by Jobe

Chapter 20

After 6 years, I had my degree in engineering and Nohr had his degree in teaching. We got married in Holland and spent our honeymoon in the States. I did show Nohr where my father lived, where I went to school and the hospital I was in when I was hurt. Then we went and spent the rest of the time on the southern shores of California. It was this time when I took Nohr's virginity. The feeling of being one with him was extraordinary for me. Our sex life was pretty one sided, not because of Nohr, but because I wanted it to be a special time and it was.

"Stephan, now I feel we are one. As you carried me inside of your body, I now carry you inside of my body. It feels like we are one in every sense of the word." And we were.

When we returned to Denmark, I started working for an engineering firm, located on the skirts of Copenhagen. Nohr secured a teaching assignment in a Secondary School. We rented an apartment and we were quite happy.

Sadness comes into everyone's lives and so it came into ours. Nohr's grandfather became very ill and soon he left us. Nohr was very sad and so we spent a week at his grandparents home. I suggested that maybe we should bring his grandmother home with us for a little while. He thought it was a good idea but when we approached her she said no. This was her home and here she would find the memories of her husband. I understood that and knew if something happened to Nohr I would want to be around the things that would keep him alive in my heart.

"Thinking over what Gram said, makes sense to me. If something ever happened to you then I would want to be around where I could feel your presence. Your grandmother is right, here she can feel you grandfather."

While there we did spend some time with aunty and John. John had retired and was doing the milking although I noticed a few of the boys still there helping. One of the boys came up to me and gave me a hug. "You don't remember me do you?"

"Yes, I remember a little boy who caught the biggest fish this village ever saw". There were tears in my eyes as I hugged Jeppe.

I put my arm around his shoulders and led him to the kitchen where aunty had made tea. I'm glad to see you. Do you still fish?"

"Yes, and I still have the title of catching the biggest fish. Can we go fishing for old time sake?"

"Of course but not for old time sake, but for today and seeing a friend." We did go fishing, Jeppe knew about the worms to feed the small fishes and how to bait his hooks. I was happy to be back on that piece of wood, fishing in the ocean. As soon as a bunch of boys saw us, they headed over and got the pot ready for crabs. Nothing changes as time moves on, different faces but everything is the same. Nohr came and sat beside me, but not fishing, watching with a far away look.

"I remember the first time we fished from this spot. You tried worms but they didn't work and then that old man told you about the small fish. From then on you caught your fish and so did every one else that you baited their hooks. I also remember the crabs. You have left not only your imprint on my heart but also on this village."

I had tears in my eyes as I remember Michael and how glad I was that I chose to live instead of dying. That night as we slept in Nohr's bed, Michael came in my dream. "Stephan, I have a job for you. There is a young boy in the hospital in Munich, Germany. You need to go and see him."

I woke up in a sweat. "Stephan, what's wrong?"

"Nohr, we must go to Munich. There is a young boy there who needs our help."

"It is night, can we go in the morning?"

"No, Nohr, Michael came to me and told me I must go."

Nohr knew about Michael, so without saying another word, we got dressed. I woke aunty and told her I needed her car, she gave me the keys. From Denmark to Germany wasn't a long distance but it took most of the night to get there. Arriving at 9 in the morning, we went into the hospital. Then I stopped, I didn't know the kids name or anything about him. Looking around I saw Michael and followed him to a small room. Looking in there was a boy, probably 8 or 9, lying on a bed all bandaged up. It so reminded me of myself, I started to cry.

Nohr put his arms around me, I took a chair and sat down by the side of the bed. I took the boy's hand in mine and then it seems that Michael was whispering words in my ears. "Do not be afraid. God loves you and He will protect you. I am here too help you but you must fight. Don't give up, there is so much God wants you to see. He wants you to be happy. Please come back"

I felt the slight squeeze on my hand. "Come back to me, let God know that you love him and believe that He will take care of you. Please come back."

I felt Nohr's hands on my shoulder as the boys eyes flicked open. They were a golden brown and when I looked at him, his eyes held mine. "I'm glad you decided to come back." Of course I spoke German as it was one of the prerequisites in Secondary School. So communication was easy.

I sat there and talked to him for several minutes, when a nurse came in and asked us who we were. I told her we were friends and wanted to know how he was feeling. Michael stood behind her and was smiling at us and I think that was the first time Nohr saw him.

I looked at the little boy, "Michael said you would come for me and you did."

"Yes, Michael told me that you were here and I needed to come and see you." The nurse just looked like she had no idea what was going on.

The doctor came in, introduced himself to Nohr and myself, he said the boy was going to be ok now that he was back with us. I asked what cause him to be brought to the hospital and when the doctor told me I felt a cold shiver down my back. "The lad was beaten by a bunch of kids from his school. It seems one of the boys heard his father tell his father that the boy was gay and he was going to sell him. The boy ran to his friend told him what he heard. A few other boys heard as well and beat him up. He has a serious head concussion and we weren't sure he would make it. I think he'll be ok now."

We sat there for a while watching the boy, he would sleep for a while and then he would be awake. I didn't know his name but I felt I couldn't leave him.

"Nohr, you know that we will take this boy with us. It's what Michael wants."

"Yes, I believe you are correct. We need to find out his name and you need to ask Michael for help to get him out of here and back to Denmark. Once there we can file for adoption."

"While he is sleeping, you stay here and I'll go and talk to Michael." I walked to the chapel. "Michael we need some help. We don't know the boy's name and I'm not sure we'll be able to take him with us. Nohr and I will adopt him."

I felt Michael, but he didn't speak. I felt assured that we were doing the right thing and he would be with us. Walking back to the room, Nohr was talking to the boy. "His name is Lukas."

"Well, Lukas my name is Stephan and I'm guessing you know Nohr. Here I bought some ice cream on the way back from the chapel." I gave the ice cream to Nohr and watched as he helped the boy to eat.

"Nohr, stay with him. I'm going to see the doctor and see when we can move him."

It took me about an hour to find the doctor. We talked about allowing the boy to leave. The doctor told me the boy's father asked that he be notified when the boy was able to go home. I thanked him and went back to Nohr. The boy was sleeping again.

"Nohr, we have to move the boy tonight. The doctor said his father asked to be notified when he could go home. Michael, we need your help."

Just then the light went out. "Nohr get the car up front as soon as possible. I'll carry the boy." Nohr left, I wrapped the boy in the bed sheet, picked him up and carried him to the front where Nohr was waiting in the car. I laid the boy down in the back seat, and we drove off. I didn't look back.

We drove 4 hours before stopping. I went into a roadside restaurant while Nohr added petrol to the car. I got some water, ice cream, and two sandwiches for Nohr and myself. As soon as we paid for the petrol, we were back on the road. Lukas woke up, I leaned over the seat, helped him to take a drink of water and then fed him the ice cream.

"Where are we? Why am I in a car?"

"We are taking you to our home. There you'll get well and not worry about your father." He just smiled and went back to sleep.

"Aunty and John are going to be surprised when they see Lukas. I think grandmother will take care of him, at least till he is walking around again."

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