Boarding with Friends

by Jonathan Perkins

Chapter 7

Rachel was waiting at Billy's locker the next morning. She reached out and pulled him into a big hug.

"Oh Billy, I'm so glad we talked last night. I was so excited I could hardly get to sleep," she said rather loudly so everyone near them could hear.

Billy was confused. He hadn't spoken to Rachel last night, or any other night. They only spoke at school.

"I'm so glad you've decided we can tell Lance about us," again playing to the crowd in the hallway. She leaned in and gave him a kiss on the mouth. "Sealed with a kiss, as they say."

Everyone was staring at them. Billy's face was turning red and he was totally flustered, not saying anything. Lance walked up and Rachel turned to him and started in with him.

"Billy and I spoke on the phone last night for more than an hour and we decided it was time to tell you that he and I are dating," Talking to Lance but looking over his shoulder to make sure the revelation was heard.

Billy's mouth was hanging open and he stammered to try and tell Lance he had no idea what she was talking about.

"She's a fine girl, Billy, you treat her right or I'll kick your ass around the block," Lance said. Then he hugged Rachel and walked off.

Billy was dumbstruck. Had he just been traded away like a piece of meat? More importantly, did his lover just wish him good luck with a girl and walk away?

"See you at lunch, lover boy," Rachel cooed and ran off to her first class.

Billy closed his locker and walked towards math class. A few of the boys in the hallway gave him a smirk and the 'okay' sign with their fingers. They were silently congratulating him on his conquest. Lance was standing by the door to the math class when Billy got there.

"What the fuck is going on?" he said through gritted teeth.

"I was hoping to talk to you before Rachel did. This was all her idea. She has been hearing rumors that you and I are boyfriends."

"We are, aren't we? Or is that all over?" a bewildered Billy asked.

"Hell no. Rachel and I talked last night about it and she wanted to come on to you and pretend you and she are dating. That would take the steam out of the rumors. She did it to protect both of us. It was too late to call you last night when I got off the phone with Rachel. I was supposed to get here early and clue you in but my mother was running late. Sorry."

"Did she have to fucking kiss me? I had almost convinced myself I'm gay and then she lands one on my mouth."

"I know, it was gross, right?"

"No, it actually made me chub up a bit. If I hadn't been so screwed up in the head as to what was going on, I would have kissed her back. Your plan might have backfired."

Lance looked at Billy to see if he was pranking him again or if he was serious. Lance thought he and Billy had something special going between them but now his had his doubts.

Billy went into the class without saying anything more and left Lance standing there wondering if maybe he had screwed up.

Rachel was outside the door when class was dismissed.

"Hi sweetheart, I wanted to walk you to your next class," she said and she put her arm in his. The two walked away, arm in arm.

Lance knew this was all part of the plan but he was actually jealous and missed walking with Billy. Billy looked over his shoulder then turned back and kept walking. Some of his other classmates tried to strike up a conversation with Lance as they walked but he wasn't in a talkative mood. Lance wanted to yell out at the top of his lungs. 'I'm gay, Billy is gay and were lovers, raunchy homo gay lovers'. But he knew he couldn't. Not for his sake, but for Billy's. Right now Lance didn't care who knew he was gay, but it would devastate Billy if he was outed. That was the whole idea of this crazy plan, to protect Billy from the rumors.

The rest of the morning went like that. At lunch, Billy was up getting his food and Rachel was sitting by herself waiting for Billy to join her. Lance walked up and sat down.

"Rach, I think you're over playing your part. Everyone has gotten the message by now."

"I'm just doing like we discussed last night."

"Yes, but can you back off a little."

"Why you queer son of a bitch! You're jealous aren't you?" she laughed

"What, of you? Your dick is no where as big as mine," Lance said, not having any better come back.

"My dick may not be, but my balls sure are, honey," Rachel returned fire in a friendly way.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Just cool it until the three of us can talk later, okay?"

"Alright. But I think Billy likes this idea. He told me to go sit down and he'd bring me my lunch. Such a gentleman," she sighed.

Lance slammed his chair back and stormed off, giving more credence to the supposed break up of he and Rachel. He came by their table at the end of the lunch period and told them to meet him at his house at 4:00 and they could talk.

All afternoon Lance would hear quiet talk behind his back about Rachel and Billy. Most of the talk was hostile towards Rachel, thinking she threw Lance over for Billy. This made Lance twice as pissed off at their plan. Rachel was getting a bad reputation when she was only trying to help them. Somehow Lance wanted to tell everyone that he broke up with her. 'She wouldn't fuck me so I threw away like yesterday's garbage' No, that outburst would hurt Rachel even more. Dam, what a screwed up predicament.

Lance's mother was out shopping when Billy and Rachel arrived. They went out back to the patio to talk privately.

"Rachel, I think we really screwed up with this idea. So what if people are talking about Billy and I. Let them talk. I'd rather everyone knew I was gay instead of what they are saying about you."

"I've heard some shit from my friends. Everyone had taken your side and I'm the bad one. But I don't care. If it protects you and Billy, then I can take the heat.'

"What about me? Don't I get anything to say about all of this?" Billy interrupted.

"Of course you do."

"First of all, Rachel, that kiss this morning was hot! I could definitely go for some more of that. But unfortunately I'm already seeing someone. And he kisses way better." Billy smiled at Lance. "I think you and I should break up and then you and Lance can make up and get back together. I can mop around for a few days for being used by you to get Lance back and then he and I will make up and be friends again. Not lovers or boyfriends to anyone at school, but just friends."

"Rachel, why the hell didn't we include Billy in this from the beginning. He's the only smart one here."

"I like this plan better than ours."

Lance and Rachel hugged then she reached out to hug Billy. She leaned in to kiss him and he quickly turned a cheek to her.

"I don't want to get in the habit of kissing you. I think it would be a hard habit to break," Billy laughed.

Quite out of character, Rachel dropped her hand and grabbed Billy's crotch.

"That's not the only hard thing."

"Hey the games is over, that's mine again," Lance joked.

They planned to meet at Billy's locker in the morning and Lance would apologize to Rachel and beg her to come back to him. Billy would ask her not to go back to him but she would say she was sorry to Billy and walk away with Lance. The only hard part was Lance and Billy pretending to be mad at each other and not spending time together at school. Lance promised he'd make it up to Billy after school.

After a few days, Lance and Billy publicly apologized to each other.

"Billy, I'm sorry about all of this. We are too good of friends to let a girl come between us."

"Same. I'm sorry a was so quick to try and snatch up your girl."

Rachel got sympathy from her friends for the way Lance treated her, Billy went on being Lance's sidekick and Lance, well, no one could ever stay mad at Lance. After all he was Lance Habershaw, the coolest guy in three counties.

Lance was true to his word about making time for Billy after school. He had the house to himself every afternoon and they made the best use of it.

Lance's mother had started attending her book club meeting again. Only this time she was actually discussing books and not just sitting by herself drinking wine. Shortly after the funeral she had sat down and had a long talk with Lance.

"Lance, I'm so sorry I have neglected you these past few years. After we lost your sister, everything in your father's life had to be perfect, even more so than usual. He became a different man than the one I fell in love with in high school. We had such plans for the future, making a life together, raising a family. The more obsessed he became, the more I turned inward until I couldn't take the self-imposed isolation. That's when the drinking began in earnest. I would go to the garden club and the book clubs and anywhere else I could get away from home and get drunk. I was leaving you behind to fend for yourself. I was so drunk most of the time I was oblivious to the pain you must have been suffering. I'm glad you found Billy so you had someone to turn to. I'm going to stop drinking, or at least slow down for now on my way to quitting. I'm sure I have some missteps so you'll have to bear with me. I would like to get to know Billy. He seems like a good person. He was there for you when I wasn't."

"Thank you mother. I'm sure you'll like Billy and his parents as well. I'm looking forward to them coming to dinner. You want to be here for me and I want to be here for you so that I can support you. Now that you and father have separated, we're going to have to depend on each other."

They cried, they hugged and looked forward to a new and better tomorrow.

The first afternoon that Lance invited Billy over to his house, Lance was lying in wait for him. Billy knocked on the door and Lance hollered for him to come in.

"I'm in the living room."

Billy walked though the kitchen and saw Lance standing n the middle of the living room buck-naked.

"William Murdock!" Lance shouted. "My mother works hard to keep this house clean and you're gong to walk around and get it all dirty with those filthy school clothes? Remove them immediately!" Lance commanded in his most official voice.

Billy was only too happy to obey.

"Now, catch me if you can," Lance said as he tore off through the house, his stiff cock bouncing from side to side and his balls bouncing up and down as he ran. Billy was in hot pursuit.

Lance ran through the living room, up the stairs and into his bedroom. He jumped on the bed just as Billy grabbed his ankle.

"You've got me. Now what?"

"Now I've caught you so I can do anything I want."

Billy loosened his grip ever so slightly and Lance twisted loose, flipped over the other side of the bed and ran out the door, yelling, "You caught me but I escaped."

Down the stairs, back through the living room and into the kitchen. If only the house had a security camera the sight of two naked teenagers running through the house with boners sticking straight out in front of them pointing the way would have been a sight to see..

Lance jumped up on the kitchen island, landing on his ass and swinging around to slide off the other side. Billy anticipated this and was on the other side before Lance could slide off. Grabbing both his legs, once again Billy claimed victory.

"Let me off here, we eat on this counter," Lance beseeched Billy.

"I eat her too," as he dove down and took Lance's cock in his mouth in one quick move.

"Hell, if I knew you were going to do this I would have let you catch earlier."

Billy took his mouth off to say something but Lance didn't give him a chance. He swung he legs around and jumped off the other side of the counter, running back towards the living room.

"Dam, Billy, you're so easy to get away from."

As the two of them ran for the stairs again, they both were feeling drops of precum landing on their naked legs as it steadily dripped from theirr hardons. Lance ran into his room and just before he made another evasive maneuver, Billy gave a hard push and planted Lance face first on the bed, jumping on his back before he could move.

"Now your ass is mine, fucker."

Billy grabbed Lance's shoulders with his hands, spread his legs with his legs and pushed his cock up against Lance's ass.

"Now you going to find out what I'm going to do with my captive."

His kept moving around side to side and lifting his hips until he got his cock right at Lance's hole. The tip of his cock was so slippery from all the precum that it slipped in just a little.

"Don't you dare fuck my ass, you pervert!" Lance yelled, "I'm Rachel's boyfriend and only she is allowed to fuck my ass."

"She fucked my ass last night and told me to pass it on," Billy laughed as he pushed further.

Both boys were laughing at the absurdity of the conversation. That is until Billy bottomed out in Lance hole.

"Tell Rachel thank you," Lance purred as he relaxed to enjoy Billy's cock.

The boys were slightly out of breath from all the running and wrestling so it began slowly, Billy pumping in and out as Lance tightened and loosened his sphincter. As they caught their breath, they picked up the pace and were fucking full out. As Billy thrust in, Lance would push his hips up to maximize Billy's depth. When Billy pulled back, Lance would pull away, moving his hips forward so with his cock under his stomach he was virtually fucking his bedspread. The fervor was building when Lance's humping the bed pushed him over the edge and spewed cum underneath him. His ass clamped onto Billy's cock and brought him to a bed shaking climax, making one last hard thrust into Lance's intestines.

Billy rolled off of Lance's back and lay next to him.

"I'm glad Rachel and I split up. I think you're a better fuck," Billy joked.

"You'd never get in her pussy, never mind her ass. So enjoy what you've got."

"Oh, believe me I do. Maybe tomorrow you can try and catch me."

Lance caught a hidden meaning in the comment.

"And, does that mean . . .?"

"Maybe. I've been thinking a lot about it lately. I see how much you enjoy it and how good it feels for me. So maybe. But no promises. I'll probably chicken out by tomorrow."

"If you do, you do. If you don't, I'll be happy to take your virgin ass as my own. When ever you're ready. No rush."

They kissed and hugged and enjoyed the after sex euphoria. Finally they decided it was time to get cleaned up and get dressed.

Lance, Billy and Rachel were sitting at the usual table for lunch the next day. Rachel typically left when Mike and the rest of the crew showed up. Not that she didn't like them, she just didn't want to cramp their conversation. Mike was the first one to sit down at the table.

"So what are you three thespians planning now?" Mike asked.

"Thespians?' Rachel asked

"Thespians are actors, Rachel. The name comes the ancient Greek named Thespius who was the first know person to get on a stage and put on a performance," Billy told her.

"I know what it mean, brainiac, I'm wondering why he's calling us that."

"Old Thespius, or what ever his name was, doesn't have to worry about loosing his job to you three good balls." Mike replied.

"What are you talking about?" Lance joined in.

"That little act that you put on the other day, Rachel breaking up with you to date Billy then the next day breaking up to go back to you Lance. So lame. Nobody bought it."

"I was mad at Lance so I lashed out and broke up to date Billy to make him jealous. It worked, didn't it?" Rachel said rather unconvincingly.

"If Lance broke up with Billy or Billy broke up with Lance to date you for a day, that might have been believable," Mike chuckled.

"Whoa, wait? What the hell are you talking about?" Lance leaned forward in his chair.

"Lance, don't get me wrong. We all think it's great that you and Billy are boyfriends. Everybody needs someone like that in their life to help them through the bad times. And heaven knows, your life has plenty of bad times right now." Mike went on. "My Mom and your mom are in the same book club. After she has had a few glasses of wine, she complains about your dad, her life, everything."

"My mother told you I was gay?" furious that she had betrayed his trust.

"Oh hell no. We all knew for some time, probably since last year. But since you've gotten smitten with Billy, we all knew for sure."

"You're talking fucking non-sense!" Lance tried to deny everything Mike was saying, mostly to protect Billy. At this point Lance really didn't give a shit if everyone knew he was gay.

"Relax, we don't care if you're gay or not. You're still Lance, our buddy through thick and thin. We've never said anything about it to anyone outside the crew but it's kind of general knowledge."

"And me? Everyone thinks I'm gay too?" Billy asked with a quiver in his voice. He never thought anyone suspected that he and Lance were anything but good friends.

"We weren't sure if you were gay, bi or just using Lance to get your rocks off. You're not that kind of guy so we just assumed you were gay or bi or experimenting. Fred thought you were using Lance for sex and for his popularity. That's why he was always trying to come between the two of you. So, if you don't mind me asking you, are you gay?"

"Truthfully? I'm like everybody else. I'm not sure if I'm gay or bi or just trying stuff. I do know that I have feelings for Lance."

""Whatever. I hope I didn't make you guys uncomfortable but the crew wanted me to talk to you before you three pulled another hair brained scheme again." Mike laughed. "What about you, Rachel, do you walk both sides of the street?"

Rachel glared at Mike.

"I let you know when a find a girl hot enough to do some pussy licking with. Until then, keep guessing!" she snarled. She gave Lance a kiss on the cheek and said goodbye as the rest of the crew came to sit down.

The boys looked at each other furtively, wondering how the talk went with Mike. Finally Lance spoke up.

"Hey guys, thanks for having our backs and not confirming anything to anyone about Billy and I. We are still a work in progress and not sure what we have but we like it. Please don't confirm this to anyone else. I don't care about myself but Billy still wants to stay on the down low. Okay?"

"Sure, no problem. I bet some kids are wondering if we're all gay,: Mike laughed.

Billy face was turning red and his breathing was hallow and quick.

"Billy, are you alright?" Lance asked

"More than alright.'

Billy pushed back his chair, the metal legs making a loud screeching noise like fingernails on a chalkboard, and stood up. He looked around the lunchroom and cleared his throat.

"My name is Billy Murdock! Lance Habershaw and I are boyfriends!" he said loudly over the noise.

Lance and the rest of the table sat there, stunned and unable to speak. There was dead silence in the room, kids turning to look at one another in disbelief.

"Holy fuck! I guess Billy made up his mind. Way to go Billy." Mike broke the silence.

Lance finally got over the shock and stood up next to Billy, put his arm around him and kissed him on the mouth. Both boys smiled at each other and looked around at their fellow classmates. The room broke out in a cheer and round after round of clapping. Some guy shouted over the applause,

"Does this mean Rachel is available now?"

Laughter replaced the clapping as Rachel looked at the guy and flipped him the middle finger. Mr. Pendergast, the assistant principle walked up and told Lance and Billy he wanted to see them in his office right now. The two boys got up and walked out to smiles, pats on the back and more clapping, some frowning but not saying anything.

"Well, Mr, Murdock, that was either the bravest thing I ever see a student do or the stupidest. Either way, I know it's not socially acceptable to come out as gay these days, although the reception you received did surprise me. I assume it had something to do with Lance being included in your revelation. I'm going to be keeping an eye on the two of you and alerting the staff to do the same. Although I don't agree with your choices, my job is to make sure your safe while in this school. I'm confident that there are some boys that will not be so accepting and may turn to harassment or bullying. If you have any trouble whatsoever, I want to know about it immediately. Is that understood?"

Both boys answered in the affirmative.

"Now go to your next class. And please, Mr Murdock, no more announcements today."

As they walked to their next class, the hallways were already empty. Lance pulled Billy's arm to stop him.

"Billy, what the holy mother of god, jumped up fucking hell did you do?"

"Your pissed at me aren't you? I don't know why I did it. There was so much pressure trying to keep our secret and it seemed a lot of our friends already knew. I didn't want them to be put in an uncomfortable situation trying to deny that we're together. I'm sorry, I should have asked you before I did this. I hope you can forgive me." Billy was nervously rambling on until Lance stopped him.

"Mad? Forgive you? I'm so damn proud of you. I've never loved you more. I want to rip off your clothes and make love to you right here in the hallway."

"You can't, there isn't any water here," referring back to being caught in the hot tub. "How about a rain check?"

"Okay, after school, your house or mine?"

"My Mom is working late today so my house it is."

They laughed and walked arm in arm to their next class, more than ready to take the cheers and the jeers that may come their way.

That afternoon they walked to Billy house together. Billy got nervous at every car that passed them or anyone walking on the sidewalk. He'd turn and look at them and then to Lance.

"Do you think they know? Are they laughing at us? Do they even care?"

"Relax, Hester Prynne, there is no big red letter "G" on your chest. Nobody knows and who cares if they do. You made that abundantly clear at lunch today," Lance laughed.

They walked into Billy's house and called out to his mother.

"Mom, are you home? Lance walked home with me. Are you here,"

It was clear they had the house to themselves so Billy led them through the living room, headed for his bedroom. Lance grabbed Billy from behind and pushed him on the couch. Then Lance fell to his knees in front o Billy.

"Hey! What the hell?" Billy yelled.

"This is what the hell," as Lance pulled at Billy's pants, unzipped them and tugged them down to his ankles, along with his underwear. "I've been waiting all afternoon for this and I can't wait any longer."

Lance grabbed Billy's flaccid cock and shoved it in his mouth. It was soft and pliable so Lance could take the whole thing in. He worked it with his tongue while sucking on it. It didn't take much and Billy was stiff and ready for Lance. Lance had to back off a little once Billy was fully erect to keep from gagging but kept him as deep as possible. Billy was squirming on the coach, holding Lance's head.

"Swing around so I can get to yours."

"Not yet. This is all about you. This is your reward for being my hero."

The relief Billy felt from being away from school, his pants down around his ankle and being sucked off in his own living room on his parents couch all ended up Billy being a 'Minute Man'. His back arched, his cock stiffened and Lance knew he was about to get his reward, a mouth full of his lover's cum. He eagerly swallowed every drop and held Billy's cock in his mouth until it started to soften.

"God damn, you are the best cocksucker ever!" Billy complimented Lance.

Lance moved up between Billy's legs and gave him a passionate kiss, smearing the inside of his mouth with his own cum.

"Now let's take it upstairs and take our time," Lance suggested.

Billy pulled his pants the rest of the way off and followed Lance up stairs, naked from the waist down.

"That's the first time I ever walked through my house with no pants on."

"Feels good, doesn't it?"

"It felt good and I think there is a lot more good feelings things to come."

Billy walked up in front of Lance and kissed him. Then he took a step back and began to remove Lance's clothes, one piece at a time. Striped naked, Lance stood and smiled, his stiff cock standing tall. Lance proceeded to remove the rest of Billy's clothes.

"Turn around," Billy asked Lance.

Lance turned slowed all the way around and was facing Billy again.

"No, not all the way, just half way. I want to admire that smooth ass of yours."

Lance turned his back to Billy and spread his legs. His wiggled his butt and looked over his shoulder at Billy.

"Such a delicious sight. I never get tired of seeing your rear end."

"You know it's yours for the taking, anytime you want." Lance bend over further and spread his cheeks to show off his pucker.

Billy dropped to his knees and moved up to Lance. He put his hands on Lance's butt cheeks and slowly kneaded them. He ran his finger over the inviting hole in front of him. He wet a finger and wet the hole then blew on it.

"Hey dummy, you blow me from the front, not back there," Lance laughed.

"Your ass is so hot I wanted to cool it off before it burned my fingers."

Billy wet his finger some more and pressed it against Lance. Lance pushed out on his ass muscles to help the finger slide in. Billy went in as far as he could, his knuckles up against Lance's cheek.

" Oh yeah, you know the spot. Damn, this feels good. If you've got some lotion handy, you can put something bigger in there."

"I'll be right back, don't you move."

Billy ran to he bathroom and got some hand lotion, then back to find Lance still bend over, his upper body resting on the bed. He squirted out some and smeared it on Lance's ass, pushing some inside him. The he lube up his cock, fully recovered from the blowjob a few minutes ago. He brought his cock up to Lance's ass and slide it up and down, teasing him going past his pucker every time but not stopping.

"Shit, you've got me so horny, I don't know which head is going to explode first, my big head of my little head. Hurry up and fuck me already," Lance begged.

Billy brought his cock up against Lance's hole and felt it twitch, tightening and relaxing. He applied some pressure and was instantly granted permission to enter. He kept moving, slowly but steadily, waiting to see if Lance would tell him to stop. Instead, Lance kept yelling encouragement,

"Oh yeah, push it in, all the way in. You like my ass so much, make love to it like only you can do."

Billy continued his slow thrusting, grabbing Lance's hips to pull him back so he could go as deep as possible. Billy was fucking deep but didn't want to speed up. He wanted it to last as long as he could. What he couldn't resist was reaching around and taking a hold of Lance's stiff cock and begin to stroke it. He had to push Lance's hand out of the way.

"I want to feel you cock throbbing in my hand and your ass spasm around my cock. I want the best of both worlds," Billy said affectionately.

Billy knew he could last for a while but Lance might not. Looking down at Lance's smooth ass as his cock slid in and out, the skin around the hole coming out with his cock as he withdrew, seeming to trying to hang on to it. Then going back in with his cock, to welcome it back where it belongs. Billy's view of fucking Lance and the feel of Lance's cock in his hand pushed him over the edge quicker than he thought possible. He pressed deep as his cock surged with each release of cum into Lance. He stayed inside Lance while he continued to stroke him.

"I'm sorry I couldn't last longer," Billy apologized.

"Just means more for the next time," Lance affectionately replied.

Billy slid out and collapsed on the bed, pulling Lance down with him. They cuddled for a few minutes until Billy had recovered then swung around to take Lance's still throbbing cock in hi mouth.

"It's your turn now," as he proceeded to give Lance a warm wet blowjob.

He was right in that Lance didn't last long before filling Billy's mouth and throat with his seed. Billy came back up to lie beside Lance.

"I wish we didn't have to rush to get cleaned up and dressed after we have sex. It would be nice to just be next to each other and drift off to sleep to wake later still in each other's arms," Billy longed.

"Some day we will."

Time went by quickly until they decided it was time to get cleaned up and dressed. They went downstairs just as Billy's Mom was coming home.

"Hello Lance. This is a pleasant surprise."

"Thank you. I came home with Billy so we could study together for a while."

"How nice. Would you like to stay for supper?"

"No, thank you, I have to be going. Mother likes it when I'm home for supper now so we can eat together."

"I understand. We're looking forward to having supper with you and your Mother this Saturday evening."

Billy and Lance had forgotten all about the dinner invitation Lance's Mother had extended to Billy's Mom and the family. They were wondering if it would be awkward with them both knowing about the relationship between the boys.

The rest of the week went smoothly at school until Friday. Gym class was over and the boys were all taking their showers. The shower room was one big open gang shower so Billy and Lance made it a point to shower in opposite corners of the room so as not to spring a boner watching each other. An occasional stiffy would pop up now and then in the showers and it was no big deal. But when a gay boy did it they could be repercussions. Billy was one of the first ones to exit the shower and start to dry off. Dwayne Milford, an upper class linesman on the football team, stood in Billy's way.

"Hey faggot, here, suck a real man's cock," as he grabbed his cock and aimed it at Billy.

"Not interested, thanks."

"The hell you aren't. All faggots like you like to suck cock. Think you can handle this one?"

"Not interested, thanks," Billy reiterated as he attempted to walk around him.

"Whoa queer boy, you ain't going nowhere until you've put your mouth on my cock."

Billy was getting nervous but also getting mad. Dwayne was 4" taller and fifty pounds heavier so it would be an uneven fight. But if that's what it came too, Billy was ready to give it his best. Just then he felt a hand on his shoulder. He panicked, thinking it was a friend of Dwayne's that had come to back him up. He turned his head to get a quick glance, not wanting to take his eyes off Dwayne for too long, seeing Lance had come up behind him.

"He said he's not interested, you big moron," Lance spoke threw his teeth.

"Oh look, I get two homos for the price of one. I can go two rounds so you each get a turn," Dwayne laughed.

"Get the fuck out of our way or else!" Lance said as he clenched his fists.

"Oh, I'm scared. Your queer friend is going to protect you." Dwayne taunted.

"Just a good friend standing up with him against a bully." Lance said as he took a step forward.

Billy grabbed his arm to stop him when they heard the other boys from the shower step up behind the two and announced one by one,

"And another good friend," then the next boy, "And another good friend," and so on until almost all of the boys were standing behind Billy and Lance.

The Coach heard the commotion and came to see what was happening. He grabbed Dwayne by the shoulder and spun him around.

"You may not like them but I don't give a shit! This is my locker room and I'll have none of this. Get dressed and get the hell out of here. If I hear of anything like this happening again, I'll make sure you're suspended for three days for bullying. Understand?"

Dwayne nodded his head and turned to walk away but not before threatening Billy.

"This ain't over yet, fag."

The coach gave him a shove and then turned to the rest of the boys.

"The same goes for all of you! Their lifestyle is their business and no one else's."

Everyone got dried off and dressed. A small group of the boys decided they would walk Billy and Lance out of the locker room and out of the school in case Dwayne was lying in wait. He was no where to be seen so the boys all went their separate ways.

"Are you okay?" Lance asked Billy.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I should have expected coming out wasn't going to be easy. Thanks for the support."

"I was about to kick his ass when Coach stepped in."

"Now that would have upset me. If you lived to tell about it, you'd be suspended for fighting," Billy tried to make light of the situation.

"If that happened I'd want you to get suspended with me so we could spend three whole days together in bed," Lance chuckled.

"Hey Dwayne, come back we both want to fight you!" Billy joked.

Lance got home and his Mother was a nervous wreck about the dinner on Saturday night.

"I don't know what I was thinking inviting company here for dinner. Especially your boyfriend's parents. The house is a mess, I have no idea what to cook. Should I offer them drinks and hope I don't get drunk?"

"Mother, relax please. The house is perfect as always. You can make your famous lasagna. And don't offer drinks. They will understand. I don't think Billy's parents even drink alcohol. You've got this, Mother, trust me."

"The house is not fine. Billy's Mom cleans houses for a living. That would be like inviting John Ford to dinner and showing home movies. Oh hell, maybe I should cancel it."

"No, Mother, everything will be great. I'm going to help you, tonight and all day tomorrow to make this a fantastic dinner. It's my time to be here for you."

Lance's Mother pulled him into a tight hug.

"I don't know what I ever did to deserve a son as wonderful as you."

"Nor I a mother like you. Now let's get to work."

The two of them walked through the house, his mother pointing out things that needed attention. There was vacuuming, dusting, cleaning windows, a top to bottom cleaning of the downstairs bathroom and the list went on and on. Lance got busy right away on chores she asked him to do as she went about her own jobs. They took a break and had sandwiches and sodas for supper. Lance looked at the counter where she had made the sandwiches, the bread and the lunch meat still there.

"You know, Mother, if you keep making messes after we clean, we'll never get done," he laughed.

She gave him a loving slap on the back of the head,

"Then clean it up, smart ass."

Billy called a little later to see if Lance wanted to go to the skateboard park the next morning. He explained he couldn't because he was helping his Mother. Billy offered to come help but Lance declined, saying he was enjoying the mother - son time together.

That night Lance had a weird dream. Not about Billy like most of his dreams had been lately, but about his mother. He dreamt they were at a big ceremony in New Jersey where she was to be crowned "America Mother of the Year". They were about to place the crown on her head when Lance's father burst into the hall screaming he should be "Father of the Year". His mother shouted,

"Guards, remove this man immediately. Off with his head!"

He was removed from the room by the security guards. Wwhether or not he was beheaded was not revealed.

Lance woke up early the next morning at 6:00 and wanted to get a head start on his chores. He went down stairs and smelled fresh coffee as he entered the kitchen.

"Good morning, sleepy head. Sleep well?" she asked.

"You're not wearing your crown?"

"My what?"

"Never mind," he laughed. "I had a good night sleep and I'm ready to get to work."

Billy also woke up early so he could go to the skateboard park for some practice while no one was there yet. As much as he enjoyed boarding with his friends, he also enjoyed the solitude of the early morning rides. He had been riding for an hour when he got a leg cramp and decided he was done for the morning. He picked up his board and was walking towards the gate when he heard a familiar voice.

"Hey faggot, what are you doing here this early? None of you queer friends want to hang out with you?"

It was Dwayne. He always goes on an early morning 2 mile run on Saturdays to get pumped for the weekly Saturday football game at school. It takes him right past the park.

Billy froze as Dwayne approached him. He knew his leg cramp would prevent him from being fast enough to get away from him, even on his board. Before he could think of what to do, Dwayne was standing in front of him.

"This time there is no one to save your ass. I'm looking froward to getting a morning blowjob to start my day off right."

Dwayne grabbed Billy's shoulder and pushed him down on his knees. With his other hand he pulled the waistband of his sweat pants down to let his semi hard cock and balls hang out. He stroked his cock a few times to get it fully erect.

"You better do a good job or I'll beat the shit out of you. Git it, fag?"

Billy looked at the cock staring him in the face. Maybe if he took it in his mouth and used his teeth, feigning not knowing how to suck a cock, Dwayne would leave him alone. But the cock was dirty and disgusting. Dwayne had skipped the shower in gym class yesterday to ambush him. By the smell of it, he hadn't washed since.

"Well, are you going to give it to me or what? Quit stalling."

Billy had only one option. He still had a hold of his board on the ground next to him. He took a firm grip on it and looked up at Dwayne.

"Okay, I'll suck your cock. But you've got to close your eyes. You can pretend it's a girl's mouth so you won't think it's gay getting sucked off by a guy."

"Sure, whatever, just hurry. I don't have all day."

When Billy saw that Dwayne had closed his eyes, he picked up his board and using both hands, swung it as hard as he could right up into Dwayne's crotch. His cock hanging out took the brunt of the hit, his balls a close second. Dwayne bent over in agony, holding his crotch and cussing Billy.

"I'm going to kill you, you fucking homo."

"Not if I kill you first," as Billy stood up and made a full swing with it, landing on Dwayne's shoulder, knocking him to the ground. Dwayne let go of his crotch and was trying to hold his shoulder with one arm, the one that was hit just laying on the ground.

Billy never paid much heed to the old adage, you shouldn't kick a man when he's down. So he drew his leg back and kicked Dwayne as hard as he could in the balls. The pain was so overbearing that Dwayne actually passed out. Billy wasn't sure if he killed him, nor did he care. He started limping away, the leg cramp slowly loosening up.

When he got to the sidewalk a man jumped out of a parked car.

"Are you alright? You're Billy Murdock, aren't you?

Billy looked at the stranger and although he seemed vaguely familiar, he couldn't put a name to him.

"You go to school with my son, Mike. I saw what happened but I couldn't get over there in time to stop it. Do you want me to call the police?" he asked.

Billy looked back at Dwayne on the ground.

"No police, but if he doesn't come to shortly, call an ambulance. He had a bad fall. I rather no one knew about this, especially Mike."

Mike's dad offered to give Billy a ride but he refused. He needed to walk home to settle his nerves. By the time he got home he had calmed down but then he got mad. He was going to have to strengthen his resolve if he was going to deal with Dwayne and his kind.

Billy was about half way home when Lance's mother car pulled up next to him. She was so nervous about the dinner she wanted to get to the supermarket as soon as it opened so they didn't run out of lasagna ingredients. That would never happen but she would feel better knowing she had what she needed.

"Hey, where you going? You want a ride?" Lance hollered out the window.

"Thanks but I was going boarding but got a leg cramp so I'm trying to walk it off. See you tonight."

"Okay, see you then."

Billy didn't like lying to Lance but he saw the good mood he was in and didn't want to spoil it by telling him happened. He'd find a time and place to tell him later.

Lance and his mother spent the whole day getting ready for the dinner party. They would look at each other often and smile. She was so proud of him helping with the preparation and staying home all day to support her. Lance was so happy to have his mother back, the one he knew before the drinking got a hold of her. He was hoping this was going to be the new normal.

Promptly at 4:00 Billy and his parents rang the bell at Lance's house. Lance stood beside his Mother as she opened the door.

"Welcome to the Habershaw home. Please come in."

"We are so glad to be here. Thank you for the invite," Billy's Mom replied.

They exchanged pleasantries and went to sit in the living room. Lance asked Billy to come help him set out the food.

"Mike called a little while ago and asked if I had heard anything about someone getting hurt at the park. He wasn't referring to your leg cramp, was he?" Lance asked.

"No, I never made it to the park. Must have been someone else."

Billy knew this wasn't he right time to tell Lance.

"He seemed kind of vague. I think he wanted to tell me more but his father yelled at him to get off the phone. Guess we'll find out Monday."

They sat to eat but before they could begin, Lance asked his mother if he could say Grace. She was shocked and quickly said okay.

"Lord, thank you for the food we are about to partake. And thank you for bringing these two families together for an evening of fellowship. Amen"

The parents looked at Lance, smiling from ear to ear. The meal went smoothly with Billy's Mom complimenting the lasagna.

"Every time I try, it's either too dry or too soupy. You'll have to share your recipe if you don't mind."

"I'd be glad to share"

"We want to invite you and Lance to our house some night. My specialty is not as fancy as lasagna but I make a pretty good pot roast."

"Pot Roast!" Lance's Mother exclaimed. Billy's Mom thinking it was too common for someone like Mrs. Habershaw. "I love pot roast! My grandmother used to make pot roast for any special occasion. She used to kid me about always asking when the next special occasion was so she'd serve pot roast."

The parents retired to the living room after the meal while the boys cleared the table and cleaned the kitchen.

"Those boys make such a good team together. Lance is such a good boy. He came over to our house one day when Billy had to clean the garage and Lance chipped in and helped all day without being asked." Billy's father said.

"And Billy has been such a good influence on Lance. He told me he had gone to church with you and then tonight he wanted to say Grace? I've never seen that side of him."

"Both boys have matured so much since starting high school this fall. We're learning new things about Billy every day." his Mom said.

:"Yes, the same with Lance. Some of it will take some getting used to but I wouldn't trade him for any other young man." his Mother replied, both of them recognizing the relationship between the boys but not saying it outright.

Lance and Billy were upstairs playing video games when the parents were saying good night. They called up to them and the boys asked for a few more minutes so they could finish the game they were playing.

"Would it be alright if Billy stayed the night? We're tired but I think the game could go on for hours," Lance's Mother said.

Billy's parents looked at each other and nodded.

"I guess it would be up to the boys," she giggled. "Billy, come down here and say good night to us, we're leaving,"

Both boys came bounding down the stairs, two stairs at a time.

"Say good night because you're leaving?" Billy said.

"Yes, Lance's Mother has asked if you want to stay over night. Would that be okay with you two?" she asked, knowing he answer.

Billy hugged his parents and said good night. Then he hugged Lance's Mother and thanked her. Then back up stairs to finish he video game. Ten minutes later Lance's mother came to their room to tell them she was going to bed.

"Lance, thank you so much for today. I don't think I would have gotten through this if you hadn't been there with me."

Lance got up and went to give his mother a hug.

"I totally enjoyed myself today. It was fun hanging with my mother I used to know."

"Don't make too much noise. I'll see you in the morning."

The boys went back to their game until they finished that round. Lance stretched and fake yawned.

"I'm tired. Are you ready for bed?"

"I'm ready but you better not be too tired," Billy replied with a wink.

They went to the bathroom, washed up and brushed their teeth and went back to their room.

"I usually sleep in the nude. Is that a problem?" Lance joked.

"It's fine with me. That saves me having to rip the clothes from your body."

The boys tumbled into bed and embraced one another, kissing and hugging and running hands all over each other.

"I love you, Billy Murdock."

"I love you too, Lance."

Suddenly Billy got quiet.

"Is something wrong, Billy?" Lance asked with concern.

Billy looked at Lance as tears began to form in his eyes.

"I lied to you earlier today. I know we said we would always be truthful but I couldn't help it."

"What ever it was, I'm sure its okay. Nothing can come between us."

"This morning you and your mother stopped and asked if I wanted a ride and I told you I had a leg cramp?"

"Yeah, of course I remember."

"Well, I didn't have a leg cramp, I lied."

Billy told Lance all about his encounter with Dwayne at the park.

"Why the hell didn't you tell me? I would have caught up with him an finished him off!"

"That's exactly why. You looked so excited to be going shopping with your Mother I didn't want to screw it up for you. Dwayne wasn't going to bother me anymore so I figured I find a better time and place to tell you. This probably isn't the best time either, but I couldn't stand the fact that I lied. Can you forgive me?"

"For lying, never. For not ruining my day with my mother, I love you even more."

Lance hugged Billy so tightly that he almost broke him in half. The boys continued to kiss and cuddle. Lance reached down and touched Billy's stiff cock.

"I think it's time for something to get our undivided attention."

Lance started to move down to take the boner in his mouth. Billy grabbed his head and pulled him back up.

"About that, I have something else to tell you."

"Can't it wait?"

"No, I'm ready."

"You're ready?"

"Yes, I'm done waiting"

"Waiting for what?"

"For you. I'm ready."

"Then let me get to work," as Lance once again went down to suck Billy's cock but was stopped.

"No, I'm READY!"

Billy raised his eyebrows and opened his eyes wide. Lance finally got the message.

"Oh, you're ready. Are you sure?"

"Yes. After all the craziness this week and then the relaxing dinner tonight and now this. We have all night together and don't have to rush. It would be the icing on top of the cake. I am so ready."

Lance was overwhelmed with his love for Billy right now. They kissed some more before Billy excused himself to go use the bathroom. He came back and Lance was on his back, this stiff pole rising up from his groin. He had placed a tube of lube on the night stand and package of condoms.

"Do you really think we need protection? Your not going to get me pregnant and you haven't been with anyone else. Or have you?" Billy said with a sly grin.

"Of course I have. I'm a real man whore and have been fucked by anyone in town with a hardon," he started to laugh.

"Quiet! We don't want to wake your Mother."

"Okay. I just didn't know if you would want it for any reason, that's all."

"No, I want the whole experience. I want to feel your cock inside me and I want your cum inside me when you're finished. Do you want me to suck you before we start?"

"I'm so horny right now I shoot my load the second your mouth touched my head. Let's just do it."

Billy came over and got on the bed, lying down on his stomach.

"Is this the way you want to do it?"

"I think so. I like the idea of you being on top of me so we can have as much contact with each other as possible."

Lance straddled Billy's body, his cock resting on Billy's butt crack. He reached up and messaged his back, slowly working his way lower until he got to Billy's ass.

"I see what you mean about your fascination with butt cheeks. Your ass is pretty hot."

"Yeah, it's burning hot, burning with desire for you to fuck me," Billy giggled nervously.

Lance squeezed some lube onto his fingers and rubbed it up and down Billy's ass, stopping briefly to tease his hole. Once it was nice and slippery, he gently pushed a finger inside. He had fingered Billy's hole before but this was different. This was not the main event like last time, this was just the appetizer. As he pushed it in as far as he could, Billy moaned softly and flexed his ass muscles.

"Relax your muscle, I'm going to put a second finger in."

Billy did as he was told and felt some pressure as a second finger entered him. It hurt but the pain was certainly manageable. Lance twisted his hand so the two fingers spread his hole up and down, then side to side. The pain had subsided and the pleasure had returned.

"That feels so good. Have you got anything bigger you can put in there?"

Lance pulled his fingers out and Billy ass felt empty but not for long. Lance lay down on top of Billy and rubbed his cock up and down on him.

"Am I too heavy for you?" Lance asked.

"It feels perfect, just like I imagined it would."

Lance supported some of his weight with his left hand while using his right hand to guide his boner to Billy's waiting hole. He started to push while telling Billy to push out. The head of Lance's cock started to enter, fighting the tightness of Billy's virgin ass.

"Oh hell!" Billy said under his breath. "You cock fits a lot better in my mouth than in my ass."

"I thought the same thing the first time you penetrated me but now I like it in both places," Lance said in Billy's ear.

"I'll get used to it then I guess. Keep going."

Lance pushed a little harder and more of him went in. Billy sucked in a quick breath and grabbed the sheets with his fists.

"Are you okay?"

"I think so. Damn, it feels so much bigger than it looks."

"Looks can be deceiving," Lance laughed.

Billy was huffing quick short breaths like a woman in labor. Instead of her bearing the pain of something trying to force it's way out of a small opening, this time is was something forcing it's way into a small hole. Both would eventually succumb, but only with some intense pain before the satisfying pleasure. One a baby, the other a good ass fucking.

Lance had managed to get all the way inside Billy and stayed still so Billy could get used to the intrusion.

"Okay, you can move now, it doesn't hurt so bad."

Slowly Lance began to withdraw and then push back in, the resistance lessening with each thrust. Billy grunted a few times when Lance was pushing in and then moaned when Lance was withdrawing. After a few minutes, the grunts were replace by groans and words of encouragement.

"Can you stop again?"

"Getting sore?"

"No, I just want to feel you as far inside me as you can push."

Lance braced himself with his feet and bore down on Billy, tightening his muscles to stiffen his cock as much as possible.

"Oh hell yes! That's what I want. What I need. Now fuck me hard and fast until you cum."

Lance was happy to obey. He pumped quicker and pushed as hard as he could on each thrust. It didn't take long before Lance was nearing his climax.

"I'm gonna cum. You want me to wait for you?"

"Just fill me up with as much as you've got."

Once again, Lance obeyed, pumping seven strong bursts of cum surging through Billy's insides. He lay motionless on top of Billy, trying to catch his breath. Billy turned his head and they kissed gently. Lance moved back and slipped out of Billy, rolling over on his side.

"That was fucking awesome! I thought it would feel good but never imagined it would be anything like that. How was it for you?" Lance asked.

"I think I found something even better than boarding. Thank you so much for being gentle in taking my virginity. I'll always remember this night as long as I live."

"You haven't gotten off yet? Want me to suck you or do you want to fuck me?"

"If you don't mind, I just want to enjoy the moment. Let's fall asleep in one another's arms and then we can wake up a little later and I'll make love to you. Okay?"

"Of course. Anything you want. We've got all night and half the morning."

And they did just that. They woke up in the middle of the night and made love with Billy on the top. In the morning they woke up and moved around so they could 69 their morning hardons to completion. It was whole new level in their relationship.

They enjoyed their first sleepover, not having any idea of the shit that would hit the fan on Monday.

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