The Au Pair Boy

by Jolyon Lewes

Chapter 3

Tuesday (cont)

In the pub Nick and Jens ate bread, cheese and pickled onions and drank lager and Nick found he could resist no longer.

"Jens, in the photo of you in the mountains, you were wearing leather shorts. Are they called Lederhosen? "

"Yes, Nick, Lederhose . I wear mine in the summer and the photo was taken in August, three months after my seventeenth birthday. I've had the shorts four years and they're a bit small for me now."

"I think they look very nice. Maybe they could come here with the puppets."

"I can arrange that, Nick but only if you promise to wear them so that I can see your legs."

Nick felt the inevitable erection forming and looked at Jens to see if he was joking but Jens had a serious expression on his comely face. He'd meant what he'd said.

Once at home the boys went upstairs to clean their teeth and for Jens to change into shorts. In his bedroom, Nick looked in the mirror and cupped his chin with his right hand. 'Hmm,' he thought, 'not as smooth as Jens's and I can feel some tiny bristles. I'd better have a shave tonight.'

He heard Jens in the guest room next door, looking in his chest of drawers. Then he heard him speak.

"Nick, would you come in here, please?"

Jens was standing naked but for a tiny pair of black briefs that left much of his bottom bare. Nick couldn't help but stare. Jens saw what he was looking at and patted the waistband of his briefs. Each side the briefs consisted of nothing more than a one-inch wide waistband, on which was sewn the designer label: Sloggi.

"Italian," said Jens. "Very good for wearing under shorts."

"Very nice," agreed Nick, swallowing hard.

"I didn't ask you to come and look at my Sloggis, I want to show you these shorts your father gave me."

"They're very nice, too," said Nick.

"I thought they were all the same but they're not."

On the chest of drawers Jens had lined up the six pairs of black shorts. Each had a fly zip and a stretchy waistband. At first Nick thought they all looked the same size but looking closely he saw that although all were extremely short there was a small but significant difference in the leg lengths and not all of them were black.

"Those are the shortest," said Jens, pointing at the right-hand pair, which rather than black was gunmetal grey.

"They're not the ones you wore this morning. Different colour."

"No! It was this pair, a little bit longer." He pointed at a black pair in the middle. Then he picked up the pair at far left and showed it to Nick. "This is the longest pair. It's the only one with a back pocket. I think I should wear it every day."

"But if you wore that one every day and it got dirty or damaged you'd have to wear the shorter ones," said Nick, with good logic."Why don't you save it for cold weather? See, the material is different - it's much thicker."

"Okay," said Jens. "That makes sense." He put that pair and the gunmetal pair in his drawer.

He put on a shirt and then, to Nick's delight, chose the shortest of the black shorts, put them on, pulled them fully up and stood looking in the mirror.

"These are just like what I had to wear as Karl. See where my Lederhosen finish," said Jens pointing at a tan-line almost two inches below the hems of the little black shorts.

Nick hadn't noticed the tan-line before - his attention had been focussed a little higher, on the gloriously-exposed crease at the top of each of Jens's thighs where they met his bottom.

"We'd better go for the boys now," said Nick, forcing himself to look away from Jens's bottom.

"Are you in pain, Nick? You've been rubbing your groin for the last five minutes."

Nick had to nip to his bedroom to change underwear before he and Jens set off to collect Andrew and Joe from school. He'd had an emission of what he'd heard boys at school called pre-cum and he didn't want a damp patch on his jeans so on went a clean pair of boxers. 'Self-control, Nicholas,' he muttered as he pulled up his jeans. 'Mustn't let eagle-eyed Hilda see a damp patch.'

As it happened, Hilda had eyes only for Jens. "My word," she said, "you're a sweet young man and no mistake!"

Jens smiled politely at her, while tugging down hard on the hems of his shorts.

"I'm off home now," she said, "see you Thursday. Byeee."

On the way to the school Nick saw people making a point of observing Jens, directing their attention to below his waist. One man on a bike was so keen for a second look he cycled back and then turned and pedalled slowly past for a third look. At the school gate Jens tugged down again on the hems of his shorts. The material refused to cover all of his bottom yet he didn't seem too embarrassed. 'I'd die a thousand deaths in shorts like that,' thought Nick, unconsciously pummelling his hard-on.

On the way home Nick had no confidence that his self-control would cope so to avoid the temptation to stare at Jens's bottom he walked with Andrew ahead of Jens and little Joe, who once again was holding Jens's hand.

Once at home, Nick made a big pot of tea and opened the biscuit tin. All four boys sat at the kitchen table and gobbled Chocolate Penguins. Jens asked Andrew and Joe if they'd be interested in helping him build and operate a puppet theatre. They said they'd love to.

"We could do it when Nick has gone to university. I can have my puppets sent over from Germany," said Jens and added, looking at Nick "and some other things."

Nick smiled at him and thought of Lederhosen , which gave him yet another erection.

"Nick, will your father require me to wear my uniform until bedtime?"

"Yes, I think so, or at least until the boys are in bed. It's the big brother look." Nick was amused that Jens called his checked shirt and tiny shorts a uniform. Some uniform!

"Do you want to see our Lego after tea, Jens?" said Joe.

Jens said he did and Nick thought 'Never mind Lego , I wouldn't mind a bit of legover with Jens.' Not that Nick had ever practised a bit of legover with anybody but there's always a first time. He found himself rubbing his groin - again - and wondered how many clean pairs of boxers he possessed. He decided to go up to count them.

Nick didn't understand that it wasn't easy to humiliate a boy like Jens who'd been used to wearing thigh-baring shorts in public and even on film. However, it was obvious that Jens was surprised by people's reactions when they saw him chaperoning much younger boys to and from school in such astonishingly short shorts. Nick came downstairs to find his father in conversation with Jens.

"Why do people stare at my legs so much?" Jens innocently asked the boys' father.

Jens bent down to run his hands up and down his long, smooth legs. "See..." he said to Nick's father, "they are ordinary legs, like everyone has. No different..."

Nick's eyes popped out as he saw Jens's micro-shorts ride up higher to reveal even more of the boy's scrumptious bottom.

"What do you think, Nick?" asked Nick's father, in all seriousness. "They look like an ordinary set of pins to me."

Jens turned to face Nick and pulled up his shorts as high as they could go. "Please - are my legs different?"

In an effort to disguise his rampant erection, Nick crouched down and said "Come over here and let me have a closer look."

Jens moved over to where Nick was sitting on his haunches and stood in front of him. Nick didn't know what to do.

"Feel my legs," said Jens. "Do they feel ordinary to you?"

Nick, aware that his father was watching, put his right hand on Jens's left calf just below the knee and squeezed. "Pretty solid here," he said. Apart from hand-shakes it was the first time Nick had actually touched Jens. A tingle shot through his body.

"And higher up?" said Jens.

Cautiously, Nick moved his hand until he was clasping the back of Jens's leg four inches above the knee. This time it was Jens's turn for a tingle. Nick could feel the German boy's thigh trembling ever so slightly and he quickly let go.

"Nice and firm here," said Nick, as nonchalantly as he could.

Nick knew he wouldn't be responsible for his actions if Jens said higher up again. He looked up at Jens's face and was relieved to see his mouth closed and his brows knitted in a quizzical way, as if awaiting a verdict. He moved slightly away from Jens and looked straight ahead - into the most perfect pair of boy-thighs in the world. So smooth and flawless. And there, right at the top, was the tan-line.

"Yes, Dad, a pretty normal pair of legs," said Nick, thinking there was nothing normal about Jens's legs, unless you can regard utter perfection as normal.

There you are, Jens," said Nick's father. "You can relax now. I think you might be imagining that people stare at your legs. Nick, why don't you take Jens to the outdoor shop next to the school tomorrow? Let Jens choose a fleece jacket and a waterproof and anything else he needs. If you put it on your credit card I'll reimburse you."

Jens said thank you and went and sat on the sofa but Nick didn't know what to do. If he stood up his state of arousal would have been unmistakeable so he sat on the floor, tugged his knees up to his chin and looked at the bookshelf to try to tear his mind away from the beauty of Jens's legs.

Andrew and Joe came downstairs and asked what was for tea. Their father said it would be bangers and mash and that he'd be cooking. Looking at his watch he said he'd better get started and went into the kitchen. This gave Nick the chance to escape and he shot upstairs to change boxer shorts for the second time that day. There might be a third time if he had to spend all evening looking at Jens in those astonishing shorts. He remembered to have a shave.

Coming out of his bedroom he met Jens, who said he needed to have a wash. He had a question for Nick.

"Do you think my legs are pretty, Nick?"

Nick blushed vividly and stammered "W-why do you say that?"

"When you were feeling my legs you said pretty solid and pretty normal. So you must think they are pretty."

"Oh!" said Nick, relaxing. "It's like when I used the word jolly this morning instead of very. If I say a pint of lager is jolly good or pretty good I just mean good. It's silly when you think about it."

"It's jolly confusing for a foreigner like me," said a smiling Jens, making Nick laugh. Then, plucking at the hems of his shorts, he said "I have decided to wear the longest shorts tonight."

As it happened, Jens didn't need to do that because after the bangers and mash supper it was time for Andrew and Joe's bath and they came down afterwards in pyjamas. Nick's father suggested Jens might like to wear his jeans. Jens gratefully went up to change and Nick, although a little disappointed, was relieved that he wouldn't now need another change of boxer shorts.


The next day was Wednesday and a routine similar to Tuesday's took place. Nick walked to school with Jens, Andrew and Joe and as before, Jen's remarkable 'uniform' was observed with interest by passers-by and Nick walked far enough behind Jens to see the people turning their heads to get a proper look at Jens's shorts, as if they couldn't quite believe what they saw first time. Nick thought the tan-line on Jens's thighs seemed a little closer to the hem of his shorts so perhaps Jens was wearing one of the slightly longer pairs of shorts.

Having dropped off the little boys Nick and Jens walked swiftly to the outdoor shop. The manager liked his staff to advertise the clothing on sale so the young man who served Nick and Jens was in a fleece jacket and knee-length black shorts, both by Berghaus. His lapel badge suggested he was called Gavin. Seeing Jens looking at his shorts Gavin tried a bit of sales talk.

"New this season, these shorts, young sir. The advantage of being so long is you don't need underwear so on hot days they're really cool. Wash 'em and they dry in minutes."

"We've come for a waterproof and a fleece jacket, please," said Nick. Then turning to Jens he said "Choose what you like but the boys have dark blue fleeces."

Taking the hint, Jens sorted through the dark blue fleeces to find one his size while Gavin stared pointedly at Jens's bare legs. Nick thought he'd better not follow suit so he turned away and saw a customer asking for a pair of walking socks. His sales assistant was a blond boy who looked only about sixteen, dressed in Adidas singlet and shorts. He had to climb a vertical ladder to reach a shelf almost at ceiling height where the socks were piled.

Looking up, Nick and the customer watched the boy ascending. His Adidas shorts were dramatically split-sided. There was a huge, inverted V-shaped gap from the waistband on each side which gave the two observers a view of a vast amount of bare bottom. Nick wondered what Jens would look like in shorts like that. The boy descended with a pair of socks but the customer didn't like the colour so up went the boy to grab another pair. Nick looked down and saw the customer was doing a bit of groin pummelling.

Jens had chosen a fleece and was now trying on waterproof jackets. Gavin spoke to Nick.

"Nice stuff, Berghaus," he said. "I wear it all the time. Mind you, the Adidas stuff is very popular too." He was looking up the ladder as the blond boy was making yet another ascent. "Funny how people like to watch young Stevie on that ladder."

The waterproof Jens had chosen looked very good on him and although not especially long, completely hid his little black shorts. He took it off for Gavin to package and tugged down on the hems of his shorts, as usual to little avail. He was being keenly observed by the sock customer. Nick paid Gavin, took the carrier bag containing his purchases and led Jens out of the shop for the walk home. Young Stevie was ascending the ladder yet again, eagerly watched by Gavin and the customer.

Once in the street Jens attracted the usual stares from passers-by and motorists. He couldn't fail to be aware of the attention he was attracting.

"I think starting next week I will run home when I have taken the boys to school," said Jens. "People will think I am jogging to keep fit so that's why I have shorts on."

"Good idea," said Nick."And will you run to school in the afternoon on your way to collect the boys?"

"Yes, probably."

"I've got an idea," said Nick. "I've a pair of jogging pants you could use when you're not with the boys. You could take 'em in your bag and once you've dropped the boys at school you could go behind a tree, put on the jogging pants and walk calmly back home, stopping at the grocery if you need to and no-one will stare at you."

"Thank you, Nick!"

At home Nick showed Jens the jogging pants, which of course covered the legs entirely.

"Adidas," said a delighted Jens. "Good German company."

That made Nick think of young Stevie in his Adidas shorts and an erection materialised in seconds. 'What's happening to me? I'm turning into a sex maniac!'

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