Richie and Jimmy

by Jobe

Chapter 16

As soon as I hit the bed I was out. I didn't even feel Rich coming to bed. All I know is when I woke in the morning, someone's head was on my chest and someone's hand was on my dick.

I looked at his face and it was serene and a small smile could be detected. Carefully I extracted myself, went to empty my bladder and started to take my shower. I just had soaped my hair when I felt someone behind me helping. "Good morning Rich, I love you."

"I love you too."

This morning because I had to get to work, we didn't spend much time playing in the shower. Oh we had enough time to taste some creamy dessert, that doesn't take long once you get finish mixing. I got dressed while Rich went and made breakfast.

"We need to go shopping."

"Yes, we can do that or I can give you some money and you can do that after you do the laundry."

"Ok, that would give us more time tonight."

We did have coffee and toasted bagel. Rich took bagels from the freezer and defrosted them in the microwave. That was always a tricky proposition, too much you had cardboard and not enough you couldn't separate them. I don't how he did it but we had bagels and coffee for breakfast.

Rich drove to work, I told him to pick me up at 12 for lunch. I walked through the gate, my friend the guard wanted to know if I had car problems. I told him a friend needed the car, he just dropped me off. I walked to the security station, they just looked at me and shook their head. I took the elevator to Gramps office. When I got off the elevator, Gramps secretary wasn't there. I went and knocked on Gramps office door, he waved me in.

"Good morning Grandfather, you have a new or old assignment for me?"

"Where do you want to work today, every where you work that all want you back. I can't tell you how proud that makes me."

"Do you know where the biggest load is today, do we have a large shipment coming in or going out or do we need help in assembly."

"Wait just a minute." Gramps made a few phone calls, "James, I want you to go and see Mr. Allen in sales. Although most of our business is with the government, we do have some non government customers. He's on the second floor just beyond payroll. He's expecting you."

I went to the second floor, waved at Mrs. Weaver as I went by her office. She smiled and waved back. I knocked on the door with Mr. Allen's name on it. I heard come in. "You must be James."

"Yes, Sir, Mr. Bishop assigned me to your department today."

"We are not a big group since 85 percent of our business is with the government, we have only two people working in sales beside myself. What I thought I'd do today is to pair you up with one of our salespersons and see what happens."

I followed him to a small office and was introduced to Mr. Robson. "Glen, this is James Ricardo, he is an intern and has been shuffled around various departments and today you luck out or we lucked out."

I shook Mr Robson's hand. "Ok James as your may know or maybe you don't, we sell to a very small niche market. The devices are used in security systems that many businesses have installed in their warehouses or places of business. The unit looks like this."

"Yes, I have seen theme. In fact my first assignment was to put these together for Mr. Chester."

"So you are the James he was impressed with. He said he gave you more than he thought you would get done but you finished all of them."

"It wasn't that hard once you got the system organized."

"I have to make a sales call today. Do you want to go along?"

"Yes, if that's possible"

"Good let's go. This is a new customer. He has an electronic store and is concerned that he may be targeted for theft. Electronic stores are constantly being hit. The items have a high street value and of course electronics is becoming an everyday word."

We drove to an independent store. Most electronic stores are now within malls but there are a few independent stand alone stores. We drove around the back of the store and park next to a small loading dock. Rang a bell, the door open and I was introduced to Mr. Cameron the store owner. While Mr. Robson talked to the owner, I looked at the outside of the building. I didn't see any lights or cameras, anyone could pull a truck up to the door and enter the building.

We walked into the building into an area that was used as a warehouse. Again I noticed no cameras or security alarm system. From there we walked into a hall way, to the right was a bathroom and to the left was an office. Both areas were blocked in, there wasn't a window from the office looking into the store area. The actual store, had a regular glass door and a large display window, shelves lined both walls and there were a few floor displays. Again there was an absence of cameras and I didn't see any protection for the door or window.

Mr. Cameron and Mr. Robson talked for a while in the office. While they did that, I looked around the store area, looking at the various equipment on display and realize that they had everything need for building a secure network.

I wanted to make some notes but I didn't have any paper. Knocking on Mr. Cameron's office, I asked if he had a tablet I could use. He gave me the tablet that was on his desk. I thanked him and went back into the display area.

I started to make some notes, first what I saw, second points of vulnerability and then areas of where detectors could be located for maximum surveillance. I knew he needed a recording devices similar to what I used at the diner. We could use Gramps detectors to trigger a recording which could be used later in case of theft.

After shaking hands and promising to get a proposal to Mr. Cameron within a week we went back to the office.

I sat at an empty desk and began to put together a list of areas I thought needed better security. Mr. Robson asked me what I was doing, I told him and he asked to see the report when it was finished. I divided the report into two major sections, outside security and inside security. It was obvious that the security at the loading dock had to be top quality. That was the weakest part of the building. Since there were no outside lights and the door being a normal wooden door, anyone could easily broken into the warehouse area and steal the complete inventory. So my proposal would be to light the area, install cameras that would be activated by a switch when the loading dock door was opened. I would use two cameras, one a dummy camera and a camera that could operate in minimum light. The light would be installed at the roof level and would provide sufficient light for the camera.

Next I'd re-enforce the loading dock door. The lock on the door would have to be upgraded to a numerical lock with a back up scanner system. Then I'd look at the front of the building. Again the glass store window would need to be strengthen by adding a sliding chain cover on the outside of the window activated from the inside. The window should also include electrical strips that if broken would sound an alarm. I also included a large wall clock with a camera to record all store activity, during operations as well as after hours.

Displays should have a detector which would alarm the owner if moved. They could also direct a camera at the point of detection. Essentially all movement within the store could be monitored.

There was one weak area during hours, a robber could enter and force the owner to open the safe, a detector could be designed to alert the police.

"Mr. Robson, I have jotted down what I considered potential security issues and made a few recommendations. If you need any further explanations of what I wrote, let me know."

It was time to leave and I didn't realize how much time had passed. I called Rich and told him I would be ready to leave in a few minutes and to meet me at the gate. I went to Grandfathers office and told him I was leaving and I would see him tonight. By the time I got to the gate, Rich was there waiting for me.

As soon as we cleared the gate, I gave Rich a kiss on the cheek. "Did you get the laundry done?"

"I think I did something that might make you mad. Since I was going to do some shopping, I asked Miss Marie if she needed anything. While we were talking I happened to mention that I was going to do the laundry. She told me to leave it and she will do it since I'll be shopping for her. I know you didn't want that to happen and I'm sorry. Please don't be mad."

"I knew if she found out about us taking our clothes to a laundromat she would offer. We will have to make it up to her. But let's be a little sneaky next time ok."

Rich looked at me with a big smile and when he smiles I'll forgive him for everything. "How will we make it up to her?"

"I don't know, maybe we can buy her a special gift. I'll explain to Gram and find out from her what we could get."

"How did work go today?"

"I worked in the sales department. We visited a store and basically they had no security. I drafted some ideas and gave them to the salesman. I'll probably see what he'll say tomorrow. You will be coming to work tomorrow I bet."

"Do you think I'll get my clearance that fast?"

"Yea, I had mine in one day. I think they just rubber stamp Gramps papers."

"There is a gift on the table for you. I didn't open it but who is it from?"

"Brand gave it to me when we left. I have been so tired I forgot to open it. We'll do that after dinner."

"I have the lists so lets do the grocery shopping. I'll take a cart for Miss Marie and you can take a cart for us."

I had the easiest job since I only had to get food for breakfast and lunch. Now that Nick isn't around anymore, we don't need snack food. I did pick up a lot of fruit. I met Rich at the meat counter, "Rich add that pork roast to my cart, after check out you can put it in with Miss Marie's groceries."

Sneaky, yes it was sneaky but I knew we would be sharing that roast.

"Rich you take Miss Marie's groceries to her and tell her you have to leave to help me. If she checks the bags and finds that roast, you'll catch hell."

"Ok, I'll just drop them off. I put that roast on the bottom of the bag."

I carried half of what we bought to the apartment and about 5 minutes later Rich came in with the rest laughing. "I think Miss Marie reads minds. She took the groceries and gave me a funny look. I think when we go to dinner, we should use the front door."

"No, you use the front door, I'll go in the kitchen way and pretend I didn't know what you did."

"No, that way I'll get all of the blame."

"No, you won't, she knows I'd do something like that but not you. So this way she'll think you did that to pay her back for doing the clothes. I'll talk to Gram and mention that we don't think it's fair for Miss Marie to laundry our clothes."

"We might get away with it this time but not the next time."

"Let's see what Brand gave us." I remove the wrapping paper, opened the box and started to laugh.

"What's so funny?"

"Look, a booklet on gay love, a package of condoms and hand written instructions on making love. I guess Brand thinks that since Nick isn't here we should consummate our love."

"And you don't?"

"Yes, I do but who's going to be the top and who's going to be the bottom?"

"Can't we both be tops and bottoms. I know you're the only one for me and I'd love to show you physical love as well as to receive it from you."

"Maybe we should read this pamphlet first. I wouldn't want to hurt you."

"After dinner we can read it together."

Dinner was delicious as well. Rich did use the front door and I went into the kitchen. Of course Miss Marie cornered me right away. "Richard" now I knew I was in trouble.

"Yes, Miss Marie, and thank you for doing our laundry. You really didn't have to do that." I think that took a little edge off the coming scolding we were going to get.

"I know that this was your idea and not Rich's."

"Miss Marie, you know how we feel about you. Think of it as a thank-you gift that we'll share with you."

That did it she started to laugh. I gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek then left to see Gram.

"Why did Rich use the front door?"

"Well, Miss Marie did our laundry and I told Rich that I didn't want her to do it as she had enough to do. It's easy for us to use the laundromat in town when we go shopping or to eat. I bought a pork roast and we put it into her bag which Rich delivered. I told him to use the front door while I went into the kitchen. I got the dickens but I knew if I smiled Miss Marie will forgive me. But Gram we really don't want Miss Marie to do our laundry. Essentially we double her load. It doesn't cost us much to do the laundry in town."

"You know Miss Marie is very fond of you. This isn't a load for her, she enjoys doing things for you boys."

"I just don't feel right about it. How about us using your laundry facilities but Rich and I will do the laundry."

"Ok we'll try it but I think Miss Marie will toss you out."

"Jimmy is it safe for me to go into the kitchen and say hi to Miss Marie?"

"Yes, you can go. She thinks it was me."

Right after Rich went into the kitchen, Frick and Frack went and sat in front of the door. "Gramps must be coming."

Sure enough, the door opened and Gramps came in petting the dogs. He saw me sitting with Gram, came over and gave Gram a kiss and patted me on the head. "I heard you did a good job today?"

"I didn't do anything today except go on a call with Mr. Robson."

He just smiled, "Where is Richard?"

"In the kitchen with Miss Marie"

"I have his authorization with me he can start working tomorrow . When does school start?"

"Freshman orientation starts on Monday but the first classes don't start until the following Monday."

Gramps went into his study and came back out without his suit coat and tie. He poured himself a drink, offered a sherry to Gram, looked at Rich and I, we shook our heads no.

It wasn't long before Miss Marie said that dinner was ready. It was excellent as usual. Dessert was a peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream. That was my favorite and I think that was her way of saying we were back in her good graces.

After dinner, we went to Gramps study were he gave Rich his papers and badge. Rich just smiled and thanked Gramps. "I know you only have a few days till school starts but depending on your schedule you might get a few days once in a while. I'll assign you to tasks that'll help but isn't critical."

I knew what Rich would be doing, pretty much what I did the first few days. But hey it's a little spending money.

That evening as we sat on the sofa, we began to read the material Brand gave me. At first I thought no way, and then as I read I thought yes way. I looked at Rich, "You want to be first?"

Looking into those eyes, It really didn't matter. I loved Rich and would do what ever he wanted. Love given equals love shared.

"I'm not sure, I think it'll hurt especially with what you have between your legs"

"Rich, I wouldn't hurt you if I could help it, so I'll receive your love tonight. Then when you're ready, you can receive my love."

I thought about what I just said and I wasn't sure if the time was right. I loved Rich and I knew I wanted to spend my life with him. But, we were both very young to make that type of commitment.

"Rich, you understand that when we do this that there is no going back. We'll have given our virginity to each other which means if we break up and fall in love with someone else, we won't be able to offer this gift to them."

"Jimmy, I can't see us breaking up unless you grow tired of me. I have never felt so happy and in love as I do now. I can't see a future without you. I know we're young but there are many people our age that fall in love, marry and stay together for years. I have no qualms about giving my self to you."

I watched Rich as he spoke, his eyes told me he was speaking from his heart. There was no doubt in my mind that he didn't mean everything he said. But, how do I feel, would I wander away from him, would I fall out of love and would I be the one to break us up and his heart in doing so.

The more I thought about it, the more I looked at Rich, I came to the realization that I did love him with everything I had, my heart, my life and my soul. His face was aglow with his love for me and I hoped he could see my love for him in my eyes and face.

I took his hand, walked to the bathroom, "Let's start with a shower."

His smile and the wicked little light in his eyes told me that this was the right move. Our shower was very intense, our hands moving over our bodies in an erotic way, playing with our nipples as we kissed. Moving our hands to cup each others butt cheeks, a slight pull forward tend to turn our emotions into a blazing fire. Quickly drying, we ran for the bed.

As I was kissing Rich he was rubbing his hands all over my back, eventually he moved his hands to my ass. As he squeezed my ass he deepened his kiss. His tongue was begging for entrance, I opened my mouth as he began sliding his finger down the crack of my ass. When he reached my gate, I drew in my breathe. I forgot about the kiss as I focused on his finger. Slowly he put pressure on my entrance with his finger. At first I tightened up and he pressed his finger harder. I heard his whispered relax. I did relax as his finger pushed into my ass. It felt funny and as he wiggled his finger I relaxed more, I lost my apprehensions and began to enjoy what he was doing.

"I'm going to prep you cause I don't want to hurt you. The literature said the first time might hurt a little so try and relax." I felt him move and then he was back in my arms. He took the tube of lubricant and spread it on his finger, placing the finger at my ass hole, he slipped in easily.

I relaxed and knew that no matter how much it would hurt, Rich would do all he could to ease the pain. I could feel his finger, "Jimmy I'm going to add a second finger." I could feel being stretched a little more. I concentrated on relaxing my anal muscles. Rich moved his fingers, pressing on the wall of my anus. "Jimmy, I'm going to try three fingers." I felt a little pain and so I tightened my anus muscles, "Relax Jimmy, push put like you're going to take a shit."

I did relax and pushed out, Rich's three fingers slipped right in. I felt a little discomfort but the slight pain was bearable. "Jimmy you ready?"

"Yes, just go slow."

I could hear Rich tearing the condom packet open, I waited for him to climb on my back. Soon I felt his dick at my entrance, it felt a lot wider than his three fingers. "Jimmy relax and push out."

I did then I felt a sharp pain as his dick head breached my ass. He rested till the initial pain of entry eased up. "You ok?"

"Yes, just go slow."

I could feel Rich, he would go in slow, than pause, then continue until he was fully saddled in my ass. He leaned over and kissed me on my cheek, "I love you"

Then he started to move out and in slowly, the sensations were unbelievable. I could feel him as he rubbed against the lining of my ass. Then he change direction a little, he hit something in me that caused my dick to get hard. "You hit my prostrate, keep doing that."

"Your wish is my command."

Rich began to speed up and soon he was in the grove, he began to pound my ass, going faster and his breath was coming harder, I could feel him panting on my back, and then "Jimmy I'm coming."

I could feel the moment he filled the condom, it felt strange and I had the desire to have his love juice in my ass. I wanted to absorb it into my body. I wanted to have him with me for eternity. Now I thought of my fears and found them to be the fears of a foolish man.

Rich laid on my back, kissing my shoulder and neck. "Rich, I love you so much. Being a part of you is the greatest thing that I have ever experienced. I can't wait for you to experience the love that I have for you by making love to you."

Rich rolled off my back and went to the bathroom. He can back with a wet cloth and cleaned my ass from the lubricant. Laying in my arms, I looked into his sparkling eyes. If I didn't think I loved him before, I now knew, I loved him and it would be for as long as we walked this earth.

"Tomorrow, it'll be your turn. Jimmy, you'll take it easy right. You're so much bigger than me."

"Rich, I'll do everything I can to not hurt you. If it hurts too much, I won't do it."

"No Jimmy, I want to feel you inside me. You need to experience what I experienced inside you. It felt as if your soul united with mine and you must feel that as well. If you go slow I think it'll be ok."

I pulled him into my arms, laying his head on my chest, we fell asleep.

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