The Saturday Boy

by James Matthews

Chapter 27 - You Did What?

"You did WHAT?" Jack snapped, making me flinch.

"It was… it's not what you think and it was a long time ago," I stuttered, wishing he would calm down.

"Joey, that's like… that's like incest right?"

"Jack, please! Don't use that word; please… just don't use that word."

"Well what else would you call it?"

"I dunno, a mistake, an obsession, a…"

"An obsession? Can you explain that?"

"No Jack, I can't, I've been trying to understand it for the last two years and…"

"Hey guys, what's with the raised voices," Roman asked, coming back through to the kitchen.

"You Roman… you and him… what did you do, like abuse him or something?"

"Sorry I don't follow Jack, what are you talking…"

"He knows Ro, he knows, so cut the bullshit." I hissed, frustrated Jack knew and also my brother trying to play dumb.

Roman sighed. "Jack, calm down ok, it was a funny time and it's not happening anymore."

"Were… were you in love with each other?"

"NO!" I barked, wishing he would stop with all the questions. My heart was racing, my palms sweaty… was I going to lose him?

"Roman, you didn't answer my question either, did you abuse him?" Roman came and sat down, putting his head in his hands before looking up at Jack, whose jaw was still wide open.

"Jack, look, how can I explain this? Firstly, no I didn't abuse my brother, I love him, more than people will know, but I love him in a way I don't expect people to understand either. What happened, like I said, was a long time ago, I was fifteen, Joey was fourteen, no one is to blame for this, it's not going on anymore and that phase we went through is no more, OK?"

"I… I just can't get my head round it guys, I mean the both of you… screwing!"

"No Jack, that's not what, happened ok? It wasn't like that, nothing like that ever happened, it was… well it wasn't that ok!" I stated, calming a little.

"So what are we talking about here, hand jobs, blowjobs, I mean, what else is there?"

"It was one of those ok, just experimental stuff," I replied, lying.

"And it's not going on anymore, because there is being cheated on Joey, and then there is being cheated on like… fucking hell, man!"

I took his hand in mine and mustered up the most sincere look I could. "Jack, nothing is going on, I swear on my life. What… what are you going to do?"

"Do? Sorry how do you mean."

"Are we finished?" I asked, dreading the answer, but feeling I had to ask.

"No, of course not, I just thought… well, I was really shocked ok? I mean I didn't know what was going on here, Roman could have been abusing you and… and forcing you to keep quiet, and you looked really freaked out, which freaked me out, and then I thought, wow… what if it's still going on, what if you were both breeding and shit… I mean, can you blame me?"

"Jack, Roman said no one was to blame, that's the only part I don't agree with. I was going through a funny period in my life, and it was me who instigated it, he can't be blamed in this."

Jack looked at Roman, not impressed. "But you let it happen right?"

"Yeah, and I shouldn't have, it was wrong on many levels Jack, but look around you, what person hasn't done things in their life they are ashamed of, or regret." Roman said.

Jack finally looked as if he was getting it and looked visibly calmer now. "Is that why you are the way you are around each other?"

"We're very close, and maybe indirectly what happened plays into that, but Look, Jack, this was well in the past, and no one should even need to know about it because we both decided not to talk about it or admit it ever happened a long time ago."

Jack heaved in and blew air through his lips. "Maybe I am making a big deal about it… but fucking hell, this is a first for me, you gotta accept I'm gonna be a little shocked something like that actually happened. I mean I thought things like that only went on in hillbilly land!"

Roman grinned, as I knew he would when he knew it was safe to. "Oh please Jack; it was a lot more classy than that." A wry smile came over Jack's face and I felt my sphincter relax. Beads of sweat had begun to appear on my head, such was the intensity of our revelation, so I pulled a tea towel from the draining board and wiped myself over.

"Look, I know I freaked out and I'm sorry, but since I am never going to see it, Joey, I have to ask… is he as big as he looks from the outside?"

"JACK!" I squealed, "you can't go reading the riot act and then expect me to answer questions like that."

"Here, Jack, let me put you out of your misery," Roman said, before pulling down the front of his sweat pants, letting his cock and balls flop out. "Happy now, you've seen it!"

Jack unconsciously licked his lips and his eyes went wide, making Roman and I chuckle. "Wow, you ain't even hard," Jack remarked, almost starting to drool.

"Yeah, so there you go, who wouldn't wanna suck on this?" Roman said, and I shot him a look as if telling him not to push it.

"So, are we all cool about this? Jack?"

"Yeah, Roman, I'm cool, just don't expect me to understand it all, but like you say it was a long time ago and things were obviously different then."

"They were Jack… oh and its fair to say, our parents are not privy to said information, so if you wouldn't mind…"

"Oh yeah, no worries, my lips are sealed. So, boyfriend, don't you have work to do? Don't worry, I'm not gonna run out on you, if that's what you're thinking."

"Yeah, I do Jack, and thanks, you know, for trying to understand."

"I don't understand it really Joey like I said, but lets put it this way. We don't start bombing Germany again for something that happened seventy years ago do we?"

"Interesting analogy Jack, but I can see what you mean, and I'll take it as your way of saying forgive and forget?" I asked, stroking his hair.

Jack smiled. "Something like that, Joey."

"Well, now that that's all out in the open, Jack, do you wanna go over and get your stuff?"

"You really wanna take me after I practically accused you of abusing your brother?"

"You didn't accuse me, you asked, and it was a perfectly reasonable question given the shock it must have been… so yeah, I still wanna take you douchebag!"

"Cool, I'll go put on some of Joey's clothes, back soon." I smirked as he left the kitchen, leaving Roman and I alone.

"How the fuck did he find out?" Roman growled, barely audible.

"He worked it out obviously, it's not like I just told him Roman."

"You are really lucky you are with someone like him, it's probably a good thing he's had such a fucked up life, otherwise that conversation could have gone really bad."

"I think I would have told him on my own accord eventually anyway Roman, Jack and I don't have secrets." I said, defiantly. "At least now, I won't need to."

"Just be glad he understands Joey, you got a keeper there, a lesser person would have walked away after a revelation like that."

"I know Roman; you don't have to tell me how lucky I am… Oh, and there was something you said earlier that's playing on my mind."


"You said to Jack you loved me in a way you don't expect people to understand, what did you mean by that."

"The answer is in the statement Joey… you wouldn't understand."

"Try me."

"No, I don't wanna talk about this. You better get downstairs, otherwise mum will be going mad, we open in twenty five minutes."

"Yeah, yeah, I'm going," I said, leaving the kitchen with a confused look on my face.

Roman never kept anything from me and I felt kinda hurt that he had, especially when it involved me. I began to chew it over in my mind wondering what it might mean.

The pub was now open and I had only just got the line clean that I should have done earlier. My mum wasn't impressed, feeling the need to remind me of her rules regarding my work hours still being the same regardless of Jack living with us or not. Little did she know the conversation Roman, Jack and I had just had come just about paramount over even life itself.

I stood at the end of the bar, watching as regulars started piling in, as well as people who I'd not seen before probably coming for Sunday lunch. If we had indeed had a quiet Saturday night, Sunday was certainly making up for it.

I eyed Roman and Jack heading out from the restaurant, obviously ready to head out. Jack looked really sexy as usual, amplified by the fact he was wearing a baseball cap to hide his bandage I assumed. Jack's face fitted the cap perfectly, revealing a few blond hairs escaping from the front and sides. Resisting the urge to slam him against the bar and have my way with him I greeted the both of them and followed Roman to his car with Jack now behind me. Good, because I didn't want to look at that ass anymore afraid of risking an accident in my pants.

"Back or front Joey?" Jack asked as we approached the vehicle.

"You can have the front, I'm sure you'll want to look at Roman's gear stick anyway."

"Hey, it's a sports one, so it's not that long I'm afraid," came the reply from my sniggering brother.

We all piled into Roman's Ford Focus ST, and Roman, wanting to demonstrate the power of his machine to Jack, accelerated away at speed, sucking Jack into his seat.

"Fuck Roman, you made my stomach go funny then," Jack remarked, not looking entirely impressed.

"Well the first time you came in this car you were coming home from the hospital so I didn't wanna push it then."

"Hey, I still have injuries you know… and for the record I have never cum in this car."

"You and your dirty mind," Roman said, shaking his head. I just rolled my eyes.

Roman sped through the streets and we were soon turning into Jack's old road. I tried to gauge his expression in the wing mirror but as Roman had a habit of leaving his car to get caked in dirt and grease I could see about as much as he could… which was not a lot.

"You ok babe?"

"Yeah, just wanna get this out of the way."

"Are you sure you're ready to go in, we can come back if you're not."

"No, I need to Joey, every time I put something of yours on I feel like I'm wearing a condom."

"Well, you shouldn't be so muscly and sexy then should you," I said, leaning forward and massaging his shoulders.

Roman pulled into Jack's drive way and stopped the car. Still visible was the remains of blue and white police tape that had just been ripped before the knot, letting anyone know with any sense that something horrible had gone on in that house, and they would be right, something did.

Jack slowly got out of the car, never taking his eyes off of the front door. I could feel his pain just watching him; this was going to be hard. The place where I imagined a once happy family lived before Jack's father turned into a drink fuelled psychopathic killer, now stood empty and eerie.

"Do you want to go in alone Jack?" Roman asked, putting his arms round him. Jack leaned into him and I was horrified as a twinge of jealousy ran through my brain.

"No it's ok, I would like the company to be honest. I just hope they have cleaned up."

"Be prepared that they haven't Jack." Roman advised, letting him lead on to the door.

Jack fiddled around in his pocket before pulling out a copper coloured key and then placed it on the door. He paused, just holding the key in the lock, not turning it. I went up behind him and kissed him softly on the back of the head for gentle encouragement. It seemed to work as he clicked the door and nudged it open.

I expected Jack to start having a look around, perhaps visiting the lounge where he was beaten up, but instead he headed straight for the stairs, running up them, leaving Roman and I at the bottom looking at each other.

"This is hard for him," Roman said, obviously seeing the questioning in my eyes. "Go up there and make sure he's ok and see if he needs help packing. I'm just gonna have a look around and see if they have cleaned the place, and then I'll be up."

"Ok Ro, see you in a sec." I trotted up the stairs and called out for Jack. His room was at the back and I realised it was the first time I would be seeing it.

"Exactly how I left it," he said, as I walked in and found him standing by the window.

"Its…Its nice."

"It was my escape, my safe room, away from him."

I looked around the room. It was typical for someone our age, posters covering the wall displaying young wrestlers, and I doubted they were there because he followed their careers. Hanging from the ceiling were model world war two planes and some miniature planets. My eyes travelled over to a corner of the room which contained a computer desk, laden with things that never seemed to have a home. They were covering what looked to be an old style VDU monitor, keyboard and mouse. I suddenly felt guilty because all I could think about at that moment was how many times he had sat at that desk, jerking himself off.

"This has been my room all my life, seems strange but… it feels cold and alien to me." He remarked, soft and thoughtfully.

"A lot has gone on here Jack, bad memories and sadness for you."

"Yeah, but never in this room, Joey. Whenever my dad was being an asshole or I'd been picked on at school, there was nowhere I'd rather be than locked in here…my sanctuary.

"Do you want me to leave you alone while you pack?"

"Nah, its fine… its just a room right?"

"It is Jack, but like you said, it's your sanctuary."

"Yeah well, not anymore…here, grab that case down from the closet please," Jack said, pointing.

I pulled the case down and he went to work filling it with clothes, clothes that I had never seen him wear. I paid special attention to his underwear, some of them I visioned him wearing, making my cock twitch with yearning. It was bad enough his dad had beaten him up in the first place, but it was also because of him, my boyfriend and I had not been able to demonstrate how much we loved each other, if you catch my drift?

After filling the large case with all his wearable stuff he moved on to the contents under his bed. He pulled a shoebox out that was taped up and also a hunk of DVD's.

"Hmm, I'll need to get some black trash bags for these," he said, scratching his chin.

"Why, they can go in our room," I said, sifting through the movies."

"I'm not throwing them away silly, I just need something to pack them in. Wait here, I'll just pop to the kitchen and grab some bags."

"Yeah, no worries."

"I'll send Roman up as well, he's probably thinking I'm up here having a breakdown or something." I chuckled and watched as Jack left his room. I began to look around the room again. Wondering what Jack did when he was in here… apart from the obvious of course. I went over to the window and eyed a card on the seal. It looked wilted and warped from what I guessed was condensation. Curiosity got the better of me and I picked it up to look inside.

To my dear Jackson,

Had the best night of my life last night

Hope we're together forever

And thanks for the awesome treat on my B'day

Forever yours



I heard Jack coming back up the stairs and quickly placed the card back down, careful to position it exactly as I found it. Jealousy spiked in my mind again as he came back in, was I really this insecure?

I almost felt like asking Jack about the card, but feeling it was probably not a good time coupled with the fact Roman was right behind him, I held it in.

"Looks like they cleaned the place up," Roman remarked to us both as he walked in the room behind Jack.

"Suppose it will be rented out again soon, maybe the council paid for it." Jack said, starting to pile all his DVD's into one of the black trash bags.

"So what happens to all the other stuff in the house, like, your mum's stuff I mean?" I asked.

Jack didn't say anything, instead he just went round the room methodically filling bags with his stuff. I looked at Roman who gave me a silent shake of the head as if to tell me to drop the mum subject. I gave a gentle nod back and continued to watch Jack.

"They can deal with it, her parents… its all just bad memories now anyway," Jack said out of the blue, using extra force when placing something into the bag, as if to emphasise his frustration.

"Jack?" Roman asked softly. "Is there nothing of your mum's you would like to take with you, like a piece of jewellery or some photos perhaps? You might not get another chance."

"I hadn't really thought about it… besides, I don't want to go in her room, not now, not after…"

"Yeah I get that… would you like me to have a look for you?"

"If you like Roman, just don't tell me about the room ok?"

"Yeah… yeah sure Jack, just leave it to me."

I got the feeling Jack didn't really care what Roman was doing and just wanted to get out of there. I was going to say to Roman that it was a bad idea that he be the one to go into Jack's parents room, but he was right, he would not get another chance.

"Would you like any help Jack, is there anything I can pack for you?"

"I can handle it, Joey."

"Oh, that's a nice card," I said innocently, looking over to the window seal. "Who's it from?"

Jack froze and looked over at the card, before walking over and snatching it up and hurriedly placing it in one of the bags.

"Just a friend," he said. "A friend I haven't seen for a long time."

"Oh right, anyone special?"

"Why, does it matter?"

"No… no, it's just the way you said it, it was like you were remembering the person with fondness."

"I'd rather not talk about it now," Jack snapped, wiping his eyes.

Fucking hell Joey, why can't you just keep your mouth shut!

"Ok, Jack, no worries, I'm sorry if I…"

"Its fine, Joey, I'm sorry I didn't mean to snap at you. I just want to get out of here so I can stop thinking about what happened here."

Roman joined us a few minutes later with a small bag of stuff that he discreetly placed into one of Jack's bags, before placing himself on the bed.

"Almost done here guys and then we can go right?" Jack said, forcing a smile.

"Whatever you want Jack, you just say the word."

We remained at the house for another fifteen minutes before Jack announced he had all he wanted. He seemed eager to leave, getting more and more agitated and upset. Outside we loaded up the car and drove away with Jack not even looking back at the house. He seemed to settle as we got further away and even became a little more talkative. I must admit, being in that house did have a way of dragging your mood down and I know it sounds crazy but it reminded me of the Amityville house because it did almost feel like if you stayed there it would drive you slowly crazy.

Roman made a detour to KFC on the way back to the pub and treated us all to lunch, much to the delight of Jack who loved fried chicken. I was glad his mood was clearing into something more light hearted, I hated seeing him upset, but new it was going to be difficult for him to face the visit we had just completed.

Once lunch was done we headed out to the car and continued our short journey back to the pub, none of saying much. I was stuffed and was looking forward to chilling out with my boy once we got home.

"So Jack, do you know when your mum's funeral is?" Roman asked, making me feel slightly irritated seeing as he was the one who told me not to broach the subject.

"Her body was released a few days ago so it should be pretty soon."

"You mean you don't know?" I asked, surprised.

"My bastard grandparents are dealing with it so the police say. Apparently they are going to call with a date."

"Well I know there really isn't anything good to take from that but at least it's something you haven't had to worry about, I mean God… I wouldn't even know where to start with something like that." Roman said, perplexed.

"I'll just be glad when this is all over, at the moment I keep thinking about her laying in some fridge somewhere."

"Oh Jack, I would imagine by now she's is being taken care of at a funeral home and being treated with the respect she deserves, try not to think bad thoughts buddy."

Trust Roman to know how to say the right things, something I never seemed to be able to do. At times I just felt like it was better to keep my mouth shut on delicate matters, but then again that's also something I'm not very good at doing… keeping my mouth shut.

Roman pulled up across the street of the pub and locked up the car. The three of us decided to use the side entrance as there was some charity worker outside the main doors hustling for coins.

"You know, I bet ninety per cent of what goes in that tin is her wages for doing that job, I have never seen the point of charities paying people to collect money." Roman remarked, holding the gate open for us.

"Hey Roman, ninety per cent of what joey earns is gonna go towards my needs, so I get how she feels," Jack remarked, cracking his first joke of the day.

I was glad!

"Well if it isn't the three musketeers, how was it Jack, sweetheart, did you get everything you needed?" asked my mum as we walked past the pub kitchen.

"Yeah all collected, done and dusted, Sandra, thanks. Roman is gonna help me unload it in a minute, we're just too full at the moment."

"Oh you've had lunch?"

"Yeah mum, Ro took us to KFC, it was…"

"Finger licking good," Roman cut in, making us all laugh.

"You should have eaten here, and put the money in our till," mum said, grinning

"Mum, you would even suck the money out of your kid's pocket? That is shameless!"

"Damn right I would, there is no love in business," she said, wryly. Roman just shook his head and disappeared upstairs, followed by Jack and I moment later.

I walked into our bedroom and found Jack just where I wanted him, on the bed. He looked up and me and winked at him, closing the door.

"Is that baby oil, Joey?"

"Yeah, get undressed and lay down." I said, mischievousness in my voice.

"Why, what are you gonna do to me, and what's with the oil?"

"Do you trust me?"

"Yeah, but… but we have to unload the car, Roman is gonna want to…"

"Later!" I said, cutting him off. "Now do as you are told and get your shit off!"

Jack started to untie the laces on his sneakers. My cock was already hard and he hadn't even taken of the first shoe yet. Once they were off he pulled his t-shirt over his head revealing his toned, tight torso, lightly bronzed by this year's sun.

"And the rest," I said, as he stopped in a moment of bashfulness.

"Ok, don't rush me."

He began to teasingly undo the ripcord on his sweatpants before sliding them down his strong blond haired legs. I loved Jack's legs; they were well muscled but not too chunky, covered in a thick layer of wiry blond hair. I think that's what turned me on about them, the way they looked so manly in contrast to his baby face and other boyish features.

Sitting in just his boxer briefs I went over to him and knelt down starting to tug on the waistband.

"This part, I wanna do," I said gently nibbling at his treasure trail, making him squeal. "Hmm, ticklish too, now that is hot."

Jack lifted his ass from the bed to allow me easier access and I slowly pulled at the material revealing more and more of his pubic region, until finally out came his seven inch piece of meat. It's not that Jack was particularly long, but he sure was thick. A blemish free penis, perfectly straight and he had a very suckable head, which was exactly in proportion to the rest of his cock; in short… it was perfect.

I just knelt there and stared at it. Every so often it would twitch making it bob around.

"So now you have me naked and exposed, what exactly are you going to do to me?"

"Lay down on your front and spread your legs," I requested. "You've had a stressful day and I'm gonna fix that with a massage."

"A massage, hmm, sounds nice," He said, getting in to position, spread out on the bed.

I popped the cap on the bottle of oil and let it run out onto Jack's back, making him flinch, the sudden coldness making his breath hitch. Taking one finger I started to spell out our names in invisible writing, wondering if he would work out what I was doing. My eyes were fixed on his beautiful ass which was totally smooth and milky white, and I felt the urge to kiss it all over for hours.

Putting the bottle down I went to work on Jack's back, starting at the top. I kneaded and squeezed his shoulders making him groan in a low voice. His eyes were closed, a light smile etched on his peaceful looking face.

There was no doubt he was enjoying this.

Working my way down his torso I ran my hands over his soft skin, feeling the contours of his muscly back, strong and tight. At the same time, I was leaning forward, planting soft kisses on the back of his neck, and then blowing gently on the damp spot causing the hairs to stand up on end.

Moving lower still I made circle motions on both his cheeks and Jack pushed his ass up in anticipation of my touch. He was moaning quietly and my own cock was aching with the sounds he was making.

Trying desperately not to turn this into sex I pulled apart his ass cheeks revealing his hairless pink rosebud. I took some residual oil from his back to moisten up my fingers and started to run them round the edge of his hole, casing Jack to grind his pelvis into the mattress and squirm. After a few minutes of doing this I replaced my fingers with the tip of my tongue, making gentle circle motions, taking him to a new level I don't think he was quite prepared for.

I stopped briefly and asked him to turn over. As he did, my eyes were wide with satisfaction as before me was a massive wet patch where he had leaked pre-cum all over the sheet below. It looked like there were gallons of it and I immediately got excited like some kid in a candy store.

"Enjoying yourself I take it?" I sniggered, seeing a smile come over his face.

"You could say that, but hey, don't blame me, it's been a while remember," he groaned in obvious pleasure.

I looked down at his cock and licked my lips, his nuts hung loose and low between his legs, almost resting on the sheet and I had to hold myself back from diving down on him with my mouth. Taking his balls in my hand I massaged them between my fingers while kissing the tender soft skin on his inner thigh. Jack was fidgeting all over the bed as I made my assault on him, lightly whimpering in a high pitched voice. His dick was twitching and continued to ooze out lashing of clear sweet pre-cum which I lapped up from his stomach. He was getting more and more worked up and I hadn't even started on his cock yet.

Jack's stomach heaved, his breathing increased and I was surprised how turned on he was getting. I was about to change tactic and move onto his pulsating hard dick and then he did something I was totally not prepared for. He seemed to stop breathing and I watched as his body went insanely tense before he exhaled a high pitched cry and a bolt of hot white liquid shot with force hitting him on his contorted face. The second shot flew past him completely and splashed on to the head board behind. More and more hot cum was spewing from his pent up cock and I watched in amazement at how much he was producing, it was everywhere. Jack's chest and face were bright red and finally his orgasm subsided and I just sat there with my mouth open, I had never seen that much semen in my whole short life.

As he came down his head slammed back down on the pillow and he laid there spent, breathing hard as beads of sweat quickly started to form on his head.

"WOW! What… the… fuck… was… THAT? I asked, slapping both my cheeks with my hands.

"S-s-sorry, I couldn't help it, man that was fucking intense… that actually hurt!" Jack heaved, just laying there

"Intense… Intense? Fuck me that was amazing, look at you, you're SOAKED in it!"

"I… I was really trying to hold it in but it just came on so quickly."

"Jack… babe, I didn't even touch you… man that is so awesome!" I said, wearing a big smile.

"Well, if there was any doubt of what you do to me, you sexy fucker, this should put it to bed."

"Hmm, thanks," I said, blushing.

"Want me to get you off?"

"Do… do you mind? I mean, I can do it if you just wanna lay there and recover."

"No way, I wanna see you cum… here, come and straddle my chest."

I didn't have to be asked twice, getting on top of him, sitting with my wet hard dick just inches from his face. He gripped it with his hand and I felt like I was gonna shoot there and then. Truth be told that was pretty much what happened, because after about fifteen seconds of him jerking my cock, I let out a deep growl and drenched Jack's face in my own juice, watching in glee as he lapped up what he could with his tongue. I collapsed on top of him and we layed there both drenched in sweat, cum and love!

"I fucking love you Jack Stanton," I whispered, in his ear

"Ditto sexy!" he replied softly, stroking my hair.

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