The Prince

by Jobe

Chapter 5

I figured Alex would have a lot of his clothes since he was moving in, so I had asked George to send a car for him.

When he arrived, I was thankful I did send the car. I don't think he left any of his clothes at his home. Everything he owned was in those cases. "Alexandria was packing only one suitcase since she can't stay until 6 months before the wedding. So she may be able to handle it by herself."

"No, it wouldn't look proper. Call her and tell her to let us know when she's ready, I'll send a car."

"Where do I put all of these suitcases?"

"For the time being, put them in my office for now. We can sort them out when we return. Here is a diagram of the ship, except for dining we don't have to see the girls. Although protocol says I should have a quiet meeting with Alexandria in the evening before bed call."

"Your Highness, there are 4 gentlemen here to take your luggage to the yacht."

"These 4 bags are to go. They are tagged as to the correct cabin so please ask the Captain to be sure they are put into the correct cabin. We'll follow shortly"

I did a quick goodbye to Mother and Father, ask George to have my car brought around, got everyone situated and asked the driver to proceed to the royal harbor. We spoke in generalities in the car, about where we would be going, would we be stopping at any major ports, etc.

"I have had the Captain place an Itinerary in your cabins. My purpose of this voyage was to get to know each other before we start to live together. I'd say we are a rather unique couple, in that we're all gay and yet thrown into the same pot more or less. Please just be careful, what happens behind your close doors does not carry out of the closed doors. Although the crew is loyal to the King, they do have a loose tongue."

Having said that, we approached the dock where our ship was docked. As soon as our car pulled up to the gang plank, several men came too help us. The Captain met us as we boarded, "Your Highness, it's a pleasure too have you aboard."

"Thank you Captain. My Father and Mother send their best."

One of the seaman showed us to our cabins. "Cocktails as soon as we sail, your Highness."

As the seaman left, "I say cocktails now." I stripped and waited for Alex to follow suit. For the next 20 minutes I drank the nectar of the gods from a very novel fountain. "Tonight my love, we'll continue with the technique of doing a body search with a periscope."

Looking into those eyes, I had to kiss those lips. And that's what I did, and again and again until there was a knock on the door. "Yes, sailor?"

"Cocktails are being served your Highness."

"Thank you. Alex let's go and have a nice cocktail."

Whispering in my ear, "I thought we did."

We walked to the lounge, not holding hands. I walked a little in front and to the side of Alex. He had his hand on the middle of my back. We were connected that's all that matters.

"Your Highness what would you like to drink, we have spirits, wine, sodas or iced tea."

"I'd like a glass of iced tea Captain. I'm not into alcohol and to be truthful, I don't think I'll ever be." As the Captain poured the iced tea, Alex went and took the glass and brought it to me, "Your Highness" "Thank you Alex."

"Well, since we are all here, I would like the rest of this trip to be relaxed. Until we are on shore, I'm David."

"Well, David we appreciate the lowering of formality."

"Good, Captain how soon can we start fishing for our supper?"


"Yes, did you not read the notice I sent you on your phone."

They all shook their heads no. "Ok here it is. On this trip, there'll be no pampering. For all purposes we are peasants on a scuttle. Sorry Captain, I do not mean this is a scuttle. So not only do we have to fish for our food, but also clean our cabins, make our beds. Then when we get back home, we'll appreciate our help that much more. So Captain, where are the rods?"

The Captain opened up one of the seats, removed several fishing rods. One of the cabin crew went and got the bait tank and a box with ice for the fish. One of the cabin boys told us that he'd have gotten our fish for our dinner if we didn't volunteer to do it.

Sitting in comfortable chairs bolted to the floor, with a bait box beside us, we fished. Alexandra was the first to catch a fish. One of the crew, took the fish and put it into the box of ice. Alex caught the next one and then it seemed we were in a swarm of fish. In less than 45 minutes we had an ice box filled with fish. It's amazing how you feel after catching a lot of fish for dinner and then some. It's a true feeling of accomplishment after doing something you haven't done before.

After fishing, we just sat back and relaxed. "Alexandra, there are somethings you should know about what's going to happen. At the time of our wedding, a doctor will draw a blood sample from you. This sample has to be witnessed by my father and mother as well as the priest. A second sample will be taken and stored in a safe at the Castle. On our wedding night a virgin white cloth will be placed on the bed. The cloth is to catch your virgin blood to verify you were a virgin. The blood on the cloth will be analyzed to make sure the blood on the cloth is the same as the blood taken at our wedding. If you have any doubt that this won't happen, then you need to tell me now. If you don't and we become married and then there's none or the blood doesn't match, you'll be killed. That sounds drastic but that's the law. So, are you a virgin?"

"Yes, David, I'm a virgin."

"I know that this is going to be hard for you but with Marie as your lover, please be careful. Once we are married, Marie can break your hymen, the important thing is the blood has to be the same."

"What about children?

There has to be at least one son. If the first child is a son, then additional children are not necessary, if the first is a girl then additional children will continue until a son is born."

"Doesn't seem fair, What happens to the girls?"

"They are married to suitable suitors. Generally princes of other kingdoms or they take on the roll of being a substitute mother. Some choose the solitary life of a nun or become the wife of a diplomat. I have an Aunt who is the wife of a foreign diplomat."

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