by Jobe

Chapter 21

Arriving at the cottage, I carried Lukas into the house and laid him in the bed in my old room. Nohr went and made tea for us, as I washed the boy and put him in bed. "Lukas, are you hungry? I can make a porridge for you or an egg, which do you prefer?"

"The porridge sounds good. My mouth is still a little sore and I won't have to chew the porridge."

I went and fixed a bowl of porridge. Nohr saw what I was making and suggest I make enough for both of us. Just as it was finish, aunty and John arrived. "Stephan, what happened?"

As Nohr took his and Lukas's porridge to the bedroom, I sat at the table and brought aunty and John up to date.

"Where is Lukas now?"

"He's in bed in my old room. Nohr is going to feed him some of this porridge. We hadn't plan on bringing him home this soon but were afraid his father was coming to take him away."

Aunty headed toward the bedroom while John and I talked. "John we'll need to adopt him. I can't let his father get a hold of him. I'm going to need your help."

John just smiled, as I looked at him I saw Michael over his shoulder. I didn't need too worry anymore.

"You know the farm next to yours is up for sale. They are moving south to be closer to their son and grand children. It'll allow you to expand the dairy herd and perhaps grow more vegetables. Are you interested?"

"Yes, definitely, what are they asking for it?"

John wrote a number on a piece of paper. "Is that all? I would think the land alone would be more than that."

"No, that is what they are asking."

"Then I definitely want it."

"Good, you need to sign this and have a check for them. They were just waiting for you. I think the movers will he here tomorrow."

When aunty returned to the kitchen, John looked at her and smiled. "So you are the largest landowner in the village now. With you working, how are you going to manage two places?"

"I'll have Jeppe take a look and make any repairs to the house. Then I'll find some tenants who will work it. I'll pay them 50% of the farms earnings and the other 50 percent will be mine. They can live in the house free as long as they are willing too work."

"Sounds fair. Lukas is a charming boy. He'll be ok, I expect with good food and proper medical attention, he'll be up with-in a week."

"How are you doing?"

"We're doing ok. Nohr's grandmother is a very sweet woman and I know how to make fish and chips."

"Good, I'll go fishing tomorrow and catch some for you."

"Who's going fishing tomorrow?"

"I am, aunty learned how to make fish and chips."

"But we need to be here for Lukas."

"Yes, but aunty can make them here. Your grandmother can come and eat with us."

"What about Lukas, he won't be able to eat fish and chips."

"No, but he can eat soup."

Just before leaving, "Stephan, I'm turning the car over to you. I'll use John's car if I need to drive anywhere."

I smiled, it was a nice car only about 10 years old but mechanically sound. It was a good deal for me.

I walked into Lukas's bedroom, he was talking with Nohr, "How are you feeling?"

"I'm feeling a lot better knowing my dad can't reach me."

"Good, all you need to do is get well and then I'll teach you how to fish and eat crabs." Nohr, was nodding his head yes. "Lukas, if you need anything, let us know. One of us will be here with you until you are well enough to walk. For now, I think a bath would be nice."

"Do you want Nohr or I to bathe you or both of us?"

"I'll get the water and soap, you get the cloth and towels." I really wanted to see how badly he was bruised. I had some ointment the doctor in the States gave me when I was in the hospital. Depending on the severity of the bruise, I could use it on the smaller bruises.

Bathing Lukas was crazy, he is very ticklish and no matter where we washed he would giggle. There were several severe bruises, but most were superficial. On those I put the cream. One of the nice things about this cream it deadened the pain a little.

I went and got a cold glass of milk for Lukas and tea for Nohr and myself. "Nohr, you know that farm next to ours?"

"The one with that big house on it?"

"Yes, well they are moving and I bought the farm including the house."

"What are you gong to do?"

"We are going to fix the house and then I'm going to find someone who will farm it for us." I then explained my idea about shared profits. Nohr thought that sounded like a good idea. I watched Lukas as I explained everything to Nohr. He seemed interested and listened to what I was saying. 'Lukas you know when you are well, you'll have to attend school. While you are sick, Nohr can help you study for school."

Nohr knew what I meant. Obviously Lukas would be going to Primary School but an assessment will still need to be made. That was Nohr's field not mine.

We watched the news and nothing about any kidnapping from the hospital. "Tomorrow we'll need to get a German newspaper from Munich."

With all the excitement, I was ready for bed. I thank aunty for the big bed, all three of us slept in the bed with Lukas between Nohr and me.

It was three weeks after our German trip before we heard anything. There was a kidnapping at the hospital, his father grabbed the wrong kid and as a result he's now in jail. Lukas is up and walking around and doing quite well. This Saturday will be his first fishing trip and he is excited. Of course we had to introduce him to Betsy, Rosy and Sally as well as the chickens. Today was not only fishing but he helped with the chores, he got the eggs but I'm afraid he may have missed a few. Oh well more peeps and more chicken to eat and eggs too sell.

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