Puppy for Sale

by James Matthews

Chapter 39

My First Time (No, Not That!)

3 Days Later

"Steven! Will you stop kicking that ball against the house, you are gonna break a window," Susan yelled from the kitchen, as I walked through to grab a drink.

"I did break a window with my ball when I was at Greenstone, I heard it was expensive to replace."

"He will, he'll do it one day, I swear," she muttered. "And when he does it be coming out of his allowance for the next ten years."

I poured a glass of orange juice from the fridge and took a seat at the kitchen table. "Looks cold out there," I groaned.

"Puppy, if you don't tell me what's up with you, I swear I am going to smother you with a pillow," Susan said, smirking.

"Saturday! Its taking far too long to come round... and Dave has not replied to my latest text."

"Well when did you send it?"

"About ten minutes ago," I replied, checking my phone AGAIN! Susan gave me an over the glasses look.

"Ten minutes, and you're freaking out? Hmm, sounds like you have it bad, and the only cure for that is a big fat Pizza from Dominos!"

"Wow, really?"

Susan laughed. "See, that pricked your ears up."

"You bet!"

"Well, your father is working late tonight and I really need to do some food shopping. So, you cheer up and go call Steven in... two more days Puppy, just two more days," she said, patting me on the shoulder and walking out of the kitchen.

It had been a funny old week so far, but it had come with some good events. Firstly, I was now the proud wearer of two shoes after having my bandage reduced to a large plaster. The Nurse was pleased with the healing on my foot and told me I could start wearing sneakers again, but no hard shoes. I was already starting to experience less pain as time went on, but after having that dressing changed to a plaster and some new numbing agent, the pain was almost gone. I was no longer having to take pain killers AND, I ditched the crutches which really pleased me.

Secondly, I had a chance to visit my new school and get fitted for my uniform. I was taken around the building with Susan and met some of the teachers during lunch time. The Headmaster was a quiet man called James Watt, which I found really amusing. He was very welcoming and he promised me massive support after hearing about my past. It was good to know I was going to a place where I would be able to finally learn in a proper environment. The school facilities were amazing just liked I had seen on TV at Greenstone. Well, not that school, but all the same, it looked amazing. At the end of our meeting I was asked if I had any questions, to which I replied, one

Who was my Maths teacher going to be!

"That was heaven I said, leaning back on my seat and rubbing my belly."

"Yeah, thanks mum," Steven added, throwing the last crust of his own pizza into the box.

"You're welcome boys, now, which one of you is going to do the washing up?"

"Ha-ha, your jokes get funnier every day mum! C'mon Jensen, let's leave mum to talk to herself, she enjoys doing that."

"I've got used to it over the years, you and your father rarely listen anyway," was the reply as we both got up from our seats. Susan packed up the three pizza boxes and placed them in the trash bin just outside the back door and I followed Steven out into the hallway and upstairs.

"Why are you so eager to get upstairs?" I asked as he rushed into the bedroom.

"I'm not," Steven replied, closing the door. "But sit down; I have a surprise... wanna go out somewhere?"

"Go out? Where... and what's this surprise?"

"The park, and it's a surprise... so do ya?"

"What, just you and me, go out?"

"Well your foot is better... almost, and you can walk like a normal person now, so why not."

"You're making me suspicious."

"Look, bonehead, mum said you have been moping around all day, this will get you out of the house and get some fresh air in your lungs."

"Since when have you liked fresh air?"

"Look, do you wanna go or not... you better say because we'll have to be back by nine I'm guessing mum will say, and that leaves us about two and a bit hours."

"Ok, whatever you say, but I wanna know what this surprise is, and fast!"

"Quit whining and get some shoes on."

I sighed and did as he asked. Steven threw my coat at me while unhooking his own from the bedroom door. "Mum?" He called, as we walked down the stairs.

"Yes, Honey?"

"I'm going to the small park with Jensen, is that ok?"

"Make sure it is the small one, I don't want you going near that forest, and you stay away from Cutters Farm, you hear me."

"Mum, if I said the small park then that's where we are going. Otherwise I would have said we are going to the Big park or Cutters Farm,"

"An answer for everything... just be back by eight thirty, it's a school night."


Susan blew air through her lips and looked at the ceiling. "Eight forty five then, and a minute later you are grounded for twenty years and no TV for ten."

"Nine thirty it is then," he said, smirking.

"Don't push me Steven Chase!"

Steven laughed. "C'mon Puppy dawg, let's go."

As we exited the house, a chill hit, making me shudder. "Why did you say nine thirty when she originally said eight thirty?" I asked, pulling my coat zip up as far as it would go. Steven rolled his eyes.

"Jensen, with parents you gotta learn the art of haggling. When it comes to time, they always put a low bid in, whereas us kids, we put a high bid in. The result?"


"Both parties end up where they thought. Mum knew eight thirty was too early, I saw through it immediately, you gotta check the eyes and body language out. Once you see that, you go in for the kill and raise the bar high."

"Like nine thirty?"

"Exactly, and what's the result?"


"There, see, your learning. The art of it is to make them feel like they are being generous, butter them up with a few nice comments and jokes and they give in."

"So what would Dad have said?"

"Home by eleven and don't let your mother see you come in."

"Oh... hmm now I'm confused."

"Quite easy for you."

Steven pushed open the spring gates that led into the park. It was now really cold and I wondered what the hell we were doing here. A set of old swings creaked in the breeze and I could see the outline of a slide off in the distance.

This place was dark!

"Are you sure we should be here, it's pretty creepy."

"Relax, there is no such things as monsters, despite what that hooky house of horrors you lived in told you."

"I preferred kid prison," I remarked.

"Whatever... shush, look over there," he said, stopping and pointing.

"Don't say that, I don't wanna look, what is it?" I hissed.

Over in the distance I could see a small light flashing every so often. Steven seemed calm, as if he was expecting it. "C'mon, it's only Billy."

"Billy?" I repeated.

"Yeah, I arranged to meet him here, this is where the surprise is."

"Billy is the surprise? But... but I already met him, and I happen to like Dave."

"Not that sort of surprise, Idiot. Just follow me."

We walked towards the flashing light which had now ceased. I could see the outline of a big boned person standing near a bench.

"What took you so long, I almost went back home."

"Sorry Bill, I was having trouble convincing the plebe to come out the door.

"Oh, well you're here now... and hey Jensen, good to see you up and about again."

"Thank you Billy, yes almost all mended now." I replied, lifting a hand up to greet him.

"So, did you get some?" Steven asked, rubbing his hands together

"Yeah, but only a little bit, I don't want my brother noticing any has gone."

"What is this... some ?" I asked, curious.

"This, Puppy dawg, is the surprise."

One for you, one for Jensen and one for me," Billy chanted, placing what looked like a badly made cigarette in my hand.

"What is it?" I asked, smelling the strong aroma emanating from the small stick."

"This, is the humble spliff, Jensen," Billy announced.

"Spliff?" I repeated.

"It's weed, Jensen, you smoke it."

"Whoa, erm, I don't think I wanna do weed plant," I said offering my spliff back to Billy.

"Weed plant... what's he on about?"

"That's what it's called right, I mean, that's what Doctor Listern called it."

"Are you sure that's what he called it?" Billy asked.

"Jensen, its fine, its actually good for you... ask any Doctor."

"Good for what?" I demanded.

"Erm... Arthritis!" Steven replied.

"But I don't have Arthritis," I declared.

"Well if you did, you won't feel it after this," Billy added, both of them bursting out laughing.

"But... but what If I get hooked on Heroin?"

"WHAT?!" Steven barked. "Jensen, lay off the TV, it's just a bit of weed."

I shook my head as Billy slowly passed me a lighter.

"Hmm, hehe, Ok, I dare you to say the word DISH and keep a straight face," Steven said to Billy as we sat three abreast on the wooden bench.

"Ok, ok, ok, let me have a second. DISAAAAhahaha," Billy cried, tears running down his face, in fits of laughter. Steven was also cracking up and I sat there lightly giggling, but didn't know why.

"Ok, ok, Jensen, your turn." Steven stated, turning to face me.

"What, what have I gotta say," I said starting to laugh more.

"You got to say...erm, ok you got to say m-m-oustache."

"Hmm, ok... but I can feel myself feeling giggly before I even said it. Ok, shut up Jensen, let's do this!" I commanded myself, shaking out my fists. "Mou...haha... Moust... hahahahahahhehehe, I'm...I'm sorry I can't. Oh my god, why is that so damn funny.

"I think it's the stars?" Billy said, randomly, looking up.

"The stars?" I asked, all of us suddenly serious.

"Yeah, like, all that dust you know? All that dust that comes from those stars, don't you think it's gotta affect us?"

"Wait, you have a GREAT point there Billy. What if something is out there like that sorta dust you're on about and that's what makes us feel different emotions." Steven added.

I looked at them both." Guys, it's not the dust damn it. I think it's the pull of the moon."

"Jensen, " Steven said, leaning into me.

"No wait, I have a theory here."

"Go on then, lets here it." Billy demanded, leaning forward and looking at me.

"Well, it's like those ware wolves isn't it? Like they come out on a full moon and do all that howling and stuff, and"

"Wait a minute here Jensen, bro... ware wolves?"

"Yeah, you gotta let me finish or it won't make sense, Steven."

"Let him finish Stevie, I wanna hear this, it might be important."

"Thanks Billy... yeah so the full moon makes ware wolves come out and act all weird yeah. Well they start off as people but then, when it's a full moon they all start turning into these..."

"Ware wolves?"

"Exactly, and they get all mean and come after people, and they're like grrrr, and eating people up and shit like that."

"Jensen?" Steven asked, grabbing my face in his hands.

"Yeah Stevie?"

"I love you with all my heart, but... but what the FUCK are you talking about?"

I thought about his question. "Erm, I don't actually remember." Steven burst out laughing, before taking another long puff on his spliff, closing one eye.

"He was talking about star dust and funny shit," Billy piped up.

"No...no no no, that was you. I wanna know how we got on to ware wolves?"

"Hmm, well I think I was saying... it don't matter. Hey, I think I'm gonna be sick," I declared, getting up from the seat and lunging forward.

"Yay, Jensen's having a whitey!" Billy cried.

"Hey bill, be quiet, it's his first time, I remember what you were like." Steven said getting up and approaching me. "You ok?"

"Yeah, think so, just suddenly felt queasy."

"It's just the weed Puppy dawg, it will wear off. Come sit down and tell us more about this full moon shit." Steven put his arm around me as I shivered slightly in the cold air of the night.

"Oh yeah... ok, wait a minute, I remember what I was gonna say now."

As we approached the house at just before nine I was almost asleep on my feet. My whole body felt like jelly and I was slurring my words. Before pulling out his key, Steven took a bottle of spray from his inside coat pocket and coated me in some, causing me to stagger back.

"What are you doing?" I hissed.

"We both smell like a weed factory," Steven whispered. "You want mum to smell that? Look, when we get inside, we just say hi and go straight upstairs. You get in the shower and pass me your clothes, and I'll dust them with some deodoriser and put them in the wash tomorrow morning."

"Whatever you say, Steven, can we just get in, I'm freezing."

Steven put his key in the door and paused for a moment before walking in. I followed him and headed for the stairs.

"Hi boys, did you have a nice time?" Susan called from the lounge.

"Hi mum, yeah was good." Steven replied. He left it at that and shoved me up the stairs faster than my legs would take me, leading me to stumble.

"Is everything ok out there?" Max called.

"Uh... yeah fine dad, Jensen just tripped that's all."

I went into the bathroom with Steven hot on my heels and started to undress, turning the shower on. Steven locked the door and sat down on the toilet seat.

"Man you look fucked... serious case of red eye there."

"And you still look sexy, wanna jerk me off, I'm horny."

"Not tonight Jensen, I'm washing my hair," he smirked. "Is Puppy Dawg, still stoned?"

I giggled. "I guess!"

I got under the warm water and got to washing myself. Steven started to gather up all my clothes before opening the door and rushing to the bedroom. He brought a large towel back in which I found strange seeing as the bathroom was full of them.

"Here, use this one when you get out, just in case you still smell of it," he said, putting the towel on the floor.

"I do know how to wash you know," I replied, insulted.

"You'd be surprised how much that stuff can linger, and you do not want mum or dad finding out what we did tonight."

"Do you smoke that stuff often?"

"Only now and again when Billy can steal a small amount out of his brother's bag. That usually only happens when he's just got it, cos there is quite a lot and he won't notice. So, maybe once or twice every two months, some times longer. I just wanted you to try it once. Even if you never have it again, at least you can say you tried it."

"It was a strange experience," I mused, massaging shampoo into my hair, my eyes clamped shut.

"Strange as in good, or?"

"Well I did feel sick for a few minutes, but then that passed. It was really nice to laugh at nothing though, does that always happen?"

"Feeling sick or laughing?"


"Meh, Billy spewed up the first time he smoked it, I didn't feel sick at all. I think it affects people in different ways. As for the laughing, that's the whole point of doing it, to just act crazy for an hour or so. Just as long as you don't turn into what's known as a pot head."

"A pot head?"

"Yeah, they're the people who smoke it to feel normal. They don't get the same feeling out of it anymore because they have smoked so much."

"Is...is that why people get on to Heroin?"

"That's twice you mentioned that stuff, you seem really worried about getting hooked on Heroin, why is that?"

I turned off the shower and stood there naked, which Steven was now immune to. "It was a story... or experience Doctor Listern told me when I was at Greenstone." I said, bending down and picking up my towel, before buffing my hair with it.

"That mad Doctor who drugged you?"

"If you want to call him that, then yeah, that's the one."

"What story did he tell you?"

"His son, who smoked weed with his friends ended up being found dead at a railway depot because he had overdosed on Heroin. Doctor Listern says he started on weed plant first and then it got worse."

Steven sighed. "Jensen, you smoked your first joint tonight. You are not addicted and you don't ever have to smoke it again. The chances of you getting hooked on hard drugs is very slim, and besides, I would never let that happen to you."

"I know, I'm being stupid aren't I? But that story affected me, it really did. That poor boy had everything and he threw it all away."

"Well from what I hear, you tend to get like that because of the people you hang around with. All my friends are safe, they are not into class A drugs, I'm not and you won't be either. Oh, and if I were you, I wouldn't mention this to Dave, about our trip I mean."

"Why not?"

"Dave is very anti-drugs, even weed. So if that little sunshine dream in your head has any chance of coming true, then keep tonight's outing to yourself."

I flipped my bottom lip over. "ok."

"Can you believe that?" I blurted, causing Steven to snap his attention away from the TV.


"Dave has texted me saying he has deliberately stayed away from here just to see how much I miss him."

"Awww, isn't that sweet," Steven said, rolling his eyes. "That's true actually, though."


"Yeah, he said he wanted Saturday night to be like your first proper meeting. I just listened until I got bored. But if it makes you feel better, he is missing you."


"Do you have to keep saying that?"

"Sorry, it just makes me all warm inside knowing that."

"Jesus, what Pandora's box have I opened now."

"Oh shut up, just because you don't have anyone."

"I don't want anyone, everyone wants me, remember that!"

"Yeah so you say. Anyway, what happened to that girl you really liked?"

"What girl?"

"That girl you said you really wanted to go out with but she was seeing that other boy who was involved with school sports and was very attractive."

"Oh her... old news, she's still with him, and I don't blame her. He probably has a big dick."

"Well you are not so bad in that department from what I have seen."

"Maybe, but with big dick has to come big wallet, and I aint got both."

"Naa, you just have lots of money," I sniggered. Steven stuck his tongue out at me and went back to watching TV.

It was approaching eleven and my second wind was now waning severely. I kept drifting in and out of consciousness as our TV rambled on in the background, and I couldn't wait to just fall asleep. In the end I gave in and said good night to Steven turning onto my side. He grunted and carried on watching some lame movie and I went deep into my thoughts for a while. I was happy though, because by tomorrow morning, there would be just one day left until I could see Dave.

Now that WAS worth waiting for.

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