Richie and Jimmy

by Jobe

Chapter 17

I woke before the alarm, as my senses came alive I felt someone sucking my dick. I looked at Rich, he looked up at me and I could see that wicked smile in his eyes, I blew. "I couldn't help it. It was knocking on my balls so I knew it wanted in."

I just grabbed him and gave him a squeeze as I kissed him. "Well, since we are awake, we might as well get up. Remember you go to work today."

Showering, dressing and having breakfast felt different this morning for me. I could't fathom why, is this a result of the sharing last night or the realization that I loved Rich without any reservations. What ever the reason, I liked how I felt. Looking into Rich's eyes I could almost feel the love they held.

"Rich why don't you drive this morning, I'm going to ride in the back. I want to see what the guard is going to say."

As we approached the gate, my friend came out and when he saw Rich driving the car, he stopped and looked. He knew it was my car, he saw Rich's badge and then he saw me in the back. "You have been promoted so you have a chauffeur now. I need to get clearance for him to drive you into the plant." Then he started to laugh, I got out of the car and got into the front with Rich.

He waved us through shaking his head. I think he looks forward to ribbing me, all in good fun of course. I showed Rich where to park the car, and then we headed into the office building. At the guard station, I introduced Rich. They took his badge and copied the information. "Gramps office is on the 3rd floor. It seems I'm asked to go there every morning so we'll start there."

We took the elevator to the third floor, Gramps secretary met us with two cups of coffee. Gramps must have told her about Rich starting today. "Good morning Grandfather"

"Good morning James, Richard, James I want you to work in sales again and maybe help Mr. Robson with the security design that you drafted the other day. Richard after we get you checked in, then you can work with Mr. Chester in assembly. James, will you take Richard to personnel ,Grace is expecting you. Then you can take him to payroll and then Mr. Chester."

"Yes, Grandfather I'll be glad to do that."

I escorted Rich to Personnel and introduced him to Grace. "James this will only take a minute and then you can escort Richard to payroll."

I waited while Grace got a booklet explaining Gramps' company and the rules and regulations. It included starting times, holidays and vacation policy. It also contained a section on interns. "Richard, read these and if you have any questions I'm sure James can answer and if not, stop and see me."

Rich thanked Grace, "Come on I'll take you to payroll and get you signed up. When you go to assembly, Mr. Chester will sit you at a workstation and then bring boxes of parts along with an instruction sheet. Read the instruction sheet, then arrange the boxes in the order you need them. It'll go faster and you'll get done faster."

"Is that what you did?"

"Yes, it just made sense rather than keep looking for the right box among a jumble of boxes. You'll see how fast you can assemble the units if the boxes are set up right."

I took Rich to payroll and then to the assembly department. "I'll see you for lunch."

As I walked into Mr. Allen's office I noticed he was smiling when he saw me. "Good morning James, Robson is waiting for you."

I went to Mr. Robson's desk but he wasn't there. I sat down in his chair and while I was waiting, I looked over the draft proposal for Mr. Cameron. It appears that Mr. Robson had begun to list the detectors and auxiliary equipment he would include in the proposal. I was so intent on reading the draft proposal I didn't hear Mr. Robson had come up behind me. When he placed his hand on my shoulder, I jumped.

"I didn't mean to scare you. What do you think of what I have proposed so far?"

"I think it's a good beginning but I haven't read it closely enough to venture an opinion."

"Good because what we're going to do today is look at what you wrote the other day and what I have sketched out in that draft and see if we can improve and develop plan two. Many times the first plan we show the client isn't what he wants and in most cases it isn't what he wants to pay . So we normally do a second level plan which provides some security."

"So plan B then only deals with the most critical area."

"Yes, for example you brought up a very important point about the loading dock area. But there is a chance that Cameron will not want to invest in all of the security measures you outlined. Then we need to rethink that section."

For the next 4 hours we tore apart the draft proposal. I explained what I thought we should propose. Between the two of us we came up actually with three proposals, that last one we called a C proposal as it was the cheapest and only provided some security at the dock.

"I don't think we should warrant plan C. It's a bare necessity but has a lot of flaws. I don't think the company should warrant such a bare bones proposal."

"That's a good point, we normally provide a warranty with our proposals, provided we are permitted to audit the facility twice a year."

We continued to finalized the proposals and I was glad to see a lot of my recommendations from my draft were included in plans A and B. "Let's break for lunch and then we can finalize the proposals and send a copy to Cameron. I'll call and set up another meeting so we can go over the proposal with him."

I went to assembly and picked up Rich. Walking to the lunch wagon, "How did it go?"

"I did what you said and I finished them all and then he told me to go to lunch and he would have more when I came back."

"Yes, he'll double the amount he gave you this morning. Just keep doing what you did this morning."

At the lunch wagon we order grilled chicken sandwiches with chips and coffee which we ate at a small table by the wagon. After lunch we still had time so we sat in the car and listen to music. Rich leaned into me as I put my arm around his shoulders and pulled him in such a manner that I could lean over and kiss his lips. I get a kick out of how his eyes sparkle every time I kiss him. I think even if I didn't love him like I do I'd still kiss him for his sparkling eyes.

The afternoon seemed to fly by and soon it was time to go home. I drove to the market, we needed to get some items for breakfast. I picked up a roasted chicken and decided we might stay home for dinner tonight. I also stopped at the pharmacy to buy a special lube that had an analgesic in it which would help to deaden the pain. I knew what pain I felt when Rich first entered me and I'm bigger than he is so I'm sure there will be some pain.

When we got home, Rich took the groceries to the apartment while I went and told Miss Marie that we wouldn't be joining them for dinner. She gave me a piece of pie for desert, it was enough for four people. She must have forgotten that Nick wasn't here.

Dinner that night in the apartment with the two of us was beyond our expectations, we acted like old married people. For once I knew the feeling of being a part of my own family. I think for every bite we took, we would look and smile at each other. I thought of two kids playing house and having a fake tea party.

After we cleaned up the dinner dishes, we sat together on the sofa and watched a movie. Rich sat with his back against my chest and his head resting on my shoulder. We held hands and I felt at peace with the world. How could this not be right? We loved each other, we felt right with each other for us this was happiness.

"Rich we better go to bed we have work tomorrow." He looked at me, I looked him and his eyes seemed to be asking a question. "Let's go and get a shower and then hit the sack."

For the first time we didn't fool around in the shower. Rich looked strange maybe a mixture of hope and fear. I didn't know which since i have never seen that look before.

Laying in bed in each others arms, "Rich, we don't need to do anything tonight but sleep. When you are ready, let me know. I love you and I'll not push you to do anything you don't want to do."

I noticed a tears forming in his eyes, "Jimmy, I'm sorry. I'm just afraid."

"That's ok, I love you and you know I won't hurt you and I'll wait until you are ready."

I pulled him into my arms so I could kiss the top of his head. Slowly I closed my eyes and began to drift off to sleep. I jerked awake when I felt lips and then a mouth on my cock. Looking down I saw Rich giving loving attention to my cock. "Rich, you don't have to do this."

"It's the least I can do."

I just let my emotions take over as Rich brought me to the brink and then I fell over the brink in a rush of emotions. I pulled Rich up so I could kiss him and prepared to do the same to him.

"No Jimmy, that was for you."

I looked into his eyes and the blue sparkle was back, I just pulled him into a cuddle and relaxing fell asleep.

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