Boarding with Friends

by Jonathan Perkins

Chapter 8

After sucking each other off when they woke up, they exchanged cummy kisses then hugged.

"I could do this every day of the week," Billy cooed.

"Me too. But for now we'll have to settle for whenever we can. Maybe every other day," Lance smiled.

They cuddled and enjoyed the closeness of each other's naked bodies until they caught the smell of fresh coffee wafting up from the kitchen.

"We better get up and go down stairs before you Mother suspects something, Billy suggested.

"Do you really think my Mother is stupid? She knows how we feel for each other, she was the one that suggested you stay over and she went to bed early. The only thing she didn't do was offer us a tube of lube," Lance laughed.

"I suppose you're right. But I don't want to be impolite so let's go join her in the kitchen."

"Good morning, boys. Did you sleep well? Or at all?" Lance's mother snickered.

Billy's face immediately turned bright red as he looked down at the floor.

"Mother! Behave yourself!" Lance shouted in mock anger.

She came and hugged both of them, giving each one a kiss on the cheek.

"I'm so happy for both you boys. Grab a cup of coffee and then go take a shower. You smell. Then we're going to church with Billy's parents so don't take too long in the shower."

They knew what they smelled of, cum, sweat and sex.

They went up stairs to get cleaned up. Lance suggested they should shower together to 'save water'.

"She told us to hurry, remember. If we showered together it wouldn't be quick. Besides, I've already had my share of embarrassment this morning from your Mother."

"Okay, I get it. You go first and then I'll take my shower."

Billy stripped down and scooted across the hall to the bathroom. He set the water temperature and stepped in. He was enjoying the warm water wash over him when he heard the shower curtain move. He wiped the water from his eyes as Lance stepped in to join him.

"Sorry buddy, this shower is taken."

"I'm not here for the shower," as Lance grabbed Billy's boner.

"We don't have time, remember?"

"Okay, so we make it a quickie," Lance said as he bent over and leaned against the wall. "You got yours last night, now I need mine."

Billy grinned, soaped up his cock and put his hand to Lance's ass to soap it up. He was surprised to find Lance had already lubed his hole before he left his room. Billy got behind him and pushed in without stopping.

"Oooo, someone is still horny this morning."

"Not horny, just have to make this a quickie so we don't get caught."

And they did. Billy pumped hard and fast, almost loosing his balance on the slippery shower floor. The slip made his cock jab into Lance at a different angle.

"Wow, I like that move. Do it again."

"No time, I'm cumming!" as he dumped his sperm into Lance.

The boys finished their shower quickly, got dressed and went down stairs.

"Do you boys have to go to confession before church this morning?" Lance's mother teased.

"Discretion, Mother, we have nothing to confess. And you have to mind your own business," Lance admonished her.

"It's so nice being sober and knowing what's going on around me," she laughed. "Let's go and meet Billy's parents."

They went to church together and then out for a nice lunch at a local restaurant. Billy went home with his parents and Lance went home with his Mother. Both boys were tired and slept most of the afternoon.

Billy was at his locker the Monday morning and noticed everyone was walking on the other side of the hallway, giving him a wide berth. He didn't know why nor really cared. Rachel ran up to him. She grabbed his chin and turned his head from side to side.

"You look in good shape. I didn't know you had it in you."

Her comment was taken totally wrong. Billy turned red and put his finger up in front of her mouth to quiet her.

"Do you have to tell the whole school?" Billy whispered.

"The whole school, hell, the whole town knows."

"What? How could anyone know?" Billy panicked thinking his sexual antics with Lance had become general knowledge. Lance's Mother? She seemed pretty nonchalant about they activities. How could such a beautiful night with his lover turn his whole life upside down.

"What Lance and I do in private is our business, no one else's, Billy asserted through gritted teeth.

"Who said anything about Lance, I'm talking about what you did to Dwayne."

Just then Lance walked up.

"Did I hear someone mention my name?"

"No, we were talking about Billy and Dwayne."

"You heard about that?" Lance asked, confused about how Rachel had heard about the incident in the locker room on Friday.

"The whole town has heard about."

"The confrontation in the locker room?"

"No, you idiot, the fight between Dwayne and Billy at the skateboard park. Dwayne ended up in the hospital Saturday."

Lance had no idea it had been that serious. He was about to ask Billy about any details he may have left out when he told Lance about his confrontation with Dwayne when Vice Principle Melbrook walked up and grabbed Billy's arm.

"Come with me, young man"

He brought Billy to his office where a policeman was waiting.

"Good morning, Billy. I'm Officer Franklin and I'd like to have a talk with you. Please sit down."

Billy thought this had something to do with Dwayne but couldn't imagine what.

"I understand you and a fellow student had an altercation Saturday at the skateboard park. Would you like to tell me about it?"

"Not really. It's kind of embarrassing."

"Be that as it may, I need to hear your side of the story so I can sort out the facts before any charges are filed."

"Charges? I don't want to press any charges against anyone."

"I'm not talking about you, I'm talking about Dwayne's father. He wants me to charge you with assault with intent to murder."

"What the fuck!" Billy yelled as he jumped up out of his chair.

"Sit down! That's why I need to get your side of the story so I can understand exactly what happened. So let's hear it."

"Is there any way this can be off the record. Like I said, it's embarrassing and I'd rather everyone didn't know the details."

"Okay, for now I'll keep this off the record."

Billy told him about Dwayne accosting him at the park.

"So he initiated this fight? Were there any witnesses?"

"There was an adult there who came over to see if he could help Dwayne. He saw the whole thing but I asked him not to say anything. He told me he'd keep me out of it if he could."

"I'll have to have his name so I can verify your story."

Reluctantly Billy told him about Mike's dad. The officer picked up Billy's hands and turned them over looking at both sides.

"If this is what actually took place, I would suggest you file sexual assault charges against the other boy. It sounds like you were acting in self defense."

"I don't want to do anything but forget this ever happened. Please can we just call this, what do you call it, 'case closed'?"

"Not yet, I have some more investigating to do. I'll be in touch."

He thanked Billy and Vice Principal Melbrook and left.

"This happened off school grounds so I have no involvement in this matter but I would suggest that you seriously think about the sexual assault charge. It might give any other boys seconds thought about doing anything foolish to you."

"Can I go back to class now, sir?"

"Yes, Brenda will give you a pass to class."

Brenda was a sophomore who worked in the office for extra credit. She was also a big gossip and blabbed everything she overheard in the office to her friends. She wrote out the pass and smiled as she handed it to Billy.

"You never know what someone is capable of," and winked at him.

Oh great. Now everyone will know that the cops are involved. Billy hung out in the hall until first period was over. He waited outside the door for Lance.

"What the fuck, Billy. The cops were here looking for you?"

Damn, that Brenda works fast.

Billy explained what was happening but told Lance he didn't want to talk about it anymore.

The rest of the day people were avoiding him or smiling and giving him a thumb's up. What ever was going on was even bigger than when he yelled out in the lunch room that he was gay. After school he went to Lance's house and they played video games but Billy's mind wasn't in it. He finally gave up, kissed Lance and went home.

The next day at school he was baffled. Dwayne had not been in school on Monday but walked in the front door sporting a black eye and a swollen lip.

"Nice work, Billy the beast," Rachel said when she saw him.

"I didn't do any of that. I jammed my board in his balls and then smacked him over the shoulder when he was down. I never touched his face."

"Likely story. You taught him not to fuck with a gay bruiser," she smiled.

Lance came along and looked at Billy.

"I thought we said nothing but the truth. You never told me you beat him up this bad."

"I didn't! I don't know why no one will believe me?" Billy said in frustration.

"The evidence speaks for itself," Rachel replied.

Billy stormed off to the office.

"I need to see Vice Principal Melbrook right now!" he demanded to Brenda.

She was taken aback and looked frightened.

"Yes, sir, You can go right in," she stammered.

"What can I do for you, Mr Murdock?

"I just saw Dwayne and I need to talk to Officer Franklin right away. Can you call him for me?"

"Actually he called and said he was on the way here. You welcome to wait for him if you'd like."

Billy sat in the outer office until Officer Franklin showed up. Billy jumped right up and ran to him.

"I just saw Dwayne and I didn't do any of that to him. You've got to believe me."

"Calm down, son. Let's go into Mr. Melbrook's office."

They both went in and Billy was told to sit down.

"Good morning Mr. Melbrook. I'm sorry to take up your time again, but I felt you should hear this. Billy, I went to interview Dwayne and his father after talking to you. I noticed your hands didn't look like you have been in a fistfight but Dwayne's father's hands were scuffed and cut. I told them that they were within their rights to file assault charges but that you were going to file sexual assault charges."

"But I said I didn't want to do that!"

"I know. But they didn't know that. Of course Dwayne denied it and kept to his story that you beat him up. When I told them I had a witness who was willing to testify, his face went ghost white. His father started to object so I asked if I could talk to Dwayne alone. Dwayne finally told me that you had told the truth and he was the aggressor. I asked about the bruises and he confessed that his father beat him up. He said his father was angry that he let, pardon the expression, 'a fag get the best of him'. They both wisely decided to let the whole matter drop when I threatened the father with child abuse and Dwayne sexual assault. So as far as I'm concerned, this matter is, as you put it, a 'closed case'. Good luck going forward."

Billy almost collapsed with relief.

"Billy, you sit here for a few minutes while I walk Officer Franklin out."

Billy's emotions swung from relief, to anger that he was put through this, to apprehension that everyone thought he beat up Dwayne. When he had collected himself he walked out of the office. He looked at Brenda who picked up her head and leaned back in her chair, almost as if she was afraid of Billy. He didn't stop to get a pass and walked out, passing Mr. Melbrook in the hall.

"I'm glad he could get to the bottom of all this. If you have any issues in school, be sure and come see me."

"Yes sir."

Again he waited in the hallway until first period was over and Lance came bolting out of the room.

"Holy shit! What the hell is going on?"

Billy pulled him to a quiet corner of the hallway. And told him about Dwayne's father beating him.

"I'm telling you because we always tell each other everything, but you have to swear not to tell anyone that Dwayne's father beat him."

"Want to keep your bad boy reputation in tact?" Lance grinned.

"NO! I don't want Dwayne to be ridiculed for taking a beating. I'm going to deny even seeing him that morning and someone else must have beat him up. You've got to promise."

"Damn! Someone has a father that's a bigger asshole than my father. He only slapped me but that was it."

"Let's get to class before we're late."

Billy had to use the men's room before the next class. He stood at the urinal when he felt a presence behind him. He looked over his shoulder and panicked. Dwayne was standing behind him.

"Look Dwayne, I going to deny ever seeing you Saturday. You and I didn't fight and someone else attacked you at the park after I left. I don't want this to go any farther."

Dwayne walked up to the urinal next to him and started to piss, looking down in the urinal.

"I don't think anyone will believe you, just like the break up act, but I appreciate the effort."

Dwayne finished, zipped up and left, not stopping to wash his hands nor apologizing. Billy's take away from this was Dwayne not washing his hands.

'I knew he was allergic to soap and water'

All morning Billy was trying to convince anyone who would listen that he didn't beat up Dwayne. Most were just smiling and nodding their heads, humoring him. At lunch he felt it was time again for a public announcement. As he stood up to shout, Vice Principal Melbrook caught his eye and shook his head side to side very firmly. He mouthed quietly, 'No more announcements'. Billy looked around and then sat down, dejected that he couldn't tell his made up story.

As he and Lance were leaving school, the captain of the football team came up to him.

"Can I have a moment, Billy, alone?"

Billy looked at Lance and told him to wait for him.

"The team all talked and as much as we don't like you or your lifestyle, we appreciate you not screwing Dwayne when you had every reason to, figuratively speaking. He a dumb ass and a loud mouth bigot but we like him anyway, why I don't know. Friends can have their bad points and their good points I guess. You won't get any hassles from anyone on the team. Other than that, you're on your own. It wouldn't be good for our reputation to be sticking up for a gay boy."

"Thanks, I think."

Lance joined Billy as soon as the player had walked away. Billy told him the gist of the conversation.

"Jerks, the whole bunch of them," Lance said with disgust. "He didn't ask you out, did he? Are you going to date him?" Lance added with a smirk.

"Fuck you, asshole!" Billy joked back.

"Okay, sure, let's go to my house and you can fuck my asshole."

"Race you to your house. Winner gets the top," Billy said and took off running.

Half way to Lance's house Billy had to pull up with a leg cramp. Lance stopped to ask if he was all right then took off running to beat him to the house. It wasn't much longer when Lance stop running with a major pain in his side. Billy caught up and the two of them hobbled along as best they could, Billy trying to work off a leg cramp and Lance holding his side and struggling for each breath.

"Billy, stop, will you?"

"Why, so you can run past me again? I'm not falling for that twice."

"No, I've got a major pain in my side and I can't run any more. Let's just walk."

"We'll walk but if this leg cramp goes away then I'm running again. I'll beat you and then you'll have a pain in your ass instead of your side."

The boys walked along together getting their wind back. They turned the corner on Lance's block when Lance took off running.

"Game on!" Lance yelled.

Billy took off after him, cussing him out for cheating. Billy caught up to him as they reached the front lawn and ran to the kitchen door. They arrived at the same time but Lance got his hand on the doorknob first.

"I win!" Lance declared.

"No fair, you cheated."

"You're just a sore loser. You'll be even sorer when I get done with your ass."

They went up stairs and into Lance's bedroom, immediately stripping off their clothes. They jumped on the bed and started kissing.

"Can we just rest for a bit? I'm too tired to fuck right now," Lance broke their kiss.

"Same here. Maybe we should just settle for sucking each other."

"That's fine by me. Who goes first?"

"My mouth is so dry. I'm going to go to the kitchen and get a glass of water."

"Bring me one too if you don't mind."

Billy started to pull on his pants to go to the kitchen.

"You're getting dressed? No one is home, just run downstairs naked."

"Suppose your Mother comes home?"

"She won't be home for another two hours at least. Don't be a whimp. Besides, that will air out that sweaty cock before I put it in my mouth." Lance laughed.

Billy hesitated but then figured why not. He dropped his pants and headed for the kitchen.

It felt very liberating walking through someone else's house buck ass naked, his stiff cock swinging from side to side as he walked. He got the kitchen, got two glasses from the cupboard and was filling them at the sink. He didn't hear the kitchen door open. In walked Lance's Mother.

She stopped dead in her tracks looking at the sight before her. Billy was standing at the sink, his back to her, filling the glasses. He finished filling the first glass and then drank that one, refilling it and then the other one.

She didn't make a sound to give away her presence. She could just stare at the virile naked teenager at her sink. She looked from his strong shoulders, down his back to his smooth and well formed butt cheeks, continuing down to his strong slightly hairy legs. It had been a long time since she had seen a naked man, never such a fine specimen of a teenage. Her husband's ass was flat and just blended in with his back and the top of his legs.

Billy finished filling the second glass, turned off the faucet and turned to return up stairs. When he turned and saw Margo standing there he panicked. He stood there like a deer in the headlights for what seemed like an hour but in reality was only about ten seconds before he could react. That was long enough for her to get a good look at his stiff cock standing straight out from his groin, a wet spot on the tip.

When she and Jack were first married the sex was frequent and satisfying. As the years wore on she simply became a cum dump for Jack to get off, once a week, then once a month and not again since he was getting all he needed from his mistress. She felt a long forgotten tingle in her loins. She knew this was wrong, lusting for her son's boyfriend but wrong though it may be, it was happening. She had to do something and do it now before things got out of hand.

"Hello Billy, I'm glad to see you," smiling as she looked at him from head to toe.

That broke Billy's trance. He put the glasses down on the counter, tried to cover himself with his hands and ran for the stairs. He ran in the bedroom and slammed the door.

"Where's the water?" Lance asked.

"You're a fucking jerk! Oh, she won't be home so prance around the house naked, he says. I've never been so embarrassed in my life."

Billy started grabbing his clothes to get dressed as Lance jumped off the bed.

"My Mother is home? Did she see you?"

"Yes and yes. She saw all of me standing at the sink filling the glasses. She saw my ass and then when I turned around she saw my boner pointing sight at her."

"Shit! Did she say anything? Was she mad?"

"I didn't stay around long enough to see if she was mad. The only thing she said was that she was glad to see me."

Lance fell back on the bed laughing.

"It's not funny, asshole!"

"Yes it is. She was glad to see you, ALL of you," as he continued to laugh. "We can still mess around. If she wasn't mad you don't have to leave."

"The hell I don't. I'm leaving and never coming back to your house. There is no way I can face your Mother again. Get dressed! You're going to walk me out."

"Lighten up. She's cool and wont say anything."

Billy just glared at Lance so he knew he had to get dressed and go downstairs with Billy.

Margo was sitting on the living room couch when the boys walked through.

"Billy, something looks different about you," She commented.

The boys stopped and looked at one another, not sure what she was referring to.

"Oh, I see it now, you have clothes on," she put her hand over her mouth to stifle her giggle.

Lance laughed out loud, getting a glare and a snarl from Billy.

"I can see now why my son is in love with you, all of you," again she covered her mouth with one hand and wiggle an extended finger on her other hand.

"MOTHER! Enough!" Lance shouted.

"Well, you boys run along and have a good time, if you haven't already that is," Margo giggle again.

Billy stormed out of the house, followed by a laughing Lance.

"See, I told she wasn't mad."

"No, but she couldn't stop from humiliating me. I rather she was mad."

"It will all blow over by tomorrow. Relax."

"I can't. This will keep happening again and again. Don't you see the pattern?"

"What pattern?"

"Me naked and any water around then someone will walk in on us. First the hot tub and you mother, next the showers at school and the coach and now this. Let's move to the desert where we aren't near any water. See you tomorrow at school."

Billy walked off with out some much as a hug or a kiss. Lance knew he was upset but felt sure he'd get over it. He went back into the house and confronted his mother.

"Mother, that was mean. Why did you have to embarrass Billy like that?"

"I was just trying to make light of the situation. I'm sorry if I hurt his feelings. Do you think he'll forgive me?"

"I'll talk to him tomorrow at school. I'm sure he'll he over it by then."

As Lance started to walk away, his Mother picked up he book to read but not before making one more comment.

"He does have a nice ass though."

Lance took a few more steps then stopped. He turned to his Mother and smiled,

"Yes he does. And it feels wonderful."

Margo never picked up her head but smiled. She felt that tingle again remembering how sexy Billy looked.

Billy got home and his Father asked him if he had a good time at Lance's house.

"Yeah, we played video games half the night."

"You look tired."

"Yeah, I'm going to take a nap."

Billy came downstairs for supper after taking a short nap. He sat down and began eating, not saying anything.

"Is there anything wrong, Billy?" his Mother asked.

"Not really. Well, yes, I have to tell you both something."

Billy went on to explain the incident with Dwayne and the visit with Officer Franklin.

"We know," his Father said. "He came by yesterday to talk to you but we told him you were at a friends house for the day. He told us why he needed to talk to you and asked if he could visit you at school if we had no objections."

"Why didn't you say anything?" Billy asked in shock.

"You hadn't said anything to us about it so we figured you were going to try and handle it yourself. We were a little disappointed that you didn't confide in us but we understand. You're in high school now and well on your way to becoming a man. You are going to making your own choices and now is the time to learn good choices from bad choices. We told Officer Franklin to let us know if we needed to get involved but when he got back to us today he told us how impressed he was with the way you handled the situation. We are as well."

Billy hoped he could handle the potential problem with Lance's Mother as well.

Lance got to school early to meet Billy at his locker when he arrived.

"Hi Billy. I wanted to tell you that my Mother apologized over and over last night for her behavior."

"No she didn't, she wasn't sorry. She was having too much fun at my expense." Billy insisted.

"Aw, fuck, I can't lie. She didn't. But she did say you have a nice ass." Lance smirked.

"Fuck no, she didn't did she?"

"She did, but she meant it in a good way."

"STOP! Just damn well stop. I can never go to your house again. Ever."

"Somebody compliments you and you go bonkers?"

"If she said I had nice hair or good teeth, or anything else, fine. But my ass? Give me a break. Did you tell her to stop?"

"Actually I agreed with her and said it felt as nice as it looks. She knows we screw around and she's okay with it. Would you rather she freak out like she did when she found us in the hot tub?"

"Well, no, I suppose you're right."

"That was the old mother, this is the new and improved Mother."

The next few weeks we went smoothly, Bill and Lance getting together to play at Billy's house whenever they could. Christmas was coming and Lance's Mother wanted to rearrange the furniture in the living room. She asked Lance if he would bring Billy home to help. She was hoping he would come so she could apologize in person for making fun of him.

"Does she want us to be naked while we work?" Billy asked sarcastically.

"Me be naked in front on my Mother? That would be perverted. She only wants you naked," Lance laughed heartily. "I'm kidding. Seriously, she feels bad that we don't come to my house anymore. She wants to get back on good terms with you. Will you come?"

:Fine, but I'm wearing a turtle neck shirt, long pants, a hat and gloves to minimize exposed skin," Billy loosened up and laughed.

The next day Billy went home with Lance to move the furniture. Margo had made some homemade cookies for the boys as a thank you. She and Billy were cordial, if a little cool to each other, working at getting back to the relationship they had before. When they were done, Margo excused herself to go take a shower. They boys went to Lance's room to play video games for a while. Passing the bathroom door Lance thought he heard a buzzing noise inside but assumed it was the exhaust fan in the bathroom. Little did he know his Mother had bought a waterproof personal vibrator and was releasing the sexual tension that had built up watching Billy work. Pleased and satisfied, she finished her shower and got dressed.

"Lance, I' going to the grocery store to pick up refreshments for tomorrow's book club meeting, then I have to drop them off at Clara's house. Do you want anything from the store?" she asked from outside his door.

Lance came to the door and opened it to show his Mother that they were in fact playing video games.

"Some soda would be good."

"Okay. But I'll be a while so I may not be home before Billy has to go home for supper. Once Clara gets talking, she's hard to stop."

That was her way of subtly letting the boys know they had the house to themselves for a while. As soon as they heard the car leave the driveway, Lance started to undress.

"What the hell? Do you want us to get caught again?" Billy hollered.

"No way. That's why I asked for some soda. If I asked for bottled water, then she'd come home and find us fucking," Lance replied with a subtle laugh.

"You're pretty confident that we're going to be fucking, aren't you?"

"Can you seriously resist this beautiful thing?" as Lance twirled his growing cock around in circles.

"Maybe it's you who can't leave this awesome piece of man meat alone?"

"Man meat? Where the hell did you come up with that? You think you're a man?"

"Man enough to fuck your ass wide open," Billy continued the banter.

"Okay, we'll flip for it. The winner get to pick top or bottom. Do you have a quarter?"

Billy bent down to get a quarter out of his pants that were now on the floor. When he did , Lance grabbed his body just below his arms and flung him on the bed, landing on this stomach. Lance jumped on his back before Billy could move.

"What the hell?" Billy hollered.

"I said we'd flip for it. Well, I flipped you and I'm on top so I'm the winner," Lance laughed.

"You cheated again. But this time I'll take it, take it in my ass that is," Billy giggled.

Lance leaned down and kissed Billy on the neck, moving down and kissing as he went until he reached Billy's ass. He kissed one cheek and then the other. Then back to the first and gave him a hickey.

"Don't do that! Someone might see it," Billy protested.

"Who else do you show your naked ass to? Oh yeah, I forgot. My Mother might see it," Lance laughed.

Billy tried to swing his arm back to give Lance a punch but couldn't reach him. Lance moved to the other cheek and did the same.

"There, now you have a matched pair."

"So now I can tell the guys in gym class that you're an ass kisser that doesn't play favorites?"

"Fuck, I forgot about the showers. Oh well, tell then you sat on something and it pinched you ass."

Having marked Billy's ass as his own, He spread his cheeks and ran his tongue up and down the crack. His next move was to put his tongue on Billy's pucker and wiggle it.

"Oh damn, that's disgusting but it feels awesome."

Lance proceeded to play with his tongue and eat out Billy's ass until his jaw got tired. He sat back up and licked a finger, getting it wet so he could press it inside. Billy moaned and begged for more.

"No more fingers, I want your cock in there."

Lance leaned over to this nightstand to get his lube. He generously applied it to his cock and Billy's hole. He leaned forward and aimed his cock at the prize. He pushed in slow and steady at Billy's request, not stopping until he was all the way in. He gave it a minute then began to pump slowly in and out. His rhythm was steadily increasing until Billy told him to stop.

"Pull out."

"Does it hurt too much?"

"No, but I was getting close and I didn't want to cum yet. I want the top you now."

Lance was also getting close so he was disappointed that Billy wouldn't let him finish. Billy lubed up his cock and Lance's hole and proceeded to fuck Lance.

"Let me know if you're getting close. I don't want you to cum yet either."

"I'm not sure what you're up to but okay."

Billy felt the tingle and pulled out abruptly

"Turn over and sit up," Billy instructed Lance.

Lance sat up with his legs spread apart. Billy sat in front of him and moved as close as he could, putting his legs over the top of Lance's. He scooted forward more so their cocks were touching. Billy took both cocks in one hand and began to stroke them together.

"I want us to cum at the same time."

Lance immediately warmed to this new idea. He leaned in and kissed Billy, gently but then more passionately as Lance wrapped his hand around Billy's so they both stroking both cocks. Their other arms went around the other's back and pulled them together. It wasn't long before they both reached the tipping point. They broke the kiss and looked down at their two cocks, swelling up in anticipation of a violent release. A few more strokes and they managed to cum simultaneously, spewing spurt after spurt of creamy white cum up between them as they pressed their groins together as tightly as they could.

"If we were Indians, we'd be cum brothers instead of blood brothers," Lance joked as they cum ran down their bodies and mixed together as it slithered down onto their balls.

"I name thee 'Big Cock Cums A lot'" Billy declared.

"And I'll dub thee 'Big Loads Horse Cock'"

The boys fell on their sides laughing.

"That was really hot. We'll have to remember that one."

"Like we'd ever forget?"

The boys got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. As they stood at the sink, Billy reached over and grabbed Lance's hand.

"Wait, don't turn on the water!"

"Why not? How are we going to wash up if I don't turn on the water."

"Don't you get it? We're naked and covered in cum. You add water to this and your Mother will walk in the bathroom door and catch us," Billy tried to explain with a straight face.

"Just stand with your back to the door and she'll be so busy drooling over your magnificent ass she won't notice anything else." Lance smirked.

"Eat shit and die, mother fucker!"

They washed up, got dressed and were enjoying some after sex cuddling when Billy decided it was time to head home.

"I'm out of here before your Mother gets home. I've had as much ass admiration as I can stand for one day," Billy joked.

Christmas wasn't far off and the town was aglow with decorations and Christmas cheer. Life was wonderful. That was until Lance's father came back into the picture. A filing for a divorce and a custody hearing for Lance? A New Year's Eve party that would send Billy into an emotional crisis? Why did life have to turn ugly when things were going so great.

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