Puppy for Sale

by James Matthews

Chapter 27

Nailed At Cutters Farm

"OUCH," I cried, as Steven led me through some kind of a forest.

"Haha, the nettles got you, don't worry the sting goes after a while."

I was being taken down a dirt path surrounded by thick grass and weeds. The path looked barely used and the whole place gave me the creeps as the towering trees above cut out most of the light. Different birds spoke to each other as high pitched chirping rang out around us, the only other sound being out feet pounding over gravel and mud.

"I thought we were going to Cutters Farm?" I asked, looking around at the absence of any farm scenery.

"We are, this is just a short cut, otherwise we would have had to take the road way, which puts about fifteen minutes on the walk."

"This place is spooky... so where are your friends?"

"They're gonna meet us there, and don't worry, the monsters only come out at night."

Our pace was quick and minutes later the forest seemed to open up into grassland and the Autumn sun became visible again. In front of us was a small stream that was easily jumpable. It ran left to right and as I followed it down with my eyes I could see it flowed into a small lake about half a mile away.

"That's Cutters Farm," Steven said, pointing towards the lake. I could see a large house that sat quite close to the water.

"Weird place for a farm, I mean it's just a house. Where are all the animals and the fields?"

"I guess it used to be a farm, there's just that big old house now, and the fields are overgrown. Dad says it's been in this state for years. He did some work near here about a year ago, that's how my friends and I found it."

"So, does anyone live in the house?"

"No stupid, it's a wreck... we take cover in there when it rains. The roof leaks but it's good enough to keep dry in."

"Cool," I replied as Steven started to walk off. I quickly caught him up, matching his pace.

As we neared the farm house and lake I could see three people standing at the end of a wooden Jetty. They looked about our age and I guessed they must have been Steven's friends. This was confirmed when one of them turned round and I immediately remembered the face of Jessie.

"Hey guys," Steven called.

The other two boys turned round and eyed us both. On the left was Dave, I remember him from the picture Steven had shown me on his computer and then there was Billy from Skype, recently recovered from his chicken pox I noted.

"Hi Steven, hi Jensen... guys this is Jensen, Steven's BROTHER!"

"Haha, very funny... so I gather Jessie has filled you guys in on this subject then?" Steven asked the other two, watching them nodding.

"Yeah, and I can't believe you fucking lied Stevie, that was bang out of order," Billy chimed in, giving Steven a light shove on the shoulder.

"Meh, get over it, fat boy!"

"Fuck you Steven," Billy fired back. I just stood there like the other guys, watching this half jokey, half angry exchange. Billy was, shall we say, big boned. He had almost black curly hair and rosy red chubby cheeks. He was also the only one brave enough to be wearing just a t-shirt, unlike the rest of us who were wrapped up in light jackets or jumpers. His baggy jeans rested over what looked like rather old, dirty white sneakers.

It became perfectly obvious that Billy was the loud one of the group, and he swore a lot. But I could see underneath all that, he was probably a very loveable person. I saw the other three guys seemed to regard him with affection. Before long, the two and throw between Billy and Steven had subsided, and they were both back joking with each other as if nothing had happened. Being new to this male bonding stuff, the whole thing just confused me.

Dave, seeing that I was looking rather lost in all this group banter, stepped forward to greet me, holding out his hand. "Hello Jensen, I'm David, but most people call me Dave." He declared, his voice rather unexpectedly posh sounding. "I apologise for my friends being so rude in front of you, but I guess you must be used to it with Steven now, yes?"

I eeked out a nervous chuckle and met his hand with my own. "Yeah, Steven is... unique"

"Hey, stop talking about me as If I'm not here," Steven interrupted; standing just a few feet away from us. Meanwhile Billy and Jessie were now walking back down to the end of the Jetty where I could see two fishing rods cast over the side.

I could feel Dave start to gently pull his hand out of mine as I suddenly realised I was still holding on to it. He gave me a polite smile as if to excuse my idiocy in front of him. I had been clearly staring into his eyes, zoned out. I just hoped he didn't notice too much.

He probably fucking did!

"C'mon guys, let's go join the others," Steven said. Dave and I nodded and followed him down the jetty.

Billy was busy attaching something dead and slimy to the end of a hook while Jessie, who was now sitting down pulled a large bottle of cola from his back pack.

"Anyone want some of this?" he asked, holding up the bottle. "Just don't backwash if you do." Dave, Billy and I declined, while Steven took the bottle from his hands and undid the cap before taking a few healthy swigs from the bottle.

He did the lid back up and wiped his mouth on his sleeve, giving the cola back to Jessie. "Oh, guys, I better get this out in the open now, but my new found brother here is gay... as in he likes a bit of cock... you're all cool with that right?"

"STEVEN!" I yelled, wanting a hole to open up before me.

"What? It's not like anyone cares... right guys?"

The other three boys just looked at Steven in silence before switching their attention to me. I glared at Steven who just shrugged.

"I really think it would have been better to let Jensen choose his own timing for announcing his sexuality," Dave eloquently stated. I was now bright red and seething at Steven.

"Hey, whatever floats your boat, Jensen, but just so you know, it don't float mine," Billy commented, before turning his attention back to whatever he was doing with that hook.

"So... so, erm... man you like dick?" Jessie asked, struggling for words.

"Steven doesn't know what he's talking about, I don't know what I am, I just feel..."

"You have a problem with Jensen being gay Jessie," Steven asked, puffing his chest out at his friend.

"Well, yes and no... I mean, did you really have to announce it like that, I probably would have preferred not to know if I'm honest."

"Listen Dipshit, I don't want him worrying about all that stuff, so I got it out in the open now."

"Steven, I really wish you hadn't said anything," I said, this time quietly.

"Dave, you haven't said much, do you have a problem with this?" Steven asked, ignoring my plea.

"Steven, it appears you are the one who seems to be making the biggest fuss. Like I said, I don't think it was your duty to inform us all. In the case of what I think? Well I don't think it is anyone's business but Jensen's as to what or who he likes."

Steven laughed and shook his head at Dave. "You know Pal, a simple no would have done."

Fucking hell this guy was awesome, I could have listened to Dave speak all day. His voice was velvety and Steven was right, he was perfection in the flesh. His beautiful big blue eyes dominated an extremely symmetrical, well chiselled face. His skin was blemish free and didn't have that usual teenage spot problem the rest of us had. I myself didn't really suffer from spots that often, but as I looked around I could see the odd one on each of the guys, with Billy having the most. But Dave... Jesus, Dave was just set apart from them. It almost was like he didn't belong in the group because of his way of thinking... his way of acting just didn't seem to fit in. The way he dressed... the way he spoke, it was all rather strange and I really wanted to find out how this unlikely bunch ended up together and as close as they seemed to be.

I had been at Cutters Farm with the guys for a little over two hours now. I must admit, the nervousness I had felt on my way here with Steven had now evaporated and his friends seemed very accepting of me into their clan. I had quickly discovered that Steven was the ring leader in a way, and all of them very much listened to what he said. Jessie appeared to be over Steven's announcement of my preference for guys, even sharing his lunch with me and sharing a few jokes, most of which I didn't get. Billy was turning out to be the one everybody teased, but loved, and Dave... well Dave was the mystery. He obviously carried a lot of respect from the others, that much was clear. I felt that his role in the group was one of stability and reason. He seemed to bring order to chaos, and his opinion was always valid whatever topic the others were talking about.

"Hey Jensen, wanna see the old farmhouse?" Steven asked, getting up. "C'mon, leave these guys here to fish; there are not a lot of bites happening at the moment anyway."

I shrugged and followed Steven as he walked back towards the lake edge. "Is this jetty safe?" I asked, as some of the planks were seriously rotten, a couple even missing completely.

"Just be careful, it's seen better days."

As we stepped on to solid ground Steven ran up the small bank and stopped at the top with me close behind. He waited until I was by his side and then we both walked towards the old house that stood eerily abandoned.

"Are you having a good time?"

"Apart from you saying what you did to your friends, yeah."

"Oh chill out, it's done now, they know, and you don't have to worry about telling them later down the line."

"You fucking embarrassed me Steven, which really upset me."

"So, do you like him?" Steven asked, totally ignoring my last comment.


"Dave fuckhead, who do you think?"

"Yeah he's ok, I think he is a nice person."

Steven stopped and took hold of my shoulder, gawping at me. "What do you mean, yeah he's ok? Fucking hell Jensen, if I was gay I would have slammed him up against a wall and fucked his ass stupid by now."

"What planet are you on? Do you even know he's gay?"

Steven shrugged. "Meh, I dunno... we have all asked him before about it. I mean let's be honest, a guy who talks like he does has got to be taking one up the booty, right?" Steven said before sniggering.

"You look at me as if I am the expert, I don't know what you are talking about half the time... but anyway, what was his response when you asked him?"

"Well, he's always denied it, but most of them do right?"

"Them? They are still people Steven! And another thing... Dave? This person is your friend and you talk about him like he is some piece of meat. I don't know what it's like to announce you prefer people of the same sex, I know I would not like to tell mum and dad... even thinking about it feels like it would be a very traumatic experience, I mean, it's not like it is very common for this to happen is it? People expect a boy to like a girl. I'm just confused."

"And, you're babbling."

"Probably, but like I keep telling you, this is all-"

"New to you... yeah I get it, I just sometimes forget how little you know, and it catches me out."

"Yeah, I don't know very much, so when you start talking about sex and being gay while using all these terms like taking it up the booty, which I am going to assume you mean putting a penis into a person's bottom, it really leaves me baffled."

"Well, at least you know what taking it up the booty means, it's a good start if you like guys."

"Why would I want to insert my dick into another person's bottom anyway?"

"Duh! Perhaps because for you guys, it's the only hole available?"

"Ooooh, I see," I said, nodding, the penny dropping. "But isn't that painful?"

Steven shrugged. "Dunno, there's a girl at my school who says she loves it, so I can only imagine it can't hurt that much."


"I'm not fucking you if that's what you are thinking. You find that part out for yourself," Steven stated giving me a playful grin. I was about to berate him for the comment but he was only kidding around.

As we entered the old house Steven pointed out areas which were to be avoided, such as holes in the floor and loose fixtures. Even in the state the place was in, you could still tell someone used to live here. An old cracked mirror still hung on the wall in the hallway, and there were various pieces of furniture scattered around in most of the rooms downstairs.

Steven gestured for me to follow him upstairs. In one of the rooms I could clearly see the guys still fishing at the end of the jetty. They looked relaxed but I did wonder if they were talking about me, as I was the new boy... and worse, the gay boy.

"This is where we sit when it's raining; it's the only room which doesn't leak." Steven said leading me to the next room.

"So where do you... AARRRRHHHHH! FUCK, ARRRHHH!!" I screamed.

"What the fu... What's wrong?"


"Jensen, what have you.... Oh my fucking God!"

I collapsed to the floor in agony as sticking out the top of my sneaker was the end of a large nail."


Steven looked as white as a ghost and I probably didn't look that great either. I sat rocking back and forward trying to control the pain but it was throbbing through me. Steven stood there frozen to the spot staring at my foot as the three other guys came running up the stairs.

"What the fuck is going on?" Billy yelled, bursting into the room we were in, with Dave and Jessie hot on his heels."

"He's... he's got a fucking nail in his foot and its gone clean through." Steven yelled, in a state of panic.

Tears were now running down my face as the pain seemed to be increasing. Dave pushed passed the other three and knelt down next to me.

"I don't feel so hot," Steven announced.

"Jessie, take off your Jacket, I think he's gonna faint," Dave yelled to him. Was he talking about me? Just as I was thinking about that question, Jessie grabbed hold of Steven as he went limp in his arms.

"Ahh FUCK, now what, NOW WHAT!?" Billy yelled, freaking out.

"Will you guys calm down, he's fainted that's all. Jessie, lay Steven down, Its Jensen we need to sort out first."

Jessie struggled with Steven's dead weight but got him down on the floor softly. He then took his jacket off and placed it under Steven's head before moving over towards me.

"Fuck, am I gonna die?" I asked, panic starting to take hold after the initial shock.

"Jensen, listen to me, we need to get the nail out of your foot, ok?"

"Dave, you can't do that surely?" Billy said, kneeling down.

"My mum is a nurse, I've seen things like this in her books, you have to take out the foreign object and wrap it."

"In what, what the fuck do we have to wrap it in?"

"Billy, I'm thinking, just be quiet for a moment... go check on Steven." Dave commanded, frustration in his tone.

I was starting to breathe hard now with the situation doing nothing for my state of mind. I had a six inch nail protruding out of my foot and my brother was unconscious on the floor.

"Jensen, you need to slow your breathing otherwise you will hyperventilate," Dave said calmly. I heard Doctor Listern talk about this hyper something and remembered what I had to do.

Dave got up and pulled Jessie to the side of the room and begun whispering in his ear. Every now and again they would both look over at me, with Jessie looking the most concerned. Dave was explaining something to him, but I couldn't hear anything.

"What... what are you guys saying?" I asked. They stopped talking and walked back over to me.

"Jensen, we need to take this nail out now, and it's going to hurt a little."

"No... no please, just don't touch it, please!" I pleaded.

"Jensen, the nail is attached to a small piece of wood, if I pull on that fast I should be able to get it out. Then we'll need to look at your foot.

"Shouldn't we call Max and Susan?" Billy said. "Who has their cell phone?"

"No... no don't call them, I don't want you to call them, please... They will be panicked. As long as we can get home, I'll tell them then," I said, heaving through the agony of my foot.

I saw Dave look at Jessie in a strange way right before Jessie grabbed hold of me and held me down.

"No... NOOOOOO, PLEASE," I screamed.

Dave held my ankle flat to the floor and started to get himself into a leveraged position.

"Just hold still Jensen, almost there." He said as he yanked on the piece of wood. I was thrusting about all over the place and Jessie was applying more and more weight to my body. I then felt another yank.


"Nearly there Jensen, you are doing really well, it's almost out."

Dave gave one more sharp pull and that was the last I remembered.


"Leave him, he'll come round in his own time," I heard Dave say to Steven. I slowly opened my eyes and saw the four of them sitting on the floorboards surrounding me.

"Wha... what happened?"

"You passed out, Jensen, you're ok though."

"For how long?"

"About ten minutes, maybe a little more." Dave replied.

I looked down the length of my body until coming to my foot.

"I gave up my best t-shirt to save you," Jessie joked as I eyed a black rag that had been wrapped round my wound.

"Steven, are you ok?" I asked, reaching out and touching his arm.

"Yeah, sorry about that Jensen, I don't do injuries very well."

My head felt mashed as I tried to sit up. Somehow the pain seemed to have dulled down a little and I was able to think above it. I took hold of my sneaker and looked at the hole that had now ruined a brand new pair of shoes.

"Your mum is gonna freak, Steven," I said, holding up the shoe to him.

"About you Jensen, Probably, but I don't think she'll give a shit about the shoes. Do you think you can walk?"

"Not sure, let me see... can you help me?"

"Oh, yeah sure," Steven replied, getting to his feet. He helped me up and I slowly tried to put pressure on my foot.


"Ouch, oh crap, nope... no chance, it hurts."

"Great, well we will have to call for help, I can't carry you all the way home. I'll call dad, and tell him what's happened."

"Far be it from me to comment, but I really think we should have done that earlier," Dave exclaimed.

"It's my fault Steven, I told them not to contact mum or dad, I didn't want to worry them."

"Jensen, it is what it is, let's just get this sorted out and go home."

"I'll go pack up the stuff," Jessie stated, jumping to his feet.

"Well, what an end to a good day, fucking hell!" Billy said, rubbing the back of his head. "We didn't even catch anything decent."

"Sorry guys," I muttered, feeling sorry for myself. "I should have stayed at home, this would never have happened."

"Quit your wining bonehead, I wanted you here, and these guys like you, so shut it!"

"I'm glad you came Jensen, and Steven is right, we all like you," Dave added, giving me a wink.

Steven pulled out his cell phone and pressed a few keys before putting the device to his ear.

"Hello? Dad? Yeah, um... Jensen's had a little accident and we kinda need you to come and get us. What? Well, he um... he kinda got nailed at Cutters Farm."

"STEVEN!" Dave hissed. I didn't know why.

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