by Jobe

Chapter 10

The morning went quickly, breakfast followed by Church and then they separated. But Stephan knew that they were united in a way that meant he didn't need to fear about Nohr being away at school.

As the term began to come to an end, the boys from the village decide too have a party for those leaving and for those starting the Upper Secondary. Each of the boys added some money to the pot and made arrangements to have an afternoon party at the Tavern. Four of the boys in Nohr's class took the money and met with the Tavern owner to have a small room set aside with food and drinks. The party would start at 1 and end at 6 when the regular patrons would start to come in for dinner and drinks.

When Stephan and Nohr walked in holding hands, a few of larger boys noticed and smiled at them. One of the boys came over and asked if they were boyfriends, Nohr said yes. One of the girls heard this and made some rude remark, Stephan looked at her and smiled. That made her even more angry, when Nohr noticed he put his arm around Stephan's shoulders. "May I have your attention, Stephan and I are boyfriends and have committed to each other for life, you may not approve but it really isn't anyone's business. We just wanted you all to know as you are all friends. There are times when words are used to hurt and that's wrong. We want you to be happy for us but if you can't, we understand."

I looked around the room, the boys just looked at us and went back to what they were doing. The girls looked like someone hit them with an electrical shock, their mouths were open and their eyes were popped. Nohr and I walked over to where the boys were playing a game and watched, No one said a word in anger, they just smiled, one boy said good, that leaves more girls for us. A chuckle and then everything returned to normal.

The summer seemed to pass fast, fishing was done whenever we wanted, there were walks into the hills around us, of course that was after chores. There was plenty of kissing on those walks. We had a group of young boys who always asked us to go fishing with them and we usually did. Not that we fished but we would bait their hooks for them and help them clean their fish. Of course we helped them with the crabs as well. One of the villagers got an old pot, the boys would gather wood and we would add seawater to the pot. When the water was boiling, we added the crabs. Then we'd all sit down and eat crabs for lunch. The kids loved it and we did also.

"Oh hi Pastor, did you come for the fish or the crabs?"

"I actually came to see you and Nohr. Some of the villagers said you and Nohr are in love, is that so?"

"Yes, that's true, we are gay and plan on living our life together."

"The villagers are concerned that some of their boys might also turn gay."

"Pastor as a man of God you should know that God loves us, he made us this way just as he made you and the villagers. We aren't sinning, a man told me that God loves us and made us as we are, God doesn't make mistakes and if he made us gay, then He meant for us to live our life in sincerity and honestly. Nohr and I are committed to each other as any couple would be."

The pastor looked at us and walked away. Nohr looked at me, "Where did that come from?"

I told Nohr my story of being in the hospital and being visited by a man named Michael. "Michael told me that and has reminded me several times that God is love. If he created me, and Micheal said he created me like I am, then there is nothing wrong being gay. I think that as long as you and I devote our life to each other, than God will be happy with us. Maybe Michael should visit the pastor."

I gave a lot of thought to what the pastor said. That evening at dinner, "Aunty this afternoon while we were at the fishing place, Pastor came and saw me. He said that the villagers were concerned about Nohr and I being gay. Have you heard anything about that?"

"Yes, a few of the girls that were at your party were talking about you and Nohr being gay. I don't think they liked it as you two were being looked upon as husband material."

"I hope nothing negative comes from this. I don't want a repeat of what happened in the States and I certainly don't want Nohr to get beat up or in trouble."

"I think it'll quiet down."

I wasn't as sure. That evening laying in bed, "Michael, can you hear me." Of course there was no answer but I continued anyway. "Michael, I'm sure you know that I love Nohr, you also know the reason I'm here in Denmark. You said God made us this way and He loves us, I'm happy with Nohr and I want to spend my life with him. But the gossip will try and put a stain on our relationship. I talked with our pastor today and I'm not sure he believes that God made us as we are. I know you're listening, you said you or someone would watch over me, can that person also help the pastor. If he can't see that God made us then there will be no hope for us in this village."

I silently said a prayer to God thanking him for making me as I am and allowing me to love Nohr.

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