Backdoor Slider - A Love Story

by Joe L

Chapter 56

It's finally here… Labor Day weekend! I'm SO ready to go back to school to start my senior year. This summer sucked. Sure, I had a ton of sex... sweaty, hot, Arizona-summer sex. Maybe I'm overreacting about wanting the summer to be over. However, there were some bad times... too many.

Luke narrowly averted summer school this year. I think he cheated somehow, or at the very least, got some "help" from one of the coaches. Someone made sure Luke wasn't in trouble of missing his senior season, and thus, losing his scholarship. He just committed to Arizona State. He has a full scholarship. They offered me one, too… for my football kicking talents. I'm still baffled that I can get a free education just for kicking a ball, and there are a lot of far more academically qualified kids out there who will have to start out going to a community college. The whole thing is lost on Luke, though. He takes so much for granted... his talent, his looks… me. He has no idea how close he came to throwing it all away. When I even think about it, I get so angry that I often ruin our time together, and I did that several times over the summer.

Once, I even confronted him that I thought he was getting someone to do his work for him or either his teachers were unfairly passing him. We got in a huge fight. He's never been that mad at me. We were both sobbing by the end, and we didn't talk for three days. I still get emotional every time I even think about those days.

Denise and I both thought it would be good for Luke if he and I worked at the homeless shelter this summer, especially since the newspaper reported that he volunteered there. He was great... for about two days. Then, the laziness started... and the excuses... and the fake illnesses. I tried to convince him that we have amazing lives and that we need to give back in some way. He would seem to understand, but I bet over the summer, he ended up volunteering about half of the days that I did. At least for now, that's over, and hopefully my resentment will also be over.

He's promised me that he's going to turn over a new leaf for his senior year, though. I'll believe it when I see it. He's never really put any effort into anything academically. I've finally convinced him that he's going to have to keep his grades up in college to keep his scholarship. He must've thought at some point that I would do all his work for him. I'm glad that he realized that wasn't the case.... At least we avoided that argument. We may still have it in the future.

Now, we're headed back to the campsite from last year, and the area of many family campouts I've been to over the years. However, this time, we're camping sans dad and brother. It's just going to be the two of us. It will be a nice time to reconnect with Luke, emotionally and physically… hopefully over and over and over. I'm expecting some major romancing. Luke can start turning over his new leaf tonight, making us remember how much we love each other. I still love the big goon, so much it hurts. I guess it would be a lot easier if we were both lazy or both diligent, but I guess that's never gonna happen.

We unload the car and start up the trail, each of us with a full backpack strapped to our shoulders. The weather is unseasonably cool, which suits the weekend perfectly. It means lots of extra cuddling at night. I know things are going to go perfectly. As soon as we're away from the parking lot and road, Luke grabs my hand, and we walk together in comfortable silence up the path towards our campsite. It's nice to be able to do that without one of us having to say, "What are you thinking about?" or something stupid like that.

"So what are you thinking about?" I ask finally. Silence is for losers, and I have a boyfriend.

"Senior year... It's gonna be sweet." He swings my hand back and forth. "We're gonna rule the school. No Cade, no one to worry about. We can do what we want. You can even play baseball this year!"

"Really? We're gonna have the same problem as last year."

"I don't give a shit what they want. I want you on the team. If they don't want you, then they won't get me."

"Wow, that's really nice...." After thinking about it for a few seconds, I realize that he's not really falling on his sword. He already has his scholarship sewn up, so if the team called his bluff, and he didn't play, it really wouldn't cost him that much except his own enjoyment. He already has enough experience getting high school batters out, anyway. Still, I guess that's a step forward for Luke. He probably thinks he's really made a selfless gesture.


"Yeah... uhh... I mean, I'll have to talk to my... uhh... scholarship coordinator..."

"You've gotta be fucking kidding me!" Luke stops in his tracks and my hand slips out of his.

"No really. It might be a violation of my scholarship. If I get injured playing baseball–"

"Not THAT! Look!" Luke points down the hill off the path with a wide-eyed grin. I spin around to see what he's looking at. I can't believe my eyes, either. I see two boys leaning up against a pine tree making out. They're really going at it and totally unaware of Luke and me.

"Did you do this?" I look back at Luke with suspicion and confusion.

"No, why would I? Come on!" He takes my hand and tries to lead me off the path towards them.

"Let's just keep going. I think they want to be alone."

"Nah, I want to meet them, and I bet they want to meet us." He smiles back at me, and I know he's right.

One of them notices us immediately after we leave the path, and they both bolt in the opposite direction, like prey running for their lives. Luke and I call out for them, saying "It's okay!" and "We're a couple, too!" We can still see them, with intense fear in their eyes while they peer over their shoulders as they run. I guess those words don't sound too convincing coming from a couple of hunky jocks chasing them. Eventually, the boys' stamina falls to our own, and we catch up to them. The four of us catch our breaths while Luke and I try to reassure them that we mean no harm. Luke plants a wet one on my lips to help the believability of our claims.

We all introduce ourselves and awkwardly shake hands. Our new friends' names are Josh and Marco. We head back towards the trail, and head towards their campsite, which is apparently their special, secret area, far off the popular path. With much persistence from Josh and Marco, Luke and I tell them the story of our relationship, and all of the shit we've been through. While Luke talks, I try to size them up. They have to be at least a couple of years younger than Luke and I. I'm already jealous of them, as they got a jump start on love several months before Luke and I got together.

Josh is the "me" in their relationship, and Marco is definitely the "Luke". Josh is kind of a skater kid with blond hair that hangs over his eyes. When he brushes his hair away, he's definitely a hottie, and he gets the cutest smile when he and Marco share a glance at each other during a particularly touching part of our story. Marco is more hunky and athletic with smooth, darker skin. He's got a boyband-quality face.... so cute! He must either be Italian or European-Spanish. He's probably really popular at his school, and I'm sure people just gravitate towards him. I keep thinking about the two of them kissing... the way Josh leaned into Marco, and the way Marco's arms totally enveloped Josh.

We take our time getting to the campsite, and they whip up our tent in no time. They're both in Boy Scouts, and we find out that's where they met and fell in love. They show us some camping tips, and they cook us dinner: meat and vegetable kabobs and baked potatoes wrapped in foil. The four of us share a dinner meant for two. I'm sure we'll all be hungry later, but sex is good at making you forget about food. I offer up our crappy sandwiches that I made in case anyone wants them later.

As the sun starts to set, we build a nice fire. It feels really good as the temperature quickly cools. Finally, the darkness takes over the sky, and we cuddle up by the fire on blankets. Luke scoots in behind me and holds me, while Marco does the same behind Josh. For a minute or two, the four of us just stare at each other and smile, enjoying the sight of the loving couple across the campfire.

"You guys make such a cute couple," I break the silence. They look at each other with embarrassed smiles.

"Us? You guys look like you were MADE for each other!" Marco pipes up.

"Well, we were." Luke nibbles on my ear.

"Okay. You know the Luke and Garrett story. Now, let's hear the Marco and Josh story," I say, hoping the red flames of the fire will disguise my blushing cheeks.

"What do you want to know?" Josh answers, and Marco giggles as he nuzzles Josh's ear with his nose.

"So how long have you guys been together?"

"Six days," they answer together.

"Six DAYS?" Luke and I also respond in unison, incredulously.

"Yep, we finally got together last Saturday night." Marco hugs Josh from behind around his chest, and they share a quick kiss.

"Spill it! How did it happen?" I feel Luke's dick slowly harden pressed up against me in anticipation of what we're about hear. Mine does the same. I casually bunch up my shorts in preparation so it won't be too visible.

"You tell," Marco says quietly in Josh's ear.

"All right," Josh starts. "I've always had a big crush on Marco since the day he joined our scout troop. Actually, EVERYONE has a big crush on Marco. I was nervous and fumbly around him at first, but he has this amazing way of putting you at ease. After a while, I would hang around with him and all his cool friends, and I wouldn't be nervous or self-conscious or anything. He always made me feel included and at ease. Then, over the summer, I had decided I had to come out to Marco. I had to know, ya know? I knew he'd be okay with it if he was straight, but I just had to know if I had a chance. Plus, there were little hints here and there–"

"Like what?" I almost choke on my words. If I were sitting on a chair, I'd be on the edge of it.

"I felt like he was flirting with me sometimes, but he was like that with a lot of people. He'd touch me a lot, too. Just on the arm or shoulder or knee... just messing around... but it was fucking ELECTRIC! It would send a jolt through my whole body. It was really hard to keep playing it cool."

"I know that feeling." I look back up at Luke, and he's just as transfixed to the story as I am.

"Marco had girlfriends, but never for long. He'd always break up with them before it got too hot and heavy, and he never talked about girls like... in a sexual way," Josh continues.

"Don't forget the part where I fucking transferred high schools to be with you!" Marco interjects.

"Yeah, there was that, too... but in my mind, there was always an excuse... a reason why he did everything he did, and it wasn't cuz he liked me."

"The fuck it wasn't," Marco kisses Josh's neck, and Josh's mouth drops open in ecstasy.

"Guys, guys!" Luke interrupts. "Get to what happened six days ago!" They both start laughing. Josh hides his face in the sleeves of his hoodie, and I elbow Luke in the ribs.

"We were here on a scout campout... just like a half-a-mile over that way. Remember how it got so cold last weekend?" Josh asks.

"Yeah, it was cool in the city, too," I say.

"Well, it was fucking freezing up here! A lot of the kids were whining to go home, but I wanted to stay. I always got to sleep in a tent with Marco, and I was finally gonna come out to him. I had chickened out so many times over the summer, and I really wanted to tell him before school started up again. I was afraid he'd get another girlfriend, and then it would've been much harder to say anything. I'd be back to square one. The problem was, it was so cold that both Marco's and my teeth were chattering, and we were shivering in our sleeping bags. I couldn't talk to him, or anything. When we realized that we weren't going to get any warmer from the dying fire, Marco invited me to get in his sleeping bag with him. I was so scared, but I got in anyway because I thought I was going to die if I stayed in my own bag."

"Oh shit!" Marco put his forehead down on Josh's shoulder, and his laugh has gotten progressively louder as Josh's story has progressed.

"When I got in the sleeping bag with him, Marco pretended to adjust his body, and he stroked my foot with his. That, with the fact that I was so close to his face, and his lips, and his sexy eyes.... It all combined to give me this raging hard-on." Josh hides his face in his sleeves again. "Then I felt something... else."

"Haaaaaaa!" Marco falls over on his back in hysterics.

"I realized the... tips of our dicks... were pressed together through our sweat pants." Josh is barely able to get the words out. "And… Marco was hard, too."

"Holy shit!" Luke howls, joining in the laughter. I can feel the tip of Luke's boner poking me, too.

"We just lied there, paralyzed by fear, both knowing what we felt, and knowing the other person felt what we felt... and just staring into each other's eyes like deer in the headlights... I thought I was going to have a heart attack or a stroke or pass out from not being able to breathe. Then after about a minute, which seemed like an ETERNITY, Marco smiled." Josh's face lights up in the campfire light, and Marco hugs Josh from behind again, with the same smile, I'm guessing, that he had that night.

"So awesome," I murmur, not intending to have said those words out loud.

"I knew what the smile meant, but I just kept thinking I was dreaming, and I couldn't move. Then, Marco scooted a little closer to me, and I finally snapped out of it. My paralysis lifted, and I was able to smile back. That's all it took. Marco slipped his hand around the back of my neck, scooted in the rest of the way so that our bodies were completely pressed together, and he kissed me."

"That was just like me 'n G the first time, Marco! I had to do all the work!" Luke snaps me out of my warm fuzzy feeling, and I elbow him in the ribs again.

"All that effort was definitely worth it," Marco giggles, and they share another sweet kiss. I love these guys! "And we sure weren't cold for the rest of the night."

"So, I bet you guys have had a pretty awesome six days since then?" I ask after they finish up their lingering kiss.

"Are you kidding? It's been fucking awful!" Josh groans and Marco looks puzzled.

"Pardon MOI?" Marco pulls his arms back from Josh and pretends to be offended.

"No, I mean... not that! Every second that we spend together... is like... so much more amazing than I could have ever imagined," Josh continues, and Marco reapplies his arms around Josh's chest. "It's just that we haven't spent much time together... nothing even close to the time I need with him. I had to BEG to be able to camp out with him tonight, especially since we just went camping with the troop last weekend."

"Me too," Marco sighs. "I'm gonna have to pick up a lot of shifts at my folks' restaurant to make up for this weekend... but I just had to have some boyfriend time." They share another quick kiss followed by a sweet smile. I wonder if Luke and I can rival their cuteness factor.

"But the OTHER times... I mean, I lay in my bed at night... all night, thrashing around... I can't sleep... my lips... and my body just ache for Marco.... I mean, I don't want to be a needy little girl and be texting him hugs and kisses all night, but shit! And on top of it all, my mom's already been saying that I spend too much time with Marco and I need to make some other friends–"

"NOT gonna happen." Marco hugs him again.

"And now, school's gonna start next week, and we only have one class together... and I'm gonna be thinking about him all day… and have... like a constant hard-on… and I'm afraid that when we get together, I'm gonna do or say something in front of someone and they'll get suspicious, or someone will see us kissing or–"

"I know how to make you feel better," Marco climbs on top of Josh and lowers his body onto him. They begin slowly and passionately kissing, with their young crotches grinding together. The heat of their bodies must be rivaling the heat from the campfire.

"Ooh-hoo-hoo!" Luke whispers into my ear and he holds me tight as we watch them indulge in their passion. Their making out is clumsy and sloppy and sweet and so horny, with just the right proportion of love and lust. I'm sure Luke and I were just like that at first... before we really learned how to kiss. Marco really starts grinding his pelvis into Josh's and Josh looks like he is about to lose control.

"Check it out!" Luke whispers. "Joshie's totally cumming right now!" Josh's motions turn to desperate and halted and we can hear him moan through their kiss. Marco shoves his tongue into Josh's mouth as hard and deep as he can as Josh's body goes through convulsions.

"I think Marco just squirted, too," I whisper back to Luke.

"How could he not?" he whispers. We watch them slowly come down off their orgasms, but they continue to kiss sweetly and gently with lots of smiles and nose-nuzzling between kisses. They seem to have completely forgotten that Luke and I are here. After a couple more minutes, they part their lips completely and chuckle with embarrassment.

"Sorry," Josh says to us as he squeezes Marco's hand.

"I'm not," Marco says as he goes back to kissing Josh's neck.

"I probably should change these shorts," Josh looks down at his waist, "but I've already jizzed them three times today, so who cares?" We all share a laugh. "But I gotta take a piss," Josh says, getting up and trying to conceal his groin area.

"I'll go with you." Luke gets up quickly, leaving Marco and I alone at the fire. I already miss the feeling of Luke's arms around me.

"Garrett, can I ask you something?" he says with a coy smile.

"Shoot," I sit up with an air of seriousness.

"How do I... get Joshie to... you know...," he stumbles on his words.

"What have you done so far?" I try to help him get to the point.

"All we've done is just... making out... and we jerked each other off a little through our shorts while we kissed. I mean, I finally have a boyfriend, and I love kissing Joshie a lot... but I wanna suck some DICK, ya know!" His words are loud enough that Luke and Josh probably heard them.

"I know," I smile.

"And if he would suck mine... I mean... I think I would just... AHHHHHH!!!" I know they heard that one.

"I know how Josh feels, totally. Look, he's landed THE Marco. You get what I mean?"

"Yeah, I guess." Marco shrugs.

"He has everything he's ever wanted, and he doesn't want anything to ruin it. He's afraid that something might go wrong or get weird during sex, and it would never be the same after that."

"How do I get him NOT to think that?"

"Do you love him?"

"Yeah," he says without hesitation. I know he's telling the truth because of his smile and the starry look in his eyes.

"Why? Uhh... I didn't mean it that way... just... what are the reasons you love him?"

"I dunno... he's just so cute. He's got a rockin' bod, and he's totally my type. He's funny and sweet... and he's very kind. He says I'm popular at school, but don't think he's some dork. He's popular, and he was popular when I wasn't going to the same school. It's so cool how he's so nice to kids that he doesn't need to be nice to. He's really cool to people that most popular kids wouldn't even be caught dead with... and he's so great in scouts. He's so smart and manly and outdoorsy and handy and capable of handling anything that comes up. He's kind of like the unofficial troop leader. Our real troop leader is kind of a lazy ass, and Josh totally picks up the slack for him. He does so much–"

"That's perfect." I feel like Marco could've gone on all night if I let him. "Tell Josh all of that, and that you love him, and that he can completely trust you. Just take it slow, and make sure he's comfortable. Trust me, he wants to do it just as much as you do."

"I hope so!" Marco collapses on his back with a groan, just as Josh and Luke come back to sit down. This time, Josh sits himself down and Marco scoots between his legs. Josh hugs Marco with a new confident smile. I hope Luke said something to him that will make it easier to take that next step.

"Well, I guess the cat's out of the bag now." Josh pokes Marco in the ribs. Hey, that's Luke's and my thing!

"I didn't say anything!" Marco does the innocent routine, just like Luke. Man, this is getting creepy how much alike we all are!

"So, do you guys mind... talking about it?" Josh asks with a worried look.

"I'm okay with it. G?" Luke pretends that he isn't dying to talk about sex.

"Sure, whatever you want to talk about." I try to be as reassuring as possible.

"So, you guys... like... do it, right?"

"Only every chance we get!" Luke humps me from behind. I can totally feel his shaft, so I don't make him stop as Marco and Josh giggle at us.

"What's it... like?" Josh asks.

"That's kind of a general question... G, give it a shot." Luke passes the buck.

"Well... uh... it's like... totally amazing! It's hard to describe.... but you already kind of know. You know how your kissing orgasms are so much more intense than when you're jerking off alone, right?"

"Yeah!" They say in unison with nervous energy.

"Well, when you're... giving pleasure... to the sensitive parts... uhh... it just gets more and more intense. You just have to find that out for yourselves... what you both respond to... you know. Once you find that out, you can each do what the other likes best... and... boom goes the dynamite."

"Oh my God, Joshie!" Marco is going crazy.

"So, what's your... advice on... sucking?" Josh haltingly asks, and Marco flashes me a knowing smile.

"Luke, you wanna take this one?" I look up at him. I can't believe I'm having such a hard time saying the words... I mean, all I wanna do is help them. Maybe Luke can do a better job.

"Well, uhh...." Maybe Luke won't do any better. "Just... you know the part that's really sensitive... like right at the end of the shaft... under the head... just work that with your tongue..." They both snicker like a couple of kids in sex-ed for the first time. "And watch the teeth... and don't get so into it that you gag on it. I mean, know how far you can take it in without gagging... That can be... kind of a turnoff... b-but if it happens, that's t-totally all right–"

"Just do what works for you." I put my hand over Luke's mouth. "It's kind of hard to screw it up because it feels SO good. You'll just get better at it over time, and after a while, you won't ever worry about it."

"You totally don't have to answer this if you don't want to... but... do you cum... in each other's mouths?"

"G, I believe this is your area of expertise!" Luke hides his face in the back of my shirt, probably still embarrassed at his attempt at advice.

"Whew," I take a deep breath. "Well, yeah."

"Does it taste good?"

"Some guys like it and–"

"And some guys fuckin' LOVE it!" Luke interrupts me and gets another elbow, followed by a big laugh by all four of us.

"And some guys don't, I guess. Do either of you NOT... like the smell of it?" They both shake their head. I can tell that Marco really wants to try some by the look on his face. "Then you're probably gonna be all right with it. Just don't think of it as cum or sperm... think of it as... like... hot, liquid pleasure... or the physical... manifestation... of your love and lust all mixed up together–"

"Holy FUCK!" Marco pretends to faint, and his head slumps back onto Josh's shoulder.

"My G sure has a way with words, doesn't he?" Luke hugs me with pride.

"How 'bout fucking?" Marco quickly interjects just in case Josh tries to curtail the conversation.

"Marco!" Josh smacks him on the leg. If Josh has been hesitant on sucking, I'm sure he's not ready to even think about that.

"Luke, this one's yours." I fold my arms with satisfaction.

"Okay... uh...," he starts to stammer again. "Well, you have to realize that there's a big difference between making love and just fucking. Both are really nice... It just depends what you're in the mood for. And, there are no set roles. Like, if we really wanna fuck... like slappin' it hard, G tops. If we wanna make love, real slow and sensual... I top."

"Wow, that's a lot of detail," I say, my face burning red.

"Go on," Marco prods. They both look like they can't believe what they're hearing.

"Ummm... well, when you're making love... it's best to get into a position that you can kiss while you're doing it–"

"Uhhhnn," Josh shudders as a wave of pleasure goes through his body, and we all laugh again. At least that cut the tension a little.

"It's just... the BEST. It's the most intense connection possible… G?" He puts the pressure back on me.

"Yeah, it's impossible to describe until you've experienced it. When we're making love, that's when I feel closest to Luke, and I feel... how much he loves me. With... him... inside of me.... we couldn't be any closer... and all of our problems just disappear. I feel like we're the only ones in the world."

"Excuse me a minute fellas. I need to kiss my boyfriend," Luke says as he climbs on top of me. I see a glimpse of the most loving smile before our lips meet and I eagerly accept his tongue into my mouth. He strokes the back of my neck with one hand while his other works its way down my body. I toss Luke's cap aside so I can run my fingers through his hair while we make out and put on a display for our new friends. I slip a finger under Luke's loose tank top and run my hand up his bare ribs onto his back. Our hands continue to roam around each other's bodies as our lips press more firmly into each other with each pulsating thrust from our tongues.

At first, Marco and Josh encourage us with an "Ahh, fuck YEAH!"' and a "Fuckin' GET it!" That is followed by a period of silence as our passion grows. Eventually, I hear the occasional whisper of "Holy SHIT!" and "Wow." as Luke and I continue to love each other.

He finally lifts himself off of me, trying to freeze his body in place and keep from creaming in his pants. I'm very close, too.

"He's pretty good at this, isn't he?" I ask, looking over at them. However, Marco has climbed back on top of Josh, and they're going at it vigorously again with what they've just learned.

"G," Luke lowers his mouth to my ear to whisper, "All it's gonna take is one little LICK... and I'll totally explode my hot liquid pleasure... everywhere!"

"Ahhhh...," I pretend to yawn and stretch. "I sure am beat! I think we should turn in for tonight." I pull Luke up to his feet, and we bolt for the tent. "Night guys!"

"Mmmmm," Josh acknowledges us with a quiet moan as they continue to make out, and we zip up the tent and unzip our shorts in one quick motion.

Luke lies back on top of his sleeping bag with his dick bouncing against his abs. He has his tank pulled up over his head and behind his neck, revealing his sexy pecs. I could just about cum just looking at him. There's still enough light from the campfire to cast a sexy glow over Luke's body. I drop to my knees and take Luke's cock in my hand delicately. I slowly lower my mouth down to it and give it a little lick, just as suggested.

"Uhhh... mmmmm...." Luke lays his head all the way back and closes his eyes. I want to see just how turned on he is. I keep my mouth closed and rub my lips up and down his shaft. I want him to squirt all over himself so I can see his build-up. He doesn't last long. After about four or five passes up and down his dick, he starts to unload. I selfishly slurp up one hot jet of cum and savor the taste. I watch rest of his squirts sail through the air, amazingly splattering all over his face. As he realizes it, he opens his mouth and closes his eyes. More and more squirts splash on his tongue and around his mouth. The sight of it is too much for me, and I climb up Luke's body and shove my dick in his open mouth. He moans as he gets even more sweet cum down the hatch and I continue to savor the hot squirt that I nabbed straight from the source. Waves of pleasure pulse through my body, but I'm able to make a slow exhale without too much noise. I watch his cummy face indulge in my load, and can't help but feel jealous. I'll get my fill, though. After my orgasm subsides, I dive down and lick up what's left all over his face. We giggle and kiss as I alternate kisses and licks.

"Holy FUCK!" Luke exhales with a loud whisper as we try to catch our breaths.

"That was maybe the hottest thing I've ever seen," I scrape a small drop of cum off of his cheek with my finger and lick it clean.

"What?" He smiles with satisfaction.

"You takin' all that cum. I think you may like it as much as I do!" We kiss and giggle and roll around the floor of the tent for a few minutes. I finally stop him while I'm on top of him and pin his arms down above his head.

"You've got lust in those eyes, mister," Luke wiggles his eyebrows at me.

"I want YOU... in that sleeping bag... on top of me... with your dick as far inside of me as it will go... and I don't want it out for a LONG time!" We stare at each other for a few seconds with wide grins, and then scramble to get inside the sleeping bag. Within seconds, Luke's dick is in place, shoved far up inside of me with a moan of pleasure from both of us. The cool air combines with the steam from our passion and unite to make the atmosphere perfect in the tent. The air leaking in from outside is crisp and cold, colliding with the warm and cummy air from inside. I can just imagine the scene with Marco and Josh last weekend when they were freezing in their tent, and how they heated things up. Now, with Luke and I inside the sleeping bag together, our bodies are generating a huge amount of heat to keep us warm. I never want to leave this place, and I never want Luke's dick to leave my body. After a few minutes of slow, sensual kissing, we hear two screams of ecstasy clearly coming from Marco.

"I think Marco just got his first BJ," I whisper, and we chuckle.

"Check this out," Luke whispers with a devilish smile. "YOU SCOUTS ALL RIGHT OVER THERE?" Luke bellows in a low, scoutmaster voice, and we hear Marco and Josh erupt in laughter.

"YES SIR!" Josh calls out, and their tent goes silent, probably with their mouths pressed together again.

Luke lays his head down on my shoulder, and I stroke my hand through his quickly moistening hair.

"Man, it's been so amazing to meet those two and being able to talk about everything."

"Can you imagine... the raw... mind-bending pleasure and like... volcanic eruptions that are going on in that tent over there?" I ask, forgetting for a moment who I'm talking to. "Yeah, I guess you can."

"Damn right!"

"So what did you say to Joshie while you guys went for a piss?" I ask as I continue to run my hands through that sexy hair. I can't get enough.

"I just told him that he'd better put out or Marco would dump him." <SMACK!> "No, but seriously... I just told him that I could tell how much Marco loves him just from being around them this short time... and that he should totally trust Marco... and how much the two of them remind me of us when we first got together... and that nothing bad can happen if they take that next step. Only good things can happen.... Actually, only really, REALLY good things can happen." Luke gives me a perfectly timed thrust, and my head lifts off the air mattress almost involuntarily to kiss him.

"You done good. I love you so much," I whisper. This is the Luke I wish I had all the time.

Luke lowers his mouth to mine, and I gladly accept his tongue once again. I can tell we're in for a long fucking session. It's just what we both need. I cum again quickly from the passion, which gives Luke permission to start pumping and spill one inside of me… but I know we're not through… not even close. We continue to love each other through the night, losing all track of time and everything around us. As I feel Luke's warmth spread inside of me one final time, I hump one more exhausted load out between our sweaty bodies, and pass out with my arms and legs still wrapped around Luke's hard, warm body.

The next thing I know, I wake up in the daylight from the sounds of Marco and Josh taking down their tent. I scramble to the zipper of our tent and try to adjust my eyes as I unzip it.

"You guys aren't staying the whole weekend?" I croak, trying to moisten my dry mouth.

"We didn't wanna spoil the mood last night, but we gotta go. Marco has a soccer game at noon. My dad is gonna pick us up at 11:30."

"You guys live here in Flagstaff?"


"At least lemme take you guys out to breakfast to return the favor for dinner last night. We always go to the Denny's off the 40 for breakfast when we camp here. We'll get back in time for your dad to pick you up."

"K... We're starvin'" Marco says. They smile, and I return into the tent and shake Luke awake. We get up, wash off our sticky body parts, which turns out to be most of our bodies, change clothes, and help Josh and Marco pack up. They're so fast and efficient, they've probably camped out most of their lives... and now they've found a great new activity to enjoy in their tent. We get all of their gear together and head on down the path to where we parked.

"Do you mind if Luke and I come watch Marco's game today?" I ask.

"Not at all, Joshie will text you directions," Marco says with a smile. He and Josh look like they're floating as they walk. We all exchange cell numbers.

"So.... I've got a question for you guys," I say as I put my phone away. "Was last Saturday night the best night of your lives, or was last night?"

"Last night!" They say in unison, smiling at each other without any hesitation, and we all laugh.

"I thought so," I say, grabbing Luke's hand.

"Just so ya know...," Marco says slowly, "We kinda... well, after we... ya know... took that next step... We ended up going back to the campfire... and we just held each other and went to sleep under the stars... while we listened to you guys... making love."

"Oh shit... were we that loud?" I feel my face redden, yet again.

"No, not at all!" Josh tries to ease our embarrassment. "We just happened to hear you guys when we went for a piss... and it was so sweet and loving. It just gave us such comfort and hope for the future. It was just the perfect ending for a perfect day."

"Well, as long as it made you guys happy." I smile at Luke.

"Can I ask you guys just one more embarrassing question?" Josh starts again.

"Sure, go ahead. We certainly have no secrets now," Luke says. "Not that I'm complainin'. That talk we had last night... it sure got G all horned up!"

"I'm not the one that was cummin' like a sprinkler!" We all laugh, and I run from Luke as he chases me down the path. I let him catch me and he gives me a slobbery kiss on the neck before we join hands again.

"So anyway," Josh recovers enough to ask his question. "How do you... ya know... hold it in... for a longer time?"

"Feels a little too good to have a hot mouth around it, huh?" Luke blurts out.

"Yeah, but that's only half of it... I mean... Sorry, I hope this isn't gonna embarrass you, Marco... but I LOVE this whole sucking dick thing... and Marco's dick is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life and–"

"Oh my God!" Marco tries to hide his face with one hand and put his other one over Josh's mouth. Luke gets the giggles and I try to subdue him with an elbow. I know exactly what Josh means. I remember the first time I took Luke's dick out of his baseball pants. It really was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, and it sure made my mouth water.

"Anyway... I just wanna... ya know... suck on it for about seven hours and keep him on the edge."

"DUDE!!!" Marco's face is fully red by now.

"Not possible," I say in a flat tone.

"It has to be possible... I mean, look at those guys in porn. They could suck dick forever and not cum. It takes fucking and jerking off for them to cum."

"Ahhh, my naive little grasshoppa," Luke laughs.

"First of all, those guys aren't even really into each other. They're doing it for money, and a lot of 'em aren't even gay. They have to take Viagra to get a boner, and the whole time, they're just doing whatever they can to stay hard. Cumming isn't even an issue." I feel so knowledgeable. "Now, when it comes to Luke and me... and you and Marco... we're SO into each other... and we're at that age where cumming is pretty easy to do–"

"Here's my advice," Luke interrupts, "and I'm sure it's G's, too. Just go for it! Suck that dick and get that cum! The way you guys feel about each other... it'll take you about four seconds to get hard again after you cum."

"Told you!" Marco grabs at Josh's crotch.

"Yeah, enjoy it while you can." I grab at Luke's too. "Once you start making love, Luke will have some advice on how to make that last longer... but for now... just cum as much as you can in the time you have together."

"I need a little more advice. Okay, how 'bout this?" Marco asks with a devilish smile. "What if your boyfriend is suckin' your dick… and you're lovin' it… fuckin' LOVIN' IT… and your eyes are closed and you're moanin' and you're bitin' your lip… and you're thinkin' about suckin' his dick… just goin' up and down and lickin' his shaft and makin' his tip swell until it shoots hot cum over and over into your mouth and eatin' his hot cum… and you just lose control and give your boyfriend the biggest, hottest, wettest, creamiest, sweetest load of cum in history… and you look down, and see your boyfriend had just jizzed all over the AIR MATRESS!"

"You PROMISED you wouldn't tell them!" Josh wails and the rest of us erupt in hysterics.

"Duh," Luke answers after he composes himself. "Fuckin' lick it UP!"

"And then start suckin' his dick anyway!" I add.

"That's exactly what he did," Josh laughs and Marco tries to cover his mouth again.

"I love the advice you guys give," Marco says and gives Josh an apologetic kiss, and we all continue down the trail.

I take a furtive glance around, and sure enough, this conversation has spawned four boners that are now bouncing down the trail. I hope Marco and Josh will have a chance to get in one more BJ in before the game. We get to the car, all pile in, and head for Denny's.

The four of us eat like ravenous animals since we had a light dinner and an active night. Marco and Josh hold hands for the entire breakfast under the table, as Marco eats awkwardly with his left hand. It's the sweetest thing I've ever seen in my life, and Luke and I have had plenty of sweet moments. I start to get emotional and tear up, partly because of Marco and Josh, and partly because of the secret I'm keeping from Luke. It's been weighing on me for over a week, but it wasn't as bad because Luke and I were not on great terms. Now I realize it's going to be a lot harder to keep it from him. Luke and I have reconnected in a major way because of this weekend, and my secret could ruin our reunion as well as our entire senior year.

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