Puppy for Sale

by James Matthews

Chapter 26

Cindy's Dream Comes True, Steven's Dream Just Comes

I lay on my bed twitching my foot in utter excitement. I was home alone since Steven was out with his friends, who I had declined to join... only because I was expecting a very special phone call and wanted to be somewhere quiet to take it. Susan was out food shopping and Max was out doing surgery on some tree I imagined.


"And then what happened?" I asked, almost diving off my bed in pure delight. "Uh huh, so when? Fuck this is awesome," I squealed.

"Jensen, are you ok up there? I just got back," came Susan's voice. I quickly jumped off my bed and ran down the stairs with my cell phone clamped to my ear. Just wearing a pair of socks I skidded into the kitchen where Susan was and unceremoniously crashed into the table, falling flat on my ass.

"Susan, Susan, you will never guess what?" I asked, getting back to my feet.

"What... what Jensen, oh my God are you ok, slow down little fella."

"Hang on Susan..." I said, as the voice interrupted me on the phone. "Yeah, yeah, so can I tell her?"

I started to jump up and down on the spot, I was so worked up with excitement.

"Jensen, who is it, what are you so pleased about?" She said, my happiness clearly infectious to her.

"Cindy has found some PARENTS!" I almost screamed.

"Oh, WOW, Jensen, that is wonderful news."

"Yeah, I'll come tell you about it soon, I just gotta listen to some more from her," I whispered, holding my hand over the mouthpiece.

I ran back upstairs and flung myself on to the bed, bouncing a few times before, puffing up my pillows and putting the phone back to my ear. Cindy was still talking away, the excitement in her voice evident.

"You need to get me a picture; I wanna see what they look like...You what? Really? Oh, ok, well call me soon yeah? Uh huh... Yeah I will, just go eat before it runs out... yes Cindy I promise... uh huh... uh huh... ok bye!"

I hung up my cell phone let my hand holding it drop loosely over the side of the bed. A warm fuzzy feeling pulsed through my body and I lay there staring at the ceiling, the biggest smile I ever produced upon my face.

Max had just gotten out of the shower when he came knocking on our door. "Boys, go wash up, dinner is almost ready."

I got up from my bed and walked through to the bathroom followed by Steven who had his eyes glued to his cell phone. I turned on the tap and waited patiently for hot water to make its way through. Steven plonked himself down on the toilet seat, obviously waiting until I was done.

"You've been tapping away on that since you got home, what's so interesting?" I asked, squeezing out some hand soap from the bottle.

"Don't be nosey, and besides it's not something that would interest you."

"How do you know?"

"Because it's female and has gash... now hurry up so I can get to the sink."


"Go, Jensen... just go."

I shrugged and stepped away from the sink, grabbing a small hand towel that was hanging on the radiator. Steven slipped his phone into his pocket and started to methodically wash his hands. I left the bathroom confused, trundling down the stairs before taking my place at the kitchen table.

"Hello Jensen, you must be hungry," Susan said wearing an apron as she placed a joint of beef on the table.

"Yeah, that looks really good; we hardly ever got beef at the home."

"Well, honey, you're in for a treat then, this is a very good cut. Do you know where Steven is?"

"Yeah, he's just washing his hands; I think he's talking to a girl who is unwell."

"Unwell?" Susan repeated as Max came into the kitchen and sat down next to me.

"Who's unwell?" he asked, adjusting the position of his knife and fork.

I leant into Max's ear "Some girl Steven is talking to on his phone. Don't tell him I told you... but it sounds like she has gash," I whispered, innocently.

"Oh my!" Susan squealed, coughing. Max turned away from me and looked at Susan. I could have sworn he was laughing silently. Susan began to grin before turning back towards the oven. Then I heard her snort.

"Ok, what is it?" I asked. "Is there something funny I said?"

All of a sudden Max and Susan both burst out laughing. Big belly laughs filled the room, which seemed to get more intense as we all eyed Steven walking into the kitchen to join us. I was still wondering what was so funny. Steven, well he just didn't look impressed.

"Something funny?" Steven asked, taking a seat at the table. Max and Susan almost collapsed laughing.

As Susan composed herself she dished up the rest of the food onto our plates before bringing them over. Taking a seat herself she asked Max to cut the meat for us all which his immediately did, licking his lips. The action was contagious as I eyed the prime piece of meat with the licking of my own lips.

"Great news about Cindy, I am genuinely over the moon for her, and for you as well, Puppy," Max remarked, starting to slice into the beef.

"I know, I am just so excited for her, she really needed this, and I know exactly how she will be feeling right now. I only wish I could have been there to give her the support the way she had given it to me when I found out about you."

"Well, at least you were able to speak with her on the phone. So does she know when this is all going to happen?"

"No, she is going to either call me when she finds out or I will call her Monday, whichever comes first."

"Well, when things are settled down with her, you just say the word and I'll take you to go see her, or Susan will if I'm working."


"Yep, no matter how far away she ends up. She has been a really special friend to you for four of those years while I was looking for you. You owe her, and I owe her, so it's the least I can do for you both."

"Wow, thanks Max, and Susan, of course." They both smiled and Max finished supplying our plates with food.

"Well, eat up all... and honey? Beautiful job as always with the tucker."

Down at the bottom of the garden I stood inside the chicken run watching Annie and Clarabelle as they sat quietly in their nesting boxes. There had only been one egg laid today which I had put in my jacket pocket ready to wash once I got back inside. Annie, who was the larger of the two chickens gently clucked and I imagined her to be in some dream, probably pecking away in a vast meadow somewhere.

Feeling it was time to get back I shut the enclosure and pulled down the plastic sheet before stepping out of the run. There was a full moon out and a gentle cool breeze whispered through the surrounding trees. I looked back at the house seeing Max and Susan chatting through the kitchen window. I still had to pinch myself at times wondering how I ended up in such a loving environment. Simple things that kids my age probably take for granted just seemed so beautiful. The green rich garden to play in, the friendly chickens to tend to, the parents who loved me so much, the new brother who was discovering me, and I him.

Life was bliss, and then there was the awesome news about Cindy. All that guilt I had carried with me about leaving her could finally be put to rest as I now knew she would hopefully be loved as much as I am by her new parents. I longed for the day where we could hang out together and both chat feverishly about how our lives had changed.

There were some parts of Greenstone I could still look back on with fondness, such as the calm lake, the little sanctuary which was my room, some of the staff, and even Mr Watson who I think genuinely cared for all of us. Growing up there was all I ever knew and while living there, I never thought it was so bad. Its only when you come away from a place like that you realise how much you have missed the normal childhood you should have been having. I knew I had ages until I would be considered an adult, but I often wondered how different events like Christmas and birthdays would have been had I grew up with two parents rather than what I had at Greenstone.

I walked back up to the house as I let those thoughts evaporate out of my mind. Like Max said, I had to think about the future now and not live in the past.

"One egg, fresh from the chicken's bum," I announced, placing it on the draining board.

"Just one Puppy? You better get the whip out on those girls." Max said.

"Meh, maybe one of them didn't feel like it today, I'm sure there will be two tomorrow," I replied, picking the egg back up and running it under the tap.

"Honey, when you get up tomorrow can you strip your bed, I going to wash all the bedding tomorrow... oh and if you can relay that message to Steven as well, wherever he is."

"Sure Susan, no worries, I'll have both sets stripped and ready to go, even if Steven is in one of them." I replied, grinning.

"Pfft, good luck son, Steven won't rise before twelve on a Saturday. If you can wrestle him out before nine then I'll buy you an extra-large McDonalds next time we are out."

"Hmm, consider him up by ten to nine!"

"Ha, I love incentives... don't you love incentives honey?" Max asked Susan, who gave him an over the glasses look.

"Well, I'm going upstairs to see what Steven is doing. I'll see you guys later. Thank you for the lovely dinner as always, Susan."

"Oh honey, you're always welcome, we must cook together soon, maybe we can make cakes... yeah let's make cakes Sunday... Oh, I've this brilliant recipe for Lemon Drizzle cake, we can do, would you like that?"

I felt worn out for a moment. "Yeah Susan, that sounds great, I look forward to doing that."

I gave them both a hug and padded off upstairs into my room. Inside, Steven was on his computer and looked to be on Skype.

"Chatting to your friend Billy again?" I asked toeing my sneakers off.

"Yeah, he was just asking about you. I lied and said you were really cool," Steven said before sniggering.

"Well if I fail at being cool then I am blaming you."

"Meh, anyway we are done talking now," he said, switching the screen off and throwing himself onto his bed."

"How is he?"

"Billy? Yeah he's ok; the pox has almost gone now. Say, erm, so me, Dave and Jessie were planning to do a little fishing on Sunday, down at Cutters Farm, and erm, well... well I was wondering if you would like to come along, you know, as long as you don't act all weird and stuff in front of my friends."

"Really? Oh wow Steven, thanks, that would be great," I replied, my face probably lighting up. "Hmm, but..."

"Oh what?!"

"Nothing, it's just... do you really want me to come, or do you just feel sorry for me."

Steven walked over to my bed and sat down on the edge. He looked at me wearing a serious face.

"Jensen, do you want me to be completely honest?"

"I think so."

"Well, I'm afraid to admit this because..." Steven looked like he was about to cry. "Ahh shut up you fool, I invited you because I want you to come, ya fucking bonehead," he said, bursting out laughing.

I breathed a sigh of relief. "Don't wind me up like that, I thought you were about to tell me it was because you felt sorry for me."

"Well it was that as well, but I didn't wanna hurt your feelings...JOKE!"

"Oh, shit wait... I just remembered, I said I would make a cake with your mum on Sunday."

"Jensen, the cool meter is starting to drop again, think about this please."

"Well, hmm, I guess I could ask her if we could do it another day."

"That's the spirit, just don't give her a date because she will hold you to it, I know mum, ok?"

"Aww, now I feel bad... do you think she will be upset?"

"I guess if you feel that bad you could stay at home with her and I'll tell my friends that making cakes was more important than meeting up with them, and remember... Dave will be there," Steven said, slapping his cheek.

"So... what about him?"

"Oh don't give me that! As soon as you saw his picture you went into a fucking trance. I get it, you wanna blow him.

"I don't know what you mean, Steven, I was comparing his hair with what mine was going to look like. I don't even remember his face."

"Bullshit, you know as well as I do that you wake up with a boner each morning thinking about him."

"Fuck off Steven, you're talking shit!"

"It's ok you know... hell, I'm straight, and even I think he's hot."

"I'm not listening to this, I will come on your little fishing trip, but for the record, it has nothing to do with the fact Dave is going to be there."

"Whatever you say homeboy," Steven said, breaking into an evil laugh.

"It has more to do with not upsetting your mum actually, we have both already been in trouble for what you did to my hair a few days ago, and-"

"What do you mean what I did to your hair, it looks good!"

"I know, I didn't mean it like that, but mum was hardly impressed and even though dad thought it was hilarious, I think I shouldn't give your mum a reason to think I'm some rebellious person when I'm not."

"Jensen, getting an extreme hair cut is a bit different from rearranging a cake making date fest with my mum. I'm sure if you tell her I've invited you out to meet my friends she will go delirious with joy, you know how much she goes on about you meeting new people."

"Ok, fine, I will talk to her, so can we drop this now please, it's giving me a headache."

"Not gonna flip out on me are you?"

"Wanna find out?" I shot back, with a smile.

I wasn't sure what time it was but I was awoken by the sound of heavy breathing. I slowly opened one eye and could see it was pitch black outside, but then it had been when I had gone to bed. Steven's lamp was on as usual, throwing shadows across the room.

As I became more alert my hearing seemed to home in on where the breathing was coming from. I looked over to see Steven shifting round in his bed. Arms and legs were flapping all over the place, and it looked like he was sweating. I heaved myself up so I was resting on my elbow and watched for a moment.

I had seen Cindy like this once or twice before when she had fallen asleep on my bed. Normally I would just wake her, but with Steven being a lot bigger, I was worried what would happen if he lashed out. He was obviously having some kind of nightmare, but still, I was wrestling with myself whether to just wake him or not.

By now, his duvet and sheet had been kicked well clear of his bed due to his contorting body. Unlike Cindy though, his face did not have a look of distress on it, which surprised me seeing as this looked like quite a bad nightmare.

I slowly got out of bed and inched towards Stevens. Pausing for a moment, I let my eyes run over his body, taking in every inch of him. Steven was beautifully built and looked so fucking attractive. I loved the way his stomach muscles tightened when he moved into a certain position causing six perfectly shaped ridges to form. But what shocked and excited me the most, was his obvious erection that was straining to escape his boxer shorts. Having never seen a male have a nightmare I wondered if that was normal. I also wondered why there seemed to be a wet patch right near where his head, as Steven called it, was.

He was now getting more and more animated and I just stood there in a trance watching him. I was so fascinated with his groin area I just wanted to creep over and take a peak. He didn't look as big as me, but it was still enough to fill his navy blue boxers that were becoming more and more wet near the waistband.

Having frustrated myself, with obvious results (looking down) I decided I needed to wake him up as I was getting worried about the noises he was making. Creeping closer still, I was just about to put my hand on his arm to shake him when he let out a low pitch moan before grunting a few times.

My eyes were drawn back to his dick which was now twitching violently while spewing out what looked like...cum? Such was the force, some of it was seeping through the material.

"Erm... uh Steven?" I whispered, now really worried. "Steven!"

"Wha... wha... what? What's up... what's happened?" he asked, bolting to a sitting position.

"I think you were dreaming, but the strangest thing happe-"

"Ahhhh, shit, not again!" he said, looking down between his legs. "Ah, fucking Jesus, there's loads of it." He said, sounding like he was ignoring me and talking to himself.

"Yeah, I was gonna ask you about that, erm..."

"Shit! Could you pass me a towel please, Jensen, oh and some new boxers from my drawer, I daren't get up."

"Sur... sure, I said, rushing to get a towel and some clean underwear for him. He began taking off his soiled boxers not seeming to care that I was practically gawping at his semi-hard dick, which was, as I was just finding out, pretty fucking big as I had expected. A large gloop of cum was hanging from the end of his cock where the towel had not yet reached and I was memorised by the image.

Steven seemed to emit a sweet sweaty smell as he sat cleaning himself up. For me, and whether this was in my mind I don't know, it seemed to stir feelings within me that Steven categorised as being horny. This horny feeling was being made more intense because Steven was still making no attempt to cover himself up and I even wondered if he knew I was actually still in the room.

"Erm, Steven, this might not be a good time to ask, but ever the learner I am... what the fuck happened to you?"

"Wet dream, I get them all the time... must have been that fucking girl winding me up." He said, like it was as common to him as brushing his teeth. His tone suggested it was a chore each time it happened, but to me...

It was fucking sexy!

"So a wet dream is?"

"Do I really have to give you the science lesson now Jensen? It's almost three am. Look, basically I shot my load in my sleep probably during a dream you saw me having, it's quite common at our age."

"Hmm, well I've never had that happen to me."

"You probably have, but by the time you have woken up it's all been squished into the sheets and dried... have you never woken up with crusty underwear before?"

"Not that I recall."

"Hmm, well you were on a shit load of drugs, perhaps it turned all your... systems off. But anyway, that's what's happened to me," he said, pulling on a new pair of boxer shorts. He wrapped up his old pair in the sodden towel and pushed it under his bed.

"Now, I'm going back to sleep. If you plan to bash one out over this, please keep the noise down," he said, causing my face to fill with red hot blood.

Only because the thought had crossed my mind.

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