Backdoor Slider - A Love Story

by Joe L

Chapter 57

Senior year has been… better than it might have been. We really got back something that was missing on our camping trip and I didn't want to lose it. I made a pact with Luke. I wouldn't nag him about school if he promised to keep everything up. I'm still not convinced that if he manages keep his scholarship now, that he could keep it once he gets in college. He's just totally unprepared to do college-level work… even at Arizona State. Still, I'm out of ideas. He's going to have to figure it out for himself because I'm sure as fuck not going to do his college work for him. I don't know if he's counting on me to do it… he might be.

I just wanted our senior year to be perfect. It's our last year of having no real responsibilities and next year, I'm sure we will think back and wish we were still in high school. College could be… really trying on us. I'm biding my time telling Luke my secret, but I think he'll be happy that he didn't know during senior year.

Today is the day we've been waiting for. It's the day I've been anticipating for almost two years. It's our first baseball game of the season. Luke is pitching and I'm the starting shortstop again. The guys got used to having a gay guy on the team last year, and it was no big deal. The drama that occurred with Cade was the real story. Now, there are two gay guys on the team. I guess they realized that we weren't gonna be kissing or humping in the dugout because we don't kiss and hump at school… in front of other people, at least.

Luke throws his first pitch… strike one, a beauty. I've missed being able to watch him in his glory so up close. He's a god out there in his uniform. Now that he's a senior, he really looks like a man playing with boys. Even if anyone didn't know anything about baseball, they could tell in seconds that he's going to be a star. I try to keep my eyes off of Luke for the sake of the team, but it's hard to focus on the batter. There's no way this kid is going to be able to make contact with one of Luke's pitches.

I look up in the stands. I see my folks sitting with Denise and her fiancé… and next to them is Marco and Josh.

My folks are doing much better. They seem a lot closer now. Maybe it's because Dad has come around a little. He's at the point now where having a gay son isn't the worst thing in the world. Maybe something I said has made a difference. Maybe it's because they don't have to deal with David on a day-to-day basis anymore. He really put a strain on this family when things were at their worst. Now, he's doing a lot better in Florida, I hear, and we're doing a lot better without him.

Denise met her fiancé, Jim online, and they seem very happy. I'm happy for her. Luke doesn't like Jim, but I don't think he'd like any guy that was dating his mom. Jim is very supportive of Luke and me, and he was right from the beginning. Luke thought it was fake and he was just trying to get in his mom's panties, but I could tell he was genuine. He's an intellectual and he's a very good fit for Denise. They're a very active couple, which works out perfectly for Luke and me. They hate spending an evening at home, and there's nothing that Luke and I love more.

I let my eyes wander over to Marco and Josh. They smile and wave at me, and I give them a flash of a smile and then try to focus on the batter again. They're still as cute as ever, and I'm sure they're holding hands, based on the appendages that were free to wave at me. They drove a long way to come to this game, and I think Marco missed soccer practice. We haven't seen them since the camping trip, and we didn't get to see them before the game. We had a team meeting and they just came directly to the school and found the baseball field.

The four of us text a lot, but Josh and I have become pretty good friends. I've given him a lot more advice, as he had a lot of the same apprehensions that I had about fucking. I think it must be going really well, but I don't know a lot of the details. He asks a lot of questions, but he doesn't like to divulge a whole lot. Josh was actually nervous to come visit us. He thought that we had some orgy planned.

"I don't think I could handle it if another guy was touching or kissing Marco. I think I would lose it even if it was one of you guys," he texted me.

"I think all four of us would feel exactly the same. I'd kill anyone that touched Luke… even if it was one of you guys! I promise, there will only be touching and kissing of your own boyfriend."

Luke said that he's going to find out the details of their sex life tonight. We're all sleeping over at Luke's. I'm hoping all four of us can be in Luke's room… Luke and I on one twin bed and Marco and Josh on the other. That would be hot. A smile creeps onto the corners of my mouth, and suddenly I realize the rest of the team is jogging towards the dugout. Damn, that was three quick outs!

"Dude, you okay?" Luke asks as I jog past him by the bat rack.

"Yeah, I was just thinking about something."

"Get your pretty little head in the game, Connor!" Luke relishes the opportunities to give me shit in a sports context.

I smack myself and refocus, as I lead off in the bottom of the first. Their pitcher looks terrified, and I hit the first pitch in the right-center field gap for a double. After a walk, Luke drives me in with a double of his own and before I can blink, the score is 7–0.

The rest of the game drags on miserably, as I just want it to be over. It's funny… I've waited to play for so long and now, and I just want to be off the field. I guess that's life. Luke whispers to me to try to get myself out intentionally once we reach a twelve-run lead… as if I wasn't going to do that, anyway.

The game finally ends, and we rush back to shower and change. We're all meeting at Giorgio's Pizza. I hope it's not going to be uncomfortable because everyone will be there, including some of the other guys on the team and their parents.

Luke and I arrive after everyone has seated, and unfortunately, the seats by Marco and Josh are occupied by my parents. I sigh and settle in, congratulating my teammates and receiving congratulations from everyone else.

I try not to stare at Marco and Josh but I'm clinching my cheeks together, afraid of what Dad might say to them. I hear bits of their conversations at various times. I hear Dad asking about Boy Scouts, I hear Marco talking about soccer, and I hear Josh talking about his church. As Mom notices me trying to listen in, she smiles and gives me a thumbs-up out of sight from the others. I'm sure she asked Dad to engage Marco and Josh in conversation. He sure is doing his part, and he even looks like he's enjoying himself.

As we all stand up and mingle before leaving, I feel someone grab me by the arm. I turn around to see Dad motioning for me to step away with him.

"Garrett, I know it was your plan for me to meet Marco and Josh and see what good, well-rounded boys there are… and I just wanted to tell you that it worked."


"Yes. They're very impressive boys," he says, clearing his throat, "and it's nice they've… uhh… found love."

"Is it nice that Luke and I have found love?" I ask with hope.

"I'm getting there, son. I want you to be happy, and if being with Luke makes you happy… then, I want you to be with Luke. I also… uhh… thanks to your mother… am realizing that what I think about being gay isn't the most important factor in all of this."

"You're doing a great job, Dad." I pat him on the shoulder. "I know I've said this before, but I hope that what you'll eventually think about me being gay is that it's just something like my height or my eye color. It's not anything to be proud or ashamed of. It's just something that is."

"I know it's like that for you, but I don't think I can ever get to that point. I love you and I just see your life being a lot tougher since you're gay."

"I'm a tough guy. I can handle it."

"I know." We share an awkward hug and separate on our way to the parking lot.

"We'll follow you!" Marco calls to me as Luke and I jump into my car. This is going to be a great night. I can't wait to talk to them.

"I can't wait to talk to them!" Luke echoes my thoughts as we pull out onto the street.

"Yeah. They look as much in love as they did on the camping trip." We switch to talking about baseball and relive the game on the way to Luke's apartment. We were supposed to clobber that team, and we did… but it still felt great.

We pull into Luke's apartment parking lot and all four eagerly jump out of the car.

"You guys remember your swimsuits?"

"Yep!" Josh calls to us as they both grab a duffel bag. We rush upstairs and change into our trunks. Luke and I change in the bathroom so that they can have some privacy in the bedroom.

"Okay, let's go!" Luke shouts. I open the bathroom door and Luke immediately pulls my trunks down to my ankles and escapes my wrath while I try to pull them back up without anyone seeing.

"Are they already down there?" I ask, not seeing anyone but Luke in the living room.

"I dunno. Are you guys almost ready?" Luke asks and we only hear silence.

"Umm… yeah," we eventually hear from Josh. "Actually, we haven't started changing yet. You guys go on down and we'll meet you there."

"They need a little alone time," Luke says as we smile at each other. We take a small cooler with some water and Gatorade and head down to the spa. I bite my lip, hoping there are no girls in the pool area. They tend to linger around if Luke is in a swimsuit, and I can't blame them. It's past seven and it's getting dark, so we may have the whole place to ourselves. Tonight is going to be all about dudes and love… no girls allowed.

I'm slightly relieved to see a few kids lingering around. They look like they've been swimming and screwing around for hours, so they'll probably be tuckered out. An old man is all that remains in the spa, but he looks poached. As he sees Luke and I enter, he slinks out and we have the place to ourselves. Luke and I smile devilishly at each other. Marco and Josh soon appear.

"Wow, we didn't think we'd see you guys for a while!" Luke says as we check them out in their swimsuits.

"We didn't want to be rude to our host," Marco smiles. They both moan as they lower themselves into the hot water.

"Dude, think of this as a mini-vacation. You guys can do whatever the fuck you want to," Luke says.

"Okay," Marco slides closer to Josh with a loving smile.

"Joshie's been working out! You really bulked up!" Luke says.

"I told you!" Marco spins around to face Josh. "It's really showing in your biceps and delts especially!" Marco traces his finger over the ridges of Josh's shoulder and down his arm. Josh playfully pushes him away.

"Yeah, you guys inspired me." Josh's face is fully flushed.

"So, what was it like to come out… on your own terms?" I change the subject.

"It went pretty well, actually," Josh says. "It's just that we had no other choice. We couldn't sneak around much because we live too far away from each other. If I tried to sneak out at night to see Marco, it would've been over an hour walk to his house, and there's nowhere we could meet in-between. We would've been caught eventually, and we just decided that our best chance would be to come out to our parents."

"Yeah. I knew it wouldn't be too hard for me. I knew my folks wouldn't have a problem with it. They said they already knew… or suspected, at least. We knew the only tough one would be Josh's mom."

"How'd she take it?" I ask.

"Kinda hard at first… but she came around. I think that her biggest fear in life is to be cut off from me or one of my sisters. She tolerates it, but that's all. I noticed that any time the topic of being gay or Marco would come up, she would get very uncomfortable. Now, we just never talk about it, and that suits us all fine."

"What about your dad?"

"He says he loves me and will always support me. Actually, he just says whatever my mom tells him to. The last few years, he's kinda lost interest in being a father. All he cares about is fantasy football and poker."

"That's sad," I sigh.

"Could be worse," Marco adds.

"Yeah, for sure."

"I used the arrangement your mom came up with on my parents," Marco says to Luke, "that our house needed to be a safe place for Joshie and I to be together. We would promise not to sneak around if we could freely be together in my room. It totally worked! Remind me to thank you mom for that one."

"What did your mom think about it?" I ask Josh.

"Well, I didn't exactly say that to her. I just explained that Marco was my boyfriend and that I would be spending a lot of time over at his house."

"Makes sense," Luke smiles.

"She never really protested for some reason. I guess my being over there was better than both of us being at her house."

"So, you guys are out at school, too, right?" Luke asks.

"Yeah," Marco says as they smile dreamily at each other.

"Wow, that must've been a big step," I say.

"Yep. I wanted to," Marco says, "but Joshie wasn't so sure. We talked about it, and we decided it was best not to be out in high school."

"Then, the next day at school," Josh picks up the story, "I was walking to first period with Marco, and I was lookin' around and suddenly, I just wanted everyone to know about us. It's not that I wanted everyone to know that I'm gay… I just wanted everyone to know that I love Marco and he loves me."

"I do love you a little bit," Marco says leaning in for a kiss.

"But it wasn't just that… there was some shitty, immature… high-schoolish reason behind it, too. I wanted everyone to know I had the hottest guy in the school. I wanted them to think I was awesome, and I wanted them to be jealous. Isn't that fucking awful?" Josh hides his face in his hands.

"No, we totally get it," I say in a comforting tone. "That's exactly how Luke felt, too."

Marco and Josh erupt in laughter, and Luke transforms into tickle-shark, which often happens when we're in the spa together. I flail around trying to avoid him as he closes in on me. His ferocious tickling forces me underwater for a second and I resurface snorting and coughing.

"So what happened?" I ask, eventually recovering.

"I just reached out and grabbed his hand," Josh stares lovingly at Marco. "He didn't flinch. He just got the biggest, most confident, most loving smile on his face and asked, 'You sure?' I nodded, and eight seconds later, the whole school knew."

"Yeah, it happens fast," Luke says with a big loving smile of his own.

"Anyone at school give you guys any problems?" I ask.

"Nah. We get some looks, some sneers and some snickers, but we didn't have to put up with anything like you guys did."

"Do you guys hold hands 'n kiss 'n stuff at school?"

"Well, not in front of anyone," Marco says as they chuckle.

"Ahh… you guys have places where you can sneak off, too?" Luke asks, rubbing my leg under the water.

"Yeah, sometimes, I just need my… Joshie… fix…" Marco slowly leans into Josh and they begin a passionate kiss. Luke and I nervously glance around, but we're safe… unless someone is watching us from their apartment window in the dark.

"Did you notice," Luke whispers in my ear, "when Marco slipped his tongue into Joshie's mouth, Joshie just trembled with pleasure and love? That reminds me of someone."

"Who me?" I ask innocently.

"No, I was thinkin' about myself." Luke twitches his eyebrows and I give him a little tongue so he can tremble for me. We chuckle and I lean back against Luke. He rubs my shoulders and we watch the guys continue to go at it. I wish this Luke was around more often. He seems to show up so rarely these days.

Marco and Josh look like they have no intention of stopping. There's some major passion there, but there's some big-time boner growin', too. If they don't watch out, there are going to be some little white streaks floating around in the spa.

"Damn, look at 'em go!" Luke whispers and I shush him.

"Sorry guys," Marco chuckles, finally breaking away, "but I gotta get this boy to a BED… like right NOW!"

"Go, go! We'll give you… twenty minutes," Luke says, and we pretend not to look while they hoist themselves out of the spa. They make sure to keep their boners always turned from us while they dry off and head upstairs. "I kinda like those guys."

"Yeah, I'm glad we met," I say, reminiscing about that fateful camping trip.

"I'm glad I met you, too," Luke says, slowly making his way towards me, but the clang of the pool gate snaps us back to reality. Oh shit, it's the old Asian dude. Luke and I have tried to wait him out before, but he often stays in the spa for over an hour. Luke rolls his eyes and settles back in his former seat.

"We should wait," I say. "We said we'd give 'em twenty minutes."

"I know," Luke sighs.

We return to baseball talk. Actually, it's fun to talk about baseball again. I was IN THE GAME! I fucking contributed. The whole gay thing wasn't even an issue. This is exactly how everything will be in the future. It just has to be. Being gay is no big deal. Maybe we should test that theory out on the old Asian gentleman. Nah, he looks like he works hard and just needs to relax. I won't make him uncomfortable.

After a reasonable amount of time, we head up. We enter the apartment to see Denise and Jim relaxing on the couch sipping some wine.

"Where were you guys?" Denise asks quietly.

"Down at the spa," Luke answers nonchalantly.

"Did you know they're… in there?" Denise whispers, pointing to Luke's bedroom door.

"Yeah, they looked like they needed some alone time," I answer.

"You're making them use those beds in your room?" Denise scrunches up her face. "I'm surprised those beds haven't divided and multiplied!"

"MOM!" Luke doesn't like any sex talk in front of Jim concerning either party. Jim snickers and Denise erupts in her mocking laughter when she really embarrasses Luke.

"I didn't even think you'd know what that meant." She takes another sip of wine.

"I did have to take biology, and I even stayed awake some of the time!" Luke says proudly.

"Yeah, probably only when they talked about the penis," Denise cackles again.

Luke turns red and shakes his head at me. He hates when his mom does this, but I secretly love it because I love to watch him squirm. He's always so comfortable and knows exactly what to say in any situation. It's nice to see him awkward and embarrassed occasionally.

"That was my favorite part, too," I say, trying to take some of the focus off of Luke. I want a happy Luke tonight, so I grab his hand and lead him toward the bathroom. "Come on, let's wash off that chlorine."

We jump in the shower and scrub each other down, trying not to let any particular kiss linger too long. We both want to get back to Marco and Josh.

We tie our towels around our waists, obscuring our boners and head back. Luckily Denise and Jim have gone to bed, and I gently knock on Luke's door.

"Guys, can we come in?" I ask quietly.

"Yeah," Marco chuckles and we let ourselves in. The room is completely dark, so I head straight for the reading lamp. I switch it on and put Luke's red t-shirt over the shade. I look over at Marco and Josh. They have a sheet partially covering their bodies, but they are sweaty and entangled. It smells pretty sexy in here, too.

"You guys having a good day?" Luke says, settling in his bed and I soon join him.

"Yeah, you could say that," Josh says. He lays his head down on Marco's chest and Marco begins to stroke his hair.

"Ooh, good idea!" Luke plops his head on my chest and I stroke his hair. We all laugh for a few seconds, followed by a long pause.

"So, this is the Luke and G love nest?" Marco asks.

"Yep," Luke grabs my hand. "There's been a lot of G lovin' in this very room… in this very bed… oh, and that bed, too." We all laugh again.

"I was gonna say," Marco says, shifting his weight back and forth, "I didn't know a bed could be crunchy."

"It's FINE!" Josh says, covering Marco's mouth with his hands. "It's not often that we get to be in a bed together all night."

"Not even close," Marco says, giving Josh a big hug. He then returns to the hair-stroking.

"Speaking of that," Luke seizes the opportunity. "You guys gotta tell us about the good stuff. We told you a lot of stuff on the camping trip, so spill it!"

Marco and Josh giggle while Luke and I listen silently.

"Well, whattya wanna know?" Marco asks before another snort and giggle.

"I dunno… do you guys… make love?" Luke asks reluctantly.

"We do," Josh interjects, "if I can keep Marco's head out of my lap for two minutes!"

"Dude!" Marco pretends to be offended.

"Wow really?" Luke asks as we all crack up.

"Okay, I admit it. I'm a cock-hound… and a fucking hopeless cum addict," Marco confesses.

"We should start a support group," I smile at Luke as he wiggles his eyebrows at me.

"It's just that Joshie's cock is just so mouth-wateringly PERFECT! It's fucking irresistible!" Marco revels. "Show 'em, Joshie!" We all crack up again as Josh hides his face under the sheets.

"Sometimes I feel a little left out of things," Josh chuckles. "Sometimes it's just about Marco's mouth and my dick."

"Don't you guys sixty-nine?" Luke blurts out.

"Sometimes, but Marco doesn't like it as much," Josh states matter-of-factly.

"Why the fuck not?" Luke asks as we stare at each other in shock.

"I like to really focus," Marco recounts. "I like to think I have pretty good technique–"

"You do," Josh interrupts.

"And I like to know that I'm giving Joshie pleasure totally from my movements. I like to see what he likes… and what drives him wild. When we're sixty-ninin', he might be gettin' boned from suckin' my dick or gettin' my cum… plus it just goes too fast. I love to take my time with it."

"Once, I actually fell asleep during," Josh laughs.

"Seriously?" Luke and I ask simultaneously.

"I was totally exhausted from the start, and I had already cum like… three times. I just looked down at Marco, and the way he was goin' at it, I knew he wasn't gonna stop any time soon. So, I just lied back against his pillow and closed my eyes. The only thing that woke me up was that I was about to cum again."

"Did you know he fell asleep?" Luke asks.

"Yeah, didn't bother me," Marco shrugs. "I got my fourth."

"DUDE!" Luke howls as we all laugh.

"So how 'bout the love-making?" I ask once everyone calms down again.

"It's my favorite," Josh smiles, looking up at Marco.

"Yeah, sometimes when we're making love, I'm thinking, 'Shit, this is so much better! Why do I spend all that time suckin'? Of course, I forget all that later when my lips get close to Joshie's dick."

"So, who…?" Luke trails off.

"We uhh… took your advice from last fall," Josh says haltingly. "It turned out we both like… both ways."

"Really?" I ask. "One of you doesn't like to bottom more than the other?"

"I wouldn't say so," Josh looks in Marco's eyes with a big smile. "See we do this game–" They both get an uncontrollable case of the giggles and Luke looks at me like a kid that is told he has to wait another hour to open his Christmas presents. Finally, Luke hurls a pillow at them. They catch their breath and toss the pillow back.

"So, it happens when we're going to bed for the night and we can sleep in the next morning," Marco starts. "Usually, Joshie starts out on top, and he squirts a hot one up inside of me–"

"That doesn't take long," Josh chuckles.

"Then, without breaking the kiss, I carefully flip him over and get my dick inside of him… and I'm always ready to go fucking crazy!" Marco moans.

"Then we flip again, still going on the same kiss. After one of us cums, the other is always hard and ready to go, so it just feels natural to keep going like that," Josh continues.

"Our record is five switches, so each of us came three times."

"Wow," I say quietly.

"Holy FUCK, you guys, that's SO FUCKING HOT!" Luke looks like his mind is blown. "I wish we could try that."

"Why can't you?" Marco asks.

"I can't reach his mouth when I'm fucking him," I sigh. Their record is impressive, but I'm sure that Luke has cum inside of me at least six times without breaking a kiss before. I don't mention it because I don't want it to be a competition.

"Dude, I'm SO fucking boned right now," Marco says and plants a couple of kisses on Josh's head.

"I think there are four boners in here right now." Luke reaches down under the covers and feels mine. "Yep, G is good to go."

"I feel like we could break our record tonight," Josh says and Marco responds by giving him a deep kiss.

"I think it's time for some lovin'," Luke says with his sexy smile.

"Who's gonna turn off the light?" I ask, not wanting everyone to check out my ass and boner.

"I don't think anyone's movin'," Marco says.

"Just leave it on and get that dick inside of me," Josh groans.

Luke spits on his hand and climbs on top of me. In seconds, I hear three low, pleasure-filled moans besides my own.

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