Backdoor Slider - A Love Story

by Joe L

Chapter 19

"Pass the potatoes." David is back eating with the family and behaving somewhat. The exercise must be making him hungry. I hand the potatoes to him. "Thanks," he says out loud and immediately whispers, "dick." I hope he's kidding. I just smile and chuckle like I appreciate his joke. I'm in too good of a mood. I wait until my parents aren't looking and flip him off. He doesn't even smile. Oh well, I tried.

I scarf down my mom's dinner. I don't even care about the calories. I'm starved, and I'll need my energy for tonight. Suddenly, I realize I've got a little bit of the squishy butt. Some of the fluid from earlier is starting to seep out. I hope it's not soaking into the chair upholstery.

"May I go to the bathroom?" I ask.

"Sure," says Dad. I hear David mimicking me as I leave the room. What a tool.

I clean myself up and head back to the dinner table for thirds.

"It's nice to see you eating well again, Garrett," Mom says.

"Yeah, it's really good." I can see David mocking me again out of the corner of my eye. "Do you have a PROBLEM?" I finally can't take it anymore. He says nothing and just stares at his plate.

"Garrett, did your mother tell you that we're coming to your baseball game tomorrow?" My dad tries to change the subject.

"No, but that's cool. It's Luke's first start since his perfect game."

"I hope he keeps it up."

"It's going to be really tough. McKinley is a lot better than Riverside."

"Well, we're looking forward to it."

"I've got a lot of homework to do before my workout. May I be excused?"


I run upstairs and check my phone. I've got 7 messages from Luke. They're mostly, "Dude, get your sweet ass back over here," and other similar things. I text him back that I've got lots of homework to do. I can't wait to get back over there, but I kind of enjoy making him wait a little bit. I get a new text every few minutes. After a while, he just starts texting me a longer and longer dick:




I finally text back a butt: (_o_)

I get back what I'm expecting: "GET OVER HERE NOW!"

"OK <3." Luckily, I'm finished with my work.

I say bye to my folks, jump in the car and race over to Luke's. I knock on the door.

"Dude, you don't need to knock," Luke says as he answers the door. He's got a buttfucking grin on his face. He closes the door and gives me a kiss.

"I don't want to come busting in like I own the place."

"You really don't need to knock, Garrett." Denise looks over from her recliner and smiles.

"Okay, thanks. Did Luke do his homework?"

"Almost," she smiles. "He's still working on his Algebra. He can't finish it because he keeps texting you."

"Well, I'll just sit down and watch some TV with you while he finishes up." I smile and raise an eyebrow at Luke. He yells out with frustration.

"So Garrett, what's been going on with you two today? Luke has been doe-eyed all evening." Denise looks over at me, and I laugh. Luke is giving me a nervous glare.

"Well, there's a good reason for that. I told him earlier today that I love him and he cried." We all laugh.

"Well, if you don't want to tell, me that's fine.... Ick, maybe I don't want to know."

"Good thinkin'," Luke mutters.

"Well, I've got some news," Denise says. "I have a DATE on Friday night!" Luke looks like he's in shock. His mom hasn't had a single date since she and Luke's dad split up. She just wanted to focus all of her time on Luke.

"That's great," I say and nudge Luke's leg with my foot.

"Yeah, mom... cool," Luke says very slowly. "Who's the guy? Do I know him?"

"I signed up on the other night. I was starting to feel like a third wheel around here, so I thought it would be good for me. His name is Doug and he's also a lawyer. He has a full head of hair, so I'm in love!"

"Just don't bring him back here on Friday," Luke says nervously and I nudge him again with an annoyed look.

"No one's bringing anyone back anywhere," she says. "It's our first date!"

"That doesn't mean anything!" Luke blurts out. "You should've seen what Garrett did to me on our first date! He totally jumped my bones–" I leap over on Luke and put my hand over his mouth as we all start laughing again. Luke licks my hand until I release it from his face. He grabs me and gives me a quick kiss.

"Nah-ah-ah," I say. "Get at those Algebra problems."

"You tell him, Garrett!" Denise looks back at the TV and Luke sighs as he goes back to his homework. In a minute or two, I can see Luke trying to get my attention. I ignore him as long as I can. Finally I look over at him with false exasperation. He's trying to be completely silent so his mom doesn't hear. He starts mouthing words at me.

"ME," he points at himself, "YOU," he points at me, "FUCKING," he makes a circle with his left thumb and index finger and slides the middle finger of his right hand through it repeatedly.

"What?" I mouth back at him. I try my best to look totally confused.

"I," he points at himself again, "AM GOING... TO FUCK," he pumps his hips up and down and holds his hands out in front of him as if he's holding onto my sides, "YOU," he points at me, "IN YOUR BUTT," he points at my butt. I look over at him with a total bewildered expression and shake my head as if I have no idea what he's talking about.

"Are you having trouble with number twenty-seven?" I say out loud and smile. Denise looks over at him.

"Nooooooooooo," he sighs and goes back to his textbook. He starts again when Denise turns back to the TV.

"ALLLLL... NIIIIIIIGHT... LONNGGGG," he mouths. He bites his lip and starts humping the air again. I can't help but smile as I see the bulge in his shorts. I have a matching one in mine, too.

"DOOOO... YOURRRR... HOMEWORK!" I mouth and point at him, then pretend like I'm writing something in the air. I mimic his facial expressions as I pretend that doing homework is giving me sexual gratification.

"ALL NIGHT LONG!" he repeats and flashes me his boner. He's totally ready.

"What you have to do is," I say out loud and Luke stuffs his dick back into his shorts as fast as he can, "first, complete the square, then factor and solve." Luckily, Denise doesn't look back. He gives me the I'm-gonna-get-you-so-bad look. I look back at him totally innocently. He finally gets the message that I'm going to make him finish. I'd better let him work.

"I think I'll go take a shower before bed, if you don't mind," I say to Denise.

"Go ahead, Garrett. I'll see you at the game tomorrow."

"Oh good. My folks will be there, too."

"That's nice. Maybe we can all go out to eat afterwards."

I head for the bathroom and turn on the shower water. I turn it on completely cold so that I can do another flush-out on the toilet and no one will hear anything. It goes a little smoother this time, and I don't feel as nauseous. I turn on the hot water and jump in the shower. I start fingering myself to stretch things out again. I get two fingers in with no problem. I finger fuck myself a little bit and my cockhead starts to swell. I begin to think that "all night long" sounds like a pretty good idea.

I get out, dry off and brush my teeth. I get in my sleep clothes, just for show, in case Denise is still awake. I go back to the living room to see that she's gone to bed.

"I'm FINISHED!" Luke runs over to me like a little boy who did his first ever homework assignment.

"Wow! Very good!" I start to pour over his answers, and he snatches them back from me.

"You and I have an appointment in the bedroom, my man." He grabs my arm and starts to lead me to his room.

"Go brush your teeth and floss and wash your hands and face and take a little tinkle if you need to." I pat him on the butt.

"Fuck!" He runs into bathroom and I run into his room and shut the door. I turn off the light, jump into his bed, get under the covers, and pull them up over my head. I start to giggle and tremble with anticipation. I can't wait. I soon hear him turn the doorknob and come in to see the room totally dark. I start to snore.

"Ohhhhhh, NO FUCKING WAY," He switches on the light with a huge smile on his face. I can't help it and I crack up. He goes over to his stereo and puts on some music… ooh, One Direction. We get to fuck to some gay boyband shit. I love it. He turns it down a little, turns on his reading light and points it away from the bed. "Are you ready for me, G?" he asks in the most romantic voice I've ever heard.

I smile up at him as I try to keep my trembling under control. He strips down completely naked, sits down on the edge of the bed and reaches for his tube of lube.

"What, no foreplay?" I whisper.

"What we were doing out there on the couch was the foreplay," he massages the lube over his boner. "You're gonna get it RIGHT NOW." He smiles and reaches over and pulls the covers off of me. "Besides, if you remember, foreplay makes us cum."

"That's very true."

With one strong tug, he pulls down both my sleep pants and underwear to my knees. I hear a couple of threads rip. My boner snaps up against my bellybutton. He grabs me behind my knees and pushes my legs up in the air. He moves over into position and with no hesitation, he presses his dick into my waiting hole. I moan as I feel it slide so perfectly back inside me. All of the playfulness and giggling that we've been doing all evening is in the past. We're both completely in the moment; it's total passion.

"All night long, baby," Luke whispers as he slowly slides himself in and out of me.

"Yeah," I whisper. He's going super slowly to keep himself from going over the edge. I reach up and somehow get one leg out of my sleep pants. Now, I can bring my legs back down around his butt and then wrap them around his thighs.

"Oh fuck, yeah," he descends down on top of me presses his mouth into mine. This is what I've been waiting for. I kiss him slowly, and try to match his pace. I wish we could last for an hour or two without cumming, just like this. I give him a little grunt each time he gets all the way inside of me. He really seems to be responding to that as he starts to moan. I run my arms lightly over his shoulders and back as I know he's getting close. He suddenly slows down to an absolute crawl and breaks our kiss.

"I'm gonna cum so fucking hard... uhhhhhhhhhhhh." Our mouths are just a tiny bit apart and he exhales a huge hot minty breath up my nose.

"Uhhhnn… give it to me. Squirt it all up in there." I whisper as I try to press his hips in to me. He pumps his hips slowly again and I feel the warmth start to jet inside me. "Oh fuck yeah, Luke." He presses his mouth back into mine and we kiss deeply while he finishes up his orgasm. He continues giving me quick, short thrusts well after his dick has nothing left. Suddenly he sits all the way up.

"Dude, that was so fucking hot." He grabs my dick and starts giving it slow, powerful tugs. "That felt so fucking right."

"Ahhhhh," I'm right on the edge now.

"Open wide, baby," He's aiming my dick right for my mouth again. Maybe it will work this time, as I know I'm going to squirt a big load. I lean my head forward, open my mouth and shut my eyes tight. Suddenly, I feel a huge squirt hit my cheek, and then three hot jets hit me square on the roof of the mouth.

"Oh WOWWWW! Ohhhh fuuuuck, G. That's it, squirt it right in there!" He's still fucking me with his recently-spent dick, which has remained surprisingly hard. "Eat that cum, baby." He wipes up some squirts and drops on my chest and stomach and licks them off of his hands. I keep moaning and make sure to store up the cum that's in my mouth. I push it up to the edge of my lips so he can see it, and he immediately dives down and starts lapping at my mouth with his tongue. I wrap my legs back around his lower back again, and he starts thrusting inside me with renewed energy. The taste of my cum has really gotten him going again.

His movements are getting stronger and more forceful, as I feel his dick has is back to its normal hard and swollen state. I grunt and groan with pleasure through our kisses. I help him build up another hot load.

"All night long, G," he whispers in my ear and then dives back down to my mouth.

"Mmhmm," I agree through the kiss. His motions soon become more rigid as I feel every muscle in his body start to tense up.

"Uhhhhnnnn," he moans into my mouth as he squirts another load into me. I feel fluid start to squirt out from around his dick. There's just too much juice up there. After his last clumsy, exhausted thrust, he collapses with his full weight on top of me, and we continue to make out for a few more minutes. Soon, his weight and the heat in the room are making it hard to breathe and I push him over on his side, then onto his back. I finally break the kiss as I roll on top of him.

I sit up and lean back on his hips. He's breathing hard, too, and he looks totally exhausted. I smile down at him.

"All night long, baby?" I ask. I start to pump my hips down on him.

"Fuck yeah," he laughs, sarcastically. I know if I'm going to get one more load out of him, I'm going to have to do all the work. I lean back over and start kissing him all over his face, with the occasional tease of my tongue quickly inserting into his mouth. I go over to his ear to whisper things occasionally.

"You fuck so good, baby. I love it so much."

"Oh yeah, G. I love giving it to you. It feels sooo right."

"All night long, baby. We'll go all night long," I say. I glance over at the clock. We've been at it a little over thirty minutes, and it's only a little past 11pm. I don't even know if Luke has it in him to squirt one more time, but I'm going to try my best. I guess we'll be getting a good night's sleep, after all.

"Oh yeah," he whispers. "I'm gonna give it to you all night."

I continue to whisper encouragement in his ear and give him little kisses all over. It just doesn't seem to be working. He'll stiffen for a minute, then soften up. I'll have to bring out the big guns. I pull myself up again and continue to pump my hips over his crotch. I start to jerk my dick hard, as I know I can work up another load.

"You want me to squirt all over you, baby?"

"Yeah, squirt that dick up in my mouth." he moans. I continue to jerk it slowly so I can work up some pressure. "Oh, fuck yeah, G. Give it to me." I know I'm about to cum, but I doubt it will get much distance.

"Open up," I gasp. He opens his mouth as wide as it will go and shuts his eyes. As I'm about to erupt, I quickly slip off of his dick and slide up his body. I position my dick right up next to his open mouth and jerk my load directly into it. "Uhhhhhhh." When he realizes what I'm doing he starts licking the underside of my throbbing head to make sure he doesn't miss any. As fast as I can, I scoot back down to his dick and press it back up into my hole. The effect is exactly what I was hoping for. My cum to him is like spinach to Popeye. Suddenly he's rock hard again and fucking me with vigor. I swoop back down to his mouth and help him enjoy my load. I assist him with the fucking, as I time my thrusts against his. As we savor my load and fuck, I finally bring him to another orgasm, and I feel him bursting inside of me. I did it.

Our bed is a total gooey mess by this time, but we're both too exhausted to care. I collapse back onto him and lay my head on his chest. He pushes me off and over onto my side, facing away from him. He rolls over and gets into the spooning position and presses his limp dick back into my butt.

"Just let me rest a few minutes, baby." He seems almost too exhausted to finish the sentence. In less than a minute, I can tell he's fast asleep. I don't blame him. Since we've gotten home from school, he's squirted seven loads up my butt and done all of his homework! I think today lived up to all of his expectations. I sigh deeply and close my eyes. The next thing I know, it's morning and the sun is shining through the window. Luke and I are still in the exact same position, his dick still inside of me.

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