Backdoor Slider - A Love Story

by Joe L

Chapter 20

As I start to stir, I notice we're sleeping in a cold puddle. I try not to wake up Luke as I slink out of his arms, but his eyes open.

"Mornin," he smiles and his eyes pop wide open when he realizes the wetness. "Fuck dude, I don't wanna deal with this right now," he says as he rolls out of bed. We stand up and yawn as we both grab the Kleenex and rub off as much of the goo as we can. He jumps on my bed across the room, gets under the covers and holds them up for me. "Get in, G. It's only 6:20. We can snuggle at least another thirty minutes."

"Sounds good," I bound into bed with him and we wrap our arms around each other. "I hope you're not too disappointed that you couldn't go all night." I give him quick kisses between each word.

"Oh, we did. I woke up several times during the night, and I remember my wee-wee always being inside your hoo-hah." We both snicker and snort and Luke pulls the blanket up over our heads.

"I'm not sure if that counts. We'll have to go to the judges." He throws the covers back off of us and looks me in the face.

"G, I just want to tell you that my heart is just bursting with love for you right now. Yesterday was the best day of my life, and that's all thanks to you," he caresses my cheek. "Unfortunately, I'm going to have to break up with you because you have a crusty thing in your eye and big booger up your nose." He erupts with laughter and I dive for the Kleenex box.

"You're a mean fuck," I chuckle as I clean out all of my head holes with a tissue. "You were about to make me cry!"

"Aww baby, get back into bed. I'll make you cry, I promise!"

"Well, okay," I climb back in bed and we embrace again.

"G, will you be my boyfriend again?"

"I guess so."

"Awesome.... But seriously, thank you," he whispers and exhales a hot breath into my ear.

"You're so welcome." I nuzzle his nose with mine and he gives me a long kiss. "I hope you realize that our sex life isn't going to be the daily 'Luke fucks Garrett seven times and then they both fall asleep' routine."

"Why not?" he smiles.

"Ummm.... I wanna suck some dick," I whisper into his ear.

"Ooh. I almost forgot about that." He looks down and I feel his dick start to grow between us. In seconds, I can feel it bulging against mine. "I guess he didn't forget." He plunges his tongue into my mouth, and we start a leading-up-to-squirting make-out session. My hunger for his dick finally causes me to break away.

"I think I'm ready for my breakfast in bed," I pant.

"Me too," he licks his lips. I crawl down under the covers so he can't see and lay down directly on top of him. When I get down to his crotch, I smell his dick. It smells kinda like sex, more specifically, like stale fucking. I forgot about all the goo that must still be all over it. Oh well, I take it into my mouth and to my relief, it just tastes a little salty. I feel Luke take me in his mouth and he starts sucking away. I forgot how much I loved the feeling of his dick in my mouth and it quickly overwhelms me. The early arrival of my cum surprises Luke, but I hear him moan as he savors and swallows it with no problem. A few seconds later, I'm enjoying my creamy breakfast. I'm surprised how much he gives me, as busy as his balls have been. I make sure I get every bit and work my way back up for a cummy kiss.

"Dude, that was fucking amazing, but maybe we need to work on... lasting a little longer?" he snickers.

"We're sixteen! We cum because that's what we do best... and since we're young and in great shape... and we kinda like each other.... " I lick up a tiny bit of cum that snuck out the side of his mouth. "We can cum again in just a few minutes."

"Let's see if you're right." Luke goes down under the covers this time and I laugh as he clumsily gets on top of me. His dick is half-limp, so I grab one of his legs and lick his foot. I start sucking his toe like a dick and I hear him chuckle as he tries to coax a boner out of me. I quickly get into the zone as I suck his toes and rub his hot, tan, sexy legs all over.

"Mmmmhmmm," he says as I stiffen up in his mouth. I notice he's now hard enough to pleasure, so I quickly stuff his dick back into my mouth. Just a minute ago, we were innocently talking and now we're both totally pumping for seconds of our breakfast. This time Luke cums first, but not by much. The amazing taste makes me quickly follow and we both moan as we slurp down another load. A minute or so later, Luke resurfaces from under the covers.

"I think you might know what you're talking about," he says as he breathlessly plops back down on the pillow.

"We can cuddle for eight more minutes. Then, we gotta get ready," I say as I wrap my arms back around him and he quickly follows suit. "I need to leave a little early today. I have to drop back by my house. I have a surprise planned for you, and I need to pick something up from my room." Luke yells out with frustration.

"Dude, your surprises cause me to go around school all day with a big boner!"

"Me too," I laugh, "but maybe this early morning double-double will help us with that today."

"Probably not," he sighs. "I guess we better get up then."

"Just two more minutes." I hug him tightly and he lightly strokes my head. "We can shower together and save a little time."

"You know what that leads to."

"I won't try anything, I swear," I repeat his words from the first day of our love and we both chuckle.

"I love this DUDE!" he growls, gives me a bear hug and starts slightly rocking me for the rest of our promised two minutes. He gives me a kiss on the top of my head to signal that it is time to get up. We both groan and stumble out of bed. "Put on some coffee and I'll run the shower." I do as he says and join him in the bathroom. We both get in the steamy water and I start to clean out my ass.

"I hope you don't mind, but I gotta get as much... essence of Luke out of here so it doesn't start seeping out in biology class."

"You should use my mom's shower. She has one of those detachable shower heads."

"Eww. I don't think so. Can you get one installed in here?"

"Sure. I'll pick one up," he says. I can't believe I'm having a mundane conversation with someone as I slide my fingers up into my ass. "Here. I'll give you a shampoo and clean you up while you do that." Luke grabs the shampoo and quickly lathers me up. I let him as I continue to clean out the old fuckhole.

"Let's talk about the game today." I straighten back up as I'm all clean. I start to shampoo his sweaty hair. "You know that you're going to try to improve on your perfect game, and you'll end up overthrowing everything."

"Nah, I can pitch an ultra-perfect game."

"Dude! You're probably not gonna be very good. At least most pitchers aren't the next start after a no-hitter."

"I know. I promise I won't get angry when they tee off on me, and I won't take it out on you."

"Or my poor butthole?"

"I'm definitely gonna take it out on that."

"I need to get an 'out of commission' sign on a chain and wear it around my waist. That way, I can block the entry."

"I can always find a way," he says as he casually slips his finger back up inside me.

"Hey! Get that finger out of there! I don't know where that finger's been!"

We finish up in the shower, start another load of sheets and get ourselves ready for school. We grab our backpacks and head for the front door. Luke turns his hat around backwards as I reach for the doorknob. We always wear our school baseball caps the day of a game.

"Didn't you forget something?" he asks. I look around at what I'm carrying and what's lying around the room. I look back at Luke with a confused expression. He chuckles and turns my cap backwards, too.

"Oh," I smile and move in for our hot, sloppy good-bye kiss. After a minute, we break away, but as we look at each other again, neither of us can resist going back for more. The sight of Luke in a backwards cap always gets my heart thumping, and it also gets other body parts revved-up. We continue to slowly and forcefully kiss as I hear Luke's backpack hit the floor. I drop mine as quickly as I can, and he hoists me up as we continue to kiss. He quickly carries me over to the couch and throws me down.

"Fast! Fast! Fast!" He starts to undo his shorts and I quickly get mine unbuttoned. We see that the innocent little good-bye kiss has given us both huge boners. He plops down on top of me and we're quickly 69ing for a third time this morning. Since we both are getting to be experts at this, and we're already so turned on, we simultaneously erupt in just a few seconds of head-bobbing. We unintentionally harmonize our moans as we gulp down another creamy serving of breakfast. As Luke's orgasm starts to subside, I hear him start to laugh, while still trying to suck me dry. I can't help but do the same. As we're both finally satisfied, we stand up and start getting ourselves back in order.

"Dude," he continues to chuckle. "You in your little cap... and that tight little t-shirt… and those fuck-me shorts... and your hot, muscular legs. I just can't help myself!" He rubs his hands over each area as he mentions it.

"You're pretty hot yourself." We finally head out the front door. "I think we should limit our good-byes to about ten seconds."

"Or not," he says.

We jump in the car and race for my house. I park on the street and run in the front door. Luckily, I don't see anyone. I run up the stairs an grab my mini video recorder and stuff it in my gym bag. I dart back out of the house without being noticed and we head for school.

"Okay, just tell me! I can't stand it," Luke pleads.


"Well, just tell me what you had to get from your room."


"Just give me a little hint."


"A teeny-weeny hint?"

"OK... Ummmmmmm... This surprise might result in cum squirting out of your dick." I can't keep a straight face and laugh as I finish the sentence.

"Ya THINK?" Luke pinches my nipple and I dramatically swerve the car.

"See what you did?" I smile. "Ya know, you should think up your own surprises for me. Then you can torture me a little."

"You're right! I know. I'll cut a hole in the butt of all of your pants and underwear. Then I can sneak up behind you and surprise you anytime I want."

"I guess that would be surprising."

I pull up in the parking lot at school and drop off Luke. He's going to have to run to class as we're really pushing it time-wise. I should be fine, as my home room is right next to the parking lot. I try not to watch Luke run, but he looks so hot and athletic. After too much gawking, I park and realize I need to run to class, too. Eventually, I plop myself down on my stool in Biology class to begin the longest school day of my life. At this point, every school day is the longest school day of my life.

I do my best to concentrate on what's going on in class, but my mind keeps wandering over to the activity I have planned for later. I'm afraid that if I get called on in class, I might blurt out "Cock-sucking!" as my answer. Each class seems longer than the next, and lunch even drags on. I finally hear the bell ring, signifying the end of the school day.

I sprint to the locker room so I will be the first one there. I quickly pull on my uniform, and just as I suspected, I get a raging boner stretching on my pants and socks. I do a pretty good job of hiding my dick and tie up my cleats as the other guys start to filter in to get changed. Finally, Luke makes his way in and mouths an "Ooh baby!" at me when he sees me in my tight uniform. I give him some space while he gets changed.

Coach Morgan and Coach Garcia give us a quick rundown of the other team, specifically the pitcher. I sigh as the anticipation is getting too much for me. Finally, we all put our hands together and yell out "Mustangs!" Everyone starts to stand up to head out to the field.

"Connor! Olson! You have five minutes." Coach Morgan belts out. I try not to smile as Luke looks over at me with confusion and growing curiosity. The rest of the team files out, leaving us alone in the locker room.

"This is my little surprise. I told coach that I wanted to give you a private pep talk before we went out there today... to try to level your head." I reach into my bag and bring out the mini recorder. "Since I already took care of that this morning, and since we both know you don't play well horny, I thought we could make a quick, super steamy, high-school baseball, locker room dick-sucking video for our viewing pleasure." Luke is staring at me with his mouth open.

"Someone might come in!" he whispers.

"The team is already out there. No one will come in, and if they do, they'll come in that door." I point to the opposite corner of the locker room.

"Holy FUCK!" he says as he starts to undo his pants.

"Wait, I'll do that. Do you want to suck first, or do you want me to go?"

"You go. Then, I'll know what to do."

"Just pretend you're shooting porn. Say hot, corny things to me."

I open up an empty locker and set the camera inside so that it's pointed at where Luke is standing, filming his profile. It should be just about right. Luke turns his hat around backwards, bends one knee and brings his foot up against a locker. He gives me his sexy smile and starts nodding his head slightly.

"PERFECT!" I mouth to him as I walk up from behind the camera.

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