The Prince

by Jobe

Chapter 1

"Your Highness, you have a meeting today with your father at 10 and your mother at 1."

"Thank you George. As soon as I'm finished here, I'll go and see Father."

"Father, George said you wanted to see me."

"Yes, David, since you'll be 16 in a few days, we need to review several accounts that you'll automatically inherit on your 16th birthday. Your Grandfather set up these accounts when you were born and soon they'll be yours."

This conversation between father and son took place in the small municipality of Alburdin. The municipality was well known for a liquor that only could be made from a special plant that grew there. Many have tried to grow the plant in other countries but were never successful. This liquor was called the Tears of Albudin attributing the special flower that is used to the ancient God, Albudin.

The municipality was ruled by a king and queen whose lineage was over 1000 years. Prince David upon reaching the age of 16 was considered, being the oldest and only son of King Alfred and Queen Julianne , in line to be the next king. The laws stated that as long as their was one heir, the country will be ruled by the monarchy but in the case there are no successors, the country will be ruled by an elected assembly.

After meeting with his father, Prince David met with his mother for lunch . After lunch, his mother began to instruct him on the necessity of finding a potential bride. "Mother, I'm too young to begin thinking about marriage."

"Nonsense, your father and I were married on his 17th birthday. You're the right age to begin your selection process."

"Selection process? What is that? I thought I'd find someone, fall in love with them and then get married. Selection process sounds like going to a market and picking someone without even knowing them."

"That's exactly why at your birthday party you'll have a chance to view the young ladies of the kingdom and as its customary you'll have to dance with each of them. From this process you'll be able to designate who will be your bride."

Prince David did not like this at all. He knew the importance of creating an heir but at 16 to begin to think about this. He also knew that he was gay. That just further complicated things.

In the evening, David went into the gardens at the back of the Palace and started his daily jogging. He jogged through the Gardens into the woods but kept thinking abut what his mother said. "I can't marry a girl, I like boys. I need to talk to George."

That evening in his room after dinner, he called for George. "George, I have a problem and I think you could help."

"Yes, your Highness, if I can help I will."

"My mother told me at my 16th birthday party I must select a young woman to be my queen. I don't think I'm not old enough to be married and I think I'm gay. What can I do?"

"I'd suggest tomorrow you jog through town instead of around the Gardens. I'll have 4 of the guard jog with you. While you jog take a look at the girls you pass, maybe there's someone you might want to know better."

David thought that might not be such a bad idea. So early in the morning, after a light breakfast along with 4 young guards, he began his jog. At first he didn't see anything, it was too early for the town's young ladies to be up. But as he jogged past a park, he heard boys yelling. He headed in that direction and found several boys playing a game with a ball and a basket on a pole. He looked at one of his guards, "That game is called basketball, your Highness."

David watched and he noticed one of the boys was acting like a leader. Every time he got the ball he'd toss it to one of the other boys who would toss the ball at the net. He also noticed that the ball was passed to different boys each time. "What's the objective of this game?"

"Each time the ball goes through the basket, the person who threw the ball gets one point. At the end of the game the person with the most points wins."

This only confused David more. The boy passing the ball would never win the game since he never tossed the ball at the basket. David watched the game until the boys stopped playing. As they left, he heard them call the boy Alex.

He was ready to leave when he saw a group of boys about the age of 9 or 10, run up to Alex. "Hey guys, ready to practice?" The group of boys jumped and yelled.

"Your Majesty, we should continue your jog."

"No, I want to see what's going to happen."

David watched as Alex set the boys up in a game of touch the ball to the ground several times and then passing the ball to the next boy. They did this several times, then Alex had them form a line, he took one boy and stood him to his right side and lined the other boys on his left side. David watched as a boy from the right bounced the ball to the boy on the left who would then toss the ball toward the basket. Sometimes it didn't reached the basket but that seemed all right.

David watched until it was apparent the game was over. "Your Highness we must go."

"I want to talk to that boy, ask him to come and talk with me."

One of the guards went over to talk to the boy. David watched as the boy looked at him, he noticed the boy appeared a little frightened. The guard said something else and the boy nodded and started to walk with the guard to David.

Bowing, "Your Highness to what may I be of service?"

"Is your name Alex?"

"Yes, your Highness"

"I have never seen that game played before. Could you teach me?"

"Yes, your Highness, when would you like to learn?"

"How about now?"

So David along with his four guards followed Alex on to the playground where they had observed the previous boys playing. Alex explained the game and let each of them toss the ball at the basket. Of course they all missed and they laughed at each other as they miss. "Alex, I want to see you toss the ball?"

Alex took the ball, aimed it and tossed it at the basket, the ball went through the basket with ease. They looked at Alex, Alex casted his eyes to the ground and wasn't sure what would happen next.

"Alex could I have a set up like this at my palace?"

"Yes, your Highness, it's very simple to set this up. I have one set up at my home and would be glad to show you if you so desire."

"Excellent, do you live far from here?"

"No your Highness, about 3 kilometers"

"Ok, let's go." They began to jog to Alex's home. David kept looking at Alex and he liked what he saw. "Alex, my name is David. When we get to your home, I'd liked to be introduced as David."

Alex looked at David and smiled, he too liked what he saw. Alex had confessed to his parents he was gay when he turned 14. They had no problem with that as lone as David married and sired an heir. Being gay was an accepted reality in the kingdom. In fact two of the guards that ran with David were married to each other.

Arriving at Alex's house, a young lady came out to greet them. "This is my twin sister Alexandra." David knew right then he had found his bride.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Alexandra. I hear that the Prince is having a Ball to celebrate his 16th birthday. Since he's a friend of mine, would I see you there?"

"I'm afraid not, I have nothing against the Prince it's just that Balls are not my thing."

"David, come and I'll show you my basket set up."

David followed Alex around the garage and saw the basket which was attached to the garage. They took turns, along with the guards tossing the ball at the basket. Alex made a basket every time and everyone was surprised when they made a basket. "Alex, I want one of these at the palace. Could you come over tomorrow and set one up for me?"

"Yes, David, it'd be an honor for me to do that for you."

"I have another question for you, why would your sister desire not go come to my birthday party?"

"All the girls know that you'll be selecting your wife at that party. My sister is gay and likes girls so she feels it would be cheating on her girlfriend if she attended."

David pondered that answer as he jogged back to the Castle. He would ask George to send an invitation to Alex and his sister to attend a luncheon tomorrow at the castle.

David's mind was working overtime. If he could get Alexandra to agree to be his wife she could have her girlfriend as her maid-in-waiting and I could have Alex as my valet. Outside of our rooms it would look very respectable but inside our rooms, we could have each other. David was quite please with himself, then self doubt set in. Suppose Alex doesn't like me or his sister won't accept the deal, then what would I do? He liked Alex and anyone that would spend time teaching children had to be a good person. The older boys and younger kids appeared to really like Alex, so he had to be considerate and kind. Besides he was very good looking.

"George, I'd like to you to send an invitation to the young couple I met today to join me for lunch tomorrow. Ask one of the boys who jogged with me where they lived. If they accept, we'll send the car for them. I think we'll have lunch in the Garden tomorrow."

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