by Jobe

Chapter 16

The next morning I didn't feel like singing to the girls and they knew something was wrong. Betsy tried to moo me into singing and finally I did start to sing to them. They felt better and so did I. Chores finished I went and fixed myself a cup of tea and eggs for breakfast.

I went and got my can of worms, my fishing pole and headed to our fishing spot. On the way the pastor stopped me. "Stephan, what did you do last night?"

"I did my chores, fixed a snack and went to bed. Why?"

"What did you do with young Jeppe?"

I didn't like the way this was turning, "I didn't do anything to young Jeppe. He's home with his parents. If you don't believe me ask him, he's coming this way."

The pastor turned and look to see a happy Jeppe coming toward me. "Why aren't you coming to church?"

"If I come to church will you give me the sacraments?"

"I can't do that and you know why."

"That's a shame because I get the sacraments every Sunday."

"No one can give you the sacraments except an ordained pastor."

"That man standing behind you gives me the sacraments every Sunday."

I watched the pastor turn and look at Michael. Michael stood there for a second and then vanished. The pastor turned to me, "Who was that?"

"Michael, a man of God, he has been my friend ever since I was hospitalized after a very heavy beating, He gave me a choice of life or going with him. I choose life and he has been watching over me ever since. He says God made me in love and God loves me because I was made by Him."

Pastor looked again where Michael was but of course he wasn't there. Pastor, walked away toward his church.

"Stephan, let's fish."

"Yes, Jeppe let's fish."

I caught some small fish for bait, baited Jeppe's line and then baited mine. "The one who catches the smallest fish has to clean them for both of us. Deal?"


We started to catch some fish when a few other boys came along to join us. Of course I had to stop fishing to bait their hooks, and then we were all back fishing. One of the boys older brother came and filled the pot for crabs. He brought some wood, and started a fire. Of course we hadn't caught any crabs yet since we didn't clean any fish.

We were sitting on the wooden deck fishing, I saw a fish take Jeppe's line and then I saw Jeppe looking scared. I grabbed a hold of Jeppe to keep him from falling in the ocean . One of the bigger boys came over to help landing the fish and what a fish it was. "Jeppe, this is the biggest fish I have ever seen. Anyone got a camera?"

One of the boys went home to get a camera and of course he told his parents why and they came running as well and soon most of the village came to look at Jeppe's fish. Jeppe stood by his fish as they took pictures, his dad gave him a hug and the smile on Jeppe's face was worth a million. As the boys told his dad about the catch, Jeppe told his dad that I saved his life. I walked away from the crowd, took my fishing pole and moved to the other end of the wooded walk and began to fish again. This was Jeppe's moment and I didn't need or want to share in it. As I was fishing and looking at the water, I saw Michael, he waved and I waved back, I could hear his words in my head, God loves you. I watched as he disappeared. Then I was brought back into the real world when my line gave a sharp jerk. I wheeled in the fish, it was big but not like Jeppe's. It was enough for me and Nohr's grandparents. So I cleaned the fish, and the boys used the insides to catch crabs. When I left with my fish, they were still gathered around Jeppe's fish and the boys were tossing the large crabs into the boiling sea water.

Just as I reached the end of the wooden walk, I heard Stephan. I turned around and Jeppe waved me over. "What's up?"

"You remember our bet?"

I started to laugh, I had to clean his fish. It wasn't a big deal, but I got out my knife and went to town. The boys came over and took the entails and anything else I cut away for crabbing. I smiled at Jeppe, "Do you think you and your dad could carry this fish home?"

He looked at his dad and then looking at me, "Yea, we can do it."

I smiled and took my fish to Nohr's grandparents for dinner tonight.

"What was all the excitement about?"

"Jeppe caught the largest fish I have ever seen come out of those waters. It almost pulled him in. One of the boys took pictures. I'm sure they'll be at the tavern as soon as they are developed."

"What happened to the fish?"

"Jeppe and his dad were trying to take it home. There will be enough fish to last the week. Do you think that this is enough for supper tonight or should I get another one?"

"If it's ok with you Stephan, another one would give us plenty of fish and chips."

"Ok, while you start cutting up this one, I'll get another one. Be back soon."

When I got back to the wooden walk, there were a few boys there still eating crab. I started to fish and one of the boys brought over a crab for me. "I saw what you did. If it wasn't for you, Jeppe would have been fish bait. We haven't treated you fair, a lot of misconceptions and gossip, but I want you to know I'd be glad to be your friend."

"Thanks Jaan, I appreciate your comments but please keep what you saw to your self, I don't want to be a hero. If you were sitting here, you would have done the same thing. I'm glad to count you as my friend but are you sure you want that? You may become tainted by being my friend."

"Nah, in fact you have a lot more friends than you think. We aren't afraid to be tainted as you say. I'm comfortable with my self and I know I like girls. Nothing will change that. I also know you and Nohr are an item."

"Then I'm please to be your friend. Thanks for the crab. As soon as I catch this fish, you can catch more crabs."

It didn't take long after that for me to catch another fish for dinner. I cleaned it, gave the entails to Jaan and headed to Nohr's grandparents with the second fish.

"You really like fish and chips?"

"Oh yes, we ate this every day for lunch. Of course these are a little different in that in England they use Cod but here we use this native fish. Mother does a really nice job and you'll see soon."

I stayed and talked with them while waiting for supper. As soon as I ate, I headed home on a run, the girls need to be sung to before they had a problem. As I turned the light on in the barn, I heard a moo and knew they were ready. Animals are really creators of routine. Betsy led followed by Rosy, always. Betsy took the first stall, Rosy the second. I even tried to lead Betsy to the second stall, didn't work, she just stopped and all of the pushing I did she wasn't going to move. Now I just let them go where they want. Milking cows is really frustrating, pulling on a teat for a gay guys has so many connotations that I always end up jerking off after. It doesn't take long for me to finish and while I empty the buckets into the cold box, Betsy and Rosy finished eating and strolled outside. Sometimes I leave the door open and when I come to do the morning milking they are in their stalls waiting to be fed and milked. Creatures of habit "

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