The Prince

by Jobe

Chapter 7

Alex did talk to Alexie and she says she still has her hymen. I began thinking about what would happen if she lied. Tears came to my eyes, "What's wrong David?"

"I hope Alexandra is right. It would break my heart if she lied. I would denounce the throne unless they change the law."

Alex snuggled into me as his hand slowly shifted south. "I know what will take your mind off of this subject." When he reached his prize, he pulled off his shorts and then mine. My little man hadn't respond but the moment his lips touched it, it shot up tall and proud. Alex moved up to kiss me as he straddled my waist. His hand was busy behind his back and when he rose and started to settle on my Mount David, he was all smiles. "I'm going to ride this pony all the way till morning." He almost did. Overtime I would go soft, I would feel a pull on my balls. Eventual everything had too come to a close and what a close. He dripped what appeared to be buckets but was probably a hand full.

"Alex, that was exactly what I needed." As I kissed him, I slowly moved my hand down until I could feel his arousal. What a great feel that was. The tip was moist and I knew I could get more from that fountain. I slipped the head over my lips, providing a little suction. He had his hand on my head pushing me down. I loved him so I took him into my throat. Soon he was doing all of the rocking as he fucked my throat. The noises he made are unbelievable but they only spur me on faster and I'd go deeper if I could, My nose was in his bush inhaling the aromas that was Alex. Then I knew he was close, I backed off a little, teased the head with my tongue until his moan changed pitch and then I took him back home again. He came so much, I didn't think I would need breakfast. As he collapsed on the bed and his little man, slipped from my mouth, I moved up to kiss him on his lips. His tongue swiped my mouth looking for some protein.

Looking into each other's eyes, we made our commitment, we'd be together until one us is taken and then until the other one followed, we'd wait.

The rest of the week, we fished and if we came close to some islands, we would swim in the ocean. Diving to the bottom we would pick up shells, one of the crew went with us and showed us which shells we could pick to eat. We had mussels and oysters, we were going to get a turtle but thought better of that. We did get a few shrimp but our prize was the conch. Their shells could be used as a horn. The cook really liked some of the different fish and shell fish we brought up for dinner.

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