Puppy for Sale

by James Matthews

Chapter 38

Early Risers

Why is it when you think you've finally got life worked out, something comes along and blows your mind? The revelation of Mr Watson taking custody of Cindy was hard to get my head around. So many questions arose from that one piece of information it made my head hurt. Not least of all was why I was being lied to.

"So what now?" Steven asked, watching me pace the bedroom.

"Dunno, I'm thinking," I replied, hands behind my head. "What's he hiding?"

"The man... in the database?" Ming asked. I really didn't want to stand here explaining the whole background of this to someone I didn't know, so I just nodded.

"I think you should tell dad," Steven suggested.

"What can he do? Its...it's not like we can just turn up there and demand to speak to her, don't forget, we don't even know about this do we?"

Steven drew in a quick breath. "Good point, I guess that might generate suspicion."

"Part of me wishes I had never let you do this, I think I'd been better not knowing."

"And now you do bonehead, so quit whining."

"That's easy for you to say, you didn't know her, you don't care do you?"

"I care about you, dickhead... look at you, you're all stressed."

"I'll be fine; I just need to think things through."

I really wanted Ming to go now. I felt bad thinking that because he was the one that had supplied all the help getting this out. Right now though, I just wanted to be alone... yeah, even without Steven.

Maybe Ming read my mind... either that or my body language, because just as I sat down on my bed, he announced he was going.

"Thanks for the coffee Steven... nice to meet you Jensen; I hope you get what you're looking for pal."

"Thanks Ming, hey, I'll see you at school, yeah?"

"Yeah cool, pal."

"Bye Ming, thanks for all the help," was all I said, wanting to retreat into myself.

Steven followed Ming out of our bedroom to see him off, while I sat, rocking back and forward like some lunatic, I imagined. Leaning over to my bed side drawer I pulled out a blister pack of Citalopram pills I was currently taking, forcing one out. I knew that this type of tablet was no not going to cure me of any ill feeling instantly, but somehow the process of taking it made me feel a little better.

"You ok?" Steven asked returning to our room.

"Suppose," I replied as Steven came and sat next to me. "I'm just wondering-"

"OH MY GOD, what have you done?" Steven screamed, picking up the almost empty blister pack of pills.

"What?" I cried, shocked at his outburst. Moments later Max and Susan came running into our room.

"What's happened, what's all the shouting about?

"Jen... Jensen's taken an overdose."

"What? Max and I said together.

"Oh honey, why?" Susan whined. "Max we need to get him to the hospital."

"Whoa, what are you talking about... Steven, mum...just slow down." I shot back, holding my hands up "Steven why would you think that?" I added, clambering to get away from Susan who was now pulling at me, looking a little hysterical

"Look, the pack, its... its almost empty."

"Uh...DUH! That's because I have been taking them, they are bound to deplete over time, I keep them in this drawer."

Max rolled his eyes and Susan let go of me. "Steven, for Christ sake, is this another one of your pranks?" he asked, breathing out a sigh of relief.

"No! I just thought..."

"It's probably my fault, I don't usually have the packet left out, and I was in a pretty bad mood earlier and... oh what a mess," I declared, shaking my head. "Steven didn't know the pack would be empty."

"I'm sorry; I saw the pills and got scared you'd done something silly, like before."

"Its fine Stevie, better to be safe than sorry, I guess," Susan added, trying to calm everyone."

"At least you care," I added, managing a smirk.

"Actually, most of that was acting," Steven replied, smiling at me.

Susan tugged at Max. "Ok boys, we're going back to watch TV after that false alarm, try and not give your dad and I a heart attack again please."

"Sorry," we both said in unison.

Max and Susan left the room and went back downstairs. I looked at Steven and grinned.

"It's heart-warming, it really is."

"Don't start, shit for brains, or I'll hurt you."

"It's ok, you know, I know you care about me; I think it's really sweet."

"Yeah well, maybe I do, ok?" he replied, almost shyly.

I got up and stepped towards Steven, giving him a big hug. He didn't respond, as his pride was acting like a reversed magnet. It was ok though, I knew he liked it.

"Why don't you just send a letter to Cindy with your details on it?" Steven said breaking the silence that had ensued for almost an hour now.

"Because it leads back to the same question, no matter how many bright ideas you come up with Steven... how would I know where she lived if I'm not supposed to know?"

"Well I don't see you coming up with anything. She's not even my friend and I'm putting in more effort."

"Would you like me to jerk you off, you are getting very frustrated lately... perhaps I can relieve some of that tension."

"ME? You're a fine one to talk, I wasn't the one pacing up and down this room like fucking Road Runner earlier... and no, you can't, it would purely be for your sick pleasure, not my frustration, and you know it. Besides, you'll get plenty of cock next week."

"Oh shut up, nothing like that is gonna happen."

"Why not, because I'll be in the room getting ready to post it on Facebook?"

"No, because I haven't got a clue what to do, if you must know. So go on, have a laugh, take the piss." I huffed.

Steven stayed quiet for a moment. "Is that why you have been so uptight when I've brought up the subject?" he asked, serious for once.

"No, I get uptight because you assume that I'm gonna be like one of your porn people on that computer and the truth is I'm shit scared and clueless. What if he asks to do stuff? He says he hasn't been with anyone, but I know he's probably been exposed to a damn sight more than me when it comes to sex."

Steven sighed. "Look, I'm sorry if I made you feel inadequate, but the truth is Jensen... you are." He said casually. We both burst out laughing and I threw a pillow at him.

"Jesus, the first sexual experience I'll have is gonna be shit isn't it?"

"Haha... yeah probably, but what the hell, as long as you both enjoy it, right?"

"Do you think I should wait for him to initiate it?"

Steven shrugged. "I dunno."

"Well you seem to be the expert... or so you say."

"Yeah but then I have never done guy on guy Jensen, it's a little different. Look, if you want my advice, don't over analyse it, if something happens, it happens ok?"

"I know, you're right, I just can't stop thinking about it, and it's making my stomach fill with butterflies. God, I have so much crap in my head right now, it's really stressing me out. Dave, Cindy, not to mention you almost calling the paramedics for me and mum having a fit."

Steven got up and closed our bedroom door and I followed him with my eyes.

"Take off your shirt."

"What? No... hang on, why?"

"Just take off your shirt and lay on your front."

"What are you gonna do to me."

"Final offer, or I'm gonna leave you to implode." He said, standing there.

"Fine," I said bowing to his demands. "I unbuttoned my shirt and slipped out of it, chucking it to the end of the bed. Laying on my stomach with my head facing out I watched as he rumangedrummaged about under his bed. "What are you looking for?"

"Oil... give me a sec... ah, there it is."

"Oil, what sort of oil, I hope you aren't gonna be nasty to me."

"Just shut up, and lay quietly," he commanded, turning our main light off and switching his lamp on.

Walking over to my bed he suddenly straddled me putting his legs either side, sitting on my ass. I suddenly felt the cold contents of the oil hit my back before feeling his hands come down on me. First squeezing my shoulders, he then worked in the oil by running the palms of his hands up and down my back in a slow and rigid motion.

"Nice?" He asked, continuing the rhythm.

"Hmmm, yeah," I replied, closing my eyes.

"Don't get used to this, ok, I'm not gonna be your massage slave whenever you get stressed, got it?"

"Just keep doing that," was all I said, dreamily. "Where did you learn how to do this?"

"I didn't, this is my first time."

"It feels good, and its working, I feel better."

Steven ran his hands down the side of my rib cage making me shudder. I knew his actions were purely plutonic, but I was battling with myself not to get aroused by it.

"You better not have a boner," Steven suddenly remarked as I let out an involuntary groan. "Actually, don't even tell me, I think I know the answer."

"Does that bother you?"

"As long as I can't see it, no."

"If I told you I did, and that it was because of what you were doing, would it bother you then?"


"Sorry, just teasing... you are very good though."

"That's what all the girls say when I put my dick in them."

"I rolled my eyes, even though they were closed, and sighed. "Lets be honest here, Steven, and I hope you can be, because it's me you are talking to... not Billy or Jessie."


"What?" I asked, confused.

"You are about to ask me how many girls I have had sex with, if you want the honest answer, its one."

"Oh, right, it's just you make out that it's been loads."

"Nope, one girl, maybe ten or so times."

"When was the last time you had sex with her?"

"About four months ago, we don't talk now anyway."

"Why not?"

She has a new boyfriend, we went out for a while until her friend Carly said I was sleeping with some girl I didn't even know. I wouldn't mind if I had, but I hadn''t, ... anyway that's old news."

"What was your first time like?" I asked, as Steven made long slow motions right from the bottom of my back to the top of my neck. "Aaaahhh, that's nice,"

"A disaster, I got it inside her and shot my load in around twenty seconds. The worst part was she laughed. I think I could have dealt with it better if she'd got pissed off, but she laughed, Jensen. After that we didn't talk for a few weeks until we met again at Jessie's house and she offered me another chance to prove I was not a two rubs and a squirt kind guy, as she put it."

"And did you?"

"Well obviously, donut!"


"So you see, there is no point planning in your head what your first time with Dave is gonna be like, or even thinking about what will happen, because I can guarantee, it will always be different. But one piece of advice that Jessie taught me... always jerk off a few hours before you have sex, that way you won't cum so fast."

"That was good advice from him, then?"

"Hell no!"

"Why not?"

"Because he fucking told me after I'd had sex with her, and shot my load... pretty useless information after you have made a complete ass of yourself wouldn't you say?"

I sniggered. "Yeah, I guess so."

"Right Mr, you're all done, I hope that helped."

"Hmmm, yeah I could have that done all night, but thanks. You're a triple M," I said, giggling.

"A what?"

"A Mean Massage Man!"

"You are so lame, Jensen... so lame!"

Steven climbed off me and wiped his hands on a nearby towel. I twisted myself over on to my back and sighed with a mellow satisfaction.

"I feel all sleepy now," I remarked, putting my hand behind my head.

"Yeah, I was thinking of getting an early night, unless you want to watch a movie or something?"

"Up to you, although I might fall asleep. What did you have in mind?"

"Dunno, might flick through Netflix and see what's on there, but I really need to take a shower first."

I woke up into the silence of our room. Steven was fast asleep breathing peacefully, the TV was off and it still looked dark outside. Wondering what the time was I squinted to see if I could see the clock on the wall but it was just too dim. Instead, I reached for my phone that was balancing on the edge of my bed and pressed it on. Hmm, five fifty two, I thought, also seeing I had a message.

It was from Dave, just saying goodnight.

I must have fallen into a deep sleep when Steven went for a shower because I don't remember him coming back into the room, OR my phone alerting me to the message from Dave, which came through at just gone ten. Damn it, I thought, now wide awake worrying that he might think I was ignoring him.

Badly needing a pee, I got up and wandered to the bathroom, turning on the light. I stared into the mirror and pulled down my eyelids. I looked pretty good for someone who had just slept for God knows how long.

I pulled up the seat on the toilet and let a satisfying stream of urine fall into the bowl, It was real nice feeling my bladder empty as I contemplated a shower before everyone got up for work, school and in Susan's case... housework.

Funny how everyone has their routines, I thought, switching on the shower and flushing the toilet. Mondays was always ironing day for Susan apparently. She would watch day time TV while I would normally stay in our bedroom keeping out of the way.

"Puppy, is that you in there?" Max called through the closed door. I went over to it and pulled it open.

"Yeah, sorry did I wake you?"

"It's ok, I was getting up soon anyway. Did you want a cup of tea; I'm making one for myself?"

"Yeah, ok, thanks. I'll be down in a minute."

"Ok... oh and don't forget to wrap that thing up before you get in the shower," Max said, looking down at my foot.

"Oh, yeah, I will. See you soon."

I closed the door again and pulled a freezer bag from the vanity unit. It was Susan's bright idea with the bag and together with an elastic band, it made for a good watertight foot jacket.

Stepping into the shower after removing my boxers I let the warm water run over my body, shuddering with the sudden change in skin temperature. Once I had acclimatised, I went to work on cleaning my body, starting with my face and working downwards. I massaged soap into all the nooks and crannies before washing my short blond hair, which had now started to feel a little greasy.

Walking into the kitchen I saw Max sitting at the table, a load of documents in front of him. The cup of tea he had made me was sitting across the table from him and I picked it up, taking a sip.

"That looks involved," I remarked, taking a seat opposite him.

"Monthly accounts, Jensen. Running your own business means you have to do all this stuff yourself. Plus I have two other guys who work for me so I have to make sure they are paid and paying the right tax. All that, and I also have to make sure I'm turning a profit." He reeled off, letting his cheeks fall into his hands, elbows on the table.

"Hmm, sounds complicated."

"If I was as good as Maths as you are, it probably wouldn't be. Anyway, I thought I'd make some inroads into it before starting a new job today... this one is in a spooky old forest." He remarked.

"Is there anything I can do to help?"

Max Laughed, before seeing my serious face, and killing the smile left on his face. "That's kind of you but I think this would be too... actually, yeah, you have a go." Max passed me three bits of paper. "That's all the outgoings for the entire month," he said before passing me another two sheets. "And that's all the incomings... oh and this one," he added passing me another. "This one is the men's wage bill."

I laid out the papers all in front of me and scanned through them. There were figures everywhere. Some, Max has crossed out and replaced. Some were scribbled out altogether... it looked a mess.

Max leaned back in here his chair and watched me intently I noticed, looking up at him and smiling. "Too much for you?" he asked, grinning. I just shook my head and stayed silent.

I pulled a pen over and took a blank sheet of paper from the table and started to scribble down some figures. Max waited patiently as ten minutes past by before I put the pen down and gulped down the rest of my tea.

"What... have you given up?" he asked. I gave him a puzzled look.

"Given up? No, I've finished.

"Impossible !" Max gasped.

I shrugged. If you want me to be honest, I think you make it harder than it needs to be. Figures need order, and these pieces of paper are chaos. But I managed to work it out."

"Ok, my little accountant, do your worst," he said, smirking at my previous comment."

I took in a deep breath. "Subtracting tool hire and fuel costs for the two vehicles you own, which I see are on a separate line you made a profit this month of five thousand, eight hundred and sixty two pounds. You need to factor in tax and national insurance for the men because as I can see you have only included basic pay here. Once the tool hire costs are taken out, which I see you make on a quarterly basis, and you add up tax and national insurance you'll be left with a net profit of three thousand and eighty two pounds. Fuel needs to be calculated, of course and I see you have a pending invoice due to be paid and this could adjust those figures... but I haven't included that. I can see that fuel from the previous month was around two hundred and twenty pounds, so if you estimate the same this month then that should leave you with a profit of around two thousand eight hundred after every single thing is paid."

I gathered up all the sheets and passed them back to him along with the pen. Max's jaw was wide open and his eyes looked like he'd seen a ghost.

"What are you?" Max murmured under his breath. I smiled and leaned back in my chair. Yeah ok...

Slightly Smug!

"He's a weird sleeper, Steven remarked, patting into the kitchen.

"We'll I'll be damned, up before your mother, what's with you?"

"My bladder was full, what's his excuse?" Steven replied, knocking me on the shoulder.

"Same, plus I needed a shower."

"Jensen, no one wakes up deliberately just because they need a shower."

"Well I had slept for ages."

"Tell me about it, I was up for us watching a movie and when I came back in you were out of it."

"Yeah sorry about that, must have been real tired. So, will you be meeting Dave today?"

"Yes Jensen, I will be meeting Dave," he replied, rolling his eyes at me.

"Would you please tell him I fell asleep last night and that's why I didn't text him back?"

"Awww, so cute, thinking he is going to disown you because you didn't reply to his cutey wooty text. Meh, give him credit homeboy, he's not that insecure."

"Grrr, just tell him OK?"

"Whatever... I need to eat. And anyway, why don't you just text him yourself?"

"Well I will, I just thought you could verify I was asleep to him"

Steven looked back at me on his way over to sort his breakfast. "Verify? You think he's going to go off you because you didn't text him back? What's the matter with you sick brain, lay off he paranoia pills!"

"Steven, be nice will you?!" Max said, authoritively. "As you can see Puppy, Steven is the pinnacle of early morning people, his moods are just divine."

"Dad, its Monday, It's raining, I have double science today and I'm hungry, please tell me what there is to be so happy about."

Steven pulled out a bowl from the cupboard, before getting down the box of cornflakes that was on top of the refrigerator. He skilfully placed the box back on top while opening the door and pulling out the milk all in one motion. Sugar went on and within seconds he was at the table. I could tell Steven was world class in the time saving department when he needed to be.

"So what are you doing today shithead?"

"Steven, don't speak to your brother like that please. Jesus some of you kids can be so abrasive towards eachother."

I hoped I wasn't included in Max's grouping.

"Dunno, dickbrain, but probably have more fun than you will."


Max sighed. "Puppy, don't speak to your brother like that please."

Yep, I probably was now!

"Thank you," Steven said to Max. "I like it how you don't mind letting him get away with it."

"That's because everything he knows, he got off you so how can I blame him."

"How is that true,"

"Because you are the only one he's been able to learn that stuff from. You don't hear me walking round calling your mum a shithead do you." Max went back to his papers.

"I don't know... do you?"

"Well there was this one time when... wait a minute...No!"

"Haha, Busted!"

"Who's busted?" Susan asked, appearing in her dressing gown. "And why are you three up so early."

"Puppy woke me up," Max said, smirking at me.

"I needed a piss-"

"Steven, please! Your mouth needs to learn some manners."

"Yeah Steven, no swearing before your Thirty, it upsets your mother."

"Don't encourage him Max, we didn't bring him up to swear and be rude."

"You let him get away with it." Steven said to Susan, huffing and pointing at me.

"Actually, I never heard Puppy swear before."

"You wait, he'll slip up one day, and I'm gonna be there... you'll see, then you'll know."

"Eat your breakfast, and stop making me out to be less perfect than you know I am," I said, teasing him.

"Ok, so today we need to get you to the hospital, get that dressing taken off. I also need to take you into the school and get your uniform fitted and then we'll go for lunch if you like?" Susan, offered, "Say about eleven-ish? I want to get the ironing done first."

"I thought the dressing would be done Wednesday?" I asked.

"Was it, Max?"

"Not sure, sorry love, I've been so busy."

"Well, we'll go today anyway. Maybe they will reduce the bandage down and you'll be able to wear shoes again. How has the pain been?"

"Almost gone, it hurts a little bit now and again, I guess."

"Sounds like it's healing well then," Max said looking up from his documents.

"Good," Susan remarked. "Oh, Steven, you said the other day you need some new football boots?"

"Yeah, my other ones are getting a little tight. I think my feet are still growing," he mused.

"Ok, if you print me off a picture from the JD sports website before you go, I'll pick them up for you. How much are the ones you want?"

"A hundred and twenty." He replied. Max almost chocked.

"WHAT?!" He cried. "For a pair of boots?"

"Dad, I need these special ones for grip."

Max looked over at me. "Better adjust that bottom line Puppy... put it to zero this month!"

Steven smiled, knowing he would be getting his boots, before dumping his bowl in the sink and disappearing out of the kitchen.

A hundred and twenty pounds for football boots, I thought. I was just grateful to get fed each day. But then, I guess he was used to getting what he wanted, and who was I to add an opinion.

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