The Prince

by Jobe

Chapter 2

I arranged with the cook to prepare a very special lunch for my guests and I. It ended up being a 7 course luncheon which may seem like a lot. But having many small servings would give me enough time to lay out my plan.

About noon, George came into my sitting room, "Your Highness, the car just left to pickup your guests."

"Did they make any comments about the invitation?"

"No sir, they seemed puzzled but they readily accepted."

"Good let me know when they arrive so I may greet them."

"Your mother was inquiring as to who these guests were, based on what the guards told me, I told her they were town folks you met yesterday while jogging."

"Was she satisfied with that answer?"

"It appeared so but it's hard to read the Queen."

There were 4 bed rooms on my side of the castle, two of the rooms would be for my bride and myself. Since this is an arranged marriage each would have their own bedroom but would share a sitting room. The other two rooms would be for the Maid-in-Waiting and the Valet. There are two smaller rooms which are on a lower floor which are used as offices, there I'll have my office and the other will be for my bride. Each of the bedrooms have their own in-suite bathroom and dressing room. This arrangement fitted my plan perfectly. If Alex finds me not suited to be his lover, it would still workout if Alexandra and her lover agreed to the plan.

It was 12:30 when George informed me that the car just entered the gate. I put on my coat and went to the reception hall to meet my guests. Of course I knew my mother and father were looking out from their offices.

As the footman opened the door, I smiled at Alex and Alexandra. They looked handsome and lovely as they entered the castle. "Welcome my friends, I'm so glad you could join me for lunch. I have arranged to have lunch in the Garden. It's my favorite place."

I offered Alexandra my arm as I escorted them to the Garden. George had the staff set everything up for a private lunch under one of the rose covered arbors. As I left the reception hall, I waved to my mother and father. I knew sometime before dinner I'd be asked to explain who those people were and why I asked them to lunch. It wasn't a problem for me to invite people to lunch, they were just showing their interest in me. That was the excuse to find out why I had a luncheon.

It took about 10 minutes before the waiter began to bring out our lunch, one plate at a time. As we began to eat, I began to introduce my plan. "I'm gay and prefer the company of men. I don't want to marry a girl, it wouldn't be fair for her." I stopped as the second course was being served.

Looking at Alex, "Alex would you by and chance be gay?"

I watch Alexandra as I asked Alex that questioned. It was almost like she wanted the answer as much as me.

"Yes, your Highness I'm gay. I haven't told my parents and if there was a way not to tell them I'd appreciate it."

Third course was being served. "Alexandra, I told his Highness why you weren't going to attend his birthday party."

"How did you know?"

"Your girlfriend's bother told me"

"Alexandra, that knowledge led me to develop the plan I wanted to offer you. If you'll consent to be my wife, you can have your girl friend as your Maid-in-Waiting. I'll show you the rooms after we have finished lunch. Think about it and if you have any questions let me know."

We chatted about basketball, and when Alex could come and install the equipment. As we chatted over dessert guess who showed up, my Mother. I introduced her to my friends, who bowed and courtesy as they acknowledge the Queen. "Mother, would you like some dessert or something to drink?" I waved to the waiter who brought a chair for my mother and after she sat down, Alex and his sister sat. I asked him to bring something for my mother to drink.

Alex and Alexandra answered my mother's question in a very respectful manner. Alex explained how we met and my interest in the game called basketball. He told her how I went to his home and that is where he met my sister.

"My dear, are you planning on coming to the David's birthday party?"

"Yes, your Majesty, I wouldn't missed it for anything. It'll be the event of the year and probably for the next 20 years."

That gave me the answer to my question. Yes, Alexandra will be my chosen wife. Now to tie down her brother, well not really …but…maybe later if he'd agreed to a little fun.

I escorted my guest to the door and reminded Alex to let me know when he'd be ready to install the basket for the game. I gave him my private phone number so he could contact me.

I went to my room and waited, I knew it wouldn't be long before I'd be summoned to my mother's reception room.

It was about 1 hour before dinner when George knocked to inform me my mother would like to see me. Now the inquisition would start.

"Mother, you wanted to see me?"

"You realize that you still must go ahead with the party and dancing with every girl there."

"Of course Mother what gave you the idea that I wasn't going to participate. After all it'll be the event of the year."

My mother is not a dummy, she realized that I had already selected the girl. "I find Alexandra a very pretty girl." Winking at me, "I'm glad that you're going to follow protocol."

"Alex will be coming over here to install the basket for the game basketball. I was thinking now that I'll be 16, I should have a valet. What's your opinion?"

She just looked at me and began to laugh, "Definitely you'll need to have a valet." With saying that, I got a hug and was dismissed.

At dinner that evening, my Father looked at me and smiled. I knew my Mother told him.

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