ain't you Elaine Sampson's kid?" the driver asked.

"Yes sir, thank you for stopping."

"You supposed to be in school, ain't ya?" the driver continued.

"Yes but we just found out that a close friend of ours was hurt and in the hospital. We're have to go see him."

"I wasn't going that far but loyalty to your friends is important. I'll give you a ride right up to the front door."

"Thank you, sir."

The boys went in the lobby and asked to see Bernie. The receptionist told them only family members were allowed to see him.

"We're his cousins," JR spoke up. "It's really important that we see him."

The receptionist looked at the boys and saw the desperation in their faces.

"How about if you are his brothers?" she winked.

"Yes ma'am. He's our brother," JR agreed.

The boys followed her directions to his room. They hesitated before JR pushed the door open and looked in. Bernie was on his side, facing the wall. No one else was in the room. They walked in and up to his bed.

"Bernie, its JR and Drew. We came to see if you're okay," JR said softly.

Bernie slowly turned over, letting out a groan from the pain he was feeling from moving.

"Do I fucking look okay?" Bernie snapped.

His face was bruised and cut but that was the least of his injuries. The rest of his body was covered under the sheet.

"Damn, Bernie, didn't you tell them you just wanted to suck some cock?" JR asked.

Bernie just glared at him. Drew was having a meltdown. He knew what Bernie wanted when he went on base. If he had talked to Bernie about that night in the station, this never would have happened.

"Shit, Bernie, I'm so sorry. This is all my fault," Drew blurted out and started to sob. "I'm so damn sorry."

"What are you talking about?" Bernie asked with a puzzled look on his face.

"I saw you the night of the fire in the men's room at the station. I saw you getting fucked by those army guys. I should have said something to you, told you to stop, tried to help you before something like this happened."

JR's looked at Drew with his mouth wide open.

"You saw me?" Bernie growled. "You knew and didn't say anything? What the hell kind of friend are you? Steve was using me but he was a better friend than you were. Both of you get the fuck out of here!"

"Bernie, please, let me explain," Drew pleaded. JR still hadn't said a word.

"Nothing to explain. I'm a fucking man-whore looking to get fucked. You didn't care and now I got what I deserve. Nurse! Nurse!" Bernie yelled. "Get these two assholes out of my room!"

The nurse ushered the boys out of the room. They walked down the hall to the elevator without saying a word. When they were outside, JR looked at Drew but didn't say anything yet.

"Don't say anything. I don't want to talk about it," Drew said as he walked on.

"You didn't say anything back then and look where it ended up. You have to talk to me about this," JR

Drew took off at a run to try and get away from JR and get away from his guilt. After he had run a half-mile, he was winded and slowed to a walk. JR was right behind him.

"Drew, I don't know why you kept this to yourself but I know you had your reasons. I'm here when you want to talk."

They walked on in silence. They walked all the way back to the station. He told his mom he left school because he wasn't feeling well and JR left with him to make sure he got home safely. He was going to go back to the house and go to bed.

They went up stairs and Drew undresses and crawled into bed and curled up in a fetal position. JR sat on the edge of the bed.

"Look, we're going to tell everyone at school that Bernie went onto the Army base to see first hand what Army life was like. He was thinking about enlisting after he graduated. He didn't go there for sex and things got out of hand. Hopefully this way he can keep a sense of dignity through all of this," JR proposed.

Drew just mumbled. JR said he wanted to go to the school and spread the story before any rumors got started. He put his hand on Drew's shoulder.

"I'll be back as quick as I can."

JR ran to school and went in to find Steve. Students were moving to their next classes so Steve was easy to find.

"Steve, I've got to talk to you," JR approached him.

"I got nothing to say to you or your asshole friend," Steve snarled and kept walking.

"Steve, please. Drew and I just came from the hospital."

Steve stopped and turned around.

"You've got a hell of a nerve to go to him now," Steve got right in JR's face.

"We can talk about this shit later but I want you to spread a story about why this happened," JR pressed on.

"Oh, so you and dipshit don't look bad?"

"No, to try and give Bernie a little bit of dignity in this," JR told him. Then he explained his cover story about just visiting to see what Army life was like. "We can get together, you, Bernie, Drew and myself and talk this through."

"Who says we want to talk to you two?"

"There is a lot more to this that you don't know," JR told him.

Steve just grunted and walked away. JR walked back home, not sure where this was going to go. He was concerned about Bernie but more so right now for Drew.

Drew was sitting at the kitchen table when JR got home.

"I found Steve and he agreed to spread the cover story about why Bernie was on the base in the first place. I told him we would all get together and talk this through later." JR reported.

"What is there to talk about? I screwed up and Bernie is suffering the consequences," Drew bemoaned with his head in his hands.

"I know, Drew. You took Bernie over to the base and offered his ass to anyone who wanted it. Bad move," JR said.

"I did not! He did that."

"Oh yeah. You just invited him to use the station to use as his whore house to get fucked after closing," JR added.

"No, I had no idea he was doing that until I saw him in the stall."

"Well it all started when you set up Bernie up with Steve to have him suck the cocks of the five guys," JR offered his last argument.

"We got them to stop! It was your idea if you remember correctly," Drew said, his voice getting bolder.

"So you're saying that none of this is your fault, right?" JR reasoned.

"I should have done something to stop him."

"No, Bernie did this on his own. When we got Steve and his guys to stop having Bernie suck their cocks he could have found a friend his own age. Instead he decided to go hook up with the older army guys. It was his decision and he suffered the consequences. It's not on you or me for that matter. We all have to deal with the results of our choices."

Drew let out a large sigh and picked his head up to look at JR.

"I suppose your right but I still feel guilty."

"That's why I want all of us to talk about this and put it behind us," JR explained.

Drew smiled at JR,

"Isn't that what got Bernie in trouble, putting it all behind him?" Drew smiled.

The healing had begun.

The boys went to school the next day and all the chatter in the hallways was about Bernie and his attack on the army base. The cover story was taking a hold as fact. Bernie was blameless for his assault. When Steve passed either of the boys, he simply glared at them without saying anything. Steve went to visit Bernie in the hospital that afternoon and filled him in on the cover story that JR planted. Bernie didn't care, he wasn't going back to school and face his classmates. The hospital sent a rape counselor to talk to him and try and convince him it wasn't his fault, even though he knew damn well it was. It was going to be a long haul for Bernie to be back to himself, if he ever makes it.

Butch came over to the station the following week to tell JR that the architect had prepared a preliminary project proposal for the upgrade to the newsstand and the waiting area. They set up a meeting for Saturday morning. The newsstand was temporarily closed so everyone could sit in on the meeting. The architect rolled out the plans on the kitchen table.

The newsstand was now a full service lunch counter just as Elaine had described. There were chrome stools with bright red leather cushions on top for sitting at the counter to eat. The newsstand itself was expanded to include nick knacks and souvenirs. A large schedule board would display the buses arrivals and departures. In the waiting area the new chairs had chrome legs and leather cushions, a more subdued color than the lunch counter. The lighting and the decorations were a starburst design, popular in the mid 50's. Much larger, roomier and over all very impressive.

"This is freaking awesome!" JR exclaimed.

"Language, young man," Elaine admonished him. " It is a vast improvement over what was there. How much is all this going to cost?"

"I was able to come in very close to your budget figure of $100.00," the architect told her.

Elaine looked at JR and Drew with a stern look on her face.

"This is your idea I assume. Just where do we get the money for this?" she asked.

"It was my idea, Elaine, Drew knew nothing about this," JR confessed.

"You still haven't answered my question."

"I'm paying for it. It's a payback for everything you have done for me in the last few months," JR replied proudly.

"No, I can't allow you to pay for this. I can't accept this much money from you, JR," Elaine argued.

"It's not my money," JR stated as fact.

"It's from your inheritance I'm sure," Elaine countered.

"Yes, it is. But legally the inheritance isn't mine until it clears probate. So right now we are spending my father's money. Its payback for the way he disrespected you when you talked with him over the phone."

Elaine let out a hearty laugh.

"JR Danforth, you are a scoundrel and a charmer. But you're our scoundrel and charmer. When you put it that way, I'd be more than happy to spend the old bastard's money."

As everyone was laughing, the architect looked confused but was pleased he had the approval.

"Language, Elaine," JR reminded her.

More laughter around the table.

"I'll come back Monday with the contract and we can get moving right away," the architect told Elaine.

"Talk to JR. This is his project. What he says goes," she answered him.

"Just one stipulation, you have to use Steve's father company for the site work and any other work that his company can handle," JR stated.

"I usually go out to bid on project this large to get you the best price," he came back.

"I understand but this is no ordinary project. Steve's father came in and cleared up the mess from the fire at no charge. I want him to be compensated for his good will," JR explained.

"As you wish, sir."

The boys returned to the station to reopen the newsstand.

"It's going to happen, Drew. Everything is coming together. And your mother isn't pissed," JR said with a giddy voice.

"You definitely dodged a bullet this time. But I wouldn't press my luck," Drew laughed.

"I think we should celebrate."

"What do you have in mind?" Drew asked.

"How about you take me camping next weekend before the weather turns colder"

"I think that would be fun. I'll dig out our old camping gear and see if we need anything replaced. I'll ask Mom and Mildred if they can cover for us," Drew told him.

"This is going to be so much fun. I hope the weather is good," JR raised his concern.

"It would be terrible if it rained. We'd have to spend the whole time in the tent, just the two of us," Drew winked.

As I turns out it did rain that weekend, and the next two weekends. The boys had opted to wait for good weather so they could enjoy themselves outside the tent as well as inside. By the time the weather forecast had improved, the campground they had planned on camping at didn't have any available tent sites. Steve over heard them complaining about not being able to go camping.

"My family has some land right off the end of that campground where we go camping during the summer. I'm sure my dad wouldn't mind if you guys camped there. There is a small lake that feeds into the big lake at the campground. I'll ask him tonight if you'd be interested," Steve offered.

"That would be great, thanks Steve," JR answered him.

"Yeah, that's awfully nice of you, considering everything," Drew threw in.

"Hey, all that shit is behind us now. We may never become best friends, but we don't have to be rotten to each other," Steve commented.

"Who knows, we just night become best friends. This is a start," JR predicted.

The next day Steve came up to JR and Drew to give them the goods news.

"My dad said you guys are welcome to camp on our property. The only condition is he wants me to camp there too. He doesn't want to open it up to the public for camping so he thinks if I'm along then it's a family member camping with his friends. Don't worry, I'll pitch my tent far away from you guys so I'm not being a third wheel," Steve informed the boys.

"That won't be necessary," JR stated, even though that dashed his plans of being alone with Drew in the woods. "We can have out tents right by the lake."

"I was hoping you'd be ok with that. There is one other thing and you can say no if you want. I'd understand. Bernie had been having a hard time now that he is back at school. He is shunned by most of the kids, even though our story of him being raped had been believed. They just feel awkward around him. I'd like to invite him to join us so maybe he can spend some time away from everything and relax," Steve added.

"That's a good idea. He's had a rough time and anything we can do to help him is fine with us, isn't it Drew?" JR replied.

"Oh, yeah, sure I guess. If that's what you guys want," Drew answered hesitantly.

"It's what we all want," JR confirmed.

Drew was really conflicted. He was looking forward to some alone time with just JR and himself, camping in the woods like he used to do with his father. First Steve had to come along so they can camp on his land and then he invites Bernie. 'Bernie the Burner' Drew had secretly nicknamed him. But Drew and Bernie had been such good friends growing up it was difficult to say absolutely no to him coming along. He knew deep down that it would be good for Bernie to get away from everything for a weekend.

Drew had a study period right after lunch. Instead of doing any homework, he sat quietly and looked around the room. His classmates were passing notes, whispering and doing anything but studying. He watched the interaction between the different groups. The jocks were kicked back in their chairs, pointing out the hot girls and making rude comments to each other about them. The nerds were laughing discreetly and snorting through their noses at their childish puns and senseless jokes. The hot girls were looking at the jocks and making googly eyes at them, hoping to get their attention and get asked out on a date this weekend. Some were playing tic tac toe, some where playing hangman. The teacher would look up from his book every so often and admonish everyone to quiet down and study, and then he went back to his book. This lasted all of about 30 seconds until everyone was back to what they had been doing.

Drew thought about the upcoming weekend and how it might play out. He wished he had never learned about sex or caring for anyone other than his mother. Life had been so simple before puberty. He and his father used to spend time together, camping, going to ball games, the fun stuff that fathers and sons do together. Then his father got killed in the car crash. His mom stepped up and became a mother and a father but it wasn't the same. Then she developed cancer and couldn't do either. The only constant in his life was the bus station. Devoting all his energy to that and caring for his mother and being home schooled consumed every waking hour. He had no time for friends and relationships. They would only complicate his life, just as they have done now.

He missed the good times he had with his close friend Bernie. But the Bernie of yesterday was not the Bernie of today. Drew didn't like the sex crazed Bernie who caused the fire that destroyed the station, his rock and his safe place that no one could take away. But Bernie did. And JR took away his innocence. He didn't need to be involved with sex. He didn't want it. Fuck, who was he kidding? Sex was even better than ice cream. Drew likened everything that had happened to him up to now to his virginity. One you lost it you can't go back.

The bell rang and shook Drew from his thoughts. He was quiet on the way home but JR more than made up for that. He was going on non-stop about the weekend and all the fun they would have camping. Sleeping in a tent, cooking over a campfire, hiking in the woods, swimming in the pond, all things had never got a chance to do before.

Steve's father was giving the boys a ride to their camping area. He admonished them on what they could do and what they couldn't do. Then he wished them well and left. They started to set up their tents, Steve choosing a spot away from JR and Drew.

"Hey," JR yelled, "don't be anti-social, move over here by our tent."

Steve had picked up on Drew's displeasure with Bernie joining them. He looked at Drew who smiled and nodded his head. Drew was going to do his best to control his emotions and not ruin the weekend for everyone. He and JR went over and help carry all of Steve and Bernie's gear closer to their tent. They all worked together to get Steve's tent set up and then they worked on getting Drew's tent set up.

"This is awesome. We're all set up and ready for a weekend of fun. What do we do next?" JR asked.

"Get naked and go swimming?" Steve suggested with a grin.

Both Bernie and Drew glared at him, neither one wanting to get naked, at least not yet. JR picked up on the reaction right away.

"Swimming sounds good, but somebody might come along and we don't want to greet visitors while we're naked."

"Nobody will come visit us here. Not even the people at the campground at the other end of the lake. There is a big swampy section between us and the camping area that no one in his or her right mind would walk through. But whatever, we can swim in our underwear. Last one in has to gather firewood for tonight."

The boys all started to shed their clothes as fast as they could. Running to the water in their underwear it was quite evident by the tents in their tighty whities that they were all packing wood already.

Swimming was the perfect activity to lessen the tension between Bernie and Drew. As teenagers always do, the horseplay began shortly after they all dove in the water, splashing and shoving and trying to dunk each other. As it continued, the skin on skin contact did nothing to alleviate the boners in their shorts. JR swam up behind Drew and climbed on his shoulders and yelled to Bernie,

"Drew and I are the king of the pond," his legs wrapped around Drew neck and clenched to his chest. Of course that positioned JR stiff cock right up against the back of Drew's head. JR wiggled a little to let Drew know he was there.

"I thought your cock was supposed to be in front of me if you wanted a head job?" Drew looked over his shoulder at JR.

"Later, we have a challenger to vanquish," pointing at Bernie now on Steve's shoulders.

As JR and Bernie locked hands and tried as best they could to dislodge each other, Drew and Steve were struggling to stay standing and keep their passenger in the battle.

"You're going down, mister," JR shouted as he gave Bernie a hard shove to the side.

Bernie recovered nicely and returned a push to JR as Steve looked up at JR and stated,

"Bernie goes down but not that easy. You have to sweet talk him a little," all four boys laughing.

"You'd know, wouldn't you, asshole," Bernie replied in jest then dug his feet into Steve's groin.

"Hey, break it and you can't play with it later," Steve yelled back.

Drew took advantage of the lack of attention all this banter had caused and moved his leg between Steve's legs, twisting one to the side. Steve lost his balance and both he and Bernie plunged into the water. JR and Drew were celebrating their victory when Steve swam under water and pulled Drew's underwear right down to his ankles. He lost his balance and he and JR went over with a big splash. Steve finished pulling Drew's shorts off and threw them up on shore. A mad scramble ensued with the other three boys using one hand to protect their shorts and the other hand to try and wrestle the shorts off someone else. In no time they were all naked, four sets of underwear strewn on the shore. Then came the good natured attacks from under water as they all played grab ass, trying to get at each other's cocks or whatever other body part they could get a hold of. Finally they were exhausted and swam towards the shore to get out and lay on the ground. Lying on their backs, they looked like four submarines with the periscopes a full mast.

"We all got in the water at the same time, but we won the tug of war so you guys have to go collect firewood," JR boasted.

"I don't know if we should leave you two horn dogs alone for that long. No telling what you'll do with those stiff cocks of yours," Steve cautioned.

"We're not shy, we'll tell you every minute detail when you get back. But who is going to keep an eye on your two alone in the woods?" JR shot back.

"Bernie and I will go get firewood so no one had to worry about what's happening. I want to talk to you anyway, if that's all right?" Drew said as he turned to look at Bernie.

"I'd like that. We do need to talk."

As Drew and Bernie stood up and started walking towards the woods, Steve called out to them.

"Hey, aren't you two going to put some clothes on?"

Drew looked at Bernie and Bernie looked back, both giving each other an impish grin.

"Yeah, we will . . . later," Drew said as the scampered off.

Steve looked at JR with a look of concern.

"Nothing to worry about, they'll have their hands full of firewood, not each other's wood," JR said confidently. He knew Bernie and Drew used to be very close friends but he trusted Drew not to do anything he'd regret.

They hadn't walked very far when Bernie stooped down to pick up a piece of wood.

"Not that one," Drew told him. "It still has leaves on the branches so it will be too green to burn."

"You know what wood to pick and what friends to pick," Bernie responded quietly. "I was so excited when you told me you were coming back to regular school. I missed our friendship so much. I was hoping we could pick up where we left off."

"I was looking forward to hanging with you, too," Drew answered. "But you seemed aloof and didn't want to hang with me."

"I wanted to but I saw the way you and JR looked at one another and I never saw one without the other. I knew I didn't have a chance with you."

"He was new and I wanted to make sure he made friends. What do you mean, not have a chance?"

"You dummy! I've had a crush on you forever. Once I hit puberty I'd lay in bed at night and jerk off thinking about having you naked in bed beside me. When I saw that you and JR were a couple, I got so depressed that I was easy prey for Steve and his group. I felt ashamed being there suck boy but I thought it would fill the hole that you left in me. You and Drew stopped that so I imagined was just to further punish me."

"We weren't try to punish you, we were trying to protect you from those predators."

"I know that now, but I didn't then. That's why I went even lowered and let guys fuck me in your men's room. After the fire and your anger towards me I was so screwed up in my head I thought going to the army base and taking on all comers would make me feel wanted and popular. We know how that turned out."

"Damn it, Bernie, why didn't you say something to me. I still like you and want to be friends. We have too much history to drift apart."

"I tried several times but I didn't want to fuck up what you and JR had going. Being friends is good but I wanted us to be lovers."

"I never intended to be anything more than a friend to JR but things just happened. You still mean a lot to me and I hope we can get over this."

"I started to when you guys spread the rumor around school that I was raped when I innocently went to the army base for a visit. I knew then that you still cared for me, if even just as a friend. Steve had been so supportive through all of this. I think I'm starting to have feelings for him. Don't say anything to him, I don't want to fuck up this too."

"I don't have to. I know he has feeling for you. It was his idea to invite you along this weekend. He felt it would be good for you to get away from everything but I think he wanted to spend some quality time with you."

Bernie looked at Drew and smiled.

"But some of this situation is my fault as well. When I saw you in the men's room getting fucked I was so damn aroused and jealous. That was my Bernie bent over the toilet and some total stranger sticking his cock up your ass. I got so horny, I tool my cock out and jerked off as I watched. The day after the fire I knew it must have been you fucking in the men's room again. Not only were you doing it again, but this time the station burned down. I held that anger inside me instead of talking to you."

Bernie came over and hugged Drew, tears starting to roll down his cheeks.

"I love you and will always love you but I won't get in the way of you and JR's happiness. If anything ever happens again, let's talk to one another so we can at least stay friends," Bernie blubbered.

"I always want you in my life, one way or another," Drew answered him. "Let's get some wood and get back before they think we're doing something we shouldn't."

They came back to the campsite with two huge arms full of wood.

"Took you long enough," Steve quipped.

"Drew had to make sure I was grabbing the right kind of wood." The second Bernie said that he wished he hadn't. "I was picking up green wood, not dry wood for a good fire."

Both Steve and JR laughed out loud.

"Drew's wood is still kind of green but I'll take care of that later tonight," JR giggled.

Drew's face turned red as everyone laughed at JR's comment. Bernie caught Drew's eye and they winked at each other.

"The hell with later, I'm hungry right now. Let's get the fire going and cook some supper," Steve called out.

Drew and JR build the fire and lit it while Steve and Bernie went and got the supplies for supper.

"I love the smell of a campfire," Drew stated, "It takes me back to camping with my dad. Now I'll have a new memory of camping with another person I love."

"This is a moment I'll never forget," JR replied.

They ate supper and cleaned up then put more wood on the fire as the evening darkness overtook them. Sparks were rising up from the fire, pulled skyward by the smoke. Drew and JR cuddled together, as did Steve and Bernie. No one had put any clothes on yet and the touch on skin on skin caused random boner to rise up towards the sky.

"Looks like someone has come to visit," JR said as he put his hand on Drew's stiff cock.

"You complaining?" Drew asked.

"No, not at all. I think I'll be a welcoming committee," JR said as he bent over and placed his mouth over Drew's cock.

The dancing flames of the fire had mesmerized Steve and Bernie when Bernie happened to notice what was going on between Drew and JR. He nudged Steve and nodded his head towards them. Steve smiled as his cock began to swell watching the show before them. Bernie lowered himself and grabbed Steve's cock to guide it to his mouth.

"Just like old times?" Bernie smiled up at Steve.

"Nothing like old times, much better now."

Drew caught Steve's eye as they were both getting their cocks sucked. They smiled at each other and gave an ok sign with their fingers. Things weren't the same as they had been, they never would. Life was establishing a new normal for Drew. He and Bernie were friends again and Steve and Steve seemed to have something going between them. JR had gone through some major changes with his father dying, making JR a very rich man. Yet here he was sucking on Drew's cock like a newborn sucking his mother's teat. Yes, life was good again for Drew. He put his head back and looked up at the star filled sky. A warm fall evening, the smell of the smoke from the campfire and the glowing embers. Only one more thing could make this evening any better.

Drew pulled JR off his cock and brought his head up to kiss him.

"I don't want to cum yet. I have something better in mind," he whispered in JR's ear. "Did you bring your tube of lube?"

"I sure did, let me get it," JR replied with a grin. He scurried up to the tent to retrieve the lube, anticipating getting Drew's cock up his ass again.

He came back and handed the lube to Drew. Drew squeezed out a glob and began to rub it all up and down JR's stiff cock.

"A hand job? Is this your better idea?" JR questioned.

Drew just smiled and squeezed out another glob and reached back to smear it all around his ass and in his hole. JR's mouth dropped open as he realized what the better idea was going to be.

"Are you sure you're ready? We can wait, you know," JR told him.

"I'm sure. I've never been so sure of anything in my life. Just be gentle, ok?"

Drew rolled on his back and put his legs up in the air.

"Is this the way you want to do this?" JR confirmed.

"I want to be able to look up into the sky and see the stars and the moon and the whole fucking universe watch my lover take my virginity. And to be able to look into your eyes as you press yourself inside me."

JR bent over and kissed Drew, deep and passionate. He took his cock in his hand and bought it to Drew hole.

"I'll go slow but let me know if you want me to stop."

Drew just smiled and nodded. JR applied some pressure and held still so Drew could push out to accept JR's love tool. JR pushed a little more and could feel the pulsing of Drew's sphincter muscle as it tightened and loosened. When he felt it relax again, JR pushed a little more and then waited. He kept this up all the while asking Drew if he wanted him to stop. Finally JR was all the way in, his balls resting between Drew's leg.

"Remember you wanted me to tell you if I wanted you to stop?" Drew asked.

"Yeah, should I pull out?"

"Hell no, this feels so damn awesome I don't ever want you to stop," Drew moaned.

Drew's mind was racing. His ass was stinging at little but feeling more pleasure than pain. JR was hitting that special spot every other thrust making him ooze a drop of cum out his piss slit. His legs were wrapped around JR's back, holding him tight. JR's head was on Drew's shoulder as he lay on top of him, slowly sliding in and out. Drew opened his eyes and looked up at the stars. Here he was out in the woods under the stars loosing his cherry to his lover. The boy he thought not too long ago he was loosing, that was moving on from him. Now they were sharing the most intimate experience that two people can share.

JR couldn't get over the feeling of having his cock inside Drew. He had gotten enough blowjobs from Drew to know how much better a warm wet mouth felt on his cock rather than a callused hand but this was different. When Drew sucked him, he was good at using his tongue to swirl around the shaft and push the head up against the roof of his mouth. But this, this was so much better. Drew's hole was like a hot slippery glove, completely encasing JR's cock leaving no area untouched. The next time he heard someone use the expression 'fits like a glove' he just knew he would snicker and get a hardon thinking about fucking Drew. JR wouldn't hesitate the next time Drew wanted to top him knowing he could give Drew the same exquisite feeling that he was feeling.

Drew felt JR hit the spot and more cum leak from his cock.

"You keep doing that and I'm going to cum," Drew announced.

"I just hope I don't beat you to it," JR giggled.

"Then fuck me hard, fast and deep and let's cum together."

JR did as he was asked and began to pound Drew's ass. It didn't take but a few more thrusts and JR was over the peak and began to pump his sperm into Drew. Drew didn't cum but he felt it was better because he wasn't distracted by his own orgasm. He could fully enjoy feeling JR's body stiffen, his legs pushing into the dirt to gain as much traction as possible to push as deep as he could and be one with his lover. He felt the pulsing cock inside him delivering the payload.

JR went limp on top of Drew as he gasped for air. They were both covered in each other's sweat, Drew's stomach littered with various drops of precum and cum.

"Are you okay?" JR asked once he had caught his breath.

"I wish I hadn't waited so long, but I'm glad I waited until the time was right. This was perfect, better than I could have ever imagined," Drew whispered.

The sound of clapping broke the spell.

"Well done. I couldn't have done better myself," Steve said as he clapped and Bernie smiled, slowly stroking his cock.

"Were you perverts watching us?" Drew asked.

"Of course. And it was quite a show. Hope we can do as good." Steve said.

Bernie looked at Steve and smiled. He had sucked Steve's cock many times but now he was going to get it up his ass.

"Hey, throw that lube over here, will you?" Bernie yelled over to JR.

JR tossed the lube and Steve caught it in mid air. He squeezed out a handful as Bernie rolled over on his hands and knees, putting his ass up in the air to get greased up. Instead Steve reached between his legs and wrapped his hand around Bernie cock, sliding up and down.

"Hey, you missed my hole!" Bernie said as he looked back at Steve.

"It would be kind of dumb to lube your hole when I the one going to get fucked. Drew figured out this was a good time and place to loose his anal cherry so I'm going to do the same," Steve proclaimed.

"I'm not sure. I've never been on the top."

"Then it's about time you learned. We can both try something different. Now get over here and climb on," Steve commanded as he lubed his hole and lay on his back, feet in the air.

Bernie tentatively moved in between Steve's legs and guided his cock to its target. He looked over at Drew and JR who were on the ground cuddling.

"You've got this, Bernie, just do what comes naturally," JR encouraged him.

Bernie found the rosebud and pressed against it. He was about to push some more when Steve wrapped his legs around Bernie's back and grabbed his hips and pulled him all the way in.

"Oh damn, Bernie, I can see why you like this so much. Now get fucking." Steve ordered him.

It seems that Steve had been practicing at home by himself, using various vegetables and other assorted objects to fuck his hole and stretch his muscles. Bernie had a formidable cock but Steve was ready. His toys were okay but the real thing was so much better. A firm but flexible hard cock working it way around inside him, the skin on skin touch of another human being, the sweat and smell of Bernie's body were heavenly. Steve was so horned up that he came in short order and shot his load all over his stomach, Bernie's stomach slipping and sliding in the puddle.

"Oh fuck, fuck, fucking holy hell," Bernie shouted out as he hit his orgasm and unloaded his cum.

Bernie rolled off Steve and lay on his back looking over at Steve.

"No wonder everyone wanted my ass. That was incredible!" Bernie smiled.

"And I know why you let everyone have your ass. Now it's a question of who does what to who going forward," Steve announced.

Bernie's eyes shot open and his face went blank. Steve came to him and kissed him. When they broke the kiss, Bernie just said nonchalantly,

"We can take turns."

The boys all giggled and lay quiet as they recovered. Suddenly they heard something in the bushes over by the lake. Then they heard a voice, a low whisper but audible.

"Damn, that was a hell of a show."

Steve grabbed his flashlight and pointed it at the bushes.

"I don't know who's there but you better show yourself before I shoot," Steve said with conviction.

JR's street smarts kicked in, knowing none of them had a gun, and moved quickly and quietly to the edge of the fire where Drew had left his hunting knife after a fuzz stick to start the fire.

Four young men came slowly out of the bushes, turning their flashlights on and point them in the boy's eyes, blinding them from seeing exactly who they were.

There were four of them and four of the boys, but the intruders had looked older and much bigger than the four naked teenagers. This would definitely not be a fair fight.

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