The Prince

by Jobe

Chapter 8

As always the time to return came too quickly. I promised the Captain we'd come back. We left with quite a few shells, particularly conch shells. When we arrive home, I offered Alexandra her bedroom to sleep in and we'd drive her home tomorrow. The first thing Alex and I did was hit the jacuzzi. This was a nightly thing, one on the bottom, the other on top all plug in. The feeling was unbelievable. Of course we always finished off in the showers.

George knew that Alex and I slept together. But he kept his silence and I think he understood the relationship I had with Alexandria.

We did get married, Alexandra said she was a virgin, the white cloth verified that and so all is well on earth and heaven. Who took her virginity didn't matter to me but she told Alex it was Marie and she used a dildo.

We were married a year, when Alexandria become pregnant. I borrowed a syringe from the doctor, filled it with my sperm, with Alex's help. We gave the syringe to Marie and she did the nasty. The first child was a boy, Alexandria wanted another child, hoping for a girl. I must have been really potent that time because she got two girls, twins. My parents were overjoyed, The village went crazy, the whole country rejoiced as this is the first pair of royal twins in over 200 years. It was interpret as an omen of good times ahead.

As life moves on Father passed away and I became King. Mother still maintained her office and still directed me on all affairs. I let her do that but she never found out what I really did, sometimes when her advice and directions were good, I followed and when I thought mine was better I didn't follow.

My son had his 16th birthday party. I don't know what I did wrong but he was straight and selected a beautiful blond hair girl as his intended. Alex took an interest in making sure he knew all of the issues, including the possibility of death of his bride to be if she lied. I think that scared him because knowing him he probably would have tried to sleep with her before the wedding.

Life is like a door, sometimes it opens and new people and ideas come in and sometimes the old leave. Mother was 78 years old when the door opened and there was Father waiting for her. I remember the kiss on my cheek as she walked through that door. I declared a mourning period of one month.

During that time, the staff cleaned her rooms and brought to me her memoirs and her little book where she kept her private thoughts. It took me a year before I opened that book and reading the first page, I started to laugh. Alex asked me what I was laughing at, I showed him. 'She knew, all this time she knew."

"We'll discuss this with her when our door opens, right now I need a jacuzzi ride."

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