The Prince

by Jobe

Chapter 4

"Will I bleed when my virginity is taken?"

"I don't think so if it's done correctly. You have no tissue to break for penetration. Do you want to find out?"

There's that smile again. I helped him to disrobe as he helped me. Taken him by the hand, I led him to my bathroom. I filled the jacuzzi with warm water and scented oils. I watched as he stepped in and slowly sank into the warm scented water. He smiled and yes those eyes twinkled. I joined him and slid behind him so that he essentially was sitting between my legs. Of course my hard cock was riding up on his back. I reached around and pulled him to me as I kissed his neck and behind his eyes. His shoulders looked so masculine that I had too caress them with my lips as I let my hands freely roamed over the front of his body. He laid his head back on me with his eyes shut, he was totally relaxed. I gently pushed down my hard cock so that it lodged in the valley of joys. As the water bubbled I began to move him up and down until I was posted at his entrance. The warm fragrant water made him total relaxed and as he sank onto my cock, he felt no pain. Soon he was settled in the saddle and ready for a horsey ride.

Whispering in his ear, "are you ok?"

"It feels so different, you must be huge."

I reached around and grabbed his cock which was the same size as mine. I slowly began to stroke him as I pushed into him and then relaxed a little. I only had about a five centimeters movement but it was incredible. Slow movements but intense. We sat in the jacuzzi till the water became too cold. Getting up, we both felt like we didn't want stop. I started the shower, set the temperature and continued where we left off. Standing, I could move faster and deeper. He started too push against me, he was making funny sounds, "Yea, more , faster, deeper come on Dave, I'm almost there. Right there, again, again."

Then with one gasp, I watched as he shot against the wall of the shower. As his ass constricted around my cock, I pushed one time and I started to fill him up. I never came so much. Let's face it a hand job is nothing like this. He totally relaxed back into me. Holding him up was no easy feat since he had 25 cm on me with more mass. Soon he recovered and when he turned around those eyes were sparkling like crazy. Taken my head in hand, he pulled me to his lips, what a kiss, my cock respond again and was just as hard as when I entered him the first time. When he felt it against his leg, he dropped and took it in his mouth and my knees became weak.

"My god if this what it'll be like living with you, I'll never be far from your side. Careful, I'm almost there. Alex I'm going to …..I never finished as I filled his mouth with my essence."

He stood up and smiled at me. Looking down he was ready for a second time, I just turned around, put my hands on my knees and bent over. I was so ready, the little pain I felt when he first entered never really registered. Slowly as he filled me, I felt that we were becoming one. I wanted to do it in the jacuzzi, on his lap.

We finished showering and playing around as we washed each other's hair and body parts, all parts. There wasn't a part of his body that I didn't touch, He could say the same for me.

We cuddled in my bed and soon we were soundly asleep. I knew that George would be in to wake me at 7, so I set the alarm for 6. It seems I no sooner fell asleep then the alarm woke me. As Alex opened his eyes, I leant over and kissed him. "Do that again." I did.

"We have to get up, my Aide will be here to wake me at 7." I threw back the covers and pulled him toward the showers. I started the water going while we jostled around the bowl emptying our bladders. Then into the shower, I knew we hadn't much time, so washed his hair and back as he did mine. Then the fronts were done quickly, dried, teeth brushed, hair combed, we got dressed. I looked at the clock, come on we got 10 minutes before George will arrive. We sat in the outer room while we waited. I called down to the kitchen to send two cups of coffee up to my room. I was surprised that the coffee arrived before George. We were sitting there drinking coffee making eyes at each other when George arrived.

"I'm surprised to see you up and dressed your Highness?"

"George, since I'm now of an age to marry, I'm going to appoint Alex as my Valet. He will sleep in this small reception room so if you could please let housekeeping know so they can prepare this room as my valet sleeping room. I'll take one of the small rooms off the reception hall as my reception room."

"Alex, if you ever need anything, George is the person who can help you. George, did you have fun last night?"

"It was a very fun night for you, but for me, I had be on guard. If anything happened to one of those girls, it would be major disaster."

"George you're always on guard. I think I'm going to go someplace that no one will be able to reach us and then you can relax."

"Where would you find a place like that? If we can get there anyone can."

"I'll rent a boat and travel, you and a couple of the security guys can come along to keep us all safe."

"When are you going to do this?"

"Within the next few weeks, I'll talk to Father and I'll bet he has a boat we can use."

"Good luck, I can use the break."

I looked at Alex and winked. "George since Alex is going to be my valet, he'll need several sets of the appropriate clothing. Can you help with that?"

"I'll get the court tailor to stop and take measurements. I'm sure he'll know what the appropriate style for a valet will be."

As George left, he turned and winked at me. George knew, but he'll keep it to himself.

I talked to Father and we did indeed have a boat with a vetted crew.

"Father, why haven't we used the boat?"

"I don't like the water. Your Mother has used it on occasion and of course some of the other dignitaries have used it. When do you want to use it?"

"As soon as it's available. I also want to let you know I hired a valet. Has mom told you who I have picked for my bride?"

"Yes, and she is a very attractive girl. Who is your valet?"

"Her brother, keeping it in the family"

My Father grabbed me and gave me a big hug, "I'm glad you're my son and are willing to live up to your responsibilities."

George told us the yacht would be ready to sail on Friday. This meant we'd have 4 days to prepare.

"Alex, I want this to be a comfortable cruise. So no formal clothes, comfort clothes and swim gear. As my valet, your job is to pack that all for me. Because I'm falling in love with you, I'll help by packing your suitcase."

Alex had to go home to get his clothes and while he was at home his sister asked him where he was going. He told her that he was hired as David's valet, the King has agreed, so

David wants to take a cruise on the royal yacht.

It wasn't long before the phone rang and it was Alex. "David, I told my sister why I needed my clothes and now she wants to come along."

"By herself?"

"No, she wants to bring her staff." I knew that meant her girl friend. There would be plenty of room.

"Let me check out the yacht. I wouldn't mind if they stay by themselves. My idea of the yacht was to give us time together. Stay there I'll call you back."

I went to look for George, I found him in the kitchen.

"George, do you have a layout of the royal yacht?"

"I'll get it for you. I think there's one in your mother's office."

"I'll check with Mother and you can look other places."

I knocked on Mother's door, when her secretary answered the door, she announced me to Mother. "David what a nice surprised. So you have picked your future wife and I must say she is a very beautiful woman."

"Thanks Mother and that's why I'm here. I'd like to plan a cruise on the royal yacht but I was looking for a diagram of the yacht so I can assign the appropriate rooms. I do not want to sleep with Alexandra until after we are married."

"I have a diagram of the yacht in my file cabinet. Ask my secretary for it as you leave."

"Thanks Mother" I gave her a kiss on her head and left to pick up the diagram of the yacht. One look at the diagram and I knew she wouldn't be a problem. I called Alex and told him no problem.

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