Singletrack Mind

by Jesse D

Learning Things

Singletrack Mind - Learning Things: Motorhome in a Storm


It was Saturday afternoon and we'd already put in a half day working for my dad's landscaping company. By now, everyone on Dad's crew knew of Dave's lifelong love of tractors and big machines, and all things tractor-related, and he took his share of good-natured kidding about it. But being Dave, it didn't take long to become one of the gang, and he gave back as good as he got. During a break in this morning's work, Larry, who could handle the big excavator like it was an extension of his own arm, motioned for Dave to take his place at the controls and gave him a taste of what a full sized swing shovel could do. Actually, those big machines are much easier to control than the small backhoe I'd given him his first lesson on. The joysticks are smooth and responsive, and there's none of the jerky motion that the small tractor-mounted backhoes have. I was afraid Dave was going to give Larry a big hug and kiss right there in the cab! Now THAT would have given the guys something to talk about!

Driving back home at noon, Dad mentioned that he would be heading to Boston after lunch and not to expect him back before late Sunday afternoon. He had made several unexplained weekend trips there recently; I was beginning to suspect that a new girlfriend might be the reason. At the rate he was going he had probably exhausted the local talent, in more ways than one, and was now expanding his hunting grounds. Whatever. Up until now there had been no hint of a serious replacement for Mom, who was still doing her own thing with a boyfriend in San Diego. My sister had started dropping hints that she'd like to come back east, so maybe it wasn't all sweetness and roses out there, either. Fortunately, Dad hadn't shown any indication that he wanted Ashley moving in with us, which was just fine with me. She'd figure it out about me and Dave in a minute, and then find a way to screw up my life again, only this time for real.

All the way home, Dave was quizzing Dad about the excavator and its control system, the demand pumps, the bypass pressure, the proportional valves; he wanted to know everything about it. Hehe, I think Dad passed; he seemed to know all the answers. Anyway, as we were pulling our gear out of the back, Dad, in another one of his surprise moves, said, "Why don't you guys take the little excavator out to the gravel pit and get in some practice at levelling a piece of ground? It'd be handy to have more than one operator on the crew. You'll have to switch buckets, though. We were using it for ditching last."

I could feel Dave vibrating with anticipation next to me! I was tempted to tell Dad we didn't feel like it, that maybe we'd just spend the afternoon reading a good book instead, but that would have been the end of my life right then! So I said we would. Unsaid, but always implied, was the understanding that we would be careful and not try anything foolish. Not many fifteen-year-olds –almost sixteen– were given the freedom and trust that Dad gave me, and I didn't want to screw that up. I knew I was extremely lucky compared to many teens I'd read about in the online forums and I intended to keep it that way. If we did get into difficulty while Dad was away Theo and Anna were always just down the road, a couple of minutes away. Dad mentioned that there were steaks and hamburger makings and stuff in the fridge and then went to get ready for his trip.

We headed over to my grandfather's old motorhome, which was where I lived, on my own and out of Dad's way. Well, I wasn't on my own for the summer. Since Dave had been hired to help out on Dad's landscaping crew, also because his parents were traveling in Europe, he was bunking in with me, an arrangement that would be very hard to give up when school started again in the fall. Dave opened the door and climbed up the couple of steps with me right behind, enjoying the heady aroma of his hot body, still sweaty from the morning's work. Not a stinky smell at all, 'Essence of Dave'. I should bottle some to keep around for next winter. It had become our lunchtime routine to give each other a blowjob as soon as we got inside; only today Dave was apparently in such a hurry that he switched positions to do a sixty-nine to save time. Such efficiency! We were on the floor so we wouldn't mess up the bed in our unshowered condition. The scent of Dave mixed with the musty smell of the carpet as I licked and sucked on his pole. I could easily get it all in my mouth now, with no gag reflex or anything, and I knew just the right combination of moves to get Dave to the edge quickly. We pretty much always came at the same time, or close to it. A matched pair!

I was still sitting on the floor, leaning against a partition enjoying the post BJ glow and laughing at Dave, who was already putting together a ham and cheese sandwich and eating half of the materials directly out of the packages.

"That excavator isn't gonna go anywhere without you, y'know!" I teased.

Dave glanced my way. "C'mon, man. You don't know what it's like! You get to drive those machines anytime you want. This is like a dream for me!"

I got up off the floor and washed my hands in the little kitchen sink, and then organized my own lunch. Ten minutes later we were walking over to the big shed, eating apples and deciding that instead of playing in the gravel pit we'd take this opportunity to move and rebuild the last jump on the bike trail, which had been badly eroded in the heavy spring rain. That way, I wouldn't be just standing around watching Dave move piles of gravel back and forth, and we'd get some useful work done too. At the other end of the yard, at the main house, the garage door opened and Dad was backing the car out. He never took the car! He was, like, married to his pickup truck. This must be a very special occasion in Boston. He waved as he turned the car around and roared away down the long driveway. The garage door rolled back down and closed with a "thunk", then everything was quiet.

"Hehe. Just you and me for the rest of the weekend," I said, grabbing Dave's ass and laying a wet kiss on his cheek from behind.

"Theo's still around, though," Dave noted.

"Yeah, but he won't bother us unless we make so much noise the dogs start barking." I poked him in the ribs, in his ticklish spot.

"Which we might! I have definite plans to attack your body later. AFTER we finish playing with the excavator!"

"Oh sure, you think that these machines are more interesting than me!" I gave a theatrical sob and hung my arms around his neck.

"Well, yeah! Duh! No contest, dude!" He flashed a smile over his shoulder and wiggled free from my grasp.

Dave ran over to the little "office" room where all the keys were kept, punched the code on the door lock and went inside, reappearing with the necessary items. We unlocked and rolled back the big shed door and there was the object of this afternoon's passion: a Hitachi EX60 excavator. Looked kinda dirty and greasy for a love object, but there's no accounting for taste. Dave hesitated before unlocking the cab. I showed him how the door could be latched in the fully open position, then we did the usual walk-around inspection of oil levels and grease points and such. I think he was expecting me to get in and start it up, but this was going to be Dave's big moment.

"Better check there's enough Diesel before you start it," I nodded towards the cab. He climbed up onto the track and, ducking through the door, settled into the cushy bucket seat. These things were designed for all-day-long operator comfort. I squatted down outside the cab and pointed out the various controls, even though he already knew most of them, then I made sure that everything was in neutral with brakes on and the safety lock actuated before giving the go-ahead to turn the key and start the motor. As the engine warmed up, I went over which engine speeds to use while traveling and digging, then I got him to lift the 'dozer blade, then - gently - lift the bucket off the ground and tuck it up under the boom, ready to move out of the shed. I jumped down, and signaled for him to back it out the door, as I walked alongside. I pointed over to where the other bucket was sitting on the ground and Dave started a kind of, um, very abrupt left turn, chewing up the gravel and tracing big arcs in the ground - those things can spin on a dime - but he tried again with a more gentle touch and by the time I was lining him up in position to switch buckets, he had pretty well gotten the hang of it.

It was a hot and humid afternoon, almost the end of July, and I realized that I would be out in the sun while Dave would be inside the excavator cab. I told him that I'd go back to the motorhome and fill some water bottles and pick up caps and stuff, while he started trundling out to the gravel pit. I'd take my bike too, as there was nowhere for a passenger to ride on the machine and it was a pretty fast walk keeping up with it. By the time I got everything into a backpack and my bike out, Dave was well down the track that led through the field to where my bike trails started, just beyond the gravel pit. I figured a little learning time in the pit would be better than starting right to work on the bike trail, so I pedaled ahead and motioned him to take the turnoff and follow me. I stopped near the same pile of gravel that Dave had practiced on back when I first showed him how to operate a backhoe. That seemed so long ago now, but it was really only six weeks since that mind-blowing day of mutual discovery, when my life had been turned inside out, and Dave had gate-crashed my little world, where I thought I was alone.

"Hehe, this spot bring back any memories?" I asked him, as he jumped down from the idling machine.

"Ooooh, yeah. I'll never forget that day!" He came over and pulled me into a hug. "This is to thank you for not telling me to fuck off that day at school," he continued, planting his lips on mine and giving me a deep kiss that caused my knees to weaken a bit. I don't know what the connection is between lips and knees, but I'm certain that there is one. We continued kissing for a few more minutes, just enjoying the wonderful sensation of being that close to someone who wants to be that close to me.

"Mmmpfh," Dave said, finally breaking off the kiss, "Should I just move this pile over here, or spread it out evenly all around?"

"Or we could go lie on the grass over there, get naked and I could suck you dry."

"You already did that, not even an hour ago! Don't you ever think about anything else?" he laughed.

"Um. No! Mostly. Not when your body is right there begging to be licked and ravaged in every possible way," I said, waggling my eyebrows and running my hands over the curve of his hips.

Dave just rolled his eyes and climbed back into the cab. I told him to start slowly, simply scooping up gravel then dumping it out. The idea was to get used to how the bucket responded to the joysticks. He'd find it very different from the little backhoe he'd used out here last time. For one thing, this machine had about five times the digging power and it could move its arm much faster, too. I always found it a little overwhelming to have that much power at my fingertips, and after his first attempt at scooping up gravel, where he also took several feet of solid ground, he became a little hesitant and cautious. But after a while the movements were smoother and the bucket was going where he intended every time, so we shifted the operation over to start working on fixing up the bike jump.

I switched places with Dave to show him how to use the bucket to scrape up and bring back the dirt that had been washed away by the rain, and how to keep the bucket flat while levelling out the ruts and erosion. He took over again and I stood out of the way, in front, where I could check the slope as he moved the dirt. It didn't take long to accumulate a pile big enough to fill in the spot uphill where we wanted the new, longer ramp to start. Now Dave had to manoeuvre the machine up to where he could lift the dirt and make a smooth slope, then packing it down by rolling back and forth across it. But as soon as he started to turn sideways on the slope, he stopped.

"I feel like it's gonna tip over!" he shouted over the engine noise.

"No way, man!" I shook my head and waved him forward. "You can go on a much steeper angle than that, no problem!" He inched forward another few feet and stopped again. I knew what he was feeling; it took me a long time to get used to working on a slope. Even though the centre of gravity is so low, with the weight of the tracks and everything down at ground level, the operator is sitting up high, and the slightest angle kinda throws you sideways.

"Want me to move it up?" I called. In response he immediately idled the motor, set the safety lock and jumped down. "It's cool, dude, I'm still a little nervous on a hill myself. But I've seen Larry whip this thing around at, like, forty-five degrees so I know it won't tip over! Ya just gotta get used to it!" I climbed in and drove up and parked on the flat part of the ramp, then let Dave take over again. He reached down with the bucket and started scooping up the dirt he'd piled there, bringing it up and across then filling in on the other side of the jump. The rest of the pile was further away than the excavator could reach, so he had to move closer to the edge. Backing up, then inching slowly forward at a slight angle, then backing up again, Dave was leaning as far out of the cab as he could to see how much room he had between the machine and the edge. My hands twitched as my brain tried to grab the excavator's controls. But I didn't say anything. I had been just as nervous the first time I was allowed to operate that thing. More nervous, probably, because all of Dad's work crew were watching me.

As I watched the work progress, I became aware of a low rumbling sound over the noise of the engine. Looking to the west, I could see flashes of lightning in the distance, dark clouds and a line of rain coming around the sides of the mountain. I don't mind getting wet, but I have no desire to be out in the middle of a field during a thunderstorm. I signaled to Dave and pointed to the rain, then toward the house. He nodded, and we switched places again so I could get the excavator down off the hill. Dave ran down to where I'd left the bike, grabbed the backpack and hopped on. I followed, going as fast as the machine could go, and we turned into the yard and parked inside the shed just as the first heavy drops of rain started to fall, sounding very loud on the metal roof. Leaving my bike there, we slid the big door shut, sprinted across to put the key away, then ran for the motorhome as thunder boomed and echoed in the valley. I could see a wall of rain coming across the fields and a sudden gust of wind rocked the RV just as we got inside. I raced around closing windows while Dave shut the roof vent and turned on the fan. It was already hot and humid inside; we might have to turn on the air conditioner, even though it was loud, and sounded like some key part was vibrating loose.

"Whew. That was close!" I tossed the backpack into the corner and sprawled on the cushioned bench, Dave landing beside me.

"Hehe. That excavator can really move when it has to!" he said.

"Yeah, I had it wide open! Dad would've freaked out if he'd seen that, though. He's always telling Larry to slow down. Not sure why; it was running fine the whole way."

We watched as the rain squall arrived, a dull roar on the roof, tree branches thrashing around and a waterfall coming down the windshield.

"My turn first for the shower," Dave said, getting up and stripping off his shirt as he went back to the too-small shower stall. I spread out on the cushion, idly wondering if there was any way to make the shower bigger. Many of my best pre-Dave fantasies involved showering with someone else and one of these days I wanted to try some of them out. It was true that Dad's huge multi-head shower was a short walk away, but I never invaded his private part of the house, and I wouldn't feel at all comfortable taking advantage of his not being there, either. I didn't want to do anything to upset our living arrangements. At first I thought he just didn't care, but I was beginning to realize that Dad actually respected my privacy, in his uncommunicative way, and expected the same from me.

Dave reappeared wearing nothing but a towel, his hair still wet, and went back to the bedroom, bending down to get clean clothes out of the drawers under the bed. I stayed where I was, enjoying the view of the curve of his back, the muscles moving under the skin as he bent and pulled on his shorts. All the outdoor work this summer had tanned his skin, lightened his hair and kept him in perfect shape. He looked like a California surfer dude. And somehow he wanted to be with me! Well, I wasn't all that bad either, I told myself, getting up to look in the mirror. Just as tanned, and I'd been working for Dad for a few years now, so I was in pretty good shape too. Plus, we both spent as much time as we could riding the trails on our mountain bikes. Neither of us liked to stay indoors if we didn't have to.

I moved in behind him as he was trying to tame his hair, which had grown to almost shoulder length over the summer. He smelled so clean and looked so enticing I just wanted to lick him all over, devour him, take over his body like some SciFi movie thing. But instead he turned around and poked me in the stomach.

"Go take your shower, dude. You reek! Hehe." He pushed me toward the stall and went up front to the kitchen area. Sigh.

As I came out of the shower, while I was drying my hair, some movement in the mirror caught my eye. I looked behind me and Dave was watching a video on his laptop. As soon as he realized I was looking, he got all embarrassed and tried to angle the screen away from me, but I was already sliding onto the bench seat beside him. Porn! On the screen two naked twinks were very tangled up on a bed, one was pounding the other's ass, but you could see that these two were actually boyfriends; there was no faking it, or hint of domination, only mutual enjoyment of raw sex. We both watched, transfixed, as the two climaxed together and fell back onto the bed, smiling and kissing.

As the video ended, Dave and I looked at each other, no words were spoken, but there was an exchange of signals so strong that it felt like my brain was having a contraction. And we knew right then, we both knew that the time had come, that we would definitely try anal sex before this day was over. We had to! I don't think anything could have stopped us. I'd thought about it, and read everything online I could about it, but to think that we could actually try it was both a little scary and a lot exciting.

"Have you ever, you know, um... tried sticking something... up your ass?" Dave asked, blushing a dark shade of red.

"Only my finger, in the shower," I admitted, "with soap, the first time. It got real itchy after! You?"

"I borrowed my mom's vibrator once, and tried with that, but I didn't know about lube then, and I stopped when it started hurting. Then she must have hid it somewhere else, because I couldn't find it again. Um. We definitely need lube."

"And condoms. Just in case? All the gay teen sites say so."

"Maybe your Dad...?"

"Oh jeez, man, I don't know if I could go looking through his stuff! I mean... but I know a place where there might be some!" I was thinking of the pool area, where the heavy late night parties went on. Someone had to have left something behind there at some point! I explained my thought to Dave and he was ready to run out the door right then to go look. I stood up, then realized I was still only wrapped in a damp towel. I hustled back to the bedroom, pulled on clean shorts and a shirt, noticing out the window that the rain had almost stopped again.

We put on rain jackets and ran over to the house and around to the patio and pool on the other side. I keyed in the code for the lock, slid open the patio door, then did the alarm code on the keypad inside and started rooting through the cupboards and drawers while Dave checked in the little bathroom. Nothing. Well, nothing useful to us, anyway. Tons of crap we weren't interested in, like spare swimsuit tops. And bottoms, not matching. And corks, corkscrews, sunglasses, photos, pills of all varieties, forks, a flashlight, sandals... but no lube, and no condoms. Hmpf.

I looked at the door to the main part of the house. Dave caught the look and raised his eyebrows.

"I can't, dude. I just can't. I don't know what Dad would do if he found out I went through his stuff. And I don't want to find out, either."

"Well, isn't there a drugstore at the little mall on the way to town? The one with the tool rental place that has the Bobcat parked outside?" Dave asked. Trust Dave to use places that rented machines as navigational aids. We locked up the house and ran back to our place, grabbed our wallets, got out the bikes - I took my school bike with the locking chain - and set off in the light rain down the driveway, past Theo's and onto the main road. The mall was usually only ten minutes by bike but I think we got there in record time! Locking up, we went inside. Then it hit us - we'd have to actually take the stuff to the cashier and pay for it! Oh the embarrassment! Worse, still, the woman who was working at the cash knew me and knew Dad, too. So Dave would have to do the actual transaction. Which was better, since he was older (by eight months) and looked like he might actually be old enough to have a girlfriend and need condoms. Well, we thought up all kinds of whispered scenarios and excuses as we searched for what we needed while pretending to look for something else!

And there was a whole section full of condoms, lubes and other things we weren't sure what they were for. But so many different kinds and colors and sizes! How were we supposed to know? Well aware of the security cameras watching, we opted for "regular" in a brand we recognized, and some lube that they had most of. Then we split up while Dave went to the cashier and I browsed the magazine rack then picked up a couple of energy bars. As soon as I saw he had left the store, I paid for my stuff and followed him outside.

"Dude! She was so busy asking me about points cards and air miles and telling me about the special on soda I don't think she even looked at what she was scanning! No problem!" We high-fived, distributed the loot among our jacket pockets and took off for home. The rain was steadily increasing again, until finally it started coming down really hard as we rolled past Theo's house, which started the dogs barking, causing Anna to come to the window and wave when she recognized us. We stashed the bikes and piled into the motorhome, soaking wet even through our jackets, laughing and giggling as we tripped and got in each other's way in the rush to get our clothes off. I remembered to lock the door while Dave dried off, then he tossed me the towel as he gathered the supplies and put them next to the bed. Thinking ahead, I took a dry towel, the biggest one I had, and spread it out over the blanket and gently pushed Dave down onto it.

I crawled up beside him and leaned down for a kiss, kind of melting down on top of him as our tongues explored and mingled, tasting each other, retreating then tasting again. Then I started licking him and nibbling and working my way down his front. He smelled so good! There was no need to get him hard - he was already as stiff as an iron bar - we both were - but I wanted to taste him in my mouth first. Licking his balls then up his cock to the tip was too much for Dave.

"Unnnh, Chris, if you do that one more time I'm gonna cum right now!"

I moved back up to lie beside him, my hand on his stomach, I whispered in his ear, "I want you in me first. I want to know how it feels!" I reached for the condoms, fumbled for a second trying to get it open, then, recalling the banana demonstrations and instructions on the web, I managed to unroll it down Dave's straining pole, leaving some space at the tip. I thought he was going to lose it right then, he twitched and moaned so much! I lay beside him for a minute, letting us both cool down a bit, then it was time for the lube. Nobody had ever put lube on the banana. But it couldn't be that difficult. I squeezed some out of the tube onto my middle finger and cautiously applied it to the outside of my butthole. Cold!! Jeez. I put on some more and managed to work it up inside a little. Each time I moved my finger, my cock jumped. Squeezing out more lube, this time I applied it to Dave's cock, making sure it went everywhere.

I was straddling him now, and I leaned forward for another kiss.

"Ready? We'll go real slow, okay?"

Dave merely nodded, biting his lower lip. I positioned myself over his member, reaching down to raise it up to vertical, then I slowly, gently lowered myself down, kind of expecting him to just slip in easily, which didn't happen! Then Dave's hand was there, helping hold while I fumbled around for a bit until I found the right spot and let myself down a little. There was a lot of pressure on my butt, but still nothing seemed to be happening. Then I remembered what I'd read, and I tried pushing out, like I had to take a big dump that wouldn't come, and all of a sudden, his cockhead was inside!

"Oh!" said Dave.

"Oh!" I said, my eyes wide. It partly hurt, and it partly didn't. I waited a few seconds, then tried lowering down some more, going in slow steps until finally Dave gave a long moan of pleasure.

"Oh, dude. It's all the way in! Oh, man. That feels so good! Can you feel me in you? How does it feel? Does it hurt?"

"Uh. Wooof. Feels full! Hehe! But good... Now! Hurt a little at first, but now it's good." I tried moving a bit. Dave twitched sideways, coming partway out, but hitting something inside me that caused fireworks to go off. "Oh, man, do that again! That felt awesome! Oh jeez, that's incredible! Oh man!" I lifted myself up a couple of inches, then dropped down again. I could feel Dave moving inside me! This was better than I ever thought it could be! Up a little again, and Dave couldn't hold still any more. As he rocked his hips, his cock hit that magic spot again and again until my brain exploded and I was cumming in big spurts all over his front! As the first jet shot out, Dave went over the edge too, thrusting up into my ass as his balls emptied into the condom, inside me. I think we were both yelling pretty loud! If it hadn't been raining so hard, I'm sure the dogs would have been barking by now! Finally we both subsided and just lay there totally spent, me on top, my cum spread between us, panting, with the wonderful feeling spreading through our bodies.

"Wow," said Dave. "That was awesome!"

"Whooo. Oh, yeah," I kissed him. "Awesome!" I shifted position a little and Dave's softened cock popped out. Aww. We lay there for a while longer, I'm not sure how much time went by, then Dave hugged me close and kissed me again, while reaching down and caressing my balls.

"So. How long until Little Chris is recharged and ready for my turn?"

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