Singletrack Mind

by Jesse D

Turfed Out

Singletrack Mind - Turfed Out: Turf Cutter / Sod Cutter


The triangle of sunlight had moved another couple of inches along the wall. I knew without looking at the clock that it was almost time to get up. When it hits that door hinge, I'll move. I tried shutting my eyes again, but there was no getting around it: I was awake. I could hear birds chirping in the tree that hung over the big motorhome. What did robins have to be so damn cheerful about at this hour of the morning? I was pretty cheerful myself, in fact. It was the first week of summer. School finished last week. I had a good job working for my dad's landscaping company and the person who had suddenly become the most important in my life was going to be working right beside me all summer long.

At the moment, he was sleeping right beside me. Dave had moved into the motorhome on my dad's property over the weekend, simultaneously solving several problems: his parents were leaving on a trip to Europe and didn't want to leave him at home alone; he had no way to get out here first thing in the morning for work each day; and most importantly, it allowed the two of us to be together every minute of the day. And night. An arrangement that we had taken good advantage of over the last few days. I wasn't sure if my muscles were more sore from working or, um, from our after-work activities.

Okay, time to get into motion. Dad was pretty easy-going most of the time, but he insisted that his employees be at work on time, and he had no patience for guys goofing off on the job. I looked over at Dave. He was sound asleep with such an innocent smile on his face I hated to disturb him. On the other hand, there was his beautiful body stretched out beside me, just begging for attention. I wiggled over and gave him a hug and a kiss and a gentle shake.

"Dave, time to get up."

"Mmmmff, mrnphxx shmbl," he said, rolling over onto his stomach and burying his face in the pillow.

"No, really. Time to get up." I had to go to the bathroom, so I let him snooze for a few more minutes. One thing I had learned over the last few days: Dave was not a morning person! He wasn't cranky or grouchy or anything, it was just hard to get his motor started. Coming back into the room, I located a clean pair of boxer briefs and a not-too-dirty-for-work t-shirt and pulled them on. I crawled up the bed, one knee on either side of Dave, until I could massage his shoulders. If he felt anything like me, his shoulders hurt from three days of heavy lifting. I could hear moaning from deep in the pillow as I worked on his muscles.

"I can't move! My shoulders are sooo sore. Mmmm, yes. Oh, that feels good," Dave said, turning his head to the side so I could understand. He purred as I massaged for another minute then, "Whoa. I gotta pee! You're sitting on my bladder, I think." He rolled free and made a dash for the bathroom.

I was pouring cereal and had milk and orange juice out on the table by the time Dave reappeared dressed and ready for work. The motorhome, which used to be my grandparents', was set up on blocks behind Dad's equipment sheds, and my usual habit was to just go over to the house and grab a pastry or something for breakfast, but Dave insisted on more than that, juice and cereal and fruit and stuff, so we had stocked the little fridge and kitchen cupboards. We munched in silence for a few minutes. Dave washed the bowls while I went around adjusting the window blinds and vents and awnings to keep the place from heating up too much while we were out. It looked like it was going to be another hot day. After putting energy bars and water bottles into our backpacks we were ready to go.

"I sure could use another couple hours' sleep," Dave said, looking longingly towards the bedroom. "I've never worked so hard in my life!"

"I'm not so sure it's the work that's tired you out," I replied, giving him a push towards the door. "You still had a lot of energy left for other things last night!"

"Mmmmm," he said, turning and pulling me in for a kiss, his hands grabbing my ass, pressing me against him. A part of my brain tried to convince the rest of it that there was enough time for some before-work fun, and I could feel my cock already responding, but the rest of me knew that Dad would not be pleased if we were late for work. A few more seconds spent kissing would have to do. Something might be managed at lunchtime, though, and my heart skipped a beat just thinking about it.

As we headed out the door, I could hear that Dad was loading the big excavator onto the flatbed trailer. Dave walked a little faster as we came around the corner of the biggest shed into the main yard. Now, I thought that I liked machinery, but Dave was a total heavy equipment slut! He was watching every move Dad's hands made on the joysticks as he used the boom to jack first one end and then the other onto the trailer. Dad nodded good morning, and we continued over to where Theo was checking the oil levels on the machine that our little crew would be working with all day. I handed Dave a grease gun and he started down one side while I did the other. There were a lot of moving parts and they all had to get grease at least once a day.

Dad had the contract for all the landscaping around the city's new recreation centre and that included laying down an expanse of new lawn and a playing field. Plus he had a crew putting in lawns for some newly built houses out by the lake. When you see guys laying out rolls of grass, you don't spend a lot of time wondering where it comes from. But the sod has to be grown somewhere else, and in this area that somewhere else was right here, on Dad's property. The machine we used to "harvest" the sod was a real Rube Goldberg contraption, and it needed both a delicate touch and an occasional "adjustment" with a big hammer to keep it in line. Dad bought this one second–or third–hand a couple of years ago. Built around a diesel tractor, it basically ran a cutting knife under the grass roots, then lifted the strip of sod up a conveyor belt where it got rolled up and cut to length. Then a human - that was me or Dave - lifted the 30 pound roll off the conveyor and stacked it on a pallet on the other side.

As long as nothing jammed, or broke, or got caught, or fell off, things went along smoothly. Theo drove the tractor and could control everything from the operator's seat, and he was good at maintaining a steady pace. But still, if you weren't paying attention, like getting distracted by Dave's perfect butt in last year's soccer shorts, there was a lot that could go wrong really quickly! At the end of the first morning when Theo had had to stop and let us catch up on more than a few occasions, Dave and I were pretty discouraged, but then we started to get the rhythm of the thing, and now that we had been on the job three days, we were masters! Ha! Well, at least we still had all our body parts.

Dave met me at the back, and we put the grease guns into the toolbox then hung our backpacks from the safety rail. Theo started the motor and moved the harvester over to the stacks of empty pallets. We loaded as many as would fit onto the racks at the back to have as extras – there were already stacks of empties out in the field – climbed aboard the platform and gave Theo the sign that we were good to go. The field we would be working in this morning was on the far side, about a fifteen minute trip at the speed the harvester could manage. We pulled out the grotty old boat cushions to sit on as the contraption trundled out of the yard and down the access road.

As soon as we were around the corner, and out of sight of Dad and the others in the yard, Dave put his head down on my shoulder and closed his eyes. Glancing to the front to be sure we couldn't be seen, I put my arm around him and watched the buildings recede into the distance. We had only really known each other for less than a month, but Dave was so outgoing and easy to be with that right from the start it had completely overwhelmed my tendency to freeze up and avoid others. Now it seemed like we had been together forever. Of course, it helped that we both liked the same things: being outdoors, biking, kissing, being around machines, kissing...

I kissed the top of his head, then gave him a little shake as the tractor slowed down and came to a stop.

"Hey, Sleeping Beauty, show time!"

"Mmmfph." Dave yawned and stretched as I stepped off the platform and went around to the front to consult with Theo, who was checking the cutter depth adjustment. While he was doing that, I lowered the brush that swept any stones or small debris out of the way. Dave came around, and we stood by watching as Theo made a little test cut. I flipped the piece of turf over and held it up so Theo could see that the grass roots hadn't been sliced off. He nodded and revved up the engine again, so Dave and I ran back and hopped up on the platform. Dave handed me my pair of earplugs, we grabbed our work gloves and got into position as the tractor moved slowly forward, in a perfectly straight line down the field.

The machine sliced off a strip of grass, roots, dirt and all, then chopped it into four foot lengths as it moved up a conveyor belt towards Dave and me. A set of rollers caught the leading edge and lifted it up and back over on itself, causing the turf to roll up as the conveyor belt pushed it along. Our job was to catch the rolls as they came off the top of the conveyer belt and stack them neatly on the pallet on the other side of the platform. When the pallet was filled, one of us would work the hydraulic control to lower it to the ground, where it would slide off the forklift-type forks, then grab an empty palette and slide it onto the forks, raise it up off the ground, then we both had to work fast to clear the backlog of turf rolls at the top of the conveyer belt. We had it choreographed pretty well, and with two of us on that small platform there were plenty of opportunities to squeeze up close behind each other or give a little butt squeeze as we went back and forth. Later in the morning, two more of Dad's crew would arrive with a big truck pulling a flatbed trailer plus a forklift, drop off more empty palettes and load up the full ones. It was a real production line.

Today was good. Earlier in the week it had rained at night and the rolls were both heavy and wet. It was hard on the machinery and hard on us, too! Both Dave and I were muddy, sore and cranky at the end of the first day. Today seemed like nothing compared to that! It was sunny and getting hot, and we were glad to be under the big canopy that shaded the whole machine. Before we knew it, the first two hours had gone by and it was 9:30. Break time! Besides, we were filling up the last empty pallet and the truck hadn't shown up yet. When there were enough turfs cut and on the conveyer belt to finish off the load, I yelled to Theo who stopped the tractor and shut off the cutter head. We stacked the remaining rolls and lowered the palette to the ground, and then Theo cut the engine. Sudden silence! We pulled out the earplugs, grabbed our energy bars and water bottles and jumped down. Our shirts had come off an hour ago, and I admired Dave's back muscles as they moved under his skin.

Theo was on the radio finding out where the truck had gotten to. "They'll be here in about five minutes," he said, joining us sitting on the ground leaning back against the tractor tires. We ate our snacks, enjoying the perfect June day, the view of distant mountains and the fresh country air. I silently vowed to never live in a city again, if I didn't absolutely have to. We chatted about this and that, mostly Theo telling stories about his youth and growing up on a farm back in the Netherlands. I had always imagined him using horses to plow and windmills to make flour, but he described machines and methods that would be considered advanced in America even today.

Soon we could hear the truck making its way across the field. Theo went around the other side to show them where he wanted the empty palettes to be dropped off. When we could hear them talking I slipped my hand up Dave's leg and under his shorts.

"I can't wait for lunchtime!" I whispered, running my finger around under the leg opening of his boxer briefs. "I need extra protein so I can last until tonight." I felt his cock swell up and Dave shifted position a bit to give it room to grow. I would have loved to stick my tongue down his throat; he looked and smelled so sexy when he was all hot and shiny with sweat. He groaned and moved his hand over my own cock, which was fully hard and probably leaking. The truck engine revved up and a door slammed. We immediately switched to innocent mode: knees up and water bottles positioned to hide any tenting up that might be visible. Theo came back around to our side, announced that break time was over and climbed back into the tractor seat. Dave and I got to our feet, keeping our backs to Theo as he moved the machine forward to drop off the last full palette. We started loading up the rack with the newly delivered empties and Dave slid one onto the forks and raised it up into position. I told "little Chris" to behave. Back to work.

The rest of the morning went smoothly. The cutter head didn't hit any rocks, the conveyor belt didn't jam, none of the chains jumped off their sprockets, and when we got to the end of a row nearest the house Theo reached for the radio and said we'd break for lunch a little early. He called his wife, who always came and picked us up at noon. Theo insisted on a sit-down meal at midday, no PBJ sandwiches out at the job site for him. That was fine with us! I was hoping for a little lie-down dessert today, myself! As we waited for her to arrive, we re-greased the parts that needed it and checked the motor and hydraulic oil. Grabbing our backpacks and shirts, we piled into the back seat of the pickup.

"Hi Anna," I said. I'd known her for years; she used to babysit me and my sister when the family drove up from Boston to visit my grandparents. That seemed a long time ago, now.

"Hi boys," she replied, producing a brown bag from the floor beside her. She passed it back over her shoulder as she drove. "Here. I made these this morning."

"Aw, thanks Anna! They smell really good." I peeked in at some kind of Dutch pastries that smelled wonderful. Dave inhaled deeply and Anna got the 1000 watt smile in the rear-view mirror. The pickup stopped at the edge of the yard nearest my motorhome to let us out. Theo and Anna lived in the house at the far end of the driveway, down by the main road. Dave and I got out, carefully holding the bag of goodies aloft. Theo said that they would be back at the usual time, which meant we had a whole twenty minutes extra, which I thought we could put to very good use. Dad hardly ever came home for lunch, and there were no vehicles parked in the yard anyway, so it seemed that we were on our own. Dave must have felt the coast was clear because he came up and grabbed me from behind, pressing his crotch against me and hugging me hard.

"Hey! Watch out for the pastries!" I said, holding them at arm's length.

"Fuck the pastries," said Dave, "It's your body I want!"

"Hehehe. You mean, like in 'American Pie'?" I laughed, breaking free and unlocking the door.


"Y'know, with the warm apple pie? Didn't you ever see that movie?"

"Um. Nope."

"Deprived childhood," I muttered, placing the bag on the counter, the backpack and my shirt on the floor, and pushing a surprised Dave into the captain's chair behind the steering wheel. I wasted no time pulling down his shorts, then kneeling down to lick and nibble him through the boxer briefs. A low moan came from down deep somewhere inside him.

"These are in the way," I complained, pulling off his underwear and throwing it aside. I desperately wanted to replay the scene that had been running through my mind all morning, and that started out with me licking the inside of his thighs. Dave scooted forward to the edge of the seat to allow me full access, while warning me that this wasn't going to take long. With one hand stroking his leg, the other cupped his balls, then moved up and grasped the base of his shaft. I moved in a little and licked one stroke all the way up the length of his cock to the tip, then took it into my mouth, swallowing as much as I could, which was most of it, as we'd been practicing all week. I loved the feel of him in my mouth! Dave writhed on the seat, animal sounds coming from his throat. It didn't take many strokes until I heard a deep intake of breath, and I felt his cock swelling as his hips started to buck, delivering that sweet nectar that I was becoming addicted to. Too bad that I lost count of how many jets of cum I swallowed; it could have been a personal best!

Dave fell limp back into the chair and I just flopped back on the rug, both panting for breath, hearts pounding. After a minute I felt him kneeling on the floor, pulling off my clothes then straddling me as I lay there. Then he was kissing and licking my chest and nibbling around my nipples as his hands ran up and down my sides. He moved lower, one hand holding my straining cock as he kissed around the base. He masturbated me slowly as he licked my balls and thighs. My senses overwhelmed, I lay back, mouth open, eyes crossed, unable to move. Then the warm wetness of his mouth was sending urgent signals to my brain, which just went into overload and very soon whatever threshold has to be reached was breached, pumping cum as fast as Dave could take it, while fireworks went off all around me.

We lay there, on the floor, Dave half on top of me, for however long it took to regain consciousness. At which point we realized that we were starving! Hey, we're teenage boys, and we had worked hard all morning. I rolled out from under, found my shorts and underwear and put them on, then my shirt as it was cooler inside the motorhome. Dave groaned and got moving as I rooted around in the fridge for sandwich materials.

"I never imagined it would be sooo much better with someone else," he said.

"Hmm? Better than what?" I pushed his sandwich over to him.

"Better than jerking off by myself. I don't know why it took me so long to get up the courage to talk to you. I wish I'd said something last year. The last three weeks have been awesome!"

"Last year I would have freaked out if you'd actually spoken to me. I thought you and your friends were way out of my league!"

"Hehe. That's so dumb. We all thought the same thing about you." He took another bite of sandwich. "But I'd rather be with you than any of them. And I don't mean just because you're gay, either. I mean, that's part of it, sure, I can talk to you about stuff. But I just like being with you." He looked at me, then back down at his plate, blushing.

"Ha! I think you just like me 'cause my dad has tractors!" I lightly punched his arm, hoping he wasn't about to get all serious on me. Avoiding the issue, as usual.

"No! I'm serious, Chris," his eyes were boring deep into mine now, and I couldn't look away. "I wish I'd known you a long time ago. It's not the same as with my other friends. I just..." he faltered, then stood up and took his plate and glass over to the sink. I did the same, then put my arms around him from behind and kissed his neck.

"You're the best thing that's ever happened to me," I told him. "And I really mean that. If you hadn't made the first move, I would have been alone, probably forever." Dave turned to face me, pulled me tight and we kissed deeply, lips parted and our tongues probing. Dave cut it short as he noticed the clock on the wall behind me.

"Yikes. Theo's gonna be here any minute!"

We tossed energy bars and water bottles into the packs, each grabbing one of Anna's pastries as we jumped down the stairs and out the door. Fortunately, they were not waiting for us as we came around the front of the shed, so we stopped there, in the shade. I took the opportunity to fondle Dave's ass, and was about to share another quick smooch, but we had to quickly pull apart when we heard the truck come into the yard to haul us back to work.

We got back into the rhythm of the job: lifting and stacking, back and forth, one eye watching the conveyor belt, always listening for a sudden change in the sound of the spinning blades, belts and gears. We were a good team, ahead of schedule and everyone was in a good mood. Dave and I would deliberately bump into each other or grab a bit of ass as we worked, and we could hear Theo singing over the engine noise. Every so often I would catch Dave's eye and give an air kiss, and we'd burst into a fit of giggles. It came as a surprise when Theo stopped for the afternoon break; the time had flown by.

Theo and I were talking while Dave had wandered off to take a leak.

"I like Dave," he said. "He's a nice guy."

I could only agree. "Yeah, he is," I said, plucking blades of grass and pretending to examine them.

"He's a good friend. He's good for you, too. It's good to see you so happy, now."

I looked up at him, but Theo was staring straight ahead. Then he turned and gave me a great big wink and a crooked smile. "Listen, I don't mind a bit. My brother is gay, you know. And back in Holland it isn't a big deal at all." Dave was coming back across the field. "Don't worry, I'll be sure to keep your secret as long as you want."

"Um," I was kinda speechless! "Um, does Dad know?" was all I could think to ask at that moment.

"Oh, no," Theo chuckled. "Your dad would never notice anything like that. But I don't think he'd be too shocked either, you know. You are not the only one of his relatives who is gay!" He winked again, slapped me on the knee and got up and walked off to the front to use the radio just as Dave sat down beside me.

"What's up? What was Theo telling you? You look kinda strange."

"Um. Um. He knows!" I looked at Dave, feeling a little panic rising.

"He knows?" Dave looked puzzled for a second, then looked over at Theo. "You mean, he knows about us? Being gay?"

I nodded. "But he's cool! He said he was glad we were so happy together, and he wouldn't tell anyone!" I could see a little panic in his eyes, too. He looked at me, then over at Theo, then back at me. Neither of us spoke, thinking about how our little private world was suddenly less private.

Dave turned towards me. "Huh. I'm kinda glad someone knows, you know? As long as he can keep a secret! I mean, it'll come out one day, but I'm not ready for that just yet. But yeah, I know what I want; I've known it for a couple of years now. And we've just gotta look at this as coming one step closer."

I wasn't as sure about the whole thing as Dave seemed to be, but what he was saying sounded pretty good. Anyway, Theo came back around and said we only needed half a dozen more pallets to complete the job as he climbed up onto the tractor and started the motor. He could see from the way Dave watched him that I'd shared the news, and he gave the "two thumbs up" sign and nodded toward the back. We climbed aboard and got back to work.

It took just over an hour to finish the last row. We were both quiet and serious at first, but soon Dave was doing stuff to try to lighten my mood and by the time the last pallet was filled I was feeling much better. After we had covered the blades and latched various parts into transport mode, Dave and I were standing looking back at the half-stripped field. Theo came up between us and laid his arms on our shoulders.

"Good job, boys! Well done. You're a good crew, the two of you." He paused for a few seconds. "Perhaps I shouldn't have said anything earlier. But I wanted to let you know maybe to be a little more careful in public, you know? I'm very happy for you. Truly, I am, and I can keep a secret," he looked at Dave, "but not everybody would react the same way." He slapped our backs and moved towards the tractor. "Come on, let's get this thing put away!"

We got back to the yard and had the harvester tucked away well before Dad and his crew showed up. Theo told Dad what a great job we had done and how he enjoyed working with both of us. As they chatted Theo gave no sign that he knew something about me that Dad didn't know. I found myself wondering who else in the family was gay. And how did Theo know? Hmm.

We picked up our backpacks and headed for the motorhome. As we walked around the back of the shed, I bumped Dave's shoulder with mine.


"Hey," he bumped me back.

"You okay?"

"Oh yeah. I'm okay. Tired though," he added. "Theo's cool. Your dad's cool, too." He looked around then pulled me closer for a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Hehehe. YOU need a shower," I mentioned.

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