by Jobe

Chapter 17

At the end of three weeks, I was beginning to worry when aunty walked in. She had a big smile on her face and when I saw John behind her, I knew why the smile. I quickly got a hug from her and a pat on the shoulder from John. "How did everything go while I was gone?"

"I sold off the chickens, the milkman gave me a good price. He offered me a price for the cows but I'm holding out for more. I was just getting ready to pack and head for Nohr's school."

The expression on aunty's face was worth the effort. "I'm kidding you. Everything is fine, the chickens are fine, Betsy and Rosy are fine, we are delivering 2 cans one week and three cans the second week. We need one more can at this rate."

"Are you serious?"

"Yes, and by the way I have been leaving the barn door open to the field and the girls appreciate the warmth on cold nights. I leave a little hay in their troughs as well."

"Anymore peeps?"

"There is always more peeps, I think next week-end I'm going to have enlarge the pen or we are going to be eating a lot of chicken."

I got another hug and a kiss on the cheek. "If John is going to stay here, where am I going to sleep?"

"At Nohr's grandparents in Nohr's room. I already spoken to them and they are quite taken by you."

"Does that mean John is going to do the chores?" I knew the answer to that but wanted to see John's reaction. His eyes got big since I was sure he never lived on a farm.

Aunty can be a teased sometime, "Well of course he'll take over your chores right after you teach him how to milk the cows."

John's face got white, "John, it's easy you just squeeze their tits and pull. By the way they are called teats."

"John he's teasing you. Of course if you want to learn he'll teach you."

"I'll watch"

"Stephan, we were thinking of going to the tavern for something to eat and drink, do you want to come with us?"

"I may not be welcomed but I'll go with you. I have to be back in an hour to milk the cows."

"Let's go now then."

Walking to the tavern, "Why won't you be welcome Stephan?"

"There are a few people here that don't like gays, the pastor being one."

"Have you been threatened?"

"No actually among my peers I have been somewhat accepted. It's the parents and the older group who are having the most problems, as well as the girls."

"I'm assuming the girls are jealous that you aren't catering to them."

"Pretty much, the only girls I fool around with are Betsy and Rosy. They like me to pull their teats."

John laughed, aunty gave me a look shaking her head. "Have you heard from Nohr lately?"

"I get a letter about once a week from him. He is doing well and can't wait till I join him."

"Sometime this week if you have time we need to look at schools to determine which ones are best for your career. Have you given any thought as what you want to do as your life work."

"I always wanted to be an engineer, I like chemistry and physics so I thought something along that would be good for me."

"That would mean you would have to go to a technical school and not the Gymnasium."

"Unless I finish my Secondary School at the Gymnasium."

"Yes, you could do that. You could also get a head start on your technical schooling by electing that program at the Gymnasium."

"How much longer will Nohr be at the Gymnasium?"

"He'll be finished this year and then he'll need too select a university."

"I'd like to be with him in the Gymnasium but I guess that will be impossible."

"For now but if Nohr selects the university in the same town as the Gymnasium you'll see each other."

That was good news for me. I decided that I wouldn't influence Nohr's selection of a university. He had to make that decision base on what was best for him and his career. Although I would really like for him to be close.

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