The Au Pair Boy

by Jolyon Lewes

Chapter 2


Nick was up early to prepare breakfast for all. His father departed for work at eight and half an hour later the four boys set off to walk to Andrew and Joe's primary school. Jens had already begun to form a friendship with the little boys which pleased Nick as it meant he'd be able to head off to Durham knowing his little brothers had a good proxy elder brother.

On the way Joe accidentally dropped a pound coin on the pavement and Jens at once bent to pick it up for him. So kind, thought Nick. It didn't escape his attention that as Jens had bent double his tight jeans had emphasised the subtly convex curves of his thighs and the more dramatically convex curves of his bottom.

'Tomorrow he'll be in those tiny black shorts,' thought Nick, experiencing more stirrings. 'He's going to look a real treat. I hope his legs aren't hairy.'

At the school, Nick introduced Jens to the Head Teacher and her deputy and explained that Jens was the au pair boy and would be looking after the boys while he, Nick, was up at university. "He's their new elder brother and will dress like them so don't be alarmed."

Walking back home, Nick took Jens to the grocery where he could buy provisions. He showed him the different sections and introduced him to the manager, agreeing that Jens could put everything on Nick's father's account. Then he showed Jens around part of the town and into a coffee shop for a hot drink and a bun.

"What about your famous English pubs?" asked Jens, his eyes shining. "May we visit one?"

"Yeah, I know a nice one that overlooks the sea."

Nick and Jens sat in the seafront pub, each enjoying a pint of lager. With no other members of the family present they were able to chat freely about this and that. By one o'clock they'd become friends. Nick ordered chicken in the basket for lunch and when it arrived Jens was delighted.

"This is like halb Haenchen we have in Germany!" he declared.

On their way home Jens said how much he liked the boys and how he wanted to help them now that they'd lost their mother. But he was concerned about having to wear the little black shorts.

"I want to try to take your place as the older brother but I worry about those shorts. Would you wear shorts like that?"

"Have you tried 'em on yet?" asked Nick, avoiding the question.

"No, not yet," said Jens.

"Well, I'm sure when you do you'll find it's no different from wearing your German shorts and, as I said before, I think you'll look fantastic."

Jens said nothing for a moment. Then he said quietly "The shirts fit me well."

"That's good," said Nick. "Look, if you're worried, I'll walk with you to and from school tomorrow and for the rest of the week."

Later they went to collect the boys from school and little Joe paid Jens the compliment of asking to hold his hand. In bed that night, Nick hoped Jens wasn't worrying too much about having to dress like the little boys. It was a condition of his employment so he'd just have to get on and do it.

As Jens would be using the guest room for changing clothes he went upstairs with Nick at bedtime and used the bathroom before undressing. Nick was in his own room putting on his pyjamas and wondered what Jens wore in bed, seeing as there'd been no pyjamas in his suitcase. He soon found out because he met Jens on the landing, wearing a shimmering, knee-length dressing gown of electric blue polycotton. No sign of pyjamas. Sadly, the dressing gown wasn't quite see-through.

"Goodnight, Nick, " said Jens, heading downstairs. "Bis Morgenfrue!"

"Yeah, see you in the morning," replied Nick.

When Nick had finished in the bathroom he glanced into the guest room where Jens had laid out his clothes for the morning. On the floor, a pair of nicely- polished, brown leather shoes and on the bed, a checked shirt, a pair of knee socks and a pair of black shorts. Nick couldn't resist picking up the shorts.

"God almighty!" he gasped, seeing how tiny they were. Then he put them carefully down and went to bed to think what Jens would look like in the morning. The stirrings were very strong and it wasn't long before Nick enjoyed climax.


Next morning Nick was once again in the kitchen making breakfast for everyone when Joe scampered in.

"Hey, Nick, you should see Jens, he looks just like one of us!"

Nick was treated to an extraordinary sight when Jens entered the kitchen. Jens looked truly fantastic, having combed his hair and made sure his knee socks were in perfect symmetry. In checked shirt and wickedly brief black shorts he looked about fourteen, an impression supported by his soft, unblemished complexion and the total lack of hair on his legs. And he smiled at Nick, a shy little smile that made Nick weak at the knees and having to grab the worktop for support.

As Andrew and Joe gazed at Jens in obvious admiration, Nick fought to control his emotions. Then Jens, putting his hands on the outer part of each thigh and drawing them up till they reached the hems of the shorts, said "These are extremely short, just like what I had to wear in Germany last year."

He hooked his little fingers into the legs of the shorts at the rear and tugged firmly down, pulling the hems down just far enough to cover the well-defined crease where thigh met bottom. Nick would see Jens performing this little manoeuvre countless times. The shorts were very tight and the hems tended to climb above the crease almost every time Jens made a movement like bending at the waist, sitting down or even just when walking briskly.

Nick had to grab a tea towel and polish a coffee mug, hoping the end of the tea towel would hide the urgent straining going on behind his fly zip.

"Umm," said Nick to Jens, trying to appear casual, "you said you had to wear shorts like this in Germany last year? You sound as though it wasn't your choice."

Seeing the way Nick was looking at him Jens said "I'll tell you later." He gave Nick a wink.

The walk to the school proved quite a trial for Nick. He tried to be casual, he tried to chat about things they saw, cars that passed, the clouds racing across the sky but his mind was riveted to the wondrous sight of Jens, who walked with Joe in front of him and Andrew.

Every minute or so Jens would pluck at the rear of his shorts but after a few seconds up would slide the hems, revealing that enticing crease, alternating from leg to leg as Jens strode along. The shorts were tight enough to pull deeply into the cleft between Jens's prominent buttocks, the stretchy, black material affording Nick an interesting display of light and shade as it stretched and relaxed with every step taken. Tiny fibres stuck out from the cloth and caught the light.

After a while, Joe asked to hold Jens's left hand, so for the rest of the journey Jens could pluck only on the right leg of his shorts and Nick watched as the hem on the left side climbed higher and higher, until nearly two inches of Jens's left buttock was made bare. Was Jens using any underwear?

"I can see Jens's bum," muttered Andrew. Nick responded by telling his brother not to be silly.

At the school gate Joe let go of Jens's hand and with a nervous glance around him Jens pulled the offending leg of his shorts down to cover his bottom. Nick found himself perspiring. It had been a walk free of uphill gradients but Nick was breathing hard. He realised he was lusting after Jens.

"I want to wear my jeans when we get home, Nick," said Jens after they'd dropped off Andrew and Joe. "I don't like the way people keep looking at my legs."

"They're probably jealous," said Nick, with an erection forming. "You have jolly nice legs."

"Jolly? Do you mean happy legs, Nick? Or legs that keep laughing? "

"Sorry, Jens, I don't mean that kind of jolly. You can use 'jolly' instead of 'very.' You have very nice legs."

"Thank you, Nick. You must let me look at your legs one day."

Walking alongside Jens, Nick no longer had a view of Jens's legs but he saw people they passed were looking at Jens and directing their attention below his waist.

"You could wear your jeans till it's time to collect the boys."

Back at home Nick introduced Jens to Hilda, the lady who came to clean the house on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

"My word," she said, shaking his hand, "you're just like a slightly bigger version of Andrew!"

Jens nipped upstairs and returned wearing his jeans, which weren't as tight as his shorts but still managed to emphasise the superb contours of his bottom. Once again, Nick was wishing he didn't have to go up to Durham on Saturday.

It being a sunny day and warm for September, Nick suggested a walk along the sea front followed by lunch in a pub. On reaching West Parade they turned right and began to walk in the direction of Eastbourne, easily visible about eight miles away. Soon they stopped for a coffee and sitting at a little table facing the sea, Nick posed the question he'd been waiting all morning to ask.

"Jens, you said that last year in Germany you had to wear some very short shorts. Will you explain, please?"

"Well, I have done some acting and for three years I was in a children's TV show playing a boy named Karl. It began when we lived in the old DDR before reunification and we carried on filming until last summer."

"There were two photos in your CV that showed you in a TV show," said Nick. "That must be the show you're talking about. Tell me more, please."

Jens explained that Karl was twelve and leader of a bunch of small boys who got up to all sorts of mischief and had lots of fun, spending much time splashing about in a local lake, naked, of course.

"Why naked?" asked Nick.

"The old German health ethic, Nick. Nude bathing is still popular in Germany."

Jens went on to say he was fourteen when he took on the role of Karl but while other boys, younger boys, joined the cast in the second and third years Jens was still cast as Karl up to the end of filming. All the action was supposed to have taken place in the summer of 1980.

"So you see, Nick, I was playing a boy of twelve even when I was sixteen, last year. So I had to dress as a boy of twelve and wear very short shorts, like the ones your father demands that I wear."

"In those two photos you look like my little brothers, same clothes and everything," said Nick. "That's one reason why my father thought you'd be the best choice of all the other German boys he was considering. You look exactly like Andrew and Joe's big brother."

Nick thought it best for Jens not to know that it was in fact he, Nick, whose idea it was for Jens to wear those clothes.

"So now you know why my father demands, as you say, that you should wear similar clothes to my brothers."

"It was my mother's idea to send those two photos," said Jens. "I was only fifteen when they were taken. Next year I will be eighteen and still dressed like a boy of twelve. Will you be embarrassed to be seen with me?"

"Not at all!" said Nick, "I'll be very happy to be seen with such a good-looking young man!"

"Thank you for saying I'm a young man, not a boy. Last year in the filming I wasn't required to go nude swimming because down here I no longer looked like a boy of twelve!"

Jens had spread wide his legs and with a saucy grin, was patting the front of his jeans in the region of the fly zip.

Nick felt a strange urge to put his hand where Jens's was and knew he had to change the subject.

"But your voice - did you sound like a boy of twelve?"

"No, not last year. My voice had changed. So I had to mime my words and a younger boy's voice was put on the soundtrack. And another thing was that the cameramen had to be careful not to focus on down here even when I was dressed because boys of twelve don't look like this."

He patted the front of his jeans again. Nick was certain there was rather more to pat this time. Was Jens getting aroused? Again, Nick had to change the subject.

"So you want to study drama at college, then?"

"Yes but I want to do serious drama, I don't want to pretend to be a naughty little boy or go naked and become a - umm - a heartthrob."

Nick squirmed on his chair. To him Jens was indeed turning into a heartthrob and he couldn't help returning to the topic of shorts.

"Didn't you feel embarrassed last year having to dress as a boy of twelve? I mean, having to wear such tiny shorts? Didn't they let you wear jeans?"

"No, I had to look the same as I'd looked three years before so had to wear the same clothes. They even put some sort of cream on my legs to stop any hairs from growing. And the make-up people made sure my face was very well shaved. I never understood why they did that because nothing grows here, as you can see."

He cupped his chin in one hand and stroked it. Nick would like to have stroked it too.

"I think my acting as the boy Karl was good practice for being here," said Jens. "In the shorts your father wants me to wear I'd be very embarrassed if I hadn't already spent many hours with a camera pointing at my bare legs."

"Well," said Nick, feeling himself getting increasingly aroused, "you do look fantastic in shorts."

"And you would look very nice as well!" said Jens, with another saucy grin. "May we go and see more beach?".

The boys continued their walk along the sea front. Jens commented on the beach.

"I thought the beach would be sand but it's all pebbles so you can't make castles of sand."

"It's called shingle," said Nick. "But at low tide there is hard sand if you walk far enough out."

"And what are those black things made of wood, like walls going into the sea?"

"They're called groynes. They're supposed to keep the beach from shifting.

Jens laughed out loud. " Groins? Can I go and rub one? I watched you rubbing your groin when we were in the café!"

Nick felt his face going red. Had Jens realised Nick fancied him? Luckily for Nick, Jens seemed to be thinking of other matters for he began to talk about dramatics.

"Would Andrew and Joe like to do drama? We could perform little plays in the bedroom."

"I think they're a bit young for Shakespeare," said Nick.

Jens laughed. "No, not real drama and not with real people. I'm talking about puppets in a puppet theatre. I have one at home that my brother and I made about six years ago and we put on little shows for our friends."

"Jens - that's a brilliant idea! The boys would love it!"

"I could build another little theatre and my parents could send my puppets. There are glove puppets and string puppets. Most are characters from stories by the Brothers Grimm."

"That's fantastic , Jens! I'm really sorry I won't be here to help but when I'm home for Christmas ..."

As the two walked on, Nick told Jens about the Punch and Judy show that operated during the summer on the beach at Eastbourne and asked him if he'd heard of The Muppet Show.

"Yes, Nick, I have a Kermit the Frog puppet. And Miss Piggy!"

Nick wondered if he should ask Jens to have his Lederhosen sent along with the puppets but didn't want the young German to think he had an unnatural interest in short trousers.

"Gosh, look at the time!" said Nick. "We'd better get a bite to eat and then get home so you can change into your shorts and we can go to collect the boys from school."

As he spoke those words Nick realised he was indeed developing an unnatural interest in short trousers, for he couldn't wait to see Jens once again in those tiny black shorts.

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