by Jobe

Chapter 9

Stephan thought about what Nohr said, he felt Nohr was being honest with him and he trusted him. He knew deep down that he'd never cheat on Nohr, Nohr was everything he would want in a lover. "Nohr, we have been sleeping together every week-end since that first time at my home, but we never really made love in a physical sense. I want to do that with you before you go to school. I need you to be a part of me."

Nohr looked at Stephan, "Are you saying what I think you are saying?"

"Yes, I want to make physical love with you but not tonight, but before you leave for school."

Nohr thought that would be a big step in their relationship. He wasn't sure he would be ready to do that. He knew he loved Stephan but was this the right time to cement their relationship on such a personal and physical way. He was glad it wouldn't be tonight.

Stephan wrapped himself around Nohr feeling secure in his lover's arms. However, being young, his hand was slowly moving south. Nohr knew where this would end and even though he didn't want to do it, his body did. Sure enough when Stephan's hand reached Nohr's cock it was hard. Releasing his cock from it's confines, Stephan ran his hand up and down, exposing the red knob that was hidden by Nohr's foreskin.

Looking at Nohr, who had his eyes close, Stephan did something that he thought about but hadn't done anything like it before. Slowly moving his head toward his goal, he took a last look at Nohr who had his eyes closed. Approaching his target, Stephan opened his mouth and took the very tip of Nohr's cock into his mouth. He felt Nohr shake and heard his gasp. Stephan took as much as he could and began to tongue the red nob in his mouth. Nohr couldn't believe what was happening but the excitement, the realization and best of all the feeling that he received when Stephan took him in his mouth was unbelievable. Nohr began moving his body up trying to get more into Stephan's mouth. In all of the excitement having getting his first blow job, Nohr couldn't hold back as he arched his body and blew his load into Stephan's mouth. Stephan was surprised but the only thing he could do was to swallow as fast as his mouth filled up.

Nohr slumped back on bed, totally spent. He was slowly coming down from his high. Stephan crawled back up and kissed him. He looked for a reaction but there was none. "Nohr, are you ok?"

"Oh yes, more than ok, that was unbelievable. I never knew it would feel like that. You're my first and will be the only one to bring me to the edge like that. I love you Stephan."

The boys snuggled together and soon were fast asleep. Nohr fell into a very deep sleep being totally relaxed. Stephan had a dream of a smiling Michael. In the morning, Stephan woke with a strange feeling, looking at where Nohr was suppose to be, the bed was empty only it wasn't empty when Stephan felt the warm, moist mouth of Nohr on his cock. Looking down he met Nohr's eyes and he could tell they were smiling. Stephan just laid back and enjoyed his first blow job, but it didn't last long as Stephan's heart began to beat faster as he became awake and realized what was happening. Softly he whispered Nohr's name just before he reached his climax. Nohr didn't pull away, to him this was the essence of the boy he loved.

Totally relax, Nohr rose and gave him a kiss, pushing his tongue against Stephan's lips, Stephan opened his mouth to receive Nohr's tongue coated with his essence. Soon they had to break the kiss, you need to breathe after so long. "I love you Stephan. When we are finished with school, we'll get our own place and live together. You'll be the only person to share my bed."

Stephan looked into Nohr's eye and knew he was speaking from his heart. The kiss that followed was given as re-assurance that the words spoken were from the heart. Two souls, two hearts never to be separated, those words ran through Stephan's mind as he saw a fleeting glance of Michael in his mind eyes. Stephan was now confident and assured that Nohr and he would be together.

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